Hungry Rache
by Kellis

Winter, 2015



My gal Rache is a surprising piece.  Not a whole lot to look at: heart-shaped face with straight, shoulder-length brown hair, complexion passable when made up, B-cup tits but a bouncy ass, five-foot-four and 120 pounds, she opens her mouth for my dick anytime I point it at her.  And she does a good job on it too, catching every drop, unless I tell her different, and keeping it in her mouth as long as I’ll let her.  She has lips, puffier than usual top and bottom, both sets of which fit snug around a dick.

She even sucked me off once in a hotel lobby.

She sat in a wing chair with a moderately high back and I stood behind it, telling her about a problem with our room reservation.  She held up her newspaper in one hand, popped out my dick with the other, used both to open the paper as if we would read it together, winked at me and started sucking.  The lobby was not very crowded and everybody in front of us was reading something, but still …

Fortunately my first pop is always a quick one, which she appreciates when it’s in her mouth, and I think the daring of this one caused me to set a speed record.  It filled up her mouth before it got fully hard.  She sucked me dry, swallowed and tucked my dick back in.  It was up to me to zip up the fly.  I thought, sure, I can do that much.

We’ve laughed about it several times.  I always buy her a newspaper if I can, which causes a giggle and licked lips.  I’ve accused her of loving to suck dicks.  Her answer is, “I always did,” but she would never tell me whose was first.  I used to think it must’ve been a relative’s.

I shoot program bugs for SciComInc, which often runs me well into second shift.  Got home about eleven the other night.  Rache was sitting with her chair sideways to the kitchen table and a half-full glass of beer ready to hand.  She was wearing a frown but I didn’t notice.  I’d been thinking of her off and on all evening, mostly her puffy lips around my dick.  I marched right around the table beside her chair and dropped my pants, dick already hard in anticipation.

Frown or not, she leaned right into it.  Slurp, slurp!  A hand, warm because it hadn’t been holding the beer glass. squeezed my balls the way she knows I like.  They were already boiling from all the anticipating.  Fifteen seconds is about all it took.  Did I mention she can deep-throat me?  As soon as her nose hit my belly pad, I’m shooting down her throat.  Squish, squish!  In the silent kitchen I could hear it.

She couldn’t show it to me because I forgot and let it happen where she had to swallow immediately, but when I pulled out she opened wide and stuck out a jizz-less tongue.

“Oh, god, Rache, you’re the greatest!” I said as I usually do.  I flopped into the adjacent chair, pants around my ankles, shiny dick sticking up and stole a sip of her beer.

“I don’t think you’ve ever disappointed me,” say I with a smile.

“You too,” she said, licking her lips.  “You never make me work hard when it’s in my mouth.”

“Just when it’s in your cunny.  Or your asshole.”

“That’s not work.”  Her frown returned.  “Douglas, I think I may have to disappoint you after all.”  She calls me “Doug” unless she’s serious.

I braced myself but tried a joke.  “By closing your mouth?”

“Just the opposite.”

Now I was curious.  “Meaning what?”

She sighed deeply.  “I blew Jack Meany after supper.”

At first I didn’t get it.  “As in blew him up?”

“As in sucking him off.”

Her eyes were locked on mine.  I blinked.  Jack Meany had the next apartment — and a wife and two kids plus a beer gut.  I had trouble believing it.  Why would she even want to?

“How in the world did you manage that?”

“The toilet stopped up and I couldn’t un-stop it, so I went next door to ask Helen’s advice.  She sent him over and he fixed it.  He could work the plunger harder.

“I’m like, ‘Jack, how can I pay you.’

“He kinda gulps, fidgets a little, squares his shoulders, and goes, ‘How about what you did for Jerry Blount?’

“I get a sinking feeling.  As Father Dolan used to say, ‘Be sure your sins will find you out.’  I heave a big sigh, but Jack just stands there with a hopeful look.  He’s a hen-pecked wimp; guess I could tell him, ‘No,’ but … he’s fathered two children.

