Nauntie and the Fingerling

by Kellis

Fall, 2017


“You meant it about comfort, I see,” he commented as he brought their two suitcases in from the porch and let the screen door slam behind him.

She was sitting in the recliner by the lakeside window, pretty feet up and splendid legs crossed at the ankle, wearing the ragged remainder of a cheerleader’s tiny skirt — and nothing else.  Her russet hair was now caught up in a ponytail and both hands held a smart phone in her lap atop the skirt.

Her blue eyes flashed coolly up to him.  “So I’m a comfortable kind of chick.”

He sniffed.  “Oh, no, you’re not!”

“Everywhere but in the city,” she explained, eyes returning to her little machine.

Passing on by her with the suitcases, he paused to admire the melon-sized tits filling up her chest, outthrust enough to be compressed by her extended arms, realizing that familiarity had not and would never breed indifference to that sight.

Again she glanced up, now with a twinkle.  “I’m glad it’s working.”

He shook his head.  “Too bad the reverse doesn’t.”

The twinkle became a grin.  “Studs flashing chicks?  Who said it doesn’t?”

“Something about ‘Indecent Exposure.’”

“In a cabin on the lake?”  She sniffed in return.  “Why don’t you get comfortable too?”

He nodded and continued into the second room of the unfinished cabin, containing a double bed frame and bare mattress.  The woman’s traveling clothes were folded neatly on the dresser atop her baggy purse.  Was that how the cheerleader’s skirt got here?

Swinging the suitcases atop the mirrored dresser, he stooped, removed a bedsheet from one of the drawers and spread the cloth over the mattress, carefully tucking in “hospital corners” as the Army had taught him years ago.  Opening his suitcase long enough to remove a pair of Bermuda shorts, he stripped off every stitch of his own clothing, folded each piece into the same corner of an empty drawer, donned the shorts and finally stuffed the feminine garments into the other corner.  When he returned to the main room, he was ill dressed equally with his companion.

He paused beside her chair.  Her thumbs were working furiously on the smart phone face.

“How’s the signal here?” he asked, genuinely curious.

“Not even one bar, but you can still text slowly.”

“Text who, Jennifer again?”

“Yeah.  She envies me.”  He recognized the satisfied tone.


“I told you she left that asshole a couple weeks ago.  Now she regrets it.”

“Empty twat, eh?”

“Mouth too.  Like the rest of us, Jennifer’s crazy about dick wherever she can get it.”

“Then why is she doing without?”


“Stella, that’s something I’ve never understood.  A halfway decent woman — hell, not to speak of an indecent one! — can have just about any dick she wants for the asking.  Correct that: she doesn’t have to ask.”

She cocked an eyebrow at him.  “Should I be insulted?”

He saw the twinkle but had to ask, “Insulted how?”

“Was I indecent for sucking your cock before you asked?”

His face brightened.  “Hell yes, you were!  And I loved you for it.  Still do.”

She smirked.  “Nolan, it seems there’s one thing you still don’t understand about chicks.  For most of them the dick has to be familiar.”

“You mean she has to fuck it first?”

“I mean she has to be confident its owner won’t humiliate her.”

“But not you, eh?  When you went down on me in that airplane seat, before you even knew my name, how did you know I wouldn’t scream, ‘Help, she’s eating my dick?’”

She grinned through a sniff.  “If you had, it might’ve got me more fun.”

“Indecent, oh yes — and a slut.”

“More insults?”

“Not at all.  You’re my indecent slut.”

“Yes, I am.”

Her eyes dropped back to scan the smart phone screen.  She chuckled.  “Jennifer’s telling me about a glory hole video she saw and dreamed it was her mouth behind the hole in the wall.”

“Too bad it was only a dream.”

“Why do you care?  Something special about her mouth?”

“Nothing special, except she’s a newspaper reporter, articulate by definition.”

“And you’d like to hear how it feels to service a glory hole.”

“Oh, yeah!  All the details.”

“How’s this for a detail?  One of them had a big wart on the head.”


Stella barked a laugh.  “Now you’re thinking of it as your mouth!”

“Double yuck!”

Her eyes on his narrowed.  She released the phone in her lap, transferred her thumbs to the elastic waistband of his shorts and suddenly snatched them down to his knees.  An arm around his buttocks jerked him against the chair.  He would have fallen over her had he not caught the high back of the chair.  Her head dipped below his swinging cock to slurp it into her mouth.  Peering between them, he saw that her hands had released him so that her thumbs could again pound the phone screen.

