The Stories of Claire Kellis

Displaying some consequences of male/female collaboration by

Kellis and

Claire Willington


Addressed to the question: Can a man and a woman combine words as well as they sometimes do other parts?



• Claire Willington:

• Kellis:



Sarah and the Stranger

In 1938, the Martin family near Faresville, IL, has problems beyond its incestuous traditions.  The Great Depression has been particularly hard on corn farmers, regardless of their sex habits.  The price of corn was too low to pay for transporting the bountiful 1937 harvest to the railhead, so the Martins are in arrears on their mortgage and retain only $2 in liquid assets. 

Then the widowed Sarah, returning from a farewell tryst with her departing uncle, finds a stranger lying beside the road, unconscious, concussed and wearing a striped suit.  Delivering him to the Martin farmhouse changes her life forever.  Told of the rescue a month later, Sheriff Bates has occasion to remark, "Why is it the best women always fall for the worst men?"  Novel of 88,200 words


Mother’s Duty

“Teaching her children is a prime motherly duty,” said Laura.  Then she proceeded to demonstrate her sincerity.  Vignette of 1800 words