Homemade Fun

a Short Story by Kellis

Summer, 2012


“I pity kids nowadays,” said the old man.  “Television entertains them before puberty.  Afterwards it’s their cell phones, video games and the Internet.  They don’t know what they’re missing.”

“You grew up before any of that,” noted his companion.  “What did you have that today’s kids don’t?”

“Homemade fun, for one thing.  Learning by experiment.”

The companion chuckled.  “I’ll bet you have a story to illustrate your thesis.”

“As a matter of fact …  That boy and two girls who just came in reminded me of one.”


Rachel was twelve.  With school out she often visited Claire, her best friend, whose house was big enough for privacy.  Claire even had her own room!  She was only eleven but she had always been big for her age.  She was tall as Rachel, though not as chunky.

Rachel took after her mother.  She’d heard the woman called “Rubenesque.”  After looking it up in a dictionary, she decided that if a famous painter preferred full-bodied women, her own wide hips, round belly and just protruding breasts were nothing to worry about.  For sure her brother Mike had no objection — and he was 16!

“You do it like this,” said Rachel.  She and Claire were lying on the carpet in the latter’s upstairs bedroom, avoiding the bed because it squeaked to any rhythmic movement, sounds that would be heard downstairs.  It was a summer morning, still cool because all the upstairs windows were open with a breeze soughing through the house.  They had considered closing the door but left it open for the breeze.

“How?” asked Claire.

The girls’ panties had been removed and tucked under the bed counterpane in case someone else showed up.  Their knee-length skirts were heisted up to their waists, concealing the midriffs otherwise left bare by short halter-tops.  Leaning back against the side of the bed with knees drawn up, they sat close enough for the skin of their hips and adjacent legs to touch.  Both girls were brunettes with hair half-way down their backs, today drawn up in ponytails to keep it off their necks.  Rachel’s hair was the darker.

“With two fingers, like this.”  Rachel held up a hand with the fore- and middle fingers aligned.  “Here, I’ll show you.”

Her hand slipped easily over Claire’s belly and between her legs.  The extended fingers paralleled the nearly mature clitoris, gathered up a bit of flesh between them, and vibrated gently from side to side.  Claire twitched at the first contact but held still for more.

After a few seconds Rachel giggled.  “I can tell it’s getting lumpier.  Feels good, don’t it?”

“Oh!  Oh!” murmured Claire.

The older girl withdrew her hand when the younger hips began to quiver.

“Don’t stop!” ordered Claire.

Rachel giggled again.  “I told you you’d like it!  But you can do this part better for yourself.”

Claire’s hand, fingers hastily formed, succeeded Rachel’s.  Shortly the younger breathed, “Oh, yes!  Gosh, Rachel!”

Rachel’s hand had descended between her own legs.  Claire was too focused on the developing ecstasy to notice that the older girl had thrust two fingers into her vagina and was compressing the moist flesh between the fingers and heel of the palm, now crushing her own clit.

Claire cried out involuntarily, unaware that she had done so.  Rachel caught her arm and pulled the hand away from her groin.

“Quiet!” she commanded.

But Claire’s other hand immediately replaced the one withdrawn, rubbing vigorously.  Other cries would have ensued had Rachel not covered Claire’s mouth and nose, which substituted choking noses.

Claire’s body froze.  Her hand fell still.  As Rachel released her, she recovered her senses.  “Did I say something?”

“You almost screamed,” Rachel whispered.  “Listen.”

They held perfectly still, hardly breathing, but the house seemed undisturbed.

“Is Wade home?” Rachel asked.  “He’s the one we have to worry about.”

“He’s probably outside.  Why?  What would he do?”

“Tell on us, probably.  For sitting with our stuff showing.”

Claire shook her head confidently.  “He wouldn’t tell.  We have a pact.”

“A what?”

“An agreement.  I don’t tell on him and he doesn’t tell on me.”

Rachel nodded.  “Good.  So do Mike and me.”  She grinned.  “Well, what did you think?”

“Oh, golly, Rachel!  I never felt anything so good in my whole life.”

“That’s just the start.  But you got to be careful.  You’re what Mike calls a ‘screamer.’  That’s dangerous until you grow up.”  She giggled.  “He had to stuff a rag in my mouth.”

“A rag?”  Claire blinked.  “You mean your brother taught you how to …  What do you call this?”

