Need Work

a Story by Kellis

Summer, 2012



Chad pressed the window-down button.  “Aren’t you really a woman?”

“Last time I looked.”  The voice was soprano, surprising him; she hadn’t seemed so young.  The assumed age usually produced contralto in women, at best.  Otherwise the gender was not obvious.  She wore jeans with the knees out, sneakers with the toes out and a long-sleeved man’s gray shirt too large for her with no swell of breast.  Mousey brown hair straggled to shoulder length.  She had baggy blue eyes, no sign of makeup and no polish on finger or toenails.  The plain cheeks were smooth, however, which had prompted Chad’s question.

He had stopped in the left-turn lane to await the light.  She stood on the island in the divided roadway, hands with short nails holding a crudely lettered sign that proclaimed, Need Work.  The backs of her hands were smooth, supporting the conclusion of a lower age.

He tilted his head, said, “Get in the car,” and waited to see if she would do it.

When she stepped off the curb, he popped the locks.  She ran around the front with alacrity, snatched the door open and plopped into the seat just as the light changed to green.  The car turned into the corner as she closed the door.  He smelled bacon frying, one of the odors of an unwashed woman.

“Put on your seat belt,” he told her above the engine purr and grinned.  “We don’t want the cops to notice us, do we?”

“Why not?  You planning to take me into the woods and snuff me?”

He grunted.  “Stuff you, maybe.  If you feared that, why’d you get in?”

“I also thought if he does that at least I’ll be out of this mess.”  She pulled the belt around her.

“What mess?”  He gave her a quick once-over.  “You look poor but healthy.”

She took a deep breath.  “Poor!  I’m flat broke, nothing to wear, no place to stay.  My last friend kicked me out this weekend.  I ain’t had a bath since then, nothing to eat today and one coke to drink.”

“So you’re hungry.”

“Plus thirsty and tired of standing on a corner begging from skin-flints.  My feet hurt and so do my hips.”

“I thought beggars do rather well on that corner — at least when the light’s red.”

“Well, you thought wrong.  At least about me.  The men think I’m a cop and the women …  When I smiled at one, she ran her window down and said, ‘Why don’t you drop dead?’”

“But you’ve got your health.”

“Not for long at this rate.”

“Have you looked for a job?”

“What do you want from me, Mister, my life history?”

“No, although I can be a sympathetic listener.”

“Huh!  I need to put something in my mouth.”

“I can help you there.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet.”

He chuckled.  “In fact I mean to let you suck my cock but after I give you something to chew on.”

“To chew on?  Such as?”

“Fast food.”

He turned the car into a sidestreet.

She leaned back with a sigh.  “About what I figured.  But a blowjob’s worth more than a meal.”

“Depends on where you sell it, among other things.”

“You got AIDS?”

He chuckled again.  “Of course not.”

“What’s funny?”

“That you’d believe it.”

“No choice.”  She slowly relaxed, commenting, “At least I’m out of the hot sun.  The greatest man who ever lived invented air-conditioning.”

“A philosopher too!”  The car wheeled into a BurgerQuick.  He said, “What do you like?”

She told him.  At the drive-through window he bought the meal and turned into a parking place.  She bit into a sandwich and said with her mouth full, “You just gonna watch me eat?”

“I had lunch an hour ago.  Go ahead.  If that’s not enough food, I’ll get you some more.”

She ate all the fries, two sandwiches and an apple pie and sucked the straw until the cup rattled.

He nodded.  “You weren’t lying about being hungry.”

“Nor the rest of it.”

“Want more to eat?”

“Not now.  What happens next?”

“I give you another tablespoon to drink.”


He grinned.  “Your suggestion was a good one.”

“My … suggestion?”

He started the car and stopped at the curbside trashcan.  “Toss it,” he told her and pulled out into traffic when she had complied.

She burped powerfully and laughed.

“What’s funny,” he said, “or do you feel better?”

“A full belly sure feels better.  I’d thank you except …”

“Except you’re going to pay for it?”

“And that goes with the funny part.”

“Expecting a cocksucker to have good manners?”

“You got it.”  She laughed again, somewhat nervously.  “At least, a homeless cocksucker you picked up on a corner.”

“Well, I figure you’ve done it before.”

She grunted.  “Not for a cheeseburger.”

“What’s your name?”


“Okay, Halley.  Pleased to meet you.  Call me Chad.”

“Chad.  I know a guy named Chadwick, but it’s his last name.”

“Friend of yours?”

“Not really.  Slick fellow.  Slips it in your ass if he catches you bent over.”

“I assume you mean that figuratively.”

“Not so figurative if your ass is naked.”

He chuckled.  “So did you wear pants around him, Halley?”

“Sometimes.  Where we going?”

“About another mile.”

Shortly he turned the car off onto a rutted track that dived into a thick grove of trees.  The woman sat up and looked around.

“My suggestion!  This is where you strangle me?”

“People kill what they fear.  I don’t think I need to fear you.”  He stopped the car on a curve in the track, slid his seat back, turned off the engine, raised the console between the seats and lowered his britches.

“About that blowjob,” he said.

She looked at the erect organ.  “You really do want one!  That’s surprising.”

“Surprising?  Didn’t you believe me?”

She took a breath.  “I guess not.  What can you see in a woman like me?”

“A man has to seize the opportunity.  When I saw you standing on that island, I wondered if you’d suck.  So I’m letting you.”

She laughed slightly.  “I told you, no choice.  You don’t really care who sucks your cock, do you?”

