Siblings First

by Kellis

Spring, 2016


“All right, Marco,” said Corey.  “Now you’ve heard fuck stories from both Don and myself.  Tell us what got you started.”

“Probably waited till he got married,” sniffed Jenkins, the cripple.

Marco chuckled.  “What’s this, some kind of local custom?  We sit around on a sunny afternoon and brag about who we fucked?  Is that the idea?”

“First fucks especially,” said Corey.  “Think of it as your initiation.  What’ve you got better to talk about?”

Don, the thin wheezer, added, “Then you can go on with your second fuck and the third and all you can remember.”

Marco shrugged.  “I can’t top Corey’s tale of getting ruined by fuck books.  Hmm.  Although they did have a tangential influence.”

“Tell us.  The intendant won’t call supper for another hour at least.”


* * *


“Can I ask you something, Marco?”

He looked up from the homework on his desk at the sound of his sister’s voice.  She stood in the doorway, still in the dress she had worn to school.  In contrast he had thrown off his clothes upon arriving home, except for shorts, which would also be removed as soon as he solved the last problem.

“You should’ve knocked,” he said with a big brother’s authority.

She blinked.  “Your door was open.”

“Yeah.  I forgot.  All right, come in.  Then I’ve got to finish this crap.”

“Thanks, Marco.”  Smiling, she waltzed into the room and plopped onto his bed.  “What’s the date?”

“The date?  You’re too young to date.”

“No.  What’s the date of today?

“What do you care about that?”

“It has to go on my History report.”

“What happened to your desk calendar?”  He read from his own, “It’s Tuesday, March 25, 1952.”

She repeated it but sat still, biting her lip.

“Was that all?” he asked.

“No.  Can I tell you about something?  It’s sort of a secret.”

He grinned.  “You’re my favorite sister.”

“I’m your only sister!”

“Right.  What that means is you can tell me anything.”

“It’s …  It’s …”  She regarded him uncertainly.  “It’s something I saw last night.”


“I woke up, went downstairs for a glass of water and heard a funny noise in the den, like … I don’t know, a suckey kind of noise.”


She sucked air across her tongue, creating a bubbly sound.  “Like that, only over and over.”

“In the den?  Were the lights out?”

“No.  A dim one was on.  That’s why I didn’t have to turn on the kitchen light.  I went to the door barefoot.  The noise was coming from the den, so I peeked around the jamb.  Dad was slouching on the couch.  I could only see his head and shoulders.  He had lines in his neck like … I don’t know what you call it —”


“Yeah.  Like they were tight.  His shoulders were bare like he’d took off his shirt.  The sucking got louder and I heard something else.  He was … I guess you’d say he was grunting.  And sort of humming.”

Marco grinned.  “I’ll bet you had to get closer.”

“You win.  I crept up, quiet as a mouse, and looked over the back of the couch.”

Marco shook his head.  “You saw him, like, totally naked and playing with himself, right?  Surprised Dad has to do that.”

She frowned.  “‘Playing with himself?’”

Marco turned the chair to face her, cupped his fist and pistoned it over his shorts.  “Like that?”

She looked startled.  “No!  Why would he do that anyway?”

Marco sighed.  “How old are you, Jackie, eleven?  Don’t your girlfriends tell you anything?”

“Well, Janey does.”

“My buddies sure talked about it when I was eleven!  Okay.  What was Dad playing with?”

“He’s stretched out with his legs parted and …”

“And what?”

She took a breath.  “Mama’s kneeling between them with his thing in her mouth.  She’s sucking on it, which is what makes the sound.”

“Sucking on it?”  Marco sat up with interest.  “You saw her big tits?”

“Yeah.  They’re both naked.”

“How big are the nipples?”

She held up a thumb and curled middle finger.  The ends failed to meet.

“Wow!” breathed Marco.  “Was she just sucking?”

The girl’s eyebrows knitted.  “What else did you expect?”

“I mean, was she jerking his dick too?”


