His Brother’s Wife

a Short Story by Kelliswan

Spring, 2017


When the doorbell rang, he saved the draft on his hard drive, strolled down the hall to the door, opened it and blinked.  The person on the stoop, wearing a frilly well-filled tank top, short shorts and Fifties-style soft slippers, with belly-button prominent and purse slung on one shoulder, was Marcie, his brother’s wife.

“Hi, Dale,” she said brightly.  “May I come in?”

“Sure!”  He stepped back but peered over her blonde curls as she pushed past him.  “Where’s Ted?”

“You know he’s in Phoenix.”  She paused several steps into the hall, partly turned, waiting for him.

“Yeah, that’s right.”  He frowned at her.  “What’s the problem?”

“I need to use your john.”  Her hand clutched the front of her shorts.  “God, have I got the urge!”

He waved.  “You know where it is.”

“Thanks, Dale.”  She moved hurriedly away.

“Can I fix you a drink?” he called after her.

“Would you?” she responded, passing into the bathroom.

He went to the kitchen, took the gin bottle from the freezer and made her a martini with a black olive and a carefully measured quarter-teaspoon of Vermouth.  To keep her company, he poured himself scotch over ice.  When he heard the bathroom door unlatch, he called, “In the kitchen.”

She appeared before him, dropped into the adjacent chair and took the offered drink.  “God, there’s no relief like it,” she said heartily after taking a sip.

“Like gin?”

She arched an eyebrow and grinned.  “A good healthy shit.  Guess you’re thinking, ‘Her home’s only a few blocks away.’  I thought of that but feared I wouldn’t make it.”

“I’ve been in that predicament, Marcie.”

Her eyes glittered.  “With your sister-in-law a few blocks away?”

“Almost that bad.  While asking Julie’s father for her hand.  Nerves can cause it, you know.”

She grinned.  “What an old-fashioned guy!”

“Yeah, enough to ask why you were walking this far from home.”

“Trying to take off a few pounds.”  Her face lost its humor.  “What do you hear from Julie?”

“Nothing lately, not since the divorce was final.”

“I probably shouldn’t say it, but … you’re better off without her.”

“If you did, I would agree.  Except for one thing.”

“She liked sex, didn’t she?”

He said dryly, “I guess the whole world knows that.”

“And you do too.”

“At least as much as the next man.”

Marcie took a larger portion and swallowed twice.  “Thanks.  You finally learned how to make me a martini.”  She tilted the glass and added, “Julie’s not the only girl, you know.”

He shrugged.  “I’ve hit the bars a few times.”

“Any luck?”

“Enough to decide the return is not worth the investment.”

She blinked.  “Won’t they come to you for that kind of sex?”

“I don’t mean money.  At least, not just money.  It seems to take getting half drunk, and I’m a man with poor alcohol tolerance.  You wouldn’t believe the hangovers I’ve had.  To hell with the bar girls.  You’re right.  I’ll switch to the kind that comes to me.”

She grinned brightly.  “Good!”

He had to chuckle at her odd enthusiasm.  “What difference does it make to you?”

Suddenly serious, she took a deep breath.  “All right, I’ll tell you.  I’m a girl who listens when men talk about themselves.”

He thought that over.  “When did you hear me say I wasn’t getting enough?”

“Ted said you weren’t.  What you said, at the Granfield dinner, was that you liked plump, full-bodied women.”

He nodded.  “You heard that, did you?  All of it?”

“Yeah.  You like them even when they’re self-indulgent bitches.”

“I appreciate their bodies, with the understanding they wouldn’t be so round and soft if they didn’t gobble every sweet treat in sight.”

She paused reflectively and shrugged.  “Well, it’s true.  Sweets and fats taste good.  I like things that taste good.”

“Marcie, don’t take my ravings personally.”

“Why not?”  She sat forward in the chair, setting her empty glass on the side table.  “I’m five-foot-five and weigh 150 pounds.  Take a good look at me and tell me what you see.”

“Fishing for compliments?  I can’t believe you’re reduced to that.”

“Reduced?  That’s a dirty word.  Tell it like it is.”


She seemed to brace her shoulders.  “Nothing but the truth.”

He finished his scotch.  “I see a pretty face under classic blonde hair.  I’ve wondered about that.  Is it natural?”


“And a truly fine set of tits.  How natural are they?”

“Completely.  What else?”

“A narrow waist despite a pouchy belly.  That outfit shows love handles when you bend to the side.”

“‘Love handles?’  You do approve of plump!”

“And solid wide hips that ought to pass a baby just fine.  Any thought towards that?”

“Not a bit.  I can’t stand pain and hospitals.  As you said, a selfish bitch.”

“I didn’t say it of you!”

“What about the rest?”

“Fleshy thighs and calves but nicely tapered.  In the words of my youth, Marcie, you’re a fox.”

“Aside from the cellulite startup.”  She said dryly, “I’m glad you’ve learned to speak more precisely.  Can I sum it up for you?  You like my bod just fine but don’t think much of the rest.”

He shrugged.  “Ted seems content.”

“Yeah.  I work on that.  You know my background, don’t you, Dale?”

He grunted.  “Julie dug up all the dirt she could.  You grew up in a trailer park.”

“Right.  Trailer trash.  And I slung enough hamburgers to know it wouldn’t be my career.”

“Hmm.  You lived a good while with Ted before you married him.”

“Yeah, but he didn’t get my cherry.”

“Huh!  I didn’t get Julie’s either.”

“So when he married me, all I knew to do was fuck and cook a little.”

“He mentioned that, said maybe you’d stay home.”

“I’ve waited on him for six years.”

He sighed.  “I hope you didn’t come here to say you’re tired of it.”

“I like doing things for a man, the more personal the better.  Ted’s pretty demanding, but that’s all right.  I try to do anything he wants.  The one I’m tired of is his mother.”

“She’s my mother too, you know.”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t consider you her only daughter.  You ever think she might have run Julie off?”

Dale shook his head confidently.  “Not hardly.  Julie wouldn’t go near her.”

“Julie had more guts than I.”

“I don’t know about that.  Mom and I were never very close.  Ted was her favorite, which may be why you see so much of her.”

“Ted and I had an argument about her early on.  I was going to make him choose between us until I realized he would choose her.”

Dale chuckled and shook his head.  “Sounds like him.”

“I’ve got a problem with her, Dale, and I need your help.”

His head tilted.  “What kind of a problem?”

“She gave us a huge, cut-glass punch bowl with a dozen crystal goblets a couple years ago —”

“Yeah, I know it.  Came from England, a real antique, 200 years old, heavy as hell.”

