Jayjay’s Girl

By Kellis

Spring, 2012


What did we do before television and video games?  We made our own entertainment, of course.  You punks have no idea!


“Ooh, you startled me!”

It was Abby, sitting quietly on the porch glider when I went up the steps.  Ivy-covered lathing darkened the Felders’ front porch, which is why I didn’t see her at first.

She glanced up from the library book she was reading.  “What do you want, Lesley?”

“Cliff.  Is he home?”


“Oh.  Okay.”  I turned to depart.

She added, “He’s gone to Grandma’s.  What’d you want with him?”

I hesitated.  “To ask him a question.  How long before he gets back?”

“Tomorrow.”  She grinned.  “Ask me.”

She had to be kidding.  I said with a self-effacing grin, “It’s a boy question.”

She looked at me, seeing an almost twelve year-old with short sandy hair, barefoot in a T-shirt and shorts, in early summer of 1947.  She dog-eared the page in her book before stashing it on the glider arm.

“I like boy questions.  Go ahead.  Ask me.”

She was 15 and dressed the same as I, with hair almost black and halfway down her back.  Her T-shirt was loose, but I had already noted that her tits stuck out — just as a matter of curiosity.  At that time my interest in partnership sex was barely off the mark.

“I’m tempted to,” I said and gestured at the house.  “Who’s home?”

“Just me.  Everybody went to Grandma’s but me.”

That was odd.  “Why’d they leave you?”

Her lip curled.  “Punishment.”

“What’d you do?”

She didn’t answer that.  Her eyebrows tilted like she was thinking.  She patted the cushion beside her.  “Come and sit.”

A girl had never asked me that — yet.  This was the way teenagers talked.  So of course I ducked in behind the ivy and sat next to her, starting the glider moving forward and back.  Cliff and I had glided it before.  It beat a porch swing because it didn’t tilt.

“This is good,” I said.

“You like our porch?”

“I like this glider.  Why don’t your dad cut down that ivy?  Don’t it block the breeze?”

“We’re on the north side of the house.”  She pointed.  “The breeze comes in that end.”  Her eyes twinkled.  “You don’t mind sitting with girls?”

“Not when nobody can see.”

She sniffed.  “At least you’re honest.  In a year or two you won’t mind who sees.”

Maybe not.  The teenagers sure didn’t seem to care!  I shrugged.

“Was that your question: why don’t we cut the ivy?  Mom likes the privacy.”

“That wa’n’t a boy question.”

“So ask your boy question.”

“Okay, but remember: you made me do it.  I was going to ask Cliff if his dick is hard when he wakes up.”

Her eyes flickered but her face didn’t change.  “Is yours?”

“Every morning.  And other times too.”

“Really?”  Her look was calculating.  After licking her lip she stood up.  “Come on upstairs.”

She had a few inches on me but I was strong enough to win most of the fist fights at school.  And I was curious.  What would she say indoors that she couldn’t on her dark porch?

So I followed her through the house and up the stairs at the end of the hall, into a bedroom a lot neater than mine.

“Who sleeps here?” I said.

“Linda and me.”  Linda was her ten year-old sister.  Cliff was her brother, the same age as me almost to the week.

She caught my hand and pulled me to the window, which was wide open.  This was a summer well before air-conditioning.

“Stand here,” she said, “and look down there.”  She pointed at an angle, past the low bushes that marked the edge of their back yard.  I sighted along her finger to the side of our garage, shielded from the street by a large bush but not shielded from this window.

“So what?”

“I saw you yesterday.”

I blinked.  “You saw me?”

“Yeah.  You were backed up against your garage with your shorts off …”

Holy shit!  I stared at her.  My face felt hot.

“… jacking on your cock,” she continued.”

“That’s a lie!” I said automatically.  “I wa’n’t!”

She sniffed.  “Yes, you were.  I saw you.  But you quit after awhile.  Why?”

She had me.  But she didn’t have any proof.  “Who’d you tell?”

“Nobody.  You’ve got a neat little cock, Lesley.  Why’d you quit jacking it?”