“Long as it’s female.”

“Don’t you think a man would know how to do it better?”

“I’ve tried men.  They have other problems.  Cocks are meant to go into women.”

“That’s the truth!”  As she spoke, she leaned over the seat, caught his cock in her hand, transferred it to her mouth and began to suck while tonguing the head.

He stroked the bent back.  It felt lean and corded but softer than a man’s.  A brassiere strap was notably absent.  The man’s shirt was not tucked into her jeans.  He reached around the side, ran his hand beneath it and found her breasts, the first proof besides the high voice of her femininity.  They were soft with lumpy nipples.  To his surprise either one was sufficient to fill his hand.  He realized that without a brassiere they had sagged invisibly in the loose shirt.

Her own hand dived into her jeans.  The arm twitched rhythmically.  Her high-pitched voice made curious humming noises.

Sunlight flickered through the leaves to fall on the hood of the car.  He could hear the breath in her nostrils and the rhythmic creaking of the car seat.  His pleasure in her willing responsiveness, accompanied by the satisfaction of a blowjob worth ten dollars of fast food, culminated to flood her throat.  She closed her lips tightly while gently massaging the tip with her tongue and swallowed as he squirted.  When finished, she continued to mouth him gently, her hand still busy in her own crotch.

Groaning, he endured the pangs of overstimulation until they faded and his awareness broadened.  He had failed to open the windows and the car was stuffy.  He reached past her, turned on the ignition long enough to lower the windows, and leaned back again, wondering how long she would continue in his lap.  To his surprise she remained in position, head in his groin, slowly mouthing him.  The elbow of the hand in her jeans still twitched.  He continued to rub her wiry back through the man’s shirt.

After about a minute she whimpered nasally and her body froze momentarily.  Her hand fell to the floor boards.

With a chuckle he lifted her off him.  “You came, didn’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” she murmured, looking away.

“A woman who comes while sucking a cock!”

“It’s a nice cock.”

“Halley, I think you love to suck.”

She looked at him with twinkling eyes, took a deep breath and licked her lips.  “You’ve discovered my secret.”

She fell back against her door, panting slightly, while he restored pants and seat, started the car and turned his shoulders to back out of the narrow track.

“That was great head!  You even love jizz.”

She was still licking her lips.  “I admit it.  Nothing fits like a cock, wherever you put it.  And jizz …  It’s the best when you’re getting it at both ends, but one is still good.  You were full of it, Chad.”

“And you swallowed every drop.”

“Jizz is nutritious.”

“Yeah.  It may have been more than usual.  I’ve been watching porn.”

“Don’t you believe in Rosy Palm and her daughters?”

“Rosy —  Oh.  She’s such a poor substitute.”

“What about your wife?”

“No wife.”

“Then I’m sorry for you and glad for me.”

“Thank you, I think.”  He backed out onto the road and returned into the city.  With the car up to speed he said, “‘When you’re getting it at both ends.’  Halley, do you like DP?”

“What’s that?”

“Double Penetration.”

“‘Double —  Oh.  You know it!”

His eyes narrowed.  “Halley, could you do that two or three times a day?”

“Do what?  You mean with two guys at once?”

“I mean cock sucking.”

“I’m not really a whore, Chad.  Not full time anyway.”

“I gathered you weren’t too successful at it.  But you didn’t answer me.”

“Suck a cock twice a day?  Anybody can do that.  Do you mean …  I’ll be on that corner most days, Chad.  Sure, I’ll suck yours again.”

“Why do you have to stand on a corner?  Is independence so important to you?”

“Independence?  Hell, eating is what’s important to me.”  She sniffed.  “I think I just showed you that.”

He seemed to be mulling an idea.  He navigated the streets silently until asking at last, “Will you stick with me the rest of the day?”

She blinked.  “Why not?  If you’ll feed me supper, sure!”

“No pimp is waiting for you?”

She sighed.  “Nobody is waiting for me.”  She sighed again.  “I guess it’s dangerous to admit that, but I don’t care.”

He pulled to the side of the road, stopped the car, took a cell phone from his pocket and pressed some buttons.  After a moment he said, “Room for the night, one in the back …  Double bed…  The name is Warren Smith.  I’ll pay cash.  See you in about an hour.”  The phone returned to his pocket.

She said, “An hour?  Where else are we going.”

“To Waltermart.”

“What for?”

“Clothes for you.  I can’t take you to supper in that.”

“I need more than clothes, Chad.”

“Waltermart sells everything.”

After a moment she said, “Is it Chad Warren Smith or Warren Chad Smith?”

“The ‘Smith’ should clue you in.”

In the huge Waltermart store he let her push a cart to the women’s section.  She said, “What do I need?”

“Pretty much everything, didn’t you say?”

“I mean, to go to supper?”

He indicated a dress off the rack.  “This would look good on you.  Find one that’s your size.  And anything else for summer wear: slacks, blouses, underwear, hygiene, makeup.”

She stared at him.  “Chad …”

“What’s the matter?”

“I can’t keep all that on a street corner.”

“I know where you can keep it.  For now go ahead and select it.  Pretend you’re going on a long trip.  I’m paying.”

He followed her as she stacked objects in the shopping cart.  He noticed she was taking the cheapest.  When it was about half full, she said, “That’s enough for a trip.”

“On the bus maybe.  Can you think of anything else?”


“How about a bracelet or some earrings?”

She heaved a sigh.  “It’s easy to tell they came from Waltermart.”

