Learning to Bang

  Copyright © Kellis, August, 2002          


“What’s on your mind, Jerd?”

“Somebody who really loves dick.”

Jacko’s eyebrows rose in amusement.  “You know anybody like that?”

Jerd, the Nerd, as he was generally known, grinned.  “Sure.  Lots of people love their own.  But I’m talking about somebody who loves other people’s dicks.  Maybe because she doesn’t have one.”

She?  Christ, Jerdie, I thought you were about to admit being a fag.”  Jacko slapped his own head ostentatiously.  “God, don’t give me such a scare!”

Jerd retorted, “Your scrawny ass is not in danger.  But I tell you, this one loves it.”

The two teenagers were standing just outside the schoolyard fence, away from the coterie of cigarette-puffing girls and their pungent clouds of blue smoke that lingered in the still air of middle afternoon.  Jerd had stopped Jacko as he began to ride past on a bicycle by striding into his path and catching the handlebars.  They were both 16, tenth graders, and dressed alike in high-top shoes, droopy shorts, short-sleeved shirts appropriate to the early spring day and heavy book bags strapped to their backs.  Each was approximately full-grown, the same medium height and slim build.  A reversed ball cap adorned each head, floating on black curls in Jacko’s case, blond in Jerd’s.  Both had blue eyes.  Jacko’s T-shirt was inscribed with bursting firecrackers and the legend, Wouldn’t you like to know!  Jerd’s declaimed, Make me happy / You’ll love it!  Jacko, the bicyclist, was a virgin.  So was Jerd, according to Jacko’s latest intelligence on that subject, by now a few months old.

Standing astride the main bar of his bicycle, Jacko chuckled slightly.  “Hell, they all love it, pal!  Ask any one of those nicotine hags if she doesn’t love dick.”

Jerd’s lip curled contemptuously.  “Think you’d get a straight answer?  Besides, saying it and proving it are two different things.”

Jacko pretended to astonishment.  “You mean you wouldn’t take her word for it?”

The other sniffed.  “You know what’ll happen if I ask one of them if she loves dick.  She’ll go, ‘Know where I can find one?’  Then she’ll take my lunch money for a week to keep her from ratting.”

“And you do like to eat.”  Jacko studied his friend quizzically.  “But you already asked somebody, is that right?”

Jerd looked away.  His mouth worked indecisively.  He took a deep breath and said softly, “I didn’t have to.”

His friend’s eyes narrowed.  “You want me to believe some girl walked up to Jerd, the Nerd, and told him out of the blue that she liked his dick?”

“No.”  Again Jerd hesitated.  He shook his head.  “She didn’t do that.  What she said was, she wanted me to bring her some more.”

Jacko’s eyes widened.  “She did what?”

Jerd stood straighter.  “I’m like, ‘How many boys?’  She’s like, ‘How many can you get?’”

Jacko blinked.  “How many did you say?”

Jerd shrugged.  “At first I didn’t know.  She’s like, ‘Three or four would do for starters.  But they gotta be nice boys, Jerdan.’”

“Wait a minute!  You’re stringing me, aren’t you?  Who was it, your choir leader wanting more boys in the chorus?”

Jerd shook his head.  “This one doesn’t care if you can sing, Jacko.”

“Then what does she want?”

“I told you.  Dick.”

Frowning, Jacko studied his friend’s guileless face.  “Is this for real, Jerd?  Who’s the girl?”

“She’s not a girl,” Jerd admitted, dropping his eyes.

“Not a girl?  Oh.  You mean she’s a woman.  How old is she?”

“Middle-aged, I think, about 30.  But she doesn’t look it.”

Again Jacko stared.  He took a breath.  “Jerdie, are you trying to make me believe you actually banged her?”

But Jerd avoided a direct answer.  “What I’m trying to do is find out if you want some too.”

Jacko swung his leg over the bike seat to dismount and leaned the vehicle against the schoolyard fence.  He confronted his friend with fists balled on hips.  “Is this for real, Jerdie?”

“It’s for real.”

“What’s she look like?”

“You mean you care?”  Jerd laughed.  “Who was it banged a watermelon last summer?”

Jacko grinned sheepishly.  “A watermelon can’t rat.  Is she a pig?”

“She’s no Kate Winslet, but she’s got nice tits.”

“You mean she’s a fat pig?”

“About like Pimmie Walters.”

Jerd had named a Rubenesque girl who shared their classes.

Jacko’s eyes widened.  “That good?”  Only two days earlier he had described Pimmie as “stacked.”

Jerd raised a hand.  “Look, this is a grown woman, not a girl.  You can’t tickle her ear and make her blush like Pimmie.  She knows what she wants and she’ll be in charge.”

“In charge!”  Jacko frowned.  “Does she want something weird?”

“Yeah.”  Jerd shrugged.  “She wants more than one dick.  I guess that’s weird.”

“You mean …  You mean more than one at a time?”

Jerd looked away.  “I … I’m not sure about that.  Maybe she just wants one after the other.”  The boy paused in introspection.  Slowly he shook his head.  “No.  She goes, ‘I want three more like you, Jerdan, all in me.’  And she shivered like a fever.”



“She calls you ‘Jerdan?’”

“Well, it’s my name.”

“Then you have banged her!”

Jerd took a breath.  “Okay.”

“Just once?”

“Since February.”


“Every week.  Until the last two.”

“She made you quit?”

“No.  We just … slowed down.”

“God!”  Jacko stared at his friend in reverential awe.  “‘Every week,’” he repeated.

“You going to go with me?”

“Yeah, sure! …  Go where?”

“Not far.  Uh, Jacko, one thing.  I don’t care what she does, you got to remember this woman isn’t trash.”

“If you say so.”

“No, I mean it.  We go in her house, you can’t mess it up.  She tells you to do something, you do it.”

Jacko shrugged.  “Sure, sure.  What’s her name?”

Jerd hesitated.  At last he said, “Maisy.”

“Maisy who?”

“She’ll tell you that if she wants you to know.”

“All right.  When’re we going?”

“In a minute.”

“Huh!  You mean this afternoon?”

“Yeah.  You got a problem with that?”

“No.”  Jacko’s eyes brightened.  “I’m ready!  Which way?”

“One thing.”  Jerd stepped closer to his friend and lowered his voice.  “You gotta agree to something first.”

“To what?”

“Stripping naked.”

“Naked!” Jacko blurted.

“Keep your voice down.”  Jerd looked hurriedly around before continuing.  “She and I talked about this a lot.  She wants more boys, the kind that aren’t scared to strip down in front of each other.  I told her I knew a couple like that.”

“You did?”

“Yeah.  She wanted to know how I knew.  I told her about our circle jerks.”

Jacko’s eyes widened in horror.  “You told her about sneaking into the church basement?”

“I didn’t say where we jerked, just that we did it … and tasted each other’s squirts.”

“God, you told her that?”

“Yeah, and about swimming in Johnson’s creek.  I had to convince her.  You don’t have a new problem with stripping, do you?”

“In front of a woman?”

“Huh!”  Jerd regarded his friend with astonishment.  “You’re supposed to strip when you fuck, for god’s sake!”

“Oh, yeah.”  Jacko gulped, then straightened up.  “Okay, if that’s what she wants, I agree.  Let’s go.”

But Jerd peered over his friend’s shoulder.  “He should’ve been here by now.”

“Who?  Pruet?”

“Yeah.  I told him to meet us behind the school.”

“You told him the same as me?  Did he agree to strip?”

“All but his T-shirt.”

Jacko nodded.  “That scar on his back.”  The boy in question had insisted on retaining his T-shirt also in Johnson’s creek.  As a result he had avoided the painful sunburn that plagued the others for a week thereafter.  “Will she let him keep it?”

Jerd shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I don’t know why he makes such a big deal out of it.  We’ve all seen it.”

“Didn’t he tell you?  The reason it’s dark is because he knocked a poker out of a coal fire and fell on it.  His uncle claims it looks just like an open cunt in the middle of his back.”

“Pruet said that?  Huh!”  Jerd chuckled slightly.  “It does look a little like one.”

“Oh, you’ve seen a lot of them, have you?”

But Jerd didn’t answer.  He turned to the chain-link fence.  “You don’t suppose Pruet got cold feet …  Hey, there he is!”

“Where?  Oh.”  Through the fence mesh Jacko recognized the third member of their erstwhile trio sitting on the rear steps of the school with a book open on his knees.

Jerd cupped hands around his mouth and shouted, “Pruet!  Pruet!”

The distant boy looked up and immediately rose to his feet at sight of their waving arms.  He broke into a trot along the walkway toward the gate.

Watching him run, Jacko asked conversationally, “Does she like big dicks?”