“I don’t throw big summer parties.  What use did I have for it?  With Ted’s help I stored it on a top shelf.”  She took a breath.  “Would you believe I managed to drop it on the floor this week?”

He grunted.  “Break it?”

“Into a hundred pieces, along with half the goblets.”

Dale grunted and shook his head in sympathy.  “What did Ted say?”

“Ted doesn’t know.  I cleaned it all up, of course — god, what a crash that was, shook the house!  If it was just Ted, I wouldn’t worry.  But his mother!  Every time she’s in my kitchen she checks that cabinet.”

Dale was still shaking his head.  “Mom will never forgive you.”

“Oh, I don’t care for myself.  If she found out she might even stay away.  But Ted … what will he do when she comes crying on his shoulder?”

Dale chuckled a little.  “I don’t think he’ll divorce you.  It’s just a punch bowl.”

She shook her head.  “I’m afraid to chance it.  Enough of the bottom was left to get the maker’s name.  I reached an antique house in England that has a duplicate in its showroom.”

“Really?  What good luck!”

“It would be if I had a few thousand dollars.”

“A few —  That’s the price?”

“The price they’re asking.”

“Will they take your credit card?”

“Both of them are maxed out.”

He shook his head.  “You’ll have to tell Ted.  Ah, I see.  You want to use my credit card.”

She sighed, studying him earnestly.  “Dale, would you do that for me?”

He nodded slowly.  “For my sister-in-law?  Yes, I would, as a piece of business.  How would you repay it — out of your household allowance?”

“I …”  She swallowed.  “I had another payment in mind.”

His full attention focused on her.  “Another payment?”

She studied him.  “More personal.”

“What payment exactly, Marcie?”

She stood up and thrust her chest forward.  “Me.”

He took a breath, licking his lips.  “So this is what your concern about my sex life, and my appreciation of plump women, was in aid of.”

She grinned.  “Well, partly.  Don’t I have the right to be concerned about my husband’s family?”

He chuckled at her pretense.  “You even have the right to ask them for money.  You don’t have to fuck me for that, Marcie.”

Her lips tightened.  “I don’t want to owe you.”

“Don’t you?  Let’s be honest with each other.  Is this actually about money?”

“What else?”

“Since I found out that Julie was fucking her boss, I’ve been paying attention to women’s motives.  Is it possible for some reason of your own you want me to help you cheat on my brother?”

She dropped her eyes but took a deep breath and raised them to meet his again.  Her face had reddened but her chin rose also.  “He wouldn’t have to know.”

“By god, Marcie!”  He straightened up.  “Let me get this straight: you want to fuck me for — what, $3000?”

“More like $4000.”  She licked dry lips.  “Yes, I do.”

He snorted.  “You said that once before, you know.”

Her eyes fell.  “To Ted.  Now my marriage may depend on this money.”

“$4000 is too much for a fuck, even with my beautiful sister-in-law.”

“That’s true.  Do you think I’m beautiful, Dale?”

“Of course you are — and plump too.  So what are you proposing — some kind of liaison?”

“I don’t know that word.  Does it mean ‘affair?’”

“Not exactly.”  He studied her, his eyes lingering on her exposed cleavage and round belly, rising to her pouty lips.  “You don’t have affairs with whores.”

Her chest heaved prettily.  “You don’t like me, do you, Dale?”

“Your analysis of a minute ago was pretty much on the money.”

“The package but not the contents?”

“Right.  I’m not comfortable about you cheating on Ted with anybody, much less me.”

“It’s good you don’t like me.”  Her expression settled in satisfaction.  “If you thought otherwise I’d buzz off.”

“That’s an interesting point.  If I liked you it would be too personal?”

“Something like that.”

“But now you’ll stay?”

“I will.”

He nodded slowly.  “You’re right about the kind of female I like.  You recall me kissing you under the mistletoe?”

“I thought of that as soon as I broke the punch bowl.”

“Okay.”  He undid his belt, dropped outer and underpants to his ankles, stepped out of them and patted the card table that he stood beside.  “Get up on this table, on your back, with your head towards me.”

Her eyes widened.  “Is that your idea of foreplay?”

“You don’t need foreplay with a whore.  Want some lubricant?  You’ll find —”

“You don’t need lubricant with your brother-in-law.”

“Is that so!”

“Shouldn’t I get undressed?”

“It isn’t necessary.”

She shrugged and dropped her purse on the floor but paused with her hand on the table.  “Is this strong enough?”

“Oh, yes.  This is another of Mamma’s antiques, stronger than the punch bowl.”  He grimaced.  “In case you haven’t noticed, Ted and I are Mamma’s attic storage.”

Marcie made a face but clambered onto the table, slithered onto her back and looked up at him from an upside-down face.  He caught her shoulders and pulled them to the edge so that her head hung off.

He stepped forward, laying his half-erection on her nostrils.  “Now suck my cock.”

Her eyes sparkled.  Was she smiling?  She said, “I was going to do that anyway.”  She opened her mouth and took him in.

He tried a few hip strokes as he firmed up then paused.  “You’re right.  I forgot about your tits.”

She turned her face away and lifted her torso to release buttons at her back.  Blouse and brassiere dropped to her waist to expose the massive bosom.  He pushed the garments off her arms and threw them on the floor.  She lay down again and remouthed him with a slurp.  His hands enclosed parts of both breasts, squeezing firmly, fingers and thumbs rolling nipples between them when not used for gathering more flesh into the palms.

“God, this is a fine rack, Marcie!”

Hands on his hips pushed him back far enough for her to say, “So your opinion of me isn’t all contempt.”

“Contempt?  Hell, Marcie, you know I worship your bod.  That’s why you remembered that kiss.”

She giggled.  “Yeah, I felt your Christmas hard on.”  She tYeah, ook him in hand for guidance and slurped him up.  Her efforts increased.  Moaning nasally, she sucked harder and her lips closed tighter.  Her hands came back to clasp his buttocks cheeks.  He lengthened his stroke.  She coughed and swallowed, nostrils flaring with her breath.

He said wonderingly, “I don’t have a monstrous cock, Marcie, as Julie told the world in our divorce.  But I can see your throat swell.  You’ve been doing this for Ted, haven’t you?”


“Or did you learn it at MacDonalds?”

Her eyes burned up at his from either side of his plunging organ.

“Can’t say I’m sorry to hear we have a deep-throater in the family.”

