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Davey’s Diary


        Some time ago a new widow handed me a frayed hardbound book entitled My Diary.  She said, “This is your kind of stuff.  Do whatever you like with it so long as I don't have to hear of it again.”

        What I like is to publish it here.  It's a remarkable work, especially considering the period it claims to depict.  The pages, aside from an opening calendar for the years 1951-54, were originally blank with blue guidelines.  They had been inscribed in a too-standard that is, childish pencil handwriting.  Both sides of the page were used, with the result that the pencil graphite has smeared over the years, sometimes taxing decipherment.

        I have divided it into “booklets,” each in the range 5-6000 words, corrected spelling and grammar and eased word order, but these are Davey’s ideas, reproduced nearly verbatim.

        I’ll publish further booklets as I get around to editing them.



Booklet, Words

1. Elaine, 5520

2. Georgie, 5220

3. Janet, 5120


Total, 15860



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