Straightening Out the Boys

Copyright © July, 2003, Kellis


[Editor’s note: this excerpt from Tammy’s diary has been corrected for most spelling, grammar and word order, though not word choice.  As the reader may appreciate, little actual correction was necessary.  Any remaining error has simply been overlooked.

— Kellis]



June 17

They meant to steer clear of me again today.  Now I’ll bet they’re glad I straightened them out.


Soon as I hear Grandma in the kitchen this morning, I throw on what I laid out last night and go down to breakfast.  She scrambles my eggs in butter and cheese again.  Yummy!  Janey says girls are supposed to become cooks.  Real soon I’m going to watch how Grandma does my eggs so I can do it too next fall when Mom doesn’t get home the night before.  Or maybe even when she does, since she hates to fix breakfast.  I’m allowed to use the stove when I’m 13.

I’m almost through eating when they come, still sleepy-eyed, down to the kitchen.  I give them a big smile.  Of course they sneer back.  So I get up, rinse off my plate in the sink and put everything in the dishwasher.

“Thank you, Tammy,” Grandma says, pouring the boys’ milk.

To them I’m like, “Why don’t you stack your plates when you get through?”

They both glare at me.  “Miss goody-goody,” Mike whispers.

Grandma grins.  “It’s a good idea, boys.  Why don’t you?”

Petey grinds his teeth at me.  At least that’s what it sounds like.  He whispers, “Go play with your doll house.”

I’m like, “Can we watch TV, Grandma?”  I already know the answer but I want to make sure the boys can’t.

“No, dear, the cable box is still out and the man hasn’t come yet.  Petey and Mike will play with you, won’t you, boys?”

They stop stuffing food in their mouths but don’t say anything.  Their faces say it for them.

Grandma frowns.  “Now, look here, kids.  You’re all three about the same age —”

“She’s twelve!” Petey goes as if it’s a crime, though in December he will be too.

“— and you ought to have lots in common.  Boys and girls aren’t so segregated as they used to be.”

Petey’s like, “Segre-what?”

“Nowadays they do everything together.  I’ve a good mind to keep you all in the den today and make you get along.  And I would, but the paper says it’s going to be pretty.  Go out and play nice — and you better not fight again like you did yesterday.”

They drop their eyes.  When she looks at me, I smile at her.  She smiles back.  It wasn’t me that was fighting yesterday.  I’ll bet Petey would claim they weren’t fighting either.  But it sure did sound like it!

I skip out the back door.  I know where they’re going and this time I mean to beat them to it.

Climbing trees is not so hard.  The hard part is staying hid while you do it.  Their big tree is just across the yard from the kitchen windows.  But the rope I dropped last night on the backside of it works just right.  All I got to do is walk up the tree, hand-over-hand on the rope, pull up the rope so they can’t see it, then swing from a higher limb onto the top of the tree house.

What a flimsy roof!  It cracks and sags and I think I’m going to fall in.  So I have to scramble back on the limb.  But that’s better anyway.  I can see through the branches into the tree house window.

It’s not long before I hear their voices at the foot of the tree.  The tree house shakes as they scramble up.

Petey goes, “Help me pull up the ladder.”

They grunt like pigs and the end of the ladder comes jerking above the tree house roof.  They have to work hard at it because it’s the heavy bottom half of Grandpa’s sliding ladder that got broke last year.  I have to smile.  So much work on account of me!

“Where’s Tammy?” Mike goes, panting, when they stood the end of the ladder over the stump of a limb.

“She probably went around the house.”

Mike leans out.  “I can’t see her.”

“‘Around the house,’ like I said.  Wherever she is, she can’t bother us now.”

That makes me smile again.  I shift my position slightly and see them with their backs to me, standing in the doorway that doesn’t have a door.

Mike turns around in my direction.  I freeze.  He’s like, “She could climb the tree.”

“The trunk’s too wide to shinny,” Petey goes with a sniff.  “Don’t worry.  We can doodle all day if we want to.”

Two new words: shinny and doodle.  Then I remember: shinny means climbing a tree by clamping the trunk with your legs.  Ouch!  They’re right.  I can’t do that.