Marco held up a thumb apart from its fingers and moved the hand up and down.

The girl’s expression became interested.  “Is that how boys frig?”

“Yeah.  Did she do it?”

“No.  Her hands are doing something under his thing.”

“Squeezing his balls.”

“Maybe.  I couldn’t see.”

“What happened next?”

“He beats on the couch with his fist and kind of chokes out, ‘Oh, god, oh, god, don’t stop!’”

Marco grinned.  “What’d you do?”

“Nothing.  Held my breath.  Mama’s got half his thing in her mouth.  Her neck is working, like she was using her tongue.  And she’s giggling.”


“Oh, yeah.  He grunts louder, pants a little and says, ‘God, Martha!  You keep getting better.’

“She backs away and sits up on her heels.  Did I say they were both naked as jaybirds?  Her lips are grinning but tight, like they’re holding something, and she’s still giggling through her nose.

“He says, ‘Show me.’

“She … I guess she pushes it out with her tongue.  White bubbly stuff runs over her chin and drips to the floor.  It leaves a dangly string.  She’s watching his face, which might be all that keeps her from noticing me.  I hold as still as a mouse.

“He says, ‘You really got a mouthful.’  I see her neck work as she swallows.  She says in a breathy voice, ‘Yeah, it was a big load.  Tasty stuff, Dale!’

“He says, ‘If you think so.’

“She says, ‘Am I staying ahead of the French tarts?’  What did she mean by that, Marco?”

“What did Dad answer?”

“He says, kind of peevish, “Honey, you know I’ve not seen a French woman in seven years.’

“She giggles.  ‘But do I still suck better?’

“‘You’re the best, Baby!’”

Marco said, “Sounds like Dad found a few cocksuckers in France.  Wonder how Mama found out.”

Jackie looked startled.  “Do all the grownups do that?”

The boy chuckled.  “Gerry’s old man said something about it, something like, ‘Everybody coming back from France taught his woman to do blowjobs.’”

“Do what?”

“‘Blow job’ is another way to say getting your cock sucked.”

“But you don’t blow it — or do you?”

He grinned and shrugged.  “No, you suck.  But some people call it that.  What happened next?”

“Mama looks satisfied because she’s still ahead of the French tarts — isn’t a tart like a little pie? — and says, ‘Now it’s your turn to taste.’

“Maybe a French woman is that sweet.  Did you dig what she meant?”

“About tasting?  Not at first but I soon figured it out.”

“Tell it.”

“I sink down out of sight, expecting her to yell, ‘Jackie, what are you doing out of bed?’  But I hear the couch creaking again.  When it gets quiet, I rise up slow.  Now she’s the one slouching on the couch, legs spread.  Dad is kneeling between them with his face pushed up against her.

“She moans a while then says, ‘God, Dale, that’s perfect!  Ooo!  I’m coming already.’”

The girl paused thoughtfully.  “Let me ask you, Marco: was that sex?”

He grinned.  “Mouth sex.  He was eating her out, which is what they call licking her pussy.  How long did you watch?”

“Not much longer.  She lets out a choking sound and her legs close tight around his head.  She shudders and shivers, going, ‘Oh, oh, oh!’”

“Did her big tits shake around?”

“Did they ever!”  Jackie squinted at her brother.  “Were you there too?”

He giggled.  “I’ve got a good imagination.”

“Her hands push Daddy’s head back and she says something weird.”


“‘Dale, Dale, I can’t stand it!’  She was sure standing it up till then!”

Now Marco was interested.  “So it gets too good for girls too!”


“I guess Dad caught you then.”

“No.  I drop down again before he looks up.  I’m real close to the couch so I can’t see, but I hear it creaking again.  She says, ‘Ooo, I love how it slips in!’

“Dad says, ‘Licking makes it greasy.’

“Now the couch creaks like a heartbeat and she makes little squeaks in time with it.  I raise up real careful like.  They’re lengthwise on the couch.  He’s on top of her and his butt is moving up and down, making the springs squeak.”