She managed a sniff despite further coughing.  Saliva ran from the corners of her mouth on each near withdrawal.  At full penetration her nose parted his testicles.  He increased the piston rate, but she offered no sign that the turmoil in her mouth discomforted her.

“Julie taught me to hold back, but that won’t suit you, will it?”  He thrust forward and froze, hands clutching her breasts, groaning as his ejaculate spurted into her throat again and again.

She swallowed convulsively.  Her hands shifted to his hips and shoved him back.  Gagging, she rolled over onto her elbows, huge eyes on his.  Her face and breasts were bright red.  Semen escaped from her nose.

He stood before her, jacking his dribbling manhood and breathing deeply.  Her hand darted out and caught most of the white droplets.

She took several deep breaths, still swallowing, tongue licking her lips and cleaning her nose in the manner of a cat.  “Sorry about that,” she said finally.  “I couldn’t breathe.”

“I didn’t mean to shoot it up your nose.”

“Didn’t you?  What do you care, long as it gets in the girl?”

“Well, I —”

“In fact it splashed out from my throat.  You are a strong shooter, sir.”

“You mean … it came out your nose like snot?”

“It sure did.”  She sniffed.  “Smells odd in my adenoids.  Don’t you ever jack off, Dale?”

“Well, not lately.  I’ve been working to a deadline.”

“That explains a lot — like why you’re so intense.”  She giggled.  “I thought you’d tear my boobs off.”

“I figured if it hurt, you’d at least frown.”  He grinned slightly.  “Ted and I used to joke about the wild Hungarian, Tearhertitzoff, but I never realized he was me.  Sorry.”

“Sounds like Ted.”  She licked the residue off her palm and caught his scrotum in that hand, tugging him toward her.  “Let me clean you up.”

Her long tongue licked the bottom and both sides of his organ and her lips passed it into her mouth.

“Careful,” he warned.  “It’s sensitive right now.”

After taking in his entirety, she ejected it gently, closed lips wiping off any remaining liquid, and sneered up at him.  “You think I don’t know that?”

He stared at her.  “How many cocks have you sucked?”

Her lip twitched impishly.  “Scores.  Maybe hundreds.”

“Good god!”

She giggled.  “You’d like to believe that, wouldn’t you?  Hell, you do believe it!”

He smiled sheepishly.  “Maybe not a hundred different ones, but your deep throat convinces me you’ve had lots of practice.”

“Well, I have.  It impressed you, did it?”

“Oh, yes.  That’s the first time my whole cock was ever out of sight in a woman’s head.”

“Julie didn’t try it?”

“The knob was her limit.  Tell me how the hell you do it.”

“You ever heard of sword swallowers?”

“What?  Don’t their blades fold into the handles?”

“No more than your cock slips into your ass.”  She laughed at her own jest, breasts rolling attractively.  “The only problem in either case is the gag reflex.  Well, with deep throating you take care not to strangle on come.”  She continued with a giggle, “It seems I haven’t mastered that part yet, not when the cock is a fire hose like yours.”

“‘A fire hose!’  What about the gag reflex?”

“That’s just practice.  You keep pushing a blunt object in there and after a while you quit gagging.”  She giggled again.  “Even Ted can do it.”


Her giggle became at laugh at his astonishment.  “He bought a dildo the same size as his cock, which is a lot like yours, by the way.”  Her eyes darkened.  “I found a better use for a dildo.”

“Why would Ted want to learn deep throating?”

“He said it was fascinating.  You mind if I get off this table?”

“Go ahead.”

When she stood clear of it, he said, “Take off your shorts.”

“I wondered if you’d ask.”  She dropped them and kicked them atop her other garments.

“So you’re a natural blonde!”


“What does that mean?”

“The top of course has high lights.”

“Is that a joke?”

She giggled.  “Almost.”

He sniffed.  “I thought modern style was to wax the pubes.”

“Among whores?”

“And bar girls.”

“Remember, I hate pain.  And Ted likes my little beard.”

“It suits you.  Sit on the edge of the table, will you?”  As she complied, he tore off his shirt, dragged the straight chair from his desk to a position before her perch and sat down.  His hands slipped behind her knees and raised her legs over his shoulders, forcing her to brace herself on hands thrust behind her.

“I’m going to eat this plump pussy alive,” he said threateningly.

“You ought to let me wash first.”

“Piss and all.”  His head lowered to just above her downy groin.

Her belly quivered jelly-like and her breasts trembled.  “Oh god, Dale!  Most of that’s not piss.”

“Because you love sucking cock.  You do, don’t you?”

“Well of course I do!”

“And swallowing come.”

“Even smelling it in my nose.”

“Jesus Christ, Marcie!”  His mouth fell upon her clitoris, suckled briefly then settled into swirling tongue strokes that parted the lips beneath.

Soon she was moaning and bucking, continuing until the tongue became unendurable.  She pushed his head away and lay staring at him, breathing with an open mouth.  “Oh, god, Dale, what are you waiting for?  Fuck me!”

With ankles on his shoulders her buttocks were the right height.  He slipped into her easily.  Her climax, which had barely subsided, was renewed.  “Oh, god!  Oh, god!  Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

His hips slammed hers forcefully enough to walk the table against the kitchen wall.  Her enthusiasm remained so high that he surprised himself with the quickness of his second climax.  Finally, breathing hard, he leaned forward, letting her thighs partially support him.

She was blushing from the nipples up and breathing heavily as he.  At last, realizing the hard table might hurt her back, he let her legs slide down his side, caught her shoulders and pulled her up until she was again seated on the table edge but still impaled.  Her arms went around his back but she threw her head back and giggled at him.

He demanded, “What’s funny?”

“We are: fucking so hard on the kitchen table.  Look where it ended up!”

“It’s called ‘a non-linear vibrational effect.’”

“Felt like a pile-driver to me.”

Her giggle grew contagiously and he found himself laughing with her.  Her face came forward.  Now giggling nasally, she kissed him wetly, saying at last, “God, Dale, that was so good!”

He said dryly, “Yes, I didn’t think you were faking.”

“Faking?  Ha!  Bells, whistles and firecrackers!  And I love for it to stay in me.”  He felt her sphincter close.  “I can tell you enjoyed it too.  Pretty quick, Dale, for a second shot!”

“It was you, Marcie.”  He shook his head.  “I think you’re about the hottest number I ever had.”

“Well!  A real compliment!”


She studied him.  “Hotter than Julie?”

“Definitely.  But you know the reason.”

“Want to know something definite?  Your dick’s not too small for me.”

