Hot Cousins

by Kellis

Summer, 2017



“Your turn, Carver.”

“My turn?” asked Carver from his wheelchair, which he’d had to turn sideways to fit under the flapping umbrella at the table with the others.

“Yeah,” said Don.  “We’ve retold all our cherry busters.  Who’d you put your dick into first?  Your sister, like Marco?”

The cripple took a deep breath.  “You know, I’ve been listening to you guys and wondering how you can sling out such personal stuff.”

“Yeah, but you listened!”

Marco waved his hand.  “Personal stuff?  What difference does it make now?  Like I told you, my sister’s dead.”

Carver nodded.  “You have a point.  My cousin is too.”


“Your cousin?” repeated Don with interest.  “Not your sister then.”

“No.  I had a half-sister, but she was a lot younger.”  Carver smiled with a distant look.  “I remember just one sexy thing with her.  I had to give her a bath when she was about a year and a half.  I was fifteen.  I stood her up in the basin and rubbed her clit.  She had been chirping and giggling, saying, ‘Tickles, Dilly!’  Suddenly she got really still and quiet.  Her little clit thickened up and her eyes glazed over.”

“Did she come?” said Don, licking his lips.

“Who can tell with a girl?  She went straight to sleep as soon as I dried her off.”

“She did,” said Don positively, as if that were evidence enough.

“‘Dilly?’” said Marco.

“My name is Dillard.”

“Well, now you’ve got the idea.  Tell us about your cousin.”



Sandy, who was born one week before I was, wasn’t really my cousin.  It’s complicated.  She was the illegitimate daughter of my father’s brother’s wife.  My mother died when I was eight and that uncle was killed at Anzio.  Sandy and her mother had gone to live with my grandfather, who had a farm in Indiana.  Being motherless until I was 13, I was packed off to that farm every summer for several years.  Sandy and I grew close.  Before television we more or less had to, being the only kids on the farm.

It was the year we both turned twelve.  We were playing behind the barn one day when we spotted two dogs humping like mad.  We stopped to watch.

Sandy said thoughtfully, “We don’t do it like animals.  Did you know that, Dilly?”

“We don’t?  How do we do it then?”

“With our mouths as much as other parts.”

I stared in her.  “What makes you say that?”

She didn’t answer at first.  Finally she said, “Something I saw.”

My fifth school year had been very educational.  In addition to learning the common words, I learned to jerk off.  So I asked, “Who’d you see fucking?”

She turned her face away.

“Come on, Sandy.  Who?”

She sighed.  “Mama and Uncle Chase.”

Chase was the youngest of Dad’s brothers, about 18 at that time.  He was scheduled to be drafted in the fall.  Sandy’s mama, aunt Agnes, was a buxom woman whose big tits had already attracted my eye.  “Aunt Agnes and Uncle Chase?” I repeated, feeling a burst of jealousy.  Though Chase was bigger than me, I could beat him at checkers.


“Where’d you see it?”

“In her bedroom.”

“Tell me about it.  Did you just walk in?”

“No.  I’m going through her closet, thinking I might wear some of her clothes pretty soon, when they come in.  Uncle Chase’s britches are halfway down.  He trips and falls on his face.  I pull the door almost closed and nearly choked laughing.

“She’s giggling and laughing, tells him not to make so much noise, says, ‘Too bad my husband, the paratrooper, ain’t here.  He could teach you how to fall softly.’

“Uncle Chase rolls over and sits up.  ‘It’d be too bad if he was here, wouldn’t it?”

“She laughed even harder.  ‘He’d kick your tender little ass.  Let me help you with that.’

“She jerks off his shoes and britches, stands up, slings off her shoes, heists her skirt up, steps out of her panties and flops down on the edge of the bed with her feet in the air and her dark bottom hair shining.  He runs to the bed, drops to his knees and buries his face in her hair like he means to eat her alive.  She makes gurgling sounds and closes her thighs with her legs hanging over his shoulders.”

I said, “He was eating her alive!  That’s what they call it: eating her out.  Gosh, Sandy, you really saw that?”

She knew I didn’t doubt her.  “I can tell he’s licking her where she pees.  And it’s either killing her or she’s loving it to death.  I never saw such a look on her face!”

“You mean you don’t know?”

“Well, don’t pretend you do!”

“She didn’t make him quit, did she?”

“Yes, she did, right after she let out a sort of muffled scream.”

“She was coming.”

“Maybe.  She grabs him under the arms and pulls him up but she says, ‘I’ve still got enough sense to warn you: don’t come in me.’

“He says, ‘Not in your pussy,’ and catches her heels in his hands.  His thing is huge and sticking straight out.  She grabs it and guides it into her bottom hair.”

“That’s where her pussy is.”

“Yeah, I figured that.”

“Now they were fucking.”

“Figured that too.  She begins to really groan and scream.  He clamps his hand over her mouth.  Her bottom is bouncing up and down and his thing is pumping in and out.

“After a while, not very long, he stops and says, ‘It’s starting.’

“‘No, you don’t!’ she yells and jerks her butt away.  She flips in the bed so that her feet stick out behind her.  Her mouth snaps over his thing like she’ll bite it off.  And he does start groaning.  I can’t believe it.  She’s slobbering all over his thing in her mouth.  Some of it drips down her chin.”

“It wa’n’t slobber.”

She looked a question.  “It was like the white stuff Ruff did on my leg last summer, wa’n’t it?”

Ruff was Grandma’s German Shepherd.  He loved Sandy.

“Lucky dog!” I said.  “You didn’t let him fuck you!”

“No!   Ruff is a dog, silly.  But it was funny.  This long red rod came out of Ruff’s thing and poked me where my knee bends.”

“That’s how a dog gets a hard-on.  The white stuff was his come.”

When she blinked at me, I added, “I can make it too.”

“You can?”  She looked interested.

But I said, “What happened next?”

“He gets in the bed beside her and they kiss.  He whispered something to her and she says crossly, ‘Chase, I told you to quit asking me that.  I’m going to stay right here and look after Jeffrey.  He’s already put me in his will.’”

Jeffrey was my grandpa.

“Uncle Chase whispers something else.  She laughs.  ‘If he only could.’

“This time I could hear Uncle.  He sounds kind of sour.  ‘They say you’ll fuck anybody.’

“She sniffs.  ‘No, I’ll suck anybody.  I don’t want any more babies put in my belly.   Who is they?’

“‘They were just guessing.’

“‘Who’s this guessing about me?’

“‘The guys in Della’s bar.  They guess about all the women in the county.’

“‘Suppose I would fuck anybody.  What do you care?  I’ll fuck you the rest of this year and more too.’

“‘Fucking is more fun than sucking, but thank you, Agnes.  You’re a sweetheart.’

“‘And just think of all the money you’re saving not having to court those tarts in town.’

“‘Not them!  I’d go up the river where it’s cheaper.’

“‘And bring back the clap, no doubt.  You’ll stay here, if you have any sense.’

“‘Don’t worry.  I know where it’s sweetest.’

“They went to sleep and I sneaked out.  Tell me what that last part means.”

So I told her my guesses that Uncle Chase wanted Aunt Agnes to run off with him, that he’d accused her of fucking grandpa, that she had a bad rep.  I couldn’t guess what was meant by “up the river” or “clap.”

“That lucky fart!” I declared.  “He’s half her age and been fucking her all year.”

Oddly Sandy’s face had reddened a little.  She said, “Telling you about it, Dilly, made me feel funny down there.  I want to know what he was doing to Mama at first.”

“I told you: eating her out.”

“I want to know, Dilly!”

We were at the edge of the woods.  A big, oak trunk, uprooted by a storm, lay fallen behind her.  She stepped out of her panties, pulled her skirt up to her waist, sat down on the log and looked at me appealingly.  Of course I was busy making eye contact with her bare slit.  And of course I knew what else she wanted, even though I had only talked about it before.  In a second I was licking her hairless cunt.

“Not so hard, Dilly!” she said crossly.

So I lick easier but before long she changes her mind.

“Hard, Dilly!  Now do it hard.”

She screamed and I learned about the female climax.  When she finally unclamped my ears, I sat back.  She let her ass slide off the log.

“Oh, Dilly, now I would love to fuck.”

After a quick check for briars she turned sideways to the log and laid on her back in the weeds.  Of course my dick was so hard it hurt.  I got between her legs to put it in but it wouldn’t go very far, not until I pushed real hard.  Something gave way — her cherry of course — she let out a yelp and I was buried up to the balls.  I managed a couple of strokes before she shoved my hips back.

“Quit, Dilly!  That hurts.”

Maximum disappointment!  I mumbled something like, “It ain’t supposed to hurt.”

She shook her head in decision.  “We can’t do it like dogs.”

“Your mother did.”

“And now I know what her face meant.  She was hurting!”

That struck me as unlikely.  “Then why did she let him?  Why did she let your daddy?”

I could see her studying the problem but she shook her head.  “I don’t know.  But … I’ll help you finish.”

“Finish what?”

“The way Mama helped Uncle.”

I had already slipped off her.  She raised up, bent over and sucked up my dick.

Her head bobbed a couple times before she raised it.  “Does this hurt you, Dilly?”

“Hell, no!  Don’t stop!”

