a Short Story by Kellis

Spring, 2014


When she’s ready for me to come, she clamps her lips around my knob, polishes the hell out of it with her tongue and strokes the shaft so fast her hand blurs.  It always works because she only gives head as the first course — or rarely, when she’s feeling generous, as the very last after some other body part, usually her tight anal sphincter, has jacked me up to the peak.  Today the head was first and the pop quick because I’d been tending to business for a week of 18-hour days.

She has, strong enough for estrangement, an antipathy to come on her face.  I don’t understand that; how can it be worse on her face than coating her tongue, down her throat, at the top of her alimentary canal — or at the bottom, where she takes it just as readily?  But I was careful not to jerk around despite the nerve-jangling intensity.  On her part she withdrew the tongue and slowed her hand.  God, I love that!  Nothing is more delicious than watching her pump my load into her still-pretty head, unless it’s the twinkle in her eyes sharing my ecstasy.

I wanted to tell her.  When she released me, pausing to lick out the last drop with her little trademark smile of accomplishment, I caught my breath and said, “After all these years, Nina, your mouth is still the sweetest thing in life.”

She licked her lips, despite never spilling a drop, and grinned.  “Does that mean this sweetie wants more attention?”

“I wouldn’t refuse.  But in fact it’s only the simple truth, especially in this slanting sunshine.  Watching how your lips work in bright light is a big part of the thrill.”

She shaded her eyes and glanced around beyond the balcony.  “I always wonder who else sees our little indulgence.”

“Above those treetops?  A low-flying aircraft, maybe.”

She smiled.  “And the birds.”

“What do they care?  They don’t fuck with their beaks.  Shall we switch positions?”

I was leaning back on the glider; she had knelt between my legs.  We were both naked.  The light breeze felt good on my sweaty forehead and doubtlessly on her back.  By our custom it was her turn for lingual attention.

But she said, “You will spend the night?”

“Yeah.  I’ll order in some pizza and beer.”

“I’ve got beer.  Then I’m in no hurry.  Besides, I want to talk to you.”

She popped a couple of mints in her mouth.

I said, “You don’t need that.  I like to smell my juice on your breath.”

Her lip wrinkled.  “Do you?  It’s not so sweet after five minutes.”

“It’s still mine.”  I gestured to the open glider seat.  “Come on up.”

With scissoring legs she rose and plopped her plump ass beside me, rocking the glider.  Like me, she had gained weight in recent years, but even the more rounded belly looked good on her.  And her tits were luscious.  I don’t understand the bra size codes; her mammaries were more than handfuls, now beginning to sag, crowned with the pink nipples appropriate to chestnut hair, which today was piled high atop her head.  The sunlight glinted on it with touches of fire.

Her hand caressed my drooping cock.  “No hurry; I can wait till he recovers his interest.”

“You know perfectly well what a clit-licking will do for that.”

“I didn’t think of that.  Show me again.”

Slipping off the glider and between her legs, I showed her again.  She says sucking cock heats her up.  It must be true: she was coming in no time.  Her cool thighs closed on my ears, shutting off her moans.  When she began to shiver, I changed to circling the clit instead of lifting it.

Slowly her legs relaxed.  Eventually she said, “I love the way you do that.”

I backed off.  “You trained me years ago.”

“Was it I or one of your secretaries.”

“Nowadays they’re called ‘administrative assistants.’  In fact they benefited from your instruction.”

She chuckled.  “Tell me: do pussies differ as much as cocks?”

“I … don’t have any experience with cocks.  Qualitatively pussies are very similar.  Their differences are mainly superficial.  And external.  The greatest difference I think I ever noticed was in your pussy, before and after your hysterectomy.”

“Really?  Did it make so much difference?  The doctor never mentioned that!”

“I thought I told you: the lack of a cervix was obvious.  And you liked it better afterwards.”

“Your big cock bruised my cervix sometimes.”  She smiled reminiscently.  “Until after it was gone, fucking by itself never made me come more than once.”

“Yeah.  I’ve learned to envy you.”

“Come up.”

Her hands on my arms lifted me.  As I rose above her, she wrapped her legs around me and guided me into her bottomless cleft.  Having come by tongue, she was ready for lots more.  Women are lucky that way.  Occasional moans revealed continuing “little ones,” as she calls them.  By mutual consent we switched to the more comfortable missionary lengthwise on the well-padded glider and fucked away while the breeze cooled my sweaty back.

After awhile her moaning ceased though her hips kept moving to my rhythm.  Watching my reaction, she said, “I’ve got a new lover.”

It was feeling good but my second time is never quick.  I stopped at the bottom of a deep thrust and said, “What happened to Harvey?”

“Who?  Oh, Harvey!  I dumped him last year.  I’m sure I told you.”

I grinned at her.  “You don’t always tell me everything in that regard.”

“No less than you.  But you can forget Harvey.”