He smiled.  “I’m happy to say that this was evident.”

“My head might be empty but my twat isn’t.”

“Oh!”  He backed away but her legs closed around his hips and kept her impaled.  He explained diffidently, “You know where the bathroom is.”

“Fuck the bathroom!  I should say, fuck in the bathroom — the bathtub, particularly.”

He grinned.  “In the water?”

“So to speak.  Dale, you’ll find I’m a lot less inhibited than Julie.”

“Implying we’ll meet again?”

“An heirloom punch bowl is worth a lot more than one fuck.”

Suddenly his eyes widened.  “Marcie, tell me you’re on birth-control!”

“I can’t, Dale.  Haven’t used any in five years.  Ted thinks one of us is sterile.”


She shrugged.  “My doctor says not me.”

“But …  My god!”

She giggled.  “Maybe you caught me, Dale.  I don’t care if you did.  If you didn’t maybe you will.”

He goggled at her.

She laughed.  “Your face is enough like Ted’s that it would be fun arguing with him when the baby arrives.  ‘See, you fool, all your sperm isn’t sterile!’”

“Marcie …” he breathed, face white.

At last she unlocked her ankles and stood down from him, releasing his softening manhood.  She smiled and eyed him intently.  “Come on, Dale.  Don’t you dare worry!”

“Shouldn’t I?  He’ll know it’s mine!”

“How could he?  He fucks me bareback all the time.  He’ll soak my twat when he gets back from Phoenix — unless he picks up a bar girl there.”

“Do you suspect him of that?”

“He’s ad—”  Her voice froze in the middle of a word.

“Admitted it?  Is that your game, Marcie?  What’s he really doing in Phoenix?”

“School business, he said, as usual.”  Her gaze was solemn.  “No, Dale, he’s not looking to divorce me.”

He reached for his clothing, stepped into his britches, took a credit card from his wallet and extended it to her.  “Tell me that after he gets back.”

She bit her lip.  “Can I drop by tomorrow afternoon?”

“Not until he gets back.”

Ignoring the credit card, she donned her own clothing and marched past him.

“Marcie?” he called after her, but she was out the kitchen door.


* * *


He was watching for her through the kitchen window and pulled the door open when she appeared.

“You called me and here I am,” she said, standing on the threshold, “but it’s hardly been 48 hours.  Ted’s still in Phoenix.”

“Come on in, Marcie, please.”

She obeyed, closing the door against the summer heat.  Again she wore tank top, shorts and slippers.  Her blonde curls were less neat than they had been earlier in the week.

She stood within arm’s reach.  “You didn’t say what you wanted.”

“I can’t believe you don’t know.”

“Tell me anyway.”

He sighed.  “It’s simple.  After careful consideration I’ve concluded that your motives aren’t so important to me as I thought.”

She sniffed.  “I don’t see why it should matter to you if Ted did mean to divorce me.”


She grinned slightly.  “Did you jack off?”


“It didn’t work?”

“No.  You made yourself a very strong friend.”

“Show me.”

He shoved down his britches and displayed a burgeoning erection.

She chuckled, deep in her throat.  “You decided that smarts aren’t so necessary in a girl, is that it?”

“This one doesn’t give a damn about smarts.”

“He likes what I’ve got, despite that?”

“He’s obsessed with what you’ve got, despite that.”

She was all smiles.  “Then let’s give my friend what he wants.”

She dropped to a squat and sucked the organ into her mouth.  Dale twitched and declared, “God, Marcie, I’ve been dreaming of this!”

She released him long enough to retort, “It’s been on my mind too,” then remouthed him.

He let her proceed for more than a minute but caught her armpits and raised her to her feet.  “Let’s not be so frenzied as the other day.  Come on into the bedroom.”

She followed him, snickering as he waddled out of his britches, and once there demanded, “If this is your bedroom, who made the bed?”

“I did.  The maid only comes on Monday.”

“God, don’t tell me you’re a neatnik!”

“No, but an unmade bed distracts when I try to write in here.  I just automatically make it after my morning piss.  I’ll admit Julie liked it that way.”

She pulled the bedcovers off onto the floor and turned to regard him defiantly.  “This is the way I like to see a bed: ready for action!”

“At this moment I can’t argue with you.”

He began lifting her tank top over her head.  Narrowly avoiding a conflict of arms, she did likewise with his T-shirt.  They were soon nude.

Her eyes raked him.  “Except for your faces, you and Ted could be twins.”

“Here, too?”  He thrust his erection toward her.

“I believe that’s identical.”

He pushed her gently onto the bed.

Her gaze grew serious.  “I was glad it was you on the phone instead of Ted.”

“You couldn’t wait, eh?”

She grinned wryly.  “You’re the one who couldn’t wait!”

He ducked his head with a sigh.

She added, “And I’m glad you couldn’t.  Want to try for a two-shooter again?”

When he only stared, she chuckled, sat on the edge of the bed and again slurped his manhood into her mouth.  He twitched but finally understood “two-shooter.”

“I’ve been jerking off this time, Marcie.”

Perhaps because of his warning, she soon released him, fell backward onto the bed and parted her knees widely.  “In that case give me a two-shooter.”

He knelt before her, grasped her hips and applied his tongue.

She said after a moment, “Oh, god, that’s good!  I’m glad Julie was such a good teacher.”

When he reached up to knead her breasts, she began to moan.  Shortly she raised enough to grab his armpits and urge him to slide upon her, where her hips rolled to match his thrusting.  Lowering himself between her legs, he found her ready and slipped into her fully.

“You did know what I wanted!” he noted.

She confided, “I think I’m always ready for this, Dale.”

After a minute or two of slow pistoning, she observed, “Not nearly so frenzied!”

“I was jacking off instead of writing, got disgusted and called you.”

“I like you frenzied.”

“Oh, I’m still obsessed with you.”

He continued with long moderate strokes.  Moaning and writhing, she continued to climax until she felt him deposit his own proof of passion.  He grasped her hips and rolled her on top of him, careful to maintain their coupling.  They lay entangled while their breathing subsided.

“Besides, I like your taste,” he noted.

She giggled.  “That was some gap in the conversation!”

“It’s what I was thinking while my other head was running the show.”

“I like both your heads, Dale.”

“The lower one loves where he is right now.”

“Soaking in his own juice?”


“I’ve already told you how I feel about that.  I’dI do keep him there if I could.”  He felt her sphincter close.

She raised her head enough to kiss him.  “You can probably tell: I needed that.”

He said solemnly, “We know who needed it more.”

“We do?”