“You might need some clothes hangers, and how about a suitcase?”

Her eyes widened.  “You really mean to take a trip?”

He grinned.  “Who knows?  Come on; the suitcases are over there.”

When they reached the head of the checkout line and began to unload her cart, the female clerk sniffed, looking Halley up and down.  “You can pay for all this?”

Halley pointed with her elbow.  “He can.”

The clerk looked at Chad, dressed casually but in material too fine for Waltermart.  She said, “You could do a lot better.”

He grinned.  “You, for instance?”

Her eyebrows rose.  “Why not?”

He wanted to tell her, No tits, but said instead, “Just check us out.”

With a shrug she began the scan.  The contents of the cart totaled well over $200.  He paid from a stack of fifties and led Halley and her cart outside.

As they walked, she said, “That rude clerk was right: you could do a lot better.”

“Maybe.  You know what they say about a bird in the hand.”

“And it’s still a cheap blowjob, right?”

He chuckled.  “I don’t know the going rate.”

“What the mother superior said: ‘A hundred bucks, the same as downtown.’”

“Huh?”  He laughed.  “That’s pretty good!”

“Only I think the price has gone up downtown.”

He helped her load her bags into the backseat and drove to the motel, letting her wait in the car while he checked in.  They parked behind the building and carried her bags into the room.

With the door locked, he undid his belt and said, “Strip.  I’ll take a shower with you.”

She began to unbutton the shirt but bit her lip.  “My bod ain’t pretty.”

“Says who?”

“I can tell the way a man looks at me.”

“You know, that depends on the man too.”  He shrugged.  “In a woman, willingness makes up for just about anything else.  You do need that shower, Halley.”

“Told you that.”

The shoes and the three other items of apparel she currently wore fell to the floor.  She preceded him into the bath and plopped onto the toilet seat with obvious relief while he adjusted the water temperature.  He motioned her under the shower and told her to shampoo.  When she had rinsed, he entered beside her, slimed her body with hand soap and washed her with his hands, playing with the long, dangling tits, twisting the upstanding nipples.

“You’re a curious mixture, Halley.  These tits could belong to a grandma, but your skin is smooth as silk.  I think you’re about 50 one minute and 25 the next.”

She produced a crooked grin.  “I’m both.  My boobs looked like this when I was 20.”

Her pubes were thick and the same brown as her head.  He fingered her cunt thoroughly, thumb on the clit until it thickened and she shuddered, saying, “For sure I ain’t no virgin.”

“Feels healthy to me.”

She laughed.  “And you ain’t no doctor.”

“Why not?”

“‘Cause that ain’t how a doctor feels a pussy.”

“One that he plans to fuck?”

“Now, that I don’t know.  Don’t believe I was ever fucked by a doctor.  Course you can’t tell.”

“How many cocks have been in here, Halley?”

“You think I counted them?”

“So men find you pretty enough.”

“Yeah: to fuck.  Guys’ll fuck anything that holds still.”

“We forgot to buy you a douche bottle.”

“I saw a drugstore down the street.”

“We’ll get one.  Sit on the edge of the tub.”

She obeyed cautiously, her wet back against the shower curtain.  He washed her feet with a well-soaped cloth.  She twisted her ankle — evidently he tickled — and asked, “What you doing, playing Jesus?”

“No sign of athlete’s foot.  For a beggar you’re oddly healthy.”

“I take care of myself when I can.  Life’s been harder lately than usual.”

“Maybe it’s looking up.”

“I’m afraid to believe it.”

He handed her the washcloth and stepped out of the tub.  “Finish up and come on into the bedroom.”

“How’ll I dry my hair?”

“Plenty of towels.  You’ve got enough hair for a short ponytail.”

“That would look tacky at my age.”

“You won’t look so old wearing a bra.”  He laughed sarcastically.  “‘Tacky’ from a woman in jeans out at the knees?”

“I meant, going to supper with you.”

“You bought brush and comb.  We’ll get you a hair dryer too.”

She appeared once to gather cosmetics and then was another half hour in the bathroom.  When she emerged, hair pinned up into a bun, her face was transformed: lightly made up with rouge, eye-shadow and lipstick.  He, having donned only a T-shirt, looked up from a brassiere he had removed from its packaging.

His eyes widened and he chuckled.  “I hope you don’t think I look anything but pleased.”

She smiled slightly.  “Thank you.  That’s kind.”  Abruptly she posed for him, hands on hips, belly thrown out.  “This is what you’re putting clothes on.  It looks about as good now as it can.”

Appreciated naked and clean, her body was shapely.  Hips and thighs were well padded but the waist was narrow, allowing for a rounded belly.  Her breasts dangled so far that the nipples hovered beside her navel.

“Turn sideways,” he ordered, “and bend over.”

In that position they sagged almost to her knees.  As he had noted before in older women, they were distinctly fuller at the pendulous bottom than at the point of attachment to her chest.

“No mistaking that for a man’s chest.  I don’t care what anyone says: those tits are super-sexy, even on a grandma.”  He handed her the bra.  “You bought a C-cup.  I want to see what it does for you.”

She took the garment and snapped it around her chest.  Indeed the flesh filled it.

“By god!” he murmured in evident awe.  “Deep cleavage and all!  I was right.  It takes 20 years off your looks.”

She drew a deep breath, shivered and gestured at the bed.  “I think you want to fuck.”

