Bea Jay’s Compensation

by Kellis

Spring, 2006



“That was the last one, Bea,” he said, standing beside the overstuffed velvet chair where she had flopped when the memorial party began to wind down.  The setting sun shone through the windows to the side of the large den, limning her short brown hair.

“Thanks for seeing them out, Neal.”  She smiled up at him.  Despite the plump cheeks and crows’ feet in the corners of the eyes, it was still one of the loveliest faces he had ever seen.  “I do appreciate your help.”

“You miss Dave, don’t you?”

“For hosting parties, you know it.”  Her eyes lowered to the front of his slacks, looked away, returned, again flew away.

“And much more,” he suggested.

She sighed.  “Oh, very much more!”  She wore a pleated skirt and half-sleeved blouse cut low.  From his position he could see the inside of her brassiere between the plump breasts that heaved with her sigh.  Again her gaze touched his slacks.

He drew a deep breath.  “Bea, I’m going to take a chance.”

“A chance?”  Her eyebrows rose.  “In the market?”

“In your den.”  The zipper of his fly sang briefly.  A twist of his wrist flipped out its contents.  He withdrew his hand and stood with penis dangling before her face.  She stared at it as it twitched, already partly risen.

Her eyes rose to his face.  For a moment her lips compressed.  She said dryly, “I noticed the bulge.”

“I noticed you noticing.”

She sniffed.  “I gather Dave spoke to you.”

He hesitated and at last admitted it with a slow nod.


“Often.  I made the mistake, if that’s what it was, of saying what I thought of you.  He immediately told me … some things.  I think he enjoyed my shock.  He was always bragging about you after that.  When I was having so much trouble with Tammy, he … went into great detail and burned me up with envy.”

“Envy?”  Her eyes brightened speculatively.

“After the accident Tammy lost all interest in sex.  Didn’t she tell you?”

Bea sniffed.  “She told me once.  I argued with her and haven’t seen her since.  Your divorce was no surprise.”

He nodded.  “I was relieved when she offered it.”

“Dave told you about my adventure at the beach.”

“Um …”

“Of course he did.  And now you think I’m just an easy blowjob, don’t you!”

His erection was half complete.  “I’m sorry, Bea.”  He grinned sheepishly.  “I guess I lose my gamble.”

“Always wait for the wheel to stop.”  She caught his wrist as he would conceal himself.  “Maybe I am, Neal.”

Her hand slipped behind his buttocks and pulled him closer.  She rotated in the chair and leaned forward.  Though he had sought it, her mouth’s wet closure on half the organ astonished him.  Her cheeks collapsed with suction and her tongue laved the head.  After a few strokes she loosened his belt and waistband, letting his trousers sag to his knees, releasing him finally because otherwise the elastic shorts would not pass over the now turgid organ.

She pumped it loosely in her hand.  “God, I love that flavor: pissy locker-room!  It doesn’t sound good and a lot of women claim to hate it.  Not I.  What did he tell you about the beach?”

“Do you really want to hear it, Bea?”

“I want to know.”

“That he caught you with, um, two college boys.”

“He actually said, ‘Caught?’”

“I … think so.”

“What did he catch me doing with them?”

“Giving them head.”

She sniffed.  “They talked to each other while my mouth was full, called it ‘hooking up,’ would you believe?”

“Talked to each other?  They were complimentary, I hope.”

“Mostly they were incoherent.  Would you also believe — did Dave tell you? — that he just watched until they left?”

“Well …  I gathered he didn’t react precipitously.”

“Precipitously enough.  He was in that cabana before I could wipe their come off my face.”


“He grabbed my head and forced himself into my mouth.  I actually strangled on his stuff.”

“He found it stimulating?”

“Enough to make me get them back the next day.  Did he tell you that?”

Her hand continued its slow stroke.  Neal nodded.  “He said you did it again.”

“The third day four of them showed up.  Boy, did I get a mouthful!  And I would’ve had to do it again except the story was getting around.  About a dozen were waiting the fourth day and Dave chickened out.”  She giggled.  “This idea is stimulating to you too, I see.”