The abrupt action had startled but not surprised him.  He had learned that she was lightning fast with her sexual decisions, either way.  Now she demonstrated that tongue and thumbs could work simultaneously, with predictable results.  Her suction increased as the mouthful came fully erect.

He asked, “What are you telling Jennifer?”

After more thumb taps she held the smart phone up for him.  He read,


drm all u want ive got real 1 in mouth


u what? bs


no bs nolans is down throat rit now tastes gt

As he watched, a response appeared.


thats just like u bitch

He said, “Read her answer.”

She lowered the phone and guffawed nasally.  Holding it to the side where he could see, she thumbed,


sumthg came up c u later

She dropped the phone, tugged his hips around until he was straddling her, cock still in mouth, and gave him her full attention.  It was his practice never to hold back with a blowjob and soon delivered the wet consequences.  When he rose off her, she grinned up at him with dry lips.

He said teasingly, “Gonna tell her what you swallowed?”

“Didn’t ’wallow yet.”  She opened her mouth to display a white-coated tongue, then swallowed ostentatiously and grinned wider.  “Fuck Jennifer!”

“Not just now, thank you.”

“You’d like that, I expect.  Trade you the chair.”

Shortly the smart phone was on the floor, he was in the recliner and Stella was squatting over his chest with his tongue stroking the clitoral vicinity.  The hem of her skirt rested atop his head.

She murmured, “Ooo, ooo, that’s good!  Guess you can tell I enjoy bragging.”

He managed, “Long as it’s about me.”

“Hoo, your fluttering lips feel good too!  Keep talking.”

“Testing, one, two, three, four.”

She laughed.  “With a pussy in your face that’s all you can say?  I expected you to —  Oho, wait a minute!”

She strained upward, leaning toward the window.  “I’ll be damned!  That kid is jerking off, I’ll bet!  Nolan, you got a telescope here anywhere?”

“Twenty-power binoculars in the glove compartment.”

In a flash she was off him and out the screen door, letting it slam, the rear of her skirt bouncing up to expose shapely butt cheeks.  He stood and looked out the window.

The cabin was on a small hill at the head of the lake, a long and relatively narrow body of water.  At this point, where the main feeder entered, it was hardly a hundred yards wide.  On the far shore, visible through gaps in the trees, lay a considerable mud bank, flooded in the winter and spring, dry now in late summer and covered in rich green grasses of opportunity.

In the grass a figure lay perpendicular to the line of sight.  Nolan could make out a tow head at one end above a maroon T-shirt, tanned hips, crossed legs and bare feet at the other.  One hand held a book — no, some kind of e-reader — vertically on the chest while the other made a fist in the middle and moved leisurely up and down.

Studying the scene, Nolan concluded that this was a pubescent boy wearing only a T-shirt.  The hand of a masturbating girl would not move in precisely that manner.  He wondered what the kid was reading.

Stella was longer returning than he expected, explaining when she finally appeared, clutching the binoculars, tits bouncing, “That window is the only place you can see him through the trees.”

She sidled between chair and window and pressed the wide binoculars to her eyes while twiddling the focusing ring madly.  “My god, what a pretty little cock!”

“You can make it out?” he asked, rising to look over her shoulder.

“Straight up and down!  He let it go long enough to page his e-reader.  It’s been circumcised.  Head looks like a big ripe cherry.”

“That you’d love to suck.”

“You bet!”

“How big is it?”

“I’d guess he’s about twelve, assuming he doesn’t shave his pubes.  His cock’s about half, maybe two-thirds of yours.”

“Longer than his hand width then.  I couldn’t tell.  That’s pretty good for an adolescent.”

“That’s not all that’s pretty.  He’s got puffy pink lips.”

“That you’d also love to suck.”

“God, Nolan, I’d love to suck him all over!”

“Didn’t know you were so enamored of immature flesh.”

“I didn’t either.  I’d forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

“I often helped the girl next door babysit her three younger brothers.  I think that was the best fun I had as a teenager.”

“How young?”

“You can imagine.  She and I were fourteen.”

“Tell me about it.  You like to brag.”

“Later.  Just now I’m too busy licking my lips.  Wonder how often he does that.”

“Jerks off?”