“I had to call you!”

She giggled.  “Would you believe I was working up to it?  It takes me longer when I’m the one who walked out.”

“If you say so.  Marcie, I’m so satisfied I’m limp.  Can we sleep a while?”

“On top of you?”

“You’re like a sweet, soft pillow, especially these.”  His hand fondled a breast.

She giggled.  “Speaking of soft, I like your dick stuck under my clit.  Let’s see how long it’ll stay there, like it’s trying to get into my pee hole.”

“It couldn’t get where it is if it hadn’t already.  I never guessed how fanciful you are, Marcie.”

“Lots of things you don’t know about me.  Yet.”

“Has Ted said when he’ll get home?”

“Day after tomorrow.”

He sighed.  “Marcie, will you spend the night?”

“I’d love to, but what’ll I say later if he calls while I’m gone?”

“Don’t you have a cell phone?”

“Yeah, but he always calls on the landline.”  She sniffed.  “Probably to make sure I’m home.”

“That’s easy.  Forward landline calls to your cell phone.”

She blinked.  “I can do that?”

“Yes, at your landline account.”

She laughed uncomfortably.  “That’s a wonderful idea, Dale, but I’m so technically inept I’m sure to fuck up and let Ted find out I did it, which would be even harder to explain.”

He sighed and shook his head.  “I just can’t tell you good-bye.”

“Maybe I could spend the late night.”  She got out of bed and stooped for her clothing.  “I’ll come back after midnight if you want.”

He shook his head.  “The neighbors would notice your car.  I’ve got a better idea.  Why don’t I spend the night at your place?”

“They’d notice yours.”

“Not if I go home with you right now.”

Shaking her head, she finished dressing.  “About half the time he comes home early, trying to catch me at something, I think.”  She sniffed.  “He’s got in the habit of sneaking into the house — not to disturb me, he says.”

Hands behind his head, he regarded her speculatively.  “He doesn’t trust you?”

“I’m trailer trash, remember?”

“Oh, Marcie.  That’s terrible!”

She bent, kissed his flopping cock and rose with a grin.  “He’s right not to, wouldn’t you say?”

“My credit card is where I left it.”

“Thank you, Dale, but I’ve decided not to replace that punch bowl.”

He nodded slowly.  “You’re going to let him choose between you and Mamma.”

“That’s right.”  She turned away, saying over her shoulder, “I’ll call you as soon as I can.”

He grimaced but knew he had to let her go.


* * *


Busy in the kitchen making herself a late night snack, Marcie flipped on the stoop light at the sound of the back door bell.  Recognizing the caller, she immediately turned the light off and snatched the door open.

“Dale!  Get in here before somebody sees you.”

Wearing running shorts and sneakers, he hustled into the room.  Quickly she closed the door behind him and whirled, glancing at the clock on the stove.  “What’s so urgent at almost mid—  Mmph!”

He had snatched her nightgowned figure into his arms, planted his lips upon hers and invaded her mouth with a hot tongue.  Her arms went around his neck.  After a very long clench one hand descended to his crotch, then the other.  She was undoing his belt and fly when their lips parted.

“This tells me what was so urgent,” she commented.

“Oh, god, Marcie!” he cried, stepping out of his fallen shorts.  “I couldn’t stand it any longer.”

Her response was to shrug out of her nightgown and tug him backwards with her until her buttocks struck the table edge.  Using his shoulders for leverage, she plopped herself up on it and enclosed his hips in her legs.  Apparently she was equally inflamed, for his manhood seemed to fall directly into her hot wet center.  Her bounteous breasts pressed his thin T-shirt.  They groaned in harmony as he pistoned her frienzedly, bodies straining together.

At last, panting, his hands under her buttocks, he lifted her off the table and lowered her into an armless dinette chair.  Her hand dipped into her crotch to massage the labia.

“Oh, god, Dale!” she cried in unconscious mimicry.

Still panting, he grinned and flopped into the adjacent chair, adorned only with T-shirt, sneakers and a very wet erection.  “Sorry I was so quick,” he said deprecatingly, “but after all, it’s been 28 hours.”

“Don’t apologize.  Couldn’t you tell?  I came every bit as hard as you.”

“How can a man tell that?”

“I was sopping.  I didn’t know fucking your husband’s brother was so special.”

He chuckled.  “Nor I my brother’s wife.  Speaking of Ted, what do you hear from him?”

“We talked this evening.  Thinks he’ll be another day.”

“Then I’ll spend the night, to first light at least.”

Although offering tentatively, he realized she had no objection when her hand snaked out to enclose his wet organ.  She pumped it a few times and noted, “It’s still hard.”

“Do you mind?”

She laughed scornfully.  “Like I would mind a chocolate sundae!  This reminds me of Ted’s when we first lived together.  He claimed to be ever ready.  I called him Mr. Ever Hard.  Then I guess the new wore off.”

“When we were young, we could keep it up a long time.”

“‘We,’ you said.”  She giggled.  “Did brothers play with each other?”

“Not like that.”

“You’ll have to tell me like what.”  She got to her feet, indifferent to her total nudity.  “Would you like a snack?  I was just fixing one.”

When he admired the content of her sandwich, she made another, standing at the sink.  He sat nearby, eyes greedily consuming her harmony of curves.

“Marcie,” he said with feeling, “you are absolutely the sexiest woman I ever saw.”

“Thank you, I think.  Would you still say that if Julie was here?”


She chuckled with pleasure but shook her head.  “Ted used to call me sexy.  Now I think he thinks I’m fat.”

“Huh!  Then he should’ve made a play for Julie.”

She giggled.  “I think he did.”

“You what?”

“And got rebuffed.  He said she was a cold fish, didn’t understand how you put up with her.”

He nodded.  “She was like that sometimes.  To me, at least, if not her boss.”

“Her boss had other enticements.”

“Like my credit card with you.”

She chuckled fondly.  “That punch bowl was what you call ‘an opening bid.’  I told you I won’t replace it.  Here.  See if this sandwich tastes as good as it looks.”


* * *


After a quick clean up they retired to her bedroom, where subsequent conversation consisted mainly of moans, groans, grunts and giggles of pleasure.  Literally they fucked for hours before finally falling asleep, sated at last.

Morning light seeping around the closed blinds awoke Dale.  His first inclination was to depart hastily, but the bedside clock reported 8:30 AM and the no longer familiar spice of a woman’s hair under his nose overruled the thought.  He even sported a morning hard-on.