Down went her head.  In about a minute I gave her something to taste.  She didn’t even twitch.  I guess she expected it.  Of course she didn’t know to stop sucking so I had to back away.

She raised up, smacked her lips and looked at me.  Her eyes were big.  “Oh, Dilly, this means we’re grown-ups now, just like Mama and Uncle.”

“Does it still hurt?”

“It stings a little.”  Her hand went to her groin.  She held up a finger.

“That can’t be blood!” I said incredulously.

“It is too!  And my finger goes so much deeper.  You cut me open.”

I held up my still hard dick.  “How could you cut anybody with a dick?”

“I don’t care.  You did and here’s the proof.”

“Well, I’m sorry.  I sure didn’t mean to hurt you!”

“Okay.”  She smiled forgivingly.  “Oh, Dilly, that was fun!”

“Except it hurt you.”

“Not what you did at first.  That was … heavenly!”

“Yeah.  Like what you did at the last.”

“What did …  What did I taste like?”

“Pee.  And something else.  How about me?”

“At first it tasted a little like peanuts.”

“How about the … the juice?”

She laughed.  “Peanut juice!”

“Oh, come on.  It didn’t taste like peanuts!”

“How do you know?”

“How do you think?  I’ve tasted it.”

She grinned.  “You would!  To tell you the truth, it didn’t have much taste, maybe like weak soup.”  She giggled.  “Needs salt!”

“Did you swallow it?”

“Yeah.  Oh!”  Her eyes got big.  “I didn’t think.  Will I have a baby?”

That winter at school the guys had talked about motherhood and related subjects.  I thought I had understood the gist.  “You have to start your monthly bleeding before you can catch a baby.”

“I have started!”  She held up the finger from which by now she had of course licked off the blood.

But it had once held a drop or two.  My eyes probably got as big as hers.



Don and Marco both chuckled.

“You kids sure got it wrong,” said Don.

Marco said dryly, “Which a few years later was the excuse for wasting tax money on sex education in the schools.”

Don’s chuckle became a laugh.  “Once I asked my son what he learned in sex education.  He answered, ‘How stick figures fuck.’”

“I said it was a waste,” Marco added.  “Between the fuck books and the older kids we learned everything about it except the Latin names — as much as they teach now in hygiene classes.  They still leave out deep-throating and clit-lifting.”

“And teaching a girl to push out before she takes one up the ass.”

They both laughed.  “Yeah,” said Marco, “the important stuff.”

But Don was unsatisfied.  “Carver, don’t stop there.  Here you were on summer vacation with your hot little cousin.  I hope she didn’t give up just because losing her cherry hurt!”

“Vacation from school, maybe.  But, no, not her.  Sandy was never a quitter.  A sucker, yes, but not a quitter.  Besides, we had a fine example set before us.”



The lightning bugs — you call them “fireflies” — were thick in those years before DDT.  We were allowed to chase them after dark.  They were so thick and bright that 100 feet away in the yard you couldn’t see the house lights, which meant nobody on the porch could see us.

With yellow light all around us I said to Sandy, “Is it still sore?”

“If I move wrong it hurts a little, but don’t worry about it.”

“Still bleeding?”

“No.  Didn’t even stain my panties.  But let’s wait for that.  We can do our other things.  ”

“Sure.”  That was what I had been leading up to, of course.

Confident of our invisibility and unconcerned about mosquitoes, we uncovered our privates there in the front yard of Grandpa’s house and discovered the 69 all by ourselves.  One advantage of clit licking is that you can be pretty confident the girl has climaxed.

Finished and covered again, Sandy licked her lips and said, “I like the taste of that white stuff.  After a while it changes, even gets sweet a little bit.  What do you call it?”

I told her the names I knew, which led to a listing of all the related words as we returned to the house.  Fortunately we heard their voices before they heard ours.

Uncle Chase and Aunt Agnes were on the screened porch.  Their voices were clear and recognizable to anyone lying in the dusty rain gulleys at the end of the porch floor — where Sandy and I immediately snuggled.

Uncle was saying, “What’s got into you?  We’ve done it on this porch lots of times.”

“I know that,” said Aunty, “but not this early.  The kids are still up.”

“Why didn’t you put them to bed?”

“They’re twelve.  Sandy’ll get her period anytime now.  And Dilly is already staining his sheets.  You can’t treat them like moppets at that age.”

“Well, where are they?  This puss feels plenty wet enough.”

“Out in the yard.  Or the woods.  God, yes!  Slobber on me, sweet man.”

Bodies shifted and the glider creaked.  I heard slurping sounds and she started whimpering.  “Oh, oh, oh!”

The slurping stopped for a moment.  Uncle said thickly, “Damn it, Agnes, don’t you start screaming.  They’ll think you’re dying.”

“Dying and going to heaven!  Keep licking!”

“Breathe through your nose.”

The slurping resumed and the tone of her whimpering changed.  I figured that his hand now covered her mouth.  She got louder anyway, but probably not as much as she would have otherwise.

Thinking about what was happening hardened my dick.  I crawled beside Sandy, put my hand up her shorts, under her panty hem and found her lumpy clit, figuring she might appreciate it even if dryer than a tongue.  She did.  Her hand snaked under my waistband and started squeezing me, balls and all.

Aunty let out several loud squeals through her nose.  Then we heard a lot of thumping and creaking which pretty soon got regular.  She said, “Remember, honey, don’t you dare come in me!”

“Agnes, you really don’t have to tell me that every time.”

“It scares me that you might forget.  Ooo, ooo!  That’s the right spot!”

The glider squeaked on and on in a rhythm.  It was long enough for adults to lie on it lengthwise.  I could imagine them fucking that way.

Sandy could too.  After awhile she whispered, “Put your finger in all the way.”

It went in to the knuckle.  I worked it in and out like a little dick.

“Pull up on it,” she said.  When I didn’t do it right, she grabbed my wrist and showed me.  “Oh, Dilly!” she whispered.  “That’s so sweet!”

She had forgot to squeeze me.  But I didn’t mind.  Her insides felt hot, wet and squishy.  I knew my dick would get in there before long.

Above us Aunty was moaning through her nose again.  I thought his hand was clamped over her mouth but when the moaning stopped, she said, “Kiss me deep again.”  His mouth had been doing the covering.

“Deep” gave me an idea.  I rolled up on my shoulder, nuzzled Sandy’s face and found her lips.  She opened to my tongue and I swabbed hers.  Oh, yes!  My dick throbbed all on its own.  She was moaning like her aunt but softer.

“Now!” said Uncle, followed by more thumping and creaking.

Sandy understood.  She scooted down, twitched my dick out the leg of my shorts and sucked it in.  Above me I heard Uncle groaning.  Sandy’s mouth felt good but it was too soon for me to come again.

When the noises above us stopped, Sandy raised off me and rested her head on my belly.  We listened.  The adults were still on the glider, proven when it began to swish.  They were causing it to glide.

Aunty said in a dreamy voice, “Chase, do you know how much I love that big cock of yours?”

“How much?  What do you measure love with?”  I could tell he was grinning.

“Not with a ruler!  This thing is so perfect, slips right under my womb.  And it really fits the back of my throat.”

“Hey, I like it!  Especially in the back of your throat.”

“Did you ever have a water pistol?”

“Got one for Christmas when I was about Sandy’s age.  Loved to squirt the girls till they bitched too much and Dad took it away.”

“I found one in the playground.  You know where I loved to squirt it?”

“You had lots of brothers.”

“Where I loved to squirt it was in my mouth.”

“Oh, ho!”

She giggled.  “Yeah, and now I’ve got another one.”

“To squirt in your mouth.”

“And to play with between squirts.  Like this.”

“Yeah.  Like you played with it Monday.”

“I didn’t hear you kicking.”

“Well, no.  What’s to kick?”  He giggled, the same sound in a lower pitch.  “Besides, I was doing this.”

“Oh, yes.  Mash them harder, Dilly.”

“I don’t want them black and blue.”

“They can take it as long as you don’t pinch.”

“You mean this don’t hurt?  If I squeezed my balls this hard I’d jump over that rail.”

“Balls are meant to be sucked too.”

“Yeah.  Which you did.  So you like a cock squirting in your throat?”

“I do.”

“That’s kind of weird, Aggie.”

“That jizz is powerful stuff.  When I think what it can do in the other place, it turns me way on.”

“Not that I’m kicking, you understand.  But I’m curious.  You’re the only nice girl I ever knew who’d suck a cock.  Where’d you learn it?”

“I was playing with my husband’s one day and it looked so sweet I wanted to kiss it.  He said, ‘Suck it.’  So I did.  And I liked it.  A lot.  But since he ain’t ever coming back, I’ve learned to appreciate the one in hand.”

He chuckled.  “You sucked him a lot?”

“Everywhere I got the chance.”


“Damn near.”  She giggled.  “Once even on a tour bus.”

“God, that gives me the chills!  Aggie, Monday was great, running around the house naked, shelling your peas while you jerked and sucked.  When can we send the kids off again?”

“I never saw a man so happy shelling peas!  Again?  Um.  They both said the town library was fun.  I’ll see what I can do.”

“Great!  Hey, Aggie, it’s ready for you again.”

“I can tell.  Is your pillow still on the floor?  Yeah, here it is.”  Thumps and creaks.  She said, “Ah.  Yummy!”