“Just because my cock is rising again?  Well, you’re right.  I want to but not quite yet.  For now try on your new clothes.  I’ve taken the tags out.”

She blinked.  “Shouldn’t you have waited?  What if they don’t fit?”

“You bought your size, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but women’s clothes vary a lot.”

“If they don’t fit, we’ll throw them out and get some more.”  He sat down in the one stuffed chair and took the erect cock in hand.  “Go ahead.  Let me see how you dress up.”

“You ain’t gonna jerk off!”

“No.”  He released his cock.  “But it’s too soon for another blow job.”

“You think so?”

“You’d be ready to quit before I could come.”

“You might be surprised.”  Suddenly she dropped to her knees between his splayed legs and slurped him into her mouth.

He grunted.  “I can’t believe you’d rather suck a cock than put on a new dress.”

She released him momentarily.  “I’d tell you what the mother told the daughter who caught her sucking Dad: ‘This is how I get a new dress,’ except I’ve already got it.  Even if it didn’t cost you much, I figure I owe you a lot of blowjobs just for being so good to me.”

“‘So good?’  Aren’t men generally good to gals who suck their cocks?”

She shook her head.  “Grateful men are hard to find, no matter what you do for them, and especially after you just sucked their cocks.”

“Is that why women hate to suck?”

“‘Hate?’  What makes you say that?  I certainly don’t.”  In demonstration she mouthed him again with strong suction that quickly gentled.

He leaned back in the stuffed chair.  “This’ll take you an hour.”  But his voice did not convey displeasure.

She mouthed him briefly then raised her head.  “How long was your dick the last time you measured it?”

He grinned.  “How do you know I measured?”

“Men always do.”

“As a matter of fact it was my ex-wife, the one who hated to suck.  Six and five-eighths inches.”

She laughed.  “Such precision!  About what I figured.  Let me show you a trick.”

Her face descended slowly, enclosing more and more of the organ until her nose disappeared into his pubic hair.  Inadvertently he gasped, “Halley!”  With the head in her throat she coughed nasally once before withdrawing half the shaft.  Her eyes twinkled proudly.

“My god!” he cried reverently.

She giggled nasally and continued the long strokes, withdrawing until the head was barely visible then completely engulfing him.  At each extreme he felt the delicate parting of tissues.  At each partial withdrawal her cheeks undulated as the tongue worked the head.  The sight and feel of it were soon thrilling.  His groan and first squirt occurred with the head in the bottom of her throat.  Apparently she did not expect it so soon: she strangled and backed away enough to free him entirely.  As a result he painted her face with the two remaining squirts.

She coughed semen over her lower lip.  “Surprised me!”

“Not as much as it surprised me!”

They both laughed, she between coughs.  She swallowed hard and sat back on her heels with a smile.

“That went straight down my goozle.  God, I love to suck a cock.”

He said brightly, “What a great way to abuse a woman!”

She shook her head in mock sorrow.  “Too bad I can’t breathe jizz.”  Her hand went to her face and she rose to her feet.  “Now I have to fix my makeup.”  She grinned.  “But it’s for a good reason.”

When she returned again from the bathroom, he had dressed in his slacks and open collar shirt.

He gestured at the bags of clothing on the bed.  “Put something on, Halley Deep Throat, and let’s go to supper.”


* * *


He took her to a full-service restaurant.  When they were seated, he said, “What will you drink?”

She was busy looking around at the other patrons, not many yet because they were early.  She shrugged.  “I don’t usually drink, that is, besides water.”

“Everyone has a favorite cocktail.”

She nodded.  “I used to like an amaretto sour.”

When the waitress appeared, he ordered that plus a scotch on the rocks and leaned back to consider his partner.  She was wearing the dress he had picked out, which revealed several inches of cleavage.

Her eyes twinkled.  “I see where you’re looking.  The bra does a lot for them.  Thank you again.”

“If you’re fishing for a compliment, I’m happy to deliver one.  You look even better in that dress than I expected.  But that’s for show.  If they’re not all dried up, I like old women’s droopy tits better than young ones.”

“That’s peculiar, you know.”

“Is it?”

“Droopy boobs look old.”

He grinned.  “I guess so, but they have a lot more structure.  When an old woman leans toward you — I mean, a naked one — her tits look smaller at the top, where they attach to her chest, than at the bottom where the nipple is.  I always want to close my hands around them and pull.”

Her shoulders trembled.  “You want to hurt them!”

“No, no.  I’d never hurt a woman.  I want to feel them slide through my fingers.  In other words, I want to play with them, treat them like my toys.”  He laughed.  “I’ve dreamed of dipping them in beer and sucking it off.”

The twinkle returned to her eyes.  “Beer’s cold.  How about warm milk instead?”

“We never have either handy.”

She watched him.  “You could come on them.”

He grimaced.  “Milk sounds better.”

“Well, if you come on them I’ll suck it off.”

He sighed.  “Sounds like we need privacy again.”

She nodded.  “I’m counting on it.”

When the waitress returned with their drinks, Halley ordered a moderately priced steak despite his recommendation of anything on the menu.  After the servitor had departed, he said, “And we’ll get dessert if you’re still hungry.”

“Ain’t I fat enough for you?”

His eyes sparkled.  “You know, it’s amazing how much you’ve improved since that first blowjob.”

She took a breath and shrugged.  “You never know.  A lot of guys act disgusted they ever stuck their dicks in a slut’s mouth.”

“What’s a slut, Halley?”

She studied him.  “I suppose it’s a woman who’ll fuck anybody.”