Last night they left the ladder down.  This morning I climbed on Grandpa’s fat hemp towing rope that I tied in the tree last night.  All you need for that is a good grip, hand-over-hand while you walk up the trunk.  I have a better grip than most kids.  I can open a jar even when Mom can’t.

Does doodle mean fool around?  Huh!  That and their silly pretend games is all they do anyway.  I mean are.

Mike feels around over the doorway and unrolls a wrinkled sheet of black plastic.  They have some stones left from what they threw at me yesterday.  Petey uses a couple to weigh down the end of the plastic.

“Now she can’t see us either,” he says with satisfaction.

It’s true you can’t see into this window from the ground.  But I’m not on the ground!

Petey goes, “You save your piss?”


Do what?

“Then get ready.”

I can’t believe it.  Without another word they take off their clothes.  Every stitch, shirts, shorts and underpants, thrown in a corner.  They stand up a little ways apart and just look at each other.  I accidentally saw them naked in the tub together last summer, but not like this.

We’ve been at grandma’s a week, enough for our necks, arms and legs to get some tan.  Their chests and butts are white.  Their boy things too.  I couldn’t see any hair around there.  Even if nothing much sticks out on me, I at least have some hair there.  Just started, like Janey.

My cousins are kind of cute, I think, not so bony-looking as the guys in Uncle Arty’s magazines.  Mike is just a little bigger than Petey and his butt sticks out farther.  Their nipples are little nubs, very pale, not like mine at all.  Theirs probably aren’t as sensitive as mine have got either.  Both of them brace hands on hips.  Mike’s shoulder blades are sharp.

Petey says in a funny tone, “I can feel your eyes!”

Mike grins.  “Me too.”

What does that mean?  That they know the other is looking at his nakedness?  Then I notice something.  Their boy thingies are getting bigger.  Both at the same time, without anything touching them.  They sorta twitch, popping out a little farther and rising up a little bit.  Pretty soon they’re sticking straight out.  Almost straight.  And the funny looking tips are turning pink.

Okay!  Now they look like the ones in uncle’s magazines only smaller.  Lots smaller, even with these being only boys and the pictures being of grown men.

But they do grow, just like Janey says.  I guess they must stay shrunk most of the time.  I was wondering how men could keep everybody from seeing the outline if they always looked like what’s in uncle’s magazines!

Would these get that big too?  Wow!  I imagine Petey and Mike needing slings to hold theirs up and almost laugh out loud.

Petey’s like, “Ready to piss?”

They come to the window side by side and sort of lean back.  I’m looking through the leaves at them.  They’re not very far away.  I hold real still.  Yellow pee spurts out of both thingies.  I could do that, I think.  Stand up and pee.  Except I’d want to pull the lips open so it wouldn’t dribble on my legs.  Boys don’t have to.  Does that make them luckier than girls?  They probably don’t have to wipe themselves either.  It’s not fair!

This is so interesting!  Some pictures in one of uncle’s books show a man peeing in a woman’s mouth close up, then with his thing half inside and water running out around it.  It’s really pee too, not the creamy stuff that Janey calls jizz and the book calls seamen (do sailors make a lot of it?).  The woman in the pictures looks so happy.  Could it really taste that good?

Petey takes his thingie between thumb and fingers and waves it around.  The pee goes in a circle.  Mike does the same.  Then they steady the streams so that they meet in the air.  Mike goes, “En guard with your light saber.”  Whatever that means.  Star Wars?

Petey goes, “Pee sabers.”  They both laugh.  Boys don’t make a lot of sense most of the time but they always laugh when the other one does.

Pee quits coming out.  They shake their thingies hard to get a few last drops.  They keep on … no, not shaking exactly.  They’re like rubbing the thingies in their hands.  They’re standing not far from me but I can’t make out what it is they’re doing.  The skin must be real stretchy.  They can pull it out almost to cover up the pink ball on the tip.