He grunts.  “Aggie!  Your mouth is so hot!”

Above us the occasional slurp replaced the talking.  Sandy moved.  I felt her wet mouth close on my dick again.  Her hand squeezed my balls.  She had learned something.  And we knew something they didn’t.  I helped her swing her legs around until my tongue could stroke her cunny.

Both me and Uncle held out.  Sandy kept doggedly sucking.  Judging by the groaning, he finally got his second shot, which caused mine to pop too.  I heard Aunty giggling and felt Sandy doing it.  Neither Uncle nor I wanted to ask what was funny.



Marco licked his lips.  “A fine example, like you said.  I’m sure you had no idea how lucky you were.”

“Some idea.  In the whole fifth grade, only one boy claimed to have even touched a pussy.  But you know kids: whatever comes around regular is normal.”

“When did you get your first full fuck?”

“She was still sore the next day.”

“God, I can imagine it,” said Don with a sigh.  “A just-broached virgin!”




When I came down to breakfast, Sandy was already there.  I poured some cereal and milk.  No sign of the adults.  One funny thing was a girl’s winter coat hanging on another chair.

She looked at me seriously as I started eating.  “Did you hear what Mama said last night?”

“She said a lot.”

“I mean about sucking Daddy’s thing on a tour bus?”

I blinked.  “She didn’t exactly say —”

“You know that’s what she meant.  I’ve been thinking about it all night.  How do you think they did it?”

“Did what?  I guess she just bent over and —”

“No, you dummy!  They’s people all around you on a tour bus.  She couldn’t just pull his thing out and suck on it!”

“Um.  Maybe it was night.”

“What about the people just across the aisle?”

“Maybe they was asleep.”

“They might wake up and there she’d be with her head a-bouncing.”

“Um.  Well, how could they do it?”

“Move your chair around here and I’ll show you.  If it was winter.  And pull your britches down.”

I listened.  Not another sound in the house, just birdsong through the open windows.  So I arranged me and my seat as directed.

When we were side by side with my bare dick starting to rise in anticipation, she took up the girl’s coat.  “Spread this over me.”

I took the coat.  She bent down and sucked up my dick.  I laid the coat over her.  Sure, it covered her up from anybody looking down, but if somebody else came in the kitchen, what we were up to would be obvious.  I started to point that out when the first thrill hit.

So I said, “Sandy, you smarty, I think you got it!”

Her head bobbed under the coat and she sucked harder.  So far today I’d had a night’s contented sleep, a good pee and a belly full of milk, cereal and sugar.  In no time I was squirting.  That’s a good memory.  I recommend it, gentlemen: a blowjob for breakfast.

We did a 69 later that morning.  After lunch Aunt Agnes said, “Why don’t you kids play down by the barn?  Uncle Chase and I need to talk.”  They went into her bedroom and closed the door.

Instead of the barn I followed Sandy onto the porch.  Her eyes were sparkling.  She had something else on her mind.  She pointed to the glider.  “Take your britches off and sit down.”

While I complied, she arranged a cushion in front of me.  When I was seated with my dick half hard again, she knelt on the cushion and looked up with a grin.  “I’ll be Mama.”

“What if somebody comes?”

“Who?  Grandpa never gets up anymore and you know Mama’s gonna be busy.”

“What are you doing, Sandy, playing pretend?”

“Who’s pretending?”  And she slurped up my dick.

Somebody did come.  Me.



Don said, “This girl sounds too good to be true.”

But Marco was a believer.  “Oh, no!  She just got off to a good start.  All young girls will fuck like minxes if they can get away with it.”

“You know that for a fact, do you?”

“According to all the best stories!  Come on, Carver.  When did you finally lose your cherry?”

“Several blowjobs and 69s later.  Sandy got hooked on jizz first.”

Don sniffed.  “Now you’re going too far.”

“I can only say what happened.  She liked to fuck but I’ll swear she loved cocksucking more.  I never knew another that liked it so much.”

“You’ve really set the stage,” said Marco thoughtfully.  “What else happened that summer?”

“We got caught.”

Don nodded.  “You gotta watch mamas.  They keep an eye on daughters.”

“Let him tell it,” said Marco.



It was three or four days later.  Sandy and I were in the woods next to the side yard, naked from the waist down.  She laid on our bottom clothes and I ate her out.  She moaned a lot but had learned not to scream.  When she pushed my head back, I sat up, expecting my turn.

But she touched a forefinger to her other wrist and said, “Dilly, I put the plumber’s friend handle up me this far this morning.”

“That far!”  With her fingers extended she was showing me about six inches, longer than my dick.

“I had to work it some but guess what — it didn’t hurt, not a bit!”

“Then you’re ready to fuck.”

“Oh, boy, am I ready!”

So I crawled on her, poked around with the knob and got it in without much trouble.  It felt natural.

I said, “The dogs are right.”

“About what?”

“This is how you’re supposed to fuck.”

She sniffed.  “Did you forget how dogs do it?  I’d have to turn over.”

I thought about suggesting that position, but the good feeling had started, killing any wish to experiment.

Somehow she knew.  “Dilly, don’t come in me!”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know.  But Mama’s scared of it.  Till I find out why, don’t do it.”

“Well, it’s starting.”

She slid out from under me, rolled me over on my back and slurped up my thrilling dick in time to catch the first squirt.  She had learned to quit sucking when the juice stopped and just hold it in her mouth.  God, that was good!  After a few seconds she backed off a little and stroked the shaft outward, milking the last drops onto her tongue.  I’d already concluded she wasn’t kidding about loving it.

“Now that’s a sight!” said a male voice nearby.

We twitched around.  It was Uncle Chase, looking over the thicket.  He was grinning.

He said, “Mind if I join you?” and pushed his way through the bushes.

I gritted my teeth and declared, “You was spying on us!”

“Not exactly.  I looked out Dad’s window and there you were, eating her out.  I was tempted to call Agnes to come see a pretty sight.”

I looked up.  You could see the second floor windows above the bushes.

“Did you tell her?”

He laughed a little.  “Let’s go deeper into the woods before she does see.”

“What’re you gonna do?”

“Like I said: join you.”

So we pushed deeper into the trees, out of sight of the house.  You can imagine what he made us do.



“Not so fast!” Don protested.  “We can imagine anything.”

“Tell it bang,” said Marco.



We found a spot with nothing but grass.  He said, “Sandy, how long have you been fucking?”

She only dropped her head.

He said, “You might as well tell me.  I know you been doing it for 15 minutes, and cocksucking too.”

She looked up at him wide-eyed.  “Do what?”

“And a damn good job of cocksucking, I have to say!  Who taught you to milk the last drop?  At least you’re not dumb enough to deny it.”

“I didn’t want him to come in me.”

“Where’ve I heard that before?”

We were both smart enough not to tell him.

“For your information, Sandy,” he went on, “you can’t catch until after your first period, but you’re right to learn caution.”

I voiced my greatest fear.  “Guess you’re gonna tell Aunt Agnes.”

“Me tell?”  He chuckled.  “I’m confident you kids are smart enough to make sure I don’t.”

We both stared at him as we realized what he meant.  Seeing the looks on our faces, he laughed outright, kicked off his shoes, shoved his jeans down and stepped out of them.  His dick drooped but was still twice as big as mine.  His left ball hung twice as low as the right one.

He sat down on the ground, leaned back on a tree and motioned to Sandy.  “Come here and show me.”

“Show you?” she asked, but she didn’t look at all puzzled.  In fact she opened her hand and let her panties drop to the ground.

His answer was to spread his legs wide apart.  In two steps she was standing between them.

When we got up to go farther into the woods, her skirt had of course fallen down to her knees.  He smiled.  “I want to see you.”

Her hands went behind her the way girls do and pulled her dress up over her head to be tossed aside.  He stared her up and down, still smiling.  So did I.  This was the first time I had seen her totally naked.

Uncle was smooth.  He said, “You know you’re a pretty little thing, don’t you?  And in a couple years you’ll turn every head on Main Street.”

His hands came up, one behind her butt, the other between her legs.  She shivered and he grinned.  “I can guess what you want.”

His dick was twitching upward.  I couldn’t believe how big it got.

She craned her neck to study it too and sort of gasped.  “It’s too big!”

“No, it isn’t.”  He withdrew his hand, spit in it and wiped it on the head of his dick, now standing tall.

His hands caught her hips and pulled her forward.  When she had stepped over his thighs, he guided her bottom down to him and let go of one hip to do something between them that I couldn’t see but could easily guess.

“Oh, oh!” she gasped louder.

Hands back on her hips, he moved her up and down.  “See?  It’s not too big.”

“Oh, but it’s really big!  Oh, oh!”

“Fills you up, does it?”  He was grinning.

From bouncing her up and down his hands changed to sliding her bottom forward and back.  After a bit he said, staring up at her, “How does that feel?”

“Oh, Uncle!  Oh, Uncle!”  Her upper body sagged against his.

I knew that sound.  Just like that she was coming.

I crouched between their legs for a closeup.  He was sliding her so far that at the extremes his dick nearly came out of her but in the middle of the stroke was buried out of sight.  This taught me that a girl of twelve could take an entire eight-inch dick with no trouble at all — unless you count coming like a firetruck as trouble!