My whole body felt hot, but I took a deep breath and told her the truth.  “You have to quit when you come.”

She regarded me thoughtfully.  “You don’t jizz yet, is that it?”

I’d heard that word.  Teenage boys did it.  One of these days I was going to be a teenager, so I said, “Not yet.”

She smiled and said, “Good.”

“What’s good about it?”

“Jayjay says if you don’t jizz, you can’t get a girl pregnant.”

That agreed with my understanding too.  Did she imply …

“What girl you talking about?”

Me, of course.”

I didn’t quite understand.  “Somebody wants to get you pregnant?  Are you old enough?”

“Oh, yes, I’m old enough for sure!  But I don’t care what anybody else wants, I don’t want me to get pregnant.”

“Well … then don’t fuck anybody who jizzes.”  I recalled something further.  “Or else use rubbers.”

“I hate rubbers!  They don’t feel right.”

That surprised me.  A girl can feel rubbers?  “How do you know?”

“How do you think?”

“What feels right?”

She sneered.  “You’re playing dumb.”


She bit her lip.  “All right.  What feels right is a bare dick.”

That was interesting.  I supposed it would.  “Who’d you let screw you?”

I didn’t think she would answer, but after a moment she said, “Somebody who jizzes.  You don’t know anything about sex, do you?”

I shrugged.  “Just what the kids say.”

“Have you even seen a girl nude?”

“When we were little, I had to take baths with my sister.”

“What did you notice?”

“Hardly anything.  Her slit.”  Which was true.  At four or five I had been curious enough to look but not enough to pay attention.

“Want to see one?”

I blinked.  “You got some pictures?”  Gerry Bloom had promised to show me pictures he claimed to have found in his Dad’s drawer, but so far they hadn’t appeared.

“No, silly!  We don’t need pictures.”

It finally hit me.  She was talking about herself.  I stared at her, never having considered her to be interesting.  She was just Cliff’s older sister.

She was serious.  “You got to promise you won’t tell anybody.”

“Tell anybody?  Good god, Cliff’d kill me if he thought I peeped his sister!”

“And I’ll kill you if he don’t.  Pull down your pants.”  As she spoke she was pushing hers down.

I’d heard of this: you show me yours and I’ll show you mine, but never before had the opportunity.  Of course I shoved them down, followed by my undershorts as she stepped out of her panties.  We stood up and stared at each other’s privates.

She said, “Your T-shirt’s too long.”

She and I both shrugged out of our upper garments and stood naked.  The first thing I noticed was her breasts, mounds of flesh on her chest, each with a brown nipple in the center, standing out a lot further than mine.  I should’ve been surprised at her lack of a bra, but what did I know?

“Wow, Abby, you’ve got tits!”

“Yeah, and they’re sore.”  Her eyes were below my waist.  She giggled.  “I can’t get over how different a dick can be.”

I would have commented in response but my eyes had dropped too.  She had thick dark hairs around her pussy, a major contrast to my hairless groin.  They didn’t obscure the view.  At the angle of my vision something like a nailless fingertip protruded from the top of her slit.  The pussy lips were plump.  I was looking at my first “camel’s toe.”

Huh!  I still haven’t ever seen a real camel.

Her words penetrated.  “What d’you mean, ‘different?’”

“Yesterday when you stopped jacking, it stood straight up.  Now it’s just a peanut.”

That stung.  “It’s bigger than any peanut!”

“Maybe, but shaped like one.”  She dropped to her knees.  Her hand came forward and took the head gently between forefinger and thumb.  She looked up.  “What happened to the skin?”

“The skin?”

“Jayjay’s is covered by skin until it gets hard.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  Then I did.  Bart Johnson’s dickhead was covered by skin that was even longer than his dick until it got hard.  He had sneered at me and Cliff, claiming we were circumcised, which word I looked up later after we finished the circle jerk.

But I said, “Who’s Jayjay, somebody that jizzes?”

