The Three-Way Kiss

a Story by Kellis

Spring, 2009


EXTERKLEEN, proclaimed the sign in garish red neon.  Below it, painted in smaller blue, appeared Automatic Carwash and below that, smaller still, We do the outside / You do the inside.  Cade had used it before.

The board meeting had terminated unexpectedly in midafternoon on a Friday, leaving him the choice of going home or killing a weekend in the city.  On impulse he wheeled into the carwash entry aisle and carefully worked his left front wheel into the guide slot.  After feeding a ten-dollar bill into the money machine, he raised the car window, dropped into neutral and settled back into his seat as the car lurched ahead into the tunnel.  Heavy spray and huge brushes enveloped the car, making it shudder.  Soon a hot gale blew the water drops off his windshield and the car came to halt, now freed from the drawbar.

Beside his window stood another money machine with a much smaller sign that announced, Access to cleaning supplies: $5.  At this point a turnout allowed immediate departure, while the continuing aisle passed a closed cabinet labeled Interior Cleaning Supplies.

Riveting Cade’s attention were two young women standing behind the money machine.  One of them smiled engagingly and said something.

He lowered the driver’s window and she repeated, “We’d love to wash your interior.”

Her voice was a throaty contralto.  Both women wore sneakers, Bermuda shorts, short-sleeved blouses and light makeup, all clean.  The blouse yokes were low-cut ovals, exhibiting creamy skin and the beginning of cleavage.  Their brunette hair was in pony tails.  Both were blue-eyed and pretty with heart-shaped faces, sharing pug noses and sharp chins.  Arms were smooth, lightly dusted with brown hair, and calves were shapely.  Like the clothing their bodies seemed cut from the same mold.  He decided they must be sisters, perhaps even twins, probably in their early twenties.

Cade was not one to toss trash into his car, but he had been renting this one for several weeks.  The dash was dusty and the windshield contained a few annoying inside handprints.  More importantly the look on the girl’s face appealed to his gut.  He returned the smile.  “And I’d love for you to wash it.”

He fed a five dollar bill into the machine, pulled forward past the now unlocked cabinet, turned off the engine, withdrew the keys and got out of the car.

“It’s all yours,” he told the following girls.

Their industriousness surprised him.  They took cloths, spray bottles and a vacuum hose from the cabinet and vigorously attacked the car interior.  He would have chatted with them had they not so obviously concentrated on the work.  The handprints vanished from his windshield.  The interior gleamed when the women finally emerged to replace the cleaning supplies and close the cabinet.

“That is certainly impressive,” he said, offering the nearer woman what he had chosen as their tip: his last five dollar bill.

She took the money.  “Thank you, sir.”

“I didn’t know Exterkleen had changed its policy.”

“Its policy?”

“The big sign says it only does the outside.”

“Oh.”  She chuckled slightly and exchanged glances with her partner, who laughed and piped up in a shriller voice, “They don’t know it either.”

“I see.”  He matched her chuckle.  “In that case give me back that five.”

The laughter vanished.  “Ain’t your car clean?” asked the closer plaintively.

“So I can give you a ten.”

“Oh!”  Faces brightened.  They exchanged currency.  “Thank you very much, sir!” said the throaty voice.  “Can we do anything else for you?”

“Oh, I’m sure you could,” he answered with a wink.  “What else might you do?”

“Anything you want.”

Both studied him closely.  He chuckled, raising one eyebrow archly.  “Anything?”

She repeated, “Anything you want.”

“Are you serious?”

“Serious as a lay off,” piped the one behind.

He studied them in return.  The colloquy had revealed their single visual defect: teeth uneven though clean.  Standing easily before him, arms at their sides, mouths closed, they hardly had the look of whores.  If their hair had been up in bandannas he would have thought them wives ready to clean house.  Suddenly he was gripped by a thirty-year-old memory.

Looking around, he saw that no other car was on the lot.  “Your business here isn’t very good, is it?”

“We hope it’ll pick up when people get off from work,” said the throaty one.

He took a breath.  “Look, if you’re seriously willing to do anything, I can show you a lot easier work.”

“We’re serious,” throaty averred.

“Doing what?” piped her companion.

“Something more private.”  He gestured toward the open passenger door.  “Get in the car.”

They looked at each other.  Both took a deep breath.  “One moment,” said throaty.

From behind a decorative bush growing against the side of the building they retrieved canvas shoulder bags and returned to the car.  Throaty sat in the passenger seat while the other got in back.  After a flurry of slamming doors Cade started the engine and pulled out into light traffic.

He chuckled.  “At least you don’t have a boss to dock you for leaving.”

The shrill soprano in the backseat retorted, “That ain’t as nice as you think.  A boss has to pay you.”

He said, “Ah, yes, the old controversy: slave to eat versus free to starve.  You girls don’t seem to be starving.”

“We ain’t,” said throaty in the front seat.  “Not yet.”

“He means we’re fat,” said the backseat.

Cade snorted.  “Not at all!  You’re both pink cheeked and healthy.  I like your looks.”

“Do you really?” asked throaty wistfully.

“Absolutely.  You’re pretty girls.”

“Thank you.”

Backseat piped, “We like your looks too.  I didn’t think men wore suits anymore.  Say, you ain’t a cop, are you?”

He laughed.  “Not a chance!”

“Don’t see a blue light under the dash.”

“I’m a businessman.  While were discussing looks, you ladies are very much alike, even wearing the same clothes.  Your voices are the only difference I’ve noticed so far.  Are you twins?”

“Cousins,” said throaty.

The girl in back explained, “She had scarlet fever when she was little.”

“It affected her voice?  I’m surprised.  Nowadays antibiotics fix that quick.”

Throaty sniffed.  “What antibiotics!”

He blinked.  “What’s the matter, against your religion?”

She said dryly, “Against our piggy bank.”

“Well, you’re too much alike not to be related.  It’s time we were introduced.  I’m Cade.  Who’re you?”

“‘Cade,’” throaty repeated.  “I’m Sigh and she’s Dye.  Pleased to meet you.”

He grinned.  “How do you spell that?”

“C Y and D I.  Like the dead princess.”

“Short for Cybelle and Diana?”

“Hey, you’re pretty smart!”

“Guessing right is important in my business.  How is it that two princesses are washing cars?”

“‘Princesses!’” Di sneered in the backseat.

“It’s true,” said Cy seriously.  “We are princesses.”

Di snorted.  “In your dreams!”

Cy smiled.  “And one of these days my prince will come.”

“Sure he will!  Where are you taking us, Cade, to a motel?”

“Not exactly.  They call it The Meadows.”

“Where cows graze?”

He chuckled.  “Where people graze.  It’s a large set of suites that caters to businessmen.  I guess you can think of it as a motel.  Do you mind?”

“Not if you don’t.  A fancy place, is it?  You going to have trouble getting us in dressed like this?”

“Each suite has its own entrance.  And it’s the middle of the afternoon.”

At the next intersection they waited for a traffic light.  Making conversation, he said, “How long have you ladies been washing cars?”

Cy hesitated but finally answered, “Going on two weeks.”

“I’m surprised Exterkleen hasn’t caught you at it.”

“We’ve got another spot.”

“What put you into car washing?”

“Had to do something,” piped Di from the backseat.  “We got laid off.”

“You mentioned that.  Laid off from what?”

“We were datents at Hollyhoke.”

“Uh, day tents?”

“You know, data entry clerks.”

“Oh, yes.  At Hollyhoke?  No kidding!”  He stared at her reflection.

“They laid off a lot of people.”

Cy added, “Us and our boyfriends.”

He grunted.  “Are you supporting them now?”

“Huh?”  Di blinked.  “Our boyfriends?  They went to Dearborn to find jobs.”

“Any luck?”

“We ain’t heard.”

They drove a few blocks in silence.  Traffic was increasing.  Cade noticed Di watching him in the rearview mirror.

She said, “You’re grinning a lot.  What’s tickling you?”

“It’s what you call ‘anticipation.’”

Di matched his grin.  “You think something good is going to happen?”

“Getting laid is always good.”

Both women laughed explosively.

He demanded, “Now you tell me what’s funny!”

“We wondered how long you’d take to mention that.”

“You mentioned it first.”

“We did not!” Cy asserted.

Di grinned in the mirror.  “You mean, when we said we’d do anything?”

“Exactly — and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Cy said quietly, “Well, so are we.”

He flicked a glance at her but she was looking out the side window.

Di asked, “You think you can handle two boxes, Cade?”


“You know: cooze.”

He chuckled.  “I’ve heard that word.  Yeah, if they’re not in a rush.”

“I hope you’re right.”

A block later he said, “Look here.  I can’t believe you girls are whores.”

“Why not?” asked Di.

“You’re too fresh, too nice.”

“That’s a real compliment,” mused Cy.

Di was more direct.  “If you don’t think we’re who’es, how you going to show us easier work?”

“Treat you the same.  I mean I don’t think you’ve been doing this very long.  Two weeks, is it?”

“Treat us like who’es?  How much money?”

“Well … how about a hundred apiece?  That’s between ten and twenty clean cars.”

Momentarily the women were silent.  At last Cy murmured, “That’s right: two weeks of trying something.”

A large sign to the left announced The Meadows Suites.  “Here we are.”  He wheeled into the lot and parked in front of the office.

“I have to run in for a moment,” he said, removing the car keys.

“What’ll you tell ’em?” demanded Di.

“Nothing.  I’m visiting the ATM.”