“One who needs work?”

She bit her lip.  “If you’re asking am I one, guess I always was.”

“‘Always?’ I’m curious, Halley, if you want to talk about it.”

She looked down at her plate.  “What do you want to know?”

He leaned back in his chair.  “You don’t have to tell me anything …” He barked a laugh.  “Anything that’s true.”

“I don’t need to lie.”  She shook her head.  “Nobody ever told me I was pretty, but I never had any trouble getting men and boys, least not until my boobs grew out all the way.  I even had two guys pestering me before my first period.  For several years I was the most popular girl in the trailer park.”

“Because you were a slut?”

“Yeah.”  She shrugged.  “Because I fucked anybody who asked.”

“And sucked their cocks?”


“That’ll make a girl popular, all right.  You say you had two guys before puberty.  Boys?”

“Oh no!  They were grown men.”

“Who molested you sexually?”

“I’ll say!”

“Brave men!  Did you know you could’ve put them away?”

“Kids in a trailer park know all about that, but I didn’t want to.  They gave me nice things.”

He chuckled.  “I’ll bet they did!  Did they live in the park too?”

“No.  They had an apartment downtown.”

His eyes narrowed.  “I wonder how you met them, if you want to tell me.”

“It’s a long story, Chad.  The meat of it is …  I missed the school bus and tried to walk home in a cloudburst.  A big car pulled up beside me and these two guys told me to get in.”  She shrugged.  “So I did.”

He snorted.  “I can’t believe you did that!  How old were you?”

“Eleven.  They took my clothes off, dried me on a blanket and took me to their apartment.”

“And did their worst, eh?  I guess you were scared to death.”

She blinked.  “Actually I wasn’t scared at all.  I knew what they were doing.  Us trailer kids had talked about it.”  She chuckled dryly.  “And they did it all: my mouth, my pussy and when I said that hurt, my asshole.”

“Sons of bitches!”

She smiled fondly.  “Oh, no, they were sweethearts.  They licked me until I was out of my mind.  After that I didn’t care what they did.  I wanted it.  Even the cherry busting.”

Chad shook his head thoughtfully.  “So your first time wasn’t so bad?”

“Are you kidding?  I thought I’d gone to heaven.  After that they picked me up twice a week until I was 17.”

“Your mother never complained?”

“She never noticed.  Dale and Mike!”  She sighed fondly.  “They were like daddies to me.”

He shook his head.  “Some daddies!  It’s a wonder they didn’t have you fucking all their friends.”

“Oh, they did!  I was the only girl at lots of great parties.”

“And you kept on liking it?”

The meal was served and partly eaten before she answered the question.  “You know, I didn’t question anything they did to me.  From what I’ve noticed, most girls never get to find out what their female parts can really do.  Maybe that takes loving guys sending you to heaven every week.”

Between bites of food their conversation continued.  He said, “You’re very lucky you never got disease or pregnant.”

“Dale and Mike put me on the pill after my first period.  And I never fucked anybody without their say-so until I was seventeen.”  She chuckled grimly.  “When I left them, I got the clap.”

“Did they break it off?”

“I wanted to move in with them and the answer was, ‘No.’  That’s when they broke it off.  So I took up with any guy that fed me.”

“I’ll feed you, Halley, and try to entertain you.  But I need to find out if you still have a disease.”

“I’ve had two doses of clap and one of Chlamydia that I know about.  They said the Chlamydia made me infertile.”

“Is that why your last meal ticket threw you out?”

“No.  He didn’t exactly ‘throw’ me.  He got two years in the slammer.”

“And you don’t want to wait for him?”

“No.  He was a mean bastard.  Chad, what do you have in mind?”

After a long hesitation he said, “I’m still deciding.  Let’s see how we get along.”

She looked hopeful and said with a grin, “Anything your cock needs, I’m your girl.”

On the way back to the motel he said, “You know, Halley, you’re a very remarkable woman.”

“I am?”

“I was just listing all the advantages you offer.  The main one, of course, is your super willingness.  Is there anything you won’t do if it doesn’t hurt?”

“Even if it hurts, just not too much.”

“Like a spanking?”

“I love hot butt cheeks but not bruises.”

He nodded.  “I can understand that.  And you’ve done DP — but not porn.”

She grinned.  “Because that’s a porn abbreviation?  Only as an amateur.  I know there’s a couple videos on the Web with me in them.”

“Baring your charms to the world doesn’t worry you?  Another advantage!”

She sighed.  “But I couldn’t be a star.”

“Because of your droopy tips?  Your director must’ve been an idiot.”

“He didn’t like them — and said so.”

“I’ve been thinking about making some home videos.  Are you willing?”

“Sure!  But …”

“But what?”

“I was just thinking …  You don’t need them.  You’ve got me.”

He chuckled but withheld comment, saying instead, “You’re also willing to talk about it, Halley, and that’s remarkable too.  I can’t recall another woman so willing to talk.  Maybe now I can get a woman to tell me how a Greek sandwich feels.”

“Out of this world!”

He said dryly, “I want more details than that.  But for now, aside from your sugar daddies and their friends, who else did you fuck in high school?”

She smiled widely.  “Oh, I had a wonderful time in high school!”

“Soaked in jizz, I suspect.”

“Mouthfuls of it.  High school boys do love blow jobs.”  She giggled.  “And they tend to be quick.”

“Dale and Clark had already taught —”

“Dale and Mike.”

