Burning a Hole

a Story by Kellis

Summer, 2004


“$500!  You won $500?”  Fader took his eyes off the traffic long enough to see if his friend’s expression was serious or joking.

Dell chuckled.  “Don’t get excited.  That was at the dog track.  They withheld half for taxes.”

“Still, $250!  This afternoon, you say?  Did you cash the check?”

“More like 200.  They gave me the long green.  And a receipt.”

“Well, goody for you!”

“Goody for us both.  See that fox at the bus stop?  Pull up in front of her.”

The setting sun shown along the intersecting street, limning in orange a full figured brunette in jeans and sweater with a bulging purse slung over one shoulder.  A ponytail of long hair glowed behind her.

“You know her?” asked Fader, swinging the van across lanes.

“No, but I can see already I want to.”

“Damn, she is a fox!” Fader agreed reverently as the bulky vehicle shuddered to halt at the curb.

Dell depressed the window button and called while the glass descended, “Could we ask you something?”

The girl wore the faint makeup of youth.  Her eyebrows were thin arches above brown eyes in a pretty oval face with a snub nose and full lips.  Standing a few feet inside the curb, she looked upon him blankly at first, as if her attention were a thousand miles away.  Then her lips stretched in a slow smile.  “Sure,” she said, “if it’s not personal.”

He drew a deep breath.  “Would you take a ride with us for $200?”

“Christ, Dell!” muttered Fader in disgust.

The girl’s eyes widened.  She huffed twice and suddenly burst into shrill giggles.

“God, I love that sound!” Dell breathed.  “But what’s so funny?  I’ve got the money in my pocket.”

Her giggles subsided to a wide grin.  “What’s funny is I was just wondering how guys pick up strange girls around here.”  She shook her head.  “At least you’re not cops.”

“How do you know?”

“Cops don’t start out offering money.  They wait for the girl to ask.”

“Damn, I never thought of that!  What if you’re the cop?”

Briefly she giggled again.  “If I were, I’d make sure my backup was following, turn on the wire, get in the car, put my arm on top of the seat so the wire could be heard and lead you guys into spelling out exactly what you want for your money.  Then I’d place you under arrest.”

“Holy shit!”

Fader muttered, “I think we ought to get out of here.”

“I agree,” she said, “but first open the side door.”  Apparently her mouth was suppressing a grin.

Dell glanced at has partner and shrugged.  “Why not?”

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Fader, shaking his head.

“That’s not a reason.”  Dell turned partly around in his seat, released the latch and shoved the back door along its rails.  The girl promptly ducked into the van, paused to slide the door closed with a crash and settled into the captain’s chair behind the driver, which was the third and only remaining seat in the battered old vehicle.

Fader stared at her in the mirror.  Dell twisted to stare directly.

Once again shrill giggles erupted.  “Oh god, if you could see your faces!”

Fader demanded, “How do you know so much about the cops?”

“I like cops.”  The giggles subsided.  She caught his eye.  “That was a good thought you had.”

“Wh-what thought?”

“To let’s get out of here.”

“Oh, yeah.”  He remembered to check the traffic light only after he had pulled away from the curb.  It was red.  Sucking in his gut, he wheeled sharply to the right around the corner and accelerated amid the blare of horns.

“Jesus!” cried the girl in nearly religious awe.

Dell took a deep breath.  “Fader, depending on the other guy to stop is gonna get you, one of these days.”

“I was … getting out of there,” muttered Fader through tight lips.  He deliberately suppressed adrenalin-sponsored panting.  The van proceeded smoothly amid the glares of other drivers.

From behind him the girl sniffed.  “If I’ve got to die, I want that money in my purse.  Let’s see it.”

Dell, sideways in his seat, paused with wallet partly raised.  “Let’s see your tits.”

She snickered.  Her hands closed on the hem of her sweater and snatched the front of it up to her shoulders before snapping it back into place, very briefly exposing a well filled flesh-colored brassiere.

“That’s not tits!” Dell complained.

“And that’s not money.”

The young man sighed and removed a sheaf a bills to spread before her eyes.  He said smugly, “I told you we had it.”

“Let me count it.”

Dell lost his smugness.  “When we finish.”

She shook her head.  “That’s not how it works.”  She chuckled.  “Besides, I’ve already earned it.”

“You what?”

“You asked if I’d ride with you for $200.”  Her chuckle became a wide grin.  She spread her hands.  “Well, here I am, riding.  If nobody hits us.”

