a Short Story by Kellis

Fall, 2005


On the long return leg the tired boys ignored the tall ladder at the end of the dock and swam on past it to the grassy shore.  They pulled themselves up onto the land and rolled over on their backs, wet skin shaded from the afternoon sun by nearby trees.  The breeze was cool and soothing.  They lay quietly, recovering their breath, and might have fallen asleep except for the intrusion of a faint noise unlike insect, bird or machine.

“You hear that?” demanded Cord, rising on his elbows.

Jack rose likewise, slowly turning his head.  “What is it?”

“Sounds a bit like somebody calling his dog, you know —”  To complete his statement Cord drew air by tongue suction through pursed lips.

Both sets of ears listened intently.  The sound was intermittent.  For a moment it vanished completely but soon reappeared.

Jack snorted.  “Reminds me of kissing the back of your hand.”  He demonstrated.

“Not that strong,” Cord protested.  He cocked his head.  “I think it’s coming from the gazebo.”

Both youthful bodies rolled to their feet.  Cord’s hair was dark, almost black from the recent immersion; Jack’s was lighter, a “sandy blond” when dry.  Cord’s eyes were brown and face the rounder; Jack’s eyes were blue above a sharper chin.  Second cousins, they were otherwise of identical size and build: slim, smooth-skinned and evenly tanned, entering puberty but yet nearly hairless below the neck.

The alien noise perhaps derived from an animal, possibly a bird chick trapped inside the building, which was open to the breeze but roofed and screened for cookouts.  They hurried toward it, bent low, silent on bare feet, careless of their total nudity.

The summer foliage concealed the large house on the hill above, from which the land sloped steeply to the water.  On its lake side the gazebo floor was raised upon stone pillars almost high as the boys’ shoulders.  The dock sprang over summer-low water from the structure’s mid point.  They proceeded to the near corner and peered cautiously above the lathing that secured the bottom of the screen.

Cord gasped and stuttered, “Wha-what —”

“Shhh!” interrupted the sandy-haired cousin, already recognizing the scene.

Apparently the breeze soughing in nearby trees had been enough to mask Cord’s involuntary exclamation.  His eyes widened as his understanding grew.  Inside the gazebo a heavily-cushioned glider faced the lake.  Jack’s sister, Darla, a sweet-16 beauty with a blonde pony tail, knelt before the glider — between the legs of Ken, Cord’s 17-year-old brother, who lay sprawled with head thrown back, arms extended along the glider top.  The girl’s pony tail undulated behind her bobbing head.  She wore short-shorts and a tube top scrunched up into her arm pits, though the nearer male leg concealed her breasts.  Ken’s shorts gaped open at the fly with belt undone, thick pubic hair mounded darkly over the bottom of his belly.

The two boys, viewing the scene at a slant from the gazebo corner, clearly saw the girl’s cheek collapse and bulge with each rise and fall of her head.  The curious sound derived from suction of her mouth.

Cord couldn’t believe it.  He whispered fiercely, “What the hell is she doing?”

Jack’s finger touched lips in caution but he whispered low, “What’s it sound like?  She’s sucking his cock — I mean, really sucking it.”

“Yeah, I can see that.  I mean, what’s she doing it for?”

Jack shook his head pityingly but never moved his eyes from the spectacle.

Cord continued, “He pisses through that thing!”

Jack clamped a hand over his own mouth, chest heaving with suppressed laughter.

Cord’s lip curled.  “Well, he does!”

Jack spared a glance at Cord’s red face and sobered.  “She don’t care!  Come on, pal, calm down and watch the show.”

The girl raised her head far enough to release the shaft, causing Jack to add, “God, would you look at the size of it!”  The angry red thing, glistening and seeming thick as a bat handle to the watching boys, sprang closer to the hairy pubes.  A line of spittle looped from its head to the girl’s lips.

“That’s enough,” she declared in her girlish soprano.

“The shit it is!”  Ken’s head snapped erect.  His eyes glared at hers.

She sniffed.  “You’re about to come.”

“Goddamn right!  Darla, for god’s sake, don’t quit!”

“I’ll jack it.”  Her hand grasped the shaft.

His tone changed from indignation to plea.  “That’ll get it on the floor.  I didn’t quit sucking when you came.”

“Well, it tastes like piss.”

“No, it doesn’t.  Huh!  How do you know what piss tastes like?”

“I’ve tasted mine.”

He goggled at her with wide eyes.  “You did what?”

She giggled.  “You never did that, did you?”


“Thought you would try anything.”

“I, ah …”

She giggled again.  “I wish you could see your face.  Awww, is it going soft?”  Her mouth nuzzled his groin and recaptured the manhood with a slurp.  Her cheeks collapsed again while her hand stroked the shaft rapidly.

