The Eager Donor

a short story by Kellis

Copyright © September, 2002


“Hey, stud, looking for a seat?”

The food court was jammed after the parade.  Holding his tray in the middle of a throng of seated diners, Alec was indeed looking vainly for a seat, so he turned automatically before taking time to think.  In 11 years of coeducation, a geek learns that when a girl calls, “Hey, stud,” she is only too ready to follow his hopeful reaction with a contemptuous, “You really thought I was talking to you?” — and lead the scornful laughter of her friends.

But this time, to his relief and surprise, no high-school girl awaited his reaction with ready glee.  He saw two women in neat feminine clothing and restrained make-up, with sleek coiffures and manicured red nails, sitting with the remains of coffee and doughnuts at one of the postage-stamp triangular tables whose third seat was empty.  His glance took in all of that plus slim and shapely but mature bodies, far beyond a teenage boy’s normal expectations.

The one with auburn hair and luminous blue eyes was looking up at him inquiringly without derision.

The brown-eyed brunette regarded her companion with a twisted smile.  “Hazel,” she asked in a low contralto that Alec must strain to hear above the cacophony of the throng, “do you know what you’re doing?”

He didn’t wait for the answer.  “I sure need a seat!” he declared.  “Is … is this one vacant?”

Auburn hair’s eyes twinkled.  “We saved it just for you.”

Was that sarcasm?  A little, he thought, but not contemptuous of him, merely of his need to ask.  He felt heat on his face but without further talk unloaded his sandwich and coke onto the table among their doughnut plates and the ashtray with two crushed and red-tinged cigarette butts.  He pulled out the chair, took the offered seat and looked up at his new companions.

They were both watching him.  Auburn hair’s lips held a slight smile.  She said to the other, “No problem.  Isn’t that a cute blush?”

He tried to ignore that comment, but his face grew hotter.  He tore the wrapper off his food.  “I’ll only be a minute.  Th-thanks for letting me sit.”

“Oh, take your time, please.  We enjoy looking at you.”

“You d-do?”  His eyes widened.

The brunette shook her head but smiled at him above sparkling dark eyes.  “Don’t let her upset you.  What’s your name?”

“Alec.”  He took a large byte of the cheeseburger.

“Short for Alexander?”

He nodded, chewing vigorously.

“Well, I’m Diane and this is Hazel.  We are pleased to meet you, Alec.”

He swallowed.  “Pleased to meet you too.  I mean also.”

Diane, the brunette, tilted her head inquiringly toward her companion.  “How did you know he would be such a polite young man?”

Auburn-haired Hazel lifted her chin.  “Look at him.  His clothes are neat, clean and pressed, not ragged like the others.  And they fit.  The crotch of his slacks doesn’t drag to his knees.  By his build he’s not a jock.  Though he’s a good-looking boy, I doubt he thinks girls were put on the earth just to please him.  Do you, Alec?”

“N-no,” he stuttered around another mouthful of sandwich.

“How old are you?”


“Why aren’t the girls hanging on you, Alec?”

“G-girls?  Hanging?”

His astonishment in voice and face produced chuckles from both women.

Hazel continued, “Another good question is why aren’t the boys attacking you for daring to dress better?”

He nodded.  “They probably will if I hang around.”

The blue eyes studied him.  “You didn’t wear that to the parade.  What was it, a job interview?”

His eyes widened.  “How’d you guess?”

The woman licked her lips as a twinkle appeared in the blue eyes.  “Are you a virgin, Alec?”

“Hazel!” cried the brunette.  But she grinned, her attention likewise completely focused on the lad.

His face flamed.  “I, ah …”

But auburn-haired Hazel shrugged negligently.  “So what if you are?  Don’t worry about it.  It’s an easy condition to get over.  Everybody does eventually.”  Suddenly she grinned.  “Even Diane and I.”

The brunette chuckled and warned, though in indulgent tones, “Hazel, you’ll embarrass him to death.”

He took a deep shuddery breath, followed by another byte of sandwich.

Hazel frowned.  “A job interview, Alec?  Don’t you attend school?”

He nodded and found room around his sandwich to answer, “Sanders High.”

The brunette’s eyes narrowed to study him thoughtfully but auburn’s frown departed.  “A senior?” she asked.

“Next year.”

“I get it: a summer job.”

He nodded again.

“Did you land it?”

He swallowed and shook his head glumly.  “No.  It’s second shift.  It would be perfect but you have to be 18.”

“Are you terribly disappointed?”

He lowered his eyes.  “I guess so.”

“What do you say, Diane, can we cheer him up?”

“I don’t know,” muttered the brunette.

“Oh, I’m sure we can!”

Alec’s eyes flashed up to find the brunette studying him.  But as he watched her frown changed oddly to the same combination of assessment and indulgence his mother had shown when he said he wanted a job.

His eyes swung to Hazel, who was licking her lips like a cat contemplating a milk saucer.  She looked at her tiny wristwatch.  “It’s just after twelve.  What did you have planned this afternoon, Alec?”

“I …  Nothing.  Thorny has the new version of Colliding Galaxies.”

“A video game?”

He nodded.

“Do you play them a lot?”

“Yeah.  Sure.”

She grunted.  “That may be why you don’t know any girls.  Does Thorny expect you today?”

“Not really.  Maybe I’ll drop by after I change clothes.”

“Will they be looking for you at home pretty soon?”

He shrugged.  “My folks went to the big parade in Wellesley.  They won’t be back until tomorrow.”

Both women’s eyes narrowed briefly at that news.  He had the fleeting impression that telling them was a mistake of some kind.

“So in fact you’re at loose ends.  How about coming home with us?”

His chin sagged.  Hazel had issued the invitation.  She sat awaiting his answer with a twinkle in her blue eyes that strengthened as unconcealable astonishment registered on his face.  Diane smiled and suppressed a chuckle.

He stammered, “Do you n-need something done?”

Briefly Hazel added her smile to the brunette’s, then her expression grew serious.  “Yes, dear, you could help us out.  And probably yourself.”

“Doing … doing what?”

She tilted her head toward his food.  “You’ve got another bite there.  Eat up and let’s go find out.”

Dutifully he popped the food into his mouth.

Diane warned, “Hazel, I think you ought to level with him before we go anywhere.”

The auburn head nodded slowly.  “Maybe so.”  She smiled again.  “But we don’t want to shock you too much, Alec.”

He stared from one to the other as he chewed the last bite.

The brunette snapped impatiently, “Oh, tell him about it!  You’re the one who takes charge.”