“Let a pretty woman handle your cock while she tells about blowing the boys!”

“A pretty woman?  How kind you are, Neal!”  Her speech ended with a slurp.  Most of his painful erection passed her lips while one delicately veined hand caressed his testicles.  The other slipped under her skirt.

He leaned over her, bracing himself on the back of her chair, while his hips began a reciprocating motion.  Slurping sounds arose.  The tongue was enthusiastic.

“Good god!” he murmured involuntarily.

Her lips clamped him securely and her nostrils flared for breath.  He was beginning to whimper when she suddenly evicted him again.

“What else did he tell you?”

“Can’t we … ah, go into that a bit later?”

“I want to know now.”  This time she had released him completely.

He straightened up, thrusting forward, the swollen knob bouncing on her lip.  After a deep breath, he said hoarsely, “He said the boys changed you.  You wanted to suck him morning and night, even when he couldn’t finish.”

“He told me I was obsessed.”  She sighed again.  “If it’s true, I still am.”  Her lips admitted the tip of the knob for a kiss.  The whole organ twitched.

With a gasp he said, “I … hoped you felt that way.”

She laughed dryly.  “I believe it!  Been loving your fist, have you, Neal?  How do you suppose another woman would react to a cock flopped out in front of her face?”

“I don’t know.  Not well, I guess.”

“I know about men’s brags.  How could you be sure Dave wasn’t lying?”

“I … I’ve hardly been able to think of anything else.  That Dave is dead and you … you …”

“Such a daring cock deserves either exile or reward.”  Her voice adopted a commanding tone.  “Don’t pull out.  Keep your stain off my velvet upholstery.”

Apparently she chose reward.  Her mouth enclosed him again.  One hand squeezed his testicles.  The other arm encircled his buttocks and pulled him closer.  Her head bobbed vigorously.  He groaned, involuntarily pumping his hips.  Her head and torso rode with him, clamped by her arm.  Clasping her cheeks, he thrust against the back of her mouth.  “Ah, god!” he muttered through clenched teeth.  His fingertips felt her throat tighten three times to swallow.

“Ah-h-h-h!” she breathed, tilting her head back and opening her mouth wide, the head of his organ resting on her tongue.  He withdrew past her lips, leaving a last white streak that she promptly consumed.

Her eyes sparkled.  “Do I look pleased?”

His breath was heavy.  “Shouldn’t I be asking that?”

“No need to ask it of a man.  But I am, you know.  This taste is incomparable.”

He cupped a hand beneath his wet knob and backed clear of her chair.  “I’ve heard that said of Jamaican coffee.”

“Man-seed has a far more delicate flavor.”  Her mouth worked and her look became a leer.  “I admit it may be an acquired taste.”

“I’ve not had the opportunity to try it.”

“Of course you have.  If I had your opportunities, I’d taste it by the cup.”

He laughed slightly and shook his head.  “Myself, I prefer the female flavor.”  His free hand caught hers.  “To protect your velvet, why don’t we go to the bedroom?”

But she settled back in the chair.  “Your car’s in the driveway, isn’t it?”


“If it stays there much longer, my neighbors will know exactly why.”

He pulled his clothing up from his ankles.  “I’ll move it.”

“And come back after full dark?”

“Um.  Okay.”

She shook her head.  “They’d notice that too.  Do you really want more of me, Neal?”

“Absolutely.  In every sense.”

“A woman heading for fat fifty?”

“I’ve already passed that age, Bea.  You were always the loveliest woman I knew.  You still are.”

“Thank you.”  She studied him thoughtfully.  “I heard you sold your house.”

“Yes.  Just now I’m living in a friend’s spare room.  I’ll rent an apartment.”

“In some modern, anonymous high rise.”


She got to her feet.  “Do it soon and call me.  I’ll cook you a dinner.”

“Tomorrow morning, first thing.  But tonight …”

She smiled.  “This was tonight.  Do you dare to kiss me?”


“Dave wouldn’t when he’d just come in my mouth.”