“I’m like, ‘Okay, then.’”

What happened next was obvious, but I had to hear her say it.  “You were still in the bathroom?”

“Yeah.  He closes the toilet seat and sits down on it — after he drops his pants.  I kneel down.  His dick’s short and stubby.”

“But it grew, didn’t it?” I said, kind of dry.

“Yeah, it grows, thick but not very long.”

“Take you much time?”

“Long enough for him to get hard — enough for the floor to start getting hard on my knees.  I’m wishing I thought of a pillow like I do for you on a hard floor.”

I’d also used a pillow like that for her, but I doubt at that moment she was remembering me licking her cunny.  I was still curious.  “How’s his jizz taste?”

“Unless the guy has to piss, all jizz tastes about the same.”

“Even when the guy’s older, like Jack?”

She shrugged.  “About.  Though I guess Jack’s is potent.  Unless Helen’s been lying her head off.  You’re working up to a rage, aren’t you?”

I stared at her, trying to examine my feelings.  “Did you stick around tonight to tell me you’re going to leave me?”

She blinked like the idea was new to her and said, “Not unless you make me.”

At least that was something.  I felt just a little bit better but had to know more.  “What did Jack mean about Jerry Blount?”

She sighed again and finally looked away.  “I blew him too.”

He lives in an apartment on the other side.  “How did it happen with him?”

“He …  I guess he sort of coerced me.  The first time.”

I repeat, “‘The first time.’  Tell me about it.”

“He knocked on the door one morning, not too long after you’d left.  He goes, ‘Good morning, Rachel.  May I come in?’

“‘What for?’  I go I go.

“‘You don’t want to blow me in the hall, do you?’

“‘Not in the morning,’ I go.  You and I did it there at night.  But then his gall gets to me.  ‘What made you think I’d blow you anywhere except up?’

“‘I heard about the Jones party.’

“I’m like, ‘Oh, god!’  And I know I’ve got to do it.  ‘But you’re not coming in.’  And I push out into the hall, shoving him back and closing the door behind me.  My nose is practically bumping his.  I’m like, ‘It’s here or nowhere!’

“He grabs me by the neck and plants a big wet kiss on me.  His hands slip under my robe and squeeze my boobs.  Then he backs up, drops his pants to his knees and leans against the wall.  ‘Come and get it, you sweet slut.’”

Again my voice is pretty dry.  “Which I’m sure you do.  What do you remember about his dick?”

“Oh, I remember that one!  It’s long and lean.”

“In comparison to mine?”

“Longer than yours but thinner, and it’s uncut.  While it’s getting hard in my mouth, I enjoy pushing back the foreskin with my teeth.”

“God, I can imagine!  How long did he last?”

“Not long.  He was juicy, nearly strangled me.”

“He’s a bachelor.  You deep-throated him, didn’t you?”

“I wanted to see if I could.”

“I gather you did him more than once.”

“Yes, I did.”

“How many times?”

“I don’t know.”

“More than ten?  How long have you been blowing him?”

She paused.  “Two or three times a week for a couple months.  You almost caught us last week — I mean, almost caught me gone.”

“More like 20 times!  Gone where?”

“To his apartment.”

“Don’t tell me all you did there was suck his dick!”

“I won’t.  But we always start off that way.”

“The same as us, eh?  Suck, lick then fuck.  I taught you well.  Huh!  And you claim to be worried about birth control!”

“I am.  Since I met you you’re still the only guy who ever jizzed in my cunny.”

“You got Jerry to pull out?  That’s dangerous.”

“I know that.  A lot of the time he does my ass, else he uses a rubber.”  Her eyes sparkled.  “I put them on him with my teeth.”

“I taught you that too.  Did he actually invite you into his apartment?”

“You could think of it like that.”

“Tell me.”

“It was that first time.  I’d just blown him in the hall and straightened up.  He’s like, ‘They’re right: you’re a first-class cocksucker.’  He pulls up his pants.

“My cunny feels empty.  I stand back and go, ‘Now you can come in.’