Hazel glared at her companion.  “Takes charge indeed!  Who just gave whom an order?”

Diane tossed her head.  “You know you do.  Now tell the man what we need.”

Hazel’s gaze returned to Alec with a calculating grin.  “Are you ready for this, dear?”

“For what?”

“Diane and I are lesbians.”

He blinked and swallowed.  “But that …  That means you’re, ah …”

“Queer,” she announced blandly.

“Gay!” Diane corrected sharply.

“The old slang is more honest,” Hazel retorted, “as in, ‘Queer as a three-dollar bill.’”

The lad managed to close his mouth before beginning, “Then … then what —”

“Do we want with you?”  She smiled condescendingly.  “It turns out that men are useful for one or two things after all.”

“If you hate to deal with the government,” Diane explained with a sniff.

“The … government?”

“And if you don’t trust the doctors,” Hazel added.  “Doctors won’t tell you diddly about where they get the stuff.  I can just imagine some nurse jacking off a bum in the park.”

He took a deep breath.  His mouth was dry.  They watched as he bent to his coke for a long sip.  Raising up, he asked, “Then you want my … my …”

Hazel’s blue eyes sparkled.  “Essence.  As the porno poet said, we want your ‘20 million half-babies.’  Two or three times!”

Fortunately he had swallowed the liquid; else he would surely have choked on that confirmation.  He managed a cough.

“It’s not as gross as it sounds, Alec, not as if you were giving it to a doctor or for scientific research.  We can see you’re a capable lad in good health with a sound mind, just the right stuff for our babies.  We’ll make sure you enjoy slipping it to us.”  She smiled beatifically.  “You’ll find it very educational.  We’ll show you everything you ever wanted to know about a woman.  And we’ll enjoy it too.”

“B-but … you’re gay!”

Diane flinched.  “Don’t tell the whole food court!”  She glanced around but relaxed.  The lunchtime crowd, augmented by parade spectators, was noisy enough to cloak his dumbfounded cry from potential eavesdroppers.

Hazel said, “I think you don’t fully understand lesbians, Alec.  We don’t hate men, unless we’ve been badly mistreated, which Diane and I have not, at least not as it’s usually measured.  We just don’t need them.  Most of the time, that is.  But now we do.  And we can enjoy this even more than you can, as you’ll see.”

Both studied him intently.  He shook his head.  “Don’t you want … two men?”

Hazel cocked an eyebrow.  “Probably not.  I had a younger brother.  With a couple of new Playboys he could come four or five times in an afternoon.”  She leered.  “You’ll have something better than Playboys.”

A feeling of warm anticipation rose in his chest — and elsewhere.  “Wow!” he exclaimed, at last taking the trouble to study them both.  They were pretty women, enough to satisfy any man’s eye.  Hazel’s blue eyes returned his stare from a symmetrically oval face with full, sensuous lips.  The brunette’s deep brown eyes were somehow warm and inviting in a heart-shaped visage with narrow, rosebud lips.  Both faces were painted tastefully, Hazel’s with a orange-pink base that complemented her auburn hair, Diane’s a deeper red.  Their fingernails matched their lips.

Diane sniffed, though she grinned as she said to her friend, “Why is it I feel like a slab of beef in a butcher shop?”

Hazel grunted.  “Or one of the girls on the receiving line in an old-fashioned whorehouse.  What about it, sweetie?  Do you like what you see?”

He was overwhelmed.  “Oh, god!” he managed.  His chin had sagged again.

She laughed.  “Well, don’t mess up your underpants.  We’ve got a much better use for that!  Finish off your coke and let’s go.”

Once clear of the crush they walked on either side of him, arms linked with his, down the mall concourse to the exit.

Hazel leaned close with merry eyes and asked in a soft sing-song, “Could that be … a stick … in your pants …  A-lick?”

“Let me, ah, put my hand in my pocket.”

They laughed.  Hazel continued, “You’ll make us feel like Mae West.”

“L-like who?”

“She reportedly asked a young man if that was a banana in his pocket or was he just glad to see her.”

Alec choked with cheeks suddenly hot.  The women pulled him along.  He peered helplessly around him and recognized a face staring from the game arcade, a classmate.  Its expression was pure envy.  Suddenly Alec felt better.

Hazel inquired, “Does it peel like a banana, Alec?  Diane, I think this is going to be fun.”

“I never said it wouldn’t,” the other protested stoutly.

Leaning closer, Hazel whispered loudly, “Diane’s afraid of cocks.”

Alec blinked at the brunette.  “Why?” he asked with wide eyes.

Diane looked away.  “They hurt.”

“They what?  Do you have a very small, uh —”

Hazel barked a laugh.  “I don’t know where she gets her they.  She’s only had one.”

Diane frowned.  “Now don’t start telling tales.”  She pressed closer to Alec.  “You won’t hurt me, will you?”

“Not if I can help it.”

The brunette sighed.  “But you will, I’m sure.”

He sniffed the sweetness of gardenias.  “Wow, you smell good!”

“Thank you.  I like your odor too.”  Her chin rose.  “You have to understand, Alec.  I don’t want a man but I do want his baby.”

He glanced in confusion at Hazel, who returned a wink.

They emerged into a bright spring afternoon.  The women plunged among the rows of cars and divided around a two year-old Chevy sedan.  Diane led him to the passenger side while Hazel withdrew a key ring from her purse and unlocked the vehicle.  The brunette opened the rear door for him, waited until he had slipped inside then took the front passenger seat as the engine started.

Hazel turned around to back out of the spot and grinned at him.  “Did you ever walk out of the mall before with a hard-on, Alec?”


Her grin changed to mock concern.  “How thoughtless of us!  Diane, you should’ve got in the back to keep it hard!”

She chuckled at his expression of hope.

“How do you do that?” asked the brunette.

“Just breathe near it.”

Hazel reversed the car, turned and sped out of the parking lot.  Neither woman bothered with seat belts.  He shrugged and dropped the end he had picked up.

The brunette leaned back against her door with an arm over the seat back and regarded him quizzically.  “Are you nervous, Alec?”

“N-no.  Well, a little, I guess.”

“We haven’t told you any lies,” she said seriously.

Hazel said over her shoulder, “We told you the exact truth.  We’ll take you to our place, fuck you silly, probably feed you, then take you home or back to the mall, as you wish.  Do you have a problem with any of that, dear?”

“Oh, wow!”

Both women laughed.  “He’s a cutie,” Diane noted, studying him.  “He gets a dimple in one cheek when he’s excited.  It would look so sweet in a baby boy.”