Marco nodded.  “That was real sex.”

“His thing in her … pussy?”

“Yeah.  His cock.”

“Janey calls it fucking.”

“That’s the word.  Wonder why they were doing it in the den.”

“Instead of their bed?”

“Yeah.  Did you notice their clothes?”

“On the floor.”

Marco nodded.  “I can just see it.  They were … probably feeling each other up.  Dad said —”

The girl’s eyes were bright.  “I know what you mean.  Janey caught her mother playing with her Dad’s thing.”

“Aha, that was it!  Dad said, ‘Let’s fuck,’ and Mama said, ‘Right here in the den.  The kids are asleep.’”

“How do you play with a boy’s thing?”

He laughed.  “However you want to.  He won’t complain!”

“Janey talked about what boys and girls do.  She’s got an older brother too.  She saw his …  She called them ‘fuck books.’”

“Showed them to you?”

“He keeps them locked in his desk.  One time she found it unlocked.”

“And went through his desk, like you did mine.”

“Okay.  But I didn’t find any fuck books.”

“Well, you got an eyeful last night.”

“Marco …”  She paused and frowned.  “Mama said it was tasty.  What does it taste like?”

He studied her with an intent expression.  “What makes you think I’ve tasted it?”

“You …  Janey said boys older than twelve …  You’re fourteen.  Don’t you make it?”

He grinned slightly.  “Yeah, I make it.  Janey has a lot to say, does she?  She teach you how to frig yet?”

The girl blushed and looked away.

He chuckled.  “Don’t sweat it.  Everybody frigs.”


“Everybody older than about ten.”

“Is that when you started?”

“I was your age.  My buddy showed me.  You want to know how it tastes, do you?”

“I ...  Well …”

“If you really want to know …”

She stared at him expectantly.

He continued, “I’ll help you find out.”


“By letting you do what Mama did.”

She bit her lip.  “You mean … suck on your thing?”

“Right.  Suck it out of my cock.”

Her mouth worked uncertainly.  Her eyes dwelled on his shorts.  “Something’s different.”

“Yeah.  Thinking about you sucking it is giving me a hard-on.”

“Janey says that’s so it can go into a girl.”


“And make a baby.”

“Not in her mouth.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure.  Coming in her pussy is what makes babies.”

Jackie was still biting her lip.  “Janey claims Nancy says it tastes awful, but Mama thinks it tastes good.”  She sighed.  “Guess I’ll have to find out.”

Marco’s eyes glinted.  “Take off your clothes.”

She blinked.  “All I have to do is open my mouth, right?”

“It’ll taste better if we’re naked.”

She thought of further argument but suppressed it, remembering that Mama had been nude, and kicked off her shoes before the dress went over her head.  In a moment she had hung dress and panties from a bedpost and returned to her seat on the edge of bed, now with second thoughts.

Her hand clasped the hairless vulva.  “You won’t do anything here, will you?”

“No.  They can tell if we do anything down there.”

“How can they tell?”

“Your cherry gets bu’sted.”

“How can they tell that?”

“I’m sure Dr. Willis checks you out.”  He grinned.  “I would!  God, Jackie, you look neat!”  His eyes roamed her well-rounded but androgynous form.

She smiled.  “So do you.  And you’ve got hair on your chest.”

“It’s just starting.  I’ve got more here.”  He rose in the chair enough to kick off his shorts.

“You sure do!”  She stared at the exposure.  “Wow, Marco, it’s as big as Dad’s!”

He chuckled proudly.  “It grew fast this year.  Wasn’t half this big when I started jerking off.”

“Wow!  I feel …”  She rubbed her crotch.  “This is where it’s really supposed to go, isn’t it?”

“I guess so, from Mother Nature’s point of view.  Come over here.”

Almost reluctantly she rose from the bed, stood before him and said musingly, “Like Mama did.”