“I guess,” Jerd replied, adding with a sheepish grin, “How would I know?”

“She didn’t say?”


“Guess we’ll find out.  Pruet’s is big.”

“Yeah,” Jerd agreed darkly, “and he doesn’t mind showing that!”

The third boy arrived, beginning to pant.  Shorter and beefier than the other two with dark brown hair and brown eyes behind black-rimmed glasses, he was dressed in the same style, including the book bag strapped to his back, differing mainly in the book still clutched in one hand.  His T-shirt proclaimed over a large red heart, Been there, done that, she loved it.

His eyes accused Jerd.  “Thought you were gonna wait behind the school!”

“This is behind the school, you dork!”

Way behind it!”  But Pruet was unconcerned.  He peered near-sightedly at Jacko.  “You been dicking her too?”


That was answer enough.  The newcomer declared with evident satisfaction, “Good!  If he’s scamming me, he’s scamming us both.”

“Scamming!” Jerd protested.  He sniffed.  “Just follow me, and you’ll soon find out.”

The three boys turned away along the sidewalk, Jacko walking his bicycle.  They pushed their way through the girls and their pall of smoke, both parties pretending to ignore the other until the three had passed.  Behind them a feminine voice rose above the others, “God, I can’t stand goody-goody nerds!”  Shrieks of laughter resounded.

“Bitches!” Pruet hissed under his breath.

“Forget them,” Jerd suggested.  “They’re fakes.”

“I hope they’re the only fakes,” muttered Jacko darkly.

“You mean me?”  The demand was almost belligerent.

Pruet eyed him.  “You didn’t exactly give out a ton of news.  What’d he tell you, Jacko?”

“Yeah, not much.  He’s been dicking this woman that says she wants three or four dicks at once.”  Jacko chuckled wryly.  “I sure never heard of a woman like that.”

Jerd frowned, opened his mouth to expostulate, then shrugged.  “You’ll see for yourself in a few minutes.”

“Where’re we going?” asked Pruet.

“Not far.  It’s on the other side of your place, Jacko.  You can drop off your stuff.”

“Well, I’ve read about women like that,” declared Pruet.  “How’d you get up with a whore, Jerdie?”

“Damn it, she’s not a whore.  I told you both, this is a good woman, goes to church and everything.”

“Church?  You don’t go to church!”

“But she does.”

“Where does she live?”

“On Vance.”

“In the project?”

“No.  Before that.  In a house six blocks beyond Carter.”  Carter was the cross street on which both Jerd and Pruet lived, though in opposite directions.

“A house?” Jacko repeated thoughtfully.  “What’s her husband gonna think about us visiting?”

“She’s divorced.”

Pruet sniffed.  “All right.  Let me put it another way, Jerdie.  How’d you get up with a grown woman who’s divorced?”

The target of that question walked on several steps.  At last he sighed and shook his head.  “Maisy said you’d ask all that.  I guess it’s true she knows boys.”

“Maisy,” Pruet repeated.

“He didn’t tell you her name?” asked Jacko.

“No.  He’s like, ‘She’s 30 but looks a lot younger, stacked like Pimmie Walters, wants a lot of boys at once.’  I go, ‘One at a time?’  He’s like, “All together.’  What else did he tell you?”

“Just her name.  And she asked him to get her three or four guys who don’t mind showing each other their dicks.”

Jerd shook his head.  “Not just their dicks.  She wants us naked, I tell you.”

Jacko asked, “You gonna take off your T-shirt, Pruet?”

“For my first piece of ass?”  The shortest heaved a sigh.  “Guess I will, but I’ll keep my back turned away.”

“I’m glad you changed your mind,” commented the arranger sincerely.

Jacko asked, “How long’ve you been seeing her, Jerd?”

“Seeing?  I met her last fall.”

“Last fall!” both companions exclaimed in unison, turning incredulous eyes upon him.

“Something wrong with that?”

“Remember in the church basement talking about the teachers we wanted to bang?”

“Yeah.  Oh.”

“Right!  You claimed you were a virgin too.  Why’d you scam us?”

“I didn’t scam!  That was in January.”

“You mean …”

“I mean we’ve been banging just a couple months.  Since February 29th, in fact.  Going on three months.”

“February 29th!” repeated Pruet, wide-eyed.

“Yeah.”  Jerd grinned.  “It was a nice joke to us.  She goes, ‘Wanta take a big leap on leapday?’  I go, ‘Leap?  Leap where?’  She goes, ‘From cherry to not cherry.’”

“Wow!” exclaimed his listeners in awe.  Pruet added, “That is so cool!”

“You lucky shit!” Jacko declared enviously.  “What the hell were you doing on February 29th?  I don’t even remember what day it was.”

I remember, all right!  It was a Tuesday.”

“Tuesday!” Pruet repeated, suddenly alert, eyes wide to match Jacko’s.

“Yeah,” admitted Jerd, looking from one to the other and sighing.  “No way to keep it from you.  You’ve seen her, Jacko.  She’s my piano teacher.”

“Holy shit!” mumbled the bike pusher, chin sagging.  “That’s a fox!”

As if by common consent all three paused, two to stare in vicarious pleasure at the imagined exploits of the third, who threw out his chest.

“You’ve seen her?” Pruet asked Jacko.

“Yeah.  Drives a blue Toyota, right?”

Jerd nodded.

“I saw her once or twice when she came to Jerd’s house for his lesson.  You didn’t bang her in your own house!”

“No, no,” corrected the proud copulator.  “In her house!  I’ve been taking my lessons at her place since Mom went back to work in February.”

“You see her once a week?” asked Pruet as they resumed walking.

“At first.  But until just lately I’ve been going every few days.”

“She loves it!” concluded Pruet, eyes glowing.

“Yeah, she loves it.”  But Jerd’s chest sagged and his eyes shifted away.

They reached Jacko’s apartment, where the black-haired boy shoved bike and book bag into the front door and locked it behind him.  He thought of offering the same service for the others’ bags, but his place would be out of the way for them later.

Back on the street Pruet picked up his theme.  “She loves it too much, is that right?”

Jerd didn’t answer.

“What do you mean?” asked Jacko.

“Jerdie’s not man enough for her.”

Jerd saw the smile that flicked over Pruet’s lips.  He said stiffly, “That’s not it.”

“Then what is?”

“I …  We talk about things.  She’s like, ‘One jelly bean can satisfy your sweet tooth, but you can go all day on a whole bag.’”

“She said that?”

“Yeah.  She used to have a whole bag.”

“Of jelly beans?” asked Jacko incredulously.

“She told me about four brothers who lived next door to her when she was a teenager.  They were only a little younger, but still she babysat them after school.”

“You mean …”

“Yeah.  She banged all four of them every afternoon for years.”

“Holy shit!” muttered Jacko again.

“She says most women don’t have the chance to learn what that’s like.”

“I reckon not,” breathed Jacko.

“And that’s why she wants all of us?” asked Pruet.

“Yeah.  Look here: if she goes for it, it’ll be the phattest setup you could think of.  You can quit eating your heart out over those sluts at school.”

“‘If she goes for it.’  What’re you getting at?”

“Two things: it’s her place.  She’s in charge and we’re gonna do what she says.”

“As long as she says, ‘Fuck!’”

“She won’t have to say that.”

“What else?”

“This stays our secret, even more than the jerking off.  We won’t tell another living soul anything about Maisy.  If your folks ask where you went, say my place.  Most of the time my sister’s out with her boy friend, so they can’t prove anything.”

Jacko shrugged.  “Who would we tell?”

Jerd nodded with a grin.  “Not too many, with the girls and the jocks hating us.”

“It’s a deal,” declared Pruet.

“Spit in your hand,” ordered Jerd, ejecting a glistening glob into his own.

Three slimed hands slapped together overhead, clasping to mix the saliva before wiping on pants’ legs.  Pruet had invented this ritual for them in elementary school, on the occasion of their sneaking into the girls’ washroom and painting all the toilet seats with red-dyed motor oil.  It had been invoked previously only twice in their long relationship.  It was their most solemn ceremony of commitment.

They were proceeding down the sidewalk of a residential block.  “That’s her place,” said Jerd, pointing to a half-brick two-story with attached garage.  “Stay off the grass, Jacko.  We’re not going in the front door.  The neighbors know she can’t teach three to play the piano at once.”

“Maybe not the piano,” Pruet smirked.

“Then how’re we gonna get in?” asked Jacko.

“In the back through those woods.”

But Pruet stared at the mailbox beside the driveway.  “This is Maisy’s house, number 3017?”

“Yeah.  3017.”

The brown-eyed boy pointed back at the mailbox, on the side of which was emblazoned, “3017 / Abigail J. Henshaw.”