I never met Harvey.  She said his cock was larger than mine, which was reason enough.  “Good.  He’s forgotten.”

Her eyes twinkled.  “This one’s cock is shorter.”

“Than Harvey’s?”

“Than yours.”

“Oh.”  She grinned at the improvement in my expression.

I was curious.  “Does he do much for you?”

“I’m training him.”

“Okay.  Lucky guy!  Can he help support you?”

“That’s part of the problem.”

Meaning no support.  Harvey had that one advantage: he had paid part of the rent on this apartment.  Not that it mattered.  My salary had increased enough that I alone could keep Nina in the style to which she was accustomed.

“He’s a problem?” I said.

“Yes, he is.”  She sighed.  “I debated telling you, but …  You remember those videos you confiscated from the pedophile?”

That was the Harrington case.  I was supposed to destroy those videos: that is, the flash RAMs they were recorded on — and I did, but not before Nina and I viewed them.  She had sat with me unblinking before the monitor.  They depicted men sucking and sodomizing little boys and getting sucked in turn, men fucking little girls in all their orifices, even one I recalled of a woman sucking a boy while a man alternated between the assholes of her and the boy.  Harrington’s letch was for very young children, ages 3 to 10 or 11, clearly not yet pubertal.

“Yeah, I remember, especially the one of the woman with two little boys.”

“Two little —  Oh, yeah, the identical twins.  You speculated they told them apart because only one was circumcised.”  She smiled.  “When we watched them, I sat in your lap and you came twice.”

“How many times did you come?”

“Lots, and that was before my hysterectomy.”

“What does that have to do with your new lover?  I hope you’re not about to say he’s a pedophile.”

“No, Kyle.  He’s a pedo.”

“A what?”

“The thing a pedophile loves.”

“You mean he’s a kid?”

“Almost twelve years old.”

The full length of my cock was still in her cunt, but it shriveled a little.  “Good god, Nina!”

“Watching those videos — that old guy with the beard who claimed to love tiny ones.  You said you’d like to suck a little cock too.”

“Well, yeah, theoretically!”

She chuckled.  “How can you suck a cock theoretically?”

I stuck my forefinger into her mouth.  “Like that!”

She spat out the finger.  “One without bones would be better.  I can get it for you.”

That was too much.  I lifted off her to kneel between her legs.  “Nina, you amaze me!  Surely you know how much trouble a kid could cause even a woman — not to speak of me!  Nowadays it’s a federal crime to fuck somebody under 17.”

“Only if they find out.”

“Well, why wouldn’t they?  You think a twelve-year-old will keep quiet about fucking a grown woman?”

“This one does.”

I had to laugh.  “What makes you believe that?”

“Wait till you meet him.”  She withdrew the leg I had pinned against the glider back and sat up.  “Let me tell you a little about him.  His name is Blue.  He’s an orphan who’s had it pretty tough, the way most people would think.  My friend Amy, who works for Social Services, is fostering him.  You remember Amy?”

I nodded.  At the last Christmas party, with Nina three-quarters bombed and giggling, I had fucked Amy on the living room couch.  She’s another of those women who can climax when you wiggle your tongue at them.

“I thought you would!  He’s kind of timid and needs a lot of mothering, sleeps with her every night.  When she felt his hard little cock humping her butt and his tongue on her clit, she turned over and sucked him.  They’ve been at it for a month.”

“You’d think she would have more sense.”

“Amy is crazy about cocks.  You ought to know.  It turns out he likes cock-sized objects up his ass, which he learned in the orphanage.  When they busted the director, which wasn’t because Blue squealed, he was named as a victim so they took him out of the orphanage.”

“Does he go to school?”

“He would, but school’s out.  Amy brought him over here last week to help paint my kitchen.”

“And you sucked him off.”

She nodded.  “Of course.  I love cocks too, even little ones.”

“How did that happen?”

“Sucking him off?  I said, ‘You know why you’re really here?’  He goes, ‘To please you,’ and starts shucking his clothes.”

I chuckled.  “He was coached.  You and Amy set it up.”

She grinned.  “I think Amy wanted me in her boat.”  She sighed and her grin faded.  “But the kid isn’t masculine at all — except for a perpetual hard-on.  Even so, he’s not much good for me.  You and he together, now …”

“How many times has he been over?”

“Every day.”

“Where is he now?”

“At Amy’s, I guess.  I’d have the same problem as Amy, if I didn’t have you for a friend.”

“What problem?”

“She’s afraid her boyfriend will find Blue with a hard-on.”

“What would he do?”

“Turn her in, of course.  He’s the narrow-minded type.”

“Not too narrow to fuck Amy.”

“That’s no restriction!”

I had to chuckle.  “All right.  I take it this is leading up to something.”

She regarded me thoughtfully.  “Maybe you need a cock to really enjoy this kid.”

“He’s got one, smaller than mine, you said.  How big is it?”

