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As a subject of investigation, sexual intercourse itself is soon exhausted, but how people persuade themselves to indulge in it is endlessly fascinating.  That is the theme of Kellis’s stories.


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New Story: Nauntie and the Fingerling


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Mandelbrot Set Software

Many have exclaimed at the mysterious complexity of the Mandelbrot Set, but what does it have to do with sex, you ask?  Well, nothing.  No more than flowers.  Here are two downloadable programs and a justification of sorts.





Deferred Pleasure

When a housewife is too eager to buy the magazines you’re selling for tuition, think about what else she might want — maybe your body, maybe your life and maybe even more!  Holly wanted all of that, but no one could say she didn’t let Gerry think it over.  Novelette of 7 chapters, 35,700 words

The Hidden Journal

Harry Stone kept two journals, one for the world to see and another, hidden from all eyes but his, that listed those of his thoughts and adventures which he himself found immoral, illegal or just obscene. These are episodes from the Hidden Journal.

Davey’s Diary

They say location is everything.  That may also apply to where one is located upon entry to puberty, especially in regard to business, friends and neighbors.  When Davey entered upon it, he was so impressed with his penis that he had to keep a diary about its adventures.  These are booklets transcribed from his diary.

Johnson’s Heaven

Living on a generous annuity, Johnson has arranged himself a great setup.  By verbal advertising he finds young women who are down on their luck and individually rewards them for in-depth and very personal interviews that end with blowjobs, while using Doppler-guided cameras to video the whole thing.  These are episodes, generally one per interview.

Sisters in Waiting

How could wealthy sisters, pregnant by the same scoundrel in 1928, find happiness in the gay atmosphere of a down-river sanitarium?  Their neighbors were very helpful.  Novelette of 8 chapters, 30,500 words


In the depths of the Great Depression, Justin Ross, banker, does more than his share — of widows rescued from home mortgage foreclosure and the hazards of the street corner, while incidentally fixing up his boss — until he gets an even better idea.  Novelette of 7 chapters, 45,400 words




Alternate Wife

Sex is an essential part of marriage, but a good trick can reserve it to the alternate wife.  7,600 words


A retired cop investigates an attractive woman who fellated a child.  8,300 words

Attractive Coding

In the deep future, when most hard science-fiction has come to fruition, they are true femmes fatales from the deep past with irresistible coding. 12,260 words

Bea Jay’s Compensation

Bea Jay had a serious problem.  As a blind man's hearing grows keener, she compensated well for her deficit — or at least two men thought so.  5,300 words

The Big One

Though trying for bass, she was willing to swallow larger fish.  2,800 words


Kyle thought of it as an investigation, almost a form of research.  Who preferred immature fixtures more, his mistress or himself?  7430 words

Burning a Hole

When you and your friend strike it rich, make sure the money burns its hole in the right pocket.  5,500 words

The Chocolate Cock

Wishful thinking can turn tasty birthday mouthfuls into even bigger surprises.  1,000 words

The Client Who Took her Shot

Though he can’t dodge when this big girl shoots, he can at least mark the target.  7,800 words

Colin’s Women

When his daughter stomps a man to death and his granddaughter wants to practice what no one preaches, Colin, the retired judge, learns a few things about himself.  21,830 words

Conversation with a Working Girl

Glenn finds a working girl who is willing to talk — perhaps too willing!  4,300 words

The Cooperative Defendant

Eve is a defendant of good taste, only too willing to serve justice whatever it wants.  9,500 words

The Cracker

For Blake “the chase is the thing,” and when he finds the girl he’s looking for, her style says, “Cut to the chase.”  7,600 words


Hilda corrects a deviation in her twin charges.  1,800 words

Discreet Sailor

Knowing that you know is enough for some people.  6,400 words

Discreet Winner

To hide his multi-million dollar win, Janifer penetrates six inches into new contract law.  Or would you rather believe his lawyer?  5,100 words

Double Delilah

(Sequel to Discreet Winner)

Janifer is deliriously happy in his personally designed paradise until a youthful-seeming Delilah bangs irresistibly on his door.  12,300 words

The Eager Donor

Alec, the fresh young high school senior, was exactly what the jaded women wanted ― only more so!  9,800 words

The End of the Party

The frat trustee prefers the end of the party.  On this occasion one of the girls behaves with surprising familiarity.  3,600 words

Ex-Girl Next Door

They were meant for each other — until a cousin with a banana showed her where to find all the fruit a girl could want. 4,100 words

Fateful Comic Books

Before television the pleasure-haters claimed that comic books could “ruin” children.  Over the years Corey came to believe they had a point.  6,440 words


