Swinging Pair

a Story of Accommodation

Copyright © 2003, Kellis



God, what a rack!

The rack in question belonged to a relatively young woman, slim except for hips and chest, who was ducking and pirouetting — dancing, apparently — upon the wide sidewalk in front of Ned’s park bench.  On this sunny but chilly afternoon with most strollers darkly bundled, Ned himself wearing an overcoat, a flash of creamy skin in the corner of his eyes had drawn them up from the book in his lap.  The large expanse of skin had riveted them.

The woman wore a black sweater unbuttoned in front over a tight blue blouse cut in a deep V, barely concealing the nipples.  Large breasts bulged to form a pronounced cleavage.  Ned stared in fascination, expecting the exertion imminently to expel one or both.  Thick blond hair swayed half-way down her back, falling over her face as she ducked.  She was narrow-waisted with wide hips encased in tight black jeans above “walk-over-you” high-heeled boots.

Something small and dark whizzed past her.  Ned recognized the bouncing object as a pinecone from the park trees behind him.  She stooped, took up a different cone lying on the concrete and lobbed it toward the source of the first.  She was giggling perceptibly over the street noise.

His eye followed the flying cone to a thin young man, grinning from ear to ear and apparently its target, who caught the missile and flung it back.  The woman ducked toward Ned, but the cone took her on the head before bouncing away.  She shrieked, spun around and fell onto the park bench beside him, where she caught his arm and breathlessly beseeched, “Protect me!”

Heads of the few other strollers had turned to watch, but the woman’s face was bright with merriment.  Mostly they smiled and continued on their ways.

The young man arrived, having lost his grin.  He glanced apprehensively at Ned before grasping the woman’s far shoulder.  “What’s up, Mae?”

“I’m taking a breather.  Oh, wow, this is a nice bicep!”  She squeezed Ned’s arm before releasing it.  “Do you mind if we sit with you, sir?”

She had flung back her hair with a snap of her head.  The oval face was striking, almost beautiful.  Large blue eyes protruded slightly, imparting a look of perpetual astonishment that Ned found charming.  A button nose hovered over full, sensuous lips painted pink, smiling ingratiatingly.  Her cheeks were flushed, more from exercise than rouge.  But despite behavior and hair, this was a mature woman.  Now appreciated from a close side view, the bulging breasts sealed his conclusion.

He raised his eyes and smiled in return.  “If you’ll quit fighting.”

That restored the young man’s grin.  “Oh, it’s just grab-ass.”

“Sit down, Linc!”  She grabbed his arm and pulled him around to sit on her other side.

Ned chuckled.  “I would’ve thought your pants too tight for that.”

She sniffed.  Ass is not all he grabs.”

“No, I can see one or two looser things — almost too loose!”

Her face showed consternation.  “Oh, no!”  She stared him up and down, taking in his business suit, necktie, medium build, clean-shaven face and hatless brown hair above gray temples.  “You’re not a Muslim, are you?”

“A Muslim?”  He chuckled again.  “Why would you think that?”

“Who believes women should never show skin?”

He shook his head.  “I definitely don’t believe that.  What I meant was, it might embarrass you.”

“What might?”

“If one of those things got too loose.”

“You mean if my boob popped out?”

He studied her twinkling eyes and said dryly, “I guess it wouldn’t.”

The young man beyond her leaned forward to see Ned’s face.  “Is that against the law here?”

“Popping one out?”  Ned grinned.  “Only if you let it stay out.  Actually that may not be true.  A few years ago a gal from the Hooter’s Club walked topless half-way across town and the cops didn’t touch her.  She had almost as nice a rack as these.”

“So you like them.”  The sensuous lips curled smugly as she expanded her chest.  “How about the rest of me?”

He took a breath.  “I’ve hardly been able to see anything else.”

“Well, there’s more.  Just so you won’t have to think of me as that set of big jugs, I’m Mae and this is my pal, Linc.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mae and Linc.  I’m Edward Nowell.  My friends call me Ned.”

“Hiya, Ned,” she offered with a smile.

“Linc is short for Lincoln,” volunteered the young man, larynx bobbing under a thin face, head still bent to look past the plentiful breasts.  He sported a very short crew cut and wore jeans under a leather jacket zipped nearly to the chin.

“It usually is,” Ned agreed.  Clearly Linc was much younger than the woman — perhaps a teenager?  He asked the young man baldly, “Are you a student?”

“Naw.  Not any more.”

“But I am,” said the woman, eyes twinkling again.

“A student,” Ned confirmed.

“Of men,” she added.

“Oh, men are simple,” Ned suggested, matching her tone.  “I’d bet by now you know all about them.”

“Can a girl ever know all?  Just when you have one pegged, he’ll surprise the hell out of you.”

He smiled.  “Then don’t make hasty judgments.”

“Sometimes you must.  Of course if you have time you can ask for advice.”  She scanned quickly around the area.  Presently a stoplight held traffic at the corner.  No pedestrian was near.  “For example, Linc says my nipples are too tall.  What’s your opinion?”

Her hand pulled the blue blouse to one side, freeing the bulbous nearer breast, which seemed to burst from restraint to hang jiggling below his sagging chin.

“Ah, tall?” he mumbled, eyes rounding.

Linc giggled, studying the man’s expression.

Indeed the pink areola was elliptical, its long axis vertical.  Under Ned’s gaze the actual nipple suddenly lumped up from a crinkling background.  He swallowed.  “It’s certainly eccentric.”

Her brow wrinkled.  “Eccentric!  You mean peculiar?”

“‘Charming,’ is what I meant to say.”

“But is it too tall?”

“Too tall for what?”  His hand rose and squeezed the soft flesh, causing it to bulge between his fingers.  She drew a sharp breath.  He added, “It’ll fit everything that wants it.”  The fingers spread to form a loose cup.  “They say more than a handful of this is redundant.  That is, they say it to girls who only have a handful.”

Tucking in her chin, she contemplated the flesh rippling under kneading fingers, then looked up to his eyes.  At that moment tires hissed on the street.  Instead of shrugging him off, however, she drew the opposite half of her sweater over his hand.

Linc slid off his end of the bench to squat before them.  His expression was brightly speculative.

Ned would have withdrawn but the woman caught his wrist.  “He doesn’t mind,” she declared.

“Doesn’t he?”  Ned directed a hostile stare at the crouching lad.  Why doesn’t he?”

“Because he’s only half a man.”

“Yeah?  What’s the other half?”


Ned withdrew from the breast despite her hold on his wrist.  Lip curling, he said to the lad, “Linc, the twink.  What about that?”

The young man shrugged.  “It’s true.”

“Half man, half fag?”

The young eyes dropped.  “Around her.”

“Your sister, is she?”

With lips stretched in a mocking grin, Linc’s eyes flicked up to the woman.  “She’s not anybody’s sister.”

Ned suggested to her, “An only child, eh?”

She sniffed.  “I’m not anybody’s child either.”

“Or wife?”

“Nor wife.”