She held up her middle finger about three inches from her thumb.

“That’s certainly smaller!”  I was curious.  “Do you get a kick out of comparing cocks?”

“In the mouth, I guess.  I have to make an oyster to keep him in my pussy —”

I knew her meaning.  When she made a Viennese Oyster for me, it was my cue to eat her out and butt fuck her.  I imagined when oystering, she had tried him up her ass too.

She continued, “But in the mouth his little slicker is cute.”


“It’s Amy’s word.  It refers to his intact foreskin, actually to pushing it back by pursing your lips.  You remember sucking a bubble in a busted balloon when you were a kid?  That’s what the head feels like when you slurp it in just like a balloon: slick, with a nutty flavor.  I bet you’d like it too.”

I shook my head.  “Tell me why you don’t think he’ll squeal.”

“He’s afraid to get sent somewhere else.  He likes Amy and me.”

“And you think he’d like a man?”

“I told you: he wants a cock up his ass.”

“That’s weird.”

“Did you ever try it?”

“With a dildo.  Didn’t do a damn thing for me.”

“You may be the one that’s weird, Kyle.  Didn’t it feel like a turd going backwards?”

“I guess it did, but so what?”

“No stimulation at all?”  She shook her head.  “Weird.”

I took a deep breath.  “What’s your proposition?”

“Amy’s boyfriend is taking her to the all-day races tomorrow.  She wants to drop Blue here.”

“All day, huh?”

“Why don’t you come over about ten.  We’ll get acquainted and maybe have a picnic here on the balcony.”

I’m sure my eyes enlarged.  “Hell no, not the balcony!”

She giggled.  “I thought only the birds could see us.”

“When I’m fucking an underage kid, even the birds are too nosy.  All right, but I can’t make it till after lunch.”


* * *


He was watching television when I entered the apartment.

Nina, barefoot in a housecoat, hair rolled into a bun, said, “Stand up, Blue and meet Kyle.”  Remote in hand, she killed the TV.

The kid came to his feet, gave me one sharp glance then dropped his eyes.  He was a typical tweener, just about five feet tall, slim, with short brown hair and eyes, barefoot but wearing a sleeveless vest and short-shorts.  He was pale with thin arms and legs and knobby knees.

“Hello,” he said in a soft soprano voice.

“Hello, Blue,” I responded.  “I’m glad to see you.”

He looked up briefly and grinned.

I gave Nina a kiss and squeezed a tit to verify she was without undergirding.  Releasing her, I walked to Blue and extended my hand.  Tentatively he shook it without pressure.  His hand, half the size of mine, was cool.

I gestured at the couch.  “Take a seat and tell me about yourself.”

He obeyed but kept his eyes down like an old-fashioned girl.  “What four-eleven you want?”

“411?  Like the information number?”

“Yeah,” he said in an “of-course” tone, quickly adding, “Yes, sir.”

“Nina has told me some of your background.  You were removed from the orphanage.”

“They’re like, ‘For your safety.’”

“Safe from what?”

He seemed to think that over before answering, “The other kids.”

“They bullied you?”

“They wanted to hurt me.”

“Why was that, Blue?”

“Because they thought I was Sturgeon’s pet.”

“Sturgeon was the director?”

“Yeah.  Yes, sir.”

Were you his pet?”


“Why was that?”

“Because I loved his action.”

“His action?  What did he do to you?”

“You sound like the cops.”  He looked at Nina.  “Will he make me leave?”

“No, Blue.  Kyle will be just as good to you as Sturgeon was.”  She winked at me, well aware of my ambivalence about behavior such as Sturgeon’s.

He looked at me and sighed.  “All right.  He did everything he could think of, I guess.”

“Did it hurt?”

“It felt good.”

“Even his cock up your ass?”

“Oh, yeah!”  His face brightened a little.  “Especially when Lefty would suck my cock too.”

“Lefty was another … orphan?”

“Yeah.  He was fourteen.”  He looked at Nina.  “How many other kids are here?”

“In this one-bedroom apartment?”  She gestured around her.  “You’re it.”

“Other kids are trouble.”

“Not here, they aren’t.  Kyle, would you like a drink?”


She stood up.  “I’ll get them.  Blue, I told you Kyle was coming, so get started.”

He promptly got to his feet, shrugged out of the vest and stepped out of his shorts.  He stood before me with lowered head, the only sign of modesty.  His “slicker” was uncircumcised, a walnut with a protruding foreskin pucker above two additional walnuts drawn up tight.  His shanks were thin.  No hair was visible below his neck.

I said, “What did you do in the orphanage besides fuck Sturgeon?”

“Went to school.”

“What grade?”


“Nina said you were twelve.  Did you miss a grade?  I thought twelve belongs to the sixth.”

“I’ll turn twelve in August.”

“Any sports?”

“No.  They said I’m clumsy.  And the jocks were mean.”