“So would what else he’s got,” said Hazel.

The brunette laughed.  “He’s even cuter when he blushes like that.”  Suddenly she frowned, attention now on the driver.  “Don’t get carried away, lover.”

“Is that a comment on my driving?”

She had cut off another driver a moment before, but somehow Alec doubted that driving was Diane’s concern.  The latter only sniffed and turned her face to the front.

Curiosity pushed him to ask, “Do you, ah, ladies live together?”

“Why, Alec!” Hazel responded in mock affront.  “‘Ladies,’ indeed!  I said we mean to fuck you silly.  Would ladies do that?  Think of us as your afternoon girlfriends, won’t you?”

The brunette echoed darkly, “This afternoon!”

He was perfectly willing to do that.

They lived in an apartment complex not five minutes from the mall.  Hazel’s key admitted them to a door on the parking lot.  Walking down the corridor to the elevators, they met an elderly couple leaving.  Both parties ignored the other.  Two young women, dressed more casually than Alec’s girls, waited for the next up-elevator.  One of them winked at Alec then knitted her brow thoughtfully as she looked from him to his girls.  She stood directly behind him in the elevator when all had boarded.  Something soft pressed into the back of his dangling arm ― and nudged him repeatedly.

“Lots of people live here,” he commented, which for some reason caused all four females to chuckle.

His girls lived on the fifth floor.  He glanced back as they left the elevator.  The winker’s hand rose to encircle a halter-covered breast.  She produced an exaggerated wink, licking her lips.  She must have seen his instant blush, because she was smiling as the panels hissed shut.

This corridor was short, admitting only four doors.  It was brightly lit.

“What’s the matter now?” asked Hazel, studying his face.

“I …  Nothing.”

“I saw that chippy.  You’re not supposed to lose a hard-on when a girl winks at you, you know.”

“Ah, ah —”

She laughed and winked at the brunette.  “The beauty of that problem is it’s so easy to fix.”

Diane shrugged, withdrew a key ring of her own and opened the door marked 503.  She entered a room lit naturally by windows, then held the door for the other two, closing it behind them and setting the deadbolt.

Now Hazel resumed her clutch on his arm.  “Thirsty, Alec?  We’ll even give you a beer.”

“No, thanks.  I just ate.”

“Just let us know.”

He looked around at a largish living room and dining nook.  It contained a console piano with sheets of music open above the keys, an entertainment center, a well-stocked bookcase and two each of comfortable-looking stuffed chairs and couches.  Magazines were left open on a couch, along with stained cups, saucers and a long, partly filled ashtray, all on the coffee table.  Drapes were fully withdrawn on three large windows set into the back wall.

“You need a drink, Di?”

“In a minute.”  The brunette ducked into a door long enough to lose her purse.  She smiled at Alec.  “I need to make some room first.”

“Yeah, me too,” Hazel responded.  “Let’s do it in the shower.”

Diane’s eyes brightened then narrowed.  “But what about Alec?”

Hazel leered at him.  “Oh, I’m sure Alec wants a shower too.  Don’t you, dear?”

“A shower?”

“With us.”

Diane’s eyes swung to Hazel.  With us?”

The latter shrugged.  “We can’t very well fuck him silly without a little person-to-person contact, now can we, darling?  What about it, Alec?  Care to take a shower with your afternoon girls?”

“Ah, uh …”

“Diane and I enjoy taking baths together, you know, so we have a double-size tub with a shower curtain across it.”  Without releasing him she threw her purse on the dinette table and tugged him toward the one closed door.  “I’ll show you.”

It was a bathroom.  Enclosed across one end sat a tub almost large enough to be a small spa.  A skylight above it admitted very bright but diffused sunlight.  Shower heads were mounted on either side wall.  “Wow!  That’s nice,” he admitted.  “But …”

“But what, dearie?”

“What about my clothes?  I didn’t bring any more.”

She chuckled slightly.  “We won’t wash your clothes, silly.  Take them off.”

“All of them?”

“Every stitch.  Drape them on that chair.  Nobody else will see them.”

Diane had followed them to the doorway to observe his reaction.  He looked from one to the other.  An ingrained sense of fairness impelled him to say, “You’re right, I’m not a jock.”

Diane lost her grin.  “Did you think we wanted one?”

“Hazel called me a stud.”

The auburn-haired girl looked mildly surprised.  “Isn’t that what you call young guys these days?”

“Only the popular ones.  What I mean is, I don’t have … ah …”

“Big muscles?”


She cocked her head.  “You think you’re not the type girls go for, is that it?”

He sighed.  “I guess so.”

“Well, think about this:  you have two here who’re about to go for you big time.”

His eyes brightened despite the inevitable blush.  He was beginning to believe they had meant every word in the food court.

“Diane and I know about jocks, Alec.  Too many girls fall all over them and teach them the wrong lesson.  It was a jock who put the fear of cocks into Di.  If you looked like one I wouldn’t have invited you to sit.”

He smiled slowly.  “Oh wow!”

Hazel chuckled deep in her throat.  “Go ahead and strip, dear.  Diane and I have to hang up these duds.  We’ll need them again.”

The women exited to a bedroom, leaving the door open.  He heard sliding closet doors.  Shaking his head, he sat in a chair to remove shoes and socks and stood again for pants, shirt and undershirt.  He hesitated at the undershorts.  “Every stitch,” she had said.  With a shrug he stepped out of them and tossed them on the pile in the chair.

He stood still, waiting, listening to the tinkle of clothes hangers.  A hand encircled his partial erection.  Was this lump of meat, so important to his solitary pleasure, about to be plunged into female flesh for the very first time?  The thought of it, of what it meant in his life, was staggering.  A sweet warmth, familiar but stronger than ever, flooded his chest and belly.  He tugged on the loose skin and tested the shaft’s firmness.

Hazel was first out.  She stood in the doorway, tucking stubborn strands of hair into her shower cap, staring him up and down.  He returned the look avidly.  Her lush pubic bush, untrimmed by comparison to the pictures in his magazines, matched the color of her head exactly.  This was no girl.  Her body was well fleshed, each breast more than a handful, hips wide, belly narrow and rounded.  The sight of her seemed to tighten his scrotum.

She leered.  “You could look like a jock without much effort, dearie.  But show me the rest.  How about letting go of it before you waste anything.”

As he obeyed Diane chuckled from behind her and declared, “My god, he’s blushing half-way down his torso!”

But Hazel’s eyes were fixed lower.  She noted, “Jocks have nothing on you, dear, where it counts.”

