Kitchen Promises

by Kellis

Summer, 2018


Janice, Dear,

If we hadn’t learned how to encrypt our email, I wouldn’t dare tell you what happened today.

You know I’ve been babysiting for the Jamieson boys and day-dreaming about letting their father into my panties.  He’s such a stud with wavy hair and dimples.  After that glimpse of him on the back deck, vibing up his wife and vice versa, where she pulled out his thing, I know he’d make a swatching banger.  Didn’t I tell you about him?

I’m feeding the boys their snack and see the parents out the kitchen window.  They’re lounging in two folding chairs pushed together on the pool apron.  She’s pushed down his shorts and grabbed his balls.  His thing is lying half-way down her arm.  I’m sure I gasp.

Jeremy, the older one, goes, “What’s the matter, Ollie?  Did that cat catch another bird?”

He’s up looking under my arm, his cheek on my boob.  Before I can push him down he goes, “Next they’ll be shagging.  Do you shag, Ollie?”

I’m cool.  I go, “What’s shagging?”

He giggles.  “You know.”

“Sit down and tell me if you know.”

“Oh, I know all about it.”  He dodges my hand and keeps watching the show.

“How could you know anything?  You’re only eleven, right?”

“So what?”

“You’re too young to even be interested in that.”

“Ain’t ate up by it.”

“Are too!” goes Stibby, the younger one.  They could be twins, they look so much alike, wavy hair and dimples like their father, just that Jeremy is a couple inches taller.

I start to tell Stibby at ten he’s too young to even think about that subject but decided it wouldn’t be smart to ag both.  So I smile at him and say, “Aren’t you just running a drag?”

“Not me!  He’s got stuff on his tablet.”

Jeremy goes warningly, “Shut your flytrap, Stibby!”

“Everybody’s got stuff on her tablet,” I note.

Stibby adds more evidence.  “And he likes to play with weenies.”

Jeremy takes a swing at his brother, but Stibby, no fool, had backed away.

By the pool Mrs. Jamieson has dropped her bikini top, letting big boobs pop out — I’m envious — while she strokes his big dick — envious of getting at that too — but the kitchen conversation is suddenly interesting.  I go, “Do you play with Stibby’s, Jeremy?”

The older glares at the younger.  “You crap head!”

“He does too!”

“You promised not to rat!”

“Ollie won’t tell.”  He grins at me and gives me a ten-year-old’s best compliment.  “She’s cool.”

“Of course I won’t tell!” I agree — not to his parents, which is all Jeremy cares about.  But to my best friend?  That’s different!

Now I wonder what was special enough to require a promise.  “I won’t tell … if you tell me all about it.”

“All about it?” Jeremy repeats, looking worried.  “Like what?”

“How you do it.”

He kind of shrugs.  “Jacking off.  You know.”

“Each other?  At the same time?”

“Well … yeah.”

I look at Stibby.  “Does it feel good to you too?”

His eyes light up.  “Oh, man, yeah!”

“Better than by yourself?”

He frowns, thinking.  “Not really, but it’s more fun.”

My eyes swing from one to the other.  “When do you do it to each other?”

“In the bath.”  Jeremy’s eyes drop.

They still take baths together.  I gave them one just a couple nights ago.  And they share a bedroom.  Hell, nothing but opportunity!

I confirm it.  “How about in the bedroom?”

Jeremy goes, “Yeah.”

“In whose bed?”

“We swap.”

Stibby pipes up, “And that ain’t all.”

“Where else?”

“In the garage,” goes Jeremy.  “Lots of places.”

Stibby adds, “Jacking ain’t all either.”

Jeremy mutters, “Oh, shit!” and starts to rise from his chair but drops back in something like resignation.

I grin at Stibby.  “Something more than jacking?”

“In bed at night.”  He returns my grin.  “And a couple times in the bath.”

“More than jacking?” I prompt.


Jeremy studies my reaction, like expecting me to lose my cool.  I grin wider, now at both.  “Which feels better?”

Jeremy shrugs.  “Duh.”

I sniff.  “It’s not obvious to me.  Don’t have a dick.  Which is better, Stibby?”

A serious kid, he thinks a moment and goes, “Sucking is more fun.”

“You like it, huh?”

He grins.  “I like to get sucked.”

Janice, I know I told you about Chunky, the jock.  Like you said about your homey, I loved his dick in my mouth.  I wonder what’s the difference in a boys mouth?

So I go, “But not sucking?”