“How about the girls?”

“They liked the jocks.”

“If you want girls to like you, you need to develop some muscle.”

“Exercise.”  He said it with contempt.  “Sturgeon liked me this way.”

“Who did you fuck besides Sturgeon?”

“Well, Paul…  And Mama Kristy.”


“She was Sturgie’s wife.  They arrested her too.”

Now I recalled the newspaper article.  Quite a scandal!  At least Sturgeon wasn’t foolish enough to let them find videos, as Harrington had done.  I hadn’t heard whether they’d come to trial yet.

“Who ratted them out, Blue?”

“Not me!  I wouldn’t’ve ever done anything against Sturgie.  He was my sugar daddy.”

I grinned.  “He told you to call him that?”

“Well, he was!”

“‘Blue.’  Where did you get that name?”

“It’s my nickname.  Sturgie gave it to me when I was six and he watched Mama Kristy skin back my cock.  The end was blue as her eyes.”

I recalled a preteen friend with a blue dick head, apparently the result of always being covered with the foreskin.

“So they’d been fooling with you for years.”

“I guess.  About five years.”

“Other kids too?”

“Not with me, unless Sturgie told them to.”

“I mean, did Sturgeon and his crowd fool with other kids?”

“Yeah, but most of them grew up and left.”

That agreed with what I remembered.  Sturgeon was about my age.  To a pedophile, running an orphanage must have been irresistible temptation, despite the awful risk.  I wondered if he had known of his perversion before getting the orphanage directorship.  Perhaps not, considering that I was about to seek mine.

Nina came back with a tray of drinks.  “Couldn’t find the beer.  Remembered we ran out.  Good thing you like Irish.”

“Put it on the table.  Blue and I are getting acquainted.”

She set the tray on the coffee table.  “I got you a coke, Blue.  Do you want it now?”

The lad tilted his head toward me.  “Up to him.”

She looked at me.  “What’s holding you up?”

Oddly enough, for the first time I realized the unique nature of my situation.  Here was a woman who routinely gave me unlimited freedom of her body, along with a boy allegedly having the same attitude.  The woman was thoroughly known, a given.  A man my age may be attracted to boys like this one, according to all the authorities, at least as much as to the woman, but I’ve never heard a reason why.  I was curiously reluctant to prove the attraction.  Or not.

I stared at Nina without answering.  Her lips twitched in the start of a grin.  “Kyle, didn’t you ever play with kids?”

“When I was one.”

“Did you suck a boy’s cock?”


“Why not?  I thought all teenage boys jerked each other off.”

“Actually there was very little of that in my experience.  Interest in other cocks was a huge taboo.”

She grinned.  “Not any more, with everybody out of the closet.  It’s time you found out what you missed.  Blue, go straddle Kyle’s lap.”

I held up a hand.  “Let’s try the other way.”

She blinked.  “His asshole?”

I stood up, loosened my belt, kicked off my loafers, shoved britches and shorts down to the floor and sat back with my legs spread.  “Come here, Blue.”

He walked around the coffee table and stood before me, looking down then up.  “It’s not ready.”

“You know how to fix that.”

“Sturgie liked to suck me first to make his hard.”

“I’m not Sturgeon.”

Timidity no longer evident, he stared into my eyes and said, “Will you kiss me first?”

My eyebrows rose in surprise.  Was the kid seeking tenderness?  I glanced at Nina, who was smiling archly.

I put out my arms and the kid dipped forward, legs spread over my thighs.  I think his cock may have deliberately touched mine before he rose on his knees with puckered lips.  My arm went around his scrawny shoulders and pulled his face to mine.

We kissed.  He opened to my tongue.  His followed mine when I withdrew.  He tasted of Nina’s chocolate.  His weight was slight.

It was the classic case of mixed emotions.  When I was a kid, a couple years younger than Blue, the teenage babysitter had tried to seduce me.  She had felt my dick through my pants, caught my hand and poked it into her blouse.  I had felt the most awful ambivalence, wanting in the worst way to pinch the nipple scraping my palm but also wanting to return to the book I was reading — which I’ll always remember was Tom Sawyer.  Now for the first time in forty years I felt the same.  Forty years ago I had fought her off despite the educational thrill of her fingers.  Now …

I looked past his cheek and said to Nina, who was watching intently, “You suck him first.”

Her eyes opened wide and she sniffed.  “You think I’d rat on you?”

“Just suck him.”

With a sigh she came out of the chair, still in her housecoat, sank to her knees beside the couch, swung the boy’s hips sideways and slurped up his little willie, which remained a walnut with a pucker.  Suction made a hollow in her cheek.

He raised a leg, finished the half-turn and lowered his buttocks on my leg, giving her free access.  His skin was cool.

For a moment he watched her bobbing head then looked up at me.  “Don’t you like boys?”

“As sex objects?  I don’t know, Blue.  I never had much to do with queers.”