He exchanged greetings with the clerk, withdrew $200, divided the cash into two equal packets in his coat pockets and returned to the waiting women.  Restarting the car, he wove it among the clustered buildings.  Most of the slots were empty; he found one before his own entrance and parked.

“Come along, girls,” he said.

They emerged with their canvas bags over their shoulders.  Di caught his arm.  “We don’t know this area.  How’ll we get home?”

“Either I’ll take you or get you a taxi.”

Using his keycard, he opened the front door and led them into the air-conditioned interior.  They stared around at the sofa, chairs, table and wall-mounted flat television.  “Nice,” Cy murmured.

He closed the door and engaged the deadbolt.  “This is the living room.  Straight ahead is the kitchenette.  Through that door is a bedroom and bath.  Those stairs run up to another bedroom and bath.  Go ahead and look around while I use the bathroom.”

But they followed him into the bedroom.  He continued to the bathroom and stood before the toilet, leaving the door open behind him.  His urine hissed into the bowl.

Di said something in her piping voice.  He called over his shoulder, “Come in here and say that again.”

She appeared in the adjacent mirror and her voice sounded in his ear.  “We got to pee too.”  Her eyes dropped to the reflection of his spouting cock.

“You can have it in a minute.”

Cy entered behind her cousin.  Apparently they had left their bags in the bedroom.  They exchanged glances in the mirror and both giggled.

“What’s funny?” he asked.

Di explained, “Every morning we wonder what odd thing will happen to us.  Today it’s watching a man pee.  You guys got it so easy!”

“You think so?”  He shook off the last drops.  “Don’t whores see a lot of that?”

“I guess.  We’re just getting started.”

Cy had already hooked thumbs under her waist to drop her shorts and panties.  She slipped around her cousin, lowered the toilet seat, sat on it and released her bladder with a gush and a sigh.

Di grinned at him.  “You see boyfriends do it but not …”

“Customers?  I believe you call them ‘johns.’”


“Whores’ customers.”

The grin widened.  “Slick called ’em ‘who’e-hops.’”

“From ‘whore-hoppers?’  Slick was your boyfriend?”

“Yeah.  Maybe still is.”

“Not when he hears what we’re doing,” said Cy.

“Who’ll tell him?”  Di stepped out of her lower clothing and toed off her sneakers.  Her hand clamped her pubes.  “Hurry up, Cy!”

“Use the sink,” Cade suggested.

Her eyes sparkled.  “Help me up.”

She used his clasped hands as a step and squatted over the sink, twitching when a buttocks cheek touched the faucet.  “Ooo, that’s cold!”  Her stream poured thickly into the bowl.

He bent close and chuckled.  “You have a point.  This morning I never expected to watch a girl pee — certainly not from a foot away.”

“Don’t it stink?” she asked curiously.

“Not as bad as a man’s.  In fact it’s a very interesting odor.”

Beside them Cy was wiping herself with toilet paper.  “A man’s don’t stink if he’s drunk a lot of beer.”

“Oh, Cy!” protested her cousin.  “Don’t tell that story.”  She giggled and warned the man, “You’ll get wet.”

Cade had reached between Di’s spread knees to pry her labia apart with his thumbs.  He muttered, “I’ve often wondered …  The pressure makes the flesh puff out.”

“It does?”  Cy bent to study her cousin’s exposure.

Di grinned.  “Any more and I’ll charge admission.”

Cade stepped back.  “I wonder …  Can you pee while a dick’s in there?”

The girl shrugged.  “Why not?”

Cy finished removing her lower clothing and stood up holding it along with her sneakers.  “Guess they’s no point in putting this back on.”

“Give me some paper,” Di directed and her cousin complied.

“Come on in the bedroom,” said Cade, turning away.  “I’m dying to get my hands on you girls naked.”

He draped his clothing over the lone chair and turned to face the women.  They had allowed their garments to fall to the carpet and stood side-by-side without so much as a ring on a finger.  He studied them with growing pleasure.  They exhibited narrow waistlines but plentiful flesh barely shy of the Rubenesque.  Their skin was clear except for lightly tanned arms, calves and throats.  A faint tracery of veins underlay breasts and thighs.  They returned his stare and saw a husky man with a middle-age spread and gray stippling in the dark hair at pubes and chest as well as temples.  The circumcised cock was nearly erect.

They grinned at his wide-eyed expression.  Di assumed a hip-shot pose.

“Wow!” he managed.  “What size bra do you wear?”


“You’ve both got a handful.  Sure it’s not a C?”

“We can wear Cs.”  She giggled, eyes pointedly lowered.  “You like what you see.”

“Oh, I do!  But a big part is the anticipation I mentioned.  Come here.”

They came to him readily.  He slipped an arm around each and pulled their chests against his own.  His fingers toyed with each far nipple, which instantly erected.

“We stink,” warned Cy.  “We’re out of deodorant.”

“You smell like working women.  A man doesn’t often get the chance to notice it, so thank you very much.  It reminds me of bacon frying and makes me hungry.  Even as a young man I loved it.”

Di’s nose wrinkled.  “You smell like vanilla.”

“Really?  I didn’t think after-shave lasted that long.”  His arms tightened, compressing a breast of each.  “Give me a kiss together.”

The women glanced at each other but showed no hesitancy.  They went to tiptoes.  His hands rose behind their heads and pressed all three mouths firmly together.  His tongue explored theirs.  Di was first to return the gesture, followed by Cy.  Giggling nasally, both put an arm around his back.  Di’s free hand stroked his burgeoning erection.

Grinning hugely, he broke the kiss.  “You like this?”

“Oh, wow!” exclaimed Cy with evident pleasure.

Di breathed, “It’s such a strong kiss!  And not even Slick thought of it.”

“Did you do three-ways with Slick?”

“No.  We could’ve done four-ways.  With Tuck.”  Her hand wiped saliva off her chin.  “Wonder how a four-way kiss would work.”

“Slick and Tuck?  Was that another guy?”

“My boyfriend,” said Cy.

“They’ve been gone two weeks?”

“Four.  They got laid off before we did.”

“Their loss is my gain.”  Again he squeezed them against him.  “Everything about you two is just delightful, even better than I remembered.”

“You go for two girls at once, do you?”

He chuckled slightly.  “I guess so, if I can get them.  I’ve only enjoyed this indulgence once before, a long time ago.”


“No.  Would you believe two women who picked me up in a food court?  I looked better when I was young.”

“You look good now!” Di asserted stoutly.

“How did that happen?” asked Cy with interest.

“They were divorced sisters in their thirties who wanted to get pregnant before it was too late.”


“That’s what they said.  Took me to their motel room, taught me the three-way kiss.  You’re right, Di, it’s strong medicine.”

“For dryness,” she agreed, grinning.  “Makes me wet at both ends.”

“Did they get pregnant?” asked Cy.

He shrugged.  “Never saw them again.”

“You couldn’t find ’em?”

“I spent one really great night with them.  I was twenty.  Never thought to follow them then, later realized I could’ve bribed the desk clerk…  Ah, well!”  His face brightened.  “Now I’ve got you two, even if for one night only.  And you’re even better.  You smell so good I could eat you alive.”

He bent sharply and suckled the closest nipple, which happened to be Cy’s.  “Ooo!” she murmured.  He felt another pressing his cheek and turned his head to afford Di equal time.  A wet tongue stroked his neck on the other  side.

Cy said in soft wonder, “You really don’t mind our stink!”

“Mind?”  He raised his head.  “I think you’re sweet to let me smell it.”  His hands slid down their sides to squeeze their buttocks.  His foot pawed the floor.  “This carpet’s soft enough for you to kneel down.”

Giggling, they dropped to their knees and grinned up at him.  “We can take a hint,” said Di.

He grinned.  “Close your eyes.”

“And you’ll give us a surprise?”

All three laughed.  Di was the closer.  Her hand caught his cock and guided it into her mouth.

“Tastes like pee?” asked Cy curiously.

Di sucked it wetly several times before raising her head.  “Sure.  But I don’t mind.”

“I don’t either.”  While giggling nasally, Cy’s mouth replaced her cousin’s.

“Holy shit!” Cade declared gruffly under the vigorous suction.  “I don’t want to question my good luck, but you girls’ve been sucking cock a lot more than two weeks!”

“Well, yeah,” Di agreed.  “Our boyfriends loved it.  All you guys love it.  And we like to do it, Cy especially.”

“Why especially?”

“She loves jizz.”


“The taste of it.”

“Really?  The taste?”

“Not that I mind it, but it was her brother.”  She stroked his buttocks while her other hand gently squeezed his balls.

He took a deep, shuddery breath.  “Well, she’s about to get three weeks’ worth.”

“Been away from your wife that long?”

“I’m divorced.”  His voice tightened.  “What I’ve been is too tired to jerk off.  Oh, god!”

His hips began to hump.  Cy sat still, sucking hard, letting him strike the back of her throat without distress.  He groaned loudly and strained forward to pump several powerful squirts into her.  Eyes wide but giggling, she swallowed audibly.

“What a load!” exclaimed Di.

“God, my knees are weak,” he muttered, sagging back to flop on the bedside, leaving Cy to swirl a mouthful with a white streak decorating her chin.  Suddenly she sneezed … twice, covering her face with both hands.

Di knee-walked after him to fall between his legs and slurp up the dribbling organ.  He groaned and shuddered, but her touch gentled immediately.  She was content to hold the head within her lips while her tongue lapped the eye.  Cy waddled in beside her cousin and laid a breast on his raised thigh.