Instead of answering she began to jack on it.  Of course it swelled up and out.  She giggled.  “I like this.”

Well, so did I, but I didn’t think to tell her.

“This is a pretty one, Lesley.”  Her face was very close to it.  She looked up at me, said, “Now don’t get excited,” and damned if she didn’t slurp my bareheaded cock right into her mouth!  I would’ve jumped back by reflex except that she had run her arm around my butt.

I had never been so amazed.  “God, Abby, that’s where I pee!”

She giggled nasally and began to bob her head, cheeks collapsing with suction.  I’d heard of this act.  According to Bart Johnson it was something queers did to each other.  Though a year older, Bart was in the fifth grade with us, having failed the year before.  Once he had jacked on us, Cliff, Gerry and me, and let us jack on him a little, but none of us suggested sucking each other.  I’d never even thought of it nor heard of a girl doing it.  But I’d been told of sucking big tits and guessed she would expect it now.

It felt strange, kind of like washing your cock with a warm, wet rag.  Her tongue was rasping on the head except when she sucked it all in with enough tongue left over to lick my balls.  Of course I was too ignorant to recognize such expert cocksucking.  All I could notice was the good feeling that was rising in my cock.  This was lots better than jacking off, even with soap in the shower, at least partly because of a girl’s soft hair bouncing in front of me and her warm breath on my belly.  Her other hand squeezed my balls softly.

I leaned back and sideways to see her face.  Half the time my cock was invisible under her nose, which bumped my hairless belly.  Something about that sight was more than I could stand.

“Oh, god!” I moaned.  It felt indescribable.  And too soon unbearable.  I grabbed her head to pull her off me but she quit bobbing and sucking.  I shuddered, wanting her to continue but to stop, both at the same time.  When she finally pulled away, I tried to put it back into her mouth.

But she looked at me inquiringly.  “You did come, didn’t you?”

I took a deep breath.  “Yeah.  God, Abby!”

She nodded.  “I thought so: all the signs except jizz.  Just what I need.  Did you like that?”

“Oh, god, Abby!”

She giggled.  “Then do me.”

I blinked.  “You don’t have a dick.”

“I’ve got something just as good.”

She stood up and walked backwards, dragging me by the arm.  She fell to her back on the bed and spread out her legs.  I dropped to my knees without being told, the better to inspect the strange scenery.

She pulled the fat lips open, exposing crimson complications.  They were dewey, like grass in the morning, with a musky odor that repelled me.

“Put your finger in there,” she directed.  It was a warm, wet channel with interesting ridges on the roof.  Pushing hard, I felt a lump at the very end.

She let me feel, even with two fingers, but soon said, “Now lick me.”  She pointed to the thing that had looked like a fingertip.  “All around this spot.”

I thought better than telling her it stank.  This girl had just sucked my cock to the best feeling I’d ever known.  I was in love.  If she wanted me to lick, I would lick.

I burrowed between her thighs, put out my tongue and began to probe around the indicated lump.

“That’s it!” she said with a sigh.  “You’re doing it just right, Lesley.  Push your fingers in and out too.”

I still had two in her.  I put in a third and starting pumping.  She began to moan.

Soon she got loud.  I hoped she was right, that no one was home, and wondered if anyone could hear out the open window.  But I kept shoving and slurping.  She jerked whenever my tongue slipped and hit the nub square.  I remembered her tongue rasping on my dickhead.  So I disregarded the instruction and concentrated on the nub.

Her thighs closed on my ears.  Despite them I could hear her crying out.  Sounded like, “Oh, fuck, oh, fuck!”  Suddenly her hand pushed my head away.

Her hips twisted back and forth.  She was panting but managed to say, “Oh, wow, Lesley!”

I wiped my face on the counterpane.  She sat up and grabbed my cock.  I believe it was even harder and tingled at her touch.

“Goody!” she said and fell back on the bed.  “Now fuck me.”