The hero Achilles did all right until he exposed his heels.  CEO Lindsey's exposure was between his legs, reminding him too late that worms do turn.  3,400 words

Fostered Grandpa

She offered him a role he couldn’t refuse: honorary fostered grandpa.  5,360 words

Fun and Games: March to September

When you discover your neighbor’s luscious daughter in your bathroom watching you shave, the fun begins.  The games begin later.  5,300 words


To pubescent boys nothing is more educational than an example, and nothing may attract the unexpected quicker than practicing it.  3,400 words

Hasty Guesses

Cleo learns to appreciate that paraphrase of Congreve, “Decide in haste and repent at leisure.”  6,000 words

The High Letter Grade

In pursuit of the guaranteed A.  1,300 words

Hit the Roof

Not much is more private than a public roof top.  Or should that be vice versa?  Play script, 3000 words

Homemade Fun

In the old days when one kid learned how to do it, so did her friends.  5,360 words

Hot Cousins

At age 12 Dilly’s summer on the farm was so poignant that his hot relatives were seared permanently into memory. 14,200 words

How I Stumbled into Modeling

Models protest their brief employability, but “Fankidder” looks to have the opposite problem.  5,100 words

Hungry Rache

They say confession is good for the soul.  It’s also good for maintaining Rache’s lifestyle.  3090 words

The Improbable Rape

Can falling off a cliff excuse child sex?  That was not the question Colin hung out for.  3,700 words

The Injury

Fifteen-year-old Davey's injury was very nearly fatal, but his mother felt that the recovery was even worse.  6,700 words

Instead of Topper

On a whim, when Topper is sold out, Amber tops it.  2,020 words

The Invitation

He phrased it as an invitation that she might refuse, but in the antebellum south she knew better.  2,800 words

I Suck

Was it her name, her condition or her vocation?  When Mick learned the answers, he realized that none of those was the right question.  8,600 words

Jayjay’s Girl

A teenage girl well introduced to pleasure can have a good reason to select a preteen boy, especially in 1947.  5,300 words

Kids Nowadays

Visiting his aunt at 13, Ted rashly concludes, “Three strikes and I’m in!”  Then two little girls show him the real ball park.  5,700 words

Kneeling in the Supermarket for Fun and Profit

People kneel in supermarkets all the time.  They may even drop a can.  But trying this in your own neighborhood is not recommended.  1900 words

The Last Slave

Slavery is embarrassing to all concerned.  Branden's mission was only to eliminate the embarrassment, but he had his own reason to save the last slave in the old west.  12,600 words

The Last Two Days

Many women seem to have different personalities during menstruation, but Sweet Mary is Wild Betty for the last two days before it.  9,900 words

Late Curiosity

Fancying himself a latter-day tiger, he abducts her to his prepared love nest, only to discover that the tiger’s attitude is not restricted to the male.  23,600 words

Learning to Bang

Teenage boys are known to love cored apples, watermelons and fence knot holes, so their fascination with Maisy was hardly flattering.  But experience had taught her patience.  12,500 words

The Mistress

Puberty is an educational time for everyone, but very few boys enjoy so capable a teacher.  19,900 words

Nauntie and the Fingerling

A believer in carpe diem, this “Not Aunt” was ready to capture the delightful fingerling at the lake.  5,580 words

Need Work

She needed almost everything but was the most willing woman he had ever known until the end.  8,260 words

Night of Privilege

A spoilt damsel confronts le droit du seigneur7,100 words

Old Men’s Darlings

When your granddaughter tells you to drop dead, she can open an unexpected door.  1,470 words

The Other Man’s Chance

John finally has a chance with his old flame when her husband dies early, but the gamble proves to be double or nothing.  6,500 words

Pandora’s New Box

When Del, the reclusive novelist, rescues a young female survivor from the crash of a federal prison transport plane, he discovers that she is the key to greater evil than even a modern Pandora’s Box can hold.  22,300 words

The Pickup

A beautiful woman needing a ride on a lonely country road — the dream of every lad with wheels!  But her baggage was not immediately evident.  6,700 words

Picnic Crumbs

Cleaning up after the family picnic, Pops found an incredibly sweet crumb that promised to last.  3,700 words

The Poker Chip

Can you fall in love with a poker chip?  Tyler found that winning can be more dangerous than losing in the old West.  12,900 words

Poor Little Rich Girl

Once you’re in trouble, it’s only too easy to get in deeper.  That’s when you need real friends!  6,500 words

Power Things

Partly because she sneers at his “power things,” he uses her in every perverted manner that doesn’t actually hurt — then discovers he needs her.  6,300 words