But it’s not really a ball.  The back of it is wider than the front, like a snake’s head.  I want to giggle.  A snakehead with just one eye.  That it pees through.  And jizzes through, from the pictures in the books.  It’s very interesting.  The books calls it a penus, but I like Janey’s word better.  From all the pictures in the books, it’s supposed to go in a girl somewhere, at least her hand.  It’ll fit anywhere except in her nose and ears.  I wonder if it feels better than Janey’s hairbrush handle.

From the way their hands are moving I get an idea.  Several pictures show women’s hands wrapped around thingies and call it jerking the men off.  Is this what that means?  Does it feel as good as finger-banging?

Mike’s face is getting as red as his snake head.  He goes, “You about ready?”

Petey sighs.  “You’re too fast again.”

Mike lets go of his thing.  “Hurry up.”

Petey moves his hand faster.  Mike loses some of his color.  Petey is biting his bottom lip.  He starts to redden too.  His breathing picks up.  It must be hard work.  I’m very interested.  Something is going to happen.

Petey goes, “Okay” — and they swap thingies!

I mean, they swap hands.  Petey’s hand grabs Mike’s thing and begins to jerk while Mike grabs Petey.  They’re standing there in the window that’s really just a big square hole in the shipping crate, holding on to the sides and jerking away on the other guy’s thingie.  Both of them are red faced and panting.

Now I understand.  It’s the same as Janey and me with our hairbrush handles.  This is how boys bang each other.  I mean jerk each other off.  I’m waiting, almost holding my breath, to see them jizz.

“Mike!  You, Mike!”

It’s Grandma’s voice.  Both boys freeze and their eyes pop open.

“Mike Williams!”  The voice is louder.  “Answer me, young man!  I know you’re in that tree house.”

Two thingies get dropped like hot potatoes.  Both boys are looking wildly around for something.

Mike yells, “Here I am, Grandma.”  He snatches up his outer shorts and practically jumps into them.

She calls, “Come out from behind that plastic where I can see you.”

He looks horrified at Petey, who’s got one leg in his shorts only to find they’re inside-out.

“Go on,” Petey says softly, pulling on the plastic sheet.

Mike sticks head and shoulders beyond the plastic.  “Wh-what’s wrong, Grandma?”

“You forgot to take your vitamin pill.”

Mike yells, “Darn it, Grandma, Petey don’t have to take no pill!”

“Don’t you ‘darn’ me, Mike Williams!  It’s your mother’s rule.  You were right there when I promised her you’d get one every morning.  Now climb down here and take this vitamin.”

Mike whispers to Petey, “Stand where she can’t see you.”  When the coast is clear, he rolls up the plastic, leans out, unhooks the ladder and drops it down to the ground with a crash.  He’s stronger than he looks.  He turns around and swings out of sight.

Grandma’s like, “Where’s your shirt?”

“It was hot.”

Petey finally gets his shorts straightened out but pauses to listen to Grandma.

“I expect some thanks for that, young man.”

“Yes’m.  Thank you, Grandma.”

The tree house shivers from somebody climbing back up.

Mike comes through the door.  “Help me with this ladder.”

Petey drops his shorts and cranes his head to look down.  “Where’s Grandma?”

“Gone back to the house.”

Petey sort of leans into the doorway so his thingie stays out of sight.  Together they walk the ladder back up into the tree.  They turn around.

Mike is breathing hard.  “Damn it, I almost came.”

Came?  I’m not sure what he said.  Came where?

Petey’s like, “So did I.  We’ll fix it.  Get your shorts off.”

They’ve got an elastic waistband.  Mike jerks them down but looks up as he steps out of them.  “I can’t piss.”

“Shit, you’re right.  I can’t either.  Guess we’ll have to wait.”

Mike frowns and raises his chin.  “Damn it all!  Are you sure we have to piss first?  What makes you think so?”

“I told you how I got started.”

“You woke up with a hard-on, you said.  Shit, everybody wakes up with a hard-on!”

“And plays gun with it?”

“What do you mean?”

“I pointed it all around, pretending to shoot with it.  I found out if you doodle the skin up and down … well, you know how that feels.”

“And you had to piss.”

“Yeah, bad.  It was before everybody got up in the morning.  I went to piss and … finished doodling.”  He sighs.  “Wow!  You know how that feels too.”