“I see: a free spirit.”

“One who loves men — strong or weak — and what they’ve got.”  She stared solemnly into his eyes.

He returned the stare.  “What do you love about them — money?”


“You’re frank.”  He grinned.  “The last girl who told me that wanted a hundred bucks to prove it.”

The squatting lad chuckled but the woman’s grin was sour.  “And you showed her a badge, did you, and took her in for soliciting?”

“Are you kidding?”  He shrugged eloquently.  “I was always a sucker for frank girls.” His attention fixed on the lad.  “If you’re not a student, what do you do to eat?”

Linc frowned but Mae barked a laugh.  “Tough ass,” she said distinctly.

Ned blinked, glanced at the lad with an incredulous chuckle then turned to the woman.  “Do you mean me?  If so, I assure —”

Linc’s expression had changed to a grin.  “T U F A S,” he spelled.

“What’s that?”

“My profession.  Turn Up, Fuck And Suck: TUFAS.”

“‘Turn up,’ as in arrive on schedule?”

“‘Turn up’ as in bend over.”

The man nodded slowly.  “Yeah.  That might get you something to eat.”

The lad smirked.  “And drink.”

Ned studied him in thoughtful silence.

The woman nudged his arm.  “So what did you do with your frank girl?”

“Paid the hundred, of course.  Do you also practice TUFAS, or do you leave it up to Linc?”

“We’re a pair.”  She smiled complacently.  “We both like men, especially together.  Women too sometimes.  But you’ll notice we haven’t asked for money.  What we want is fun.”


Her hand caressed his thigh through the overcoat.  “Linc and I have a hotel room across the street.”

“Then you are together.”

“Oh, yes.  All the way.  How about trying us?”


“Right now — unless you want to finish your book.”

He chuckled slightly.  “The book can wait.  You really want me to come up to your hotel room for fun — just for fun?”

“We really do.  Later on you can treat us to dinner.”

His eyes on hers were bright.  With one hand holding the blouse open, she stuffed opulent flesh back into it.  She and Linc rose to their feet, smiles on both faces.  Ned closed his book, tucked it into a capacious pocket and stood also.

“Just a minute,” he said, raising a cautionary hand.  “I don’t want any misunder­standings.  Tell me exactly what it is you frank youngsters want with an old man.”

“‘Youngster,’” the lad mocked the woman.

“You’re not so old,” asserted Mae, “and if the rest is as hard as your arm and leg, you’ll be all the fun we need.”

“That kind of fun, eh?  With both of you at once?”

She studied him briefly.  “That’s what we want.  What do you want, Ned?”

“If you’re on the level …”

Linc snickered.  “We work on the level and turned up too.”

Ned inhaled deeply.  “All right.  I accept your invitation — with my eyes wide open.”

“You won’t be sorry,” declared Mae, shaking her head for emphasis.

“I hope not.”  He clasped her upper arm through the sweater.  “As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve been waiting a long time for you two.”


* * *


On the fourth floor the young man swiped his keycard and admitted them to a typical hotel bedroom with single large bed, television, table, two chairs and separate bath — plus an untypical small balcony accessible through narrow French doors.  Ned stepped out onto it.  The bench where they had met was a jewel in its park setting just across the street.

Mae had followed him.  He turned to her with a grin.  “How long had you been watching me down there?”

“Just yesterday and today.”

“And today you said, ‘He’s still there.  Let’s go see what he thinks of big jugs.’”

“Actually that was Linc’s suggestion.”

Both laughed.  He said, “Cool approach, looked accidental,” and added a wink.  “I’m about to show you what I think.”

“I wish you would.”

“Because you love games with men?”

“That and to verify my judgment about them.”

He grinned knowingly.  “You won’t be disappointed.  Tits like yours make suckers of most of us — any way you look at it!  After you, madam.”

“‘Madam!’”  She giggled.  “That would be the life.”

She preceded him back into the room and threw her sweater over a chair, then sat on the bed to remove her boots.  A toilet flushed in the bathroom.  In the open wardrobe alcove Ned noted two large suitcases and hanging clothing plus a leather purse that she had not taken outside.  He draped his overcoat on the other chair, kicked off his shoes and began at his necktie.

Linc returned to the room, wearing only a shirt, fingers busy with its buttons.

Ned grinned.  “Eager, are you?”

“For a shower.”  The youth looked at Mae.  “Unless you want me to order drinks?”

“You like champagne, Ned?”  She stood to open her jeans and cocked her head at him.  “No.  Beer, I’ll bet.”

“If it’s Coors.”

“Why Coors?”

“Less bitter.”

She made a face.  “Still beer.  Order my usual Chardonnay, Linc, and a six-pack of Coors.”

“Okay.  I’ll have some Coors too.”  Now wearing only a tee shirt, he lifted the telephone from the headboard.  His skinny arms and legs were remarkably hairy.  A very thick pubic tuft hid most of the essential masculinity.

“Is he old enough for beer?” Ned asked the woman.

She paused, hands at the waist buttons of the blue blouse.  Shapely pale legs, blue vein networks faint on the thighs, joined in blond pubes trimmed to a narrow line extending the labial slit.  She grinned slowly.  “Don’t tell me you’re worried about the law!”

“I meant old enough to handle it.”

“It helps his shyness.”

Ned barked a laugh.  “Shyness?”

“With a couple beers, he’ll TUFAS without being told.”

“As long as he sticks to your new spelling.”

“Don’t worry.  We allow only one tough ass in a fuck, and you’re it.”  She grinned admiringly.  “Wow, Ned, what a nice chest!”

“It pays to stay in shape.”

“It’s evident what you mean.”  She sidled close, throwing off the blouse.  Her cool hand stroked a well-defined pectoral, palm rasping his nipple.  “Linc has a lot more hair here, but you could break him in two.”

“That’s not my plan for him, exactly.  Speaking of nice chests …”  His cupped hand lifted a pendulous breast.

“They’re just heavy.  What did you mean, Ned, that you’d been waiting a long time for us?”

“Just that.”  He moved partly behind her, slipped an arm around her and lifted a jiggling breast in each hand, thumbs stroking the nipples.  “I’ve never done this before.”

“Never felt somebody’s boobs?” she asked incredulously.

“No.  Had a guy and a woman together.”

“But you’ve thought about it.”

Dreamed is the better word.”

“It’ll be more than just a guy and a woman, you know.”

“Yeah.  Linc, the twink.”

Her head turned to see his eyes.  “You sound a little …”

“Put off?  Maybe I do, but I think it’s just old habit.  I’ll admit I’m looking forward to playing with him too.”

“Ever do a boy, Ned?”

Before he could answer, Linc, long finished with the telephone, stuck his head out the bathroom door and called over the sudden rushing sound, “The water’s right.  Come on!”

She caught Ned’s hand and led him forward, pursuing the question over her shoulder.  “Well, did you?”

“Not since I was about Linc’s age.”