“Had already taught you to like the taste.”

“They sure did!  Especially the first pop.”

“Because it’s richer?”

“And quicker.  But blowjobs are always cleaner … and safer.”

“Don’t tell me they feel better!”

“I won’t, but they sure add to a pussy plugging!”

He laughed.  “Will you also fuck a woman?”

“If guys are watching.  I wasn’t always the only girl at the parties.”

“That implies women don’t turn you on.”

“They don’t, but two of them really turn on the men.”

He shook his head slowly.

She frowned.  “Did I say something wrong?”

He blinked.  “Hardly!  I just can’t believe how agreeable you are.”

“Told you,” she said smugly: “anything you want.”

“Can you cook?”

She shrugged.  “About like anybody else: scramble eggs and grill a steak.”

“Keep house?”

“A house trailer.”  She chuckled.  “What are you looking for, Chad, a maid who’ll fuck?”

“You know any like that?”

She chuckled.  “Maybe one.  But you ought to know, Chad, if whores liked to work they wouldn’t be whores.”

“Are you a whore then?”

“Well, I’ll suck cock for a cheeseburger.”

“I hope that doesn’t embarrass you … and it’s not true.  Your next cock sucking got you a closet full of clothes.”

She was silent until he pulled into the motel parking lot and shut off the engine.  She said, “If I was a whore, Chad, would you pimp me out?”

He sniffed.  “That would be dangerous to me.”

Inside the rented room he flopped into the easy chair and took out his cell phone.  “Get naked, will you?  I want to play with your tits.”

While she hung her dress on the rack he spoke into his phone.  “Whipper, this is Everready.  Let me borrow your love nest for about a week, will you?  You might leave the key under the mat.  If you drop by tomorrow night I might introduce you to my new friend.”

He pushed the End button and watched her step out of her panties.  The long breasts swung enticingly.

She said, “Voicemail?”


“I hope I’m your new friend.”  She giggled.  “Ever ready for what?”


“For sure I’m that kind of friend.”

“And one who loves a Greek sandwich.”

Approaching, she turned around and bent forward, presenting him her backside.  Her hands appeared to spread her cheeks.  She looked back over her shoulder.  “Want to check out my asshole?  I washed it out for you.”

“With what?”

“Four fingers.”

With an incredulous huff he leaned forward to inspect the proffered aperture.  She had stretched it open, revealing a rosebud of mild hemorrhoids, bright pink with a wet red center.  Sniffing, he smelled only soap.

“Didn’t four fingers hurt your piles?”

“Skin doesn’t hurt.”

“Like I said, Halley, you’re a curious mixture: the skin of a teenager and the tits of a grandma.  Aren’t you too young for piles?”

“Too young?  Dale and Mike gave them to me.”

“Fucking you up the ass?”

“Both.  And trading off two or three times before they came.”

“Of course.  You were the meat in their Greek sandwich.”

“First I’d blow them then they’d fuck me together until I was out of my mind.”

“How often?”

“Just about every time.  When they invited a friend, I could get three dicks at once.”

“My god, I can just imagine!  Turn around and lean over me.”

Holding the back of his chair, she swung her breasts in his face.  His hands encircled their bases, where the flesh was thinnest.  Alternately squeezing and relaxing, he wobbled the nipples back and forth, causing them to roll in small circles.  He caught first one then the other in his mouth, sucking and tonguing.

She moaned.

He grinned up at her between the clumps of flesh.  “Sensitive?”

“To my pussy.”

He sucked some more before asking, “You said they were like this when you were a teenager?”

“Not really that early.  With Dale and Mike they grew big, but I think the teenage boys made them long — pulling on them.”

“This way?”


“Then they must’ve been droopy before you left school.”

“They were starting.”

“These are long nipples.  If I had a ruler I’d measure them.”

“Not quite an inch.”

“You never suckled a baby?”

“No, but lots of mouths have pulled on them.”

“Straighten up.  Can you make them do tricks?”

Grinning, she rolled her shoulders.  Her breasts swayed in wild circles.  Working the shoulders together caused them to swing above her shoulders and flop upon her belly with mild thuds.  Turning her head side to side, she licked each nipple as it reached apogee.  Adding a slight twist to her torso caused them to cross each other alternately.

He was chuckling in admiration.  “I’ll say you can!”

“One guy liked me to beat him with them.”


“Tilt your head back.”  She straddled him on the chair, leaned forward a swung her upper body side to side.  Soft flesh slapped his cheeks.  He put out his tongue and licked the cleavage briefly before catching a breast in each hand and forcing both nipples into his mouth together.  She fell still, smiling as he sucked vigorously.

Her hand descended to his trousers.  “You do like them, I see!”

In a muffled voice he said, “Let me up.”

She backed away and helped him strip off his clothing.  He swung her around and pressed against her from the back.  His hands first lifted her breasts, fingers squeezing the nipples, then stroked her body: belly, hips, buttocks and groin.

He said breathlessly, “God, Halley, you are fantastic!”

“Droopy tits too?”

“Especially!”  His hands clutched them from behind, backwards this time, and forced them away from her.  “Bend over.  I was going to wait till you saw a doctor, but I can’t.”

She waddled forward before the table and bent down to rest on her elbows.  Working his cock in one hand, he opened her labia and pushed between them, exclaiming, “Hey, you’re wet!”

She chuckled.  “I can’t believe you’re surprised.”

“I thought you had to lick a gal to get her this wet.”