When his hand found a D-cup breast, he tweaked the childlessly small nipple momentarily before lifting it toward him and raising his head to suck.  While he was so engaged, Marcie’s hand slipped between them to fondle his balls.

Slipping down the curve of her belly, his hand parted her pubes and three fingers slid easily into the wet center.

“Want something?” she asked sleepily.

“Think I’ve found it.  Would you like to get on top?”

“No!  I feel like getting smothered this time.”

She turned on her back and he crawled atop her, no longer so careful with his weight.  They fucked in long, slow strokes while her hips rotated beneath him.  He let himself collapse upon her and said into her ear, “Oh, god, Marcie, I do love a big girl!”

“And I love to feel all of my man.  Mash me harder!”

He chuckled, unable to comply.

“Oh, Dale, I hope this one lasts forever!”

After relieving everything else they had last relieved their bladders shortly after 04:00.  With long, slow strokes, tongues entangled while she bore the entirety of his weight above the knees, their coupling did indeed endure for minute after minute — to be terminated at last by the harsh voice of another man.

“God dammit, is that really you, Dale?”

Dale’s relaxation had been so complete that it took a moment to get his hands, tangled in Marcie’s blonde hair, into position to roll his body off the blissful woman.  On his side at last he looked up to espy his brother, Ted, standing in the doorway in a crumpled business suit, suitcase in one hand with briefcase in the other, face displaying what was under these circumstances a merely contemplative expression.

“Ted!” shrieked both man and woman in counterpoint.

“Yeah,” said the newcomer with heavy irony.  “I gather you weren’t expecting me this early.”

“Ah, ah, I can explain,” said Marcie with a gulp.

“I can’t,” muttered Dale.

“What an interesting encounter!” said Ted in tones of continuing irony.  “Stood here and watched a minute.  Your head was on the other side of Marcie’s.  Don’t think I’ve ever seen such loving, quiet and tender fucking.  Doubted I could reach my pistol without distracting you.  Then the man began to look familiar.  Tell me, Dale: are you the guy she was screwing on my trip last month?”

“Will you let me explain?” said Marcie with evident pique.

“For a laugh?”  Unsmiling, he lowered his burden to the floor.  “Why not?”

“Thank you.  We’re doing it for you.”

“For me?  Imagine that!”

“We’re making you become a daddy.”

“You what?”  Instantly his expression went from the sardonic to the incredulous.  “Are you implying that I’m the infertile one?  You know better, Marcie.”

“Great!” she responded coolly.  “So climb in the saddle and add to your brother’s little swimmers.  They’ve got a head start but maybe your guys can catch up.”

He stared at her.  “You’re being facetious of course, but by god …”

He flung coat to the floor and toed off his shoes.  While rippling through shirt buttons and belt buckle, he said in a distant tone, “Waiting for the plane last night I was feeling up this stacked little fox — actually had two fingers in her twat — when a pro ballplayer came in and sucked up every loose gal in the concourse like some kind of vacuum.”

He stepped out of his shorts, marched to the bedside and commanded, “Help me get started.”

Of course Dale had rolled toward the opposite side of the bed.  Marcie rose on an elbow, bent her head and slurped up the burgeoning erection, which entirely disappeared within her mouth.

Ted stared past her to his brother, also elbow-supported and watching with lingering apprehension.  “I trained her to do that, you know.”

“To suck cocks?”

Ted laughed scornfully.  “She was born knowing that!  To suck them all the way in.”

Dale had his doubts but decided not to express them.

Ted mused, “Nothing like fucking a gal who’s just been fucked.  You remember?”


Marcie lay on her side with legs scissored open.  Ted extended his hand and inserted three fingers deeply between them.  “And boy, has this one just been fucked!”  He withdrew the hand and tasted the fingers, saying after a moment, “I remember you doing this.”


“Okay, I’m started,” he said to Marcie.

She flopped on her back, opening her legs farther.  One fell across Dale’s.  Ted, wearing only a wristwatch, socks and a moist erection, crawled upon her, hand guiding himself.  As he fucked, her hips began to roll under him in the same rhythm.  Her leg rose off Dale so that her ankles crossed above the heaving buttocks.

“You need more room?” asked Dale.

The answer was, “Rub my back like you did with Babs.”

Nothing loath, Dale stroked his brother’s back, hand ducking under Marcie’s encircling arms.

She opened one eye to study Dale.  “What’s going on here, you guys?  Oh, god.  Never mind.  I’m coming!”  The eye clenched shut.

Remembering fully, Dale rose on his knees.  While one hand massaged the brotherly back, the other gently squeezed the brotherly testicles.

“That’s fetching me,” noted Ted with a groan.

“Just like with Babs,” agreed Dale.

After his balls emptied Ted continued pumping slowly.  Marcie grunted with each inthrust.

Ted grinned around at his brother.  “Did you know she was like this?”

“Like what?”

“She’s still coming.”

“Is that so?”

But apparently it was true.  Eyes clamped shut and lips clenched over exposed teeth, shuddering occasionally despite the weight upon her, she continued to grunt with each thrust while her head and shoulders slowly reddened.

While both men studied the contorted female face, Ted said conversationally, “How long have you been seeing her?”

“Not long enough, I think.”

Her blush fading, Marcie opened her eyes.  “Oh, god!  Two guys!  God!”

Lacking room between her and the bedside, Ted withdrew and rolled back, now kneeling between her lowered legs.

“You okay?” he asked, grinning down at her.

“Oh, god.”  She shook her head dreamily.  “That was … that was just …”

Dale, interested in her problem, suggested, “Ineffable?”

“Yeah.  That sounds good, whatever it means.”

Ted said with a contented sigh, “Been a long time since I got sloppy seconds.  Didn’t know how much I missed it.”

Dale forbore mentioning that he himself having failed to come, all the moisture Ted had detected had been only Marcie’s contribution.  Instead he said, “You mean, not since we were in high school?  Really?”

“Following my older brother is one thing, some stranger another.”  He grunted.  “As a matter of fact I never had the opportunity anywhere else.”

Staring from one to the other, Marcie piped up, “Sounds like a story.  I want to hear it.”

“Yeah, a story,” said Ted.  “Lost my cherry with my big brother.”

“What?  You butt-fucked your own brother?”

“No, no, not that way.  Lost it with the help of his girlfriend.”

“The one named Babs?”

“Huh!  And I thought you were coming!”

“Just starting.  How about telling the story?”

“It’s kind of embarrassing.”

She grinned slowly.  “More embarrassing than another guy being in bed with you and your wife?”