“Boys call it ‘jacking off.’  When girls do it, it’s called ‘frigging.’”

“But your brother!”

Rachel shrugged.  “Why not?  He’s 16.  He knows all about it.”

Claire said pensively, “I wonder if Wade knows about it.”

“He’s my age, ain’t he?  He was in my class last year.”

“His birthday’s in May.”

“Then he’s older than I am.  Mine’s in September.”

The relative ages were uninteresting to Claire.  “Rachel, you said something, something about two fingers just being part of … frigging.”

“I didn’t mean that.  Rubbing your bump is the main thing in frigging and you can do that best because you know where it feels the best.”

“Then what’s the other part?”

Rachel hesitated but grinned after a moment.  “That needs another girl.  Or a boy.”

Claire’s eyes narrowed in concentration.  “What does?”

Rachel took a breath before she answered.  “Licking it.”

Claire blinked.  “With your tongue?”

“Yeah.  We can’t do it to ourselves.  We have to get somebody else.”

“Licking … what?”

“Your bump.  Actually it feels good all around your pussy.”

Licking!”  Claire seemed fascinated.  “Can that make a baby?”

Rachel giggled a little.  “No, not that.  Fucking makes a baby.”

Claire nodded slowly.  “I know about fucking.  That means sticking a man’s thing in here.”  She felt of herself.  “It wouldn’t go in very deep on me.”

“Because you’ve still got your cherry.”

“Margie told me about cherries.  She says you bleed a lot when it gets broke.”

Rachel made a face.  “Not that much.”

Claire’s eyes enlarged.  “You broke yours?”

“Yeah.  They’s a lot of ways to do it.”

“Your brother?”

“He told me how.  It was my hairbrush handle.”

“Really?  What did you do?”

“Put Vaseline on it and pushed it in.”

“That’s all?”

“Nothing to it.”

“Did it hurt?”

“It stung a little.  I had to do it several times before …”

“Before what?”

“Before it was all the way open.  Mike said that’s because it didn’t actually tear.  The handle wa’n’t as thick as a dick.”

“A dick?”

“That’s how most girls’ get broke.  You’re supposed to wait for your wedding night.”

Claire boggled.  “You mean let him stick — but that could make you pregnant!”

“Not until your first period.  Of course if you’re married, pregnant is sort of what you’re after.  Have you started yet?”

“You mean my period?  No.  Have you?”

“No, but Mama says look out.”

“Well, I haven’t either.”  She regarded Rachel searchingly.  “Have you ever let a boy … put his thing in you?”

The older girl hesitated then shrugged.  “Yeah.”

Claire’s eyes widened.  “Didn’t it hurt?”

“Hurt?  You’re kidding!”

“It … didn’t?”

“Oh, gosh, no!  It was the best of all.”

“Better than … what you just showed me?”

“Better even than licking — though that’s how they started.”

Claire’s eyes bulged.  She opened her mouth to repeat, “They?” when voices rose downstairs.

Rachel held up her hand for silence and they listened intently.  “That sounds like Mike!”

They listened further.  Silence reigned briefly until a breaking male voice yelled from the foot of the stairs, “Rachel, your brother says your uncle is here.”

“That’s Wade,” said Claire unnecessarily.

“Coming!” shouted Rachel.  She jumped up, snatched her underpants from under the counterpane and practically leapt into them.  Pausing at the door, she explained, “He always brings me a goodie,” and thundered down the stairs.

Claire sighed with disappointment but brightened up after a moment, remembering that she had learned something important.  Her fingers again stole between her legs.  But just as the feeling was rising, she recalled Rachel’s remarks about being a “screamer.”  And Wade was downstairs.  Or was he?  Getting to her feet but not bothering with panties, she ran across the house to his room in the upstairs front just in time to see him riding away on his bicycle.  Goodie!

She flopped into his chair beside the window where she could watch the street.  Now she could concentrate on the feeling.  Which she did.  Again and again.


* * *


Wade, Claire’s blond brother, was an androgynous twelve.  So far he had grown no extra hair.  The only notable evidence of puberty was his voice, until recently a boy’s contralto, now alternating between bass and soprano.  Whenever it cracked he blushed.

Another source of embarrassment was his unruly cock, which tented his shorts at the slightest provocation, from the daydream of a luscious female to any significant vibration.  The former had happened often when his mind wandered in a school class, the latter as the school bus bounced over ruts.