Her cries turned to grunts.  Uncle’s arms fell away but she kept sliding just the way he’d shown her.  The skin on her back got redder somehow.  I got up and went around them because I had to see her face.  Her eyes were clenched shut and her lips were pulled back over her teeth, but she wasn’t grinning.

“Is she okay?” I said, troubled.

“She’s gone to heaven,” said Uncle, grinning up at me.



“Didn’t you say your uncle was about 20?” asked Marco.

“No.  He was 18 that summer.”

“Are you sure?  He knew too much about fucking for a teenager.”

“That’s so, but he had an enthusiastic teacher in her mid-thirties.”

Don said, “My dick never was that long but my wife couldn’t take all of it.”

Marco sniffed.  “You mean she wouldn’t.”

“No, I mean couldn’t.  It bruised her cervix.  She claimed it hurt like hell.”

“You’re kidding!”

“What?  Why do you say that?  You got a cervix?”

“No, but my wife had one until her hysterectomy.  She told me she really missed her cervix, my bumping it was the highlight of our sex.”

Carver nodded.  “I’ve heard women say that.”

“Go on with the tale,” said Marco impatiently.  “Your uncle must’ve known he was breaking the law.”

“You know, I don’t think people worried about that so much in those days.  For sure Sandy and I didn’t know it.  We thought we were the ones in trouble.”



After awhile Uncle lifted Sandy off him and sat her back on her haunches.  She was panting.  He was grinning at her.  Her hands went between her legs.  She fell back and drew up her spread knees.  I was standing behind Uncle and could see his juice in her thighs.  She didn’t complain about him jizzing into her cunt!

“Your turn,” he said, “if you don’t mind sloppy seconds.”  He grinned.  “In this case I guess it’s thirds.”

Hell no, I didn’t mind.  I slid right in.  She was a fast study.  Her hands caught my hips and she made me slide forward and back.

“Oh, Uncle!” she said, I guess to thank him for putting me on her.  For sure my little dick couldn’t have felt as good as his.

He pulled on his britches and stood watching us.  “You’re lucky, boy: this is a hot one.”

Like her mother, I wanted to say.  But I was about to come.  Then I did.  That was my first shot into a vagina.  I could appreciate that it was better than a mouth.

When I rolled off her, Uncle was gone.

Sandy sat up and looked around.  “Shit!” she declared.

“What’s wrong?”

“I thought he could …”

“Could what?”

“Do me again.”

She shimmied into her dress so I pulled on my clothes.

“Will he tell Mama?” she wondered.

“No,” I said confidently.  “He knows we’d tell on him.”

“But she won’t believe us!”

“She will when I tell her about the birthmark on his ass.”

Sandy blinked.  “He’s got a birthmark?”

“Yeah, all purple, shaped like a potato, about this big, on his right cheek.”

“I didn’t see it.”

“You couldn’t take your eyes off his dick!”

She studied me and grinned a little.  “I bet yours’ll grow.”

“Does a big one feel better?”

She took a breath and lost the grin.  “Yeah, Dilly, it does.  I never felt anything so good in my life.”  Her bottom lip pouted.  “Lucky Mama.”

“He’ll fuck you again.”  I regretted saying it the same instant.

“He will?”  Her whole face lit.

“Yeah.”  I turned away with a grunt.  “Let’s go get a snack.  And make sure you don’t do anything that gives your mama a hint.”



“So you lost your cherry in sloppy seconds,” said Marco.  “I’ll bet more guys lose it that way than will admit it.”

“I don’t like it,” said Don.  “Leaves your balls too wet.”

“Come dries fast,” observed Jenkins.

Marco said dryly, “Don, you’ll have to tell us how you lost your dry ball cherry.”

“That’s another story,” said Don, “that I’ve already told.  Let Carver finish his.  I’ll bet it didn’t take Aunt Agnes long to figure it out.”



You’d win.  The clues started coming in the very next day.  Sandy and I fucked the next morning but I couldn’t find her that afternoon.  Found her mother sitting alone in the porch glider instead.  When I pushed the porch door open, I saw her hand come out from under her skirt.

“Aunt Agnes, what happened to Sandy?”

“Thought she was with you!”

“I ain’t seen her.”

“That’s odd.  You two are thick as thieves.  Hmm.  Maybe she rode to town with Chase, hoping he’ll buy her some candy.”

“Oh, shit!”  I could just imagine the scene in grandpa’s old pickup.

She chuckled.  “What’s wrong, Dilly?  Did you want some candy too?”

I realized auntie didn’t have an inkling.  Her hand had been in her skirt.  How bad did she miss Uncle Chase?

I sat down beside her uninvited.  “Don’t you like candy?”

She didn’t object.  “Not as much as Sandy.”  She grinned at me.  “I prefer meat to sweets.”

Meat.  Did she mean a cock?  “Do you think meat tastes better?”

“Oh, yes.  You know, it can be sweet in its own way.”  She giggled.  “No, I guess you don’t know.”

Now I was sure what she was talking about.  “Sandy likes some kinds of meat.”

“Not like she loves sweets.”

“I know she likes summer sausage.”

“Does she?”  Her eyes sparkled.  “I love it myself — or something a lot like it.”  She studied me closer.  “Dilly, you’re getting to be a big boy.”

“All over,” I said.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’m outgrowing my shoes.”  I held up a bare foot.

“Then it’s a good thing it’s summer.”  Her hand squeezed my shoulder.  “I’ll bet you are growing all over.”

“Hair too,” I said with a grin, daring to wink at her.

Her eyes dropped to my groin.  She sighed, shook her head and looked away.  If I didn’t know Uncle Chase’s cock was twice as big, I’d have dropped my drawers right then.  The thought caused it to get hard.  I said, “Gotta go!” and jumped up.

“Just a moment, Dilly!” she said, freezing me.  “Chase is taking me to the barn dance tonight.  Can I ask you and Sandy to look after Daddy while we’re gone?  Chase and I agree: you’re getting big enough to do the job.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said over my shoulder, not guessing where that would lead.

Aunt Agnes had an odor.  That was the first time I noticed it: bacon frying, also known as sweaty woman with wet cunt.



“Women take care not to let you smell them,” said Marco.  “Did you ever row a boat beside a woman?  We had a two oar punt on our pond.  Shelley and I liked to row it up the creek, tie it up and fuck all afternoon.  God, that odor of hers would drive me wild!”

“Wild?” said Don.  “It made me hungry.”

“That too, but not just hungry after you’ve been rowing up wind for half an hour, and not just for the nose.  God, how she tasted!”




Uncle Chase returned before supper, bringing hamburgers from town.  Sandy came in with him.  I held her back on the porch and demanded, “What happened in the truck?”

She grinned at me, not embarrassed in the slightest.  “Next time go with us.”

“I’ll bet you’re as juicy as those hamburger.”

“At both ends.  Oh, Dilly, I had a drink in Della’s bar!”

“You did?  A real drink?”

“Well, no, a Coke.  But Uncle Chase had a beer.  They made him show proof he was 18.  That was his driver’s license.”

“What was it like in there?”

“Smoke and beer.”  She giggled.  “And a woman sitting in a booth between two men while they felt her up.”

“No kidding?  You could tell?”

“Oh, yeah.  She was licking her lips.  Looked like fun.  I want to try it.”

“Getting felt up?”

“Two men at once.”

And Agnes called from inside, “Come on, kids!  These hamburgers are getting cold.”


* * *


“So you kids are going to babysit me, are you?” said Grandpa, looking us up and down.  He lay in his bed, an overturned chair behind him padded with pillows that propped up his back, wearing an unbuttoned shirt with the bedsheet pulled up to his waist.  “How old are you anyway?”

I now understand that he was young to be such an invalid, about 68 at that time.  Having broken his legs three times in the last couple years, he had contracted some kind of bone-wasting disease and didn’t dare get out of bed, but his upper body was still robust.  His grey hair was thin on his head but heavy on his chin in a scraggly beard.  Only his thick eyebrows were still dark.

Sandy said, “We’re both 12, Grandpa.  And you know I’ve helped Mama with you.”

“Oh, yes, I’ve noticed!”  He looked oddly at her.  Suddenly I was old enough to understand he was leering.  “It’s a dangerous age.”

She grinned at him, also understanding.  “Should I be worried?”

“It’s your mama who should be worried.  You can start by getting rid of this tray.”

When she had departed with his supper tray — I noticed that he still had a good appetite — he said to me, “Ain’t seen much of you this year.  I guess you’re growing too.”

“A little,” I admitted.

“Enough to notice what’s happening to your cousin?”

Of course I knew what he meant.  “Yeah.  She’s growing tits.”

He nodded and said dryly, “Yeah, you’re growing, even if you still got a ways to go.  What do you notice about her mother?”

“She smells like bacon frying.  Makes me hungry.”

He chuckled.  “When did you first notice that?”

I shrugged.  “Just today, in fact.”

“Did it surprise you?”

“I’m still surprised it makes me hungry.”

He chuckled again.  “Very good.  I was younger than you when I first noticed it in my sisters and my mother.  On the farm all the women work.  I didn’t like it then, but at about your age it started making me hungry too.”

“For food?”

“For them.  You know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I know.  Were your sisters older than you?”

“Both of them, but they played with me, especially after I grew a little.”  His eyes twinkled.  “I played the cow for them.”

“The what?”