She put it in for me and so I got my first piece of ass.  Apparently it’s true that any size cock will work.  She was panting and moaning almost the whole time.  Her hands grabbed my ass and seemed to be trying to shove me all the way into her.  I grabbed her tits.  In probably five minutes I came again, perhaps the fastest second come of my life, at least until six years later when a Korean whore showed me how to get two in a row.

We lay side by side.  So this was love!  After a while I told her so.

She said, “Don’t be silly, Lesley.  We’re too young for that.  But not too young to have a lot of fun.”

“Doing this?”

“Yeah.  What they call ‘bareback.’  Until you start to jizz.”

“When’ll that be?”

“I’m not sure.  I think it’s like when a girl starts her period.”

“Her what?”

“Monthly bleeding from her twat.  That’s right, your sister is younger than you.  I started mine just after my thirteenth birthday.”

“Every month?” I exclaimed incredulously.

She grinned at my amazement.  “You never heard of it?”


“Your mother does it.  All women do it.  It’s the way their bodies work.”

“No shit!”  But I saw an immediate advantage.  “That gives me over a year.”

“Gives us over a year!”

“Did licking feel good to you?”  I raised up enough to see her face.  “I thought it might be hurting you.”

She laughed outright.  “Why in the world would you think that?”

“You were crying.”

She shook her head.  “Lesley, you don’t understand.  It feels so good I’m liable to do anything.  Jayjay has to close the windows.”

Suddenly I was jealous, not a totally strange emotion.  I last felt it when Cliff got a bicycle for Christmas the year before I did.  “Jayjay who?” I demanded.

Her hand crept over my belly and enclosed my cock, still hard.  “I can’t tell you that, Lesley.  I swore to keep it secret.”

“Some teenager, I bet!”

“Oh, no, he’s not a teenager!”  She laughed grimly.

Another boy?  That struck me as unlikely, unless she knew a lot of them.  Then it hit me: a man!  Which explained how she knew so much.

“He showed you, didn’t he.”


How was I going to keep up with him?  Oh, yeah, I didn’t jizz!  And she didn’t like rubbers.  This was also before the pill, though of course we knew nothing of that.

To verify I said, “He’s the one that jizzes, right?”

“Oh, yeah.  Like tablespoons full.”

Something about the way she said that …  “How does it taste?”

“You’ll find out in another year.”

“You like it, don’t you?”

“To taste,” she admitted, “though I didn’t at first.”

My hand went to her pussy and put in a finger.  “Just like me here.”

She nodded.  “I understand.  Girls don’t smell nice.”

“At first.  But after a while … you don’t notice.”


“I liked licking you.”

“And I liked sucking you.”

“Will you like it when I jizz?”

“Yeah, to suck.”  Her fingers jacked me a little.  “But I love this thing now because it stays dry.  Hey, it’s still hard!”

“Why not?  Let’s fuck again.”

Her hand flew away.  “Don’t say that word!”

My chin dropped.  “You were screaming it while we were doing it.”

She bit her lip.  “Jayjay told me that too.  I don’t know what I’m saying when I’m coming.  But don’t say it when I’m not.”

That amused me.  “You can do it but not say it?”

She sniffed but changed the subject.  “We’ve got a problem.”


“How we can get together and keep our secret.”

“I guess you can go to Jayjay.”

“No.  Not for a long time.  Weeks.  Maybe months.  But you live next door.”

“I know.  We can go to our garage.  It’s only used for junk.”

She shook her head.  “If Cliff saw me go in there he’d tell everybody.”

“He could come with you.”

“What?”  She stared at me.  I could see the wheels turning.  “Did he and you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Play with your dicks.  Together.”

“No.  But I’ve thought about it.  I wonder how his would feel.”

“So do I.”

I grinned.  “His bedroom is right across the hall here.”

“Yeah, but Linda is always around.”

I knew what she meant.  Her ten year-old sister was hard to shake, even for us boys.  And she’d tell on you if she saw anything, like the time our baseball broke the Hartman’s window.

“Then wait till after dark.”  I went to the window.  “We could meet in my backyard or yours.”

“Then go to your garage?”