He rose on an elbow to regard her.  She smiled at him, sucking her lips.  He said dryly, “I guess my taste was satisfactory.”

She giggled.  “Willy cream.”

“‘Willy!’  You really do like the taste?”

“Oh, yeah!”

He chuckled in admiration.  “Did you ever see a bukake video?”

“What?  Oh, yeah.  Tuck showed us one.  I couldn’t understand why the girl wanted it on her face.”

“Not your style, huh?”

“Well, twenty guys’ould be a blast.”  Cy grimaced.  “But she didn’t even open her mouth!”

He nodded with a twinkle.  “Pure waste.”

“Well, it was!  She missed the pistols too.”

He blinked.  “‘Pistols?’”

“You know: jizz pistols, like water pistols, like yours.  I love it when it hits my throat so hard it goes up my nose.”

“Up your …”  He stared at her in fascination.  “Is that why you sneezed?”

“Oh yeah!”  She smiled brightly.  “Feels like it’s all through my head.  I love it.”

Di’s mouth had begun to stroke.  He sighed and took a deep breath.  “You girls are incredible!  But Di, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait awhile to get any more.”

“She knows it,” said Cy.  “She likes to suck a willy nearly as much as I do.”

“That’s a word you don’t often hear.”

“We like it.  It’s the only lovable word for it.  Do you mind?”

“I think it’s charming in your mouths.”

Di’s eyes turned up to twinkle at him.

He laughed a little.  “And let me tell you: a blowjob with conversation is a rare treat.”

“I guess so,” said Cy.  “But it’s too bad we can’t suck it together.”

“Too bad I don’t have two … willies, eh?  That reminds me.  We skipped something important.  Let me up, Di.”

The girl backed away onto her heels, grinning and licking her lips.  Cade rose from the bed, went to his suit jacket, removed a packet of money in each hand and presented both packets to the women, who had risen behind him.  “You girls need to learn that payment in advance is the usual way in your new trade.  Now give me another big kiss.”

They ducked immediately into his arms, but Di warned, “You might not like how we taste now.”

“Why not?  It’s just me, second hand.”

Breasts pressed his chest and their unencumbered arms went around his neck.  Again his hands, one behind each pony-tailed head, forced three mouths together.  They held the kiss while tongues worked and nostrils flared for breath.

When they broke, Di held up the money with bright eyes.  “Now we can pay the rent.”

But Cy’s finger went to her clit.  She said plaintively, “Hope this kiss don’t mean you’re finished with us.”

“Finished?  You girls are fascinating.  I’d like to know you a lot better.”

“Maybe you will!”

Cy grinned and followed her cousin to stash their earnings.  Bending to the canvas bags on the floor exposed puffy labia to the rear view.

He sighed appreciatively.  “That’s something you don’t see every day.  God, your butts are pretty!”

Cy giggled and invited above her bent shoulder, “Well, take a close look.”

Di sniffed.  “He can’t do nothing yet.”

He objected, “Oh, I wouldn’t say ‘nothing.’  Turn down the bed and get up on it, both of you, side-by-side.”

They threw the top covers off onto the floor, jumped into the bed on their backs hip-to-hip and regarded him with anticipation through raised knees.  He followed them on the bed, bowed between Di’s legs and dredged her aromatic furrow to the depth of his tongue.  After a few strokes he performed the same service for Cy.

Raising his head, he declared with a wet grin, “You girls taste the same too.”

“Must be awful,” Di declared.

Cy sniffed.  “Mostly pee.”

“We should take a shower.”

His eyes flashed.  “Oh, no, you don’t!  At least not yet.  This is a treat I don’t often get.”

Di echoed scornfully, “A treat!”

“With a strong flavor.”  He returned to Di and stroked heavily, at last settling on the clit.

“Oh my god!” she cried, cool thighs closing on his ears.  “I’m coming already.”

“You ought to be,” breathed Cy, rising on an elbow to study her moaning cousin.

When Di pushed his head away, he transferred to the same spot in the other woman.  Shuddering and whimpering under his tongue, Cy seemed more immediately responsive but slower to reach a climax.

Di craned around to study the kneeling man.  She grinned.  “That looks like a hard-on to me.”  Spinning her legs to one side, she pushed her head under his belly and mouthed the turgid cock briefly before announcing, “Tastes like one too!”

Cy demanded, “Then do me right!”  She rose up to catch him under the armpits and urge him atop her.  Di withdrew to avoid his knees but reached between them and guided the cock into her cousin.

“Ah!  That’s what I need,” said Cy encouragingly.  “Fuck me.  Fuck me long and slow.”

Her shuddering and whimpering resumed, gradually growing stronger.  Di crouched near the straining pair.  Her hands slipped between them to finger a cousinly clit while squeezing the bouncing balls.  Cy clutched his buttocks to strengthen his thrusts.

“Oh, god!” she called.  “It’s working, it’s working!”

He looked inquiringly around at Di.  “What’s working?”

The watcher winked.  “She thinks a willy has to hit just right.”

The woman beneath him moaned and became limp as mush.

“That’s it,” said Di, who clambered around the bed, fitting herself on hands and knees between Cy and the headboard, pussy atop her cousin’s face.  She regarded him over her shoulder.  “Now it’s my turn.”

Cy’s red tongue laved the cousinly clit.  Rising on his knees, he waddled up the prone torso until his wet cock touched the two sets of lips.  Cy licked his knob briefly before her hand slipped under his balls and guided him into the inverted pussy.  Cy lengthened her tongue strokes until she lapped the clit, the underside of his shaft and even his balls on deep thrusts.

He chuckled.  “This is a fine way to fuck.”

Di said tightly, “Too bad you can’t feel it like me.  God, this is hot!  I’m coming again.”

Indeed he felt the vaginal sphincter tighten and said, “I think you like a tongue.”

“God, I do!  Oh god damn, god damn!”  Her throat tightened and produced a screech.  He slowed his thrusts but she ordered, “Don’t stop.  Don’t you dare stop!  Oh, god!”

He caught her hips and plowed deeply.  Now the sphincter was closing repeatedly to the rhythm of her moans.  The torso under his hips began to quiver.  Cy was giggling, mostly through her nose.

The combination was too much.  “Jesus Christ!” he proclaimed in surprise as fresh semen boiled through his prostate.  Cy may have tasted it: her contralto giggle sounded.  Suddenly the hand that had been squeezing his balls clutched the cock shaft, jerked it out of her cousin and plopped it into her own mouth.  His ejaculate concluded into suction and a rasping tongue.

He fell off to the side on his back.  Cy was still giggling and licking her lips.  Di slid down until she lay beside her cousin.  Arms encircled each other and they exchanged a kiss.  Di licked the excess moisture off the other’s chin.

She raised her head and grinned at Cade, who lay enervated and panting.  “Did you get religion?”

“I got surprised.  At my age I can’t usually pop again for several hours.”

Di winked at her smiling cousin.  “He must think we’re sexy.”

“Oh, god, you are!”  He shook his head.  “It was the combination: Di coming like a steam engine and Cy licking my balls and giggling.  Hell, she’s still grinning!”

“I’m happy,” said Cy, regarding him fondly.

“Good fucking makes us happy,” Di explained.  “We ain’t had any lately.”

“Until now,” added the cousin.

“That’s how it’s supposed to work,” he agreed, stretching forth his arms.  “Come and lie close to me.”

They rearranged themselves with Cy on his right, Di on his left, their bodies partly atop him.  Cy’s hand clasped his sagging cock.  His hands went behind their heads and pulled their faces to his for another three-way kiss.  Tasting his effluent on Cy’s lips inspired all three to swap saliva vigorously.

At last their mouths relaxed, sated.  Cy pulled up a bed sheet to cover them and after kissing his nipple, lowered her head to the shoulder opposite her cousin.


* * *


Cade awoke to dim light filtering around the closed drapes.  The women’s heads were raised on elbows to watch him.

He smiled from one to the other.  “I’ll bet you’re thirsty.”

“I’ll bet you are,” said Di.  “We got cokes out of your fridge.”

Cy sat up and asked, “Can I get you one?”

“A beer would be delightful.”

He rose from the bed and entered the bathroom while Cy left for the kitchen.  Over his shoulder he said, “How long have you two been awake?”

“Awhile,” Di answered.  “We been whispering.”

“Nice of you to let me doze.  Did you nap at all?”

“Oh, yeah.  Good balling makes you sleepy.”

“I’m very glad you liked it.”

“We both did.  You sent us straight to heaven.”

He chuckled with pleasure.  “That’s good to hear.”

“Even better to feel.  Did you like us, Cade?”

“Oh, god, did I ever!  And I still do.”

He flushed the commode and reentered the bedroom to find Cy waiting with a golden pilsner glass.  He took it gratefully and drained half its contents.

“Thank you,” he said, sighing.  “Hits the spot!”

Cy giggled.

“Now what’s funny?”

Di said, “You hit our spots too.”  They approached on either side and kissed his shoulders.

Smiling, he squeezed Di against him.  “I believe you did enjoy me.”

“We did,” Cy responded with feeling.”

“We still do,” added Di.  “You saved us.”

“I’m afraid to ask, ‘From what?’”  He swallowed the rest of the beer and glanced at his wristwatch.  “It’s after seven.  You ought to be getting hungry.”

“We are.”

“How about I take you out to dinner?”

Cy blinked at him.

Di said, “McDonalds?  It’s all we’re dressed for.”

He chuckled.  “Just now you’re too well dressed even for McDonalds.  No, I could run you home and wait while you dress up.”