Jerd grinned weakly.  “Would you believe that’s who used to live here?”

“No,” retorted both his listeners automatically.

Jerd took a breath.  “We forgot the damn mailbox!  Listen, she wants you to call her Maisy.  She made me learn to call her that too.”

“That’s weird,” Jacko judged.

“Maybe not,” suggested Pruet thoughtfully.  “We won’t slip up and mention her real name.”

“That’s the idea,” Jerd agreed.

The next two lots were vacant, overgrown in trees and underbrush.  After glancing around at the street empty of observers, Jerd led them onto a faint path between two bushes.

“Is this how you come?” asked Jacko.

“Except when I have a music lesson.  Now keep quiet.  Kids play in these woods.”

This was a relatively new subdivision whose edge they were skirting.  The tangled underbrush, taller than a man, grew close to the grassy back yards, in this case almost to the side of the house.  Jerd paused at the edge of the clearing, eyeing the street they had quitted and the house next adjacent.  “Coast is clear,” he announced softly.  “Come on.”

They straightened up and walked quickly to the backdoor, which opened as they stepped up on the stoop.

“Hurry up, get inside!” instructed a low female voice.

The boys pushed from the sunny outdoors into the relative darkness.  The door closed behind them.  Their greeter was a plump woman, a little taller than average, in a knee-length corduroy robe, brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, restrained by a large gold clip.  Her oval face retained youth.  Thin brows arched over crystal blue eyes, presently shifting swiftly from one boy to the other, an upturned button nose and full lips now pursed uncertainly.  The skin of her throat was smooth and creamy.  The forearms extending from her sleeves were dusted with brown hair.  Her feet were thrust into heelless slippers.

Her eyes came to rest on the familiar face.  She chuckled slightly and shook her head.  “It’s a good thing nobody was home next door to see the parade.”

“We didn’t notice anybody,” Jerd answered defensively.

She snorted.  “I’m not worried about what you noticed!”  She took a breath and smiled at the others.  “I’m Maisy, as Jerdan is supposed to have told you.”

“He did,” Jacko acknowledged.  “I’m Jacko.”

Jerd found his manners.  “Right.  And the guy with glasses is Pruet.”

“I guessed.  I’m pleased to meet you, gentlemen.  Leave your book bags beside the door.”  She gestured at the kitchen table.  “Sit down and tell me about yourselves while I pour us some cokes.”

As customary when dealing with adults, they volunteered little, but apparently the woman was only being mannerly.

“As you’ve probably guessed,” she admitted with a grin, lowering her tumbler to the table, “Jerd and I have discussed you two at length.  I feel that I already know you — superficially, at least, but what has he told you about me?”

They looked at each other.  Jacko finally answered hesitantly, “That you like, ah, boys.”

She nodded.  “That’s the exact word: boys.”

Pruet showed interest.  “Meaning you don’t like girls?”

“Oh, no.  I get along fine with girls” — she winked — “in the music room.  What I meant was, boys as opposed to men.”

Jacko was puzzled.  “You don’t like men?”

“Oh, I like them all right.  I just don’t have any luck with them.  Three years ago, for example, I quit smoking.  It was the hardest thing I ever did.  I gained 25 pounds, which as you can see, I still mostly have.  Instead of supporting my battle, my husband, the self-centered bastard, left me over it.”

Jacko blinked.  Some response seemed required.  He said, “I’m sorry.”

She smiled.  “Thank you.  But I remembered something better than selfish men.  I’m sure Jerdan told you about how I grew up.”

“Babysitting?” suggested Jacko.

“Right.  For the neighbor’s boys.  They were such sweethearts, all four of them!”  She took a deep breath.  “Let’s get down to it.  Jerdan says you’re very old friends, almost from kindergarten.”

“The first grade,” said Pruet, nodding.

“But now you’re all three 16.”


“Good.  I don’t want to suffer the fate of that unfortunate woman in Seattle with her child fathered by a 13 year-old.”  She laughed shortly.  “Don’t look so wide-eyed, Jacko.  I’m not the kind who has children, however old the father.”

Pruet asked slowly, “Don’t you sometimes … get them accidentally?”

“Most of the time, so I understand!  But I’ve taken adequate precautions, I assure you.”  She sat straighter.  “And you boys don’t mind being naked together, right?”

Jacko shrugged.  “Who cares?”

“Not even Pruet and his scar?”  Everyone stared at the boy with glasses, who blushed.

Jerd avowed, “He’ll get naked, though he means to keep his back turned.”

She sniffed.  “Oh, surely you’ll let me see it, Pruet!”

“I … I guess.”

“You fell on a poker that had been used to stir a coal fire?”

Pruet glared at his friend.  “Darn it, Jerd!”

“Don’t blame him,” she admonished.  “You’re here because he painted you so winsomely.”  Her eyes twinkled.  “And told of you masturbating each other.”

Both Jacko and Pruet blushed at that, despite Jerd’s earlier warning.

“Please don’t worry,” she hurried on.  “I assure you I don’t think less of you for it — quite the contrary!  It’s only natural for such close friends to be curious.  You are the first people I’ve been able to find since my teen years who were that easy with each others’ bodies, either men or boys.”

“What about girls?” asked Pruet.

She grinned.  “Well, I haven’t been looking for that kind of girls, although I suspect they’d be easier to find.  Girls are accustomed to people looking at them.  They lower their eyes and endure it.  After a while they may even come to like it…  About finished with your drinks?  Come on upstairs.”

She led them to the second floor and a guest bedroom, where she shoved open the sliding door of a closet that held only coat hangers.  “You may hang up your clothing or pile it in the corner, as you wish.”

Jacko stuttered, “You, you w-want us to get naked now?”

“All of us, all the way,” she answered emphatically, adding with a smile, “Pruet can keep his eye-glasses at first, in case he wants to see … well … me.”

The boys undressed hesitantly, but eventually three sets of male clothing, including high-tops and socks, thudded into the same corner of the room.  The woman in her robe and slippers sat in the single chair, hands crossed in her lap, and watched frankly.  When the three underpants had joined the rest, the boys hesitated, looking at each other.  Pruet glanced at the woman and blushed.  Jacko’s hands covered his genitals briefly before he shrugged and straightened up.  Jerd stood with a slight smile, hands crossed behind him, hips thrust forward toward the woman, penis already stirring.  Jacko thought it looked different somehow from its display in the church basement.  Did fucking change a dick?

“Wha’d’ya think, Mai-zee?” Jerd asked rather contemptuously, or so it seemed to Jacko.

“Very nice,” breathed the woman in obvious admiration.  “Such nice pecs!  I thought you boys were bookworms.  You didn’t get those muscles bent over books in the library — especially Pruet!”

Jerd shrugged.  “I told you we aren’t jocks, but we do play a whole lot of tennis.”  He laughed.  “What’s funny is that Pruet is the computer nerd who reads the most and goes to the court the least.”

“Must be genetic,” she suggested.  “And I’m sure because of the prejudices in this world you’ve let genetics determine the other thing of particular interest.  We’ll find out pretty soon.”  She smiled.  “But you boys are fine specimens, all of you.  I am so pleased to have you in my bedroom.”

“How…” began Pruet diffidently, “how about … you?”

She smiled confidently.  “You look like red-blooded boys — red-blooded young men, actually.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  But before we get to that I want you to use the bathroom.”  She indicated the closed door opposite the closet.

“I don’t need it,” Jerd protested, curling his lip.

“Come along anyway,” she countered, rising from the chair.

Regarding her with raised eyebrows, they nevertheless rounded the bed to the indicated door.  She brought up the rear.  When they crowded around the toilet, she pushed in between them and raised the seat.  Straightening, she slipped her arms around Jacko and Pruet.

“Cut loose, boys,” she ordered.

Jerd hung back.  Jacko shrugged and released a thick stream into the bowl.  Pruet leaned forward slightly.  His stream was thin and soon petered out.

“I went at school,” he explained apologetically.

“It’s enough,” she assured him.  While the other cascade roiled and bubbled in the water, her hand encircled Pruet’s flaccid organ, unconcerned by the lingering drops that wet her fingers, and rolled back the long foreskin to expose the bright purple glans.  “How did you manage to avoid circumcision?”

“My old man calls it ‘mutilation.’  He won’t let my sister pierce her ears either.”

“How old is your sister?”


She chuckled.  “I suspect he’ll soon find out his daughter has a mind of her own.  What about you?  Would you like to have a pink knob like your friends?”

“I don’t know.”  He grinned.  “I sure don’t want any pain there!”

She nodded.  “A good reason.  There are others.”

Jerd said, “You never did answer my question about that.”

Her hand cupped Pruet’s testicles absently.  “I can tell you the only place it matters to a woman is in her mouth.  The doctors finally rejected that old idea of uncircumcised cocks causing cervical cancer.”