“Hey, now!” he declared.  “That’s more like it.”  Shortly his hips began to quiver.  “God, Darla, that’s good!”

She sniggered.  Her other hand stroked his testicles, fingers working.

The watching boys’ eyes popped.  They licked dry lips.

Tendons and muscles were suddenly prominent over Ken’s body.  The girl’s head slowed.  On the next upstroke white semen gushed between her lips and the shaft.

“Jesus!” whispered Jack in awe.

Darla’s hands continued to stroke, though more leisurely.  The fluid rolled over her fingers.

Ken moaned.  Suddenly his arms departed the glider back.  He grasped her head on either side and forced it to withdraw.  “Oh, god damn!” he exclaimed.

She rocked back on her heels and regarded him through a smile.  “Gets sensitive, doesn’t it!  At least this time you didn’t shoot me in the eye.”

The viewers were finally rewarded with sight of her breasts, thrusting prominent pink nipples from under the pushed-up tube top.

Ken took several deep breaths.  “You know I can’t stand it if you keep sucking.”

She giggled.  “That’s why I do it.”

“Yeah.  And that’s why you shove my head back when you come.”

She shivered involuntarily.  “Ooo, Ken!  I can’t even stand to think about that!”

He chuckled and held out his hands.  “Come here and give me a comey kiss.”

She rose up into his arms but said before their faces met, “You love your juice, don’t you?  Too bad you can’t suck yourself.”

“Oh, you do it just great!  Tilt your head back.”

Jack, watching Ken lick the girl’s chin, felt a distracting hand on his shoulder.

“Look,” Cord invited, careful to whisper.

Jack glanced as directed, sniffed and noted, “I got one too.”

“Hard as mine?”

“Huh!  Only one way to answer that.”

Each boy grasped the other’s member.  Cord was first to manipulate the loose skin.  Jack immediately returned the favor.

Cord, gently squeezing the glans, declared, “Yours is the longest.”

“Maybe, but I think yours is the thickest.”

“Both together won’t begin to match Ken’s.”

“Ours’ll grow.  Come on.  Let’s scram before they catch us.”

In the trees they ducked under a bush that gave them a view of the gazebo.  Ken’s head above the back of the glider was visible in silhouette through the screen.

Cord asked fretfully, keeping his voice low, “How long you think they’ll hang around?”

“Who knows?”

“Think they’ll spot our clothes?”

“Not unless they look under the glider.  Want to swim some more?”

“Nah.  I’m tired of swimming.”  Cord’s hand enclosed his own softening member.  After a moment he asked, “You think he’ll fuck her?”


“Is she cherry?”

“How the hell do I know?”

“She’s your sister.”

Jack laughed scornfully.  “You think I’d ask her that?”

“I guess not.  But you could sniff her panties.”

“Do what?  Where’d you get that idea?”

“Ken keeps a collection of girl’s panties in one of his drawers.”

“No shit!  What for?”

“I’ve seen him drape one over his face while he’s jerking off.”

“You saw his cock before?”


“Huh.  Guess that explains why the size didn’t surprise you.  Did he know you were looking?”

“No.  Well, one time.”

“Oh, yeah?  What happened?”

“I rode my bike into the garage.  Guess he didn’t hear it coming.  He was sitting on the car bumper jacking off.  Shot his stuff all over the wall.  Then he looked up and saw me.”

“No shit!  What’d he say?”

“He was cool.  He goes, ‘Okay, you caught me.  You tell Dad and nobody’ll ever see you again.’”

“Made you promise?”

“I guess I was — what’s the word, astonished?  I asked what he was doing.  He laughed at me, not a mean laugh, made me take out my dick.  He jacked it a minute.  I couldn’t believe how that felt!  That’s how I learned to jerk off.”

“Christ!  He jacked it?”

“Showed me how.  He made me finish.”

“Did you come?”

“Well, yeah, but I didn’t squirt.”

Jack nodded.  “Me too.  When did you jizz first?”

“One night in my bed.  Scared the shit out of me!”

Scared you?”

“In the dark I thought it was blood until I turned on the light.”  Cord laughed.  “I fisted like mad till it squirted again.”

“Can you do it easy the second time?”

“Huh!  Takes forever.”

“Me too.  So your own brother showed you how?”

“God, don’t tell anybody!  He’ll kill me.”

Jack shrugged.  “I won’t see you again till next summer.”

“Guess not.  Who taught you?”

“Guy in my class.  Jacked off in the bushes.  I did it too and you’re right: I couldn’t believe how good it felt.”

“Yeah, it feels good to a dick.  But I still don’t get why Darla sucked Ken.  What’d it do for her?”

Jack shrugged again.  “Who knows?  Maybe girls are different.”

“You ever fuck a girl?”

“No more than you.”