She giggled.  “When you licked other girls, did you think it was just spit?”

“Wasn’t it?”

“Not if your gal was a hottie.  And I am.  Telling you about Dale and Mike got it started.”

“You were bragging!”

“I guess.”  They both laughed.

Holding her hips, he thrust each time to maximum extension.  She began to groan in synchronism.  Whimpering, she squeezed him with her sphincters.

He said incredulously, “Are you coming?”

“Oh, god, oh, god!”  Her buttocks ground into his belly.  He could feel her belly tightening under his fingers.

“God, Halley!”

She said in a strained voice, “Put it in my ass.”

Indeed his organ was wet enough to slip through the tight opening with only slight hesitation.  After several thrusts he felt fingers tickling his balls, but a new pressure under his cock revealed that her knuckles were the tickle source.  She was thrusting half a fist into her pussy.

Her groans grew louder.  He understood her to say over and over, “Oh, my god, oh, my god!”

He pushed hard and fast but the third climax eluded him.  Nevertheless he continued until the groans subsided, her hand fell away and she sagged limply to the table.  Ceasing to plunge, he stroked her panting back.

After awhile she turned around, dislodged him and straightened up with a leer.  “Wow!  That was nice, Chad!”


A frown developed.  “Did you come?”

“No.  That’s a disadvantage of anal sex: not much squeeze in there.”

She nodded.  “According to Dale and Mike, if you do come in there, you can keep fucking as long as you want.”

“That may be true,” he acknowledged.

“We’ll try it again.”  Her grin returned.  “You still look ready.”

“I didn’t come.”

“Well, I did: a super strong one, the best kind.”

“Plugging two holes.”

“Yeah.  Thank you, Chad.”  She wiggled her chest.  “Not so great now, are they?”

He stopped the swinging, lifting a breast in each hand, and attested, “Never saw prettier.”

She eyed his standing cock.  Her hand enclosed it gently, fingers trailing into his balls.  “Can I play with these?”

He grunted.  “Aren’t you getting tired of that?”

“I hope I never do.  Sit over here on the couch and watch TV.”

He let her guide him to one end of the couch, taking up the remote in passing.  She stretched on her back upon the rest of the couch with her head in his lap.

“Don’t mind me,” she said with a grin and slurped up the moist organ.  She took his free hand, placed it on a breast, made nasal sounds while jerking her head toward the television.

But he preferred to watch the workings of her mouth.  “You think I’d rather see a stupid TV show?”

She withdrew her head enough to speak.  Her moving lips brushed him.  “It’s time for the news, isn’t it?  If you don’t watch you’ll want to talk, and I can’t answer with my mouth full.”  Immediately she filled it up.

With a sigh he powered the set on but found his attention fixed on the woman’s body and actions.  Turning toward him slightly, she flung one arm over his legs and raised her chest enough to mouth him completely.  Her head bobbed slowly, full length strokes.

“Your mouth is a lot tighter than your rectum,” he noted.

His voice tightened with a groan.  She giggled nasally and swallowed his ejaculate while retaining the cock but removing the pressure.  When he finally relaxed, she resumed sucking very gently as she had in the car.  The thrills returned, gradually dissipating.  Though her strokes shortened and became very slow, she never quite released him.

Her mouth was soothing.  He wondered how long she would continue but fell asleep before she quit.

When he awoke, it was dark in the room.  Drapes at the window admitted enough light to show her in the bed, sheet pulled up, head propped on a pillow.  Her eyes glittered at him as he stood up.

“Hungry?” he asked.


“Want a beer?”

“That would be lovely.”

He took bottles from the little refrigerator, opened them and gave her one.  He sipped his while sitting on the bedside.  After pulling down the sheet, he fondled a breast.  She jerked.

He grinned.  “Cold hand?”

“Let me show you cold.”  Holding her beer bottle away from the bed, she pivoted forward, ducked into this groin and slurped the flaccid cock into her cold mouth.

“Hoo!” he breathed.  “That actually feels good.”

She grinned up at him.  “Cold attention is better than none.”

She sat beside him, arms around backs, as they finished the beers.

He nuzzled her neck, straightened up and said seriously, “I think you agreed to spend the night with me.”

“If I didn’t, I do now.”

“Thanks.  But … how about the week?”

“In Whipper’s love nest?”

“Uh, yeah.  We’ll go over there tomorrow morning.”

She hesitated.  “You sure that’s what you want, Chad?”

When he didn’t answer, she studied his face.  “Changing your mind?”

He shook himself.  “No.  Not yet.  Yeah, I’m sure.”

“I’ll stay as long as you want me, Chad.  And suck your cock even longer.”

He chuckled.  “That’s an exceptional promise!”

“Whenever you’ll let me.”

She bent around and mouthed him again, but he lifted her away and stood up.  “I gotta piss.”

She bounced to her own feet, dashed past him to the bathroom and plopped onto the toilet with a wide grin.  “Not as much as I.  But come on.  We can use it together.”  Spreading her legs, she hitched her buttocks back against the tank, exposing half the bowl, into which her stream rattled loudly.

He stood directly before her, cock in hand, and released his sphincter.  The first squirt struck her belly but he quickly redirected it into the gap.  “Sorry.”

She grinned up at him.  “Don’t worry.  I love whatever comes out of that sweet thing.”

“In that case I should piss in your mouth.”

She giggled and shaped it into an O.

He chuckled but his stream never wavered.  “I’ve heard of that.  Did you ever really taste it?”