Diane swung into the bathroom, opened the linen closet and took out three towels.  She turned to the others, frowning when she saw that Hazel had drawn close to the lad to fondle his manhood.

“What are you doing?” the brunette called aggrievedly.  “Come on to the bathroom.”

But Hazel looked up from her handful to Alec’s eyes.  “This thing is twitching and hard as a rubber mallet.  I think it’s about to pop.”

“Ah, ah …”  The lad’s tongue was too thick to form words.

“The first pop is the richest.  Diane, do you mind?”

“Mind what?” snapped the brunette.  “Are you coming?”

“That’s the trouble.  Alec is.  Hand me that tube of jelly.”

Diane emerged with an open squeeze tube in her hands.  “What’s going on?”

Hazel slapped a large glob of clear jelly between her legs.  She took the lad around the chest under his arms and fell backwards, pulling him down atop her on the padded carpet.  One arm released him and guided his entry.

“Now fuck me,” she ordered, removing her hand from between them, “and don’t hold anything back.”

“I’m about to … c-c-come!” he wailed.

“That’s the idea, you ninny!”

He managed half a dozen strokes before his body froze at full extension, thrusting himself entirely within her.  Above them the brunette wrung her hands.  “What are you doing?” she asked again, eyes huge.  “What are you doing?”

Hazel grinned hugely over the lad’s straining shoulder.  “Getting well jizzed up.  Would you believe I can feel every squirt?  This kid is full to the brim!  Better slip one of those towels under me.”

Diane brought the towel and knelt beside them to work it under Hazel’s elevated buttocks.  But the lad rose to a kneeling position, expression dazed and manhood glistening.

Hazel waved at him.  “Back up farther, dear.  Let Diane lie down there.”

He obeyed but the brunette showed puzzlement.  “What?”

“It’s running out of me,” Hazel explained, rising to her knees with legs clamped together, taking the other woman by the hips and forcing her to sit, then lie.  “You might as well catch what I can’t use.”

“Oh,” Diane acknowledged, spreading her legs wide.  Hazel half knelt, half lay upon the tense brunette while scooping strings and gobs of whitish fluid from herself and thrusting them into the dark haired vagina.  Alec leaned close to watch with wide eyes.

“Will that work?” he asked.

Hazel shrugged.  “Who knows if sperm cells can survive this much oxygen?  If an eight year-old Peruvian girl can twig from washing in her mother’s bathwater, this is worth a try.”

“She did what?”

Hazel grinned at him with a sneer.  “That’s how they said she got caught.  I think I’d bet on more direct methods.”  She held a wet hand to the brunette’s upper mouth and directed, “Taste!”

Diane rolled her eyes but obediently licked two of the fingers.

“Well?” asked Hazel.

The brunette made a face.  “Ugh!”

Hazel licked her own palm and sneered up at Alec who was now standing.  “Why didn’t you say you had to pee?”

“I was going to —  You mean it makes a difference?”

“Sometimes in the flavor.”  She rose to her feet and extended a helping hand to Diane.  “We all need to pee, don’t we?  Time for the shower, folks.”

Hazel adjusted the water cooler than Alec would have, but her reason for it was soon apparent.  All three entered the tub under the crisscross falling from both showerheads.  Hazel moved against the brunette so that one of Diane’s knees was thrust between her legs.

“Look!” she told him.  A yellowish stream suddenly splashed on the extended thigh.

“We like to feel the contrast of warm and cool,” Hazel explained, eyes twinkling.  “Di would normally pee on me at the same time, but I thought you might enjoy a close look.”

“Ah, ah …”

“Bend down where you can watch closely.  Di, pull yourself open and cut loose.”

He bent as directed, nothing loath, but the dark eyes widened.  “Wh-what?”

“We said we’d show him everything, and I know men love to see how a woman pees.”

Diane blinked.  “They do what?  What’s so unusual about that?”

Hazel snorted.  “Where’s your imagination?  Can you say how it feels to piss through a pipe like that one?  Hey, Alec: impressive!  I don’t believe it’s drooped a bit.”

But Diane was blushing despite the cool water.  The red tide descended as far as the bottom curves of her adequate breasts.  “You want me to, to …”

“Show him, Diane.  You already got some of his juice.  Show him some of yours.”

The brunette heaved a sigh.  Her hands came down and spread the plump labia.  Alec leaned very close.  The bright skylight lit the glistening flesh.  Soon a small yellow dribble appeared from a crimson fold.  Fascinated, he leaned closer to identify the source, stooped to one knee and looked up.  Immediately the dribble became a strong squirt and caught him in the face.  A few drops wet his tongue.

He flinched back, tasting his lips ― piss, no question of that, but not so terrible as he would have imagined.

Hazel was laughing at him.  “Now it’s your turn to say, ‘Ugh!’”

The brunette washed his face quickly with wet hands.  “I’m so sorry, Alec.  I couldn’t help it.”  She glared up at her companion.  “She made me do it.”

Hazel asked in insincere solicitation, “Did you get a good look, Alec, dear?”

“Can I … see some more?”

Hazel laughed again.  The brunette warned, “Don’t get right in front, okay?”

With Hazel standing back and the lad’s face somewhat to the side, Diane thrust her hips forward, pulled the labia very wide and released her urine in a long stream of surprising thickness.  The small orifice was clearly evident in the bright light.

Hazel advised, “Stick your finger in her if you want to feel something funny.”

He thrust a hand forward.  The brunette gasped at his touch but her stream never faltered.

“All the way and press upward,” Hazel added.

He ignored the hot urine falling on his wrist and forearm.  His finger noticed an internal vibration, which presumably was Hazel’s intention, but of far greater import to him was the consciousness that this was the first time a finger of his had ever entered the female reproductive avenue.  His penis had briefly delved one a few minutes earlier, but he certainly had not dwelt on that feeling as he had imagined he would, being at that time far more intent on expression than impression.  Now his finger curled in exploration of warm and yielding silkiness.

The stream on his arm petered out.

“Did you feel it?” asked Hazel.

“I still am!” he exclaimed enthusiastically.  Now he felt pulses of laughter in the woman’s body.

“I forget you’re a cherry,” Hazel noted.  “Put in a couple more.”


“Unless you’ve got some spare dicks tucked away.”

“I’d rather have fingers,” Diane declared.

His fingers reached a smooth lump.  “What is this?” he asked, looking up at her inquiringly.

“My cervix.”

Hazel added, “We’ll show you how one looks after the bath.  On your feet and let’s get on with it.  Hand me that squeeze soap, will you, Di?”