“He shakes his head.  ‘No.  I agree with you: it’s best to stay out of your apartment.  You want more, you come to my place.’

“‘I can’t do that.  Douglas might find out.’

“‘You want everybody else to find out?’  He sniffs.  ‘Nobody is going to tell Douglas.’

“I think to myself, What else can I do?  And I follow him home, like a good little slut.”

“After that he knocks on the door whenever he wants you?”

“Oh, no.  He sees you go out and gives me a phone call.”

“Got it made, has he?”  I shake my head.  “What about that party at the Jones’s?”

“That’s where it started.”  She heaved a sigh.  “That was the first time I did anybody else in this building.”

“The Jones party.  Was that the one about three or four months ago to celebrate the building winning some kind of competition?”

“Yeah.  For having the neatest parking garage.  Donald Jones organized the cleanup.  I don’t think you helped.”

“I was working.  I went to that party.”

“But you didn’t stay.  Said you had to get back to work.”

“Well, I did!  Beta test was getting held up.  You stayed but you were in bed, asleep and smelling like a brewery, when I got home.  What happened?”

“Donald was telling dirty jokes.  I thought they were funny but he pissed off his wife.  One of the other wives invited all the women over to her place to play Canasta.  They all went.  All except me.”

“You stayed with a bunch of men?”

“Only five were left.  But yeah, Donald was still telling jokes.  They were funny.  I told you one of them, about the wife who wouldn’t go with her husband to the costume party then changed her mind.”

I shrugged that off.  “You alone with five men.  Good god!”

“And pretty tight.  I’d drunk half the bottle of wine we took.  They took turns telling jokes.  I even told one: your story about the nurse who told Gen. Patton that it was too a bordello, the one I didn’t get at first.

“Morris didn’t get it either.  He’s like, ‘But a military hospital is full of cocks, not cunts!’”

I said, “Morris Fuller?”


His apartment, again with wife and kids, is one floor up.

“But Donald does.  He’s like, ‘With the nurses squeezing dough on the side.’  He grins at me.  ‘Is that nurse one of your heroines, Rachel?’

“Of course I go, ‘Sure.  I love dicks too.’

“‘Do you?’  They’re all five staring at me.  Donald goes, ‘Rachel, why didn’t you go with the rest of the women?’

“‘You want me to go?’

“‘No.  Is it because you know they’ll be gone a couple hours?’

“‘Maybe I don’t like Canasta.’

“‘Maybe you like being alone with five cocks?’

“I don’t answer.  Suddenly I realize what I’ve done.  Surely they won’t assault me!  But alone with five dicks?  I distinctly remember feeling wet.”

She sighed.  “Doug, I think I need to tell you something about me.  Dicks, to me, are the most fascinating things on earth.  I’ve always loved them, ever since I caught the boys jerking each other off in the bushes.”

“You what?”

“I saw four of them going into the bushes one day after school.  I waited a while and sneaked up on them.  They had their britches down and arms crisscrossed, going at it.”


“We were all in the sixth grade, mostly age 12.  At first they were going to beat me up, but I’m like, ‘Let me do you too.’  They finally agreed, after I took my panties down and let them feel of me.  We met again a couple days later.  You once asked me whose dick was the first in my mouth.  It was one of theirs.  I sucked all four of them the rest of that year and they licked my cunny but we never fucked.  One of them managed to break my cherry with his fingers.  I bled like a pig and scared them, which is probably why we never fucked.”

“And after that year?”

“I’ve been a sucker for a bunch of dicks.  Literally.”

I shook my head.  Lot of material there to pursue, but I had an immediate concern.  “So what did you do with the five guys in Jones’s apartment?”

She shrugged.  “Sucked them off, of course.  It didn’t take long at all.  The only problem was Jasper, the last one.  He pulled out while he was coming and streaked up my blouse.  He joked that pulling out was a habit.”

“I didn’t smell it on you.”

“By then it was already in the dirty clothes.  I figured if you found it, you’d think it was yours.”