“Well …” Di began doubtfully.

His eyes brightened.  “How about this?  What’s on your calendar?  Why don’t you bring your clothes back here and live with me this weekend?”

Female eyes widened.  Cy stammered, “You — you mean it?”

“Of course I mean it.”

“Oh, Cade!” breathed Cy.

But Di was more practical.  “Won’t the hotel get mad?”

“This suite is leased.  It’s meant to sleep four.  Let other people wash cars this weekend.”

Di said, “We got nothing else going, unless …”  She exchanged sharp glances with her cousin.  “What about your fancy-pants, Cy?”

The cousin shrugged.  Suddenly she giggled.  “Cade’s a bird in hand.”

Di grinned.  “All right, Cade, if you really want us.”

He dropped the glass to the carpet.  His arms pulled both into his chest.  “Let’s seal it with another three-way kiss.”

The girls were even more enthusiastic.  Tongues laved mouths while Cy giggled nasally.  When they finally broke, Di licked her lips and said thoughtfully, “Beer tastes better in a man’s mouth.”


* * *


They lived in a dilapidated row house on the edge of downtown.  The street had little traffic at this hour.  The corner lamps were already glowing.

“Right here,” directed Di from the front seat.

He pulled in behind a large public bus and glanced around.  The neighborhood was faintly menacing with trashcans standing on the sidewalk. 

“That’s convenient,” he said, “Right in front of a bus stop.  Will you be long?”

“Just to get what we need,” Di answered.  “We’ll clean up at your place, okay?”

“Sure.  You can use both bathrooms.”

“Two bathrooms!” breathed Cy.

He locked the car nervously behind them as the bus pulled away, but when the women had scampered up the front stairs and entered the building, no other person was in sight, either straight ahead or in the rear-view mirror.

He sighed heavily and thought, You crazy coot.  Did you see them run up those stairs?  What’re you going to do with such energetic girls for a whole weekend — teach them tiddly-winks?

He shook his head and asked whimsically, “Can you buy Viagra without a prescription?”  Maybe a good meal would maintain his stamina.

The three-way kiss was an interesting phenomenon.  The suction was definitely more powerful and the third squirming tongue more stimulating.  He had never forgotten enjoying it with the eager sisters.  Now fate had presented a new opportunity!  Thirty years earlier the women had unquestionably been in charge — not that he had objected to their demands!  Now control was reversed: the girls were the complaisant ones.  His cock was bound to fail, but maybe they’d give him “Wows!” at the art museum or a concert or a stage play.  Hadn’t he noticed an ad for a jazz concert Saturday night?

He was mentally charting a schedule of exciting events interspersed with three-way fucks when the passenger door handle popped.  The girls had returned, each bearing in addition to her bulging canvas bag a plastic grocery bag stuffed with clothing.

He unlocked the doors and noted when they flew open, “You really didn’t take long!”

Cy giggled, sliding into the backseat.  “Surprised you, huh?”

“We’re hungry,” explained Di.

“Then buckle your seatbelts and let’s go.”

Pulling into slight traffic at the corner, he said to make conversation, “You ladies share an apartment back there?”

“Yeah,” said Di, after a moment adding, “but we can’t afford it without the guys.”

“I see it’s on the bus line.”

“That wasn’t the important thing.  Hollyhoke is right around the corner.”

He had already passed the next street.  “No kidding!”

“The Riverdale office.”

“I see.  So you could walk to work?”

“Yeah.  It was a nice set up.”

He mused, “Riverdale is closing.”

“They told us.”

“That’s too bad.”  He cleared his throat and smiled around at them.  “Let’s see if we can forget our troubles and have fun.”

Cy giggled in the backseat.

Di said, as if surprised, “You got troubles too?”

“Starting with a board of directors that ought to be committed.  Everyone has troubles unless he’s dead.”  He smiled at her reflection.  “With you ladies’ help I mean to forget them all for a few hours.”

Di squeezed his thigh.  “Oh, we’ll sure help you, Cade, but we ain’t ladies.”

“Yes, you are — my favorite kind!”


* * *


They insisted on sharing the same bathroom, beginning by taking their showers together.  He thought of joining them but decided doing so would only insert further delay — and he had skipped lunch.  So he sent them upstairs while he applied his waterproof shaver in the downstairs shower and dressed casually in an open-collared shirt and sports jacket.  In the living room he turned on the TV news to await them, but they soon bounced down the stairs.

“Fast again!” he exclaimed, smiling at them.  They wore frilly blouses and tight slacks with plunging vests that emphasized their breasts while revealing little.  The ponytail clips were gone and their hair fell below their shoulders in tidy waves.  Low-heeled patent leather flats encased their feet.  The canvas bags had been exchanged for small purses.  They struck grinning hip-shot poses.

“We’re about out of make up,” Di explained.  “Do we pass?  This is what we wore at Hollyhoke.”

“You’re lovely!  Are you sure you girls aren’t identical twins?”

“Her mom was my mom’s sister.  We might’ve had the same dad.”

“Yes, I think you might’ve.  You’re both outstanding.”  He leered at them.  “I suppose another three-way would ruin your makeup.”

Di ducked her head at him.  “Can it wait till after we eat?”

He took a breath and grinned.  “I’d rather kiss you two than eat, but since we’re all hungry …  Let’s go!”

In the car Di leaned forward from the backseat and rested her elbows on his seatback to watch the traffic.  “Where we going?”

“To a club I know.  It’s called Pegasus.”  Cade chuckled.  “I once asked the maitre-de if he offered flying horse.”

“‘Flying horse?’” Cy repeated.

He glanced at her.  “You know: really high heroin.”

She looked blank but Di chuckled and explained to Cy, “Pegasus was a flying horse,” adding, “we wouldn’t know high horse from low.”

He said, “I’m pleased to hear that.  Horse can mess you up.”

“You tried it, Cade?”

“No.  My son did.  The Pegasus has a pretty good menu and a band on Friday nights.  You girls dance?”

“Some,” said Di.  “Slick and Tuck didn’t go for it much.  Do you?”

“Nothing too fast.  I’d love to get you beauties on the dance floor.”

Her tongue stroked his earlobe.  He shivered.

Cy asked seriously, “Can we do a three-way dance like we do a kiss?”

“With a slow two-step?” Cade conjectured.  “God, imagine that — bellies rubbing together!”

“Oh, wow!” murmured Cy through a giggle.  Di licked his ear again and said, “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Wouldn’t I?  Sure don’t want to leave one of you for some other guy to pick up.”

They both giggled thoughtfully.

Di said, “I really like your aftershave, Cade.”

“Thank you.  I think we’ll have a ball.”

“Oh, yeah!” they agreed together.

On a Friday evening Club Pegasus was hopping.  Cade grumbled at a sign announcing No Valet Parking and followed the arrow into an adjacent parking garage.  Returning to the club entrance, they found people standing or sitting on benches, waiting with numbered chits for a table.  Cade led his women to the hostess watching from behind her rostrum.

She said, “Do you have a reservation, sir?”

“Two Jacksons for three.”  He extended a hand with two twenties folded in the palm.  She glanced at it but looked up.


“President Jackson.  His picture is engraved on the reservations.”

“Huh?  Oh.  Oh, yes, of course.”

She smiled and shook his hand.  The money clung to her as she withdrew.  Gathering up three menus, she said, “Right this way, sir.”

He sat between them, using three sides of the small table, lit by a center bulb with a glazed shade.  Noisy diners surrounded them.  At the back of the large room rose a stage for the band, not yet in place, beyond a floor left open for dancers.

“How’d we get in so fast?” asked Cy on his left.  “This joint is really full!”

“Didn’t you see?” said Di.  “He bribed the girl that let us in.”

Cy’s eyes enlarged.  “You didn’t, did you?”

He grinned.  “I guess you could call it that.  I don’t like to wait.”

“Didn’t know you could do that,” Cy said in wonder.

When the waiter appeared, all three ordered beer.

“I’m hungry,” said Di, opening her menu.  “What can we eat, Cade?”

“Whatever strikes your fancy.  If you’re hungry they have a twelve-ounce sirloin that ought to fill you up.”

Cy said, “Wow, this place ain’t cheap!”

He chuckled.  “It’s my treat, you know.”

“Cade, you’re sweet to us.”

“It works both ways.”

“Oh, yeah!” she agreed, smiling at him.  Her eyes gleamed.

When the waiter returned with their beverages, all three ordered steak.  While they waited, sipping their beer, Cade grinned at them.  “You look great, both of you — bright eyed and sleek!  I’m enjoying showing you off.”

“Thank you,” said Cy, smiling with pleasure.

Di glanced around but her gaze did not linger.  “They gotta have lots of money.”

“More’n we do, that’s for sure!” agreed her cousin.

He sniffed.  “Maybe, but they don’t look any better than you.”

Di shook her head.  “I’m thinking of the prices on the menu.”

Cy regarded him shyly.  “Are you rich, Cade?”

He grinned.  “Enough to take two beauties to the Club Pegasus.”

“That’s rich enough for us,” declared Cy.

“Oh, yeah!” agreed Di.  “You’re so fine, Cade.”  Her hand fell upon his on the tablecloth.

“Thanks.”  He chuckled.  “I believe it’s the first time I was ever accused of that — whichever way you mean it.”

“I mean it both ways.”

Cy blinked.  “Both ways?”

“Hot and good,” explained Di.

“Oh.”  She giggled.  “Oh, yeah!”