“I need to go too,” he complained as he stood up.

“Of course you do, and excuse us for forgetting.  Hey, Di, here’s your chance to learn the only advantage of dicks.”

The brunette blinked.  “The what?”

“Take hold of it and direct the flow.  I’m sure Alec won’t mind a bit, will you, dearie?”


“B-but …”

Hazel leered.  “It won’t bite you.”

Hesitantly Diane’s hand came forth and grasped the turgid member.  She looked from the lad to the twinkling blue eyes.  “What do I do now?”

“You say, ‘Please, dear, make water in the pot.’”  Hazel laughed.  “At least that’s what mother told my little brother.”

“Surely she didn’t hold his thing!”

“His weenie?  I think she did, too, until he got the idea.  Aha, here it comes!  That’s it, wiggle it around.  It you have one of those, you can piss on anything that annoys you.”

“Like this?” asked the brunette sweetly, directing the lad’s stream against the auburn pubic bush.

“Or this.”

As she spoke, Hazel’s hands closed over Diane’s and redirected the flow toward the other’s belly.  The brunette squealed and applied another hand.  Alec’s jaw dropped.  For an amazed few seconds he endured two grown women fighting playfully and somewhat painfully for control of his penis.

Then with a scream Diane slipped and fell on one knee, releasing the lad to catch her balance on the sides of the tub.  Hazel immediately swung the yellow stream into her face.  The brunette screamed again, spitting and choking, and lunged against Hazel, forcing her against the wall from which she slid down into the large tub.  The brunette surged to her feet and stood menacingly over the fallen woman, who shrieked with laughter and collapsed helplessly onto her back in the water.

“God damn you …” Diane began, but her voice lost its force immediately.  She was tasting her lips with an expression of surprise.

Hazel’s laughter ceased.  She called up to her friend, “Not what you expected, is it?  Here, Alec, help me up.”

When he had raised the auburn-haired woman, he found Diane staring at him.  “That was piss?” she asked oddly.

Hazel chuckled.  “It’ll be a while yet before we get anything else from that cock.  Not so bad, hey?”

Diane shook her head in lingering wonder.

Alec began, “I’m awful sorry about —”

“Oh, hush,” Hazel admonished.  “Why do you think I started this?  I knew it was the only way to get her to taste a man’s piss.”

Diane stared.  “You did trip me up then!”

“Are you sorry?  Look what you learned.”

“But, but … a man’s piss!”

“You love dry champagne.  I’ve heard it compared to that.”

“Well, then, Miss Smarty, let’s see you take a drink of it!”

Miss Smarty leered.  “Lover, did you forget what I used to do?”  She took a breath and added, “But we splashed Alec pretty good too and he won’t appreciate it.  Let me squirt you some soap.”

Female hands ran all over him.  When Hazel reached his masculine equipment, she cupped it partly in one hand and murmured, “Ooo, look how red it is!  I sure hope we didn’t hurt you, dearie.”

“It’s all right.  Can I, ah, wash you too?”

She laughed.  “I know what you want to wash!  Di, back up to him beside me.”

They stood, giggling indulgently, rubbing his thighs with their buttocks, squealing when they caught his erection between them, while his hands roamed at will over the soft and slippery flesh.  “Oh, god!” he murmured involuntarily as one palm scraped a hardened nipple and fingers of the other hand sank into a hot vagina.

They played for a while in the bright light and falling water.  When they stepped out of the tub, the lad was grinning hugely, penis standing straight out.  The women dried him and themselves, smiling indulgently as he continued to stroke their breasts and hips.

Hazel fondled his manhood and suggested, “Take hold of this, Di.  I’ve never felt one harder.”

The brunette complied, gently working the sleeve-like skin forward and back.  “How loose this is!” she exclaimed.

Hazel smiled.  “The better to slide in and out of you.”

“It’s almost pretty,” Diane noted.  “If you look it at right, the front part reminds you of a snake.”

Hazel snorted.  “You cribbed that from Fear of Fleeing.”

“But it does.”  She touched the eye with her fingernail.  “This is where it all comes out.”

Hazel looked up at him with a grin.  “What about it, dearie?  Ready to put out anything yet?”

He nodded brightly.  “I think I almost could.”

“I can’t get over this,” breathed the brunette.  “This thing is lovely.  It’s perfect for what it’s intended to do.”

Hazel chuckled and rolled her eyes around at him.  “We’re your first women, aren’t we, Alec?”


“In that same sense you’re Di’s first man.  She never even saw the cock that ripped her.”

“Ripped?  Oh.  Was he a jock?”

“What about that, Di?”

But the brunette, working the remnant of his foreskin, had no interest in the past.  “This thing is so pretty!”

“Functionally if not esthetically,” agreed Hazel.  “Well, come on.  Time for us to enjoy it.”

As they reentered the den, Hazel directed him to the couch that backed up against the desk.  An old-fashioned gooseneck reading lamp perched upon it.  She made the brunette lie backward on the couch, head and shoulders over one padded arm.

“Put one leg up on the back, Di, and the other on the floor.  Alec, you kneel in front of her where you can bend down and get a good look.”

She swung behind the couch and turned on the gooseneck lamp before taking it up in her hands.

Diane complied with a sniff.  Wriggling her shoulders to assume the directed position, she demanded, “What are you up to now?”

Hazel leered.  “This is Female Reproductive Anatomy 101, sex-ed for our guest.  Dearie, did you get to look up a pussy in your hygiene class?”

“N-no!” he answered emphatically, licking his lips.  He lowered himself onto the couch with alacrity and knelt between the spread legs.

Hazel chuckled.  “Too bad.  If I were in charge, I’d pair off my students and make them strip ― real sex education!  Put that pillow under her hips to raise them up…  What are you waiting for?  Bend over and pry her lips open while I hold this lamp for you.  Di, turn your twat up, will you?  Let him look straight in.”

He bent in rapt fascination, gingerly applying thumbs to the puffy labia.

“Pull them apart, boy!” Hazel commanded, leaning over the back of the couch to flood the vaginal area with light.  “You won’t hurt her.”


“Look down in the back.  See it?  You touched it in the bath.  Looks like a soft red marble with a dimple, I always thought.  That’s the business end of her womb.  In a few minutes some of your stuff is going to swim through that dimple and hit the biological jackpot.”

“Wh-what did you call it?”

“The cervix.”

“But …”

“But what?”

“It wasn’t so deep in the bath.”