Mike shakes his head.  “So you think you always have to piss first.”

Petey blinks at him.  “It works.”

“Let’s try it without.”

“Okay.  After a while.  First let’s play Land Ho.”

From overhearing them earlier I know this is a game they made up from reading Treasure Island during school.

Mike goes, “We’ll have to put our clothes on.  Huh!  Why do we have to take them off anyway?”

“So we don’t piss on them.”

“No way.”  Mike shakes his head in wonder.  “Why’d you think we would?”

“’Cause it went all over the toilet the first time.”

Mike giggles.  “I get it.  You were pumping while you pissed!”

Petey grins, kind of uncomfortable.  “Well, I did the first few times till I learned you don’t have to.”

Pumping?  Another word for it?  One that makes sense.  Sort of.

Mike goes, “I don’t think you need to piss at all.  I want to try it without.”

“Okay, but give it a break for a while.  I’ll be the captain.  Man the crow’s nest, sailor!”

“Aye, aye, sir!”

That’s when it happens.  To my complete surprise Mike jumps straight out the window toward me.  I flinch back, but he shoves right through the leaves.

Wow, his face when he sees me!  He’s grabbed an overhead limb and swung out through the leaves.  He means to let go and land on my limb but forgets when he sees somebody already on it.  He just hangs there in the middle of the branches.  His mouth is wide open and his eyes are popping out.

He goes, “Awk!”

He can’t let go now.  He’d fall to the ground and maybe break his legs.  I want to laugh but I don’t want him to fall!

“Stick out your foot,” I tell him, reaching for one.

He does.  I catch it, pull him toward my limb, catch him again behind his butt and pull him even closer.  He lets go overhead and falls against me.  His arms go around me, which feels kind of nice, but he backs off as soon as he gets his balance.

He’s like, “Gawk!”

That makes me grin.  I’m like, “Cat got your tongue?”

Petey hollers from the tree house, “Crow’s nest, report!”

Mike’s chin quivers.  He’s holding a limb with one hand and covering his thingie with the other.  He finally manages to yell, “Tammy, ho!”

Petey goes, “What?”


“Where away?”

“In the crow’s nest!”


I hear a thump.  The limb that Mike just released sags again.  I move over against him just in time.

Petey lands where I was standing, grabs another limb for balance and stares at me with the same horrified look as Mike’s.  He gulps a couple of times and stammers, “How’d you g-get up here?”

I open my mouth to answer but Mike goes, “That’s not the right question.  How long’s she been up here?”

I say, “Long enough.”

Petey goes, “You saw us?”


He sorta sags all over.  His thingie is just a little dab of flesh like the end of my thumb.  I can even see the sack beneath it.  I wonder why boys have so much hanging out down there.  Janey didn’t know and the magazines don’t explain. On men it’s a lot more and looks like it would get hurt all the time.  How can they ride a bicycle or a horse?

Petey goes, “Oh, god, Tammy, oh god!”

“Don’t curse,” I tell him.

He grits his teeth, which is probably not good for them.  He’s looking down at my bare feet with his face as red as it was when Grandma called.

“You’re going to go tell on us, aren’t you?”

Mike sighs.  “We’re dead!”

I look from one to the other.  Two naked boys whose eyes shift away.  Petey has bruises on his arms and legs and a scab on his thigh next to the groin.  I point at it.  “Does Grandma know about that sore?”

“Naw.”  He takes a deep breath and rolls his eyes at Mike.  “Oh, god, Tammy!  How can we get you not to tell her about, about …”

“About your sore?  How’d you get hurt there anyway?”

“No, not about the sore!  Who cares about that?  Besides, it’s not sore.”

I bend and touch the scab with my fingertip.  He kind of twitches.  Something has scraped the skin off but it doesn’t look infected.  It’s not nearly as interesting as the sack hanging beside it.  It’s the first time I’ve seen one close up.  Funny!  It has fine parallel lines curving around it in the skin, not like the pictures.  Does men’s hair hide those lines?

From behind me Mike goes, “What’s she doing?”

Petey says in a funny voice, “Squeezing my balls.”

“She … she’s what?”