“What kind of cancer?”

“In the front of the womb,” explained Pruet.

The woman laughed.  “Been reading about female parts, have you, Pruet?”

He nodded, blushing again, partly at the admission and partly because his organ was rising in her hand.  But he retained presence of mind to ask, “What’s the difference in her mouth?”

She sniffed.  “What do you think?  It tastes different.”

Jacko had finished at last.  Her other hand went to his organ, already half erect.

Smiling, she squeezed it gently.  “Something pleases you, Jacko?

“Yeah…  Watching you with Pruet …  Yeah!”

“At your age it’s natural to be quick.”  She released Pruet and took Jacko’s hand.  “Come back to the bedroom.”

He asked hesitantly, “Don’t you … want us to wash first?”

“You had a shower this morning, right?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“And you, Pruet?”

The brown head nodded.

“That’s clean enough.  I don’t want men who taste like soap.”

Jacko’s eyes brightened and Pruet blushed slightly.  Jerd grinned at his friends’ reactions.

In the bedroom she shrugged out of her robe and suspended it from a hook high on the closet door.  She turned at last to face them, hands on her wide hips, eyes twinkling from one to the other.  “Do I pass, gentlemen?”

Both Jacko and Pruet’s mouths fell open.  “Wow!” breathed Jacko reverently.  Pruet licked his lips.  She exhibited a plentitude of rounded flesh, with large breasts and nipples, a smoothly protruding belly and thick untrimmed pubes above shapely thighs.  Under their awestruck gaze her areolas crinkled and the tips erected half an inch.

She smiled in obvious pleasure and murmured, “Guess I should’ve been a stripper.”

“’Cause you like to show off?” Jerd speculated.

“To young men,” she admitted, cheeks reddening slightly, “especially when I can see the effect.”

She took a deep breath and pulled Jacko and Pruet to the double bed.  She sat on the edge, standing them before her with her arms around the lean buttocks.  Both penises were fully erect.

“When I was young, I learned to love young guys,” she murmured, “especially here.”  Leaning forward, she sought Jacko’s organ and with mouth alone sucked it in.  Quivering, he produced a startled gasp.  Her head bobbed briefly, enclosing more on each forward stroke, until she rested with her nose in his pubes, nostrils flaring with each breath.

“Jesus Christ!” Jacko called involuntarily.

“Getting religion?” smirked Jerd.

Jacko stared at his friend.  “It’s … down her throat!”

“It must be,” agreed Pruet, peering wide-eyed at the spectacle beside his hips.

She backed away, releasing Jacko’s organ, now glistening at full erection.  Turning her head to Pruet, she breathed admiringly, “This is a nice one!”

Pruet gasped and twitched in the manner of his friend as her mouth enclosed him likewise, bobbing deeper until nose dipped into pubes.  Her arms remained about both sets of buttocks.  Shortly she backed away slightly from Pruet and pulled the two male bodies into close contact, overlapping the two firm organs, taller Jacko’s above Pruet’s.  Her mouth worked side to side.  Both glans disappeared within her lips.

“Good god!” muttered Jacko.

Jerd, leaning close, giggled.  “You are getting religion!”

Her mouth released its captives.  “You too!” she declared to Jerd.


She caught him and pulled him into her circle.  Her arms tightened around hips until all three knobs touched.  Mouth stretched wide, she slurped in all three at once, though she was not quite capable of enclosing them fully within her lips.  Her effort produced a squeal of suction.

Pruet trembled.  “It tickles!”

She fell back with a bark of laughter.  The boys looked at each other with wide eyes.  Chuckling, she asked, “That surprised you, did it?  I haven’t done that in, oh, ten years.  But would you believe you can get four in your mouth at once — if a couple are smaller?”

Pruet stared.  “How would you get them that close together?”

She smirked.  “You need to know your geometry.  Jacko, did those pushes mean what I think?”

“Oh, god,” the boy murmured weakly, clenching his fists at his sides.

“You don’t mind if I taste, do you?”  Without waiting for a response she forced his straining organ deeply into her mouth.  Almost immediately he groaned involuntarily, hips trying to thrust.  Her eyes widened.  A white fluid spilled from both corners of her mouth.  At half the shaft her lips parted, releasing more fluid to string from her chin.  Jacko moaned, shuddering, while his partners stared in fascination.

At last she backed away, visibly swallowing.  “Jerdan, run downstairs and get me a coke, will you?  That’s a good fellow.  Pruet, bring me a towel from the bathroom, please.”

As his friends jumped to obey, Jacko spun around and sagged onto the bed beside the woman.  “God!” he declared, and again, “God!”

She chuckled, declaring with evident admiration, “Young man, you were loaded!”  The words blew a white bubble between her lips.

She took the towel from the quickly responding Pruet but instead of applying it immediately, leaned over prone Jacko, gobbets of semen threatening to drip from her chin, and said with sparkling eyes, “Bet you won’t kiss me.”

His face twitched to one side reflexively but he snapped back to face her.  “I will too!” he gasped.

“Oh?”  Her eyebrows rose but she bent suddenly to him, mouth open upon his lips.  Her tongue thrust between his teeth.  He had tasted that flavor before, though never so strongly.

“Yuck!” complained Pruet, making a face above them.

She turned up to him with a grin, promising, “You’ll get the chance in a minute,” and applied the towel first to Jacko’s face then her own.  Jerd reentered the room, bearing an opened drink can.  She drank from it, swilling the liquid in her mouth.  She said to Jacko, “It’s not that I don’t like your taste.  It’s so I won’t mix yours with Pruet’s.”  She grinned thoughtfully.  “Want to wash out your mouth?”

He took the can dumbly and would have returned it after a healthy slug, except she had swung to Pruet, head already bobbing in his midsection.  The husky boy stood, mouth gaping in something akin to awe, staring down at the ponytail bouncing in his groin.  Though he knew what to expect, Jacko found his curiosity overwhelming.  He rose to sit beside the woman, craning his neck.  She was taking the entirety of Pruet’s organ, showing hardly more than an inch of shaft before again swallowing it whole.  In total fascination he watched her lips roll back at each engulfment to deepen the penetration.

“How can she do that?” he breathed to Jerd, stooping nearby in equal fascination.

“Especially to Pruet!” the blond boy agreed.  “His dick’s an inch longer than yours.”

“Yours too!” Jacko protested quickly.

Jerd smirked.  “Not any more.  Not a whole inch.  Mine’s grown.”

“Oh, shit, I’m coming!” Pruet announced, apparently trying to withdraw, but the woman’s arms tightened around his buttocks, pulling him more above her.  He staggered and would have fallen except for the support of her outthrust chest.  She tilted her head back, apparently as intended, and again exposed about half the thick shaft.  She held still, but the working tongue was reflected by pulsations in her throat.

Pruet shuddered violently and strained forward, exclaiming, “Oh, shit, oh, shit!”  Faces bent close to either side of the woman’s head, watching with wide eyes.  This time they saw no liquid evidence of the climax.  When the husky lad straightened up, Jerd demanded in evident disappointment, “What’d you do — jerk off in school?”

The woman swept Pruet’s body around to fall on the other side of her from Jacko.  She twisted her torso to regard him, grinning with pursed lips.  “Wha’ about ’ou — will ’ou kish me?”

“No!”  Pruet turned his head away, throwing an arm over his face while his upthrust organ dribbled its remainder on his belly.

The woman swallowed her mouthful.  “Too bad.  It was your own stuff, you know, more than you ever got before.  Why are most boys afraid of it?”

Pruet’s voice was muffled.  “Comes out of a dick, like piss.”

She grinned tolerantly.  “You don’t have to worry about a young one.”

“The taste!” Pruet asserted, rolling his head back to study her.

“You know the taste.  Is it so bad?”

“Sometimes,” Pruet answered, then blushed at what he had implied.

She laughed.  “Then drink plenty of fluids.”  Her chin tilted toward Jerd.  “Your turn.”

The experienced one stood before her, thrusting his hips forward.  She caught his buttocks and sucked him into her mouth as she had done the others, bobbing forward until he was fully enclosed.  His face betrayed interest but not the fascination of the others.

Jacko, still seated beside the woman, leaned close as he had done before.  Pruet rose up on the other side, eyes wide.  In unconscious mimicry of Jacko, he said in awe, “How can she do that?”

Jacko looked up at the grinning Jerd.  “Yours is longer!”

“How can you tell?” asked Pruet with round eyes.

“I paid attention.”

“Did you!”  Jerd snickered.  “How’d you like your own jizz?”

Jacko’s eyes dropped but rose again defiantly.  “You tasted it.”