Promise Delayed

The promise was delayed until nearly unrecognizable, but Gail was still grateful, for as she said, “If I have to work on my knees anyway, it might as well be fun.”  8,100 words

The QP Bench

It’s not the appearance of the four young women who sit one after the other beside the elderly squirrel-feeder on the park bench, it’s their behavior — bizarre beyond his wildest dreams!  3,100 words

The Red BMG

Patsy wanted one the worst way, and she didn't care what she had to do to get it.  3,100 words

Red Dick’s Girl

Looking for the Blue-Beaked Vireo, a birdwatcher discovers the Pink-Lipped Gangbangme instead, one trained by old Red Dick himself.  10,700 words


With a stranger’s DNA Spog thought he was well hidden, but nothing is proof against the stray female.  3,300 words

Retired Aunts

Jenkin’s aunts, ladies of discernment, relished his improvement in 19 years.  7,700 words

The Reverse Guy

When society reverses the natural power hierarchy, a man needs another reverse to protect himself from a predatory child.  8,500 words

Riding the Tiger

When you ride the tiger, how do you get off?  Perry was late asking.  5,700 words

Room at the Top

With his secretary on her knees Collins thought he had lots of room below him, but in business the room is always at the top.  3,800 words


Grave danger can scoop delicious risk, as Archer learned to his consternation.  2,390 words

Second Thoughts

Women are known for changing men's minds.  The reverse can also be true, even when the man doesn't know his life depends on it.  5,800 words

Siblings First

Education is where you find it.  Jackie learned enough in the den to benefit both herself and a sibling.  4,190 words

The Slack Night

Though it was a slack night, Rosa’s place could still put on an act the sheriff couldn’t follow.  7,200 words

Straightening Out the Boys

As Tammy suspects, cousins Petey and Mike, vacationing with her at Grandma's, are up to no good — but not nearly as far up as they could get if she coached them with Uncle Arty's secret magazines.  6,500 words

Substitute Seed

Though she was haughty and cold, he wanted to ravish her.  It was a mistake to tell her so, just not the way he thought.  3,900 words

Sudden Dividend

Taisy was the paragon of orderly, routine tricks until the night she arranged a sudden dividend.  6,400 words

Surprise Arty

It was arty enough to surprise everyone, even the man who got it off!  8,400 words

Swinging Pair

On some playgrounds you need three to swing.  Ned finally found one with an eager seat and strong chains. 10,300 words

Taking in Ralph

He’s lounging in his robe, researching a math problem, when to his amazement an underage girl slurps up his essential part.  It’s the second step of taking in Ralph.  4,200 words

Tarnished Pearl

The fringe benefits have always been important in closing deals even before that phrase was invented and even when they amounted only to a tarnished, though genuine, pearl.  11,300 words

Teaching Them How

After hearing each other’s history, Harvey and Blake concluded that much of their life-long enjoyment was owed to those who had taught them a fundamental skill.  8,420 words

Three on the Patio

What's the main source of conversation in nursing homes?  Reminiscence, of course, which sometimes strays far from the approved topics.  3,780 words

The Three-Way Kiss

They say “Two’s company, three’s a crowd,” but when Cade took two cute carwash attendants home with him, he proved once again that three could be paradise.  13,580 words

Timely Pool

They were easily the most brazen teenagers that Rimmer had ever seen, behaving as if he weren't even there!  4,000 words


Della recognized a unique opportunity but had to invite a "Triplesem" to indulge it.  5020 words

The Trumper

This virus was only half-named.  It should’ve been called, “Trumpupper.”  A cautionary tale of 2,000 words

The Ultimate Teenage Beach Adventure

Two acquainted teenagers meet at the beach and get it on — nothing unusual nowadays aside from their intimate disclosures — until their world ends.  5,480 words

Uncle and Daughter

What Uncle Albert liked to begin his daughter was pleased to continue.  3,030 words

Under his Nose

Farley couldn’t appreciate the treasure under his nose until fate rubbed his nose in it.  8,700 words

The Victor

The enemy has hardly resisted.  His women are left as the spoils of war, but the captain should have asked them, “What happened to your men?”  13,900 words

Wet Nurse

Their patriarch is dying until two lonely daughters find the means and incentive to keep him alive.  4,700 words

When Opportunity Jiggles

Opportunity, beckoning with whatever gesture, usually points in two directions.  Sam has occasion to learn this earlier than most.  7,200 words


Joseph awakens to find a beautiful though far too familiar woman bending over him, but she is only the first delight.  2,100 words

Yard Work

The yard boys had a sweet setup until their mistress decided they should be farmers.  7,100 words