“While reading.  No, I’m wondering how often he comes to that grassy spot to do it.”

“Who knows?  Far over to the left you can just see the top of another cabin.  Tonight we’ll look for lights in it.”

“Of course he might come from anywhere.  Could I get over there?”

“Where he is, you mean?  Well, there’s a road around the lake, but you have to go through the woods to get down there on the shore.”

“Why don’t you have a boat?”

“We didn’t come here to fish.  I could rent one for you, I suppose.”

“Hmm…  Keep an eye on him.”

She brushed past Nolan and went into the bedroom.  Through the open door he could see her at the back window, peering around, often shifting the binoculars.  She soon returned between him and the recliner’s window and raised the binoculars again.

“Those woods back there don’t look so cluttered,” she reported.  “Why is that?”

“Maybe because this area floods in the spring.  That grass bank down there is under water then.”

“I think I could jump over that creek.”

“Maybe so, but not in the spring.”

“Fortunately this ain’t spring.”

He chuckled slightly.  “Stella, it seems you want to go fishing after all.”

“Not for fish.”

“This lake has lots of fish, so they say, and I would agree if you count what we see yonder as a fingerling.”

“A fingerling.”

“It’s what you call a young fish.”

“‘A fingerling,’” she quoted, curling her fingers as if holding a ball.  “I like it.  For sure he’s fingering.”

“Of course we should consider the practicalities.”

“Such as?”

“What if he sees you and runs away?”

“He’d be easy to sneak up on.  Runs away?  Do I look so scary?”  She continued before he could answer.  “Kids aren’t afraid of school teachers.”

“You’re also a coach.”

“Of coaches either.”

“Thirty-two seducing twelve is illegal as hell, even if you are a woman.  Which is totally ridiculous, by the way.  I would’ve adored you seducing me when I was twelve.  Still he might identify you.”

“How?  Believe me, I won’t take my purse.  And I’ll be coming from the wrong side of the lake.”

“He could follow you home.”

“Huh!  Kick his ass if he tries …”  She stiffened.

Glancing up from the tit he had been fondling, he saw that the lad had turned on his side facing them, his smart phone held out of the way.  The jerking and page turning hand was a blur at his midsection.

Nolan said, “Is that what I think it is?”

“Yeah.  He’s coming.  Wow, a nice squirt!  What a waste!”

He chuckled, knowing where she would prefer it to fall.  Even squinting, he could make out no detail.

“This kid’s full of it,” she observed.  “Do you suppose he didn’t jack off lately?”

“Possible but unlikely.”

“He’s popped out more than you do, ’less you save it up.”

“Hard to manage that with Stella around.”

She chuckled.  Her hand dropped behind to cup his balls.  Reaching around, he closed both hands on her tits.  “Don’t we have some unfinished business?”

“Let’s watch a minute.  You suppose he’ll go to sleep?”

“He might.”

“Giving me my chance.”  She turned around in his arms and regarded him earnestly.  “Nolan —”

He held up a hand.  “Your fingerling is not going to sleep.”

She spun back, binoculars up, to announce, “His dick has shrunk.  Looks sort of like an acorn in its shell.”

The lad was on his feet, stepping into blue shorts.  As they watched, he stuffed the e-reader under his waistband, turned and meandered across the greensward in the direction of the barely visible cabin.  Shortly he had penetrated far enough into the woods for even his maroon shirt to vanish.

“Shit!” declared Stella.

“You really want him, don’t you?”

She grinned sheepishly over her shoulder.  “God, I do!”

“That babysitting memory must be outstanding.”

“It was.  Is.”

He turned her around by the shoulders.  “Stella, do you really want that kid, enough to take the risk?”

“What risk?  Who’s watching besides you?”

“No one that we can see.  But a schoolteacher hopping a twelve-year-old!”

Her eyes flashed.  “I’m surrounded by thirty kids for nine months.  At least a quarter of them, the ones sitting beside flirty girls, have got hard cocks with hands jiggling in their pockets.  Getting at one of those cocks is a favorite fantasy.”

“And you think now’s your chance?”

“Well, it was.”

“He might return tomorrow.”

“You think so?  The kids I know aren’t so consistent.”

“Don’t be a pessimist.  You can hope, can’t you?”

“You wouldn’t mind me sucking off that kid?”

“Mind?  Long as you don’t get caught.  Long as you let me watch.”