Jerd did not deny it.  He said, “She likes to give it back to you.”  Looking at Pruet, he added, “Guess I should’ve warned you.”

Pruet turned away sullenly.

Jacko asked, “When is it her turn?”

“You’ll see,” Jerd advised.  “She calls a blowjob, ‘relieving the pressure.’”

The woman released Jerd’s buttocks with one hand and lowered it to clasp Jacko’s thigh.

“She likes tongue, too,” the blond boy continued, looking speculatively at Jacko.  “Want to give her some?”


“Remember that movie?  Lick her clit.  She’ll move your head where she wants it.”

Jacko slid forward to one knee on the floor but looked up in bewilderment, repeating, “How?”

Jerd pressed forward, pushing the woman’s torso backward onto the bed, breaking her suction momentarily.  On his knees he waddled over her breasts and presented himself again to her face.  Apparently this maneuver was familiar to him.  He dragged a pillow from beneath the still made-up bedcovers and propped up her head.

She smiled at him before her lips closed over him again.  “Thank you, Jerdan.”  Behind him her legs opened wide.  Her arms extended under Jerd’s thighs, palms turning up towards Jacko, who crouched on the floor.  Pruet, still seated to her right, watched closely.

Jacko scuttled forward, his black curls quivering with eagerness.  The odor discouraged him only momentarily.  He had long dreamed of such an opportunity.  His thumbs preceded him to part the fat labia.  Immediately the woman’s hands turned over and displaced his thumbs, pulling the lips much farther apart than he had dared.  He gasped in delight at the wet, crimson complexity her action revealed.

Pruet leaned far over her splayed leg to share the view, cheeks nearly touching.  “That little hole is the urethra,” he announced in the voice of discovery, “her pee hole.  That lump above it is the clitoris.”

“Thanks for the poop,” Jacko retorted sarcastically.  “This is the first one you ever saw too.”

“I saw my sister’s,” claimed Pruet defensively.

“When she was three,” Jacko added derisively.  He had heard the story.  “Back up, will you?”

Pruet drew back sharply.  Jacko leaned closer, putting out his tongue, touching the clitoris tip to tip.  Sensitive even to that delicacy, the woman released herself and raised her hands to clasp his temples.  She pulled him closer and a bit higher.  He began to lick the smooth hood above the lump.  Almost immediately he felt her quiver.  Her hands were moving his head slightly side to side.  He understood.  Now his tongue circled the small organ, occasionally lifting it entirely.  Shortly she began to emit nasal moans, but her thighs closed around his head, masking the sound.  Wondering if it was the right thing to do, he increased both the speed and pressure of his tongue.  Her entire pelvic region bucked in response.

Her hand was feeling for something around his chin, neck and shoulder.  She found the hand whose thumb had been first to touch her, straightened three of the fingers in parallel and forced them up under his chin.  Could she mean …?

Tentatively he slipped the first digits over the vaginal sill.  Instantly her grip transferred to his wrist, forcing his fingers deeper into her.  He gasped in awe.  Three fingers in her cunt!  New pressure on his wrist made her wishes clear.  He began to thrust and withdraw the fingers while redoubling his lingual effort.  Her hand fell away.  Her hips rolled powerfully back and forth, rocking the whole bed, and he knew she was groaning despite the cool thighs that clamped his ears.

The strong exertion lasted only a few seconds.  The woman’s hips twisted violently to one side, thighs forcing Jacko away.  He fell back on his haunches, staring dizzily up at Jerd’s shuddering back.

“Wipe your face,” Pruet ordered from lips curled in disgust.

Jacko obeyed with the edge of a bedsheet, then rose to his feet.  Before him Jerd, who had been sitting on the woman’s breasts, fell backward atop her legs, head dangling, eyes clenched shut.  Momentarily his penis thrust straight up, spouting a white stream to fall back upon his belly.  The woman sat suddenly erect, causing the boy to complete his back flip.  He fell off the bed, hands and knees thumping on the carpet, feet narrowly missing Jacko as they flew past.

Semen drooled from her mouth.  She leaned forward with a giggle.  “Are you hurt, Jerdan?”

“No!” he declared, snarling up from between her spread legs.

Her giggle became a laugh.  “I forgot, didn’t I!”

“Damn it!” declared Jerd.

Pruet asked, “What’d she forget?”

“To quit sucking when I came.”

Jacko recalled that indeed her mouth had become slack around him at the moment of his first squirt.

She explained, “That’s because Jacko was just giving me my own pressure relief.”

Jerd blinked.  “Huh?”

“I was coming too.”

“You really were?” asked Pruet.

“Oh, yes.  Thanks to Jacko.”  She smiled at him.  “That was so sweet!”

The black head’s eyes brightened.  “I’ll do it again.”

“Oh?  You liked it?”

He took a breath.  “Oh god!”

She chuckled approvingly.  Her gaze swung on stocky Pruett, standing arms akimbo, his fat organ rising over her knee.  “But you wouldn’t like it, would you?”

He blushed, looking away.  “I … don’t know.”

“I know what you’d like.”  She scissored forward to the edge of the bed and stood up.  “Lie down here in my place.”

He frowned.  “What’re you gonna do?”

“Only screw you.”

He blinked but crawled onto the bed.

Jerd proclaimed, “I’m thirsty.”

“Then go get a coke,” she directed him, adding to Pruet, “Turn over.”

When he lay on his back, she said, “Not so far up.  Let your legs hang off.”

She helped him slither his buttocks to the edge of the bed.  When he lay to her satisfaction, she clambered over his thighs, knelt on his hips and reached between her legs to guide his entrance.  Jacko leaned close, watching from behind as the fat organ disappeared between white marble buttocks.

The woman wiggled a few times.  She grinned under her arm at the fascinated black head behind her.  “Feel of it.”

Jacko’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“You know you want to.  And you’ve touched his dick before, I’m certain.”

“Y-yeah, but ―”

“Go ahead.  Put your finger in beside it.”

He hurried to obey.  “Oh god!” he murmured.

“Another one.”

Gulping, he slipped the second into the tight heat and wetness.

“Try three.”

“I don’t believe three …”  His voice trailed off as a third finger passed readily beside the first two, curling around the hard shaft belonging to another boy.  Jacko ducked his head to one side, regarding Pruet guiltily, but the latter lay with head raised on a pillow, returning a stare of fascination.

“I can feel you,” he acknowledged.

Jacko agreed, “Boy, can I ever feel you!”

The woman laughed.  “And I can feel you both.  Take your fingers out, Jacko, and put them in the next spot.”

“The next …”

“Just above where you were.”

Could she really mean her asshole?  Hesitantly he touched the red center of the wrinkles.

“That’s it.  Work them into me.”

“B-but …”

She laughed slightly.  “I knew you guys would get here right after school.  I took a shower and an enema.  You have nothing at all to worry about.”

“Okay,” he agreed uncertainly.  He saw the petals of flesh extrude slightly.  One finger entered her easily.

She held up one hand with fore and third finger aligned beneath middle.  “Like this.”

She arched her back, looking over her shoulders.  In a moment his three fingers were buried to the knuckles in hot moisture.  “That’s it,” she murmured approvingly.  Her eye sought his.  “What do you think of this?”

A strong grip took the base of the fingers.  He felt an expelling pressure.

She chuckled at his widening eyes.  “No, don’t let me push you out!  That’s how it would feel if you were last night’s dinner.”

“You mean ―  Oh.”

Pruet demanded, “Do you really have your fingers up her ass?”

“Three of them.”

Her hips began to move.  “Now you screw me while I take care of Pruet.”

“With my fingers?”

“At first.”

He began to thrust them in and out as ordered.

“Slower!” she commanded.  “Keep time with me and Pruet.  And make long strokes.”

He soon settled into the rhythm of it.  The woman leaned forward, easing his access.  He bent past his arm, studying the working flesh at very close range.  It was easily the most captivating spectacle he had ever seen.  The vaginal lips rolled in and out around the thick penis, gradually turning crimson, while the anus grew steadily looser on his fingers.  His penis had grown painfully hard.

He raised up slightly.  Again the woman was looking under her arm at him.

Her hip motion eased and she said with a twinkle, “Game for something better?”

“What ― I mean, sure!”

She chuckled.  “Keep your fingers where they are and slip yourself in beside Pruet.”

“My …”

“Your cock.”

He stared stupidly while she arched her back, raising her buttocks and nearly evicting the penis.

“You want me to …”

“Put it in beside Pruet’s.”  She laughed.  “Don’t you think it’ll fit?”

The fingers of his left hand, palm up, were inside her rectum.  Turning the palm down, which caused her eyebrows to bounce, he crouched between Pruet’s legs and presented his enflamed glans between Pruet and the vagina sill.  When he pushed, she lowered her hips, capturing both organs.