Instead of answering he said, “You’re sniffing around your cousin, aren’t you?”

“She don’t smell of it,” I said but realized that she did sometimes, just fainter.

“Don’t she?  Well, she soon will; takes after her mother.  You’ve already admitted to sniffing around her.”

“Well, you asked what I’ve noticed.”

“I’d be surprised if that’s all you noticed.  That’s a lush woman.”

“And she likes …” I started but decided not to spill the beans.

He studied me.  “I know what she likes.  One specimen of it is named Chase.”

I’m sure I blinked.  “You know about them?”

He sniffed.  “Yeah, you’re growing.”

I was about to ask him what he meant but just like that I knew — and Sandy returned from the kitchen.

I blurted, “He knows about your mama and Uncle Chase.”

She stopped halfway across the room and looked from me to Grandpa.

He chuckled.  “You’re not half as surprised as I should be that you two know, but they don’t try to hide it very much, do they?”  He sighed and shook his head.  “You’re both growing up so fast.”

I was standing beside the bed.  She came on to join me and said, “Are you mad at them, Grandpa?”

“No.  Envious maybe.  I sure as hell can’t blame Chase.  Nor Agnes either.  She came here hungry when Walter got killed.”

Walter was the uncle who married Aunt Agnes when Sandy was about ten years old, then went off to get blown away at Anzio.  Aunt Agnes had an earlier boyfriend, not Sandy’s father, a sailor who was killed in the Pacific, I heard, in a naval battle.  Her men didn’t last.

Sandy said, “We’re both glad you took us in, Grandpa.  You didn’t have to.  She said we might starve.”

“Who didn’t have to?  She was my son’s wife.  Of course when they finally found that dogtag of Walter’s, your mom got his insurance at last.  No more worries.  But you were a cute little thing.”  He grinned.  “When you threw your little arms around my neck, she hooked her fish.”

Sandy giggled.  “She told me to do that.”

“Your mama knows her men.  She had planned her campaign.  The house was a mess.  It was easy for her to point out how much I needed a housekeeper.”  He smiled reminiscently.  “And she taught me one of Walter’s favorite tricks that I’d only heard about.”

“Which one?” Sandy asked.

“One I’m sure he learned from the camp followers.  You can catch habits from them along with the VD.”


“My dear, you kids may be growing up but you’re not there yet, not enough for this conversation.  Sandy, would you step out for a minute?  I need for Dilly to help me with something.”

“I can handle your bedpan, Grandpa.  You’ve forgot: Mama showed me how.”

“Can you?  I thought you stood behind her.”

“I peeked.  I know I can do it.”

He shrugged.  “I don’t suppose it would hurt a growing girl to see a cock, would it, Dilly?”

“Not this girl,” I said confidently.

Sandy went straight to the cabinet, opened it, took out a funny shaped bottle and returned to the bed.

While she was in motion, he said to me, “I’m sure you’ve been showing yours, but I meant a full-size cock.”

I felt a twinge of anxiety.  How could he know about Sandy and me?

Grandpa never lifted a hand.  Sandy pulled down the sheet.  The faded shirt, fully open in front, was his only clothing.  His fat dick was nestled in the biggest set of balls I’d ever seen, surrounded by crinkly grey hair that matched what he had left on his chest.  When she couldn’t get the bottle mouth to slide under his dick head, she took hold of it between thumb and forefinger and lifted it into the bottle.

“Okay, Grandpa.”  She grinned at the man. 

“Very nicely done, Granddaughter.  Ah-h-h, that feels better.”  His piss rattled in the bottle.  “Tell me, dear: was that the first cock you ever touched?”

“No, Grandpa.”  I was watching her face.  She looked at him calmly.

“Whose else?”  He jerked his thumb at me.  “This one?”

“Not the first, Grandpa.”  Which surprised me.

“Tell me whose.”

“Daddy Walter’s.”

“My son, Walter’s?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes, Grandpa.”

He studied her a moment, piss still rattling.  “I’d like to know how that happened.”

“It was just before he went overseas.”

“How old were you, about nine?”

“Eleven.  I was eleven.”

“What happened?”

“When he was home, he liked us to go naked.  Mama grumbled to me but not to him.  She was gone to work one day, leaving me and him alone.  He picks up one of my dolls, sneers at it and says to me like I’m a grown up, ‘Do you think they’re afraid if they put pussies on dolls, little girls will discover they’ve got one?’

“I say, ‘Already know about mine.’

“‘Of course.  But do you know about mine?’

“‘You don’t have one.’

“He chuckles.  ‘You’ve noticed!  I know you’ve noticed.  You keep looking at what I’ve got.’

“‘If you don’t want me to —’

“‘Who said I didn’t want you to?  Come here.’

“I stand in front on him.  He takes my hand and closes it around his thing.  ‘Play with it,’ he says.  ‘You’ll need to know all about it soon enough.’

“That was the first one I ever touched.”

Grandpa smiled at her.  “A charming story.  Walter had depths I never knew about.  Did you like your new toy?”

“At first I didn’t like the taste.”

“The what?  Oh, ho!”

Grandpa had finished pissing.  Carefully Sandy pulled out the bottle, set it on the bedside stand, peeled back the skin and dried the purple cock head with the bed sheet.  I understood the skin; a few boys in school had escaped being circumcised.  But both Chase and I had lost ours.  I figured she had seen her mother do it to Grandpa.  But I was wrong.

He was curious too.  “Who taught you to skin a cock?”

“Daddy Walter.”  She took the bedpan into the adjacent bathroom.  Water sloshed into the commode and was flushed.

Grandpa was studying me.  “What’d you think of that story?”

“I’m still thinking.”

He grinned.  “I’ll bet!”  He sniffed.  “I knew Walter taught Agnes to suck cocks …  Huh!  Or maybe it was vice-versa.  Apparently no girl was safe.”

“Safe from what?”


His tone made me curious.  “Does it hurt them to do that?”

Returning to the room, Sandy said, “Hurt who to do what?”

“Girls to suck on cocks.”

“Oh, no!”  She smiled at both of us.  “It makes them feel good!”

Grandpa and I stared at her.  She was obviously sincere.  He said, “Did sucking Walter’s cock make you feel good?”

“Oh, yes!”

“How about when you sucked Dilly’s?”

“Yes, Grandpa.”

I jerked.  He smirked at me.  “Good guess, eh, boy?”

My face felt hot.

He looked at Sandy.  “Take off your clothes, dear.  All of them.  You, too, Dilly.”

“All my clothes, Grandpa?” she asked, eyes bright.

“Yeah.  And, Dilly, pull down those shades and turn on the overhead.  You and I are going to help Sandy feel good.”

By letting Sandy suck my cock?  His too?  By the time I had obeyed his orders, my dick was standing straight out.  I’d seen Sandy naked before, but not standing straight under a bright light.  Tanned on face, upper chest, arms and legs, she looked good, hairless below the neck with pink nipples beginning to stand out of pale flesh on small cones.  My dick got harder.

Grandpa eyed us both at length.  “Both you kids are pretty,” he said.  “That’s a cute little straight cock you’ve got there, Dilly.  I can see why she’d like it.  But you’ll forgive me, I trust, if I admit preferring her looks to yours.  Sandy, you are already a beauty.”

“Thank you, Grandpa,” she said.  I suppose I should have echoed her but didn’t.

His fat dick was definitely longer and had separated a little from his balls.  But he was looking at me.  “Come here, boy.”

He finally raised a hand long enough to cup my balls and squeeze my dick, jacking it a few times.  “This might even be big enough to attract Agnes.  Is it nice, Sandy?”

“Yes, Grandpa.”

“Well, here it is.  What would you like to do with it?”

“I’d like to do yours first.”

“Would you!”  He frowned slightly.  “You might want to wash it first.  I just peed, you know.”

“I don’t care.”  She got onto the bed at the foot and crawled up between his legs, which spread apart as she approached.  Her head went straight to his dick.  I leaned closer to watch.

She skinned it back and slurped the shiny purple head between her lips.  Grandpa twitched.  My angle permitted a view of his dick in her mouth along with his facial expression.

He looked worried.  “That’s got to taste awful!” he said with a grimace.

“Must not taste bad to her,” I noted.  Her cheeks were sunk in and her throat worked from her tongue.

“God!” cried Grandpa.  “She’s as good as her mother.  It’s about to get harder than it’s been in years.”

So Aunt Agnes had been fucking Grandpa too.  Sucking, at least.  As I watched my cousin’s mouth take more and more of his cock — which amazed me because I could see at the top of her strokes than his dick was now about the size of Uncle Chase’s — it occurred to me that Aunt Agnes had fucked every man in the family except Dad and me — or had she fucked Dad?  If not, she should have.  He needed a woman and she needed a man.  They’d be perfect together, especially if she’d fuck me now and then.  I resolved to see what I could do about that.

Grandpa said, “Darling girl, you do that so well I can’t believe you’re …  Tell me, dear, are you still a virgin?”

“Hunh-uh,” she grunted.

“I thought not.  Did Walter get your cherry too?”

“Hunh-uh,” she grunted again.

He looked at me and said admiringly, “You scoundrel, you!”

Again my face felt hot.

“All to the good,” he averred.  “Dilly, get up here behind her and please her other end.”