“You did say that,” Fader pointed out.

Dell’s expression became calculating.  “Show me your tits and I’ll give it to you.”

Her grin continued.  “You know, I heard that.”


“I heard you say, ‘Take a ride with us to a secluded spot where we can all get naked and make out like bunnies, and we’ll give you $200.’”

With gaping mouths both young men stared at her, Fader via the mirror.  She said to him, “Better watch the road.”

His eyes snapped away reluctantly.

Dell mused, “You want us to talk about it, you said.”

“If I was a cop.”

“Take off your sweater and bra so we can see you’re not.”

Her eyes twinkled.  “I’ll trade.”

“Trade what?”

“You take off below the waist and I will above it.”

Dell blinked.  “You’re kidding!”

She sniffed.  “You think I would’ve got in here if I was kidding?”  She grasped the sweater bottom with crossed arms and this time drew it over her head, ducking to pull her ponytail through the neck opening.  “There!” she said with satisfaction.  “Now it’s your turn.”  Casually she let the sweater fall to the floor behind her but took care to lower the large purse gently.

Shrugging, Dell kicked off his sneakers, popped open belt and fly, snatched down his jeans and kicked his feet free of them.  He grinned triumphantly.  “Your turn!”

“Christ!” declared Fader.  “Wait’ll we get out of this traffic!”

“You got any place to go?” Dell asked the girl.

“Not me.  I just got into town.  You guys live here, don’t you?”

“Yeah.  Hey, I got it!  Fader, nobody’s home at your place, right? — which is why they sent you.  Let’s park in your garage.”

The girl asked, “How far’s that?”

The driver answered, “About six blocks from here.”

Dell added, “We can get you back downtown in no time.”

“Got to come back anyway,” Fader disclosed.  He turned left at the next intersection and accelerated to higher speed.

The girl said, “‘Fader,’ eh?  Is that your first or last name?”

“It’s his nickname.  I’m Dell.  What can we call you?”

“Hot Lips,” she said with a giggle, “both sets.”

Dell swallowed.

“Both …”  Fader’s voice trailed off.  His eyes were huge on hers in the mirror.

Her giggle became frank laughter.  “Oh, you guys are a pair!”

Dell frowned.  “What kind of pair?”

“A pair to have fun with, I hope.”  She swung around to examine the base of her seat.  “This is a captain’s chair, isn’t it?  Does it lean back?”

“Sure,” Dell responded, pointing.  “Pull that lever.”

In a moment she was reclining.  “Great!  I know a good use for this.”

“Cool!” Fader agreed fervently, eyes wide on her grin in the mirror.

She giggled, returning his gaze.  “In a minute you’ll be panting with your tongue hanging out, right?”  She leaned far forward, rose out of her seat and blew in his ear.

He shivered and she giggled, slumping back.  “I have to tell you, I like you guys.  You’re what — about seven or eight years younger than I am, I’d guess, which makes it just right.”

“You like younger guys?” asked Fader.

“For some games, like two on one.”

“Oh, wow!”

They rode in companionable silence, the traffic thinning.

Dell straightened up, peering ahead.  “Stop at that drugstore.”

“The drugstore?” Fader repeated.  “What for?”

“Rubbers.  Unless you got some.”

“Oh.  Yeah.”

The girl announced, “You don’t have to bother on my account.”

“We don’t?”

“I’m on the pill and I’m clean.”  She chuckled.  “And I know you are too.”

“How do you know that?”

She smiled fondly.  “You’re what my aunt calls ‘clean cut kids.’  You’ve neither one had the chance to catch anything dirty.”

“I wouldn’t say that!” declared Dell, chin rising.

“I would,” countered Fader emphatically.

“Besides, I’ve got healthy gums,” she continued conversationally.

Fader blinked.  “Gums?”

Dell shrugged.  “Anyway we just passed the drugstore.  How ’bout you, Hot Lips?”

“You mean have I had a chance to catch something dirty?  I’m with you.  I wouldn’t say I haven’t either.”  She grinned.  “But if a girl only plays with young guys, she can stay out of trouble.”

Dell’s lip curled.  “Wish you’d tell that to the girls at school.  They like the older ones.”

The girl nodded sympathetically.  “Because the older ones have the dough.  But you guys are doing all right: 200 bucks and wheels.”

Dell licked his lips with a leer.  “And one stacked fox!”