“From here?  With binoculars?  Sure.  I’ll even keep him turned right.”

He grinned and licked her lips.  “Good.  I’ve got another item in the car for you to take with you.”

She glared.  “Not a camera!”

“No, they call it a wire, which it ain’t, not anymore.  I’ll show you.  Now about that unfinished business …”

She placed a finger on his lips.  “We’ve got all night for that.  While the sun’s still up I want to find a path through those woods.”


* * *


“There he is, right on time!” Stella announced with evident pleasure from her impaled squat atop Nolan in the recliner.  Today both were nude.

She leapt off him.  He followed to stand beside her at the window.  The distant lad was still crossing the grassy expanse.  Nolan took the binoculars to study him.  Under the light sandy hair, not too closely cut, blue eyes concentrated on his path, obviously not concerned about possible watchers.  Indeed the lips were outturned, puffy as Stella had remarked, under a pug nose in a round face.

“No pimples,” said Nolan.  “Not quite a teenager, I’d bet.”

Stella shrugged.  “Old enough to squirt, whatever his age.”

Today the lad wore a white T-shirt and perhaps the same blue shorts, from which he removed his e-reader before kicking them off.

“Now I understand,” said Nolan.  “That’s not a smart phone.  I wondered how he could read it in bright sunlight.  It’s a Kindle.”

“Who cares how he reads it?”

“Oh?  Aren’t you interested in what he reads on a Kindle that makes his dick hard?”

“That’s what, not how.”

“Okay, picky.  But now you know this one is consistent.”

The lad lay down on his back in about the same spot and the same orientation as yesterday.  With his nearer hand holding the e-reader on his chest, the far hand crept over his hip and pulled at his midsection with extended fingers.

“What’s he doing?” asked Stella.

“Finding his cock.  Flaccid, it’s too small to fist.  How does that compare with the babes you sat?”

“They weren’t babes.  And around me no dick ever stays flaccid.”

He chuckled.  “I suppose not.  Now he’s making progress.”

The lad’s hand enclosed a firm shaft that peeked above the fist, at least at the bottom of a stroke.

“I’m taking off,” Stella announced, darting into the bedroom.

Nolan continued to watch.  As yesterday, the lad was now reading while the other hand languidly stroked his cock.

Stella emerged, wearing her short cheerleader’s skirt and a strapless elastic halter that left her midriff bare.  She had worried about the halter letting her tits sag too far until he suggested that it permitted a more fulsome display.  Also it concealed the “wire.”  Sockless sneakers covered her feet for protection on the path.

He picked up an earphone and pointed to the halter.  “Test it once more.”

She tapped the tiny microphone-transmitter where it was pinned inside the halter top.  He heard matching pops in the earphone.

“Good to go,” he said.  “Now be careful, dammit!  If worse comes to worst, run like hell and swim across the lake.  I’ll meet you.”

“Oh, Nolan!”  She hurried to stand before him.  “This is so exciting!  Give me some tongue.”

They kissed deeply.  He licked the backsides of her upper teeth.

She withdrew with a grin, flashing eyes and a boast.  “The next thing in my mouth will be a boy cock.”

“Go make it happen,” he encouraged with a grin.

She departed the cabin deliberately, this time not letting the door slam.  He went to the bedroom to watch her progress from the back window.  Shortly her lithesome figure disappeared into the trees.  He waited and half a minute later was rewarded to see her sail across the creek, obviously in a running jump.  She waved at him and again vanished.

Returning to the main room window, he donned the earphones fully and raised the binoculars.  Once he clearly heard her say, “Damn!” but could only guess the reason.  Apparently it was not loud enough to alarm the boy, whose stroking hand never faltered.

Finally she reappeared at the edge of the woods, well behind the lad’s enthralled head, and advanced out of the underbrush.  She paused, looked across the distance, with the powerful binoculars seemingly into his eyes, and whispered faintly, “Here goes.  Trust you’re watching.”

She moved forward slowly, walking gingerly, careful to avoid twigs.  Her shadow from the late afternoon sun trailed mostly behind her.  She was able to draw very close, stopping hardly a full step behind the boy’s head.  She actually bent forward to peer at the Kindle screen.  The stroking hand froze.

She and Nolan had amused themselves deciding what she should say at this moment, ranging from, “What are you reading?” to “What a nice cock!” to “How about a fuck?” even, “Where’s a good place to pee?”