“You think I’m queer?”

“Aren’t you?”

He sneered.  “Who’s sucking whose cock?”

“Okay.”  I had to nod.  “But is she having any luck?”

Nina backed away enough for his dick to appear.  It had already more than doubled in length.  The blue head, about like a marble, shone with her spit.  The foreskin was bunched up behind it.

I grinned at the watching woman.  “You peeled it back, did you?”

“With tongue and teeth together.  I’ve been practicing.”

I said wonderingly, “You really do love sucking little dicks!  Is that a general feminine interest?”

“I already told you: it’s like a bubble in a balloon.”

Suddenly I was curious.  “Come up here, Blue.”

She helped him hitch himself around and up until his ass rested on my shirt with the little sausage in front of my mouth.  I snaked a hand under his leg and caught the thing between thumb and forefinger.  No surprise: it was firm.  I rolled the foreskin forward and the blue head disappeared.

An uncircumcised jerk buddy in high school had claimed his prepuce was uncomfortably tight when fully withdrawn.  No such problem with this one!  It flipped easily back and forth over the blue marble.

“This little dick got a lot of handling, didn’t it, Blue?”

He answered promptly.  “Somebody always was.  That’s my first memory.”

“Who did it first?”

He shrugged.  “Some butter-face.  She washed it and it got hard.”

“In an orphanage?”

Nina was giggling.

I said, “You think he’s full of it?”

“Probably not.  I’ll bet you don’t know about ‘butter-face.’”

“Mushy mouth?” I guessed.

The giggle became a laugh.  “As my newsboy says, ‘That’s a hot bod, but her face …’”

After a wry grunt I said to Blue, “I’m surprised you remember a dick washing.”

“Then she sucked it.”

“Did it feel good?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“I might believe you remember that!  How old were you.”

“Three, I think.”

“Three!  Are you sure?”

“Oh, yeah.  It’s my first memory.”

I could recall pushing whirligigs into a flower box on the front porch, at age three my earliest memory.  Nobody played with my dick until I was ten, but all my young life it was hard and sensitive when waking up in the morning.

“What a first memory!”  I looked around at Nina.  “How young can a boy be and still enjoy getting his cock sucked?”

She shrugged.  “Kyle, you know I never had one of my own, but I’ve heard of mothers who calm squalling babies by sucking and licking their stuff.”

“Girls, too?”  I grinned.  “Would you do it if you had one.”

“What do you think?”

“Do you suppose all the orphanages have perverts for staff?”

“Like me, you mean?  Why not?” she said with a sniff.  “Who’ll stop ’em?”

My imagination fired up.  “What happens there if a toddler pops out his cock and demands sucking?”

She chuckled.  “Guess it depends on who’s looking.  If he did, you could bet somebody has done it already.”  An eyebrow rose.  “One like that is under your nose.”

I peeled it back again and licked the tip.  Tasteless with maybe a hint of Nina’s mints.  I sighed, realizing full well that what we had already done was enough for forty years in the slammer.  In for a penny, in for a pound.

With a hand behind his butt, I pushed him forward until the little cock rested on my tongue.  After my lips closed around it, my tongue verified that it resembled a balloon bubble: a “slicker” indeed, but with the texture of wax.  I could feel the eye.

My nose pressed his pubic pad and smelled … boy.  Though long submerged in memory, the odor was familiar from wrestling with my pals on hot summer days.  My bottom lip pressed his balls.  Opening wider, I sucked in the entire genitals.  He shivered at that.  I peered up into wide eyes.  Did he expect me to bite?

The head was in the back of my throat but not so far as to gag me.  An advantage of very short dicks?  It struck me as interesting that the first penis in my mouth should be not yet 12 years old — and not just the penis: balls and all.  If much older than that, I supposed, the entirety would not have fit.  I couldn’t recall a woman who had so swallowed me whole.  Holding his hips, I moved the thing full strokes in and out and became aware of a hand, obviously Nina’s, working my own dick.

Her mouth, close enough to mine to share, said, “At last.”

“Hunh?” I asked nasally.

“Your cock is finally showing some interest.”  Her breath puffed on my lips.

Her hand annoyed me.  Was my burgeoning hard-on because of the “slicker” in my mouth or her familiar hand?  I caught her arm, pulled it away and noted her surprised expression from the corner of my eye.

I spat out the dick and with a hand slipped under his leg touched the organ to Nina’s lips.  She sniffed and sucked it past them.  My tongue followed at full extension, massaging the corner of her mouth and the side of the little dick.  I glimpsed her eyebrow rise and felt her mouth stretch as she giggled nasally.  Two male parts together in her mouth pleased her.  It occurred to me that later on we could again put two dicks in her mouth at once.  When tried at a Christmas party, they didn’t fit well enough to be interesting.  These two would obviously work better.