Mae paused to tuck her ponytail under a shower cap and to unwrap a soap bar.  Ned stepped into the tub beside the lad, who pulled the curtain closed and rotated the showerhead for widest spray.  A moment later the woman joined them and began scrubbing the man’s chest.  He felt the boy’s soapy hands on his back.

“What did you think?” she asked above the rushing water.

“Of what?” asked Linc behind him.

“I asked Ned if he liked fucking a boy.”

The lad grunted.  “That’s what I call an interesting question!”

Ned shrugged.  “I didn’t fuck a boy.  A couple guys sucked me off when I was hitchhiking in the army.  As to liking it … it was just blowjobs.  Minimal sex.  When a girl does it, you can at least play like this.”

“Like what?” asked Linc.

“With her tits.”

“You could’ve played with their dicks.”

Ned sniffed.  “At the time I don’t think that idea occurred to any of —”

He froze as a hand snaked over his hip to close on his partly risen penis.

“Like this,” the lad explained.

Ned peered into the woman’s upturned eyes and gibed, “Thought you said he was shy!”

“Around vice cops,” she retorted, shoulder drooping as her hand joined the boy’s.  “You’re not one, are you, Ned?”

“Ha!  I love vice.”

“So do we.  Relax and let us scrub you.  We’ve had showers already.”

She massaged his torso briefly with a soapy hand but her full attention centered on his genitals.  He returned as much, hooking three fingers into the loose-lipped vagina, pinching the clitoris, and after a resolute breath, reaching behind himself to capture the youthful equipment, longer but definitely thinner and no firmer than his own.  He froze again when a slippery finger penetrated his anus despite a clinched sphincter.

In for an inch, in for a mile.  He chuckled to himself at the exaggeration and revised his quote: In for one inch, in for six or seven.

His testicles jiggled to the internal laughter.  Mae asked, “What’s funny?”

“Is Linc studying to be a urologist?”

Seeming to ignore his question, she put one of her own.  “What turned your hair gray, Ned?”



“Why would you doubt it?”

“Because you have the prostate of a much younger man.”

“That’s your finger?”

“The first one was.”  She reached behind her and took something from the corner of the tub.  “Want to use this?  It’s fresh.”

She held up a commercial douche bottle with nozzle already attached.

“A douche?”

“As an enema.”

“Did you use it?”

“One like it.  Both of us.  I’ll help you.”

“Just bend over, eh?”

“Only takes a minute.  You can expel right here in the tub.”

“Not now.  Maybe later.”

“As you wish.”

“But it’s a cool way to ask if I want to get fucked!”

“No reason not to: you don’t have hemorrhoids.  You’ll want to try it, you know.  It’s the same thrill for male or female.  And in case you’re wondering, Linc and I have no disease.”

“That’s good to hear.”

She grunted at his tone.  “It’s the truth.”

He shook his head.  “I’ll admit, taking a woman and man together is an old fantasy of mine, and when you have such luck you ought to push it to the limit, but this is all a bit sudden, Mae.”

She grinned.  “That’s supposed to be the girl’s line, isn’t it?”

“What’s the rush?  You two will be around tomorrow, won’t you?”

“Probably, if we get along.  How about you?”

“Unlike most girls, I’ll give you a straight answer: god, yes!”  He took a breath.  “Let’s get out of this water.”

“Good idea,” the boy agreed.  “It’s time for the drinks to show up.”


* * *


Right on cue the knocker thudded, followed by, “Room service!”  Linc donned a hotel bathrobe and brought the chit for Mae to sign while she finished drying off.

All three proceeded to the bedside.  Mae turned to face Ned.  “What —” she began, but he caught her shoulders and spun her around.

“On the bed,” he commanded, hand suddenly lifting between her legs, “with that pretty ass turned up.”

She rolled her eyes at Linc but obeyed the man standing in contact behind her, who took himself in hand and pressed firmly forward.  She caught her breath.

“Hey!” barked the boy, staring across the bed.

Bowed low on the edge with shapely buttocks elevated, she commented, “Ned doesn’t believe in foreplay.”  Her gaze lost focus.

“It’s not that.”  Ned, standing behind her, released himself to grasp her hips.  “When it slips right in like this, it shows something important.  Also if it doesn’t.”

“Such as?” she asked with a catch in her voice.

“That your interest is genuine, for one thing.”  He leaned forward and snaked a hand around hip and belly until his forefinger contacted the clitoris top.  She shivered.

“Cool!” declared the boy.

The man nodded.  “Yeah, I’d expect you to understand.  Mae, how about giving your boyfriend a suck?”

Rolling her upraised hips in counterpoint to his thrusts, she failed to answer.

“Everybody’s her boyfriend,” Linc responded instead.  He cocked an eyebrow.  “You really want to see her suck me instead of you?”

“Indulge me.”

Linc waddled across the bed and with knees spread sat on his heels before her face.  Her head began to bob.  He said, grinning up at Ned, “She does this better when she can give it her full attention.”

“She gives it often, I imagine.”

“We both do.”  The lad snickered.  “We haven’t had to turn on the TV yet!”

After a while he continued, “Too bad you can’t see this.  I wanted to ask for a mirror over the bed but she wouldn’t let me.”

“What’s to see?”

“Mae deep throats with the best.”

“Takes it all, can she?”

“Oh, yeah!  I’ve creamed past her tonsils more than once.”

Ned chuckled and shook his head.

“You don’t believe me?  Let’s trade.”

But the woman raised her head.  “I like Ned where he is.  Get your face under me.”

“Okay.”  Eel-like, the youth twisted around onto his back and worked his torso under the woman, head between her legs.  She promptly regobbled the long, slender manhood that popped up beside her mouth.  With his hands clutching her hips, Linc’s face rose into her junction with the man.

Ned bent to peer between himself and the woman’s buttocks.  Upside-down eyes glittered on either side of his partly withdrawn penis.  He resumed thrusting, driving hard and fast, testicles bouncing on the boy’s cheeks.  Both his forefinger, still working the clitoris top, and the bottom of his penis felt a stroking tongue.

Mae moaned nasally.  Her whole body tensed and shuddered.  A flush appeared on her back.  Ned maintained his pace.  Soon she relaxed marginally, still whimpering.

A hand closed around the base of his penis, forcing full withdrawal from the woman, suddenly transferring him to an orifice of different texture.  He froze, feeling the restraint of teeth well back on his shaft.  A skilled tongue laved the sensitive knob.

“Good god!” he cried, straining forward involuntarily.  To his astonishment and without prior awareness, he found himself ejaculating powerfully.  The knowing mouth immediately relaxed but continued to enclose him.

The rasping tongue prompted his withdrawal.  His hand under Mae’s belly rose to her hip.  She had bent her head around to study him.

“I’d say you look surprised,” she noted, eyes twinkling.

“God!” he boggled, releasing her and stepping back.

The youth crawled out from under her, licking his lips, and turned over to contemplate the man.  He said in wonder, “I didn’t know you were about to come.”  He chuckled.  “Neither did you, eh?”