She giggled again.  “What more do you want, two of them?”

“Well …”

She sniffed.  “You don’t need two.”

The van lurched as Fader turned into a driveway.  Raising a hand to the visor, he operated the remote for the garage door.  The girl ducked to study the house: a typical suburban split-level with a neatly landscaped lawn.  Colorful spring flowers lined its walls.  The two-car garage was empty of vehicles until the van rolled inside.  The door descended behind them.

She affirmed, “No one’s at home, you said.”

Dell answered, “And won’t be for a couple hours.  Right, Fader?”

“More like three,” he answered, killing the engine and turning around in his seat expectantly.

Dell, also reversed, licked his lips and rose on his knees.  “Want help with that bra?”

She grinned.  “How about you, with those jocks?”

“Ah, ah —”

She giggled.  “Actually it’s my turn, soon as you give me the money.”

“The, the money?”

Fader directed, “Pay her, Dell.”

Dell sighed in surrender, retrieved his wallet, drew out the entire fold of bills and put them into her outstretched hand without counting.

She blinked.  “This is all you had?  Well, here then.”  She peeled off the top note, a twenty, and returned it to the boy with a smile.  “Let’s don’t start out worrying.”

The rest of the money disappeared into her big purse.  Her hands released the brassiere from behind.  She shrugged out of it, leaving two well-fleshed breasts jiggling before them.  Both watchers drew sharp breaths, eyes riveted on the small dark nipples.

“Now it’s your turn,” she declared.  “You both want to play, right?  Take your britches off too, Fader.”

The driver obeyed with alacrity.  An electric motor whined as Dell lowered the back of the front passenger seat to its full extension nearly parallel with the floor.  Naked below the waist, he slid across it toward the girl but hesitated short of contact as she rose far enough to slither free of jeans and panties.  Fader crawled around the back of the driver’s seat to join his friend on the depressed passenger back.  Both boys had retained only T-shirts and sneakers.

With a giggle she thrust her chest almost into their faces.  “Would you say these are tits?”

“Wow!” muttered Fader involuntarily.

Dell’s hand rose but hesitated.

“Go ahead,” she directed, smiling at him.  “You’re renting them.”

“That’s right,” he breathed in sudden realization.  His hand closed firmly around the full breast and his mouth descended upon the raised nipple.

She invited, “You too, Fader.”

Her hands fondled the backs of their heads as both male mouths worked on her chest.  She murmured, “Ooo, what nice babies you make!  When I do have some, I’m gonna shoot for twins.  Now take your shirts off.  What we need is skin.”

The T-shirts were gone in a flash.  The girl surged forward, caught both lads around the shoulders and pulled them into her chest.  Her hands at the back of curly heads pulled their faces into hers.  Both mouths were open, perhaps in startlement, and her tongue flicked snakelike back and forth between them.


Dell tried to complain but produced only a burble around her tongue.  She held the three mouths firmly together and sucked the tongues from each, thrusting her own to follow their withdrawals.  His hands rose to her cheekbones and forced their faces apart.  “Yuck!” he cried.

Her eyes widened.  “What’s the matter?”

“You’re making me taste his spit!”

She laughed softly.  “And mine.  Is something wrong with his spit?”

“Well … it’s —”

“You boys are clean.  You have good teeth — very straight.  Bet you both just got out of braces.”

“We aren’t fags!”

“Too bad.”

“Huh?”  He blinked.  “You want us to be fags?”

“I mean too bad for you, you’ll miss a big chunk of fun.”

His lip curled.  “What do you know about fag fun?”

“Everything.  A guy can only do three-fourths as much to a dick as a girl can.”

“Three-fourths!”  Dell blinked at her and mumbled under his breath, “Mouth, asshole, hand …  What’s the fourth?”

“Her pussy.”

“What can it do that —“

Fader interrupted him.  “You like what fags do?”

With a bark of laughter she shoved Dell’s torso backward, partly against the van’s side door, and fell upon his unprotected penis.  He froze, staring down at his sudden lapful of brown hair.  His eyes rolled up to his watching friend and he declared in awe, “She … swallowed it!”

“Your whole dick?” asked Fader, eyes widening.

“Damn near!”

Fader goggled.  “Guess that answers the question.”

“What question?”

“She likes it.”

Releasing the organ with a pop of suction, she raised her head to grin at Fader.  “What’s not to like?  Lean back.”