Her tongue, stroking the blue head, rubbed against mine.  The combination was stimulating to all of us, it seemed especially to Blue.  He quivered and gulped, “Oh, oh!”  The quivers became shudders.  Was he coming?  I added my tongue strokes to Nina’s but my expectation of tangible results was thwarted.  Soon the boy backed away, still shuddering.

I said to Nina, “He doesn’t squirt?”

“Not yet.  He isn’t quite 12, you know.”

I did know.  I was jacking off in the school library, fantasizing about the girl in front of me, the first time I wet my shorts: age 12 plus several months.  I had been practicing those thrills for almost a year in dry delight.  Though expected, it had been a great surprise.  I spent the next hour hiding the wet spot visible on the front of my pants.  Curiously it seemed to me that the thrill when squirting was slightly less sharp.  Trying an hour later, I proved juicy again and have been ever since.

Blue slid down my chest until his ass bumped my upstanding dick.  His face was red.

“Tell me you’re not embarrassed!” I said.

Nina chuckled.  “He blushes when he comes.  It’s the only way you can tell for sure.”

“Like some women,” I said dryly.  “Of course it could still be embarrassment.”

“How do you get that?”

“Some people hate for their feelings to be obvious.”

She shrugged.  “Not me.”

“You don’t blush.”

“Don’t I?  When that happens, nothing would surprise me.”

Blue’s small hand fiddled with my dick.  I realize he was trying to fit it in his asshole.  My reaction was to catch his hips and lift them off me.  I said, “Nina, time for the K-Y.”

“Got it right here,” she said, reaching into the pocket of her housecoat.  It was cold on my dickhead.

Blue held his dick out of the way and bent down to view Nina’s operation, saying, “Sturgie didn’t need that.  Ooo, that’s cold!”

His sphincter closed, perhaps because of the chill.

I’ve had experience with female assholes.  I said, “Push out.”

“Sorry,” he said diffidently, and I slid easily through the ring.

Still grasping his hips, I pumped him slowly up and down while examining the feeling.  Was this tighter than the female assholes?  No.  It was no different even at full penetration — except the hips were a lot closer together and no big tits hung in front of my face to play with.  I missed them.  But Blue was squatting over me, his small feet clamping my hips.  His mouth hung open and his eyes followed mine despite the bouncing.  His hands came to rest on my shoulders.  I noticed that he weighed much less than Nina in this exercise — or for that matter any other woman who had so accommodated me.  I prefer them plump.

His skin was smooth as a woman’s and he was as hairless as a freshly shaved one.  To my dick he felt exactly like one — little surprise there, considering his life so far, except I believe his shallow butt cheeks allowed deeper penetration.  Of course he had a larger excrescence between his legs than even an old woman.  Wobbling up and down, still very much erect, it struck me as alien.  The rising thrill in my dick insisted this should be a woman.

I released his hips and said, “Blue, what do you think of come in your mouth?”

He sat motionless after I released him, my dick high in his entrails.  He licked his lips and said, “Sturgie always started that way.  I like it.”

“Then get down there and suck.  You won’t have to do it long.”

“Kyle!” warned Nina.  “Be kind.”

“What’s the matter,” I said to Blue.  “Don’t you like the taste of shit?”

She said, “That’s not it.  I gave him an enema.”

Blue resolve the issue by dropping down and slurping up my dick.  I imagined that the head and maybe another inch filled him up, but he bobbed on it gamely, cheeks hollow from suction.  His hand jacked the shaft.

Nina looked up at me, a hand working between her legs.  “Are you about to come?”

Instead of answering, I clapped a hand over each of Blue’s ears.  Standing up, I lifted him by the head until he was standing also.  Taking my dick between thumb and forefinger, I pulled it out of his mouth and ordered, “Keep your mouth wide open!”

His bent legs took his weight.  In the light from the window behind me I could see his tonsils.  Just as my thrills peaked I noticed that his teeth were crooked and ought to be fixed before he was much older.  Then I shot a streaky blob of jizz over his tongue into the back of his mouth.  I trembled and my vision dimmed but not so much that I missed the following blobs.

“Oh, Kyle,” breathed Nina.  “He’d like it better with the head in his mouth.”

Cooling down fast, I said, “How do you know?”

“Because I do; a pulsing dick is exciting.”

While grinning a kind of apology, I said, “I wanted to see the maximum perversion: 10 million half-babies in a little boy’s mouth.”

She sniffed.  “More than that, I’d guess.  You haven’t been jerking.”

Blue stood to his full height, thrust out a jizz-coated tongue then swallowed ostentatiously.  “Ahhh!” he uttered and opened his mouth to exhibit the same tongue, now clean.

“You never swallowed better,” I said to Nina, hovering near.

She sniffed again.  “He may have even more practice than I.”

Of course I was finished but not Blue, who said, “When Sturgie comes, he sticks it in my ass and gets Lefty to suck my cock.”  His eyes flashed between me and Nina.