“Behind it.  It’s dark back there.  The corner lights don’t reach.”

“We’d have to be real quiet.”

I grinned.  “Stuff a rag in your mouth.”

“Maybe just put your hand over it.”

I thought it over.  “Tonight?”

She thought about it too and shook her head.  “Won’t work.  It gets dark too late.  Mom’ll start calling me to bed.”

“Really?  At 15?”

“I’m a girl,” she said with disgust.  “If I was a boy I could stay out past midnight.”

“You can anyway,” I said, taking a plunge.

“I’d like to know how.”

“You can sneak out.”

“Do what?  It’s too far to jump.”

“I don’t mean out the window.”  Okay, I had to explain.  “I know you can sneak out of this house without getting caught.”

“How do you know?”

“Because Cliff and I met in the backyard after midnight twice now.”

Her eyes widened.  “No kidding?  His room is upstairs too.”

“So’s mine.  You have to just creep down the stairs, always stepping on the edge next to the staircase.  Open the backdoor very slowly and leave it unlocked so you can get back in.”

“What if your folks get up in the night?”

“They probably won’t notice the backdoor.  You could hide a spare key under a brick in case that happened.  I never have and don’t think Cliff has, but if you want to be sure …”

She nodded slowly.  “You boys are awful!”  She grinned.  “What did you do outdoors so late?”

“Ran around naked.”  I grinned proudly.  “And peeped into Mrs. Thompson’s bathroom window.”

“You did?”  Abby giggled and licked her lips.  “What did you see?”

“Nothing.  She had her shade pulled.”

“I heard about her.  They say she likes to cool off with late night baths.  Too bad you missed it.”

“Not the second time.  We saw her get out of the tub and dry off.  God, she’s got tits twice as big as yours!”  I added in a different tone, “And a big scar on her stomach.”

“Mom says they cut a dead baby out of her.”

“Yeah, I heard that too.  Bet it hurt!”

“Oh, they put her to sleep.”

“They’d have to.  Abby, can I look in … here?”  I touched her pussy.

She chuckled.  “Curious, are you?”

“They say babies come out here.  That’s very hard to believe.”

I got back in the bed with her.  She pried herself open.  Interesting.  My dick and three fingers had been in there, though not at the same time.  I put in two forefingers and pulled her wide open, but couldn’t see much.

“Turn around to the window,” I said, pulling on her legs.  She let me open her up in the light.

“What’s that deep in the back?” I said.  “Got a dimple in the middle.”

She shrugged.  “I don’t know.  It’s not where I pee.”

“Where’s your mirror?  I’ll show it to you.”

She had a hand-mirror on her dresser.  I fetched it and held it while she reopened herself.  “That’s interesting,” she admitted.  “I hope every girl has one.”

“Jayjay didn’t show it to you?” I asked enviously.

“Not exactly.  He bumped it.  I had to be careful with him.”

“Bumped it?  With what?”

“His dick, of course.  Made it sore.”

“But I didn’t bump it?”

“No.  I guess your dick isn’t long enough.”  She smiled approvingly.  “I like yours just fine.  Put that mirror down and come here.”

My dick was hard.  Looking up pussies would do that, I guessed.  So I knew what she wanted.

When I crawled between her legs, she said, “This time I want to be on top.”

In a moment she was squatting over me and my dick was out of sight.  She fucked oddly on top: sliding forward and back instead of up and down.  But it was very good, especially after I took hold of her tits.

“Oh, yeah, Leslie.  Your dick is just super!  Fuck me, fuck me!”  Her voice began to rise.

“Maybe you ought to close that window.”

“Fuck the window!”

I had to giggle, which started her giggling.  I don’t know what was funny.  Trying to fuck a window?  Anyway we were soon laughing our heads off.  And coming.  At least I guess she was.  Her body froze up and she made squeaking noises.  I humped hard, lifting her up and down, as my feeling peaked.  She fell forward, cheek next to mine.  We were both panting.