She dived upon the second penis, causing its owner to twitch and freeze.  Dell caught her ponytail and threw it to the other side of her face.  He bent low to study her profile at close range.  “She’s got most of yours too — and it’s exactly the same size as mine!”

She giggled through her nose.

“Christ, Dell!” muttered Fader disgustedly.


“How’ll she think you know that?”

“Hell, circle jerking doesn’t make you a fag.”

“Jesus Christ, will you shutup?”

The girl raised her head and giggled.  “Sounds like fun.  Boys in a circle — do you jack each other?”

“Not necessa—” Fader began.

Dell interrupted smugly.  “And only one hand, if it’s just two boys.”

She rose further, licked her lips and studied him thoughtfully.  “Facing each other, both dicks in the same hand?”  She sniffed.  “That sounds kind of faggy.”

Fader repeated his partner’s protest: “We aren’t fags!”

“But you don’t mind putting your dicks together.  I like that.”

“You like it?”

“I’ll show you.  Dell, you lie with your head towards the back of the van and, Fader, with your head towards the front.  Put your right thigh over the other guy’s left hip until your balls are touching.”

Fader blinked at her.  “Huh?”

“Come on, you’ll like it.”  She repeated her directions, hands guiding their legs as they pivoted.

The male combination was too long.  The upper half of Dell’s torso hung off the end of the lowered seatback so that he must support himself with hands extended to the floor, but the sets of testicles cuddled under upstanding erections.

Her hand forced the organs past each other.  “Crossed dicks!  There’s a rare sight!  And god, these two are identical.  I love clipped ones with big pink heads.”  She chuckled fondly, grinning from one fascinated face to the other.  “Here’s where I prove I’ve got a big mouth.”

Kneeling sideways to the boys’ junction, she aligned the two penises upright with undersurfaces pressed together.  Opening her mouth to its limit, she took in the full combined width and at least half the length.  A glans bulged each cheek.  With a nasal snigger she caught a boy’s hand in each of hers and brought it to the adjacent check, rubbing his fingers over the bulge.  Hard suction produced a loud slurping vibration along with male shivers.

She rose up, licking saliva from her lips and grinning around at both male faces.  “See?”

Dell’s eyes were huge.  “C-could any girl do that?”

“Any girl with two dicks to play with.  No, stay where you are.  I know another good game for two dicks.”

She raised one shapely knee, swung the other leg over them and crouched above their junction.  Reaching around her buttocks, she steadied the two male organs with one hand while the other stretched forward to brace herself on the dash.  Fader’s eyes crossed as he stared up at the dangling breasts.  Her buttocks settled carefully.

“Good god!” exclaimed Dell, using the inside door handle to raise his shoulders.

“Wh-what’s happening?” asked Fader.

“She’s got a big cunt too!”

The girl barked a laugh.  Her hand released the penises as her buttocks settled fully on the boys’ hips.  “You think so?  Then how’s this?”

Both boys squealed.

“How’d you do that?” asked Fader, eyes huge on hers.

“You never heard of sphincters?  A pussy can be any size it wants.”  She began to chuckle.  “God, I love to fuck when it’s funny!  You guys are precious.”  Still laughing, she let her belly sag upon Fader and began to rotate her hips vigorously while sliding them forward and back, working the foreign organs as if in a hot, wet fist.  She murmured, “Ooo, that’s so good!”

“Oh, Jesus!” Fader exclaimed.  “It sure is!”

She groaned and whimpered.  Both her arms were braced on the dash over Fader’s head.  Fleetingly he though of clutching the breasts that brushed his chest, but the curious, slithering compression of his genitals allowed no distraction.

The girl’s moans grew louder and became words: “Fuck me!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!”

In sudden realization he cried, “She’s coming!”

“So’m I!” declared Dell.

Her internal moisture increased suddenly.  For a moment it was distinctly cooler within her.  She screamed and closed tightly upon her invaders, her body rigid.  Fader found himself helplessly adding to the delicious mix.

After a moment of twitching and shivering, she resumed the sliding motion of her hips.  Both boys groaned loudly.  Two sets of hands darted under her buttocks and lifted her away.

“God!” cried Fader.

“Tired of me already?” she asked, eyes twinkling.

He shivered.  “Can’t stand any more right now.”

She twisted around to look at Dell.  “You too, eh?”

His answer was to enclose his wet organ in a protective hand.

“Young dicks!”  She chuckled but not in displeasure.