Obviously astonished, she actually said, “But that’s Little Women!”

Abandoning the Kindle, the boy rolled over like lightning, leapt to his feet and dashed away in the direction opposite Stella’s entry.  Clearly he expected to escape this intruding old woman, not even bothering to look over his shoulder until he had run a dozen paces.  But he had misjudged his intruder.  This one, a girls’ coach, was accustomed to running two miles every other day.

Though surprised, in less than a second Stella was after him and closing quickly.  What he saw over his shoulder was her extended hand, which clamped his trailing arm.  Wriggling like a hooked fish, he struggled unsuccessfully to get free.

She brought them to a stop and spun them about to face the distant watcher, letting Nolan see why the lad suddenly ceased fighting.  One hand clamped his upper arm while the other clutched his entire boyhood.  The still erect cock peeped out from under the web of her thumb.  The lad’s head was turned, eyes huge, staring at his captor.

In another quick decision she turned him sideways, dropped to her knees, squeezed the immature butt cheeks firmly and gobbled up the entire short cock previously admired only from a distance.

The lad’s consternation deepened.  He screamed, voice breaking in the middle, “Help!  She’s eating my dick!”

Of course Nolan dissolved in laughter.

When he was able to train the binoculars again, he found the lad on his back in the grass, legs spread apart, with the woman kneeling between them, hands on the boy’s chest to keep him down, head bobbing in the hairless genitals.  But despite fists clenched at his sides, the lad was no longer struggling.  With head thrown back he was moaning, “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!”

That sequence soon ended in a drawn out grunt.  For a moment both bodies were still.  Stella rocked back on her heels, flashed a grin toward the distant Nolan and licked her lips.  The lad looked up at her silently.  His hand closed on the upstanding cock, which had been sucked clean.

She grinned down at him.  “Still want to run away?”

Apparently not.  He stared at her accusingly.  “You sucked my dick!”

“I sure did.  Are you sorry?”

“You sucked my dick.”  This time it was merely an observation.

“Oh, yes.”


“Didn’t you like it?”

“It’s … the best thing I ever felt.  I loved it.”

“So did I.”

You loved it?  Why?”

She chuckled with a shrug.  “I admit it’s more complicated for me than you.”

“And you swallowed my jizz.”

“I did.”

“Did you like the taste?”

“Sure.  I like what the taste represents.”

“What’s that?”

“Doesn’t your school teach hygiene?”


“Then you should know all about semen.  It’s the soup of life.  How old are you?”

“Just turned twelve.”

“Then you haven’t been making it long, have you?”

“About a month.”

“Well, for your information, you make a nice healthy dose of it.”

“I do?”  His eyes brightened but immediately shadowed.  “My dick’s too small.”

“Who says so?”

“Nobody.  But I see the others.”

“I assure you, Fingerling, it can please a woman and that’s big enough.”


She grinned.  “Isn’t that what you call a small fish caught on a lake?”

He brightened again.  “You did catch me, didn’t you?”


“You might not’ve except …”

“Except nothing!  Except what?”

His voice betrayed dismay.  “Hurts to run naked with a hard dick.”

“How so?”

“It flops up and down.”

“Like running with naked boobs.”  She laughed and stood up.  “Hard or not, don’t run away this time without your Kindle.”

“I won’t.  You look like my aunt.  What’s your name?”

She huffed.  “For sure I’m not your aunt.  I’m a ‘Not Aunt.’  That’s it.  You can call me Naunt.”

She turned away toward his original location, now facing the distant watcher.

He was at her side immediately, looking up with a grin.  “Naunt.  And I’m Fingerling.”

“My fingerling.  I’m pleased to meet you.”

“You bet!”

“Have you forgiven me for catching you?”

“Oh, wow!  Catch me again.”

“I just might.  I like your enthusiasm.”

“Oh, wow!”

She chuckled.  “If we’re on good terms, explain something to me.”


“It’s been years since I read Little Women but I still remember it.  That’s the last book I’d recommend to help a boy play with his dick.  What did you see in it that I missed?”

Distant Nolan observed a flush on the lad’s face.  Instead of answering, the boy said, “You don’t dis me for jerking off?”

She laughed.  “A cock sucker complaining about a masturbator?  You gotta be kidding!”

“‘A cock sucker,’” he repeated thoughtfully.  “I’ve been told girls do it, but I never even heard of a grown woman sucking a boy’s cock.”