He took her in his arms, compressing her ample breasts against his chest, and kissed her lingeringly.  His tongue swabbed her teeth and palate.  Her own tongue followed his to return the favor.

“Strawberries!” she exclaimed when the wet mouths separated.  “That odor lingers forever.”

“Worse than come?  Why did you serve them if you don’t like them?”

“I didn’t expect to wet-kiss a guest.  Or get his juice, either.  Thank you, Neal.”

“Thank you!  I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Please do.”

He hesitated.  “I hate to leave you … unsatisfied.”

“Who said I was?  I don’t care what Dave told you, you still have a lot to learn about me.”


* * *



“Bea?  This is Neal.”

“Ah, yes.  Thank you for calling, my dear.”

He chuckled with pleasure.  “Thanks for calling me your dear.  You certainly are mine!”

“It’s nice of you to say that.”

“I should’ve said it last night.  Let me make up for that.  No good apartment is available until next week, but I can’t wait so long.  I’ve made a reservation at the Fonville for tonight.  It’s a business hotel with a convention starting today; we’ll be safely anonymous.  Could you come tonight?”

“You mean, could you!  My dear, your sympathy is much appreciated.  All my friends have been so kind!”

“Huh?  Ah.  You have a visitor.”


“Um.  Your phone has Caller-ID, doesn’t it?”


“Good.  Call me back at this number when you’re free.”

“All right, my dear.  I certainly will.  And thanks again for calling.”

“Until later, hot lips.”

“Good-bye.”  Bea replaced the telephone in its cradle and turned to her guest.  “Ms. Parker, you’re right that work can offer relief to the mind.  Of course I’d be pleased to accept the position of treasurer, that is, if the club should elect me.”


* * *


At the furtive knock he snatched the door open.  She dashed into the room and his arms as he kicked the door closed behind her.  They kissed wetly.

When their mouths finally separated, her hand dropped to clasp the erection that had been prodding her belly.  She chuckled fondly.  “There’s no doubt you’re glad to see me.”

“It was already half hard in anticipation.”

In her sweater and slacks she stepped away from him and threw her purse past him to the telephone table.  The sweater went over her head to follow the purse.  She kicked off her slippers and pushed down the slacks.  He stood watching speechlessly.

She chuckled again as she stepped out of slacks and panties.  Her pubes were thick, matching the dark hair of her head.  “Do I shock you, Neal?”

He found his voice.  “Astonish me, perhaps, with your beauty.”

“‘Beauty.’”  Hands behind her released her brassiere.  Globular breasts with small flat nipples tumbled out.  She tossed her last clothing atop the table and lifted the dangling breasts.  “Do you actually admire so much flesh?”

“Bea, you have the prettiest face I’ve ever seen.”

“Which is the part you like, eh, after all Dave’s tales?  I mean the mouth.”

He continued as if she had not spoken.  “And I like plump women.  As the man said, it’s evident they have strong appetites.”

She giggled.  “They obviously like to put things in their mouths.  Will you join me?”

Hands on hips, she watched frankly as he disrobed into a chair, trousers draped over the back.  When he straightened from that effort, he found her kneeling before him.  Her arms encircled his buttocks and pulled the bodies together.  With a snap of the head her mouth captured him.

He twitched with surprise and immediate pleasure.  “I’ve been here long enough to shower, Bea.  I hope you notice less locker-room.”

“I do,” she said, releasing him, “which is regrettable.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, I’m not.  I told you there’s a lot you don’t understand yet.  That man-smell is the most stimulating odor imaginable.  Don’t wash your cock for me, Neal.  Let my saliva do it.”

Her mouth re-enclosed him.  She sucked thoroughly, head bobbing forward and back nearly the organ’s full length.  Alternately his knob felt the back of her throat and the compression of lips tucked under and over teeth.  One hand squeezed his testicles, working them side to side while the other rose and rubbed the small of his back to an unexpected increase of pleasure.  She concentrated on suction, never releasing him to indulge pornographic trifles such as licking the side of the shaft and mouthing the testicles.  He hardly lasted longer than the night before.