Like Mama she knelt, took the rampant manhood in hand, inspected it at close range and looked up inquiringly.  “Isn’t it supposed to have skin over the … bulgy part?”

“Who told you that?”

Again she blushed.

“Who told you, Jackie?”

“Nobody told me.  Jimmy Clark showed me his.  The skin came to a blunt little point.  He let me peel it back.”

“Jimmy Clark, eh?  Who’s that?”

“A guy in my class.”

“Where did you go with him?”

“Go?  I went into the woods at recess to pee.  He followed me.”

“He’s a peeping tom, is he?”

“A what?  Oh, no.  We already agreed he’d show me his and I’d show him mine.”

“Who’s idea was that?”

“Janey did that with Mark Avery.”

“I see.  So it was just you and Jimmy in the woods.  Did his cock get hard?”

“Hard?  Oh, yeah, like you, he said he had a hard-on, not that it felt really hard.  It was about half as big as yours.  But the bulgy part was purple when I peeled it back.”

“Purple?  Oh, I get it.  Jimmy didn’t get circumcised.”

“What’s that?”

“When you’re a baby, they cut off the, ah, foreskin, it’s called.”

“Cut it off?  With a knife?”

“The doctor does it while you’re still in the hospital.  You don’t remember it.”

“Whatever for?”

He shrugged.  “They say, when you’re a man, it’s safer for your wife.  Supposed to have less germs.  My buddy’s old man says that’s all bullshit.  I said if that’s his father’s opinion, how come is he circumcised?  He said, ‘Mama wanted it.’  Say, was Dad circumcised?”

“Hmm.  It was mostly in Mama’s mouth.  I only got a glimpse of the bulgy part.  It was pink like yours.”

Beginning to stroke behind the head, she smiled.  “Hey, this skin is so loose!  You say this is how boys frig?”

“Yeah.  Only don’t call it that.  It’s ‘jerking off.’”

“Okay.  Make some … white stuff so I can taste.”

“You need to do what Mama did.”

“Oh.”  She licked the underside of the glans and giggled.  “It tastes like peanuts.”

“Suck it, Jackie.”

She looked up earnestly.  “You won’t ever tell anybody I did this, will you, Marco?”

“Swear and hope to die.  And you won’t tell anybody either.”

“No way!” she declared then opened her mouth and engulfed the “bulgy” part.

He grunted involuntarily.  “Now move it in and out.  And suck.”

She obeyed, cheeks collapsing.  Belatedly her hand squeezed the scrotum.  She paused, fingers examining its contents.

“Not too hard,” he warned.  “Keep sucking, will you?”

She raised her head long enough to comment, “Jimmy called this his balls, but he only had one.  You’ve got two.”

“He’s got two too.  They hide till you get old enough to squirt.  Suck!”

Her lips re-enclosed him and her bobbing resumed while fingers conscientiously fondled the testicles as Mama may have done.

“God, Jackie, that feels super!  You’re about to get that taste you wanted.”

She took in another inch of shaft and continued to bob and suck.  His thing twitched and a thick liquid poured into the rear of her mouth.  Instinctively she closed off her throat with the back of her tongue.  He grunted several times.  Despite intending to repeat Mama’s performance, her half of the thing filled her mouth so much that some of the fluid escaped from the corners, sight of which pleased Marco.

Soon his pleasure was unbearable.  Groaning, he straightened up, effectively withdrawing from her mouth.  A white gush followed, running down her chin.  She gulped and swallowed.

“Wow!” he breathed.  “Jackie, that was the greatest!”

She smacked her lips in obvious introspection.

“How does it taste?” he asked with real curiosity.

The girl frowned.  “It don’t have much taste.  Sort of meaty, maybe.”

“Do you agree with Mama?”

“Well, it’s not bad.”  She shrugged.  “Makes me wonder if Nancy ever really tasted it.”

“She’s the one who said it was awful?”

“Yeah.  But for sure it’s not awful.  What’s it taste like to you?”