“Maybe cocksucking is like jerking off before we knew how.”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe it feels good in your mouth.”

Jack’s head turned to lock eyes with Cord.  “How would it?”

I don’t know.  I never sucked one.”  He laughed.  “Can’t quite reach mine.”

“I can touch mine with my tongue, just barely, if I get in the right position.”

“Yeah, yours is longer.  And I know just what position.  You ever squirt it in your mouth?”

Jack looked away.  After a moment he said, “Okay, so I tasted it.”

“Me too.  But I guess if we’re going to find out how it feels to a girl …”

Jack studied his cousin.  “If?”

Cord bit his lip and finally said, “You have to play the girl.”

They were sitting on their heels under the bush, side-by-side with thighs in contact, having pried leaves apart to watch the gazebo.  Immature organs stood erect in their laps.  Each looked at the other, sharing the same thought.  When Cord licked his lips, Jack leaned back on his hands and elevated his hips slightly.

Cord looked from the upthrust penis into his cousin’s eyes.  “You want to try it?”


“You won’t piss?”

“I pissed in the lake.”

“You’ll suck mine next?”


“Okay.  Keep watching the gazebo.”

Cord’s face went down.  He took the smooth glans gingerly into his mouth and snorted nasally.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jack.

Cord shrugged and took in another inch.  His tongue rasped on the head and began to suck.  “God!” muttered Jack involuntarily, hips responding with instinctive thrusts.  For a moment Cord stiffened but soon relaxed.  The pistonning organ proved not quite long enough to reach the back of his throat.

After half a minute Jack said, “We can both do it, you know.”

Cord’s head rose.  “You mean …”

“Together.  What’s it feel like in your mouth?”

Cord shrugged.  “Just a dick.”  He grinned.  “Maybe like a sausage, except more interesting, the way the skin slips.  How does it feel to you?”

“Sure beats a fist!”

“If we do it together, who’ll watch the gazebo?”

“Fuck the gazebo!”

“I’d like to fuck what’s in it.”

Jack grunted.  “She’s got herself a dick twice the size of ours.”

Cord frowned.  “You think that matters to a girl?”

“I heard Darla on her cell tell a guy his wouldn’t fit a duck.”

“Are you sure that’s what she said?”

“What she said was, ‘Go fuck a duck.  On second thought your thing’s too little.”


“’Course I didn’t hear what he said to her.  Think we got room under here?”

“Back up a little.”

After a bit of thrashing the boys settled on their sides in the loam, heads thrown back, each with an ear resting on a drawn-up cousinly thigh and an erect penis in a cousinly mouth.  Both began to hump forward and back.  Arms tightened simultaneously, reducing the range of motion.

Despite his late start Cord surprised both of them by climaxing first.  Jack’s head jerked, but wanting to avoid a face full, he kept his lips closed around the spurting knob.

Consumed by the unprecedented and nearly unbearable thrill, Cord released Jack’s member to arch his back.  He groaned, voice breaking into a shrill cry.  When the flow ceased, Jack turned his face up and spat a white mouthful into the foliage.

“Oh, Jesus!” murmured Cord reverently, panting.

Jack waited.  When Cord offered no resumption, Jack humped his penis into the other’s cheek and ordered, “Get going!”

“In a minute,” Cord promised, shivering lightly.

Jack had many times experienced the post climactic loss of sexual interest that obviously afflicted his cousin, but with the musky taste of semen on his breath, he found himself unbearably stimulated.  Inspired, he caught Cord’s still dribbling organ in his mouth and sucked it gently.

Cord groaned but recovered sense enough to return the favor.  Ahhh, wonderful!  Again Jack felt tension rise sweetly towards relief under the roving tongue.

“God damn it, Ken, give me my panties!”

At the feminine cry, seemingly just overhead, both boys froze.  Slowly their heads withdrew and rose to look past their bodies.  Darla was chasing Ken along the greensward beside the gazebo.  He twisted and turned, obviously not concerned with escape.  She grabbed repeatedly at a dark flimsy that he held just out of reach.  Finally she stopped, hands on hips, glaring at him.  She wore the same tube top and short-shorts.

“If you don’t give them back, you’ll be sorry.”

Cord whispered, “How’d he get them off her?”

Ken ostentatiously sniffed the embroidered crotch, laughed and promised, “I’ll buy you another pair.”

“So you’re a damn panty thief!  I’ll bet you got a drawer full at home.”

“Oh, yeah, I’ve got dozens.”  He stretched the article between thumb and forefinger on each side.  “Dozens of Valentines!”

“Huh!  Valentines are red.”

“Yeah, and smell like perfume.  This one might be black but it smells like wet pussy.  That’s a real Valentine!”

She giggled.  “I’m surprised you can smell it.  Your nose is full of pussy juice.”

“I can always smell pussy!”