I’m like, “Making sure he’s all right.  Let’s get in the tree house.”

Mike starts up, “We don’t ’low no girls in —”

“You do now.”

Petey straightens up and sorta grins at me.  “Think you can make it?”

I let myself sneer back.  “You mean, can I swing like a monkey?”

He sorta shrugs.  “Okay.  Come on, then.”  He turns around, jumps up through the leaves to grab the overhead limb and swings away over the windowsill.

If he can do it, I can too, especially barefoot and in shorts, though maybe I couldn’t in a skirt.  I smash through the leaves all right but don’t land as smooth as he did.  Kind of fell over on my face inside the tree house.  Well, it’s my first time.  As I get up, Mike thumps in behind me.  The tree house shakes.  I brace myself in a corner, wondering if three of us might be two heavy for it.  I expect I’m a little heavier than either of them.

They stand there staring at me, still naked.  Mike picks up his shorts.

“Leave that off,” I say.

He frowns.  “Don’t start telling me what —”

Petey grabs his arm and says to me, “You promise not to rat on us, Tammy?”

“If you do what I say.”  I had already figured out how to handle this.

Petey heaves a big sigh.  “You going to threaten us all summer, aren’t you?”

I’ve thought about that too.  When they see what I have in mind, they’ll quit worrying.  This is getting even more interesting.  I’m beginning to feel like I did when Janey showed me how to make it feel good.

I answer him by tugging my tube top over my head.  Their eyes pop again.  A nail is sticking through the wall up high, just perfect.  I hang the blouse over it.  Down go my shorts and panties, then up on the nail too.  Unlike their clothes piled on the dirty floor, mine won’t be dirty or wrinkled.  Now I’m as naked as they are except for the plastic bracelets Janey gave me.

Petey lets out his breath.  “God, Tammy!”

“Quit cursing!” I warn him by habit.  I go to the window we’ve all jumped through. The sill is not quite knee high.  “Come here and stand beside me.”

They get on either side.  We can fit in the window okay.  I pull my bottom lips apart and lean back enough to arc a yellowish stream out the window.  It’s thicker than theirs. I’m not the only one surprised.  I’ve seen Janey pee in the woods but not out in the air like this.

Mike goes, “Wow, Tammy!”

Petey goes, “Let me see!”  He bends down in front and looks up into my groin.  I’m tempted to turn my hips toward his face but don’t.  Mike bends down too, but too late.  The pee stops before he can see it coming out.

He’s like, “Do some more.”

“I can’t.  That’s all there is for now.  But you can …”

When I hesitate, he gets it wrong.  “I can’t do it yet either.”

I explain, “You can feel it if you want.”  I liked that when Janey did it.

He glances up to see if I mean it.  His fingers fumble at my bottom lips.  He finds the hole but not the quick.  I know the right name is clortis, or something like that, but Janey’s word is better.  His finger goes in easy.

Petey is still bent over, watching.  “You got hair!”

I go, “It just started this year.”

“You didn’t have any before?”

“No.  I was like you two.”

“What made it grow?”

“I don’t know.  But grown women have so much they got to shave.”

“Shave!”  He grabs Mike’s wrist.  “My turn!”

One of the pictures in the book shows two big men’s thingies in the same hole.  I grab Petey’s wrist and say, “Do it with him.”

He looks surprised but I feel his finger join Mike’s.  They go around and around and in and out.  Hairbrush handles are lots better.

I’m like, “Look here,” and put my forefinger down to the quick.

Petey goes, “At what?”

“Right here.  This fold of skin.  It makes a little lump if you rub it.  That’s the quick. That’s where it feels good.”

Petey’s thumb takes the place of my finger.  He wallows it around.  “This is good?”

“Don’t mash so hard.”

He lightens up.  “Hey, I can feel it.”

So can I!  The tingle comes even faster than with Janey.  I half crouch, clamping my knees together.  Mike lets go but Petey doesn’t get it.  I have to shove him away.

He’s like, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t stand it if you keep on.”

He stares at me.  Mike grins at him.  “I bet she came.”

I’m like, “Say what?”

He says, “When the feeling gets so strong you can’t stand it.”