Why not?  That was better authorization to fuck — certainly more meaningful — than what the preacher said over us 10 years later when I married my wife.  You could say I was eager to obey.  I climbed up behind Sandy and slipped it into her plenty wet pussy.  Her ass began to roll immediately.  Clearly she approved.

The scene in Grandpa’s bedroom had been too stimulating.  I doubt I lasted a minute before shooting a load against her cervix.  But I knew it was too soon.  She had already explained that fucking didn’t really get good until after we had sucked out each other’s first juices.  At 12 my dick would stay hard if it was getting exercise.  So I just kept plunging.

Soon she began grunting to my thrusts.  The grunts turned into moans that turned into nasal snorts.

Grandpa sounded astonished.  “Sweetheart, I do believe you’re coming!  And you know what?  You’re about to fetch me.  Good god!”

I stopped fucking and leaned around as far as I could.  Now it was Grandpa’s turned to grunt.  Man juice escaped from the corner of Sandy’s mouth and dripped off her chin.  The muscles bunched in her throat as she swallowed.  Her head kept bobbing slowly.

From his expression under other circumstances I would’ve said Grandpa was in great pain — which is sort of how it felt to me if something kept stimulating my dick after orgasm.  But he didn’t push her head back or order her to stop as I expected, as I would’ve done.  Instead he let her keep working his dick as his body gradually relaxed.  Some of his juice puddled in the hollow between his balls.  She had swallowed the rest.

I slipped off and lay beside her, still watching.  She raised her head and inspected the dick.  Her fingers worked the skin on and off the purple head, but it was visibly starting to droop.

She said to me, “Uncle Chase’s would be just like this one if somebody hadn’t cut the skin off it.”

I said, “Then I won’t ask which you like better.”

“This one has more flavor — I mean, it did it first.”

“Children,” said Grandpa in an oddly gruff voice, “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart — from the bottom of my balls, I guess, in fact.  That was the best pop-off I’ve felt in half a year.  Oh, you sweethearts!”

“You’re welcome, Grandpa,” said Sandy with a smile.

“Half a year?” I said in disbelief.  Then I remembered.  Aunt Agnes had been fucking Uncle Chase at least that long.

His problem was different.  “Totally lost interest,” he said.  “Couldn’t get it up.  Until now.  Sandy, I do love you.”

I figured he had to mean he couldn’t get it hard.  Briefly I worried.  Would that be my fate when I was old?



“Well, now you know,” said Jenkins dryly.


“Don’t keep us in suspense.  Was it your fate?”

“I’m a lot older now than Grandpa was then.  At his age I was still going strong.  That was before the market crashed and wiped me out.  I could still afford fancy tail.”

“What about now?”

“With enough porn I can still jerk off, if I work at it.”  Carver sighed.  “I had to send my last gal away.  She couldn’t get it up, whatever she did.”

“Did you pay her?”

“Of course.  She really worked hard at it.  I finally took pity on her.”

“Perhaps you gave up too easily.”

“To tell you the truth, it was starting to hurt.”

“Gentlemen,” said Don impatiently, “that’s hardly an inspiring story.  Let’s get back to the good one.”



Grandpa said admiringly, “Sandy, it’s a rare girl who’ll keep sucking when she has a mouthful.  Who taught you to do that?”


He studied her curiously.  “Tell me how many different dicks you’ve sucked.”

“Four,” she said immediately.

Four?  I demanded, “Who’s the fourth — besides Uncle Walter, Grandpa and me?  You didn’t suck Chase.”

“Did too.”


“Today in his pickup.”

I must’ve looked baffled for a moment until I guessed, “You stopped in the woods.”

“Not then.  We were hardly on the road before he shoves down his pants, grins at me and says, ‘I know what you like.’

“His thing is sticking straight up.  I feel like I’m a snake, slithering around the gearshift lever and working my head under the wheel.  Guess what: he’s got the biggest one in the family!”

“Mine has shrunk,” said Grandpa defensively, “and Dilly’s is just getting started.”

That was kind of him, but I was curious.  “He didn’t stop the truck?”

“No.  If anything he speeds up when I start sucking.”  She giggled.  “He says, ‘You’re braver than your mother.’  What did he mean?”

I guessed, “Probably that Aunt Agnes won’t suck him while he’s driving.”

Grandpa sniffed.  “Because she can’t get around the gearshift.”

Sandy giggled again.  “That’s true!  And he says something else I like.  ‘God, I love driving down the road in the sunshine with a girl sucking my dick!’”

“Every boy’s dream,” said Grandpa dryly.

“He even passed somebody’s car.  That was fun.  I hoped they saw what I was doing.”

Grandpa snorts.  “Not likely with your head under the steering wheel.”

“Did he come?” I wondered.

“He sure did, a mouthful.”  Again she giggled.  “And knocked down somebody’s mailbox.  Twisted the truck bumper.  He pushes me back, raises up to study the mirrors, speeds up and laughs like a loon.  ‘God damn,” he yells, “driving while coming is as dangerous as driving while drunk!’”

Sandy grinned.  “I ask him, ‘Was this your first time?’

“‘While still rolling,’ he says, ‘but it sure won’t be my last.’”

I guessed, “Aunt Agnes probably made him stop.”

“And switch seats,” added Grandpa.

Sandy was still crouched between his legs, fingers still twiddling his dick.  His hands caught her upper arms and pulled her toward him.  “Come up here, sweetie, and let me show you a trick you’ll like.”

She crawled up his chest and sat over his face.  His hands caught her butt cheeks and pulled her hairless pussy to his mouth while her knees spread over his shoulders.

Her upper body reddened and she moaned, “Oh, oh, Grandpa!  Oh, oh, Grandpa!”

I guessed his tongue was working in her slit, making his beard bob up and down.  I crawled to the corner of the bed but his mouth must’ve been open wide with his lips covering everything interesting.  Her eyes were clenched shut in a red face.  Hollows appeared in his cheeks.  Not content with licking, he was also sucking.  She wiggled and twisted.  My dick started getting hard again and by god, so did Grandpa’s!

Sandy let out a scream and arched her back.  She might have pulled away from him except his hands on her cheeks wouldn’t let her.

She screamed again.  “Grandpa, Grandpa, I can’t stand it!”

He was making gobbling sounds through his nose and his dick was straight up.  Finally with a full-body lunge Sandy tore herself away from him.  Her spasming legs lifted her enough to miss his dick and plopped her on her back between his knees.  Still moaning, she rolled back and forth, hands clamped on her pussy.

He looked at me and grinned.  “She won’t forget that one.”  He pointed to his nightstand.  “Hand me that cup.”

It was a coffee cup nearly full of water.  I passed it to him.  To my surprise he pulled out his false teeth, dropped them into it and said, “Put thish back on the table.”

When I turned back to him, he gestured at me.  “It’sh your turn.  Come here.”

For what?  When I got close, his arm snaked around my butt.  His upper body was still strong.  Without any trouble he pulled me right up onto his hairy chest until my dick nearly hit his chin.

His eyes twinkle.  “I’m gonna treat you like my toothlesh grandma did me.”

His mouth opened to wet red flesh, his hands drug me to him and his lips and gums clamped on my dick far enough for his nose to press into the few wisps of pubic hair that I had so far managed to grow.

I couldn’t believe it.  My grandpa was sucking my dick!



“With his teeth out!” said Don in awe.  “I’ve often wondered about that.  How did his gums feel?”

Jenkins laughed.  “That’s a unique sensation, getting a gum job!  My Aunt Milly had false teeth.  When she was drunk enough not to be embarrassed, she’d give me one.”

“Well, how did it feel?”

“This is Carver’s story.”



You probably ought to let Jenkins tell it.  I was just a kid; what did I know?

But Jenkins is right: it’s different.  While sucking and licking the head, Grandpa sawed his jaw back and forth like he was trying to twist my dick.  I pumped in and out, fucking his mouth.  The difference was the compression on the top and bottom, especially when it was out enough to do the head.

I was grunting, “Good god, Grandpa!”

He giggled through his nose and kept sucking and sawing.

Sandy’s face turned up beside his.  Her eyes crossed at the closeup.  She giggled too.  “He’s gumming you!”

“You bet he is!”

“Do you like it?”

“Don’t you try it!” I said with feeling.

She laughed out loud.  Grandpa laughed through his nose.

Her face vanished.  A bit later she said, “Grandpa likes it too.”

“Uh-huh!” he declared.

I looked over my shoulder.  One of her hands was jacking his upstanding cock while the other squeezed his balls.

I asked what I’m wondering.  “You love big cocks, don’t you?”

“You bet.”

Then I said what I’m thinking.  “There’s room behind me if it’s stiff enough.”

She probably already had the idea.  She swung her butt over him and settled on him while her hand guided the entry.

“Is it too big?” I asked enviously before remembering that Chase’s, which was slightly larger, had already plumbed her.

“It’s just right!” she declared breathlessly.  “Oh god, Grandpa!”

Again the old man giggled nasally.  Sandy leaned forward.  Her arms encircled my chest and her head rested on my back and nudged me back-and-forth instead of bouncing.  Curious, I looked over my shoulder.  Her butt was sliding forward and back instead of up and down.



“God, what a picture!” cried Marco.  “I can just see it.”

Don was frowning.  “I’d like to.  Didn’t you say your grandpa’s head was raised on a pillow?”