“She was standing; that makes a difference.  And besides, you’ve got a better probe for that when she’s lying down.”  Hazel straightened up, returning lamp to desktop.  “Ready for him, Di?”

“Now?” asked the brunette as if startled by the idea.

“Well, I guess we could move to the bed if you don’t think you’d be comfortable.  But if you stay here he can see how it looks after he’s creamed it up for you.”

Diane sighed in submission.  “Where’s the jelly?”

“Don’t be hasty.  Alec, I’ll bet you’ve dreamed of licking a pussy.”

His eyes widened and he nodded.

“Well, get her started.  It’s better than any amount of jelly.”

“You mean …”

“Just bend over a little further.  Lick around the clit at first.  She’s sensitive.  And she likes it right across the pee-hole.  You saw where that is.”

The woman gasped and twitched when his tongue touched her.  Close up he noticed an odor that lingered despite the thorough internal washing his hands had imparted in the bath.  It was spicy and fascinating, worth a lot more study, he thought.  His thumbs still parted the labia, admitting his tongue to ripple the yielding flesh.  “Around the clit,” she had said.  He felt the brunette shiver as he lifted his tongue to press on the lump above it, so he stroked there more heavily.  She shivered again.

He heard Hazel’s voice.  “You like that, of course.  Are you surprised a man can do it right?”

“He’s not as good as you.”

“Well, no, nobody is as good as I.  Has he thought to give you a finger?”


“His fingernails have already passed the test.  Alec, pump your fingers into her.”

“How many?”

“Like this.”  She showed him the fingers of one hand extended together into a point.  “Pretend they’re a cock.”

As he obeyed, producing a shudder in the bounteous female flesh, he heard his directress add, “Too bad you can’t grow one on your chin.  Now lick her until she screams.”

Alec assumed the task enthusiastically, pistonning four fingers into her hot, wet center while widening his tongue to lave the yielding flesh above it.  Soon her hips were rolling forward and back.  Hands ― no, cool thighs ― clamped his head and muffled his hearing, though not enough to obscure the full-throated screams now rending the air.  Hands suddenly forced his head back.

He rose up with wide eyes.  The brunette body twisted before him, legs opening and closing around him.

“I think she wants a cock now,” said Hazel in a tone at variance with the encouraging words.  He looked around into an expression that was almost a sneer.

“Fuck her!  Even a ninny can tell that’s what she needs.”

Obviously it was so.  When he crawled atop the frenzied woman, her hand grabbed him painfully and drew him into her.  Moist arms and legs enwrapped him.  Her pubic pad ground almost painfully into his own.  She heaved beneath him, hips rolling even stronger than before, accompanied by contralto cries.

He rode her, reaching down to grasp her buttocks cheeks, trying to thrust despite the calves locked over his thighs, realizing that in fact little effort was required of him.  Because of the rolling hips her vagina was the active cylinder to his nearly stationary piston.

She shuddered and gasped, groaning whenever she had the breath.  He had never imagined a woman reacting so.  This must be real fucking!  He was fascinated with the odors, the flaring nostrils, the soft flesh yielding over the play of her muscles, the rhythmic tightness of her vagina.  Gradual pleasure rose in him above his astonishment.

As before he froze at full thrust, thrilling to the bliss of expelled semen.  Her whole body tightened, apparently in response, with eyes clenched shut, head thrown back and mouth open wide in a last weak scream.  Almost instantly she relaxed totally, arms and legs falling limply away from him, and lay still except for panting breath.  Her torso was wet and reddened in a general flush.  Perspiration had collected in the hollow between her breasts.

He felt a hand tugging his shoulder.  “All right, stud.  Get off her.”

The voice was harsh and sarcastic.  He obeyed immediately and stood staring at Hazel.  “What’s the matter?”

“Just look at her.”

“I didn’t hurt her!”

“Oh, didn’t you?”  The auburn-haired woman glared at him.  “You were supposed to knock her up, not out!”

“I didn’t ― I what?”

“Oh, get your clothes on.”

She darted past him into the bedroom.  He followed her to the door.  “But, but ―”

Your clothes are out there, dummy!” she declared, pulling undergarments hastily from a dresser drawer.

“But will she be all right?”

“As soon as you’re out of here.  Now, damn it, get dressed!”  The last word was nearly a scream.

Hastily he obeyed.  Buttoning his shirt, he turned to find her watching with hands on hips and a glint in her eye.

She headed for the front door.  “Let’s go!”

He dared to take a long look at the brunette, still lying on the couch, arms and legs splayed, eyes closed, heavy breathing beginning to ease, normal color recovered.

“I told you, she’ll be all right,” snarled Hazel, hand on the knob.  “God damn it, will you please come on?”

He followed her silently down to the car.  He sat meekly beside the glowering woman as she drove.  While directing her to the last turn, he made bold to ask, “Will you tell me what I did to her?”

“No!” was the short answer.  When he exited the car in front of his home, it sped onward immediately.  The auburn-haired woman had never looked at him again.


* * *


Alec spent the next day in reflection, masturbating several times to the image of Diane’s face flushed and twisted just after her climax.  He knew too little about sex and about women in general to decide if the experience had been “normal” or “typical” ― though suspecting otherwise.  They were lesbians, admitted by both.  Were lesbians so different?  Would Hazel of the auburn hair, whom he had thought the prettier until she turned on him, have reacted the same if he had licked her, if he had lasted longer with her?  He supposed he would never know.  He could locate their apartment, having memorized its number, but concluded with a sigh that his hopeful face at that door would not be welcome again.

He went to school Monday, where other events crowded out the memory of his “afternoon girls” until he sat listening to an economics lecture in ELPS after lunch.  The teacher droned of markets free versus regulated and someone named Keynes, but Alec sank into a reverie of brightly lit bodies, frolic in the shower and Diane’s frenzied passion.  He had penetrated two women with tongue, fingers and penis.  His innocence was lost in Apartment 503.  He knew that his life could never be the same again.

The end-of-class bell restored his senses.  He stumbled to his feet, filled with yearning and an ineffable sense of loss.  A girl in front of him whispered something to another behind her hand.  Both studied his midsection and burst out laughing.  He blushed furiously, hand darting to pocket.  The girls always watched for that opportunity to embarrass a guy, perhaps in revenge for male comments about blood seeping through skirts.  The attention spread rapidly.  Someone was less discreet.  He distinctly heard a feminine voice declare, “Alec gets off on supply and demand.”