Having ordered house specials, they obtained the fast service that Cade had expected, even on such a busy night.  When the food arrived, the girls dived into it too earnestly for conversation.  Half their large steaks soon vanished.

Cade observed with a chuckle, “It seems you truly were hungry!”

“Umm,” admitted Di, while Cy giggled nasally.

In fact they nearly cleaned their platters, ravaging their baked potatoes, leaving only some of the too-crisp vegetable sides.  He was still picking at his steak when they leaned back from the table, patted lips with napkins and sighed gustily.

Noticing his smile, Di said, “I guess you think we’re pigs, but the truth is we ain’t ate much lately.”

“One reason I come here is for their special steak sauce.  I gather you like it too.”

“Really tasty meat!”

“We love the taste of meat,” said Cy.  She giggled.  “Even the kind you can’t chew.”

Di’s eyes twinkled.  “We don’t ever get enough.”

“May I order you another steak?  Or would you like dessert?”

“I’m full,” Cy declared.

Di chuckled.  “I mean we could eat meat all day.”

He grinned and repeated, “Even the kind you can’t chew?”

“Especially that kind.”

“She means willies,” Cy said dreamily.  “We love licking on ’em.”

He blinked.  “Surely not for the taste!”

“They feel good in your mouth too,” said Di.

“Ain’t nothing nicer,” Cy asserted.

He looked from one to the other.  “What I love is your frankness.”

Cy giggled.  “What’s the matter — ain’t we supposed to mention willies?”

Di laughed.  “In a restaurant?”

“I’ve met few girls who’ll mention them anywhere.”

“Why not?” said Di.  “They’re so interesting.”

“I guess some women must think so.  My ex once admitted they’re fascinating.”

“Oh, yeah!” Cy agreed.

“We love to talk about ’em,” said Di.  “You know: to compare them.  Every one is different.”

He grinned.  “All right, if you want to talk about them, when did you see your first one?”

They looked at each other and both giggled.  Di said, “We don’t remember.”

He blinked.  “You really don’t?”

Di said, “I read somewhere that most people can’t remember what happened to them before they were three years old.  We both saw our first one before that.  First tasted jizz too.”

“You’re kidding me!  How did that happen?”

Di’s expression grew serious.  “We’re trailer trash, Cade.  That is, we were.”

“Really?  You mean you were raised together?”

“Not exactly.  We were born and grew up in the same trailer park, in side-by-side trailers.  Cy’s brother, Chester, baby-sat us for our moms to work.  He … did what he wanted with us.”

Cade stared at her.  “God!  I can imagine —  Wait a minute!  That’s who you meant about learning to like the taste.”

“Right.  Cy’s brother.  She got to taste it even more than I did.”

Cy said quietly, “He was twelve when I was born.  When I was six months old he took over: fed me baby food, cleaned my butt and let me suck his willy.  Or so he claimed, and I’m sure it’s the truth.  Willy was his word for it.  Di was born four months after me.  It wasn’t long before her mom brought her over in the morning for Chester to watch.  For seven years we sucked on him just about every day.”

Di added, “He was a horny one.  He could come three or four times a day.”

“What happened after seven years?”

Di sighed and shook her head.  “They put him in jail.  One of mom’s boyfriends caught him fucking us up the ass.”

“At age seven?  You’ve got to be kidding!”

“No, we ain’t.  Actually Cy was eight.”

Cade shook his head.  “That was a good while ago.  Where is he now?”

“Dead.  They killed him in jail.”

“Good god!  That’s … that’s terrible.”

“It was for him.  He was a pretty boy.  They raped him first.”

“For you too, I think.”

Cy raised her chin.  “He didn’t hurt us.”

“Are you sure?”

Di said, “We loved him.”

“Huh!  I can’t believe he started anal sex when you were babies.”

“Well, no.  We were five.”

“Five!  When did he take you vaginally?”

“He didn’t.  The butch that taught him to fuck said he’d get in trouble if he ripped our cherries.”

“So he had an older coach, did he?  Who was it?”

Di shrugged.  “Marsha, the butter-face that stayed with my mom.”

“She knew what he was doing?”

“Oh, yeah.  When she was around, he’d fuck her in front of us.  She liked us to fist her.”

“Good god!  How old was she?”


“Why did you call her ‘butter-face?’”

Di grinned.  “It’s slang.  She had a nice bod’ but her face …”

Cy laughed at his expression.

He shook his head.  “What a childhood!  I suspect it’s for the best your brother lost control of you.”

“Why do you say that?” demanded Cy with a frown.

Di declared, “If he’d been around, we wouldn’t’ve got in so much trouble at school.”

“Trouble with boys?”

“And the men teachers.”

“I … see.  You expected them all to behave like Cy’s brother.”

Di giggled.  “And mostly they did too.”

“The older ones,” Cy added.

“When did you begin to have vaginal sex?”

Di answered.  “When we were nine.”

“My god!  What happened to you?  How’d you avoid pregnancy?”

“When we were eleven, the county took us away, put us in an orphanage for girls.  After that we didn’t get much real fucking until they had to let us go at eighteen.  They taught us to use computers.  We got jobs, took up with Slick and Tuck and went on the pill.”

“And you still are, I hope.”

“Yeah.  Maybe we can even afford to buy some more.”

The waiter arrived to take their plates, asking, “Will you be staying to dance?”

“Yes,” said Cade.  “Bring us three brandies, please, the house brand, along with the check.”

The waiter bowed and departed.  Di’s eyebrows rose.  “The ‘house brand,’ Cade?”

“Do you love brandy?”


“I don’t either.  It’ll give us something to sip.  Otherwise they’d want this table on a night like tonight.”

“The band’s coming in,” said Cy.

They watched as band members took seats and tuned up on the little stage.  Cade remarked, “You said your boyfriends didn’t care for dancing.”

“They’d do a two-step,” Di admitted.

“Not too often,” added Cy with a sniff.

He grinned.  “That’s what I have in mind: a two-step for three.”

“That might be fun,” said Cy, eyes sparkling.

“I hope you two can conceal my hard-on.”

Di giggled.  “Want me to put my hand in your pants and hold it up?”

“Up?  How would that —”

“Against your belly.”

He laughed.  “Guess we’ll have to play it by ear.”

“Oh, yeah, ‘by ear!’”

Cy’s eyes sparkled.  “If we gonna kneel at you …”

He snorted.  “I even believe you’d be game for it!  But no, we’ll restrain ourselves to a sedate two-step.”

The keyboardist began a slow drumbeat and soon added a polyphonic background into which the saxophonist stepped with a melody unfamiliar to Cade.  But both girls’ eyes lit.

“Oh,” cried Cy, “that’s Minnesota April — so romantic!”

Di said hopefully, “We could two-step to that.”

Couples were moving onto the dance floor.  Cade rose to his feet and bowed.  “Ladies, may I have this dance?”

“Oh, yeah!” they breathed, rising to join him.  With his arms each around a slim waist he propelled them onto the floor, where they spun to face him, cool arms encircling his neck.  He had expected some confusion of feet, but they opened their legs to admit his.  When he shuffled left and right, hardly lifting his shoes from the polished floor, they matched his rhythm instantly.

His arms remained around their backs.  Giggling, they leaned into him, compressing pubic pads against his upper thighs, bellies against his hips and breasts against his sides.

Gently he guided them into a turn, breathing, “Oh god, this is heaven!”

Di murmured close to his ear, “Still worried your willy’ll get spotted?”

“Honey, I refuse to worry about anything.”

The women added a slight, rhythmic curtsey to their movement, having clamped his legs between theirs.  He realized they were stretching their vulvas against his thighs.

“Ooo, Cade!” Cy whispered dreamily.  “This is so much fun!”

“I know what you’re doing.”

Di giggled.  “But you don’t care.”

“I’m trying to imagine how it feels.  Give me a kiss, both of you.”

Their mouths sought his eagerly.  He squeezed them against him and answered their tongues.

“Mmm,” moaned Cy nasally.  She stumbled but his arm supported her.  Her legs gripped his.  Their shuffling dance ceased.

When their mouths finally separated, he sighed and resumed the dance with a slow twirl.  Glancing around, he noted sly grins on other faces.  Someone’s hand caught his firm erection and compressed it through his clothing.  Cy trembled.

He murmured, “Di, that must be you squeezing my dick.  I think Cy’s coming.”

Di giggled.  “I’m — what’d you say? — concealing it.”  A bit later she added, “Gives me an idea how to make clothes that would cover up fucking on the dance floor.”

He considered it.  “Most women are too short for that.”

“So they’d need elevator shoes.”

Both laughed.  Cy nuzzled his neck, still moaning softly.

He felt a blow on his shoulder and quickly turned toward it.  A tall and husky young man stood close, smiling confidently.  He said, “How ’bout sharing the wealth, buddy?”

Both women looked up.  Cade said, “Sorry.  This is a private party.”

“Oh, yeah?  How you gonna take care of them both?”

Cade managed a grin.  “That’s my problem.”

The man lost his smile and said enigmatically, “Might be more than you think.”

Cade slid the women into an opening among the other dancers, twirling them so that he faced the intruder.  After glaring a moment, the young man turned away.

Di was watching over her shoulder.  Cade said, “Did you like his looks?”

“Huh?”  Her face snapped back to press his shoulder.  “I like your looks.”

“Me too,” added Cy.

Di continued.  “Think we’ve seen him before.”

“A john?”

“What?  Oh.  No, if we did, it was with Slick and Tuck.”