“A pillow on top of an inverted, slanting  straight chair,” said Carver.

“He’s lying on his back, a graybeard wearing just a shirt, right?”


“And you, the twelve-year-old version, squatting over his face with your dick in his toothless mouth.  Your twelve-year-old cousin is squatting over his hips, working his big dick back-and-forth in her pussy while she leans on you and hugs your chest.  Both of you kids are naked as jaybirds and your bare feet are dirty.”

Carver chuckled.  “That pretty much sums it up.  To round it off you can mention that it’s nighttime in an old country bedroom with tongue and groove wallboards, lit by one big hanging lightbulb.  A picture of Grandpa’s wife, my dead grandmother, is glaring down at us.  And the house is empty except for us three.”

“God!” invoked Jenkins with feeling.  “You said you were envious of Sandy.  I’m sitting here feeling envy of you!”

Don said, “How did it end, Carver?  I’m sure you popped again and I’d like to believe it of your grandpa.”

Carver shook his head.  “Neither one did.  We got interrupted.”



I think we would have popped.  We were all three concentrating enough that we didn’t notice the squeaking from Chase and Agnes creeping upstairs to check on Grandpa.  What we did notice was Agnes yelling, “I guess we didn’t have to worry about waking him up!”

Sandy and I twisted around, mouths falling open.

Grandpa sat up straight, dumping me into Sandy’s lap.  He demanded, “What are you two doing home?”

“The band didn’t show up.  What are you doing to my daughter?”

“Exactly what she wanted.  She really ish your daughter.”

“God dammit!”

Sandy swung her butt around.  Her cunt was so tight that the big dick popped out of her audibly.  She said, “Mama, he didn’t hurt me.”

“Didn’t he?” wondered Agnes.  “Oh, Sandy, you were a virgin!”

“Not anymore,” said the girl with a big smile.

Agnes charged into the room to stand beside the bed.  Chase was right behind her.  He winked at me.

Grandpa tapped my shoulder.  “Hand me my teeth.”

I scrambled off him, inadvertently displaying my still hard dick, also inadvertently splashing water out of his tooth cup as he took it.

“Jeffrey!” cried Agnes.  “You were sucking your grandson’s cock!”

Gumming it,” explained Chase.

She glanced at him suspiciously but turned her glare on her daughter.  “Sandy, I want you to tell me right now: who took your cherry?”

The girl raised her chin.  “Who cares?  It’s gone.”

“God dammit …” Agnes began, gritting her teeth.

I didn’t understand the implications but didn’t want Sandy in trouble.  “I was first,” I admitted.

Agnes’s eyes narrowed on me.  “Why, you little …”

I realized she was staring at my still hard dick and put my hands over it.

Her tone changed.  She said reluctantly, “I guess it could have.  Sandy, are you sure it wasn’t Walter?”

“You know it wasn’t him,” said the girl indignantly.  “You put your finger in there just last month.”

Curiously Agnes’s face turned red.  Her mouth worked but she said nothing.

Sandy got off the bed, took up her dress off the floor and shimmied into it.  I went to my own clothing and began to dress.

Agnes said, “What happened to your panties?”

“I can find them,” was Sandy’s answer.

“I want you to show them to me before you go to bed.”

“Okay, Mama.”

Agnes was glaring at Chase.  “Did you know about this when you said that Grandpa and the kids would have fun?”

“Know about it?  How could I?” he asked innocently.



Carver continued, “But he did know.  I found out later that when Chase saw me fucking Sandy in the woods, he was looking out Grandpa’s window and told Grandpa, which primed Grandpa for what happened that night in his bedroom.”

“That makes a little more sense,” said Don, nodding.  “Grandpas rarely tell adolescent grandchildren to take off all their clothes.”

“He as good as knew we wouldn’t mind.”

Carver huffed a chuckle.  “I asked Sandy what happened to her panties.  She said she forgot them in Chase’s truck.”

“‘Ha, ha, lost my bra,’” sang Jenkins with a huge grin, “‘Lost it in my boyfriend’s cah.’  That’s what the girls used to sing in Boston.  Except this time it was panties.”

They all chuckled appreciatively.

Corey, silent until now, sang his own version.  “Ha, ha, lost my panty; lost it in my boyfriend’s shanty.”

They all groaned.  Don sniffed.  “Some can tell them and some can’t.”

Marco leaned forward.  “I hope Agnes finding out wasn’t the end of your summer of love.”



In the morning Grandpa sent Chase to the next town over to buy some hardware for the farm.  I didn’t see them leave but missed Sandy and guessed she went with him.

I was swinging on the porch with my hand in my pocket playing with my dick when the screen door slammed.  Aunt Agnes stood beside the swing and looked down at me with a smirk.

“I know what you’re doing.”

I realized she’d been watching, felt my face get hot and jerked my hand out of my pocket.

“Is that all you think about?”  She sniffed and continued before I could come up with an answer.  “Of course it is!  Is it the same for boys?  Does what’s between their legs get interesting about when they’re about twelve?”

“I guess.”

“Mind if I sit with you?”  She plopped down beside me.  Not that I minded.  She was wearing a short housecoat and bedroom slippers.  I could see smooth knees and gleaming white calves.

“When did you start jacking off, Dilly?”


“Oh, you shouldn’t mind telling me, not after last night.”

Actually I didn’t.  “About a year ago.”

“When you were eleven?”


“Did you discover it for yourself?”

“Another boy showed me.”

“Huh!  That’s odd.  You’d think with that nice thing hanging out boys would get the idea right off, but I know my brothers had to show each other how.  Girls are the ones who figure it out themselves.  Does that mean girls are more sensitive?”

“You’ve got brothers?”

“I had four older ones.  They were very sweet to me.  I was their first sweetheart.”

I studied her face, wondering how sweet they were.

Her eyes twinkled.  “What’s on your mind, Dilly?”

“Ah, uh …”

She giggled and seemed to change the subject.  “Jeffrey had to sell his cows last year when the last farmhand quit.  Did you ever see them when you visited?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“I’m a farm girl too, you know.  We had cows to milk.  Sometimes my brothers let me suck at the cows nipples.  Did anyone ever let you do that?”

“No.”  I took an interest.  “How did it taste?”

“Like warm milk, what else?  Maybe a little sweeter than what it looks like.  The reason I’m telling you about it is to ask you if you noticed how much a cow’s nipple looks like what a boy has.”

“No,” I said, thinking.  “But I guess it does — one that ain’t been cut.”

“Not like yours, you mean?”

That’s right: she saw mine last night.

“Of course,” she continued, “a boy’s thing has got a big difference.  It can get a lot stiffer.  But you know that.”


She grinned.  “We’re in the cow’s stall where no one could see us.  When I back out from under the cow, I see that his britches are down.  His thing is sticking straight out.  He says, ‘Here’s another one.’

“Of course it was obvious what he wanted, even for a girl of ten, I expect even for a boy of twelve.”

“Ah, uh …” Suddenly I understood what Grandpa had said last night about playing the cow.

“What do you think he wanted, Dilly?”

I blurted, “You to suck his dick.”

“You’re a smart boy.”  Her hand closed on the front of my britches and she repeated, “A smart boy.”

“Aunt Agnes …” I began.

“Did you want to say that aunts aren’t supposed to suck their nephews, even if only by marriage?”

“Ah, uh …”  No, I definitely had not been about to say that!

“And grandpas aren’t supposed to suck their grandsons either, nor sisters their brothers.  Odd, isn’t it, how much fun it is to break the rules?”

“Uh … yes.”  She was sure right about that!

“Nobody is watching, Dilly.  Take your pants down.”

I stood up to comply.  She caressed my butt cheeks as I stepped out of the clothing and continued, “I know exactly where Sandy gets it from.  It’s too bad she’s got no brothers, but she’s doing very well without them.  Too well.  I’d bet anything she’s got Chase’s cock in her right this minute.  I can’t let my daughter stay ahead of me, can I, Dilly?”

“No!” I agreed and spun around to face her.  She was leaning forward.  My dick, stiff as it had ever been, thumped her chin.

She giggled.  “Soon this will be a man’s cock.”  Her lips closed over it and she sucked up every inch.  Now it was my balls that hit her chin.

She leaned forward in her plump arms went around my butt.  I could see the tops of her big tits below and to either side of my dick.  Her brown curls fluttered as her head bobbed.  On each stroke her nose bumped the flesh above my dick.

Last night she had made Sandy go to bed straight from Grandpa’s room, so Agnes’s was the first mouth on me since Grandpa’s.  I enjoyed comparing the two.  Her lips didn’t exert the pressure of Grandpa’s gums but her tongue was just as good.  She didn’t have to work long; this was my first shot of the day.  Too soon my juice was gushing down her throat.  On the quiet porch I could hear her swallow.

Her eyes opened wide and she backed away, licking her lips and giggling.  “That’s a big load, Dilly!”  I understood her.  She seemed impressed.  She was the first to tell me about that but not the last.

“Is it?”  I wanted to say, Is it bigger than Chase’s?

“Oh, yes!  Already you’re not harmless.”

That puzzled me.

“Give me a kiss.”

That didn’t.  Stooping, I put my tongue where my dick had been.



“It didn’t bother you?” asked Corey.

“No,” said Carver.  “Should it have?”