Well, my dick was still mostly hard.  I raised my eyebrows at Nina.

Ever practical, she said, “Sit back down, Kyle, and you turn around, Blue.  I guess I’m Lefty.”

Blue was right: we didn’t need the lubricant.  When he sat on it, it slipped right in.

He looked over his shoulder.  “You’ll have to pump.”

The easiest way was to grab his hips and work his ass like a piston.  I looked around his side and saw his firm little member sliding in and out of her pursed lips.  His ass was behaving like a shuttlecock.  This was stimulating despite my expended state; shortly my dick was hard as ever.

I knew from plentiful experience it was too soon for me to get another climax, so I reflected on what I had learned this morning on the forbidden subject of pedophilia.  Here I sat with my dick up a hairless boy’s ass, from the back very like a small, slim woman — not my favorite kind by any means but doable in a pinch.  Nina knelt in front of him, housecoat open over big fluttering tits, sucking with her eyes closed, hand busy in her groin.  At times like this she would be feeling continual mild climaxes, or so she had told me, except at all other such times she’d be licking a clit instead of sucking a dick.

But what was the difference between a boy’s asshole: that is, a well-stretched one, and a woman’s?  None that I could feel.  With a woman I could reach around her and squeeze her tits.  In this case ...

My hand snaked over Blue’s hip and felt the miniature nutsack.  It seemed to be hanging lower than when we began this heavily outlawed encounter.  The contents were easily divisible.  I was tender but Blue still shivered.  His back reddened.

“Is he coming?” I said incredulously.

Then I discovered his other indicator, perhaps not as reliable as the flush, but taken together ...  His sphincter squeezed my dick hard.  Because I had stopped pumping, the pressure was right at the base, a pleasant tightness that produced a mild thrill.  The constriction reappeared again and again at heartbeat intervals before finally fading.  His legs pushed his ass higher on my belly, almost dislodging me.  His dick escaped Nina with a pop.  “Oh, oh!” he moaned.

She tilted her head and grinned around him at me.  “He can come again almost as fast as a girl.”

“You’ve been playing, I see.”

“Would you believe six times in one afternoon?”

“Oh, yeah?  Who was it claimed he didn’t do much for her?”

“That was six times for him.”

Blue stretched atop me, the back of his head on my shoulder, the head of my dick still past his sphincter.  He grinned around at me and squeezed the sphincter.  “I wish you could come too.”

“I suppose your Sturgie came twice without fail.”

“Not always.  But he always tried.”  He wiggled his ass.  “Today was so bad.”

“How do you mean that: evil, painful, naughty?”

“Huh?  I mean it was a bomb.”

“Hmm.”  A Broadway play that failed was said to have “bombed,” but in this case, with jizz on his breath, I suspected teen-style contrariness.  “Do you mean today is what you’ve been wanting?”

“Dying for it, man!”

I took hold of his chin, held his face still and stared into his eyes.  “How can a dick up your ass feel good?”

He thought about it and said, “It’s in the groove, man, where it belongs.”

“A dick belongs up your ass?”

“It belongs in a hole, maybe an ass, a mouth or a cunt.  Sturgie’s like, ‘Each is a little different but they’re all about the same: a hole the size of your cock.  Like your fist when you jack off.’”

“Do you do that?”

“All the time.”

Nina had perked up.  “Sturgie was right,” she said positively.

“Not according to the law.”

“The law is shit.”

“Shit with a gun.”

I finally disconnected and set Blue down beside me.  He took hold of my flagging dick but handled it gently.  I wondered, “You like one in your hand too?”

He giggled.  “At night Sturgie and Mama Kristy would watch porn flicks.  I played with his cock.  And sucked it.”

“Didn’t you soon get tired of that?”

“No way!”

Nina said archly, “A cock in him somewhere makes him feel secure.  Is that it, Blue?”

He nodded.  “It’s riding high.”

I said, “Elevated on a cock.  You ever feel like that, Nina?”

She grinned slyly.  “What’s the right answer: only on yours?”

“Blue, is one cock at the time enough?”

“If it’s the boss’s.”

“What’s your experience with two at the time?”

“Fun when Sturgie was bossing.”

“How about when the kids caught you without Sturgeon?”

“That hurt.  And they put me down hard.”

“Let you fall?  Ah.  Called you names, eh?  Did they say anything that wasn’t true?”

His eyes flashed.  “I never fucked my mother.”

“No, I suppose not.  Did you tell Sturgeon what they did to you?”

“Yeah.  Then they said they’d snuff me.  I had to go keep house with Sturgie.”

“And his wife?”


“Who else was there?  Did Sturgeon only fuck boys?”

“Not always.  He liked to do what he called a ‘169’ with his wife.”

“What’s a 169?”