His face brightens but before he can answer I say, “How do you like sucking, Jeremy?”

He takes a breath.  “All right.  I like sucking Stibby’s little dick.”  He frowns.  “But I ain’t sucking anybody else’s!”

“Why not?” I ask, genuinely puzzled.

“A couple guys got caught doing each other in the bushes.  They had to change schools.”

I’m surprised.  “Isn’t gay cool these days?”

“Not at my school.”

“I see.”  That gives me a clue.  “So boys like dicks in their mouths.  They just don’t want anybody else to know it.”

He stares at me.  “I guess it’s different if you’re a girl.”

“Maybe we don’t mind other kids knowing.  Besides, we all do it.”

Jeremy picks up on that.  “How do you get a girl to do it?”

“How do you get anybody to do anything?  Be a peach to them.”

“A peach?”

“Don’t hit them.”  I reach out and stroke his bare arm.  “Like this.”

Reflexively he draws away from my hand.  I go, “Don’t tell me that hurt!”

He declares, “I’m no sissy!”

I have to giggle.  “If you can’t stand a girl’s touch, how’s she gonna suck you?”

He made a face.  Stibby giggled too.

Outside the parents, now both naked, are shagging as Jeremy had predicted.  The mom is on top, sliding forward and back, the way I did Chunky the last time we boned.  Did you ever try it, Janice?  I promise you’ll love it that way.

“You were right,” I go, pointing.

The boys study the scene.  Stibby’s like, “Her tits really swing!”

I giggle.  It’s funny hearing that in his shrill little voice.

“Mom’s got a nice set,” Jeremy notes.  “Dad’s is okay too.”

Stibby smirks at him.  “That ain’t what you said the last time.”

I go, “What did he say?”

“He was like, ‘Bet you couldn’t get Dad’s big dick in your mouth.’”

“Shit!”  Jeremy makes a face but recovers fast.  “You still couldn’t!”

“What dick?” I go, nodding my head at the woman whose pussy has scoffed up every inch.

Stibby’s like, “Yesterday she was sucking it.”

I’m curious.  “They do that a lot in front of you?”

“When Dad’s working at home,” says Jeremy.  His eyes narrow.  “I guess other parents don’t do that much.”

It sounded like a question.  I go, “A lot of them don’t.”  I grin.  “Maybe the others are from East Bumfuck.”

Stibby goes, “Where’s that?”

Jeremy explains, “She means the others aren’t with it.  They’re old-fashioned.”

“You mean our folks are different?”  Stibby has an idea.  “Hey, wonder if they’d let us play with them!”

Both boys stare at me, waiting for my opinion.  I have one.  It’ll probably get me in trouble, but what the hell!  “You have to ask them the right way.”

“How?” goes Jeremy, at least as interested as his brother.

“Not outside,” I muse.  “Do they shag in the bedroom in the daytime?”

“Sure,” says Jeremy.  “That’s where they did it yesterday.”

“And you watched her suck him off?  Both of you?”

“Yeah.  They left the door open.”

“Mom drooled a lot,” Stibby reports smugly.

“She didn’t swallow it?”

“At first,” goes Jeremy.  “Then she let it drool out on Dad’s dick.  He likes seeing it.”

“I’ll bet he does.”

Jeremy doesn’t forget.  “How’ll we get them to let us play?”

“The next time they’re going at it with the door open, strip off all your clothes, jack your dick up, stand close where they can see your hard dick and go, ‘Can I play too?’”

He blinks, thinking about it.

“What about me?” demands Stibby.

“If they let him, you do the same.”

“Oh, wow!”  His eyes get big.  His brother’s have already.

Suddenly I get a feeling.  What have I done?  I can just imagine.  Their pop’s like, “Who put this idea in your heads?”  One of them, probably Stibby, goes, “Ollie told us what to say.”

“I’m kidding.”  I force a laugh.  “Forget it, will you please?”

“You ain’t!”  Jeremy is certain.

“Yeah, I am.  Forget it.  I mean it!”

“But it might work.  What’s your problem?”

I take a deep breath.  Should I try to explain?  Try, maybe.  “If you do that, it’ll get me in trouble.  Bad trouble.”

“Why would it?”

“Kids your age don’t think of playing house with Dad and Mom.”

We did!  I mean, Stibby did.”

“That’s true.”  I stare at him hard.  “And when your dad says, ‘Who put you up to this?’ are you gonna say, ‘Stibby thought of it?’”

He shrugs.  “Why not?”