Corey’s chuckle held a touch of embarrassment.  “I’ve told you guys how my first sexual experience was sucking cocks, but that was before we could shoot.  I’ve always been squeamish about tasting jizz.”


Corey shrugged.  “Who can explain a squick?”  He looked around.  “Am I the only one?”

“Tasting your own in a woman’s mouth?” responded Don.  “I can’t believe you never did that.”

Corey sighed.  “I missed something, eh?”



We swapped spit and come while she kept giggling.  After a while I pulled back and said, “What’s so funny?”

“I’m not laughing at you, Dilly.  The top of your tongue feels just like the top of your dick head.  That tickles me.”

Sliding forward in the glider, she pulled the hem of her dress up over her hips and spread her knees apart, exposing a thick brown bush.  She wore no panties.  Her eyes were on my dick.

“Let’s see if it’s big enough.”

It was still hard.  Her hand caught it and pulled.  Unable to walk with feet tangled in my shorts, I sagged upon her and she guided it straight into the slit.  I was not surprised to find her much looser than Sandy.

Under her dress her big braless tits splayed to either side of my chest and our eyes were only inches apart.  She glared at me and said, “I’m depending on you not being in a hurry to pop again.  I don’t want another brat.  You dig?”

I responded to the tone.  “Yes, ma’am.”

Her eyes twinkled.  “Don’t remind me it’s illegal to fuck your twelve-year-old nephew, even if only by marriage.”

“Is it?”  My eyebrows rose.

“Yes, it is.”  She grinned widely.  “Which makes it just too delicious.  Now, fuck!”

So I did.

“Come up a little.”  Her hands on my ass urged me higher.  “Try to hit the top.”

Which I did, aiming as high as possible inside her.  Her hands set a fast rhythm, pounding my hips into her thighs.  She began to grunt with each stroke.  My arms around her shoulders felt them shudder.

“I knew you could, Dilly!” she declared through clenched teeth.  Could what, fuck her?  I felt her heels pounding the backs of my thighs.  I wasn’t puzzled long.

“Oh, god, Dilly, I’m coming!  Fuck hard!  Fuck hard!”

Her body froze for several strokes then threw me off with a powerful heave.  I rose to my feet and stood between her legs.  Both of us were panting.

She grew a smile.  “Oh, yes, Dilly, you are sure big enough!”

I thought it was a compliment so I said, “Thank you.”

“So serious too.”  She sat back up in the glider, not bothering to push her dress down.  “You didn’t come, did you?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Good!  I’ll make it up to you.  Sit and talk to me.”

I spun and plopped down beside her, my shorts still around my ankles, dick still hard.  How would she make it up?



“How did she?” asked Don.

“First we had a long talk.  She made me tell her all about my sexual experience, most of which had happened right there over the past couple of weeks.  All the while her hand was playing with my dick.”

“Did she tell you anything about her own sexual history?”

“Not then.  But I learned she liked to brag about her escapades.  A little later she told us, Sandy and me together, about fucking her brothers as she grew up.  One of them even gave her a miscarriage, according to Grandpa, but I learned that even later.  It’s funny.  Nowadays you can’t open the newspaper without reading of somebody arrested for underage sex, both men and women.  But in those days you never heard about it except maybe kids whispering in school.  Agnes was a very hot woman, I guess what used to be called a nymphomaniac, and she passed every bit of it down to Sandy.”

“Back to you and Agnes on the porch,” said Marco impatiently.  “She made it up to you with her hand?”



While we talked, she had been playing with my dick, stroking it between thumb and forefinger while her other fingers diddled my balls.  When she made me tell how it felt to fuck her sloppy cunny, I started to relive it, which made me stutter.

She giggled.  “Felt a twitch!  And another!  Are you about to come, Dilly?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Always tell me.  We don’t want to waste it.”

She scooted her butt away to make room, bent over and slurped it into her mouth just before the first squirt.  “Uh-huh!” she grunted enthusiastically through her nose.

So I leaned back and pulsed my juice down her greedy throat while she also squeezed my balls.  God, it was great!

She had swallowed my jizz the way you cough and clear your throat between sentences.  She grinned up at me.  “See?  Not a drop wasted.”

Even then I knew enough to scoff at that, thinking it was wasted if it didn’t get in a cunt, but I was too impressed to argue.  Anyway her hand behind my head pulled our faces together for another long kiss.  Aunt Agnes always had to kiss you after she swallowed your jizz.



When Carver fell silent, Marco frowned.  “For Christ sakes, pal, don’t stop there!”

“Why not?  That’s most of what I remember: the first times with my folks on the farm.”

“Holy shit!  You stumbled into the perfect set up: four other people as eager to fuck as you were.”

“Maybe more.  I doubt Agnes and Sandy — Chase too, for that matter — ever passed up a chance for it.  Grandpa was willing but his flesh was weak.  A day or two later Sandy sucked him up again and squatted on his dick but it flopped right out.  She could suck him off — get his jizz — in a 69 but she couldn’t get it hard enough to fuck her.”

“Poor fellow!”

Don sniffed.  “As if you could do any better!”

Marco raised his chin.  “Well, maybe not now, but at sixty-eight I was still going strong.”

“Oh, yeah?  Tell us about it.”

“Just a minute!  Carver’s got more to tell, haven’t you, pal?”



I’ve told how we got started.  That I remember like yesterday.  But then it all runs together.  Sure, we fucked each other the rest of the summer.  Think I averaged over two shots a day, mostly into my dear aunt.  Sandy got partial to Chase and followed him around.  She was brazen about it.  They sat together on the porch with her hand in his britches.  They played grab ass at the dinner table.  Made me jealous until Agnes and I started doing the same.

I couldn’t get enough of Agnes’s big tits.  I think she enjoyed my attention, took to going topless around the house.  She’d poke a nipple at me if my mouth got close.  She’d wash dishes and Sandy would dry.  Sometimes I stood behind topless Agnes and squeezed her titties, pulling the nipples.  Sandy would eye us and grit her teeth.  She said, “Wish mine would hurry up and grow.”

Once when I’m standing behind her mother, Sandy squats beside me, drops my shorts, says, “I’ve got some toys too,” and sucks me off while squeezing my balls.  I appreciated it because her mouth on my dick had gotten scarce.

Gang bangs?  No, not really.  As I told you, Chase and I did Sandy once and so did Grandpa and I.  Agnes and Sandy did me once and later did Chase — only once, or so they said.  Agnes didn’t really like to fuck if Sandy was watching and vice versa.  There was never any double penetration like you see in porn.  Nor ass fucking.  We didn’t think of it and in those days the ass hole was pretty much reserved for queers.

Sandy’s periods didn’t start until the fall after I left in September.  She had just turned 13, not unusual in those days.  A lot of girls slowed down when their periods started, but not Sandy.  She loved to suck cock even better than her mother, and more than once Agnes demonstrated she’d rather do it than eat.  When I saw her the next summer, she told me she had sucked off every boy in her school class.

I’m laughing because one boy was funny.  She knew, she said, that other boys had told him all he had to do was ask, but he was too shy.  So she lies in wait for him in the woods after school, stops him on the way home and unbuttons his britches.

“What are you doing?” he cries, looking all around.

“Getting your dick out.”

“But I don’t need to pee.”

“That’s good,” she says, pulling out his dick.

He shivers.  “What are you gonna do with it?”

“You know.”  She slurps it up.  It knows what’s going on, being about half hard, even if he doesn’t.

He yells, “You can’t put my dick in your mouth!”

With it just touching her lips she says, “Yes, I can.  And it likes it.”

“Sandy, that’s awful!”

She sucks it in hard, all the way.  Chase has taught her how to do a real deep throat.

“Oh, god, Sandy!”

In two strokes he’s coming.  Of course she slurps it up and swallows it down.  That’s what she loves.

Telling it, she said to me, “I should’ve held on to him.  He dropped like he was shot and lay on the ground, eyes crossed and dick still dribbling.  That’s how I left him.”  She chuckled.  “After that he couldn’t get enough.  I bet I sucked more out of him than any other boy in the school.”

She was good at math as well as sucking cock.  She had worked out how much jizz she had drunk since I’d seen her.  Assuming that the average boy shot one teaspoon full and she’d taken about four jizzes a day, she’d swallowed over one and a quarter quarts in the year.  She said with a grin, “I’m working on my first gallon.”

What happened after that?  They finally drafted Chase that fall and he got killed in a training accident.  Like I said, Agnes’s men were unlucky.  Except for me, I guess, so far, anyway.  I saw her and Sandy several more summers on the farm.  Unfortunately Sandy had a weakness for sugar, which meant her teeth got steadily worse, which is dangerous to promiscuous cock suckers.  A viral venereal disease killed her in her thirties.

Agnes was not so promiscuous.  She liked to fuck and suck until menopause but kept it to a close group of friends and relatives.  After that she loved to talk about it.  She lived into her seventies.  She and her daughter were both amazing women.  I loved them both.



A thoughtful silence fell.  After a while Marco said, “Too bad all women aren’t that way.”

“Oh, yeah?” challenged Corey.  “You’d let your wife suck every dick that came along?”

“I would now,” explained Marco with a grin, adding, “For sure I’d keep her teeth and gums healthy.”

“Not that women aren’t already that way anyhow,” muttered Carver, “if the circumstances are right.”