Ah, but he had learned the secret of cocks.  If he stroked it — in a fist or a cored apple — the most delicious feeling arose in it, one that reached an unbearable intensity.  And only recently something new had happened: at the very peak of that feeling it squirted white juice, like a water pistol, several times with decreasing force.  Curiosity had overcome his awareness of what else came from that slit, causing him to suck his fingers clean on the second occasion.  It tasted bland but heavy somehow.  He had yet to compare notes with Ralph, who had showed him the cock secret, because his friend was away at camp.

An absorbing experiment was to try holding the good feeling just before the peak, close as possible to the first squirt, as long as he could.  It was tricky.  On some occasions if he withheld stimulation too long, the feeling would fade and be hard to regenerate.  On others he might continue just one stroke too far and find himself squirting unstoppably.  If the intensity was too great close to the peak, after a few seconds the cock would go ahead and squirt without further stimulation.  He learned something from that, however.  If he didn’t touch the twitching thing until all sensation had subsided, then reapplied vigorous stroking, a second peak could be had immediately.

Fascinating thing, a cock!

His favorite place to play with it was in the backyard gazebo.  It was screened against insects, containing a couch-like glider and a couple of outdoor chairs.  The glider faced the house; when using it, no one could approach undetected.  He had hidden an old handkerchief in its rolled arm for use in catching his juice.

He lounged there one afternoon, having removed his shorts, with cock in fist, working up another duration experiment.  The handkerchief, crinkly and streaked with stains, was clenched in his other hand.  His eyelids had closed as the feeling rose.  But short of the peak he was interrupted.  Some other force moved the glider!

A familiar voice said, “I know what you’re doing.”

His eyes flew open.  Claire, his brunette sister, had rested her elbows on the glider’s padded back.  She looked at him solemnly.

“Claire!” he cried with a screech and froze, the brightly pink cock head poking out of his fist.  He couldn’t move except to say, “Where’d you come from?”  As usual when he was excited, his voice broke in the middle of the question.

She sniffed.  “Behind the glider.”

He swallowed to calm his voice.  “What were you doing back there?”

She visibly considered her response, saying at last, “About the same as you, I think.”

“But … but … but you don’t have —  How do girls do it?”

She took a deep breath, apparently reaching a decision.  “I’ll show you if you let me watch you.”

“Let you …”  With a shrug he removed his hand.  The cock stood straight and tall.

“Gosh, Wade!  It’s got so big!”

He grinned.  “You think so?”

“It was lots smaller the last time we took our baths together.”

“Huh!  Momma stopped that five years ago.”  He chuckled.  “You remember why?”

“Yeah.”  The girl grinned.  “She caught me playing with your … thing.”

“It’s called a cock.”

“I know.  Is it …  Is that what you call a hard-on?”

“Yeah.”  His next question was obvious.  “You want to play with it again?”

“I wouldn’t mind feeling of it.”

He gestured.  “Come on around.”

She hurried around the long glider and plopped down beside him.  She was wearing a tank top and short skirt.  A flash of hip showed him missing panties.  Her hand cautiously crept over his naked thigh and grasped its objective.  She pumped it a few times.

“This skin is so loose!  Is this how?”

“Yeah.”  His hand slipped under her skirt and contacted only skin.

She demanded, “What are you doing?”

“The same as you.”

“But I don’t have …”

“Show me.”

Her free hand pulled up her skirt.  He noted the long slit between her legs and the little puff of flesh above it that he recalled from their baths.  He slipped off the glider to face her on his knees.  Her hand lost its grip on him.

“Raise your knees up,” he said.

She obeyed, spreading them also, which parted the pink lips, revealing a crimson interior.

He looked up at her in wonder.  “That’s your pussy.  Show me how you do it.”

Her forefinger rubbed the puff of flesh.

He watched a moment before asking, “Don’t you put it inside?”

“Can’t till I lose my cherry.”

“Can I see it?”

Using both forefingers, she parted the lips farther.  He saw only pink folds, glistening with moisture.

“Where is it?”

“In there.  You … you can feel it if you put in your finger.”

His finger passed the lips almost an inch before striking an obstruction.  His thumbs took over the lip-parting job and he leaned forward in scrutiny.  “I see two little holes, one up and one down.  Have you looked in here with a mirror?”