At the first spurt she tightened the scrotal grip, backed away and pumped his remainder onto her face from forehead to chin, some falling on shoulder, neck and breast.  At the last she readmitted him and sucked gently, eyes twinkling up at him through a seminal film.

“Oh, my god, Bea!” he exclaimed, bracing himself against the table.

 She chuckled softly.  Using his knob as a wiper, she transferred much of the facial deposit to her lip-smacking mouth.  “That was as much as last night!” she declared admiringly.

“I’ve thought of nothing else all day.  Hard-on under my desk, like a schoolboy.”

“I’ve thought of it too.”  She rose lithely to her feet.  “Still dare to kiss me?”

His arms pulled her breasts tight against him, feeling the spots of coldness where evaporation had already begun.  He admitted her tongue.  Their mouths made wet sounds.  When their lips finally parted, he released her enough to lift a heavy breast.  Pinching the nipple made it rise at last.

She smiled down at his working fingers then up to him.  “You don’t immediately lose interest.”

“I can’t imagine losing interest in you, Bea.  My god, you’re a fantasy come true!”

“You love your cock sucked.”

“Who wouldn’t?  The surprising thing is you seem to love it too.”

He backed further, bent and slurped the small nipple into his mouth.

She fondled his hair.  “The way you love to suck a nipple.  Don’t you have a son, Neal?”

“Yes, married now.”

“Did you enjoy sucking your wife’s milk?”

“Oh, yes!  Human milk is sweeter, altogether delightful.  That was in the days she still loved sex.”

“How about when she was sweaty, with an odor under her boobs?”

“Even more delightful!  I licked her there.”

“Now you begin to see what’s so special to me about a natural cock.  And for your information, come tastes better than milk.”

“That’s debatable!”

“You think so?  Next time I’ll collect you a whole discharge.”


She giggled.  “Dave thought so.  He made me share my beach proceeds.”

“Good god!  For sure he didn’t tell me that!”

“Men are so squeamish.  Is there anything to drink in that refrigerator?”

“Some juices.”

“‘Juices!’  I only like one kind of juice.  How about ordering a coke from room service?”

“As a matter of fact, I brought a bottle of that merlot you like.”

“That was thoughtful of you.”  She shook her head.  “But I don’t need alcohol, Neal.  Just now I want something cold.”

“I could slip on my clothes and go get you a coke from the machine.”

“Would you be so kind?”

When he returned, she was sitting on the bedside, a hand in her groin.  He heard a buzzing sound that cut off as he neared.  She held up a flesh-colored item very similar to a hen’s egg.  “Before you ask, this is my mood keeper.”

“A vibrator?”


“Small.  Do you put it inside?”

“No.  Well, sometimes in my anus.  Mostly I hold it near my clit.”

When he popped the tab, she accepted the can and took a long pull, throat swelling.  “Ah-h-h!”  She smiled at him.  “Thank you so much, Neal.”

He took a swig of his own.  “What do you call that thing?”

She shrugged.  “It may have a proper name.  I just call it my egg.”  She grinned.  “Sometimes I lay it like a hen.”

“Out your ass?”

“Hen’s call it their cloaca.”

“Um.  Implying …  Do you ever do anal sex?”

“Dave liked that.  I prefer oral.”

“Turn down the bed and I’ll give you some.”

She took another large drink from her can, swallowed several times and said, “I have a better idea.”

“What’s that.”

“Let me suck you again … in the bathroom.”

“Wouldn’t the bed be more comfortable?”

“Comfort isn’t everything.”  She set the empty can beside her “egg” on the nightstand and stood up.  “Does this room have a tub?”

“I believe so.”

“It might be a good idea to lock the door.  Strip off your clothes again and come on.”

When he joined her, she was sitting in the tub toward the shower end with water trickling from the spigot behind her.  “Sit on the ledge opposite me.”

“It’ll take forever to fill up at that rate.”

“Who wants to fill it up?”  She grinned.  “At least not with water.  It’s not even stoppered.  I’m just keeping it warm for when we need the shower.”