Came?”  I giggle.  “That’s not what you call it.”

Petey goes, “It’s what we call it.  And the boys at school.  What’s your word?”

Jizz.  Only …”

“Only what?”

“That’s what it’s called when the white stuff comes out of a man.  In a girl it’s an origam.”

Petey blinks at me.  Mike goes, “What white stuff?”

“You mean you don’t get white stuff when you finish up?”

“Are we supposed to?”

Men do.  Huh!  They have lots of hair around their thingies.  Maybe you’ll jizz when you get the hair.  Are you sure you don’t?”

“We don’t.”

“Let’s make real sure.”

In the magazines they start out kissing.  I straighten up, slip my arms around their waists and pull them against me.  “Let’s kiss with our tongues.”

Mike sticks out his tongue.  I suck it in my mouth.  It tastes about like mine.  None of us brushed our teeth after breakfast.  I follow his back and swab his teeth.  Janey and I tried this too.  I discover that a boy’s mouth does taste different.  Not very different, but enough to give me a little tingle.  Petey is willing too.  He tastes just a little different from Mike, a tiny bit sweeter.  This is very interesting.  Something brushes my leg.  Petey’s thingie is stiff again.  So is Mike’s.

One picture shows a man kissing two women at once.  Why not two boys and a girl?  My hands at the backs of their heads pull our faces together.  They’re a little slow, trying to keep their lips from touching each other, but I pull harder.  I stick my tongue in one mouth, then the other.  They’re swapping spit whether they want to or not.  Their eyes cut around to each other.  Petey’s tongue comes out.  I push it into Mike’s mouth in front of mine.  Mike answers with his.  In no time all three of us are tonguing all three mouths.  Mike begins to giggle.  We’re all three laughing and swapping gobs of spit.

“Hey, that’s fun!” Mike goes when we finally stop with spit running down our chins.

I snake my hands between them and take hold of their firm thingies.  This will be something to tell Janey.  She won’t believe I squeezed two of them the first time I touched one.

How interesting!  I never felt anything like this.  How can the skin be so loose!  I saw them pull it over the snakehead but didn’t really notice what that meant.  Now I can feel the snakehead under my fingers through the skin as I pull.  Is such stretchy skin normal? I start to ask if something is wrong with them but decide it couldn’t be wrong on both boys.

Petey’s like, “You saw us do this, didn’t you?”

I don’t say anything.  I hold their skin back with my curled little finger so that the snakehead is bare and rub it between thumb and forefinger.  They both twitch.  I lighten up.  They have quicks too!  Even if theirs are so much bigger than mine and Janey’s.  I wonder if it feels that much better to them than to us.  I bet that would be hard to find out!

Petey goes, “You ever see any other boys do it?”

“No.  Not boys.”

“You mean … you’ve seen men?”

“Pictures of them.”


Mike is not just listening.  His fingers find their way into my hole.

I’m like, “Rub the quick easy.”

He fumbles around and finds it.  Janey does it better, but of course she knows what to do.  The magazines show women getting licked there, which I’ll bet Janey didn’t know about or else she would have made me do it.  Even thinking about how it must feel gives me a little shiver.

Petey just leans against the wall with his eyes closed while I pump him slow.  Mike has a finger in me and is squeezing the quick under his thumb.

I wonder how can I get the boys to lick me.

The books also show how to use your mouth on a man.  Maybe if I start it they’ll go along.  I get an idea.  “Let’s play cow.”

Mike looks at me funny.  Cow?”

“You be the cow and I’ll be the calf.”

“What’s a calf?”

“You know, a baby cow.  Didn’t you ever see cows?”

“Yeah, hundreds.  My class visited a dairy farm last year.  But no cow babies.”

“Well, they have them.  That’s what cows make milk for.”

He shrugged.  “How do you play cow?”

“It’s easy.  The calf sucks the cow’s tit.”

His hand goes to his pale little nipple but his eyes turn to mine.  “Then I should be the calf.”

“Not the real nipple!  A play nipple.”


Petey had figured it out.  “She means your dick.  I’ll be the first cow.”

Mike goes, “Oh … oh!”