“Little cocks have their own charms.  You’ve got something to brag about when school starts.”

“Brag?  Nobody would believe me.”

She chuckled.  “Tell me about Little Women.”

They had reached the fallen Kindle.  The lad picked it up and said scornfully, “I don’t read it straight.”

“No?  How then?”

“Look here.”  He held the device up.  “Meg’s telling John she don’t want to get a family started right away.  I put different words in her mouth.  She’s really telling him, ‘You just keep on fucking me up the ass till I say when.’  He goes, ‘As you wish, dear.’  I think of him adding, ‘Maybe Beth will suck me after she licks you.’”

“I see.  Very interesting.  And in your mind’s eye you see them doing more than the words say, right?”

“Oh, yeah.  When Meg and Beth are with him in the grape arbor, they help each other strip off all those crazy clothes and put them back on when they finish fucking.  The girls have a lot to say about handling John’s big dick.”  He giggled.  “Sometimes it’s surprising how little you have to change their words.”

“You have a wonderful imagination, Fingerling, but I think you need more data for it.”


“Like this.”  Careful to face the distant cabin, she raised the halter’s bottom elastic well above her nipples, popping them out pinkly before the lad’s astonished eyes.  “How’d you like to handle real boobs?”

“Oh, wow!”  Again dropping the Kindle, his hands darted to her exposure.

“Don’t pinch!  Why don’t you do a little sucking of your own?”

Arms around her, he buried his face in the closer breast.  She chuckled fondly, stroking his tow head and letting him take his time.  Shortly he switched to the other nipple.  Her hand descended between them, stroking the firm little cock and fondling the ball sack.

He lifted his head to regard her with awe.  She smiled.  “What do you think, Fingerling?  Good data?”

“Oh, wow, Nauntie!”

The smile became a chuckle.  “Here’s some more data for you.”  She sat down in the grass sideways to the distant Nolan, spread her legs and pulled up the short skirt.  One hand spread her nether lips.

His eyes popped.  He sank to his knees before her, stared at the display and wet his lips.  “You … you want me to lick you, Nauntie?”

“If you can stand it.”

“‘Stand it?’”

“Real pussy’s tend to stink.  I powdered this one up but that was half an hour ago.”

His face descended gamely.  Hands around his head guided him gently.  He soon found the clit.

“That’s it, my sweet Fingerling!”

She let him continue for a minute before tightening her hands, falling onto her back and pulling him atop her.  When in position, she directed his eager flesh into hers, as Nolan saw clearly.  Hands on his butt cheeks set the rhythm.

“I’m fucking you, Nauntie!” he cried in astonishment.  The distant Nolan winced because now the lad’s mouth was nearly atop the microphone.

“Oh, yes, you are!” Stella agreed.  “Is this your first time?”

He mumbled something that not even Nolan understood.

She asked, “Were you cherry, Fingerling?”

“Yes,” he whispered, face pressed into her shoulder.

She chuckled.  “Well, don’t be ashamed of it.  Everybody starts that way, but you no longer are.”

“Thank you, Nauntie.”

Her chuckle strengthened.  “Such politeness!  Fingerling, you are a jewel.”

“Oh, wow!  I’m fucking you.”

“Yes, you are.  Come up a little bit.”


“So it’ll feel better to me.  There’s two of us fucking, you note.”

After a moment he asked, “Does it feel better now?  Oh.  Oh!”  He added a longer moan.

She clasped his hips and jerked the torso with its streaming cock up to her head, where she engulfed the entirety of his genitals, this time including his balls.  His chest flopped beyond her.  He barely had presence of mind to catch himself on extended hands.

They lingered thus for a good while.  At last he withdrew and rolled off beside her.  Facing the distant cabin, she rose on an elbow to regard him.

“What do you think, Fingerling?”

“Oh, wow, Nauntie.  That’s the best of all!”

“As good as you imagined?”

“Even better.  I never thought you could feel it all over.”

“Very good, Fingerling, and I’ll tell you something: only girls seem to notice that.  Who knows?  Maybe a boy is more sensitive.”

“Oh, wow!”

“What did you think of cunnilingus, otherwise known as eating pussy?”

“Makes my dick really hard.  Only stinks at first.”

She chuckled.  “Here’s an old saying for you: when you get past the stink, you’ve got it licked.”