“Yeah.  I pee through the top one.  I don’t know what the bottom one is for.”

He backed away to sit on his heels.  “Gosh, Claire, your pussy is interesting!”

“So is your cock.”

He had an idea.  “You know where it’s supposed to go, don’t you?”

She studied it.  It was still erect, thrusting up between his thighs.  “I think it would hurt.”

“Maybe if we took it real easy …”  He grasped himself between thumb and forefinger.  “Wonder why cocks are so long.”

“Maybe your is too long.”

“Oh, no.  Some of them are lots longer.  For sure you can’t take all of one.”

She frowned.  “Maybe that’s what she meant.”

“She who?”

“Rachel.  She said that cherries are usually broken by cocks.”

“She said that?”

“Though she broke hers with a hairbrush handle.”

“No kidding!  Couldn’t she find a cock?”

Claire giggled.  “You wish she’d’ve asked you?”

“Well, yeah.  Is that all you do — just push it in?”  He lurched forward, still on his knees and guided his manhood between her legs.

She twitched backwards.  “Hey, I don’t want to bu’st it yet!”

His eyes were bright.  “Let’s see how far it’ll go without bu’sting.”

Hesitantly she hitched forward, grabbing her thighs to pull her head and shoulders down to the point of interest.  He pressed into the parted lips, his hand wiggling the cock head side to side to part them further.  At first only half the glans penetrated but with more wiggling the whole head was enclosed.  Again he felt the obstruction.

“That’s funny,” he said in wonder.

“‘Funny?’” she repeated.

“Yeah.  It looks like you cut the end off but it feels good instead of hurting.”

“‘Cut the end —’”  She giggled.  “Oh, I see what you mean.”

He pushed harder but again she twitched backward.

“That hurts!”

“How does it hurt?”

“Stings.  Like something’s going to bu’st.”

“You’ve got a cock instead of a hairbrush handle.  Let’s bu’st it.”

“No.”  Her eyes were flinty.  “You’re my brother.”

“So what?”

“Brothers and sisters ain’t supposed to do this.”

His face fell.  “I heard that too.”  He took a deep breath and sat back on his heels.

She regarded him thoughtfully.  “Rachel said they’s something else you can do that feels good.”


“Licking.  This.”  A forefinger touched her clit.

He studied her and slowly shook his head.  “Your tongue can’t reach it.  People can’t bend over that far.”

“Not my tongue!”  Suddenly her eyes widened.  “You mean you’ve tried to lick yours?”

“No, silly.  You suck a cock, not lick it.  Yeah, I’ve tried.  This is as close as I can get.”  He held his finger and thumb about two inches apart.

Suck a cock?”  She stared down at his organ, still very much erect.  “Like a lollipop?”

“I guess.  I never sucked one.”

She protested, “I saw you suck one last week!”

“I mean a cock.”  His eyes narrowed.  “I could lick it for you.”

“You … would?”

“Sure.”  He bent forward, tongue extended, touched it to the puff of flesh and began to stroke slowly.

She gulped and said, “Faster.  Go all around it.”

He leaned in closer and expanded the area of assault, recognizing a strong odor of piss that soon faded.  Thrusting his tongue into the hollow beneath caused her to shiver.

“That tickles,” she said with a giggle.

He reverted to the fleshy puff on top, now detectably firmer and larger than before.  Something about this activity made his cock almost painfully hard.  One hand began to pump it.

She screamed softly and her legs closed on his ears.  Nevertheless her continuing screams were audible.  Would the neighbors hear?  Momentarily her body froze.  Then hands on his forehead pushed him away.

He had a glimpse of the immature pussy gleaming with saliva before her legs tightened around it.  One finger pumped between them briefly.  She produced one full-fledged scream that caused him to swivel and regard the neighboring houses anxiously, before she relaxed, arms and legs collapsed.

She heaved a sigh.  “Oh, god, Wade!”

“Did you come?” he asked in wonder.

“Oh, yeah!”

He sneered.  “I thought it was killing you, the way you hollered.”

“Rachel says I’m a screamer.”  Claire blushed suddenly.

“Oh, ho!  Rachel licked you, did she?”

“No.”  She explained hesitantly, “We just frigged together.  You’re the only one to lick me, Wade.”

He stood up and carefully studied the houses visible over the yard outlined by bushes.