“How did they like guys cutting in?”

“They laughed at the ones that tried.  Of course, they were bigger than you.”

“Really?  I’m five-eleven.”

“Both were over six feet.”

He nodded morosely.  “Each generation gets taller.”

Di said stoutly, “You’re tall enough for us — in every way.”

“You girls really are the greatest.”

The music stopped briefly and resumed with a much faster beat.  Cade chuckled.  “Guess we need to sit this one out.”

The girls released him and spun to his sides.  Eyes twinkling over her shoulder, Di positioned her buttocks against his restored erection.

He said into her ear, “For concealment, right?”

“And ’cause I like to feel it.”

Grinning, he started them towards their table.

The adjacent man and woman had separated and begun to sway in opposite directions, bouncing their fists.  They froze suddenly.  The man said loudly, “Hey, come on!  We want to see how three booties shake together.”

“Yeah, show us!” cried people all around them.

“Thank you,” Cade responded, raising his voice, “but we need practice for that.”

Standing beside their table, Cade sighed loudly.  “God, I don’t even know the name of this dance!”

Di giggled.  “It’s about what that guy said: ‘Booty Shaking.’”

Cy turned and pressed her breasts against him.  “I wanta bounce.”

He shook his head.  “Like I said, we need practice to —”

“I mean bounce out of here.”

“What’s the rush?” Di said.  “They’ll play another slow one soon.”

Cy’s arm slipped around his back.  Her lips nuzzled his neck.  She murmured, “Let’s go back to your place.”

“To practice?” said Di.

“To fuck.”

He chuckled towards Di.  “You agree?”

Di regarded her cousin before grinning at him.  “You’ve turned her on.  Yeah, let’s go.”

The women retrieved their purses while he laid currency atop the check, all secured under a brandy snifter.  He led the way among the crowded tables with a woman on each arm.  The parking garage entrance was at the end of the block along a dark sidewalk.  They clung to him possessively, heads bent over his shoulders.

Cy said, “I loved that place.  Let’s do come back, Cade.”

Di added, “After we learn to dance fast.”

“Slow’s fine too,” was Cy’s opinion.  “Ooo!  I can’t wait to get back in …”

Her voice trailed off.  Ahead of them two figures had stepped out of an alley between the buildings.  Both were tall, well-built men, dressed casually in shirts and slacks.  He stopped as they drew near.  The women released him.  Cade recognized one as the man who had intruded on their dancing.

“Look here, Jack,” said that one in a sneering tone.  “It’s the fop with the extra chick.  Gonna let me cut in now, old man?”

Cade’s hackles rose.  “We’re not dancing.”

The young man stepped within arm’s reach and shoved Cade by both hands to the chest, declaring with a chuckle added to the sneer, “Sure we are!”

Cade staggered back but kept his balance.  He leaned forward, fists closing, preparing to fight despite his total lack of training or skill.  Adrenaline flooded him painfully.

His attacker ignored him and clutched Di’s upper arm.  “Come on, you sweet chick.  I’ll show you an O face you can’t get with that old creep.  Jack’ll take care of your boo.”

The light, mostly emanating from the club marquee half a block behind them, was bright enough for Cade’s eyes to register what happened next, though perhaps not enough to anticipate it.  Dropping her purse, Di rotated enough to snatch her arm free, then turned sharply back.  Her opposite hand enclosed the fist on that arm and augmented its force as she drove that elbow into the man’s throat.  He went over backwards, body stretched on the sidewalk, hands rising to his head.

His partner, Jack, stared down at him, mouth falling open.  Cy toed off her flats and whirled.  A long, trouser-clad leg stretched out and a bare foot flashed around, heel impacting the side of Jack’s head with an audible thud.  Jack collapsed sideways across the body already down.

Cy slipped feet back into shoes.  Di snatched up her purse.  Each girl took one of Cade’s arms and led him around the bodies.  Between them he stumbled into the parking garage.

“I … I, uh … what …”

“It’s okay,” said Di, her soprano softened.  “We’re doing spiffy, Cade.”

“I …  Good god!  That was …  I never saw anything like it!”

Cy giggled.

“Where’d we park?” asked Di.  “Wasn’t it down this row?”

“The next one,” Cy corrected.

Approaching his car, Cade took out the keys.  “Can you girls drive?  I’m a little shaky.”

Di shook her head.  “We got no license, Cade.”

“But can you drive?”

“Slick and Tuck liked motorcycles.”

“Martial arts experts who can’t drive a car?  I don’t believe it!”

“It’s true,” said Cy, looking away.

Using the button on his keychain, he unlocked the car and they piled in.  On the third try he managed to fit key into ignition.  Could women hit hard enough for men to stay down?  With the engine started, he scratched out of the stall and barely remembered to stop at the exit and pay.  On the street he turned in the direction away from Club Pegasus.

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief.

Di, in the shotgun seat, rubbed his upper arm.  She studied his face in the shifting light and said, her soprano anxious, “I hope we ain’t too buffy for you, Cade.”

He chuckled nervously and took a deep breath.  “You’re not too anything for me, ladies, except that maybe we don’t quite speak the same language.  Does ‘buffy’ mean tough?”

“Sort of, you know, like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.”


“From a TV show.”

He grunted.  “I don’t dig my son’s talk either.  Tell me, did you understand everything that guy said back there?”

“I guess.”

“He called me a fop.  What’s that?”

Di was silent.

He added, “I already know it’s not a compliment.”

She sighed.  “It’s a three letter acronym: F O P, for fucking old person.”

“That’s me,” he said bitterly.

Cy said throatily from the backseat, “And you fuck real good.”

“Thank you.  What’s that O-face he promised to give Di?”

“It means coming.”

“The face you make,” added Di, “in an orgasm.”

“He offered a better one than the ‘old creep.’”  Cade let his breath out in a long sigh.  “I may be older but I was going to fight for you.”

“We noticed,” said Cy approvingly.

“They looked fit,” countered Di.  “We sure didn’t want you to get hurt.”

“Hmph!  How did you girls learn to fight like that?”

“There’s a dojo on our street.  For two years we went with Slick and Tuck like to church.”

“I’ve heard of dojos.  They teach karate.”

“And taekwondo.”

He shook his head in awe.  “Good god!  You ladies get more and more amazing.”

Di asked hesitantly, “Does it … bother you, Cade?”

“Huh!  Remind me not to piss you off.”

She sighed.  “We wouldn’t’ve done it except we worried you’d get hurt.”

“Then let’s clear that up.  I’m sure you saved my brittle ass.  Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.”

“Oh, Cade!” both women breathed together, a harmony of soprano and alto.  Di caressed his thigh.  Cy leaned forward from the backseat and kissed his neck.

He sighed.  “Wish we could do a three-way in the car.”

Di giggled.  “You’d wreck for sure.”

“It would almost be worth it.”

He restrained himself.  When they had parked and entered his suite, he was feeling steadier.  Slamming the door with his heel, he pulled the women against himself.  “I won’t wreck now.”

This time the three-way kiss was more tender than lascivious.  Their arms were tight on his back and his hands cupped their heads, gently pressing their lips to his.  All three moaned appreciatively.

When their faces parted, he said with feeling, “Thank you ladies for the most interesting — the best evening I’ve had in a long time.”

“It ain’t over yet,” retorted Di’s soprano.  Her hands opened his belt, dropped his pants and attacked his shirt buttons.

Cy fell to her knees on the carpet and slurped up the flaccid cock, mouth working enthusiastically.  Having pulled the T-shirt over his head, Di stepped back and quickly removed her own clothing.  Nude, she sank to her own knees, leaned forward and took the rising manhood away from her cousin.  Cy rose and stripped likewise until masculine and feminine clothing was strewn along the couch.  Again she knelt and recaptured the cock, sucking it forcefully into her throat.

Di grinned up at him.  “You’re right.”

He trembled.  “About what?”

“Too bad you don’t have two of them.  At least you’ve got two of these.”  Her hand cupped his balls, rolling them gently.  She leaned closer and sucked half the sac into her mouth.

He endured the dual attention briefly before caressing the bobbing heads.  “Let’s get in the bed.  I want to taste you too.”

He arranged them side-by-side on their backs in the huge bed and approaching from the head, careful with his knees, clambered atop them, head to foot.  After inserting a firmly revived cock into Cy’s mouth, he sprawled forward across both torsos to lave her cousin’s swollen pussy.  When Di had groaned to a mild climax, he transferred to her mouth and Cy’s pussy, transferring again when Cy responded in kind.  In this way he spent several blissful minutes tasting both women.

Finally he turned around, caught Di’s arms and rolled on his back, pulling her atop him.  She guided their connection and began to roll her hips forward and back, grunting with renewed feeling.  At first Cy lay where he had left her, massaging her clit with the heel of one hand.  Then she twisted around between his legs, gently removed the plunging cock from her cousin and sucked it avidly.

Di opened her eyes and grinned down at Cade.  He chuckled.  “It’s wonderful the way you girls share.”

She said, “We think it’s wonderful you can keep it up.”

“Huh!  With red-hot numbers such as you two?”

She shook her head, still grinning.  “Want to bet it don’t last the weekend?”

He laughed.  “I’ll bet Cy’s tongue could revive it.”

“That’s a sucker bet, Cade.  But don’t worry: long as it’s a willy, we’ll suck it, soft or hard.”

He felt Cy transfer his cock back into her cousin’s vagina.  Di’s hips hooked it home with a sigh.