His eyes flickered, but he clambered silently into the tub, stepping carefully between her legs, and took a seat on the ledge molded into the end opposite the control handles.  She scooted forward and caught his nearly flaccid member in hand.

Her eyes rose mischievously.  “Piss on me before it gets hard and you can’t.”

“You … you’ve got to be kidding!”

“Would I say that if I were kidding?”

His stream began with a few drops but soon strengthened to a flow that wet her breasts.

“I’ll bet Dave didn’t tell you about this,” she said.  With a curious chortle, she bent down, mouth wide, and guided the stream within.  Her bright eyes stared up at him as his water ran out over her chin.  She bent further and took the carmine knob loosely into her mouth.  The outbound flow emerged from each corner of her lips.

“Jesus, Bea!”

She laughed merrily around the glans, nostrils flaring with each breath.  He felt her tongue tapping the eye to interrupt the stream.  The organ leapt to full erection and the flow cut off.  Eyes dancing, supporting herself with hands on his knees, she rose with pursed lips.

Shrugging mentally, he met them without obvious reluctance and without opening his own.  She ejected the odorous liquid around his mouth and laughed loudly.

“What do you think of that, daring Neal?”

Refraining from tasting his lips, he said gravely, “You have to understand, Bea: I prefer female juice.”

“Do you?”  Transferring her hands to his shoulders, she rose on tip-toes and rolled her hips upward.  Hot urine flooded his chest.  She twisted herself further and the main flow reached his chin, still pushed forward to meet her lips.  Spray wet his entire face.  He clamped his eyes shut but gamely tasted a small quantity of the salty, mildly bitter liquid.

Laughter and urine subsided.  “You weren’t kidding!” she said admiringly.  “You’re a braver man than Dave, Neal.”  A moment later the shower came on.  He ducked into it and scrubbed his face and chest.  He felt a hand on his member.  “Didn’t even lose your hard-on!”

Suddenly the feeling was warm and slickly wet.  She was sucking him again, now with slurping sounds.  Her head followed as he sagged back upon the ledge.  He caught it in both hands and forced her face into his groin until her nose ground into the pubic pad, working it up and down only slightly, his knob parting tissues deep in her throat.  He doubted if she could breathe, but that consideration vanished under the flood of rising pleasure.

Her hand squeezed his testicles with the beginning of pain.  Oddly it seemed only to increase the tension.  With a loud groan he ejaculated down her throat several times and slid off the ledge, releasing her head and jerking his organ free.  She fell back, blushing crimson, lips wide in search of air.  Though certain he had emptied himself into her, he saw no evidence of it in the gaping mouth or red face.

Both her hands worked furiously between her legs.  Her eyes were huge on his.  Suddenly she coughed and vomited brown coke onto his belly.  Wracking coughs followed.  But when he became worried, her agitation subsided as abruptly as it had begun.  She twisted her torso to turn the shower on stronger and used the spray to wash the stain off his body.  Shortly she sagged sideways against him, her head on his shoulder, the shower still beating on both.


* * *


They dried off silently and by unspoken agreement retired to the bed.  Neal lay there only briefly, however, before rising to dress and returning with several coke cans, all but one of which went into the little refrigerator.  “You’ve got to be thirsty,” he suggested.

She took the remaining can gratefully and guzzled its contents.  “So good of you, Neal!”

He stood beside the bed, regarding her lugubriously.  “I strangled you in there.  I’m sorry, Bea.  I don’t know what came over me.”

The corner of her lip twisted upward.  “I think it was my mouth.  And my piss.”

“I’m referring to forcing your face into me.  My god!  I made you take every inch of my six and a half and hold it in.  I wonder you stood it as long as you did!”

She smiled slowly.  “Did you ever see Dave’s cock hard?”


“Yours is thicker but his was longer.  I did as much to him.”

“Did you strangle?”

“Puked all over us both.  Several times.”

“Good god, Bea!”

She giggled then shrugged.  “But you liked it.”

“I don’t like strangling you.”

“You liked jamming your dickhead down my throat.  You liked my lips tight on the bottom.  Admit it.”

“Well, of course —”

“And I’ll bet you’re secretly proud you could strangle me that way.  I know Dave was.”