She asked, “You think somebody heard me?”

“Maybe not.  Though they must be deaf.”

Both of them listened.  Cars were heard on the thoroughfare two blocks away and the steam engine of a train chuffed along more distantly.  Children’s voices rose from a nearby yard.  No one seemed to have noticed Claire’s outburst.

Wade guessed, “Probably thought you were just another kid yelling.”

She giggled.  “I am.  That was super, Wade!”

He gestured for her to get up.  “Let’s trade.”

Her eyes narrowed.  “You want me to lick you.”

“Not ‘lick.’”

After thinking it over, she rose to her feet, pushing her skirt down.  He flopped in her place and spread his legs, cock upthrust.  She knelt before him, took him in hand and looked up at him.  “Like a lollipop?”

“Not really.  You mostly just lick a lollipop.”

“You mean …”  Without finishing the sentence she bent and sucked in the cock head.

“That’s right.  Suck it.”

She sucked as if it were a large straw, holding the head just behind her teeth.  His hand came forward impatiently and jacked the skin on the shaft.  They proceeded in that mode for several seconds.  The cock twitched perceptibly and a moment later squirted into her mouth.  Her eyes widened comically but he failed to notice; his had lost their focus.

Gamely she continued to suck, swallowing each spurt, until he groaned and pushed her head away, much as she had done him.  Briefly his hand continued to work the loose skin until he fell back panting, leaving one white droplet in the cock eye.

“Was that good?” she asked, licking her lips.

Heaving a sigh, he said, “It always feels good.  How’d you like the taste?”

“It wa’n’t pee.”

“It’s come.”

She nodded.  “I’ve heard of that.”  She pointed to the white drop.  “Looks like milk.  Do it again so I can see it better.”

“It don’t taste like milk.”

“It don’t taste like anything.”  She sniffed.  “But it leaves a smell.”

“You swallowed it all, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.”  She blinked.  “Will it make me pregnant?”

“No,” he declared reflexively then frowned.  “I don’t know, but I don’t think so.  It has to go in your pussy for that.”

“Could it get from my stomach to my pussy?”

It was his turn to blink in wonder.  “I don’t know.  But you’re too young to get pregnant anyway, ain’t you?”

She sprang up and rounded the glider, found her panties and drew them on.

He raised up.  “What’s your hurry?  Where you going?”

“To ask Rachel.”

The screen door slammed behind her and she ran around the house.


* * *


Rachel was home but not alone.  She and her three younger siblings were in her backyard bouncing a tennis ball off the house’s clapboard siding.  Claire waited until one of the brothers missed his catch before slipping beside the other girl.  “Can I ask you a question?”


“Can swallowing … stuff make you pregnant?”

“Stuff?”  Rachel’s eyes narrowed.  “I doubt it.  Not unless you’ve started having periods.”

Claire smiled with relief.

Rachel studied her carefully.  “What made you ask that?  You swallow some?”

“Swallow what?” asked Jeffrey, Rachel’s youngest brother who was standing within earshot.

“None of your beeswax,” Rachel asserted, adding to Claire, “Did you just say, ‘Yes?’”

Claire nodded.

Jeffrey raised his voice.  “Claire swallowed a marble!  Claire swallowed a marble!”

“Did not!” cried Claire, taking a swing at the smaller boy, who ducked away.

“Shut-up, you dummy!” ordered Rachel.  She shook her head in disgust and said to Claire, “I’m baby-sitting, but I’ll come see you when Mike gets home from his paper-route.”

“Claire swallowed a marble!”  Rachel’s other brother joined with the first.

Jane, her ten year-old sister, said, “You guys are so full of it.  Throw the ball!”

Claire backed away, calling, “See you later.”

“Unless you want to play Bounce.”

But Claire’s groin still tingled and her mouth still tasted of Wade’s deposit.  She wanted to treasure both events.  “I’ll wait for you.”


* * *


When Rachel arrived, the two girls went directly upstairs to Claire’s room.  Rachel had noticed the empty house and said with a grin, “I’ve been supposing whose you swallowed.  It had to’ve been Wade’s.”

Claire blushed but grinned a little as she nodded.

“Your brother!  He squirts?”

Again Claire nodded.

“But he’s not thirteen.  That’s pretty good!  Where is he?”