“Would you really?  Jeremy — and you too, Stibby — you gotta promise me you won’t mention me, not a word about me or this conversation, nothing.  Will you both promise?”

“Why not?” he says again.  “I promise.”

Stibby goes, “I do too.”

I sigh and look outside.  Now the woman is just lying on the man, her head on his shoulder, legs stretched out around his.  I can imagine his dick still stuffed in her pussy.  And getting softer, about to fall out.  I love that too, that sweet afterplay.  I feel a touch of envy.  And more than a touch of moisture.

Jeremy says seriously, “Ollie, are you really worried?”

“It would be bad trouble.”

“We got a way to make promises strong.  We kiss your dick.  If you break the promise, you have to let the other bite it off.”

That’s what he says.  I can’t believe it either, but he’s so serious I have to humor him.  “Sounds like it would be a strong promise.  But I see a problem.”

“What’s that?”

His chair is across the table corner from mine.  I point to my crotch.  “No dick.”

He has an answer.  “Mama’s got a nub there.  We’ll kiss it.”

“You got that close to her?”

He looks puzzled.  “‘That close?’”

“It’s called a clit and it’s hard to see on a grown woman.”

“Not hers.  It’s right there.”

“I get it.  She shaves, doesn’t she?”


“Does she have hair down there?”

He blinks.  “No.”

“Then she shaves.  I didn’t know married women did that.”

He points out the window.  “You just saw her!”

“Not down there.  I didn’t notice when she took off her bikini bottom.”

He looks curious.  “Do you shave?”

“Uh.  Yeah.”

“We’ll find out.”  His eyes brighten.  “Want us to make a strong promise?”

Oh, yes, I really wanted their strong promise!  Even if I had to kiss a couple of little dicks.  Janice, when did we ever object to kissing dicks?

I stand up and look out the window.  Jeremy follows my lead and motions for his brother to stand also.  By the pool both adult heads are turned away.  I push my shorts down to my knees.  Both boys do the same.  They stare at my crotch.  I stare at theirs.  I’ve seen theirs before but not while showing mine.  Jeremy’s little dick is as long as my middle finger but twice as thick.  It’s already hard.  He must have liked something about this conversation as much as I did.  Stibby’s is just a stub.  Unlike Chunky’s and their father’s, these little guys are uncircumcised.  Burton, the nerd, has the only other one I ever saw covered.

Jeremy points to my groin.  “I see it.”

“Told you I shave.”

He stoops and before I can react kisses me on the clit, then raises his face enough to say, sounding surprised, “It stinks.”

Probably didn’t wipe enough when I peed.  I go, “You don’t have to eat —”

But he is!  His face dips and he licks me several times, tongue lifting the tip.  Guess I’m a perv.  Felt the thrill from that little boy tongue throughout my belly!

He grins up at me.  “Dad likes to do this to Mom.”

I’m amazed.  “You must’ve got awful close!”

He nods.  “I did that time.  She was sitting on the toilet, he was kneeling between her legs and he made me pee in the tub.  All I had to do was look down.”

“When was this?”

“A while back.”

“I get it.  They don’t think you’re grown-up enough to care.”

“Well, we are.  Your turn, Stibby.”

The younger boy is content with kissing it.  He stands up and his brother stoops before him.  Jeremy’s hands cup Stibby’s ass cheeks and sort of turns up his front.  Down goes his head.  For a moment I hear sucking sounds.  When the larger boy stands up, the tiny dick is definitely longer with the foreskin partly peeled back.  What I can see of the glans is shiny red.

Stibby stoops and returns the favor, again with sucking sounds.  He takes in most of the brotherly dick, almost twice as long as his own.

“Thought you were just supposed to kiss it,” I commented.

Stibby grunted wordlessly, mouth still half full of dick.  Jeremy grins at me and confides, “He won’t say so but he loves to do it.”

Stibby giggles through his nose.  His cheeks collapse.

I go, “You should tongue it too.”

After a moment Jeremy jerks his hips back, eyes wide, freeing his dick with a pop.  “Wow!  That almost got me!”

So they hadn’t tumbled to tonguing the dick head.  Is it more sensitive in very young boys?

Jeremy thrusts his hips at me.  “Your turn to kiss, Ollie.”

I catch his butt cheeks and pull his weenie into my mouth.  All of it.  And hear him gasp.  I add suction.

“That ain’t no kiss,” goes Stibby, head bent close.