“Oh, that would be embarrassing, all right!  Anybody but Dale would already have a bullet up his ass.”

“But it’s Dale.”

“Okay.  Nobody was married that time.  Still, it’s a long story.”

“That’s okay.”  Marcie sniffed.  “The thing I like about guys is their handles.  Long as I keep a firm grip, you two ain’t going nowhere.”

“No, we ain’t.  All right, but I’m hungry.  Let’s go to the kitchen.  While you scramble us some eggs …  Unless you want to tell it,” he said to Dale.  “After all you’re the writer.”

“No.  I’d like to hear it from your point of view.”


I was 14.  The folks were gone off somewhere, probably Mama dragging Daddy to an antique show as usual.  The TV crapped out on me and I went to ask Dale for help.  He was 17.

His bedroom door was closed and I didn’t think to knock, so I barged in to find him and Babs naked on his bed.  She was kneeling between his legs with his dick in her mouth.

Babs?  She lived two doors up but we didn’t play with her.  I didn’t because she was two grades ahead and Dale didn’t till he sprouted dick hair.  She was a plain girl with zits …  Yes, she was, Dale.  You’d know it if you hadn’t been so pussy struck.

Okay, I agree: if they fuck you they’re pretty.  So yeah, Babs was pretty.  I sure learned quick how much she loved anything to do with fucking.

Quit fishing, Marcie.  You have to know Dale and I both think you’re the prettiest thing in tits.

Anyway, they both just grinned at me.  Babs too after she spat out Dale’s dick.  She looked me up and down and kind of squealed.  “Ted!  You’re getting to be a stud!”

I could feel my face get hot.  Dale was studying me like for the first time.  He goes, “Make a muscle.”

So I bulged a bicep, glad I’d been doing chin-ups.  His eyebrows rose and he nodded.  “Good job.  Root got any hair yet?”

“Some,” I admitted.

“Show us.”

I was appalled.  “In front of her?”

She spoke up.  “I want to see too.”

I couldn’t believe Dale meant it.  But he nodded and gave me an encouraging come-on gesture, still grinning, so I stepped out of both sets of shorts, leaving a T-shirt and sneakers.

I remember she stared, licked her lips and said, “You really are off to a good start, Ted.”

I was struck dumb.

“Say, ‘Thank you,’” said Dale.

She added, “I’ll bet your thing is as big as Dale’s.  If you take the rest off, you can get in the bed with us.”  She giggled.  “We got a rule.  In this bed you have to be naked as a jaybird.”

“You sleep naked?” I said, looking at Dale.

He’s like, “To quote Patton, ‘Every goddamn night.’”

Oh, Dale loves military shit.  He had that movie on VHS.  But you have to understand.  Dale and I were never what you’d call close, not before that day at least.  He loved to read and I loved to throw a ball.  We got along all right, leaving each other alone.  We aren’t much alike now, even less then as teenagers, except for our dicks.  Looking at his standing up where Babs left it was like looking at mine in a mirror.

Somebody had told me exercise gave you a flexible back.  I had been faithful at it, trying to make my back give enough for me to suck my own cock.  Looking at his, I had this weird thought: here was one I could suck without breaking my back.

Well, yeah, Babs was the other reason to get in bed with them.  She’d been in and out of the house with Dale for a while and I’d already noticed her tiny waist, big butt, rounded legs and bouncy way of walking.  She also had pretty good sized conical tits like some guys get to see on teenage girls, tits with big puffy nipples that made my mouth water.  I can remember feeling embarrassed at myself.  I wanted to suck her tits almost as much as I wanted to suck his cock.

Don’t call me “queer.”  The word is “bi.”

So I stripped, crawled up on the bed beside them and went directly to the closest tit.  She giggled, arched her back and practically shoved that bubblegum nipple into my mouth.

“Ooo!” she goes.  “He sucks good, Dale.”

“So do you,” he said smugly.

“’Cause I like it.  Wait a minute, Ted.  Let me taste you.”

At her direction Dale and I lay together, shoulder-to-shoulder and hip-to-hip.  She straddled the inner pair of legs, sucking first my dick then Dale’s.  God, what a feeling!  Of course she was only on the third pass at mine when I dumped a load in her mouth.  She stiffened at the first squirt.  I was watching avidly and saw her big eyes roll around to Dale.

He raised up.  “By god, is he coming?”

She pointed my still dribbling rod at him.  “Want some?”

“You’re the one that loves it.”

“Right,” she agreed and popped me back into her mouth.

That made me wonder — and I still do — Dale, didn’t you ever want to suck your own cock?  You did?  Yeah, you’re probably right: ever boy thinks of it.  At 14 I was obsessed with the idea.  With my hips over my head I could almost touch it with my tongue.  Who knows, I might’ve succeeded if I hadn’t got to know Babs better.  And you.

What else happened?

Babs took her time and I learned a dick can stand after-jizz attention if it’s in a gentle mouth instead of a fist.  Yeah, she swallowed almost everything she got from me.  She loved jizz as much as you, Marcie.  I think before it was over she sucked off damn near every dick in the high school, not just the jocks.

When she finally let go of mine, she crawled on top of Dale and put him in.  I scooted around where I could get a close-up on the in and out.  She craned her neck at me and said, “Squeeze his balls.”

I expected him to say something like, “Don’t you dare!” but when he didn’t, I reached between his legs and played with his marbles.

That’s when Dale said, “Is that really Ted?”

She giggled.  She had the sexiest soprano giggle.  “Don’t you love it?  How does it feel, your brother’s hand?”

“Kind of tentative.”  Even then you had a way with words, Dale.

But Babs didn’t.  “Tent —  What?”

“Like it knows what it’s doing but isn’t sure it should.”

She giggled stronger.  “You know what I’d like to see?”

“I can guess,” goes Dale.

Brothers doing it.”

“Don’t hold your breath.  God, Babs!”

Again her giggle.  “I think you’d like it too.  Oh, yes you would!”

Dale began to grunt.  Her giggle turned into a squeak then a throaty kind of moan.  “Fuck!” she yelled distinctly, then twice more.  I finally understood they were coming off together.

He raised her off him, let her flop on her back and stared at me.  “Now she’s ready for you.”

She goes, “Oh, god, yeah!”

I was ready for her too.  My dick was hard as a rock.  So I got between her legs and her hand guided me right in.  My first real fuck was in sloppy seconds.  It was just great!

It left me curious about something.  The next day I said to Dale, “She came off when you did.  How’d you know she’d want me right away?”

“Girls are different.”

“I guess so.  But how’d you know?”