“What’s wrong with them?” asked Dell.

“Nothing.  They’re just extra sensitive.  Let’s give them a break.”

She swung herself above them and plopped back into the captain chair, but not before a glob of pale semen had fallen from her onto Dell’s forearm.

“Good god!” he exclaimed, staring at his arm.  Fader rose on an elbow to goggle.

She giggled.  “Does it burn or something?  Mama’ll fix.”  She leaned forward and sucked the semi-gelatinous mass cleanly into her mouth.

Both male chins sagged.  She swallowed ostentatiously and smacked her lips.  “Rich stuff!”

Dell hitched his legs free of Fader’s entanglement, sat up on the back of the reclining passenger seat and swung around to face her.  “You like come in your mouth?” he asked wonderingly.

She shrugged.  “What’s not to like — when you know it’s healthy?”

“But it’s … tasteless!”

Fader shook his head.  “Christ, Dell!”

Her soprano giggle sounded again.  “Not quite.  And you have to remember what it is.”

Come,” declared Dell, lips twisting as if closed on something sour, “from the pee hole of a dick!”

“It’s also 20 million half-babies.  40 million in this case.  I’m sure you guys are fertile as turtles.”

“Half-babies!” repeated Dell, gawking.

“I’ll bet you haven’t licked a clit yet, have you?”

“A clit?”

“When you do, it won’t be just because it feels good to your girl.”

“Because what?”

Fader said thoughtfully, “She didn’t suck come just because we like the idea.”

“Oh.  You mean …”

“Yeah.  She likes the idea too.”

Dell’s eyes widened.  “Wow!  I hope you stick around, Hot …  What’s your real name?”

“Oh, I’ll be here for a while.  And you safe young guys are really neat.”

She leaned forward and pulled Dell’s face to hers.  He resisted with a grimace but she exhibited surprising strength.  Her probing tongue drew his out.  Hastily Fader sat up and joined his mouth to theirs.  Her arms encircled their shoulders.  Theirs went around her back.  Dell squeezed her buttocks.

Suddenly she released them and slid sideways off her seat.  A hand went to each penis.  “Still up there!” she observed, licking her lips.  “Let’s move over to my chair.  Fader, get in it and lean all the way back.”

He obeyed willingly.  When he was in the specified position, she hopped lithely over him, spread her knees to either side of his hips, caught his upthrust organ in one hand and slipped it back into her still dripping orifice.  Her chest dropped to the lad’s.  He distinctly felt the impact of tight nipples.  Her hips began to slide.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, eyes alight.  “Jism is so slippery!”

Dell asked plaintively, “What about me?”

“Come on up behind me.”

“Be-behind you?  You mean … you …”

She grinned around at him.  “What’s you’re problem?  Your dick already rubbed Fader’s and loved it to death — at least enough to pop.”

“I thought maybe … maybe you wanted me up your ass.”

“Next time I’ll bring some grease.  Come on, share a pussy again.”

She held still, turning her buttocks higher, as he knelt between Fader’s legs on the raised footrest behind her.  He inserted himself carefully above his friend.

“Oh, yes,” she cried.  “Now we’re cooking!”  Her hips began to bob.

Cooler this time, Dell slipped his hands around her ribcage to clutch her breasts, only to find Fader already in possession.  Graciously his friend relinquished one.

The girl was moaning already.  Her cheek went down against Fader’s.

He looked wide eyed over her shoulder to Dell.  “You feel that?”

“Yeah.  She’s coming again.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah.  She squeezes when she comes.”

The girl shuddered.  Her cries peaked and gradually quietened.  When her hips fell still, the boys took up the motion, first one then the other pushing deep.  Soon she recovered and resumed her inimitable hook and slide.  Again the moans rose to a climax.  Again they subsided.

Dell said, “We probably do too.”

Aware only of the fragrant, straining female body upon his, Fader readily recovered the conversation.  “Squeeze, you mean?  Squeeze what?”

Dell managed to look thoughtful despite the agitation of his hips.  “Stick a thumb up your ass the next time you jerk off.”

“Oh.  Yeah, you’re right.  God, Dell, this is fantastic!”

“That’s the word.  You ever heard of a girl letting two guys do her pussy at once?”

“No — or anything else.”

“Well, I’ve seen pictures of two on a girl at once, but one was up her ass.”

“Yeah, you showed me.  But I bet this is more fun.”

