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Welcome to my little billboard on the information superhighway. This page will mostly be of interest to hackers and phreaks, and anyone who finds them or their ideas interesting. I believe in exploring things, and sharing information with others. Hopefully, this page will help me not only distribute what I find interesting, but will also encourage other to do the same.

This page is only just now being put together, so there won't be much available for a while. I figure I'll work on this HTML stuff when I have free time, and believe me these days that isn't very often. Between finishing my University degree, working as a consultant, and my social life I don't find much time any more for my hobby :-(.

All references in this page to Ottawa refer to the city of Ottawa, in Ontario, Canada which just happens to be my hometown. I try and keep the Ottawa 2600 meetings running smoothly (over a year now!)so local hackers and phreaks can come together, share their knowledge and just plain meet one another. If you have any Ottawa related hacking info that you'd like to share, E-mail me at bishop@dhp.com.
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Amuse yourselves from these selections for now...
  • Info about the Ottawa area 2600 meetings
  • The Ottawa area 2600 meetings meet the media
  • Ottawa Information for hackers
  • Links to other pages with hack/phreak information
  • Cellular information

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