“No, that’s sick.”

“You’re still proud.  And guess what: I like it too.”

“You what?”

“I like puking on my man.  It sort of pays him back.”  He heard the peculiar chortle again.  “In case you didn’t know it, what made me so weak afterwards wasn’t the puking.  I came the hardest I have since the last time Dave zinged me, at least six months ago.”


“Made me throw up.  That’s what he called it.”  She snickered, remembering.  “How did you like the looks of a pissing puss?”

“The —  Oh.”

“Did your wife let you see her piss?”


“Dave loved to watch.  Next time I’ll hold it open for you.  After seeing me, he liked to piss on a mirror in the sink.”

Neal chuckled and shook his head.  “You guys were weird!  In fact, Bea, if you like to be strangled — I can’t really believe that!  But if you do, you must have a streak of masochism.”

“Huh!  What I have is a love for everything you can do with a man that avoids hurt.”

“Doesn’t strangling hurt?”

“Not that you’d notice.  Makes you feel a little sickish, I guess, if you’re not coming at the time.  It might even be trainable.  Dave showed me porn videos of a woman who let a ten-incher come off right down her throat like you did, without strangling or even showing discomfort.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen them.  She’s a regular at it.  I can almost remember her name.”  He removed his clothing for the third time.  “Do you enjoy porn, Bea?”

“Some of it.  I hate the ones with guys jacking off in the girls’ faces.  Lazy sluts!”

“Lazy?  Didn’t you do that to me when you came in here?”

“I don’t mean come on the face.  I mean the girls getting it out of the guys.  Don’t they know that’s the fun part?”

“Apparently some of those guys get it so often they have to jack off.  The director has time constraints, you know.”

“Or they’re fags.”

“Or the girls aren’t stimulating.  Too many porn princesses are dogs.”

“Or they’re too familiar.  Will that happen to us, Neal?  After a while will I have trouble getting yours off?”

“You’ll have trouble keeping me off!”  He slipped into the bed beside her.

She rose on an elbow and studied him thoughtfully.  “What we did tonight …  It didn’t repel you?”

He smiled.  “You’re kidding.”

“I want to know.”

“Who could be repelled by a woman who does every—  Or does she?”  His hand fell into her pubic hair.

“Is that a question, Neal?”

“You’ve implied doing it up the ass.  But you’ve never mentioned really getting it on.”

“Are you referring to vaginal sex?”

“Um.  Is anything wrong with that, Bea?  What are you, about 45?  Are you still, ah, fully functional?”

“I’m 48 and I had menopause early.  Unlike a lot of women, I didn’t lose my appetite for cock.  Of course Dave would say I never had any.”


“Vaginally.”  She heaved a sigh.  “Here’s the scoop on me.  In my teens I naturally experimented.  Losing my maidenhead was absolute agony.  Everybody said that was natural, it would get better.  To make the story short, it didn’t.”

“How many times did you try?  You mean, you and Dave …”

“Yeah, Dave and I but first Arnie and I.  As a teenager I let cocks into my vagina three or four more times.  They set me on fire, Neal.  It was horrible.  Even with rubbers.  I made them pull out.  A couple guys got angry and made me suck them off.  To my surprise, I liked doing it.  Nothing in your mouth feels as good as a cock.  And it tastes good too.  I started sucking the guys I dated.  Without being asked.  I became popular.  Only a few ever mentioned fucking the regular way.

“I married Arnold Whingle in college.  Of course he wanted normal fucking.  We tried it one time and he took me to the doctor.  Would you believe I have ‘Irritable Vagina Syndrome?’”

“You mean ‘Irritable Bowel —’”

“No.  IVS.  It’s rare, the doctors say, but not unheard of.  What it amounts to is that I can’t stand anything in there, anything at all.  Something’s peculiar about the lining.  Nothing they can do.”  Her eyes softened.  “I hope you’re not too disappointed, Neal.  I try to make up for it.”

“Oh, I’d say you succeed!  What happened to Arnie?”

“He was the last of the Whingles and wanted more.”