With a grimace Ned turned away to don his discarded clothing.  Linc and Mae glanced at each other in alarm.  The woman rose hurriedly and swayed against the man, who was settling a T-shirt over his head.  Her hand caressed his bare buttock.

“Kiss me,” she demanded, rising on tiptoe.

He complied, a mere touch of lips, before jerking the shorts up to his waist, displacing her hand.

Her lips had pressed forward but not quickly enough.  She sighed and rubbed a soft breast against his upper arm.  “What’s the matter, Ned?”

He mumbled unintelligibly while slipping an arm into his shirt.

“I want more,” she continued plaintively.  “Don’t you?”

He answered without facing her, “Linc will take care of you.”

“I want … both of you at once.”

He shook his head.  “Not now.”

“Whatever you say.”  She smiled ingratiatingly.  “But don’t be in such a hurry to dress.  Your interest will bounce back in no time.  Linc, let’s show him a 21.”

She whirled and fell backward onto the bed, twisting to lie sideways before the man, who spared her a glance while buttoning his shirt.  Her knees rose toward her shoulders.  As her legs nearly straightened, her heels interlocked behind her raised head.  Elbows thrust out atop the upturned undersides of her thighs, forcing her knees lower and rocking the fully exposed genitals higher.  Her hands swung down to pry labia and buttocks cheeks wide apart.

Her eyes sparkled up to him.  “Did you ever see this before, Ned?”

He paused, staring at the wide crimson aperture, and inhaled.  “Good god!  Can all women do that?”

She chuckled.  “I think it’s easier for women.  Their legs open so much wider, don’t you know.  Come on, Linc.”

The youth hopped onto the bed to sit on his heels next to her upturned buttocks.  She stretched the distended openings wider.  He seated his erect organ fully into the vagina in a single plunge and withdrawal but then required several for complete penetration of the anus.  Shortly he was able to transfer back and forth between the two openings, however, allowing only a few thrusts in each.

The man watched avidly.  “You call this a 21?”

Linc grinned.  “Two holes for one pole.”

The woman’s eyes drifted shut.

Ned shook his head and continued dressing, pulling up trousers, tightening belt and thrusting feet into shoes.  He turned toward the reflection in a blank television screen to tie his necktie.

Their own activities had absorbed the pair on the bed.  The woman’s legs rose until her heels hooked over the boy’s shoulders.  He sank forward until her hips and the backside of her legs supported most of his weight.  His thrusts became frenzied.  She began to grunt and moan.

Ned watched briefly while pulling on his overcoat.  Sighing and shaking his head, he spun and walked silently to door, closing it softly behind him.

The fierce spectacle on the bed continued for another minute until the youth flopped panting onto his back beside the equally breathless woman.  A last bubble of semen dribbled off his organ.  After a few gasps he rose on an elbow.

“Hey, he’s gone!  To the bathroom?”

She rose similarly but shook her head.  “Clothes are gone too.”

“That son of a bitch!”

The woman grunted.  “Aren’t they all.”

Linc grinned as his breath eased.  “Thought you liked men.”

“I do.  They can’t help having bitches for mothers.”

“If you say so…  Shit, he didn’t even stay to drink a beer!”

The youth rose off the bed, popped the top on a beer can and slurped greedily while studying the woman, who remained on the bed, propped up on one elbow while the other hand worked in her groin.  She was smiling dreamily.

He said with a sniff, “So you liked that dick.”

“Yours, too.  Why won’t you do that unless another guy is nearby?  Never mind.  I know why.”

He sighed.  “Which brings up the question: where’re we going to find the next dick?”

Her head turned to regard him.  “Where do you think?”

“Well, there’s a bar just down —”

“Silly!  Ned is our next dick.”


She laughed.  “Why do you think he left in such a hurry?”

The lad blinked.  “Because I sucked him off?”

“No.  He’s been sucked off before.  You mean you don’t understand?”

“Explain it to me.”

“It scared him, Linc.”

Scared him?”

“He loved it so much he shot your mouth full soon as he realized where he was.  That surprised him and scared him.  He didn’t know that about himself.”  She laughed again.  “Jizzing cools men off for a while.  But you heard him: he’s been looking a long time for the likes of us.  He’ll be back here tomorrow.”

“On the park bench?”

“Knocking on our door.  Just wait and see.”

Linc thought it over.  Lines of concern smoothed out in his fresh face, until his growing smile suddenly became a frown.  “Damn!  I didn’t have time to check him out.”

“We were all a bit eager.  But I noticed a few things.”

“Such as?”

“The bands at the wrists of his sport jacket.  It’s made of silk.  And the Italian label in his overcoat.”  She grinned.  “I noticed that before I popped out my boob.  Then that little horse head monogram on the side of his shorts.  I love a man who pays that much for his underwear!”

The boy nodded and said dryly, “So that’s what turned you on full blast.”

She smiled fondly.  “Don’t worry.  By tomorrow he’ll realize you’re the fascinating one.  I’ll get the details while he’s doing you in the shower.”


* * *


At the second knock Mae, lightly made up as before, wearing a layered peignoir with blond hair clipped into a ponytail, opened the hotel room door.  She grinned widely.

“Well, Ned, how nice!”

“I’m glad to see you smiling.”

She chuckled and swung the door wide.  “Come in, please,” adding as she closed it behind him, “Shouldn’t I be?”

“After my ungraceful departure?  Where’s Linc?”

“He stepped out on the balcony to check your park bench.”

“Did he!”  Slipping off his overcoat, the man turned to grin at her.

“I told him not to bother, that you’d knock on the door, but he didn’t believe me.”

“I see,” Ned said dryly, “which explains part of that welcoming grin.”

“Everyone likes her judgment verified.”  She pressed forward against him.  “How about a welcome kiss too?”

He took her in his arms.  They kissed deeply, nostrils flaring.  Her hand stroked the back of his head and her pubic pad pressed his upper thigh through both layers of clothing.

When they finally parted, he inhaled and said huskily, “A real welcome, Mae!”

“Why not?”

“I thought after the way I left yesterday I’d have to talk you around.”

“I’m not a kid, Ned: I knew you’d return.  I even had the hotel put us in a refrigerator stocked with Coors.  Why don’t you get comfortable while I go crow to Linc?  If you’re thirsty, pour yourself a beer.”

She returned shortly from the balcony, leading the youth, who shed yesterday’s leather jacket and called, “Hiya, Ned!”


Hanging the jacket in the wardrobe alcove, Linc jabbed petulantly at the woman.   “Okay.  You were right about the knock but not about him being glad to see me.”

Mae looked askance at the man, who shook his head.

“She was right about that too.  You got an extra hanger in there?”

“Huh?  Yeah, sure.”

Ned kicked off his shoes and proceeded methodically to remove the rest of his clothing, neatly hanging trousers, shirt, necktie, suit coat and overcoat on the same hanger.

Linc, much quicker, had thrown his own clothing over a chair.  He watched the man proceed.  “I hope this means you plan to stay awhile.”