“Last year she went into the woods with the Minerals Club.  All six of us fucked her.  When we would’ve quit, she made us do her again.  She said it herself: ‘A girl never wants to fuck as much as when she just has.’”


Marcie wiped her lips with a napkin.  A jiggling elbow suggested what the other hand was doing under her peignoir.  She said thoughtfully, “That’s true, you know.”  Her eyes rose to regard Ted.  “How did you like squeezing your brother’s balls?”

“I did it every time we played with Babs.”

“Did she have to tell you to do it?”

“Not after the first time.”

Marcie’s eyes were warm.  “Wow!  You’re kinda kinky, hubby.  I never knew!”

Ted shrugged and grinned.  “Not enough Babs in the world.”

“You might be surprised.”  She looked at Dale.  “I’m curious.  How did it happen that you didn’t just run him off?”

“You mean when he busted in on Babs and me?  That was my first intention but it came over me — and I think Babs at the same time — that we needed to spice up our get-togethers, especially in the afternoons.  School was out, most of the guys had jobs or their own girlfriends and here was Ted, all pop-eyed over my dick in her mouth.  Besides, you heard him: she goes on about what a stud he is.  I thought he’d add to the fun, and he did.”

“I gather she was enthusiastic.  How was her head-giving?”

“Pretty good,” said Ted.  “It’s hard to fuck up a blowjob.”

“She was easy to gag,” Dale contributed.  “You beat the socks off her, Marcie.  Ted, I hope you know how lucky you are with a wife like that.  And don’t tell me you trained her.”

“But I did!”

“Marcie is a kind one.  I’d bet anything she let you believe that.”

“Thank you for the compliments,” said she.  “But Babs is interesting.  Did the two of you ever get with her again?”

“Oh, yeah, for awhile the competition was absent, so about every other day.  She cottoned to Ted right off.”  Dale chuckled.  “About two weeks later I came back from the library, heard a girl squealing and busted in on her and him.  Remember that, Ted?”

“Yeah.  Babs was too glad to see you.”

“Because she hadn’t come yet.”

“She would have if you hadn’t slammed the door open.”

“Maybe.”  Dale grinned.  “I think she just needed two.”

“To what?” asked Marcie.

“Two dicks.  Or more.”

“Yeah,” Ted agreed.  “After school started she quit hanging with us.”

“That was her last year,” Dale added.  “She mostly went with jocks, would ride in the bus with them to the out-of-town games.”

“How’d she manage that?” asked Marcie.  “Was she a cheerleader?”

“In the locker room, for sure.”

“A real slut, was she?”  Marcie’s voice was not disapproving.  “What happened to her?”

“She got expelled for fucking a coach.  He got fired.”

“Oh, oh!”  Marcie grinned.  “People are so narrow minded!”


“But you’re not, are you, Dale?”  She turned to regard her husband quizzically.  “And neither are you, Ted, as I’m glad to find out.”  Her eyes were alight.

Ted looked away.  “Maybe not with Dale.”

“I get it.  You’re returning the favor.  Dale shared his girl, you’re sharing yours.”

“Yeah, my wife.”

“So let’s share!”  She got to her feet.  “Leave the plates and let’s go to the bedroom.”

She stood between them at the bedside, pumping an erect cock in each of her hands.  “Dale, you’re the heaviest.  You get on the bottom.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“The best way to play with two guys.”

“Guess I’ll find out,” said Dale, arraying himself on his back.

She stretched herself atop him face down and precisely inserted him.

“You’re always wet,” noted Dale.

“Is that a complaint?  Ted, you know what to do.  Come on up.”

“Let me get the KY.”

“Something better,” she proposed.  “Put in beside him.  Dale, spread your legs.  Here, Ted, give me your dick.”

On his knees he waddled up between their legs and shoved his hard cock into her extended hand.  She tugged it by feel against his brother’s organ.  “Push!” she commanded.  His cock slithered into her atop the other.

“Now fuck,” she said, rotating her hips, adding after their motion was well begun, “The trouble with this is it dulls the G-spot.  But I know how to fix that.  Pull out, Ted, and put it in the right place.”

“You mean the wrong place.  When did you shit last?”

“What a romantic thought!”

“Nothing romantic about a Greek sandwich!”

Pushing out to ease his entry, she was inadvertently flatulent.

“See what I mean?” crowed Ted.  “And up the poop chute it goes!”

“Oh, yes.  Oh, yes!”  Her buttocks shuddered.  “Oh, god, yes!”  She drew her head back with an expression much like agony.

“Is she coming already?” asked Dale in wonder.

“She likes it up the ass,” answered Ted, “but not this much!”

“The unique experience for women,” said Dale dryly.

“And one other,” suggested his brother.

“She told me she’s not on the pill.”

“To make me a daddy, she said.  Tell you what: if she catches, we’ll give it Dale for a middle name.”

Their previous exercise had taken the pressure off both men.  Thus the energetic threesome lasted on and on, despite its novelty.  The woman moaned almost constantly, occasionally shrieking through a tight throat.  Finally Ted delivered himself into her entrails and continued for a while before withdrawing to sit on his haunches between their legs.

Her moans ceased.  She rolled off Dale onto her side and rose on an elbow to study him.  “You didn’t come, did you?”

“No.”  He grinned hopefully.  “But I want to.”

“And you will.”  She took the hard cock in her hand but turned her head to her husband.  “Suck him.”


“I know you want to.”

“You do?”

“Should I tell him about your birthday present?”

“Oh, god.”

“You said it yourself: here’s one you can suck without hurting your back.”

Ted slumped forward.  His hand replaced hers.  “Dale …” he said hesitantly.

The brotherly head rose enough for eyes to meet.  “I can stand it if you can.”

With a heavy sigh Ted enclosed the turgid organ in tongue and lips.  His head began to bob.

Marcie produced a sigh of a different character.  “Oh, god, that’s beautiful: brother’s dick in brother’s mouth.”  Her fingers went to her clit.

Dale regarded her oddly.  “Marcie … Marcie, why do I get the impression this was what you had in mind when you showed up on my doorstep?”

She giggled.  “You mean, about as far from a punch bowl as I could get?”

“Did you break that punch bowl on purpose?”

“What break?”  Her giggle strengthened.


“Look at that!  Quit complaining and come.”

“My god!  You claim he learned that with your dildo?”

“With my strap-on.  He needed a boy with a dick as well as an anus.  Oh, Dale!  Don’t you see?  For the rest of our lives Ted and you and me have got it made!”