“Didn’t they want to fuck?”

“Something I’ve observed: once the guy comes, the girl usually has to prompt for anything further.  They congratulated me for ‘really good head’ and peeled out the door.

“Donald goes, ‘Rachel, you better go home and take off that blouse.’

“So I did.  Didn’t notice you until the next morning and made sure to give you a good slurpy suck.”

I nodded.  “A conscience suck.”

“I guess.”

I thought it over.  “Then Jerry’s threat was empty.  Everybody knows about you anyway.”

“Okay, he didn’t coerce me.”

“Everybody but me.  Is that the whole story — at least since the Jones’s party?”

“No.”  Her eyes fell.  “We had another party in Jones’s apartment about a month later.”

“A party?”

“Just us six.  On a Saturday afternoon.  When I got there, he goes, ‘It took a lot of arranging, but all our women are attending a gardening seminar and we just had to have you back for an encore.’

“I go, ‘Well, here I am.’

“‘We know you’re game, Rachel, but are you really game?’

“‘Really game how?’

“‘How would you like to fuck two or even three of us at the same time?’

“I look around at five sets of bright eyes.  ‘Are all of you game for it?’

“Donald goes, ‘What do you mean?’

“‘It’s hard to get this many men to even show each other their dicks.’

“‘Oho, a gal of experience!  Gentlemen, I believe that’s what you call acquiescence.  We may proceed.’

“They start taking off clothes.  Donald tilts his head.  ‘My dear, you may join us when you’re ready.’

“Five dicks all around me!  I was ready already.”

“Well,” I said after she quit talking, “don’t stop there!  Did you do a Greek sandwich?”

“A really long one, after I sucked five dicks.  They swapped off.  I made them all get their second shot up my ass.”

“After all five had been in your cunt.  It’s a wonder you didn’t get pregnant!”

“These guys weren’t teenagers.  In fact when I wasn’t out of my mind, I enjoyed listening to their chat.”

“Good god, Rache!  Wish you had smuggled in a camera!”

She looked down at my upstanding cock and said with a little grin, “I was hoping you’d enjoy hearing about all this but couldn’t believe you would.”

“I can’t believe it either, but I do enjoy it.”

“You don’t have to feel betrayed.  We’re not married.”

“But just about everybody in the building — every man, at least — knows my S.O. is easy.  I guess we ought to move.”

She frowned.  “That’s the second thing I was afraid of.”

I accused, “You like this … this pride, this barnyard? — of cocks, don’t you?”

She took a breath and dropped her eyes.  “Yes, Douglas.  God help me, I do.”  Her eyes came up and searched mine.

I jumped to my feet.  “Get up on the table.  I’m going to fuck you right now!”

She did and I did, hard, with her heels rubbing my ears.  More squishing.  She started coming almost right away and I soon flooded her cervix, which I’ll admit was not smart.  But who was being smart?

When we finished, I sat back down with her straddling my lap, still impaled, arms around my neck, cheek to cheek, both breathing hard.  I said between gasps, “Thinking of all those cocks in your mouth and your bottom — I wonder if I’m halfway queer.”

“Aren’t we all a little?”

“You ever get it on with a girl?”


“Good.  Maybe we can invite one in here.”

“We might, but I like dicks a lot better.  Then … you forgive me?”

“Guess I have to, since we’re not married.”  I have to smile at her.  “The truth is, I think I’m a very lucky man.”

She sighed with relief but said, “Douglas, I had one more reason to tell you all this.”

“Sucking still more tenants?”

“Um … yeah, but that’s not it.  Jones has arranged another party.  For this weekend.  On Sunday.  I go, ‘But Douglas rarely works on Sunday.’

“He’s like, ‘You’ll figure something.’

“Should I call him back and say you’d like to come?”

“No.  Well, not this time.”  I thought it over and brightened up.  “Douglas will figure something.  This time you’ll take a purse with a camera chip in it, looking through a window in one end and transmitting back to me.  Then we’ll see who has to geek!”