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All items are new and in mint condition.
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The following are just some of the items that we have for sale, if you don't see what you want, e-mail us and let us know!

Braincell - Lucid Dreaming Cd $13.95 (Harthouse/Eye Q)
BT - ESCM CD $14.95 (Kinetic)
BT - Movement In Still Life CD $14.95 (Nettwerk)

Earth Nation - Terre Incognita CD $15.95 (Eye Q)

Future Sound of London - Dead Cities CD $10.95 (Sale)

Jacob's Oprical Stairway - Jacob's Story Cd5 $9.95 (R&S)
Jacob's Optical Stairway - s/t (full length) CD $17.95 (R&S)

Moby - Drop A Beat(2 mixes)/Electricity/UHF 2 Cd5 $8
Moby - Next Is The E US Cd5 (incl. all mixes + Thousand) $10 (sealed)

Tin Man - 18 Strings Cd5 $9.95
Transformer 2 feat. ASLI - Just Can't Get Enough (7 mixes) Cd5 $15 (Out of
Print on Sonic/Instinct)

V/A - Club Culture (The Stress Recordings Story So Far...) UK CD $19.95
V/A - Essential Selection Summer '98 UK 2xCD $31.95 (FFRR)
V/A - Essential Selection Spring 2000 UK 2xCD $31.95 (FFRR)
V/A - Nu Progressive Era (3xCD unmixed) $29.95 (Hooj Choons)
V/A - Perfecto Presents Timo Maas "Connected" 2xCD $14.95 (Perfecto)
V/A - Spundae "Mixed by Jerry Bonham" US CD $13.95
V/A - Spundae 2 "Interpretations (mixed by Jerry Bonham) 2xCD $19.95
V/A - Tidy Boys "The Annual" 2xCD $21.95 (Tidy Trax)

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