“About like that … uh, meaty.”

She regarded him suspiciously, grinned, ran a finger over her wet chin, leaned forward and thrust it into his mouth too quickly for him to avoid.

“Goddammit!” he cried, automatically balling a fist but letting the fist fall open.  “You’re right: not much flavor!”

She laughed scornfully.  “You never tasted your own stuff!  Kiss me.”

Hands braced on his hips, she rose enough to present puckered lips that glistened with his moisture.  He hesitated briefly, shrugged, caught her behind the head and pulled their lips together.  His tongue darted.  Both of them were giggling when they parted.

She said, “Now you know!  Hey, I like your tongue.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, tasting his wet lips.

“Get up,” she ordered.  “It’s your turn.”  Remembering, she added, “To taste me.”

He blinked but soon rose out of the chair.  She took his place, splayed her legs and stared at him expectantly.  He dropped to his knees and thrust his tongue into the slit.

“No.  Right at the top,” she directed.

He found a lump there, recalled a discussion among the guys and began to stroke it vigorously.

Immediately she giggled.  The heel of her hand pushed his head back.  “That tickles!”

“But —” he began.

“Maybe you shouldn’t start right in the middle.”

“You mean, go all around it?”

“Yeah.  I think it’s too sensitive right in the middle.”

“I get it: right on the clit.”

“I forgot: that’s what Janey calls it.”

He bent and resumed his tonguework less directly and more gently.  Now the results were approved.

“Oh, Marco, that’s so sweet!”

Soprano moans followed her words.  She began to quiver.  “Oh, oh, oh!” she moaned and added contrarily, “Do it harder.”

Shortly her legs closed around his ears.  He licked frenziedly to dimly heard screaming.

Suddenly she pushed his head away and collapsed in the chair, squirming and cupping her privates protectively.  He sat back on his heels and studied the bright red face.  Her eyelids were clenched shut.

They opened as the shudders subsided.  “Oh, Marco, I can’t believe how good that was!”

He sniffed.  “Don’t pretend.  Didn’t Jimmy Clark do that?”

“Oh, no!  We barely took our britches down.  Nobody ever … licked me like that before.”  Her eyes narrowed.  “Mama was right.”

“About what?”

“It gets so good you can’t stand it any more.”  She added thoughtfully, “At least not right on the clit.”

“You have to wait awhile,” he said sagely.  “It’s kind of like that for boys too.”

“It gets too good for them?”

“Right, when you try to keep on jerking.  Or sucking.”

“You know what?  I think I’d love to fuck right now.”

“Don’t even mention that.”

“Yeah.  You’re right.”  She sighed soulfully.

“Maybe in a little while.”

“Thank you, Marco.  You’re the sweetest brother any girl ever had.”

“And you’re the sweetest sister.  I just remembered: my buddy’s got a younger sister too, I think in the sixth grade.”

“Does he fuck her?”

“Who knows?  Jackie, better be careful with that word.”

“I’m careful.  You said I could tell you anything.”

“Well, you can.  Just don’t get in the habit of saying fuck.”

“Only to you.  If she’s in the sixth grade, I probably don’t know her.”

“He pointed her out to me.  She’s pretty.  Like you.”

“But older.  Has she got boobs?”

“Not big ones.”

“Yet.  I wonder how big mine’ll get.”

“Mama’s are sure big.  Most likely you’ll take after her.”

“Maybe.”  She grinned at him.  “And I’ve seen Mama’s bumping around.”

“Lucky you!”  He sighed.  “I got a good look at them when I was about your age.  Gave me a hard-on even then.”

“How did you see them?”

“She had on a loose pajama top.  I was hugging her hips and looking up under it.  Her great big tits were looking back at me.”  He chuckled.  “When I let go, she was grinning at me.  Mama understands boys.”

“That’s a good story, Marco.  Dad understands too.”