Dell grinned.  “Feel that, do you?  Sure beats a fist!”

“Jerky.  Nothing else could feel like this.”

The girl giggled through her moans, a peculiar sound.

“What’s funny?” Dell demanded.

“You guys, comparing notes with your dicks knocking heads on my womb.  God, I love it.  Oh, oh, oh!”

“Coming again,” noted Fader dryly.

Dell groaned.  “When she squeezes that hard …”

“Yeah.  It gets me too.”

Apparently it did.  On the next cycle, Fader announced, “I’m about to shoot!”

“You are?  Jesus, so am I!”

This time all three groaned in ecstatic cacophony.  Both boys thrust to maximum penetration.  The bodies froze except for the girl’s shudders.  Finally a panting Dell rolled back off the captain’s chair and collapsed on the reclining passenger seatback.  The girl straightened her legs around Fader’s and sagged full length upon him.  Her body glistened with perspiration.

“Roll down the windows, for Christ’s sake!” commanded Fader, voice muffled by a soft shoulder.

Dell drew himself up tiredly, leaned into the front and turned on the ignition long enough for the electric windows to descend.  Swinging back around, he paused with a giggle.  “Damn, Fader, your balls are soaked!”

“Make’s sense: I’m on the bottom.”

“Yeah, you lucky shit, you’ve still got it in her too.”

He leaned forward.  The girl craned her head.  “What are you doing?”

“Looking in your asshole.  Huh!  It’s closed up tighter than a teenage bar.”

Her eyes danced.  “About the same as yours, probably.  Next time we’ll let Fader compare.”

“We —  Yuck!”

She laughed and rose up on her knees, from there to her feet, bending beside the captain’s chair.  “Get up, lover,” she said, gesturing to Fader, “and leave me room to dress.”

She produced a package of tissues from the capacious purse to wipe Fader’s groin and her own.  A small can of deodorant appeared next.  Despite evasive maneuvers and giggles, she sprayed three pubic bushes.

“Wha’d you do that for?” demanded Dell, glaring.  “Now my dick’ll smell like a girl.”

“Maybe so,” she agreed wryly, “but it won’t tell anybody what you’ve been doing.”


“Not like stale jism.”


She slipped into her clothing as quickly as the boys.  “You did come just now, didn’t you?” she asked Dell.

“Thought you could feel it!”

“Not when both pop at once.”  She smoothed her hair in the rearview mirror.

“Okay, I did,” Dell admitted.  “You said you’re on the pill.”

“Oh, yes.”  She sat back down in the now upright captain’s chair and smiled into the faces of the boys perched hip-to-hip on the still-lowered front seatback.  Her eyes sparkled above pink cheeks.  Her smile grew wide.  She giggled.

Dell asked skeptically, “What’s got you so high?”

“Two fresh young guys at the same time.”  She giggled again.  “What a bargain for you!”


“You came off twice each, right?  That’s four times for $180, or $45 a pop.  Do you know what the quickie rate is these days?”

Dell asked, “What is it?”

“At least $100, usually 150.”

“How do you know?”

Her smile faded.  “Well, I do know.”

Fader’s eyes widened on hers.  “You mean …”  His voice trailed off.

With a sneer Dell finished the question.  “You mean this isn’t the first time you’ve charged for it?”

She nodded.  “That’s right.  It’s not the first time I’ve charged for it, just the first time I’ve delivered.”

“Delivered?”  He frowned.  “What does that mean?”

She looked from one boy to the other.  “Oh, hell!  I can trust you.”  She reached deep into the purse, took out a leather folder and opened it upon a silvery badge, engraved with the words Miami Police in large, bold letters.  She let them glance at it.  “I’m on the vice squad.”

Fader licked suddenly dry lips.  “You … you’re a cop?”

“Sure am.  Worse than that, I’m bait.”


“John bait.”  Her eyes sparkled.  “I put on calf boots, fishnet stockings, short shorts and a tank top with sequins and strut around on street corners.”

“To … to …”

“To trap the johns.”

Dell’s voice quavered.  “Are you … g-going to arrest us?”

She chuckled.  “Don’t worry, sweetie.  When I’m on the job, they get arrested the moment they hand me the money.  They don’t get to touch me.”

“Then you’re not working?  What are you doing way up here?”