What can I call the other game?  I give up and go, “Then we’ll play lick the quick.”

Both their eyes narrow thoughtfully.  I drop down to my back, leaving lots of room behind me, and say to Petey, “Baby’s thirsty.  Come here, mamma-cow.”

He steps over me.  His thingie is sticking straight out.  “Now what?”

“Get down on four legs like a cow.”

I open my mouth wide and he drops forward to his hands with his knees on either side of my neck, his shins on my shoulders.  I can smell a little pee and something else.  I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t so common in the pictures.  And if I didn’t want them to think what they might do between my own legs spread so wide.

I catch his thingie between my lips and slurp it in.  It’s a little cooler than his butt cheeks grazing my chest.  My tongue feels around the snakehead.  The magazines call this a “blow job.”  I try blowing, but see no sense in that.  Sucking, now, makes Petey’s bottom twitch.  His hips begin to turn back and forth, making the thingie go in and out — almost out.  Janey did that when I worked the hairbrush in her.  Now my tongue and lips can feel his skin sliding.  It’s strange and very interesting.  I never had anything at all like this in my mouth before!

I hear Mike say, “Let’s play both games at once.”

Smart boy!  I raise my knees and separate them as far as they’ll go.  His hands are on me, then weight on my legs, then … oh, god!  Something wet and firm rubs up my lips onto the quick.  His tongue!  I shiver.  I can feel it next on the bottom lips.  He tries to put it in the hole.  My hand slips down and finds his chin.  I guide him up to the quick again.  He licks me too hard.  I push his chin partly away.  He gets the idea and licks gently.  I squeeze his shoulder in time with his licking.  I speed up my squeezing and he speeds up his licking.  Oh, this is so good!

I’ve forgotten to suck Petey, but he’s humping away on my chest even faster.  I’m sure glad his thingie is so much smaller than those men’s!  As it is he hits the back of my throat and gags me.  I bring my other hand up and close thumb and forefinger around the beginning of it to limit how far in he can go.  I start sucking again in time with his pumps.

But all that takes my mind off what Mike is doing.  He’s licking harder even than when he started but now I don’t care.  The good feeling is swelling all in my bottom and belly.  Oh this is so good!  I close my eyes and concentrate on my bottom.  It’s all I can think about.

Then suddenly I can’t stand another second of it!  I shove his face away.

Petey has been pumping into my mouth like mad.  He sorta freezes with his thingie as deep in my mouth as I’ll let it go, almost to my throat.  I come to my senses enough to start sucking again.  He lets out a yelp and jerks himself away from me.

He must’ve jizzed, I think, but I don’t taste anything in my mouth but an excess of spit.  I turn my head and spit on the rough floor.  It’s just spit.

Imagine that.  They really don’t jizz!

Mike has raised up.  His face is wet.  He’s staring at me like he’s hungry.  He goes, “My turn?”

His thingie looks hard as wood.  At that instant I know what I want.  I reach down and pull my lips open.  “Put it here.”

He wipes his mouth on the back of his hand and kind of lets himself down on me.  His weight feels good on my stomach.  He smells like a boy.  I never realized I like that odor — which I won’t tell Janey.  His hand is on his thingie but he lets go when I grab it.  I guide it to the right place and say, “Push.”

It’s not as big as Janey’s hairbrush handle.  But when he slides it in all the way, the place where it comes out of his body mashes my quick perfectly.  And I find out right away why you twist your hips — to keep mashing it!  The feeling comes on me stronger and stronger with every push.  In the magazines one of the women writes how it’s like heaven.  I think I’m about to find out how heaven feels.

Except I don’t.  Mike freezes like Petey did, straining his thingie as far into me as it will go.  I wiggle my hips faster.  “Come on, Mike!  Don’t stop!”

It’s the funniest feeling.  He’s squirting something into me.  But they don’t know how to jizz yet.  Is it pee?

He makes a funny sound, like a groan, pulls out of me and flops over on the floor.

Petey is on hands and knees beside me.  I guess he was getting a close-up.  He goes, “Can I fuck you too?”