Cy’s head appeared around a cousinly thigh, eyes twinkling.  Obviously she wanted to join the conversation.  She said, “Some ways it’s real good soft.”

“How?” he said.  “It won’t stay in your pussy.”

“Then you can get a real mouthful: balls and all.”

Di said dreamily, “When it’s soft you can get balls and all in your pussy too.  Just be careful you don’t hurt him.”

“Oh, yeah,” Cy agreed.  “But I’d sooner have a mouthful.”

“Oh, god!” Di exclaimed.  Her body froze except for a powerful shudder.  “Fuck me hard, fuck me hard!”

Cade pumped himself into her.  He felt fingers fluttering around the junction, working his scrotum.  Suddenly his own pleasure spiked.

“Hey, you’re coming!” declared Cy.

When Di fell forward enough to disconnect them, Cy immediately slurped up the still dribbling cock.  She hummed appreciatively.  Di lay collapsed upon the panting man’s chest, her head over his shoulder.  She turned it enough to lick his ear.

Cy held him in her mouth, sucking gently, tongue touching the urethral eye, extending the thrill.  He moaned.  “Oh, god, my sweet ladies — I don’t think I was ever so well fucked.”

“How about your three-way kissing sisters?” asked Di.

“That was thirty years ago.  For sure they didn’t love to suck cocks like you two!”

Di giggled slightly.  “What’d they do when you came off?”

He delved the memory.  “Left me alone to generate more juice.”

“After a stud comes can be the sweetest time.”

“You think so?”

“Your willy’s still thrilling, ain’t it?”

“Well, yeah, thanks to Cy — and her brother’s upbringing.”

“Me, too.”  She hitched herself around and pressed a hard nipple against his lips.  “Suck that and think about the wet pussy on your belly.”


She giggled, pleased with his continuing enthusiasm.  Behind her Cy added a nasal giggle of her own.

Later he was dimly aware of the women rearranging their bodies against his and pulling a blanket over all three.  Still later he awoke to see light behind the window drapes.  The LED clock showed 6:48.  The women had rolled off him and lay asleep on their backs at either side.  Cy — yes, Cy — was snoring lightly.  Rolling his head side to side, he determined that the principle difference in their profiles was Cy’s slightly more prominent nose.

He tried to arise without disturbing them, but Cy’s snoring ceased and Di sat up after he slipped off the foot of the bed.

“Good morning,” he said with a smile.

“Ulp.”  She fisted her eyes.

“There’s an IHOP around the corner.  Let’s go get some breakfast.”


“Soon as you two wake up.”  Laughing, he went into the bathroom and began a shower.  They soon joined him.  The threesome spent a happy ten minutes scrubbing each others’ bodies with especial attention to genitals and breasts.  As expected, his cock erected painfully.  When they had dried off from the shower, he pulled them against himself for another three-way kiss.

After they broke Di took a deep breath and said wonderingly, “I’m starting to love this too.”

“So’m I,” Cy averred.  She chuckled deep in her throat and regarded her cousin archly.  “Guess we’re half queer.”

“At least,” said Di.

He said, “All I know is, you sure are compatible.”

“To this.”  Di’s hand closed on his cock.  “Uh-oh!  Is it sore?”

“Unaccustomed exercise,” he explained, flinching, “but it will recover.”

“We need to talk about bikes,” said Di with a laugh.


“You know: motorcycles.  When we wore out Slick and Tuck, that’s what they talked about.”

“I’ve got a better idea.  Let’s get dressed and go to IHOP.”

The girls’ eyes brightened and they squealed with pleasure.  “We love pancakes!” declared Di.  “Soaked in strawberry syrup,” added Cy.

Because the spring morning was cool, they wore casual slacks instead of shorts.  The restaurant was crowded and noisy.  The hostess conducted them to a table in the corner where they could speak with an illusion of privacy if they kept their heads bent close.

When the food was delivered, Cy did indeed soak her pancakes.  The women ate with last night’s gusto.  His own appetite was stronger than usual.

Sipping his refreshed coffee, Cade said, “I’ve been thinking.”

Di regarded him with interest.  “What we can do next besides fuck?”

“Sort of like that.  First I want to know more about you ladies.”

Cy giggled.  “Ain’t much left to learn, Cade.”

Di grinned.  “We do got one more hole.”

“Not for breakfast, thank you.  I’m curious.  You lived with Slick and Tuck for about two years, right?  How’d you take up with them?”

“The orphanage got us jobs at Hollyhoke.  We met Slick and Tuck the first week — in the parking lot.  It was kind of funny.”

“Tell me.”

“They bling-blinged some wheelies, only Tuck —”


“You know: showed off by doing wheelies — making the front wheel rare up like a horse.”

“I know about wheelies.”

“Only Tuck tried it with one hand.  He went over the handlebars and his Harley fell on him.”

“Hurt him, did it?”

“Not so bad a blowjob couldn’t fix it.”

Cade nodded appreciatively.  “That would be powerful consolation!”

“They’d been on the job long enough to rent the apartment.  We went home with them and stuck.”

“I’m sure they enjoyed your attention.  Ever think about marriage?”

“Not really.  It was too much fun.”

“But you stuck for two years.  Were you faithful?”

“As much as they wanted us to be.”

“How much was that?”

She hesitated then shrugged.  “Except a few times at parties.”

“When you were drunk?”

“When they were.”

He chuckled.  “I see.  Then … you were laid off two weeks ago?”


“And decided on prostitution as your new line?”

“Not at first.  These days fast food joints are the only ones that’ll even talk to you.  But you can’t live on that unless you’re living with somebody.”

He nodded.  “So how many johns have you served on your new job?”

“Johns?” asked Cy.  “Why not Toms or Harrys?”

“He means who’e-hoppers,” said Di.  “Cade, we’re just getting started.”

“How many?”

She bit her lip, saying finally, “We ain’t figured out how to advertise.”

“How many?”

She sighed.  “Just you.”  Both women studied him narrowly.

He chuckled.  “What’s the matter?”

Di said, “Guess you think we ain’t much.”

He sniffed.  “I’ve already told you: I think you’re the greatest.  And I’m tickled to be your first.”

“You are?”

He nodded.  “Oh, yes.  You said you were data entry clerks for Hollyhoke.  That’s all you did there for two years?”

Di said, “We got raises at the first of the year.”

“Who was your boss?”

“Old lady Webber.  She worked for the regional comptroller.”

Cy said, “She got laid off too.”

“What kind of data did you deal with?”

“Anything on paper,” said Di, “like snail-mail invoices.  Also inventory.”


“Yeah.  Verifying it.  We went to warehouses in several states.”

“So you’re familiar with business travel.  Good experience.”  He wiped his mouth with a napkin.  “You ladies had enough?”

“Enough food,” said Di with a leer.

“But not enough willy, is that right?”

Cy giggled and wiggled her tongue at him.

He chuckled, laying a tip on the table.  “Then let’s go get you some more willy.”

Traffic was light at that hour on a Saturday.  Cy, in the shotgun seat, stroked his thigh and said, “Do you have to sit so close under the steering wheel?”

“If I ran the seat farther back I’d have to drive with my tiptoes.”

She sighed.  “Guess that’s one advantage of bikes.”

“What advantage?”

“You can lean around your stud’s hip and suck his willy.”

Cade barked a laugh.  “I can’t believe you did that!”

“Why not, on a back road?”

Di added, “’Specially at night.”

He studied her in the mirror.  “You’ve both done it?”

“Every chance we got,” Cy declared.

Di sniffed.  “Every chance you got.  But I’ve done it too.  Slick didn’t let Tuck get far ahead of him.”

“Slick and Di, Tuck and Cy.  That’s how it was?”

“Most of the time,” Di answered.

“Oh?  Did you swap?”

“Once in a while.  Or did a sandwich.”

“You mean …  No kidding!”

“We tried just about everything.  The studs got along as good as us girls.”

“I’m sure.  But god, I love that sharing attitude!”

They giggled.  Di leaned forward and kissed his neck.  “You really do like us, Cade, despite all that?”

“I really do — a lot because of ‘all that.’”

“Even the way we were raised?”

“That’s a major part of your charm.  It was unique.”

Cy said, “Slick and Tuck didn’t want us to talk about that.”

“I’m glad you’re out from under their thumbs.”

Both women sniffed.  “It ain’t their thumbs we miss.”

He chuckled but said seriously, “Though you ought to keep on at the dojo.”

Di declared, “We can’t afford it.”

“You might be surprised.”

They were hardly in the suite before the women turned to him for a wet and lengthy three-way kiss.  When at last they broke, breasts and bellies continued to press him.

Di said, “In case you’re wondering, we love a three-way too.”

He felt hands opening his britches but made no effort to identify whose.  “I think that’s part of that sharing attitude I mentioned.”

“More than that: double the suction is such a strong kiss!  It makes our pussies tingle.”

“You’ve talked it over!”

“Didn’t have to.  We can sort of tell what the other’s thinking.  Chester said we should’ve been twins.”

Trousers and underpants descended to his knees.  A hand fondled the thickening cock.

“Still sore?” asked Cy.

“Who cares?”

“I’ll be careful.”

Resuming the discussion with Di, he said, “Chester?  Oh yeah, Cy’s brother.”  He shook his head.  “I still can’t imagine him sticking his dick in your baby mouths.”

“Why not?  He didn’t have a full-size one when he started.”

Cy dropped to her knees on the carpet and enclosed her objective with gentle suction.

“God!” he cried at the sudden thrill.