“She’s lying on the kitchen table on her back.  I’m on top of her licking her clit while she sucks me.  Sturgie is standing on the floor, holding her legs up and leaning back and fucking her under my tongue.  He switches back and forth between her and my mouth.  He don’t quit till he comes.  It’s so good for her sometimes she almost loses it.”

Nina gasped, “Oh, my god!”

Blue grinned at her and sat up eagerly.  “I could show you right now!”

She looked at my sagging dick.  “Kyle can’t.”

“No problem.”  He bent down and the smallest pair of hands in the room cupped my balls while the smallest mouth slurped up my dick.

I was struck by the puzzle of Nina wanting Blue to firm me up instead of herself, something she’d enjoyed doing on many occasions.  What was her motive?  Did she mean to further my infatuation with the lad?  To what end, perhaps a more permanent association?

In short order I was standing tall and we repaired to the kitchen.  I had already proven that the 30 inch table was the perfect height for us to fuck, me standing and her lying on her back with her calves over my shoulders.  She had enough built-in padding for the hard surface not to bother her.

We were soon arranged as the kid had described.  It was apparent that Nina loved a 169 nearly as much as “Mama Kristy” was said to.  I guessed that might be true of any woman who didn’t mind a miniature dick in her mouth.  I recalled doing this with another couple before my divorce.  My wife was one of the women, who lay reversed across a narrow table with the men standing.  That experience, like this one, gave me the opportunity to compare mouth and cunt as cock receptacles.  Blue’s mouth was smaller, which was no improvement on that of the other man’s wife.  As before, the cunt was the sweeter cock catcher.  If another man stood across the table, however, and swapped between Nina’s mouth and Blue’s asshole …  That is, assuming Nina would agree — which she would, I was sure, after an enema for Blue — and more importantly, if I could find another man willing to stick his cock up a little boy’s ass.

We performed thus for the better part of an hour, Nina groaning intermittently and a bright flush rippling down the boys back at least twice.  I couldn’t come again so soon, although I might have if another woman had lain in place of Blue.

We were dressed and sitting around the kitchen table with drinks and an ice cream sandwich for Blue, when Amy arrived to take him home.  She looked around at us and frowned.  “Is everything all right?”

Blue’s eyes had lit.  “Super!” he cried with a big smile.  “We even did a 169.”

I sneered at Nina.  “Thought he never rats!”

She laughed.  “We’re all pedophiles here.  Let him brag.  Amy, we need to make arrangements.”

The newcomer’s eyes turned to me.  “Kyle, are you interested?”

“Exactly what are you two females cooking up?”

“Sit down,” said Nina.  “Let me get you a drink.”

Amy raised a hand.  “No thanks, not now.  Blue and I have to get back.  My guy bought us dinner and it’s getting cold.  Can we meet tomorrow morning?”

“I can’t,” I said.  “Somebody has to support this circus.”

“Oh.  Tell Nina when we can get together, will you?”  She extended a hand.  “Come along, Blue.”


* * *


Thinking it over that night, I decided that I was no pedophile after all, despite today’s indulgence.  Blue stimulated me because he resembled a woman, not for his “cute little dick.”  Up the ass and white-washing the tonsils was no more thrilling with him than Nina.  Possibly less.  He was the ideal of complaisance, but so was Nina.  And in a few months he would begin to squirt, his voice would deepen and hair grow around dick and in armpits.  That left the question, would I fuck an underage girl?  No, I decided, I wouldn’t go out of my way.  Unless she weighed 140 and wore C-cups.

Another question: would I fuck Blue again?  Why not?  We could still produce the “friction of mucous membranes,” as Heinlein put it, which has always been an end in itself.  You can’t have too many willing come-catchers.  And we might try both dicks in Nina’s mouth at once.  Or in her cunt while she made her oyster.  I doubted if up her ass together was possible, even in the oyster.  Her butt cheeks were not thin.

How about a 1691 with Amy atop Nina and Blue standing on a cushion?  Ha!  Probably wouldn’t work worth a damn.  Besides, the 169 hadn’t done much for me and probably wouldn’t unless it was the first shot of the day.

The other issue, always hiding in the wings, was that of risk.  I had no concern about the women, but sex comes out of boys’ mouths far easier than it goes in, as I well recalled from middle school.  And Blue would be attending public school in the fall.  I wondered how he would fare with his obvious fear of other children.  When they discovered his vulnerability — “From an orphanage?” — and ganged up on him, would he blurt, “Leave my asshole alone; it’s reserved for big cocks?”  Would the authorities discover that it had been so used since leaving the orphanage?

In the meantime, his tales of orphanage life were fascinating, incongruous on a child’s tongue and thus more titillating.  I decided to keep enjoying his well-trained mouth and eager asshole until school started, and as the mood struck me, find out why a small cock was so improbably interesting to the women.

In any case, if Blue was destined to stay nearby, I resolved to furnish Amy the cash to straighten his teeth.  Let it not be said that his only take-away was jizz!