After awhile she raised up and looked at me hard.  “Oh, Leslie, that was so good.  Almost better than Jayjay.”  She thought a moment and added, “In some ways it was better than him.  Sometimes he makes me feel afraid.  You just make me feel good.”  She leaned down again and kissed me, sticking in her tongue.  I stuck back and remembered hearing the kids call this “French kissing.”  I decided it made you feel especially close to your kisser.

She rolled off me and said, “Leslie, you’re the sweetest boy!”  The next thing I knew she reversed in the bed, took my dick in her hand and popped it into her mouth.  Two could play that.  I grabbed her hips, pulled them over my face and began to lick her little nub.  She twitched a few times, giggled again and raised up to peer at me under her tits.

“Jayjay calls this ‘Doing a 69.’”

“A what?”

“Because of the way six and nine fit together.”

Definitely jealous, I said, “I don’t like Jayjay.”

“You should.  He taught me everything I know.”

That I was glad of, but somehow I couldn’t feel a bit of gratitude!


* * *


The clock on the church steeple had bonged “One.”  I was about ready to give her up when she crept out her back door into the moonlight, closed it very carefully and turned around expectantly.

“Abby!” I hissed.

She ran down the steps straight to me and whispered, “Oh, I was hoping you’d be here.  I waited till Dad started snoring.”  I could see her eyes widen in the moonlight.  “Where are your clothes?”

I said, “Who needs clothes in the dark?”

Wearing a thin nightgown, she grinned, teeth shining.  Her hand caught my hard dick.  “Is this looking for something?”

“Something to get into.”

Her nightgown flew off over her head to land on a bush.  “Come on,” she said, tugging my dick toward a break in the bushes.  In the lush grass behind my garage I tackled her, threw her down and rolled on top of her for a long kiss.

“That was rough,” she said when I raised up, “but I liked it.”  Suddenly she rolled me forcefully on my back, slid down and gobbled up my dick.

Obviously she did love to suck one.  Jayjay deserved more credit than I knew.  I rotated around under her, clutched her hips and resumed the action of our last encounter.  We both came off at about the same time.  The dick in her mouth muffled her moaning.  She was wetter than I recalled.  Would I learn to love licking a pussy?  Oh, wouldn’t I!

The garage shaded us from the moon.  We lay on our backs, arms around each other, and stared up at the stars.  The skylight of the city dimmed them some, but many were still visible.  We picked out the two dippers and barely the North Star.

“Oh, Leslie, I love being out here with you like this.”

“Nice and cool, ain’t it?”  I was playing with her titties, even sucked them but didn’t get any milk.  She didn’t mind at all.  When I tried to touch Janet Diller’s, she had slapped my face.  I guessed it made a difference if you already had.

After awhile Abby said, “Leslie, have you thought there’s almost four years’ difference in our ages?”

“Well, I knew about it.  Guess what we’re doing ain’t natural, huh?”

“Girls like older boys, but you’re perfect for me.  No worries!  Glad I found out some boys don’t jizz.”

“You remembered that sitting on your porch?”

“And when I saw you jacking off and didn’t know why you quit.”

“Cliff don’t jizz either.”

“You know that for a fact?”

“Yeah.  Sometimes we jerk off together.”

“Where do you go to —  I get it: when you do sleepovers.”

“Do what?  No.  In the church basement.”

“What?”  She giggled.  “You’re kidding!”

“No, I’m not.  One window has a broken lock.  Most of the time the building is empty.”

“You boys really are awful!  It’s more than just you and Cliff, I bet.”

“Oh, yeah.  Four of us.  Why didn’t you tell Cliff to meet us tonight?”

“Why didn’t you?”

“It’s the first time,” I protested.

“That’s right.  Besides, he’s my brother.”

I thought about screwing my sister and shrugged.  “He wouldn’t care.”

She grunted.  “Not about that, maybe.  But he’d be sure to balk for something.  We don’t get along so well.”

That I understood.  My sister and I weren’t close either.

“You think we can meet here every night?”

“No,” she said.  “They’re sure to catch us sneaking out.  I almost stepped on Linda’s skates coming down the stairs.”