Fuck.  That’s the word for what Mike and I just did, even if I didn’t finish.  I remember it from the magazines.  That’s what I need.  More fucking.  I hitch around so my legs open toward him.

He doesn’t waste any time.  At first his thingie may not be as stiff as it was in my mouth, but in no time it gets harder.  It feels the same as Mike’s, except lots wetter — from Mike’s pee?  The good feeling that was fading out comes back even stronger, so much I wrap my legs around his butt and try to drive him into me.  My arms go around his back and pull him down tight.  His arms slip over mine and his hands grab my butt cheeks.  His face is against mine.  Our butts are twisting like mad!  I hear grunting sounds but don’t know which of us is making them.

Oh, it is heaven!  It spreads through my whole body.  It goes on and on.  I can’t think of anything else.  It’s like the lights go out and I see red and green flashes.  I didn’t know anything could feel so lovely and so strong.  Nothing else matters in the whole world.

I think I could spend the rest of my life like that and be very happy.  But Petey must have quit.  I realize I’m panting and light as air.  I open my eyes.  He’s lying on his back on one side of me, breathing hard.  I look hopefully at Mike, but Mike won’t meet my eyes.  His hand is on his thingie.  It’s shrunk a lot but not all the way.  He keeps looking at it and, like, milking it.  He almost looks scared.

I go, “What’s the matter?”

His mouth works.  Finally he goes, “Something’s wrong with it.”


“I … I don’t know.  Something … something white spilled out when I came.”

I’m like, “Something white?”

“Yeah.  Some of it dripped on your leg.”  He cocks his head to look at me.  “Guess Petey rubbed it off.”

So it wasn’t pee!  I go, “Thought you can’t jizz.”

He stares at me.  “I never did before.  Is that what it was?”

I smile at him.  “That means you’re a man, Mike, even if you don’t have hair there.”

His whole face brightens.  “It does?”

Petey sneers.  “Why’d you make so much, Mike?  You made her squish.”

“Yeah, I heard it when you got on.  At least I made some!”

I feel in myself.  The hole is moist but not sopping.

I go, “Didn’t you come, Petey?”

“Sure I did!”

“But you didn’t jizz.”

He turns his back on us.

The skin on either side of my hole is kind of sticky.  I hitch backwards and sit up.  On the floor under where I was there’s a wet patch bigger than your hand.  “Gosh, Mike, you made as much as a man!”

Mike begins to grin.

Petey kind of snarls at me.  “How’d you learn so much about men?”

I’m like, “Magazines.”

“What magazines?”

I start putting on my clothes.  “If I tell you …  If I show them to you, you both got to promise not to tell anybody else.  We could all get in a lot of trouble.”

“You’ve got them here?”

“In the house.”

“In your bedroom?”

“No.  Not in my bedroom.”

“Where, then?”

When my tube top goes on over my face, he thinks of something else to ask.  “What’re you doing?  Let’s fuck some more.”

“I better not.  You know Grandma checks on me every hour or so.”

“She does?”

“Oh, yeah, she does!  She’ll be calling for me any time now.”

“Well … damn!  When we going to look at your magazines?”

“They’re not my magazines.  I think they’re Uncle Arty’s.  And just because we fucked doesn’t mean you can cuss.  You’ll get in a bad habit, like Grandma says.”

He shrugs off my reprimand.  “Which bedroom is Uncle Arty’s?”

“None of them.  Did you forget he’s in the army?”  I grin at them.  “I found where he hides stuff in the bedroom over the den.  We’ll take a look this afternoon when Grandma naps.”  I lick my lips.  “With three of us we can do most of the things they show in the pictures, like two guys fucking the same girl at once.”

Their eyes get big.  “Oh, wow!”

Mike pulls up his shorts.  Petey goes, “Let’s put the ladder down for her.”

“I don’t need your ladder.”

“You can’t jump that far!”

“I can slide down a rope that far.”

The expression on their faces when they see me uncoil my rope is so cool!


What a nice morning!  Grandma’s in the kitchen putting away the lunch dishes.  Pretty soon she’ll go out on the screened porch and get into her hammock.  I’ll swing her until she starts snoring, about two minutes, and then …

Oh, it’s going to be such a nice day!