I try what I did to Burton: back off and take it in again, using tight lips to pull back the foreskin.  Jeremy’s little glans is even slicker than Burton’s.  The nerd’s was more exciting but this little one is sweeter.  Jeremy shudders and tries to pull back, but I’ve got him by the butt.  A few tongue strokes make him spasm.  He sags in my hands, moaning.  I quit tonguing and sucking, just hold him in my mouth, bobbing a little, envying how quick he came.  It was dry; he’s only eleven.  Okay, so I only guessed at his climax, but it was pretty obvious.

“Oh, god, Ollie,” he goes, “you did me.”  Confirmation.

I let him go, smile at him and lick my lips.

“My turn,” goes Stibby, coming between us.

Not wanting to bend down that far, I catch Stibby’s hips and lift him to the table edge.  Ten-year-olds aren’t that light, but you know how Aunt Flo makes you stronger.  He only grins and spreads his legs.  Kids love to be thrown around.

His little sausage is sticking straight out above a walnutty looking ball sack.  Tilting him up, I suck in both of them at once.

He’s like, “Oh, wow!”  I’m too close to see his face but I’m sure it was a sight.

Jeremy pushes his head in beside mine.  “What’re you doing?”

Stibby answers for me, “She’s sucking my balls too!”

“You’re only supposed to kiss it,” he grouses, forgetting that his tongue had stroked my clit.

The little dick feels like a hard but soft finger, if you know what I mean.  It only reaches half my tongue but with the balls was too far in for my tongue to reach the head.  So I release the bottom sack and back off enough to do the foreskin trick.  Stibby’s glans is even slicker and like his brother’s, tastes peanutty and a little bitter.  I begin to lick and suck.

Stibby is quicker if anything.  He begins to shudder right away.  “Wow!  Wow!  Wow!”

“You got him too!” says Jeremy, mouth hanging open.

I back off with a giggle.  Stibby’s hand goes to his dick and pumps it a few times.  Maybe I backed off too soon.  Most boys seem to want you to quit right away.  Except for Dylan, my homey.  You remember, I told you how he likes me to keep on sucking him dry.  I guess you have to try it with each one.  If you stick with the stud long enough.  Have you noticed a difference?

Finally I glance up through the window.  Good thing I did.  The parents are rounding up their clothes.

“Jerk up your shorts!” I ordered the boys, pulling up my own.  “Your parents are coming.”

They obey.  Stibby giggles.  “Bet they already comed.”

Came!” Jeremy corrects.

“Before they get here,” I go, “tell me if your promises are solid.”

Jeremy’s like, “As a rock.  You didn’t say nothing.”

When they come through the door, the mother looks surprised.  “How long have you all been in the kitchen?”

“We just got here,” says Jeremy, winking at me.

She sneered at the sandwich remains on the table.  “No, you didn’t.”  She looks at me frankly.  “How much did you see?”

“See?” I go innocently.  “See what?”

Her eyes narrow suspiciously.  “What did you see by the pool.”

I’m confident my boys won’t tell her, so I go, “The pool?  We didn’t look out there.  We were telling jokes.”  Which we were, earlier today in the playroom.  “Jeremy, tell her the funny one about Jack and the beanstalk.”

Jeremy starts out, “It was a long climb.  When Jack gets to the top of the beanstalk, he has to pee.  The giant sniffs and says —”

“Nevermind.  Who do you think told Jeremy?”  She looks from the boys to me and shrugs.  “Well, no harm done, I guess.  Nowadays you kids know all about it, don’t you?”

I shrug too.  “We’ve got computers.”

They pass on through toward the bedrooms.

Wondering, I’m like, “She knows but don’t care.”

Jeremy grins.  “They don’t think we care.”

“Or notice.”  I have a thought and suggest with a grin, “You can tell them they gave you the idea to wanta play with them.”

His eyes widen and he returns my grin.  “Yeah, we could!”

Their fine-looking pop comes back to the kitchen and thrusts some money at me.  “Here you go, Ollie.  Thanks for keeping our monsters pacified.  Do you need a ride home?”  He’s standing close and I can smell the jizz.

Need?  Boy, would I like it — if he would let me suck out that stuff on the way.  Then he’d be ready for the fireworks the next time we met.  But I have to say no; it’s just two blocks up the street.

So I walk home and sit down at this portable.

Janice, dear, please write soon and tell me what you think of my promises in the kitchen.  Also tell me about your adventures!

I am so looking forward to your return this fall.


With kisses, Ollie