Fortunately the next and last class was College Algebra, an elective shared with few of the same students from the mandatory class on Economic, Legal and Political Systems.  Secure among fresh faces, he found the logic of infinitesimal variation so engrossing that the ending bell was a surprise.  But as he started out of the classroom, the teacher, a rather plain woman in her forties, held up a hand.  “One moment, Alec.  I need to talk to you.”

He waited while she cleaned off her desk and the other students shuffled out.  At last she looked up.  “I didn’t know you were in the choir.”

He blinked.  “I’m not.”

“You’re not?  Do you play a musical instrument?”

“No.  Well, a few chords on the guitar.”

“Maybe she heard you play somewhere.”  The woman grinned, almost a sneer.  “For sure she wouldn’t send for you otherwise.”


“Miss Miller wants you to drop by this afternoon.”


“She’s the music teacher.”

“The music teacher?  Where’s her office?”

“In the music room of course.”

He remembered seeing the labeled door.  “Did she say what for?”

“No, just that she wants to see you.”  The woman giggled.  “Have fun!”

Alec shook his head at the incomprehensible humor and hurried into the hall.  As he marched along, waving at his few friends hustling to depart, he decided that Thorny, whose sister took choir, must have let slip about his slight guitar accomplishment.  Music teachers were known to search desperately for musicians who might relieve the monotony of unaccompanied voices during the twice-yearly recitals.  He grinned wryly.  Saying “No” to some such “great opportunity” would not take long.

He found the door, opened it without knocking and entered a larger than average schoolroom half filled with student desks plus half a raised floor that amounted to a low stage.  The dark-haired teacher sat bent over some papers at her own desk before the stage.  He approached from the rear.  “Miss Miller, I’m Alec Caldwell.”

The woman turned and lifted cautious brown eyes to him.  His chin sagged and the breath caught in his throat.

In a low voice she said, “Hello, Alec.”


She leaned back in her chair.  Her expression seemed strained.  “You really didn’t know I was a teacher here?”

“N-no, ma’am.”

“You said you were a Sanders student, but I didn’t recall you either.  Hazel read your last name off your mailbox.  I don’t suppose you ever knew mine.”

He took a breath.  “Not until now.”

She laughed slightly.  “And probably you never would ― except I couldn’t stand to wait for the shoe to drop.”

“The shoe?”

“For the word to get around.”


“Come on, Alec.  Hazel tells me how boys love to brag.”

He was aghast.  “Tell somebody about you?  No way!”

Her eyes shifted back and forth on his.  His protest did not seem to please her.  “Why not?”  She sniffed.  “Aren’t you proud of conquering two lesbians?”

“I don’t rat.”

She shook her head.  “I suppose we should be flattered.”

“Conquering?  Is that what it was?”

“That’s what your friends would think, isn’t it?”

He shrugged.

“Hazel said you would dream about us all weekend.  Did you, Alec?”

“Oh, god!”

Her face finally softened.  “That works both ways, you know.”

He stood, woodenly returning her stare.  She wore brown slacks and a white blouse cut like a man’s shirt, open at the front.  A ponytail with a gold clip drew back the dark hair.

She sighed.  “Was Hazel very rude to you?”

He found his voice.  “She would hardly talk to me.  She wouldn’t tell me what I did.”

The woman smiled slightly.  “No, she wouldn’t.  She wouldn’t tell me either.”

He blinked.  “But you ―  That’s what I asked her.  I wanted to know what happened to you!”

“What do you think happened, Alec?”

“She said I knocked you out.”

“Oh, you did … in a way.”  She chuckled softly at the sight of his face.  “A wonderful way, Alec.”  She took a breath and raised her chin.  “I’m 27 years old.  I had my first ― and until Saturday my only man when I was 17.  For ten years I’ve loved a lot of women, finally settling down with Hazel.  But none of those women could do what you have.  None of them could knock me out with passion.”

She studied his face.  “You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?  Maybe regular sex is more intense for females ― some of us anyway.  Alec, I did not imagine that anything could feel ― could make me feel ― as I did when you … fucked me Saturday afternoon.  It was the most thrilling, the most wonderful, the most satisfying few minutes of my life.  You didn’t knock me out exactly, but you did send me to heaven.  I even saw stars!

“Hazel and I own several dildoes ― artificial cocks ― in many sizes, some almost like a horse.  She told me that’s all it was: your substantial cock.  She and I tried them yesterday, over and over, from small to huge.”  The brunette shook her head.  “They did nothing, Alec, in comparison.  So it’s not just that.  All the senses are involved, including smell and taste.  I think it was having all of your person on me, in me, at once.”

The brown eyes burned into his.  He stepped back involuntarily.

She smiled and waved a soothing hand.  “I’m not making any demands, Alec.”  The smile grew wry.  “I just wanted to tell you that women aren’t enough for me any more … and it’s your fault.”

His brow knit.  “Is that bad?”

“I don’t think so.  I’m having to reevaluate a lot of my life, but that’s to be expected when your eyes are finally opened, don’t you think?”

“I … guess.”

She raised an eyebrow.  “Isn’t it the same for you?  Haven’t your ideas changed since Saturday?”

“Yeah,” he admitted and grinned.  “The girls caught me with a hard-on in ELPS today.”

“From remembering?”

“Oh, god, Diane, your face!”

She stood quickly, went to the door and closed it with the dull thunk of cushioned metal.  This one was solid steel without the half-window typical of other classroom entrances.  She twisted the lock and came to stand directly before him.  Taking his upper arms in her hands, she pulled their bodies together.  Her face turned up to him, eyes closed, lips slightly puckered.

“What if somebody comes?” he asked.

She opened her eyes in a leer.  “I expect some bodies will.”

“B-but ―”

“No one else has a key except the principal and the janitor.  They won’t bother us.  Besides, it’s my risk, not yours.  If someone catches us you’ll be the tender victim deserving sympathy and I the vicious exploiter.  Now kiss me.  Really kiss me!  I want to taste you again.”

His arms went around her back as their lips met.  Obviously she wanted his tongue.  Soon it was behind her teeth, swabbing hers from rough top to smooth underside, touching the palate.  Her body tensed.  She moaned and broke away.

“Oh god, Alec!”  She took a deep breath, huge brown eyes staring.  “I want more.”  Her hands fumbled with his belt.

“Wh-what …” he began thickly.

“Drop your pants.”

Quickly he obeyed.

“Underpants too.”

His shorts were only half lowered when she reached under his bent torso and caught the engorged manhood.  Dropping to her knees, she ducked, took it into her mouth and sucked noisily.  Her tongue rasped around the head.

“I … I’ll come!” he warned.  She only worked harder.