“It does.”

“So you did like what happened yesterday.”

Ned’s eyes turned to the youth.  “In fact I was sorry I left.”

“That was nothing!”

“Not to me.”  The man grimaced wryly.  “Then I realized in a certain view it’s all nothing.  But it’s fun.  And I want more.”

Mae had poured herself a glass of wine and opened two beer bottles on the table. “What view is that, Ned?”

“Every view but ours.”

She chuckled.  “We won’t tell if you don’t.”

The youth smirked.  “Nowadays who cares anyway?  I’m old enough.”

“To TUFAS, I understand.  Who thought that up, by the way?”

“The guy that showed me how.”

Mae waved a hand.  “Which is old history.  Linc, either hang up your stuff or throw it on the floor.  Come sit down for a minute, guys, and have a drink.”

Ignoring her admonition, the boy sat atop his clothing in the chair and drank thirstily from a beer bottle.  Except for Ned’s wristwatch both males were naked.  Mae shrugged out of her peignoir and let it fall to the floor.

The man paused before the one remaining chair and regarded Mae inquiringly.  She rounded the table to him, large breasts bouncing.  “Sit,” she ordered, gently shoving his chest, adding coyly, “I’ll find a seat.”

He fell back into the chair.  She took a swallow of her wine, set the glass on the table, grinned at him suggestively and sank to her knees as her hands spread his almost hairless legs.

Catching the flaccid organ in hand, she looked up with a twinkle into widened eyes.  “After yesterday I know you understand direct action.”

“Uh, action?”

“I want to see if it’s boys or just blowjobs.”

“You think this will prove anything?”

“The answer is probably both.  Don’t mind me.  Drink your beer.”

“I just —”  He caught his breath as her mouth enclosed his flesh.

Linc set his bottle on the table with a leer.  “You wanted to say something, Ned?”

“I wanted to warn her, but she knows it now.”

“What?”  The youth chuckled.  “She’s tasted piss.”

“You have too, eh?”


“I thought you guys like to start with a shower.”

“We’ll get to that.”

The youth leaned around the table from the right, face turned to a side view of the suckling mouth.  He confided, “She likes to suck one up.  When she surprises me that way, she can get everything I’ve got into her mouth.  Jokes she could make me useless in one good bite.”


“Don’t worry.  Your balls are too big.”

Mae’s eyes twinkled, peering up at the man beneath a blonde’s pencil-thin eyebrows. Lips, tight around the base of his now fully erect shaft, exposed only a few fingers’ width on each upward bob.

“Put your hand under her throat,” the boy advised.

Ned complied and felt the swelling in the top of her neck caused by his knob’s penetration on each downward head bob.

“My god!” he exclaimed inadvertently.  “How can she stand it?”

“Who knows?  A dick that deep makes me puke at the first touch.  Most people who can do it have to hold their breath, but Mae breathes on the upstrokes.  She’s really good.  I’ve seen her take a foot-long dildo up to the balls.”

Sporting an erection of his own, the boy leaned on the table with one elbow.  His other hand stroked himself languidly, eyes fixed on Mae’s effort.

Ned stared down at the head, now bobbing faster.  The woman winked back.  A hand kneaded his testicles gently.  “Oh, god,” he muttered, body tensing.

“That’s right,” the youth encouraged, “let it go.  She wants it.”

The man’s body went rigid, fists clenched, head thrown back, cords standing out in his neck.  The woman’s motion ceased.  Her mouth ballooned around the half-hidden shaft. She swallowed several times before rising away from him to plop atop the table, where she sat smugly licking her lips, leaning forward with hands braced on the table edge, round breasts dangling.

He took a deep breath.  “God, Mae!”

She chuckled.

The youth asked, “You going to run out on us again?”

“I’m going to drink that beer,” the man declared, looking around the woman to find the bottle.  She passed it to him and he drank thirstily.

Lowering the bottle, he returned her thoughtful gaze.  “So what did that prove?”

She answered promptly, “A couple of things.  That you like deep blowjobs.”

“Who doesn’t?”

“And that you probably didn’t even jack off last night.”

“How’d you guess that?”

“From the amount and the taste, of course.”

He thought it over.  “What was that about a foot-long dildo?”

“Want to see it?”

He gestured toward the boy, now standing but still stroking.  “Show me on him.”

She sniffed.  “He’s only got seven inches.”

“Indulge me.”

She snorted.  “You said that yesterday.”

“I like to be indulged.”

She slid off the table, caught Linc around the hips to pull him before the man, and sank to her knees.  The long, slender, slightly up-curving shaft swiftly disappeared between parted lips.  Nose buried in the thick pubic bush, she cut an eye around to gage the reaction of the man, who leaned close in fascination as her head began its shallow bob.

His hands clasped her by the throat and the back of her head.  Between them he enlarged her stroke, exposing at one extreme the crimson corona covered in translucent foreskin, hiding her nose in the boy’s profuse hair at the other.  Transferring a hand from her throat to the youthful buttocks, he compressed the two bodies together, satisfying himself that indeed she was taking the entire length of the penis.

“Good god!” he murmured, shaking his head as he released her and sat back in his chair for another swig of beer.

Immediately she rose from the lad and resumed her seat across the table, taking a swallow from her wine glass before smirking at the man.  “I really can do a twelve-inch dildo.”

“I believe it,” Ned acknowledged, “though I can’t see how.”

She tossed her head, bouncing the long ponytail.  “Anybody can.”

“Linc admits he can’t.”

“Because he won’t work at it.  You only have to overcome the gag reflex.”

The boy shot back, “I won’t work at it?  Ha!  The fact is, she loves to suck cock even more than I do.”

The woman laughed.

“Yeah,” said the man.  “I guess I don’t understand that either.  Why does anybody like to suck cock?”

The woman tilted her head.  “You don’t have any kids, do you, Ned?”

“Kids?  No.”

“Nephews or nieces?”

“What’s kids got to do with it?”

“You never gave a kid something for Christmas or a birthday?”

“Well …”

“Sucking cock, for a guy like you who appreciates it, is kind of like giving rare treats to a kid.  It’s good to please somebody that much.”

He regarded her doubtfully.  She laughed.  “Look at another way.  Did you ever eat a pussy?”



“Well …  It makes my dick hard as a rock.”


He took a breath.  “I figured that out when I was still a kid myself.  Because a pussy is the best thing on earth.”

She smiled.  “Some people feel that way about cocks.”

“Do you?”

“Do you have to ask?”

He grunted.  “What did you mean, that I’m a guy who appreciates it?”

“You are.  You like the idea of your cock in somebody’s mouth.”

Studying her, he did not deny it.

“Not much difference in mouths,” said Linc, again stroking himself, “not like dicks.”

The woman returned Ned’s speculative stare.  She asked, “What about the idea of a cock in your mouth?”

He emptied his beer bottle and dropped it to the carpet.  “I’m in no hurry to think about that.  What you said yesterday has been on my mind, about wanting both of us at once.”