Claire’s room was at the back of the house.  She pointed through the window screen to the visible gazebo.  “He was there the last time I saw him.”

“You sucked his dick?”

“After he licked me.”

“He licked you?  Oh, you lucky thing!”

Claire blushed again but her smile widened.

“And you loved it, of course.”

“Even better than frigging.”

Rachel nodded.  “Yes, it is.  You still got your cherry?”


“Why didn’t you let him have it?”

“He wanted me to.  I let him put his thing in the hole till it started to hurt.”  Her eyes twinkled.  “He said it looked like I had cut the end off.”  Both girls laughed.

Rachel said, “One more push is all it would’ve taken.”

Claire bit her lip.

“Why didn’t you let him?”

“I don’t know.  Yes, I do.”  Claire’s chin rose.  “Brothers ain’t supposed to do that to sisters.  That’s why you used a hairbrush.”

Rachel nodded with a sigh.  “I guess you got me there.”  But her eyes glowed with interest.  “How big is his dick?”

Claire blinked.  She held up her forefingers.  “About that long.”

Rachel was not impressed.  “Any hair around it?”

“No.  And I looked.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you did.  When did you do it?  Last night?”

“Just now.  In the gazebo.”

“Wow!  You don’t know how lucky you are, just the two of you here all day.”

Claire smiled confidently.  “Oh, yes, I do!”

“I’d love to do more with Mike but you know how it is at my house.”

Claire nodded.  She had an idea.  “How about Wade?”

“Huh?  You mean …”

“Maybe you could do something with Wade.”

Rachel’s eyes widened.  “You … wouldn’t mind?”

Claire grinned.  “Not if you let me help.”

Both girls had been sitting on the bed.  Rachel sprang up.  “Where’s he at?”

“Probably still in the gazebo.”  Claire giggled.  “Playing with his dick.  What you said: ‘Jacking off.’”

“Let’s give him something else to do with it.”

“Okay,” Claire agreed, also standing up.

Indeed Wade was in the gazebo, still slouched on the glider, still bottomless.  When the house’s screen door slammed, he jerked on his shorts, fastening two of the buttons, but seeing who was approaching, sat down again, making sure a fold of cloth concealed his lingering erection.

They came through the door, letting it slam, and stood before him.  “Hi, Wade,” greeted Rachel.  Her eyes looked mischievous.

He said, “What’s on your mind, Rachel?”

“You been having fun this summer?”

“Yeah.”  He grinned.  “In some ways.”

“Let’s make it more fun.”

He frowned and regarded Claire suspiciously.  “What’d you tell her?”

His sister hesitated.  Finally she raised her chin.  “What we did.”

“Shit!”  He sat up straight to stare at Rachel.  “And who’re you going to tell?”

Rachel shrugged.  “Nobody.  I don’t tattle-tale.”

“You don’t?”

“No, I don’t.  Besides, Claire’s told you about me, hasn’t she?”

“Not much.  Just that you’ve been teaching her.”

Rachel looked approvingly at the other girl.  “I told her more than that.  You see, we don’t tell on people.”

“Well, I hope not!”

“We don’t.”  She smiled invitingly.  “And I like to do what you did.”

His eyes became interested.  “You want me to lick you?”

“Oh, yeah.  And I want to … do it to you.”

“Suck my cock?”

“More than that.”

He licked his lips.  “Not out here.  Let’s go into the house.”

“My room,” Claire asserted.

“Why not?”


* * *


A breeze came through the open windows, billowing the curtains.

Wade said, “It’s going to get hot in here.”

“I know how to fix that,” said Rachel with a grin, peeling off her blouse.  The others quickly followed her example.  In moments all three were birth-naked.

He studied the female genitals and looked up.  “How’re we going to work this?”

“I’m going to watch,” said Claire, eyes alight.

Rachel unfolded a blanket from the foot of the bed, spread it on the hardwood floor, lay down upon it and raised her knees.  “Come on,” she said, staring at Wade.

He fingered his flaccid cock.  “You want me to put it in?”

“I want you to lick me first.”

“Oh.”  He knelt before her and applied his tongue as he had done to his sister.  Rachel twitched.  Her hands clasped either side of his head but failed to push.  Apparently his circular strokes were satisfactory.

Claire knelt, her face close to his.  She said, “Is he doing it right?”

“Oh, yeah!” breathed Rachel.