“Well, he didn’t!” Di argued, perhaps misunderstanding his exclamation.  “He was only twelve.”  She backed away as her fingers undid his shirt buttons.

“I don’t mean he couldn’t.  My trouble is that he would.  Twelve years old!”

Di grinned.  “You don’t think twelve year old boys’ll do that?”

“It would never have occurred to me at twelve.”

“I’m sure Marsha gave him the idea.  She was around a lot.  Liked to watch us suck his willy.”

She pulled his shirt off his shoulders.  He raised his arms so that she could remove his T-shirt.

“And you loved to do it, both of you.  Let me ask you: in general terms did you enjoy your childhood?”

“We both did.  It was super crunk until we went to the orphanage.”  She sniffed his armpit.  “We’d like you better if you’d quit with the deodorant.”

“The board wouldn’t, but thanks for the tip.  What do you mean, ‘super crunk?’”

“You know: really fun.”

He grunted.  “Do you know where I can find a slang dictionary?”

“How ’bout Cy and me?”

“Pillow dictionaries?”

“Hey, I like that!  What ‘board?’”

“My intransigent board of directors.  Deodorant is very important in the board room.  Now it’s your turn.”  He toed off his shoes and naked except for socks, spun her around to undo the buttons behind her blouse.  Cy’s head had begun to bob, stroking the length of his shaft.  Little soreness remained.

Di said, “Men don’t like the way they smell?”

“Not much.  But deodorant was invented for women.  They’re the ones who hate each other’s odor.  A ‘super crunk’ childhood, was it?  You and Cy would make a case in favor of pedophilia.”

“‘Pedo —  Oh.  I don’t know.”  She paused while her blouse and brassiere sailed off.  “Martha didn’t fuck us herself.  She fucked Chester.”

“Both of them were still pedos.  Every pedo victim I ever heard of, except you two, claimed to be damaged goods.”  He chuckled, helping her shed the tight slacks.  “Maybe somebody takes care that’s the only kind you hear about.”

“Yeah.  The ones that want the attention.”

He pulled her back against him, one hand rippling her breasts.  Two fingers of the other worked into the moist pussy while his thumb stroked her clit.

“Ooo, Cade!” she murmured with a shiver.

After a moment’s indulgence, he said, “Let’s get Cy naked and jump into the big bed.  But I want to talk to you a lot more after our morning fuck.”

Di stooped and raised her cousin by the armpit.  “Let’s go!  This morning he’s gonna last.”

On the bed he laid them side by side and beginning with Cy’s, served the pussies about half a minute each, fingers of the opposite hand embedded, thumb to clit, stroking the one temporarily cockless.  As expected, Di climaxed in a few minutes.  Afterwards she curled on her side and helped her cousin enjoy the man.  When he finally came, Cy forcibly extracted herself and captured the last dribbles in her mouth.

The women separated.  He fell, panting, between them and pulled their heads onto his shoulders for a languid three-way kiss.

“Now this is paradise,” he declared with a sigh when their mouths parted.

“The best-est,” Cy agreed.

He grinned.  “Super crunk?”

“Oh yeah,” said Di, adding with a smug grin, “I knew you’d last after yesterday.”

“I want a coke,” Cy announced.

“What’s paradise without a coke?” he asked drolly.  “Bring us each one.”

Cy returned with a tray holding three brandy snifters, each half full of bubbling brown liquid, and the suggestion, “Let’s sit back against the headboard.”

“Very elegant,” said Cade with a grin when he was in position.  He raised his glass.  “To us!”

The girls blinked at him.  “Come on.  Click your glasses against mine.  You’ve seen it in the movies.  That is, if you want to toast our companionship.”

They smiled and nodded.  The three glasses clicked and they drank, following his lead.

“Now let’s talk seriously.  You ladies have been studying martial arts for two years, right?”

“Almost,” said Di.

“How good are you?”

They regarded each other.  Cy said, “She’s the best.  She can even take Slick two out of five kata.”

“How good is that?  Don’t they have something called degrees — black belt, whatever?”

“Di is shodan.  She got it last month.  I’m still a brown.”


“First degree black belt.”

“How long would it take you to make, uh, shodan?”

Di answered for her.  “Not long if she took it seriously.  Instead of winning she tries to make their willies hard.”

He chuckled.  “A worthy ambition, to be sure!”

Cy giggled.  “Thank you.”

He cocked an eyebrow at her appraisingly.  “Apparently even a brown belt can kick an enemy in the face.”

Di shrugged.  “If he’s an ignorant punk.”

“Do you get a … certificate with your black belt?”


He nodded as if scoring a point.  “What about guns.  You know anything about guns?”

Di said, “Slick and Tuck made us shoot their pistols.”

“And clean them,” added Cy dryly.

“What kind of pistols?”

“Old stuff: army .45s.”

“How’d you do in the shooting?”

Di shrugged.  “We didn’t hit much, but neither did they.”

“At least you’re not afraid of guns.  Or are you?”

“No, we ain’t afraid.  You want us to shoot somebody, Cade?”

He grinned.  “Not necessarily.  Or to kick anybody.  But the fact that you can … is very interesting.”

Di regarded him quizzically.  “More interesting than how we can fuck pretty good?”

“In a different way.”  Suddenly he scooted to the foot and rose out of bed.  “We can’t talk seriously in bed.  Let’s go chat at the table.”

The women sat up.  Di asked, “You want us to get dressed?”

“Suit yourself.”  He grinned.  “But I sure don’t mind looking at those lovely tits.”

Cy giggled.  “I love how you talk, Cade.”

They gathered around the kitchen table, still nude.  Cy split another coke can between the three snifters.

“Can you both cook?” he asked.

Di nodded.  “We can, but they ain’t enough here to show you — not even eggs.”

“We’ll buy some groceries after a while.”  He leaned back in his chair, eyes shifting from one to the other.

“Have you ladies ever thought about what you want out of life?”

They both blinked.  “Well …” Cy began.

Di grinned wryly.  “You ask all your who’es that, Cade?”

“No.  It’s what I ask my direct reports.”

“Your … what?”  Di’s eyes narrowed.

“I’ve got a serious proposition for you.  And I just might be your first and last john.”

“‘Serious?’” Di repeated.

“Very serious.”  He seemed to be gathering his thoughts.  Suddenly he laughed.  “Ridiculous to do this naked, but in a way you can’t get more serious than that.  Wait here.”

He rose to his feet and entered the bedroom.  The women looked at each other.  Cy said, “You got any idea?”

Di shrugged.

Cy said apprehensively, “You know what Martha said about propositions.”

Di shook her head.  “Just wait.  Cade likes us.”

He soon returned, unchanged except for two business cards in his hand, and gave one to each woman, who studied hers carefully.

Cy looked up.  “This is you?”

“Yes.  You’ve told me quite a bit about yourselves.  That tells you about me.”

Di read from her card: “‘Raymond Cade Hollyhoke / Chief Executive Officer / National Hollyhoke Incorporated.’  You … you’re the big boss at Hollyhoke?”

Cy’s eyes were huge.  “You’re the one who laid us off!”

“Not exactly.  I still don’t believe we had to close Riverdale and the other places, but the board overruled me.  Anyway, I want to make that right.  For you, at least.  I want you both to come back to work — directly for me.”

“Work?” cried Di.  “As datents?”

“On the books you’ll be personal admins — administrative assistants.  In fact you’ll do a lot of things for me.”

“Like what?”

“In fact you’ll be my live-in bodyguards, as well as valets, greeters, social companions.”  His eyes softened.  “And lovers.”

“‘Social companions?’  We ain’t fancy that way.”

He waved a hand negligently.  “You’ll learn all that.”

Cy bit her lip.  “What for?  What’s in it for us, Cade?”

“Let’s see.  Some schooling.  You’ll become proficient with guns and be licensed to carry them.  Cy’ll get her black belt.  At the other extreme you’ll both go to charm school for grammar and etiquette.”

Di huffed, “‘Charm school!’”

“To make you fancy, as you put it.  You’re both pretty and you’ll be beautiful when we get your teeth straightened.”

They stared at him with their lips parted.

“What’s in it for you?  How about a thousand a week each plus executive medical?  Plus room and board.  I own a big townhouse in St. Louis.  You’ll get your own rooms there, but you’ll live with me wherever I go.”  He grinned.  “What’s in it for me is an exclusive on our three-way kiss.”

“Good god!” breathed Cy.  “You ain’t kidding us?”

He shook his head.  “I said I was very serious and I am.”

Di took a deep breath.  “Ain’t this kind of sudden, Cade?”

He grinned.  “Yeah, it is — after what suddenly happened last night.  I’ve had some threats recently, especially after I told the board I’d sue if necessary for my contractual bonus.  I would’ve hired bodyguards anyway.  Now I’ve found two of proven competence who demonstrate other wonderful qualities as well.”

He smiled at their astonishment.  “What do you say, ladies?  Can you stand being around me that much?”

Cy seemed to concentrate.  “We’ll be your breezies — like with Slick and Tuck?”

He chuckled slightly.  “I hope ‘breezies’ means mistresses.  You’ll certainly be that but a lot more too.  You’ll become a major part of my life.”

“And change ours completely,” said Di.

“Perhaps.  Is that so bad?”

The women studied each other for a long moment before turning to him as one.  “No,” said Di, “it’s not bad at all.”  A bright smile lit both their faces.  Cy declared, “We’ll love it!”

He shoved his chair back, stood up and extended his hands.  “Then let’s do our thing: seal it with a three-way kiss.”

They rushed into his arms.