She nodded.  “I said that and I meant it.”


She studied him with head tilted.  “I think your fat cock would feel especially good in the back, Ned.”

“With Linc in … front?”

The boy declared, “She loves that!”

Ned rose to his feet.  “Then let’s take a shower.”

Linc started for the bathroom.

“After you.”  Ned gestured.

She veered toward the wardrobe alcove.  “I need to get something.”

He caught her arm.  “Your enema’s still on the side of the tub, isn’t it?”

“I’m not the only one who may need it.”

He released her.  She rummaged in an inset drawer and emerged with two of the commercial douche packages.

He asked, “You really think I’ll need one?”

“I think you ought to satisfy your curiosity.  Fully!”

He nodded slowly, taking a breath.  “From your behavior, I don’t guess it hurts.”

She giggled smugly, large breasts jiggling.  “A lot of guys claim to like it.”

“Like it?  I don’t see how.”

“When you were a kid, Ned, didn’t you ever enjoy a shit?”  With a coy look, she turned and walked ahead of him to the bathroom.


* * *


Several minutes later the woman turned down the bed.

Right behind her, Ned suggested, “Since I’m the largest, why don’t I volunteer for bottom of the pile?”  Without waiting for a response, he caught her around the waist from behind, spun around, fell back and pulled her down atop him as he wriggled backward farther on the bed.  His hands clutched her bouncing breasts.

She twisted down enough to explore between their legs.  “Linc, come here and get him started. And bring that tube of jelly.”

The youth detoured by a wardrobe drawer before waddling onto the bed.  He crouched low and took the man’s half-erection directly into his mouth.  The woman drew up spraddled knees, perching bare feet on Ned’s legs.  The body beneath her shuddered, apparently in response to the unanticipated oral attention.  She massaged her own clitoris with the heel of one palm.  After a momentary pause the man resumed kneading her breasts.

Raising his head, Linc announced with a slurp, “That ought to be hard enough.”  He squeezed a dollop of jelly into his hand and clapped it on the man in place of his lips.  “Spread your cheeks, Mae.”

He guided the blunt organ to the puckered orifice exposed by the woman’s hands reaching around her hips.  “Push, Ned.  She’s tight at first, even when she tries to relax.”

Despite the present attention plus a liberal mouthing in the shower, this penis was not stiff enough for independent penetration of the anal sphincter.  Linc’s fingers reinforced the shaft, however, and applied a thumb directly below the blunt knob.  With the aid of the greasy jell the combined pressure succeeded.

“There you go!” the youth exclaimed, adding with a giggle, “You’re in her asshole, you old nature criminal, you!”

“Linc!” warned the woman.

“Well, it’s still a ‘crime against nature’ in this state.  But who cares about that?  Go to it, buddy.  Fuck her up the butt.”

The man began to move, each thrust deepening his access.  The boy sat up on his heels, bright eyes enjoying the show, until Mae commanded, “Linc, give me your cock up here.”

She had relaxed, lying back atop the man, head lolling on his shoulder, ponytail flopped behind them.  Because it was a king sized bed, Linc had room to crouch on all-fours, a knee on either side of the two faces, and while peering under his belly, lower his penis into Mae’s open mouth.

Still kneading her breasts, the man stared cross-eyed past his own chin at the slim velvet shaft between the woman’s lips.  Farther spreading his knees, the lad began a gentle thrusting.  At the lower limit his thigh compressed the man’s face against Mae’s head.  One of Ned’s hands released the breast and rose under the lad’s tight scrotum to feel her throat, her lips and, between thumb and forefinger, the shaft she apparently wanted to swallow.

“How in hell can you do that?” he murmured in awe.

The woman’s hand, rising over the man’s, forced the boy to withdraw by pressing on his pubic pad.  She caught the freed organ and before Ned was aware of her purpose presented the slick knob to his parted lips.

“You try it,” she said.  “Just close your hand around the base so he can’t drive it too far down your throat.”

After a moment’s hesitation the man obeyed, in time to accept the following thrust.  Mae twisted her head around to watch, grinning at the sudden lack of motion below their necks.

“Don’t forget to suck a little,” she advised, suppressing her amusement.  “Run your tongue around it.  And don’t worry.  This isn’t so strange to him.  He won’t jizz.”

She held herself still, letting the two males enjoy the novelty, not distracting Ned by a reminder of where his own penis lay.  She smiled hopefully.  This guy was a natural!

But Linc began to grunt to the rhythm.  Hastily she caught his hips and lifted them away from the man.

“Trying to make a liar out of me?” she demanded, tilting her head back to regard him beneath his belly.

The boy’s eyes were wide.  “This guy is too cool!”

“So’s my pussy.  Come on down.”

With a grimace the youth waddled backwards over her body to his original position. He knelt between the widespread legs, grasped himself and leaned forward to the support of one arm while initially thrusting into the lubricious woman.  She took hold of his shoulders and pulled him down atop the man’s hands still squeezing her breasts.

“Now fuck me,” she commanded, “both of you.”

Both penises began pistoning, seeking a smooth rhythm.  She caught the lad behind the head and straining her face to the man, pulled the three pairs of lips together.  She kissed both male sets at once and extended her tongue.  Three tongues were soon intertwined.

“Mmm-mmm!” she exclaimed nasally in pleasure.  But shortly her neck and mouth relaxed.  Her eyes rolled up and grunts issued from deep in her throat.

“She’s coming,” smirked the lad, the vibration of his lips tickling the man, who stared up in fascination.

Ned’s mouth worked.  “My dick can feel yours pumping in her.”

“Mine too.  Her insides are loose that way.”

The woman’s guttural noises grew louder.  Fortunately for the boy’s back she wore her nails short.  Her whole body became rigid for several seconds before suddenly relaxing.  The moans immediately resumed.

The man asked, “Did you feel that sphincter?”

“Oh, yeah!”  The boy grinned.  “I told you, she loves this.  How’re you doing? Are we too heavy?”

“I’m okay.  You got a name for this?”

“Yeah, a 22.”

The man grunted.  “I get it: two holes and two poles.  I’ve heard it called a ‘Greek sandwich.’”

“Greek?  What’s Greek about it?”

“The ancient Greeks practiced it too.  Did you think you kids invented it?”

“How come you know so much about it?”

“Oh, I’ve been wanting to try it for years.”

“Then I hope you’re having fun.”

“You know it.  But not all the way.”

“Why not?”

“My second shot can be hard to get.”

“What does it take?”

“Something else new, maybe.  How about a comparison?”

The boy frowned.  “Of what?”



“Male and female.”

“Oh!”  Linc grinned suddenly and rose up on extended arms.

“Not yet,” Ned demurred.  “Let her come a few more times.”


* * *


When the woman sagged, temporarily limp, for the fourth or fifth orgasm, the boy noted, “If we let her, she’ll do this till she passes right out.”

Her eyes flew open.  “Oh, god yes!” she gasped.  “Yes!”  Her arms closed tightly around Linc’s sweating back.