“I’ve got a couple weeks off.”  She laughed heartily and winked at them.  “There I was, standing on a street corner and looking the place over, wondering what business is like in small towns, and you two fellows showed up.  Business must be pretty good: you propositioned me right off.  In a van, too!  I couldn’t believe it, with me in jeans and a sloppy old sweater.  Do I have a hooker’s face, boys, or is it something else?”

“You have a pretty girl’s face,” said Fader reverently.

Dell added, “And you have to ask for it if you expect to get anywhere.”

“So you only wanted to give me a ride?”  She chuckled.  “Well, I’m glad you did.  Trapping guys used to be fun but it’s starting to get old.”  Her eyes sparkled again.  “It makes me sad to think of all the dicks I’ve turned down.”

“You like dicks,” Dell said positively.

“A girl is made to like them — especially two at once.  I’m going to be in this town a couple weeks.  Where can we get together again?”

Fader glanced at his wristwatch, uttered an exclamation and scrambled back to the driver’s seat.  “Her bus is here,” he said to Dell.

“If it’s on time, which they never are.”  He turned back to the girl, “You’re the first I’ve met who admits liking two at once.”

The van’s engine started, the garage door rose and the van backed out to the street.  The girl said, “Everybody likes two at once.  The problem is getting them.  The easy ones aren’t safe and the good ones are so touchy about each other.”


“I should say, ‘Touchless.’  Getting two dicks to touch is just about impossible.”

“Then how’d you know it would be fun?”

Traffic was even heavier, though mostly in the opposite direction.  She said, “I’ve got lucky twice.  They sent me to heaven and now so did you fellows.  Hmm.  Fader, is it easy for you to get the use of this van?”

“I guess,” the driver answered over his shoulder.  “They let me have it this afternoon so I could pick up my sister-in-law.  She’s coming in on the 5:30 bus from …”  His eyes sought hers in the mirror and he grinned.  “From Miami too.”

“Your sister-in-law?”

“Yeah.  Sort of.  She’s the sister of my sister’s husband.”

Dell said, “Fader’s mom runs a flower shop.  They mainly use this van to deliver, but not at night.  Could we pick you up somewhere after supper?  Or maybe tomorrow night?”

She giggled.  “I know you’re young, but do you really think you’d be any good tonight?”  Abruptly she leaned back in the chair, frowning thoughtfully.  “I saw a business name painted on the van but didn’t pay attention.”

Cartright Florists  What about it, honey?  Maybe tonight’s too soon, but can you get away tomorrow?”

Her eyes narrowed.  She took a deep breath and mumbled, “I don’t know.”

“Well … Fader, hand me one of those business cards behind the visor.”  When the driver had complied, Dell scribbled on the back of it.  “Here’s my phone number.  Just ask for me.”

She smiled at him until she turned the card over.  She took a deep breath.  Her eyes rose to scan distantly out the window.

The van rolled to a stop.  “Here you are,” said Fader.

Dell reached over the back of his seat and slid the side door open on its rails.  He grinned hopefully.  “How about right here tomorrow night?”

She recognized the street corner where the three had met.  Her blank gaze stopped on Dell’s face.  She laughed mockingly.

“Did I say something I shouldn’t’ve?” he asked, eyebrows rising.

“No.”  Taking a firm clasp on her purse, she scrambled out of the vehicle to stand on the sidewalk.

“Then what’s got you down?” he asked.

She turned around slowly.  Her eyes had narrowed.  She gestured.  “Get out.”


“Get out and get in the back seat.”

“B-but …”

Fader leaned down and reminded her, his voice coming through the still open rear door, “I’ve got to meet somebody.”

She worked the latch on the front passenger door and pulled it open.  “Come on, Dell.”

The boy spread his hands in bafflement but obeyed, remarking as he swung into the back, “Maybe she wants anybody from Miami.”

The girl plopped into the front seat and closed her door as Dell closed the rear one.

Fader pulled up to the red light at the intersection.  “Did you want a ride to the bus station?” he asked her.  “It’s only another block.”

She took a deep breath.  “Donald, we’ve got some serious talking to do.”

“Donald!” Fader repeated with a sniff.  “Only my mom calls me that.”

“And your sister.”

“Huh?  Do you know my sis—”  The boy’s head jerked toward her, eyes widening comically.  “Holy shit!”

“No kidding!” exclaimed Dell.  “Did you go to school with her?”

The girl shook her head.  “No, but I met her, all right,” — she laughed in rich irony — “when my brother stopped by after his honeymoon.”