“Ho!” cried Pruet involuntarily.

“Ooo, I love that!” murmured the woman, eyes closed above a dreamy smile.  She opened them to fix Jacko.  “Lean more forward.  You start moving, but take it slow and easy.  Pruet, the idea is for you to put in while he pulls almost out.  That’s the most fun for all of us.”

The began to move as directed.  Grunting, Pruet accused, “You’ve done this before.”

“My sweet boys loved it, but this is the first time in 12 years.  Would you believe I’ve had three in there at the same time?”

“How could you do that?”

“You do know that a pussy is meant to pass a nine-month baby, don’t you?”

“I mean, with the boys?”

She chuckled.  “We’ll need Jerd for that, but I’ll show you.”  Her voice took on a tone of anticipation.  “You’ll be surprised at how much will go into a pussy.”

The three bodies were plunging in a syncopated rhythm.  A drop of sweat dangled on the end of Jacko’s nose.  He observed, “I can feel myself.”

She said, “And I can feel you feeling you.  Satisfy my curiosity, will you, fellows?  Were you both cherry?”

“Yes,” answered Jacko promptly.  A moment later Pruet said, “No.”

“Weren’t you?”  The woman was evidently surprised.  “Jerd thought you were.”

“I never told him.”

“Don’t guys brag about such things?”

“It was my cousin,” admitted Pruet.

“You never told anybody?” asked Jacko incredulously.

“No.”  The stocky boy fell still, letting the woman do his work.  His eyes closed, but apparently he felt that further explanation was needed.  “It was dark and she was drunk as a skunk.  She thought I was her boyfriend.”

“You bad boy!” cried the woman in an amused tone.  “A guy did that to me in college and I didn’t remember a thing about it.”

“How did you know?” asked Pruet with interest.

“He told me, the son of a bitch.”

“What did you do to him?”

“Screwed him again.  We ended up getting married.  Oho, Jacko!  Is it getting good?”

“Oh god!”

“Hey, don’t shoot on me!” ordered Preut.

Jacko’s pleasure was approaching the crisis.  “I’ll pull out.”

The woman said tartly, “And put in above him.”


“In place of your fingers.”

This one he understood.  Her anus gaped when he withdrew his fingers.  His soaking penis replaced them readily.  He pushed completely into her, awed at the sight of her plush buttocks wearing his pubic hair like an inverted beard.  He gasped when her sphincters closed upon the root.  He began automatically to piston within her.

“That’s it:” she cried lewdly, “fast in my ass.”

Pruet looked wide-eyed over her shoulder.  “Are you really up her ass?”

“You know it!” Jacko crowed.  He adopted the same pattern as before, thrusting in time with Pruet’s withdrawals.  He could dimly feel the other organ swelling the flesh as it passed.  The phenomenon was interesting enough to reduce his excitement.  Wanting to confirm the sensation, he reached past himself with a grin and slid a finger in beside Pruet’s shaft.  “Hey!” called the stocky lad, looking up wide-eyed again, prompting Jacko to insert a second.

“Try it above,” advised the woman.

“What?” asked Pruet.  But Jacko understood.  He had another hand, after all.  At his next partial withdrawal he tucked the fingernail close to the top of his penis and worked it readily into the woman along with a slow thrust.  On the next he applied a second finger.

Pruet had noticed Jacko’s expression.  He said, “What the hell are you doing?”

Jacko smiled beatifically.

“You’re fingering me,” Pruet accused.

“Myself too,” Jacko retorted.


The woman murmured, “He’s got two fingers in my pussy with your cock and two more in my ass with his.  God, this is beginning to feel good!  I want another cock.”  She looked over her shoulder.  “Is Jerdan still downstairs?”

“I’m right here,” sounded behind Jacko.

“Then come around the bed, damn it.”

A naked Jerd hove into Jacko’s vision past the foot of the bed.  He knelt on the far side and waddled forward until his half-flaccid organ dangled over Pruet’s head in front of the woman’s face.  He was holding a foot long kidney-shaped something in his hand.  Jacko blinked, recognizing a hospital puke pan.

The woman’s body froze.  “It’s not time for that, Jerdan.”

“Aw, what the hell,” the blond lad riposted.  “Let ’em see what kind of slut you really are.”

“Don’t call me that!”

“Why not, if it’s the truth?”  He raised the bedpan to a position between hers and Pruet’s faces.  “Open your mouth.”

“Damn you, Jerdan.  It’s too soon.”

“You said you want it all.  Well, here’s your chance, even if they don’t ever come back.  You’ve got two dicks in you and god knows how many fingers.  Preut has squeezed your tits hard enough to turn them red.  You ought to be in the mood this time.  So open your mouth.  I’ll keep it off the bed.”

The woman sighed deeply.  “Oh, god, oh, god, just the thought ―  But come around to your right.  We must keep it off Pruet.”

She raised up slightly, bending her waist to swing her shoulders far to the left.  Jerd shrugged and waddled around to follow her, careful to keep his knee clear of Pruet’s head.  Leaning also to the left, Jacko obtained a clear view of the woman’s profile.

Again Jerd positioned the bedpan under her chin.  He swung his hips closer, raising his penis with his free hand.  Jacko watched in breathless disbelief as a thin stream of pale liquid spouted from the eye of the uplifted organ, splashed on the woman’s chin and dripped into the pan.  Slowly she opened her mouth.  Jerd centered the stream between her lips.  She opened them wider as her hips resumed their motion.  The glans drew closer until it and its stream disappeared into her mouth.  The same liquid, pale from the two sodas its originator had recently consumed, reappeared over her bottom lip to cascade off her chin.

“Good god!” murmured Jacko involuntarily.

“What’s going on?” demanded Pruet, craning his neck.  “Is he pissing in her face?”

Apparently the couple were turned too far for the bottom lad to see clearly.  “In her mouth,” Jacko explained.

“In her mouth?” repeated Preut faintly.

“But she’s not swallowing.”  Just as he said that, Jacko saw her larynx bob.  “I mean, not much.”

One of her large breasts was clearly visible to him because of the twisted torso.  Its skin above the nipple was rosy, probably for the reason Jerd had assigned.  Jacko leaned forward and took the appendage in his own hand, working the nipple between thumb and forefinger.  He could not remember ever touching one before.

Suddenly the whole scene grabbed his vitals.  His dick was buried to the hilt in a woman’s ass, fingers in her cunt beside another’s dick, left hand squeezing her big, soft tit, while another friend pissed in her mouth and the odor of piss and pussy rose to his nostrils.  He took a breath and released breast and penis to clutch the woman’s hips instead, pistonning her as hard and fast as he could.  Within a few strokes his second orgasm exploded into her entrails.

He heard feminine screams, suddenly choked off, while he flopped on his back in a daze.  She tore free of Pruet, shaking the bed wildly.  He opened his eyes in time to see her flee the room without a word.  He heard wretching sounds somewhere else in the house ― and locally.  He flinched aside in time to avoid a burble of Pruet’s used coke.

“Let’s go,” said Jerd, setting the partly filled pan on the floor.  “Now.”

Pruet was slow to rise.  He stared at his brown stain on the sheet.  “I … I puked on ―”

“Forget it,” snapped Jerd.  “Get going.”

Within two minutes they were dressed and out of the house, departing by the same route.  Dusk had fallen on the street.  They shambled quickly along it, heads down.

After half a block, Pruet spat and asserted through clenched teeth, “Thought you said she was a nice woman!”

Jerd smirked.  “Didn’t she suck nice?”

“God damn it, Jerd!”  Pruet shivered.  “What if she has a disease?”

“She doesn’t have a disease.  I’ve been fucking her for months.”

“Pissing in her mouth?” asked Jacko.  “Why in the hell did you do that?”

“Because she loves it.”


“No, really.  It’s not the first time.”

“You pissed in her before?”

“Twice.  When she gets fired up, she wants everything she can get from a man.  Or a boy.  Really she means a boy.  I don’t think she likes grown men very much.  But this is the first time she let me give her a full load.  That’s because of your dicks stirring her up.”

“How can anyone love the taste of piss?” asked Pruet with a gulp.

Jerd sighed.  “I asked her that.  She learned to like it when she was babysitting.  They tried everything they could think of, and piss, she says, made the fucking better.”

“Huh!”  Jacko sneered.  “Did you let her pee in your mouth to see if it works?”

“Not exactly.  When you lick her out, she pees a little, I think.  It’s not so bad, you know.”  He grinned at Jacko.  You’ve tasted it.”

“Yeah,” Jacko agreed wonderingly.

“That’s disgusting too!” averred Pruet.