But he hitched his lower body away from her.  “Take it easy, Mae.  That’s enough to hold you.”

She released him, snaking her hands between their bodies to stroke herself.  “Damn you!” she muttered.  “It’s never enough.”

The boy sat back on his heels.  “Besides, Ned wants to try me.”

“Yeah, I heard.”  She twisted around atop the man and kissed his chin.  “Thanks for being so generous.”

Ned responded, “I’m in no hurry.”  But when she rolled clear of him and bent forward to leave the bed, he caught her arm.  “How about letting Linc fuck you?

Her lip curled.  “In case you didn’t notice —”

“No, I mean, with you on the bottom of the pile.  On the edge of the bed I could keep my weight off both of you.”

She nodded.  “It’s an idea, but I just realized …  My wine is bound and determined to come on through.  Excuse me.”

She departed for the bathroom.  Linc, still sitting between the man’s legs, bent down and slurped up the turgid manhood.

Ned rose on an elbow.  “You do know where that just came from!”

The boy raised his head with a grin.  “That douche kit she used for her enema: you didn’t read the fine print.”

“What about it?”

“Tastes like bourbon.”

“If you say so.  Turn over here,” the man ordered.  “I guess queers don’t need much foreplay.”

Linc retorted, “Not the first time, anyway.  How about getting behind me?  If you lie on me, you can’t play with my dick.”

“Okay, but I’ve got a feeling it won’t take me long to shoot.  Where’s that tube of jelly?”

After finding the tube in the tangled bed, the boy rose on hands and knees.  The man knelt between youthful legs and paused to slick himself.  To his surprise he easily effected entry.  “Well, there’s one difference!”

“You think I’m loose?” Linc leered back over his shoulder.  “That’s because I don’t mind it like Mae does.”

“Mae minds it?”

“She clinches tight unless she’s got a dick in her cunt already.”  He laughed.  “If I had an empty cunt, I probably would too.”

The man began thrusting slowly.

“What’re you thinking?” asked the boy, head again craned around.

“You’ve got a hairy asshole.  I’m wondering if you plan to suck me after I pull out of it.”

“Sure.  I used one of her rum-flavored douches.”

“What about the one I used?”

“That was brandy-flavored.”

“Maybe I’ll …”

“Get to taste it?”  The lad chuckled wryly.  “In that case I ought to fuck you first.”

“What do you mean?”

“Once you shoot, you know, you’ll be off the whole idea of this.”

Alert to their conversation, Mae advanced slowly past the bathroom doorframe.  Both males were faced away from her atop the bed, Linc on all-fours, the man kneeling behind, one hand under the boy’s torso, the other on his shoulder.  Ned’s hips were in motion but not yet in frenzy.

With mincing steps the naked woman slipped to the wardrobe alcove.  Gingerly she felt in the man’s hanging clothing for the tell-tale thickness of a wallet, checking first in the sport coat then in the trousers, proceeding with agonizing slowness to avoid jingling the coins that all men carry.

Linc’s voice sounded.  “You’ve not asked me how it feels.”

“I figured …”  The man inhaled.  “I figured I’d find out for myself after awhile.”

“You really think you’ll let me fuck you?”

“Maybe not right away.  But yeah, Mae’s right.  Might as well grab the whole cake.”

“I can tell you’re getting close.  Go ahead and speed up.”

“What’s your rush?  I’m still comparing your asshole to hers.”

“So which is better?”

“So far I’ve tried two assholes, two mouths and a pussy here.  Guess what: the pussy feels the best.”

“You think so?”

“Why not: it’s made for a dick, after all.  Maybe that’s why I like the other holes better.”

“Does that make sense?”

“I’ll admit: right now this one is feeling super…  That’s it, you little pansy, tighten up that asshole!  I can feel the stuff boiling —  Hey, what’re you doing?”

Mae had located the wallet and with painstaking care was removing it from a hip pocket.  She snapped her eyes back to the figures on the bed, but saw nothing untoward.

The boy was answering, “Showing you a trick when you come.  Don’t worry; I won’t squeeze them that hard.”

Having caught Linc by the hips, Ned froze, grunting in a tight throat.  Mae snatched the wallet clear of the trousers, knowing that now the man would hardly notice the clink of coin.  Ignoring a thick wad of currency, she found the driver’s license.  Ned’s face stared back at her above the name, Edward Pearce Nowell.  Good!  He hadn’t tried to disguise his identity.  Her eyes scanned the address information several times, committing it to memory.

But another ID peeked from the adjoining plastic window.  A casual glance at it suddenly narrowed.  Her eyes grew round as marbles.  The breath caught in her throat and her face paled while her lips formed silent words: Damn and double damn!  She jammed the wallet back into the trousers despite a slight jingle of coin and fairly leapt out into the room, away from the alcove in case the man should look up.  Too bad it had to end so fast!

He did look up, but only to catch her striding forward.  His mouth hung open.  He licked dry lips.

“How’s it going?” she asked brightly from the foot of the bed.

He took a deep, shuddering breath and shook his head.  “I can’t believe I just fucked hardly more than a boy.”

“Believe it,” she said purposefully.  “To even the score, why don’t you let him fuck you?”  She forced a leer.  “I’ll suck you clean while he’s at it.”


* * *


“Oh, fuck!”  Linc fell back from the door, eyes wide and chin hanging.

Ned pushed past him, took the door from a nerveless hand, closed it and asked tauntingly, “Surprised to see me, Linky-boy?  Where’s Mae?”

“In the bathroom.”

“Go get her, will you?”  The man paused at the door long enough to hook the safety chain and retrieve something from his overcoat pocket that snapped into the chain groove.

The boy, in jeans and plaid shirt, stared.  “What’s that?”

“It slows people down who want to go in or out.”

“Then … Wh-what are you going to do?”

“Clarify a few things.” The man’s voice firmed.  “Now go get her.”

Linc whirled away to the bathroom.  Ned proceeded to the wardrobe alcove, hung overcoat and sports jacket over a nearby chair and was removing his tie when boy and woman emerged.

Mae pushed ahead and stood in nearby confrontation.  “What are you doing here, Ned?”

“Just what it looks like: getting ready for a nice double-fuck.”  He grinned fiercely.  “You did expect me back, didn’t you?”

She clinched her fists.  “Not 200 miles away!”

“Oh, my!”  He pretended to frown, winked at Linc and declared in a half-falsetto voice, “And I thought we had such a nice thing going.”

Her eyes narrowed.  She declared, “You followed us.”

He chuckled.  “Which was dead easy.  You just couldn’t bring yourself to part with Peltzer’s silver Jag, could you?”

“That was a gift!”

“I didn’t say it wasn’t.  But when you’re on the lam, you want a three-year-old Chevy like mine.”

“No doubt.”  She took a deep breath.  “I was hoping …”

He finished for her.  “That my being a P.I. was just coincidence, eh?”

She blinked.  “How did you know we found out?”