“She left them on the stairs?”

“Yeah.  She leaves things everywhere.  I hope she don’t wake up and find me gone.”

“Me too.  Once a week?”

“Maybe.  But we’re out here now.  Let’s do it.”  And she pulled me on top of her.


* * *


Fucking on the grass behind my garage was novel enough to keep her interested five or six more times.  We had originally planned to meet once a week but two days after the first meeting she whispered to me on the street as I returned from chasing down a fly ball, “One o’clock tonight.”  So our after-midnight affair lasted about three weeks with a week off for her period.

The last time was super, but she said, “I gotta quit this in the grass.  Mama found some in my bed.”

“What’d you say about it?”

“That Cliff or Linda must’ve put it there, but she looked at me funny and wouldn’t let me go out after supper.”

“Uh-oh.  How’d she know?”

Abby laughed.  “How you think?  She was a girl too, once upon a time.”

That made sense but was hard to imagine.

Then I didn’t see her around.  Finally I asked Cliff.

He said, “Aunt Gussie is sick.  Abby went to nurse her.”

“In another town?”

“Yeah.  Maplewood.  She’s lucky.”

I studied him and figured it out.  “You wanted to go.”  I had to giggle.  “Boys can’t nurse women.”

“What nurse!  Uncle Jay’s got a model railroad.”

Uncle Jay!  Jayjay?  I turned away, burning with jealousy, barely with enough sense not to ask if they ever called him that.

She was gone the rest of the summer, over two months, finally came home when school started.  Waiting for the school bus the next morning, she stood aside from the other girls.  I managed to drop my notebook in front of her.

“Clumsy!” she said with a sneer.

Rising up, I whispered, “Can we meet tonight?”


It was a flat no.  I’m sure I looked surprised.  “What’s wrong?” I asked too loud.

She glanced at the other girls, who were turning toward us, and said loudly, “You’re the one who dropped it.”

It took me a moment to understand.  She was giving a logical answer to my question for the other girls.  So I slunk away to stand beside Cliff, who snickered.

“What’s wrong with her?” I asked him, playing the part.

“She didn’t want to come back from Aunt Gussie’s.”

Again I was surprised.  “She’d rather nurse a sick woman?”

Cliff shook his head.  “Aunt Gussie’s in a bad way.”

And Uncle Jayjay has a nice big cock, I thought grimly.

I sidled near her at every schoolbus wait for the next several days, but she never gave me a sign.  Finally I found her at a table by herself in the library.

Leaning over, I whispered, “You’re not talking to me?”

She looked up coldly and whispered back, “We’re finished, Lesley.”

“You can taste my jizz.”  That implication was a lie, but I figured I could always claim it was intermittent.  What did I know?

“No thanks,” she said but licked her lips.

“One more time?” I pled.

She took a deep breath but shook her head.  Her eyes glittered.  “I’m pregnant, Lesley.  Better leave me alone.”

That set me back.  I looked around; nobody was watching us.  “Which one are you related to, Aunt Gussie or Uncle Jay?”

“Aunt Gussie.”

I felt better, having recently heard about the bad fruits of incest.

“Who told you their names?”  She made a face.  “Cliff, of course.”

“How do you know you are?”

“I’m what?  Oh.  My period stopped.  I’ve missed two.”

“You let him …”

“No, dammit.  The first time when I got there, he forgot.  I felt him start and pushed him out.  But it only takes one time.”  She sighed.  “You shouldn’t even talk to me anymore.”

“Good luck, Abby, and thank you.”  I did feel grateful.

Her eyes softened.  “You’re welcome.”


* * *


Two weeks later Cliff told me Aunt Bessie had died.  At the Christmas break Abby dropped out of school, though she was too young, and married Uncle Jay.  I didn’t think to ask, of course, but she must have had her parents’ approval.  In 1947, a pregnant girl had very few choices.  Everyone probably thought it was the best solution.

By that time I had got Evangeline to play in the boxwoods, but that’s another story.



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