“Wait till you’ve tasted it,” Jacko countered.  “It’s bad at first, but then it gets …”


“Then it makes your dick hard enough to hurt.”

“How can it do that?”

Something does!”

Jerd added, “You gotta try it, Pruet.”

“Not me.”

Jerd, walking slightly in front, stopped and turned around.  Both he and Jacko blocked the stocky boy.  “Don’t be a dork,” said Jerd contemptuously.  “Everybody licks pussy.”

Pruet stared at him without responding.

“There’s nothing to it,” asserted Jerd.  “And they all like it.  As much as you like sucking.”

Pruet gulped again.  “I gotta go.”  He turned suddenly away.  Jacko, looking around, realized that indeed they had reached the cross street leading to the others’ homes.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow,” Jerd called as Jacko and he watched the retreating back.

“What did you think?” Jerd demanded.

Jacko hesitated.  At last he said wonderingly, “I fucked a woman!”

Jerd reacted approvingly.  “That’s the idea!”

“In all three holes.”

Jerd nodded.  “And that’s just the start.  She knows lots of tricks.”

“When are we going back?”

“I don’t know.  She’s free all day today ― on Wednesdays ― but teaches music every other day.”

“Weekends too?”

“Huh!  We can’t go on weekends: too many people watching the neighborhood.  I’ll give her a call and let you know.”

“Okay, Jerd.  Thanks, pal!”

“Don’t forget to keep quiet about it, or you’ll fuck up the only fucking you’re likely to get in years.”

“Don’t worry.”


* * *


As the only child, Jacko cleaned up the kitchen after a supper of TV dinners while his father retreated to his computer.  His mother looked up when he paused at the coat rack to don his windbreaker.

“Where are you going?”

“Out for a while.”

She grinned sourly.  “If I ask you where, you’ll give me some vague answer like the mall, won’t you?  Well, I remind you, it’s a school night.”

“Yes, ma’am.  I won’t be long.  I’ll be home before nine.”

Breathing the crisp outside air, he thought with a grin, What would she say if I told her I was going to get laid?  He chuckled.  Probably she’d answer, Don’t come out in the cold all sweaty.

The trees were mostly in leaf but the evening air was yet wintry.  He stepped up the pace, not quite running, enough to eat up the intervening blocks.  Cars passed him but he had seen no one else when he turned into Jerd’s vague path around the woman’s house.

The penlight from his jacket pocket showed him the unfamiliar doorbell button.  From the rear alcove he could see no other houselights.  The glass above the solid rear door showed a weak light probably from a farther room.  He listened and heard nothing except the leaves behind him, rustling dryly in a slight breeze.

Taking a deep breath, he pressed the bell button and was rewarded by a single ding within the house ― but nothing further.  He waited several seconds and pressed it again.  At last he heard footsteps.

Suddenly the door opened inward.  Dimly he saw her.  She had not turned on the kitchen light.

Her eyes were luminous nevertheless.  “Is that you, Jacko?”

“Y-yes, ma’am.”

“What do you want?”

“Can I … talk to you?”

She pursed her lips.  “I can barely make you out.  Come into the kitchen.”

She stood back.  He passed beyond her, noting the sweet and sour smell of alcohol on her breath, and turned around at the table to regard her.

The kitchen possessed two windows.  She went to each and closed the blinds.  Only then did she flip on the bright overhead lamp.  He blinked, shielding his dark-adjusted eyes.  She was wearing the same robe and slippers in which she had greeted her afternoon visitors.  Her ponytail had been neatened within a darker clasp.  He sighed, recalling the line of semen that had streaked her forehead and soaked into the hair.  No sign of that remained.

She stood across the table, studying him.  “What’s the matter, Jacko?  Did Jerd gross you out?”

He took a deep breath.  “Maybe Pruet.”

“But not you?”

“No,” he declared.

Her eyes glittered.  “That’s right, you’re the one who’s not afraid of his own stuff, at least.”  She smiled.  “Want a coke?  Have you had supper?”

“I could use a coke.”

“Sit down then if you want to talk.  Take off your jacket.”

He threw the windbreaker on the floor behind him and slipped into a chair.  She filled a tumbler at the icemaker, poured it full of brown fizz and set it before him.  With a twinkle in her eyes she came around the table and plopped her well-padded bottom onto the table itself, legs dangling, a knee pressing his elbow.

The twinkle became a grin.  “So what does the ex-virgin want to talk about?”

He took a swallow of his drink.  “I …  I wanted …  I guess, to thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”  She chuckled, then demanded, “What happened after you guys left here?”


“You didn’t talk about me?”


“And the general opinion ― what a bitch?”

He took a breath and blurted, “Jerd said you love piss in your mouth.”

Her humor vanished.  “Did he!”

“He said he’d done it several times.”

“That little devil!”  But her voice contained no venom.  “He also called me a slut to my face.  I suppose he ran me down pretty low.”

“Not … exactly.  I wouldn’t call it that.  He said why you love it.”

Her eyebrows rose.  “Did he indeed!”

“He said you learned it when you were a babysitter.”

She studied him thoughtfully and shook her head.  “Oh, god, I guess I’m in for it now.”

Jacko blinked.  “In for what?”

“I knew Jerdan was risky.”  She took a deep breath and leaned back on extended hands, though her eyes never left his face.  “But I’d been alone here over a year and sitting beside young guys on the piano bench almost every day, helping them through the difficult passages, showing them cleavage just to see their hard-ons.  Then along came Jerdan.”

She sighed.  “When he moved his lessons here, I knew it was only a matter of time before I took it out of his pants.  After that …”  She produced a much longer sigh.  “All I wanted was what I had before.  They say wanting to recover the past is always a mistake.  If so, I just made a doozer, didn’t I?”  She smiled tremulously.

He frowned in puzzlement.  “Why was it a mistake?”

“It’ll be all over the school by tomorrow night, won’t it?  Then the cops will show up.”

He blinked.  “The cops?  Who’ll tell them?  Not me!”

“Your friends at school.”

“What friends!  Nobody will say anything.”


“Not him either,” Jacko retorted confidently.  “We swore our oath.”

“Your oath?”

“We have a special one to keep important secrets.”

She shook her head.  “I wish I could believe in boyhood oaths.  Didn’t you say Pruet was upset?”

“A little.  He’s the kind who worries.”

“Did I make him worry?”

“Letting Jerd piss in your mouth.  He’s … turned off, a little.  But he’ll get over it.”

“Will he?”

“The next time he gets a hard-on he’ll remember what else you like.”

Her eyes showed interest.  “What about you, Jacko?  What else do you like?”

“I like it all,” he admitted, looking down.

“It didn’t turn you off when … even when you thought I swallowed it?”

After a moment he answered, “I saw your face.”

She grinned sourly.  “What did you see on my face besides piss?”

“It’s what I didn’t see.  You didn’t make one.”

She blinked.  “I didn’t make …  You mean, I didn’t show disgust?”

“It made me come.  Right then.”

She smiled slowly.  “Me too, Jacko.  That’s why I strangled.  But tell me why it excited you.”

He took a breath.  “I’ve been thinking it over, what you did, what I felt, what we were all doing to you, what Jerd said.  A woman can’t love men more than that.  That’s what was so sexy.”

She looked away.  “Oh, yes.  But only very young men, Jacko.”

“Are grown up men so different?”

She shook her head.  “I don’t really know if that’s the problem.  I haven’t seen my boys in over ten years.  I don’t know how they turned out as grown-ups.  But the men I tried as replacements … just didn’t work.”  She smiled.  “Maybe it’s only the difference in people.”  She raised a hand to tousle his hair.  “At least I had one more good afternoon.”



“You’ll have a lot more,” he predicted confidently.

“Will I?  Pruet is turned off, you said, and I know Jerdan wants out.”

“He what?”

“He’s tired of me, Jacko.  As you will be after awhile.  I know the signs.”  She chuckled ruefully.  “He’s even dropping piano.”

“Is he any good?”

“At what?  He has some musical talent, enough to please himself in the future.  As a lover I’m afraid he’s growing up fast.”

“Growing up?”

“Becoming a selfish grown man unconcerned for the feelings of his partners.  Well, the hell with him.  At least you came back.  ‘Gather ye rosebuds,’ as they say.”

Her fingers worked furiously in the row of buttons fronting the robe.  Scooting sideways before him, she raised one leg in a flash of white thigh and lowered it on the other side of his hips.  She leaned back on her hands, brown wiry hair almost in his face, stretching her knees apart until vagina lips gaped redly.

He bent but looked up at her over the rounded belly, between the splayed breasts.

She returned his stare.  “Isn’t this what you came for?”

He put tongue to her the way she had taught him earlier.

“This is what you wanted to do?” she demanded.