She nodded, retaining the O.

He stared at her, took a breath and said, “You tempt me.”

When it was evident he wouldn’t play, she said, “Dale and Mike loved to do it in the bathtub.  Mostly without water.”

He said incredulously, “They had a little girl drinking piss?”

She chuckled.  “You don’t have to drink it, you know.”

Did they piss in your mouth?”

“Yeah, and I in theirs.  They called it the giggles.”

“Did you giggle?”

“We all did.”

When he was shaking off the residual, she pulled on his hips, caught the half-erect organ between her teeth and sucked strongly.  Her tongue expelled him and she licked her grinning lips.  “Very dry champagne.”

“That doesn’t sound tasty.”

“Dale said you have to think of the source.”

“I’m thinking.”  He thrust his now erect cock into her face.

She kissed it but raised her head, tore off tissue, wiped herself and flushed the toilet.  She stood up, chest rubbing him, and kissed his mouth, tongue probing.  He realized it was the first time their lips had touched.  Tasting what could only be his own urine, he stepped back.

She said, “Let’s go to bed.  I’ll suck you to sleep.”

He would have denied the possibility but recalled that she had already done so once.  One arm pulled her against him while the other hand lifted a heavy breast.  He said, “I just can’t believe you were starving on the street.”

“Why not?”

“You’re an incredible woman, Halley.  Any man who’d let you get away is a fool.”  He kissed her with his own tongue.  Her arms went around his neck and their bodies ground together.

She said, lips vibrating against his, “You’re incredible too, Chad: incredibly kind.”

He chuckled in wonder.  “How is it I get the impression your English has gotten better in the last few hours?”

She shrugged.  “Must be your influence.”

He drew her down on the bed beside him and fondled her breasts.  She kissed down his body and took his sore erection into her mouth.

He said, “You might get something out of that in the morning.”

Releasing him, she said, “Hush.  Just relax and let me play.”

Her lips resumed their gentle suction.  With a sigh he followed her advice.


* * *


He awoke with sunlight streaming around the edges of the window blinds.  The bed was empty.  Expecting to find her in the bathroom, he entered with cock in hand and the words, “Here’s your toy,” on his lips.  But no one else was present.  Wondering where she could be, he took the opportunity to piss.

Back in the bedroom, he discovered with a shock that the suitcase and all her new clothing had also vanished, leaving only the man’s shirt, holey jeans and sneakers she had originally worn.  Quickly he took up his britches and withdrew his wallet, which at least was still present.  So were the ID and credit cards but very little cash.

“God damn, I can’t believe it!”  Over a thousand dollars had remained after the buying spree and the restaurant.  He counted the bills: barely enough to pay for the room, which he had promised in cash.  She must have left that much deliberately.  What did it mean?  Was she coming back?

He reached again into his pockets.  His car keys were also missing.

Call the cops?  Okay, he’d look like a fool, but car and a thousand dollars …  He picked up the telephone.


* * *


After taking Halley’s description and Chad’s account, Detective Morely tapped his notepad.  “Okay, you said you drank a beer together.  In hotel cups?”

“No.  Straight out of the bottles.  You’ll find them in that trash can.”

“Good.  We’ll want you to come to the station and be fingerprinted to distinguish yours from hers.”


“And you say she was begging on an island in the street?”

“Picked her up when I stopped at the traffic light.  She had a ‘Need Work’ card.”

“Where is it now?”

Chad shrugged.  “I don’t know what happened to it.  She must have thrown it down.”

“And sometime last night she packed up a suitcase full of clothes, got dressed, stole your cash and car keys, and you never got an inkling?”

“Yeah.  Guess I’m a heavier sleeper than I suspected.”

“A lot heavier.  Did she slip you a mickey?”

Chad shook his head.  “She could have, I guess, but I don’t know where she kept it.  I saw her totally naked.  And she didn’t leave this room except in my company.  Until I fell asleep.”

The detective’s eyes twinkled.  “They say really good sex is a great soporific.”

“Yeah,” Chad agreed with feeling.  “It certainly was!”


* * *


At the station Chad had to wait three hours for the fingerprint technician to arrive.  After washing the ink off his hands, he sought Detective Morely for the promised ride home.

The man looked up from his desk.  “You’ve had a bit of luck.  Your car was found, parked nice and legal, in the 24-hour lot at the airport.  We’re towing it in for fingerprinting.”

“Okay.  I’ll wait for it, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, we don’t mind.”  He grinned.  “And guess what: fingerprints on the other beer bottle matched an open file of ours.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that Halley Brampton, the name she used on her last job, was the woman in your motel room last night.”

“‘Her last job?’  You’re investigating her for something else?”

“Yeah.  Attempted embezzlement of two million bucks.”


“Ms. Brampton fooled you in more ways than one.  She was 36 years of age and never trailer trash.  She is — was — an accountant at Wayne-McCluskey Bank.  Over a period of a year she transferred that much dough to a bank in the Cayman Islands.  Wayne-McCluskey only caught her because of a glitch in her last transfer that caused the islands to request clarification.  She got out of the building — without her purse — about two minutes ahead of the arresting officers.  And vanished.  That was about a month ago.  We’ve had her apartment staked out ever since.”  The man grinned widely.  “You may have stepped in shit, sir, but you smell like a rose to us.  I think there’s even a reward.”

Chad’s face was a study in consternation.  At last he licked his lips and said, “Let me know if you catch her, will you, detective?  I’ll want to post her bail.”