“Oh.  Oh, yeah!”

“Fingerling, you are a delight!  Have you thought of any questions?”

“No.  Yeah.  Does it feel as good for a girl as for a boy?”

She grinned.  “Think about it.  How would anyone know?  But I’ll tell you this: sometimes it feels so good a girl can go right out of her mind.  She can see firecrackers and hear bells and whistles.”

“Really?  Wow!”

Stella cocked her head.  “What’s that?”

They were still.  Over the wireless link Nolan heard a distant woman calling.

Stella said, “Sounds like she wants Willie.  Is that you?”

“It’s my real name,” the lad admitted.  He got tiredly to his feet, looking around for his e-reader.

She rose beside him and pulled him against her.  “Kiss me goodbye.”

When they had kissed, he pulled back wide-eyed.  “You stuck your tongue in my mouth!”

She chuckled.  “Did I just get another cherry?”

“Wow!”  He cupped her breasts from either side.  “Nauntie, I love you.”

“That’s sweet, Fingerling.”

“Will you be here tomorrow?” he asked earnestly.  “I’ll come every day.”

“No, sweetie, that would be unwise.  This was it.  Don’t forget me and I won’t forget you.”

“Oh, Nauntie!”

“Go on home now.”

With an air of dejection the lad pulled up his shorts, turned and wandered dispiritedly away to the woods.  At the edge he turned back long enough to wave.  She responded in kind and watched until he disappeared.

“God!” she muttered.  “Already wish we were staying longer.”  She looked toward Nolan.  “That fingerling really is a jewel!”


* * *


“Do come in,” Nolan said from the recliner as she passed through the screen door, this time letting it slam, “and tell me how you feel.”

“High as a kite!” she declared, grinning ear-to-ear.  “As I hope you saw, I just sucked and fucked a twelve-year-old.”

“And heard,” he agreed, matching her grin.  He was nude and unencumbered, having returned ear phones and receiver to the bedroom.

She stood by his chair, pink cheeked and bright-eyed.  “The first time I’ve done that in fifteen years, since Eva’s youngest brother was twelve.  I really did enjoy it — then and now.”

“Somebody did from the evidence on your blouse.”

She grinned down at the semen streak up her halter front.  “That kid was full of it.  He’s more mature than the name I gave him.  His stuff tasted fresh somehow and I really loved licking those puffy lips.”

Elbows high, she crossed her arms in the feminine manner, jerked the halter over her head and tossed it to the floor.  “Without your wire I would’ve taken it off for him.”

“To help with his data?  Apparently you can take the girl out of the school but not the teacher out of the girl.”

She sniffed.  “That was just the excuse.  I loved his eagerness.”

“I know you did.  But he didn’t start out that way.  You do know, I hope, that you raped him — in the most literal sense.”

“I did, didn’t I?”  Her eyes lit.  “God, what fun!  And he didn’t complain afterwards either.”

“Not after he gave you a mouthful.”

“Suddenly I wonder why rape is so illegal.”

He chuckled.  “Your point is that it shouldn’t be if the rapee enjoys it?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, in practice I suspect if a girl enjoys it, most of the time she won’t report it.  Of course girls are slow to arouse.  It may be a lot harder to please a female victim that a male.  Would you like to rape him again?”

“I would.  God, Nolan, I wish there was some way I could be here tomorrow!”

“Unfortunately we both need to be there on time tomorrow morning.”

“I know it.  Life can be such a bitch!”

He grinned.  “Oh, I don’t know.  Sometimes it plops a nubile fingerling down on the lakeshore.”

“Oh, yes.”  She shoved the short skirt to the floor, kicked it away and dropped her hand to his midsection, observing, “This needs work.”

“It needs you.”

She stooped.  Her mouth sought and enclosed him.  After a respectable interval she raised up with a grin, exposing a turgid erection.  “What a difference!”

“Between states or between dicks?”

“Why not both?”

He said, “I surmise your fingerling failed to satisfy.”

“If I saw him again I’d teach him how to last.”  She swung her leg over Nolan’s hips and readily impaled herself.

He remarked, “Your fingerling certainly left you hot to trot!”

“Oh, god, Nolan!”  She leaned forward until her nipples touched his chest.  “What a great adventure!  Thank you so much!  But don’t worry.  Your cock will always be the best.”

So she proved, at least for that afternoon.