“Understands girls.  Me, at least.  Even now when I sit in his lap I can feels his thing make a lump, what you call a hard-on.  Once I wiggled around to see how lumpy it would get.  He took me by the hips and rubbed my butt forward and back.  I turned to look at him and he says, ‘I think you like this, don’t you, Jackie?’

“I didn’t know whether I should say yes or not.  Mama is watching and says, ‘She’s not the one who loves it.’

“Of course he stood me right up on my feet.”

Marco laughed.  “I bet he did!”

“Can I suck on you some more?”

His eyebrows rose.  “You liked sucking it?”

“I like how it fits in my mouth.”

He sighed.  “Licking your clit made it hard again.  Too bad we can’t really fuck.  You’d like that even more.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet.  Well, if it’s hard can I suck?”

“Maybe in a little while.”

“Mama will get home in a little while.”  She sighed and clambered around him to her feet.  “I better get out of here.”

“Yeah.  We’ve both got homework.  But Jackie, I want you to know you’re really special.”

“So are you, Marco.”  She began to pull on her clothes.  But when she was dressed, she sat on the bed again.

“I thought of something.”


“I was going to ask if we could sneak down to the basement tonight, but then I thought …  If we do much more of this, for sure we’ll soon start fucking.”

He started to demur but restrained himself, curious about her intent.  “Probably.”

“Then they would find out.”

He nodded.  “Probably.”

She sighed but brightened after a moment and announced cheerfully, “Got it!  I’ll let some other boy bu’st my cherry, then he’ll get the blame instead of you.”

“Uh, Jackie —”

At that moment they heard the sound of automobile tires in the gravel driveway outside.

“Oh, shit!” cried the girl and immediately fled the room.

“Shit indeed!” muttered the boy, pulling on his shorts.  He mulled Jackie’s last words as he rose to close the door.  The image of his sister’s legs open for some strange boy’s cock was strongly abhorrent.  But in a moment he had to laugh at himself as he remembered that such was the fate of all sisters.

But what a whale of an afternoon adventure!  He murmured aloud in awe and pleasure, “I don’t believe it!  The first mouth to get my stuff belonged to my own little sister.  Wonder how often that happens.”


* * *


When Marco paused, Corey said impatiently, “Shit, man, don’t stop there!”

The other listeners chorused agreement.

Marco laughed.  “What more do you want?  That was my first sex with another person, even if only oral.”

Don winked.  “If that was the first, who was the second?”

“You want to know what else happened between Jackie and me, is that it?”

Corey studied him.  “And you don’t want to tell us.  Where’s Jackie now?”

“In the ground.  Breast cancer, like our mother.”

“That’s too bad.”  The others murmured sympathy.

“But she had a good life, married and bore three healthy kids.”

“Since it won’t hurt anyone now,” said Corey, “tell us: did you and she keep on as you started?”

“Well, yeah, but cautiously.  We knew better than to let anyone find out.  Then we heard about 69s.  She was a screamer, but she couldn’t make so much noise with her mouth full of cock, so we started tonguing each other in my bed.”

“How long before you began real fucking?”

Marco chuckled.  “What I just described happened in the spring.  One morning that summer — Jackie had just turned twelve — she popped into my bedroom with a great big smile to announce, ‘Jimmy did me last night.  Now we can fuck!’”

The audience laughed and cheered.

“That’s different,” noted Don: “fucking one guy to persuade another.”

“It has a certain logic,” mused Jenkins.  “Your sister knew what she wanted.”

“All the girls do,” Corey proclaimed.  “Never doubt it.”

“For how long did you two get it on?”

“A good while.  I think it was the best time of my life.  It lasted till her periods started.  This was well before the pill, you know, and we chickened out.”

They sat in companionable silence, reliving it vicariously.  At last Corey asked, “Did you ever get an answer to your question?”

“My question?”

“How many guys start off fucking their sisters?”

Marco shook his head.  “But I’ll bet it’s happened a lot more often than anyone dares to guess.”