When her breathing began to resemble panting, Claire looked at.  “You’re blushing.”

“Oh, god, I’m coming!”

Claire’s eyes widened.  “Already?”

“A tongue feels so …  Oh!  Oh!”  Rachel’s speech became a wail.

The older girl shuddered and moaned some more before pushing Wade’s head away.  Between pants she ordered, “Now … do me!”

Instinctively understanding, he crawled atop her and guided himself into the wet cavity.  She grabbed his buttocks cheeks and moved him vigorously, resuming her groans.  Redness tinged her shoulders as well as her face.

Claire said in wonder, “Are you still coming?”

Rachel said nothing coherent.  After another minute Wade grunted and lunged into her several times before his chest sagged upon hers.  They lay entangled, both panting.

Claire had a suspicion.  “Did you come too?” she demanded, bending to study her brother’s face.

His head rose and he said with a grin.  “I don’t believe it!”

Rachel’s hands pushed his shoulders.  “You’re heavy.”

He backed away from her and knelt between her legs, exclaiming, “Holy shit!”

Rachel grinned at him.  “You just lost your cherry, I bet.”

“Boys don’t have one.”

“It means you got your first fuck.”  Her voice gained a touch of pride.  “And I’m your first woman.”

He started to say she was no woman, but the words stuck in his throat.  She was woman enough!  Did that make him —  Maybe.  According to Claire, Rachel had lost her cherry to a hairbrush handle.

“Am I your first man?”

She hesitated, saying at last, “Almost.”

“Aside from your hairbrush.”

Rachel shook her head.  “No, you ain’t my first, but I won’t tell you who was.”

He thought about it and said, “Your second?”

Before she could answer Claire said, “Did he come in you, Rachel?”

The older girl thrust two fingers into herself, inspected the results then tasted them.  She grinned.  “He sure did.”

“Will you get pregnant?”

“I’m not supposed to.  My period hasn’t started yet.”

He said, “When does it start?”

“Mom says anytime.”

“Wade, I don’t think you better come in her again.”

Rachel giggled.  “Oh, I don’t know about that.  He could come in my mouth.  After he gives me a good licking.”

“Oh, yeah!” he agreed.  Drooping organ in hand, he added, “Just not now,” and began to pull on his shirt.

“Where you going?” Claire demanded.  She dropped to the blanket beside Claire.  “I want you to lick me again.”

With a sigh he knelt between her legs and bent to the task.  Rachel rose on an elbow and watched for awhile before shaking her head.  “You two are so lucky: no brothers or sisters and both your parents work!”

Claire ceased biting her lip long enough to declare, “You can come to see us any time.”

“No time like the present.”  Rachel crawled around and turned on her back, scooting up between the boy’s knees, leaving her buttocks and heels on the hardwood floor.  Her mouth captured his re-erected cock.  One hand fingered his balls, the other her clit.

“Are you sucking him?” demanded Claire, raising her head but able to see only Rachel’s torso and hip.  The lack of response made her giggle and she relaxed, concentrating on the lovely feeling that flooded her belly.

Claire finally swung herself away.  Rachel’s head withdrew and she said, looking up at the boy, “You can’t come, can you?”

Sitting back on his heels, Wade said, “It gets slow after the first.”  He grinned at the girls.  “But it feels good anyway.”

“It’s still hard,” noted Rachel.  She rolled on her back.  “You’re right about the feeling.  Put it back in.”

“Oh, yeah!” he said enthusiastically, rearranging his body to comply.

Claire flopped close on her elbows, eyes fixed on their junction, and smiled happily.  “Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun this summer!”


“And they did too.”

“That’s a good memory.  I take it Rachel was your neighbor.”

“Yeah, but Claire wasn’t my sister.”

“And your name isn’t Wade.  But I suspect you changed them to protect the guilty.”

The old man chuckled.  “A reasonable suspicion.  Ah, that was a fucking family!  Before the pill, you know.  Wade impregnated both Rachel and Jane, in her turn, who later on got caught again by one of her brothers.”

“What of Claire?”

“Stubborn girl!  She hung on to her hymen until she married, believe it or not, while sucking up about a gallon of semen.”

“I hear you.  Did she tell her brother about any of that?”

“Until they grew apart in high school.”

“Then you ought to have another good story.”

“Lots of them.  But now it’s your turn.”

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