“Well, you can stay here and sniff all you want.  I’m going to get a coke.”

“That’s a good idea.”  He stuffed the cloth into his opposite pocket and caught her arm.  They disappeared up the path to the house.

When the footfalls faded, Cord suggested, “Now we can get to our clothes.”

“Not till I give you a mouthful,” declared Jack.

“Oh.  That’s right.  Hey, I bet I can come again!”

“It’s too soon.”

“Maybe not.  Getting your cock sucked off is the best thing you ever felt.”

Jack was already impressed with the feel of wet mouth as compared to dry fist.  He slurped up the cousinly penis, still fully erect, as Cord enclosed his own.  At first he focused on the sensations in his own mouth, noting the sliding skin and the contrast between the padded knob and the firm underlying shaft.  Indeed a thing of interest: a cock — a pisspipe — in his mouth, slithering along his palate, almost reaching the gag-sensitive back of the throat.

A lower thrill distracted him.  Automatically sucking, he transferred his attention to the sensations in his groin, where wet pleasure was rising to a higher peak.  It grew with amazing power.  Momentarily he tetered on the brink.  Then his sphincter clamped in the first involuntary ejaculation.  A second followed even more powerfully then a weaker third.  As the force decreased, he realized that Cord was still sucking away.

An unbearable stinging rose over the remaining pleasure.  “Oh, god!” he screamed and jerked his hips away.  Suddenly Darla’s remark about sensitivity was perfectly clear.

Unlike Cord’s earlier lapse, while climaxing he had allowed the cousinly penis to linger in his mouth.  At that moment it delivered a new squirt of its own, lesser and cooler than the earlier production.  Vengefully Jack clamped the organ with his tongue and sucked powerfully.  Cord choked and backed away.  But he was still squirting.  Jack’s forecast proved correct: a spurt plopped into his eye socket.

Having captured the entirety of Jack’s heavily stimulated ejaculate, Cord found his scream blocked.  He flopped onto his back, coughing and spitting while Jack arose on an elbow, rubbing his eye with the other hand.

“Does it sting?” asked a contralto voice.

Both boys whirled toward the sound.  Aunt Bea, related to them only by marriage to Uncle George, sat on her heels nearby, holding high a branch of the bush.  She was “old” — more than 30.  A colorful scarf covered her brown hair.  A slim woman, she wore a blouse, jeans and sneakers, with a pair of binoculars dangling about her neck.  Her face showed concern.

“Sometimes it stings,” she added conversationally, “but it won’t hurt you.  Here, wipe with this.”  She handed Jack a tissue from her hip pocket.

Her attention turned to Cord, whose shoulders lay at her knee.  Terror had suppressed his cough.  “Strangled on semen, did you?  Well, that won’t hurt you either.”  She wiped his wet face tenderly with another tissue and grinned at them both.  “Semen in the eye and the windpipe happens to novices.  Did you boys discover this trick by yourselves?”

Instead of answering, Jack began, “You … you’re not …”

“Not horrified?  Not jumping up to run and tell the family?”  She smiled benignly.  “Does it look like it?”

“You …”  Jack cocked his head.  “I mean, why not?”

She laughed coolly.  “I decided to do a little birdwatching after my nap.  What I spotted through a gap in the trees was the cutest little curvy tan butt humping a short-haired blond head.  I watched with interest to see how it would end.  Then Ken and Darla staged their fight over her underpants — not hard to figure what they’d been up to.  Ha!  Is that what prompted you?  Did she suck Ken off in the gazebo?”

Cord nodded.

“And left you both wondering what a dick tastes like, eh?”

Again Cord nodded.

“Where are your clothes?”

Jack answered, “In the gazebo.”

“I see.  You left them there to go swimming.”

“Under the glider.  Hope they’re still there.”

She chuckled slightly.  “This has been a revealing afternoon for you two, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” admitted Jack.

“Well, why stop now?”

The pallor under their tans was fading with their fright.  Jack stammered, “Wh-what do you mean?”

“I’m thinking of your education.”


She smiled.  “Your Uncle George and I both love to see children at play, especially of a certain kind.  We have none of our own, you know.  You two have been sleeping in the room over the garage, haven’t you?”


“The one with no windows except skylights.  How would you like a visitor tonight?”

“A visitor?”

“Yes,” she smirked, “in furtherance of your education.”

“Like school?” asked Cord doubtfully.

She laughed.  “Not much like school.  You’ve just learned the flavor of cock, but what do you know about female flavors?”

They stared at her, eyes bright.

“So would you like a visitor?”

“Oh, yeah!” said Jack.  An idea crossed his face.  “If.”


“If you won’t tell anybody what we were doing.”

Her laugh was reassuring.  “After tonight you won’t have to worry about that.  Go get your clothes on before somebody else catches you.”

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