He stiffened and ejaculated powerfully.  Her larynx bobbed.  Immediately the compression became intolerable.  He withdrew involuntarily.  A powerful spurt splashed her wide-open eye and spilled down her cheek.  That eye closed but the other grew even rounder.  Her head swept forward and caught the next pulse again in her mouth.  He shuddered.  Though the pleasure was sharp as an electrical shock, he determined to endure it if he could.

Perhaps she recalled the terrible sensitivity of the clitoris at orgasm.  Her lips relaxed, barely touching him behind the knob.  His last dribbles vanished into ineffable sweetness.  Again she swallowed.

“Oh, god, Diane, oh god!”

She sat back on her haunches, took a tissue from the pocket of her skirt, wiped her face and chuckled slightly.  “Did you know that semen burns the eyes?”

“I’m … I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.  I’m not sorry at all.  I love what we just did, Alec.”

He stared down at his glistening manhood still extended hear her lips.  “I love you, Diane.”

She smiled wryly.  “I’ll bet you say that to all your cocksuckers.”

He blinked and nodded.  “So far that’s true.”  He recalled the concern that had occurred to him earlier.  “I thought you wanted to get pregnant.”

She shook her head as she rose to her feet.  “I don’t think so, not any more.  That was Hazel’s intent more than mine.  She’s five years older and hears her biological clock ticking.”

“Does she teach here too?”

“Oh, no.  She’s a masseuse and rehab counselor at the hospital across town.”  Diane grinned tartly in the manner of Alec’s mother when disparaging his father.  “She admits it’s practically the same as her original profession.”

“What was that?”

“Haven’t you guessed?  She paid her way through school on her back.  As a result she dealt too often with people accustomed to having everything their own way, which I think is why she dislikes men ― that and the diseases she caught.”

“On her back?”

“Don’t you understand, Alec?”

He gulped.  “Did you do it too?”

“No!  I told you: you are only my second man, and that’s the truth.”

“But you …  She said you were afraid.”

“I was!  Until you taught me something wonderful.  I’ve been missing the greatest thing in life.  Well, not any more!  There’s a couch in the gown room.  Strip and lay your clothes on my desk.”

She unzipped her skirt as she spoke.  Both were soon naked except for shoes.  They stared frankly at each other.  His flagging erection stirred and she smiled, shaking her head emphatically.  “Alec, just looking at you makes me wetter, I guess because I know what comes next.”

The gown room was a long walk-in closet hung on both sides with white-collared gray choral gowns.  A couch fitted across one end.  She spread a blanket and laid herself backwards upon it.  He knelt between her ankles and leaned forward, tongue extended.

She chuckled, eyes on his midsection.  “You can do that later.  We can do everything later.  What I need now is that pretty thing.”

Her hand caught and guided him as he sank within her.  Her arms pulled her chest up into contact with his.  “Lie on me,” she said.  “Take hold of my butt like you did Saturday.”

Her hips rocked under him strongly in time with his thrusts.  “Harder!” she ordered.  “Oh, god, Alec, do it hard!”

When his chin sank over her shoulder, her face turned toward it.  She alternately kissed and licked cheek and earlobe.  She moaned with each breath, softly at first but strengthening toward the screams he recalled from Saturday.

He warned, “Somebody might hear you.”

Her hips rocked even harder as his thrusts weakened.  She was a moment answering his concern.  At last she said, “This is the music room.”

“So what?”

“It’s soundproof.  In the hall you can’t hear a hundred girls singing at the top of their lungs.  Now push up a little higher and shove!”

“Are you … coming?”

“I was!”

He resumed, thrusting strongly.  The screams followed.  Thankfully she had turned her face away.  Her body convulsed, legs closing around him, calves drumming his buttocks as if to impel him deeper within her.  Her entire torso was slippery with sweat.  Her femaleness seemed to milk him: arms, legs and sphincter tightening with every withdrawal, loosening with every thrust.  He found his pleasure rising and with a groan gave her the proof of it, his whole body stiff as a board.

Her last scream died to a whimper.  For a moment he lay panting upon her heaving chest before backing away and rising on extended hands.  Her head was thrown back, mouth gasping.  The light, spilling meagerly through the door, was sufficient to show him the same general flush and pooled perspiration of Saturday.  He slipped off the couch to kneel on the floor at her shoulder.  He found an end of the blanket and wiped up the moisture between her breasts.

Her hand came up and caught his.  Shaking off the blanket, it spread his fingers and clasped his palm to her nipple.  Her eyes had opened.  She was smiling at him.  “Oh, Alec!” she murmured, “that was even better than the first time.”  She licked her lips and shivered, sighing.  “If I’m not careful I’ll become your slave.”

He smiled.  “My slave?  I think it’s more likely the other way.”

She sat up properly on the couch.  “No, Alec.  Neither is likely.  You’ve opened my eyes and I’m very grateful.  If you love it too, we’ll do it again.  Rather often, I imagine, but …”

He took a breath.  “You think I’m too young for you.”

“It’s true: you are.  And there are other important differences.”

He studied her.  “What if you get pregnant?”

She shook her head.  “That’s very unlikely.  My period ended Thursday and I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor for a birth control prescription.”

“Then … what will you do now?”

“I have to find out a few things.  For example, do I need Hazel any longer at all?”

“You mean, for sex?”

“That, as well as her companionship and advice.”

“Could I …”  He hesitated.

“Take her place?”

He nodded.

The woman chuckled.  “Are you volunteering?  Your parents would never allow that, and they would advise you against it even if you were 18.  But I need to know more than that.”

“About me?”

“About myself.”

He failed to see how anyone might be ignorant about herself.  “What do you mean?”

“I said I’m grateful, Alec.”  Her smile faded.  “But I have to ask, was it only you?”


Her eyes narrowed thoughtfully.  She got up from the couch and went past him out of the little room.  He whirled and followed.

“What do you mean, was it only me?  Who else?”

She would not look at him, proceeding to shake out and don her clothing while he watched.

He begged, “Tell me what you mean, Diane.”

“Get dressed, Alec,” she advised, taking comb and compact from her purse.

She restored hair and face while he obeyed, then held the door for him and left it open when they passed into the hall.

“Is your home far?” she asked as they descended the front steps of the school.  “I have an errand to run.”

“Just a couple blocks.  Diane, please tell me what you mean.  If you think Hazel had something to do with Saturday, well, she wasn’t here today.  Who else could make you feel that good?”

Her eyes glittered.  As she turned on her heel toward the parking lot, she said, “That’s exactly what I mean to find out.”