“He divorced you?”

“I let him.  We parted friends.  In fact he introduced me to Dave.”  She chuckled bitterly.  “Rather as Dave introduced me to you.”

“That was before Dave knew he had prostate cancer.”

“I know men.  He was just bragging at first.”

“You don’t mind?”

“It got me you.  Or it has so far.”

“At least Dave had the sense to appreciate you.  So have I.”

“I agreed that Dave could see other women.  Did he tell you that?”

Neal’s eyes widened.  “No.”

“Well, he saw them.  Vaginally, I should add.  And visited the doctor right afterward if there was any question about their health.  He never brought anything home.”

“Some venereal diseases can cause prostate cancer, I hear.”

“Well, he didn’t give me any.”

“Most of them are transmitted vaginally.”

“One of my few advantages.”

He took a deep breath.  “Damn, Bea, it’s too bad!  Your body is so lucious …  How about —  No, that’s the ultimate selfishness.”

“You don’t mean anal.”

“Huh?  I was thinking of something else.”

“Getting me passing out drunk?”

“Well …”

“Arnie tried that.  I was in agony for a week afterwards.”

“You’re right.  Forget it.”

She suggested, “The asshole is very close to the vagina, you know.”

“Well …”

“In there you can do it every way but missionary.  And even missionary if I wear a pad.  From behind you’d have complete access to my boobs.”

“Hey, sweetie!  You should go into selling.”

“Selling pussy?  That would be painful, not to speak of illegal.”

“Selling anything.  All right.  Then let’s resolve your worries about me losing interest.  Will you marry me?”

“Oh, Neal!”

“Will you?”

“Are you after my money?”

“I’m after your mouth.  And your asshole.  Hmm.  Did Dave leave you well-fixed?”

“A couple mil, maybe three.”

“Well, yeah, your money too!”

She laughed.  “Mouth, asshole and money: a good basis for marriage.  There’s just one catch.”

“My wife won’t be a problem.”

“Not your wife.  Boys.”

“Boys.  Ah.  You want more.”

“I want more cocks.  Young, juicy ones.  Dave and I did the beach thing three or four times.  That’s sort of my ultimate thrill, though we have to be careful.  One time they were looking to arrest me for statutory rape.  A fourteen-year-old squealed.”

“Dave didn’t mention that either.”

“Lot’s of stuff he never told you, I expect.  Like his videos.”

“Oh, I knew he was storing vid—  Wait a minute!  Was he making them too?”

“Yeah.  Of me especially.”

“Good god!  You’ve still got them?”


“You must show me!”

“All right.  Bring a laptop next time.  But Neal, think about it.  Several show guys other than Dave doing me.”

“They what?”

“That’s the catch, Neal.  I’ll marry you on one condition.  If you enjoy helping me suck lots of cocks, the way Dave did, I’ll marry you.  But if you’re like most guys, jealous of every glance, I won’t.”

“Well, Bea, I’ve already asked you, knowing you did such things.”

“You have to help.”


“Get me a boy or two.”

“A boy?”

“I’ll bet you know some.  I don’t care who they are, as long as they’re clean and can’t follow me home.  But I insist on you getting them.  Before we make any commitment I want to see you watch me suck other cocks.”

He took a deep breath.  “You mean you insist on meeting other guys?”

“You’ll have the same privilege with women.  Think it over and wait a day or two before you answer.”

“All right.”

“You don’t sound very pleased, Neal.”

“As you said, it needs thinking over.  Offhand I’m not sure how to procure for you.”

“‘Procure,’ indeed!  No money would be involved.”

“Okay.”  He shrugged.  “You should’ve guessed I’m not exactly opposed to the idea.  What got you started sucking boys off anyway?”

“I told you about the angry teenagers.  One of them gave me the idea, as I said.”  She giggled.  “He pointed out the meaning of my initials.”

“What meaning?”

“From my name, Bea Jay.  He said, ‘You’re the B. J. girl.  So open your mouth and blow.’”  Her giggle strengthened.  “Would you believe I almost became a cock-blower instead of a sucker?”