“You didn’t notice the little black thread folded into my wallet.”

Her mouth worked in frustration.  Again she inhaled.  “Did Arnold Peltzer retain you?”

The man smiled.  “In a manner of speaking.”  He kicked off his shoes and undid his belt.  “Come on, get comfortable.  It’s time for TUFAS.”

Her chin rose.  “We don’t TUFAS when we feel threatened.”

“So who’s threatening you?”

Her lip curled.  “I see.  You liked Linc’s tender young ass and you want to plow it once more before you take us in.  No doubt if he doesn’t submit, you’ll pull out your gun.”

He shook his head.  “I’ve seen nothing here that needs a gun.  But you have a choice to make.  Both of you.”

She nodded wryly.  “Yeah, I know the downside.  What’s the upside look like?”

“That’s partly negotiable.  We do have a proposal, but I’d like to ask you, Mae — and you too, Linc — what do you want out of life?”

She huffed, “What a question!”

“I nosed around before I started on this case.  You’ve been hopping from man to man and hotel to motel for at least two years now.  A simple check showed Peltzer as the third man you hit.  I’m willing to bet a deep background would find more.  Arrest warrants are out on you in at least two jurisdictions.  You weren’t so smooth to begin with.”

“What does Arnold say?”

“Oh, Peltzer goes along with you at the moment.  He agrees that the Jag was a gift, along with the several grand you bilked from his ATM account.  All on one condition.”

“What condition?”

“You’ll like it.  All he wants is to see both of you once a week.”

“If he’d kept coming —” began the boy.

Mae raised a squelching hand, her attention on the man.  “That’s all?”

“And you don’t tell his wife.”

She grimaced.  “No, we wouldn’t tell his wife.  So what’s this proposal?”

Ned grinned.  “You’re partly right, you know.  I do indeed want to plow Linc’s tender young ass again.  And yours too.  But I’ve already told you the straight of it.  I was looking for a pair like you long before Peltzer showed.  When I finally wormed out of him all you’d done for him, I knew you were just the ticket: a swinging pair of totally uninhibited fuck-lovers, one of each kind, who could actually get along with each other — a rare combination even for a rich man’s stable.  I wouldn’t take Peltzer’s money.  I want in on the deal.”

“What deal?”

“For you, the security of new identities, practically all the clothes and toys you want, a roomy apartment not far from Peltzer, trips to resorts as long as you’re careful about that outstanding paper, and money accumulating in the bank.”

The woman’s eyes sparkled.

“I want a Jag too,” asserted the boy.

She snapped, “Shut up, Linc!  What do you and Peltzer get, Ned?”

“Fun and games.  TUFAS, as you say.  Parties.”

“With several men?” she asked thoughtfully.

“Why not?”  He grinned.  “They’ll be rich ones.”

“My god!” she breathed.  “That sounds …”

“Like Christmas,” the boy asserted, unbuckling his belt and kicking off shoes.

Mae’s blouse went over her head.  She snapped her ponytail free and asked, “How long a run are we talking about?”

Ned, once again suspending all his clothing on the same hanger, shrugged.  “Why put a time limit on it?  Several months, at least.  Maybe years.  You two should come out in pretty good shape whichever.”

“Until they get bored with us,” suggested Linc darkly.

The man grunted.  “Has anyone actually got bored with fucking you yet?”  As the woman straightened from removing her jeans, he caught her jiggling breasts from behind and added, “How could anyone lose interest in these treasures?”

She sniffed.  “If you had to carry them …”

“But I don’t.  I only have to squeeze them.”  He demonstrated while she stepped out of her panties.

“Let’s get a shower,” said Linc, removing the last of his own clothing.

“Later,” declared the man.  His arms caught both of them around the shoulders.  “All the way down here I nursed a hard-on, thinking about that last position we couldn’t try because Mae needed to go through my clothes.  Here, lie down next to the edge, sweetie, while Linc gets the jelly.”

As directed by his hands, she sagged onto her back crosswise of the bed, buttocks near the edge, knees drawn up.  Her eyes widened on his midsection.  “You’re still nursing it!”

“Massaging your melons did the trick.”  He grinned.  “Like you said, I don’t need much foreplay.  Okay, pal, smear that stuff on your dick.  That’s right.  Now bend over there and fuck her, but first hand me the tube.”

Working the jelly on his rising erection, Linc frowned over his shoulder.  “I didn’t use a douche yet.”

“Who minds boy-shit when he’s going to shower afterward?  You’ve got it up there.  Put it in her.”

Linc sagged over the woman, guiding himself.  Letting his torso down upon hers, his hands flew back to spread his buttocks.  Both he and the woman held still.  Her knees were drawn up beside him.

Crouching slightly behind the boy, Ned penetrated the puckered flesh as readily today as before.  “God!” he exclaimed with a shove that also forced the lad to drive fully into the woman.  “I’d have never guessed I’d be so crazy about narrow cheeks and a hairy asshole.”

Linc sniffed petulantly.  “You like cunt better.”

“Well, you know it is better.  Fucking an asshole is about like jerking off through a rubber doughnut.”

The boy giggled.  “‘A rubber doughnut!’  Then what are you doing up mine?”

The man barked a laugh.  “Because it’s so goddamn evil!  I’m very American about evil.  I adore it so long as nobody gets hurt.”

Linc relaxed, letting the man’s strokes drive his own.

The woman’s heels wobbled beside Ned.  He caught one in each hand and leaned forward, giving her legs some of his weight and rotating her buttocks higher.  The new angle may have encouraged Linc to greater effort: he began to thrust opposite the man’s rhythm, which deepened both strokes.

Mae announced, “Now you’re hitting the spot!”  Her arms wrapped the boy’s neck and her eyes drifted closed.  She began to moan.

Ned came first.  Groaning under the compression of the boy’s sphincter, he held rigidly still for several seconds before withdrawing and flopping on his back onto the bed beside them, bouncing the conjoined bodies.  Freed of the man’s thrusts, Linc increased his own rhythm.  The woman squealed, rolling her hips to match him.  Soon he too became momentarily rigid before falling off on her other side.  All three lay panting.

Mae turned her face backward toward the man and studied him speculatively.

He grunted.  “What?”

“You asked us something.  You asked what we want from life.”

“So I could see if Peltzer and I had it.”

She laughed.  “You’re honest in your own way, aren’t you, Ned?”

He shrugged.  “I’ve yet to tell you the first lie.”

She frowned.  “Except by not telling much of the truth.”

“Okay.  But now you know the essentials.  Did you find an answer for me?”

“Yeah.  We want all the good things you mentioned.”


“And this.”

“You mean —”

“This.”  Her hand found his sticky organ.  “We never booked as long as the guy was interested in us.”

“Except for two.”

“What two?”

“Peltzer and me.  But that’s okay.  What you mean is, so long as he plowed you regularly.”


“Well, more men will be more reliable.”

“That’s what I’m thinking.  We like your proposal, Ned.  We hope you know lots of rich guys.”



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