“Uh-huh!” he answered nasally, licking furiously around the lump.

“Then do it all.  Put in your hand.”

Pausing, he grunted an interrogative.

“You want to feel of a woman, don’t you?  Put your fingers and thumb together and work them into me.”

He raised up in astonishment.  A smile flickered on her lips.  “Do it ― and keep licking.”

A few pumps of the arm were sufficient.  She laughed at the total fascination on his wet face.  “I like this,” she declared.  “It’s the closest I can come to the real thing.  Now lick!”

The table was not solidly made.  It began to squeak, probably where the legs attached, in time with his arm thrusts.  She soon drowned that with the groans of an orgasm.  Her sphincters gripped his hand like a hot, wet fist.  She gasped, “Take off your clothes.”

He retained the presence of mind to look around for peepholes, but the windows were covered and the outside door was solid.  He removed shirt and undershirt and let pants and shorts fall around his feet.  Her legs rose to enclose his waist.  She lowered her shoulders to the table, rolling her hips forward to maximize clitoral contact.  He was pleased to learn that a tabletop was the right height for this.

Now the table squeaked louder.  She continued to climax, moans rising almost to screams, but not for very long.  The intimate exploration had stimulated him unbearably.  He soon offered his third deposit of the day to her greedy womb.


* * *


“I wish you could have seen your face,” she told him with an indulgent grin.  She had recovered enough to refill his tumbler and pour a goblet of wine for herself.  She sat beside him, one arm over his shoulders, breast rubbing his side.  They remained in the kitchen.

“When you said to put in my hand?”

“No.”  She chuckled.  “When you put your cock in afterwards.  You thought it would be loose as a goose, didn’t you?”

“Well, I ―”

She stated smugly, “Long ago I learned how to grip.”

“You’re amazing, Maisy.”

She sighed.  “I guess you’d better stick with Maisy.”

“I’ll call you anything you say.”

“Just as long as you call on me often.”

“Jerd said you’re busy except on Wednesdays.”

She grinned.  “Implying you’d like to see me more than once a week?”

“Oh, god, yes!”

She pulled him tightly against herself.  “Thank you, Jacko.”  She sighed.  “But you’d soon get tired of me too.”

“Is that what happened with your first ― with your boys?”

“No.  But I was their babysitter.  I saw them every afternoon and all day Saturday.  Their parents owned a grocery store.”

“Wow!  And you … did it to them every day?”

“Just about.”  She chuckled.  “I guess you’d call them a captive audience.”

“Four of them,” he noted contemplatively.

“Each almost exactly a year apart.  It was a joke in the family.”

“I’ll bet.”  His hand stroked her smooth thigh.  “When can I come back to see you?”

“My schedule is free on Thursday evenings too.  But as to coming …”  Her hand closed gently between his legs.  “Ah, the gallant youthful penis!  It’s been hard since you sat down, hasn’t it!  Jacko, we’ve still got tonight.  It’s not even nine o’clock.”

He turned around to look at the clock over the den door.  “Thanks for telling me.  I said I’d be home by nine.”

“Who’d you tell?”

He hesitated.  “Don’t worry, I didn’t say where I was going.  I just don’t want to start out with you by getting them excited.”

“Your parents?”

“Yeah.  I guess I really have to go, Maisy.”

He kissed her lingeringly, tasting her alcohol but no trace of Jerd’s leavings.

When their lips parted, her hand continued to clasp his manhood.  “Stay another half hour, Jacko.”

He shook his head.  Suddenly he grinned.  “Good thing it’s not in your mouth.”

“You want it there?”

She bent towards his middle but he drew back hastily.  “If it gets in your mouth I’ll be here all night.”

She sighed and watched as he drew on his clothing.  “Can you stay later tomorrow night?”

“Yeah.  I’ll tell them I’m going bowling.  The alley doesn’t close till ten.”

She smiled but sighed again.  “Come early, will you?”

“And late,” he said with a leer, “and as many times as I can.”

“That’s a lot at your age.”

She lifted his windbreaker from the corner where he had thrown it and was holding it out to him when a distinct “Ding” sounded in the house.

He stiffened and her eyes grew large.  “The backdoor!” she whispered fiercely.  “God, if anyone sees you here ―  Go out the front, Jacko, through the den and the living room.  Don’t turn on a light.  Maybe no one will spot you.”

“Ding” sounded the doorbell again.

She waved her hands, whispering, “Go!  Go!” and snatched up her robe.

He hurried through the indicated doorway into a dark room and immediately banged his shins on furniture.  He froze, waiting for his eyes to adjust, edging cautiously deeper into the room.  He saw the outline of the door to the living room, recalled from that afternoon, and slipped toward it.  Behind him he heard the click of a latch.

“What do you ―” he heard the woman begin.  Then her voice softened.  “Oh.  It’s you, Pruet.”

“C-can I come in, M-Maisy?” stammered a familiar male voice.

Jacko found the front door.  He paused with his hand on the knob.

“I’m surprised to see you again,” she said tartly after a moment’s delay.

The lad’s voice was nearer.  “Wh-why is that, Maisy?”

“Didn’t I make you sick?”


“You’re the one who vomited coke on my bed, aren’t you?”

A pause, then, “I’ll clean it up.”

“Huh!  It’s cleaned up.  What do you want, Pruet?  Have you had supper?”

“Yes, ma’am ― Maisy.”

Jacko heard a tinge of humor in her voice.  “You’re a very well-behaved lad, aren’t you, Pruet ― until you got involved with a disgusting slut.”

“Don’t say that!”  The male voice contained anguish.

“Why not, when it’s true?  Are you thirsty?  Sit down.  I’ll get you a coke.”

A chair scraped on the tile floor.  The ice crusher growled and the refrigerator door sighed open.

“Who’s glass is this?” asked the lad.

“Oh…  Mine, of course.  I like to chase my wine sometimes.”

“Did you drink wine to … to …”

“To what, Pruet?”

“Get Jerd’s taste out of your mouth?”

A peal of silvery laughter.  “Out of my mind, Pruet.”

“Why’d you let him do that anyway?”

“Because I’m greedy.”


“When I have two cocks in me, I want everything else I can get.”


Jacko could imagine his friend’s eyes staring in fascination.

She chuckled.  “Drink up, Pruet, and tell me why you came here.  Is it just because you want to tell me what a terrible person I am?”

A pause ensued, long enough for the lad to take a swallow.  When he answered at last, his voice was low.  Jacko had to concentrate to understand it.

“I was thinking …  All during supper I was thinking how lucky Jacko is.”


“He was …  He did something, something I’ve dreamed of doing.”

She barked a brittle laugh.  Her voice was charged with irony.  “I’ll bet I know what that is.”

“You do?”

Jacko heard a drawer slide open.  A moment later she said brusquely, “Take your clothes off.”

“M-my clothes?  But what’s that stuff for?”

“To prove that I’m the slut Jerd said I was.  Here, hang your stuff over this chair.  Want some help?”

Jacko heard the rustle of clothing.  He took a deep breath, shook his head and turned to tiptoe back to the kitchen, but the chiming of a nearby clock caused him to freeze.  It struck nine times.

From the kitchen Pruet’s voice asked plaintively, “What do I do?”

“Daub some of that Vaseline in me first…  Now just slide in your cock.  I’ll spread the cheeks…  Go ahead.  It’s what you’ve dreamed of.”

“God!”  After a moment the boy asked in fascination, “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“It would if it was dry or you were too quick.  You have a nice one, Pruet, but we’ve all passed bigger than that.”

“God, it’s out of sight!  But how does it feel?”

She laughed.  “How do you describe something up your ass?  If you really want to know, ask Jerd to help you.”


“I have a dildo upstairs that’s about your size, but for now go ahead and fuck me.”

“Can anybody see us?”

She laughed again.  “Aren’t you a bit late asking?”

Silence fell in the house.  The table began to squeak in its curiously rhythmic manner.  Jacko imagined her bent over it while Pruet plowed her from behind.  He was tempted to creep to the kitchen doorway and verify that image.  But his recent discharge much reduced the compulsion.  He recalled with satisfaction that he was ahead of Pruet there ― with fingers as well as cock.  Also at that moment his promise to his mother came to mind.

He listened a while longer to the squeaks, hearing masculine grunts but no sound from the woman herself.  Apparently she took less pleasure by asshole, even from a larger dick.

Resolving to ask her about that, he opened the front door.  Its latch clicked loudly.  He froze, but the remote squeaking continued unabated.  The streetlight was at the other end of the block, leaving the walkway nearly invisible even to dark-adjusted eyes ― and doing the same for him in regard to possible observers.  He slipped out into the darkness and closed the door quietly behind him.

A very content and satisfied young man strolled home in the chill night air.