Sudden Dividend

a Short Story

Copyright © April, 2001, Kellis



Efficient unsentimental ball draining is a whore’s particular skill, and Taisy was the best.

I let myself in at her backdoor with the key she had given me, after parking in the deserted alley, and proceeded on through the kitchen to her den to make sure she was home, alone and expecting me.  To all three she always was, of course.  She was sitting upright in her recliner, reading, wearing the robe and slippers she always wore, at least for me.  A gold clip held back her plentiful auburn hair in a ponytail that flipped behind her as she turned her head toward me.  Her blue eyes locked with mine.  That was all.  No smile distorted the proportions of that handsome, oval face which had become the center of my secret life.

I turned aside to her bathroom, stripped and hung my clothing on the coat hook behind the door while the shower warmed up.  Under the water I scrubbed only my torso, with particular attention to the expectant gristle between my legs, while standing back enough to avoid wetting the hair of my head.  In a moment I was finished and drying off, careful to use the green towel.  The pink towel presumably was reserved for herself.  I had noticed that while always green, the pattern and texture of the green towel differed each week.  Did she have as many visitors as green towels, or vice-versa?  Though I was becoming intensely curious about her, that was a question one might not ask.

I padded naked across the kitchen linoleum and onto the den carpet.  She had already laid her book on the side table that held drink, canapés, a folded white hand-towel and a large bottle of strong mouthwash.  She sat forward, erect in her soft chair, the robe parted to either side of full breasts, one hand twitching between her legs, her eyes fastened in my groin.  I had surmised that she liked to flip her clit while my shower cascaded audibly.  Did she imagine me simultaneously stroking my dick, though only to assure its hygiene, and find the coincidence stimulating?  Could she possibly anticipate what was to follow with even a fraction of my breathless eagerness?

This was my tenth visit to her, according to the nine surreptitious T’s — for Taisy — in my computer calendar.  For the first several I had always reached her chair with a hard-on, but a dick that knows what’s coming develops a certain complacency.  At first it had also been a matter of pride to present her with an upstander, but she has by now taught me something I didn’t know about myself.  I prefer for the erectile process to occur within her mouth, to let the entire gristle disappear behind her lips and teeth, along with the front half of my balls, only to retrieve a grandly stiff piece of meat a short while later.  Even the thought of that is peculiarly satisfying!

Such thoughts have their effect.  When I stood before her chair, the distension was already beginning.  She leaned forward, however, and took all of it into her mouth, nose bumping my pubic pad.  Her cheeks collapsed as she sucked part of my balls in beneath it.  An arm went around my ass, pulling me closer, while the other hand pushed more scrotum into her mouth.  I could feel her bottom teeth.

Once as a child I had put my hand on a dare into a bag containing a captive garter snake.  Now Taisy’s tongue writhed around my invisible dick very much as that snake had done my hand.  But instead of the instant revulsion generated by the spinning snake, the tongue produced instant delight — and a painfully firm erection almost as quickly.

Here’s a question for young men: would you enjoy poking your dick into a bag with a garter snake?

Taisy’s blowjobs were businesslike, or so they always seemed to me.  She didn’t practice any of the outside licking, tip kissing, bouncing on the lips and ball sucking you see the porn stars smirk and do in the movies.  After it once passed her lips, you never saw your dick head again until you came; meanwhile her teeth, cheeks, soft palate, uvula and especially tongue — oh god, that tongue! — were doing the unspeakable to it.  She used her hands for the less important work.  One was always gently squeezing your balls while the other stroked your inner thighs, your ass cheeks, your belly.  And once when I came to her after a rare good fuck with my wife the night before, she gave up and used it to jack my sperm into her mouth.

But this time my wife had been pleading a stubborn yeast infection for the week since her period ended.  To give her credit, a couple nights back she had offered a handjob, but I declined, thinking abstinence would enhance my half-hour with Taisy.  I was both right and wrong.  The orgasm was extremely intense; everything from navel to knees seemed to flow out my dick, including the stiffness in my wobbly legs — but the whole experience hardly lasted a minute!

I saw spots in front of my eyes and had to take hold of her shoulders to steady myself.  She knew, doubtlessly from long experience, exactly what a man needs at such a moment.  Her head ceased to bob at the first squirt.  She closed her lips about half-way down the shaft but held perfectly still except for her tongue, which lapped away at the dick eye, fluttering with each succeeding spurt.  Most of the few women of my experience who have done me this service simply spat the dick out along with the first deposit.  Some might give it a few additional jacks.  One girl kept sucking away, swallowing what she could — a very sexy thing to do — but damned near killed me with the pressure that quickly becomes unbearable at orgasm.  Taisy applied no pressure while the ejaculate flowed, and each tongue tap on the tip sent a jolt of pleasure up my belly.  She was the expert of the spurt (Ahem!).

Her hand went unerringly to the side table and returned with the hand towel, flipping it open in her lap.  She gave my dick head a last couple of powerful sucks that caused me to groan and tremble, then let it emerge from her mouth, following it with a vast quantity of thin and bubbly fluid, running down her chin and over the dick head still touching her lip.  Though I had been a week without expression, this was still too much to have come entirely from one dick.  Then I realized that of course it included a lot of her saliva, probably the source of all those bubbles.

She raised up, wiped her face clean and gently swabbed my dripping dick.  According to the routine, I should now turn away without comment, dress myself in her bathroom, leave some money on the kitchen counter and depart.  Very businesslike.  But I hadn’t been in her place ten minutes.  I looked at my wristwatch, my only remaining article of clothing, and shook my head.

She frowned at me as she twisted the cap off her mouthwash bottle.  She imbibed a large mouthful and recapped it while tilting her head back and gargling noisily.  Finally she spat the residue into her glass and gave me her attention, the first time she had spoken to me in several weeks.  “What’s the matter?”

“I know the rule,” I said with a sigh.  “‘When you come, you go.’”

She sniffed.  “That’s a man’s rule.”

My eyebrows rose.  “What do you mean?  A madam once told me that.”

“Well, maybe in a busy whorehouse.  But otherwise …  I’ve given this some thought.  I realized that when a man comes, his whole attitude changes.  Without that pressure in his epididymis, suddenly he’s a different person.  Here he has just let a whore suck him off.  He thinks, ‘My god, what if she’s got a disease?  Would I give it to my wife if I caught one?  What the hell possessed me to put my bare cock in her mouth?’  I see it in their eyes.  Usually they can’t get out of here fast enough.”

I raised an eyebrow.  “Are all your visitors so young?”

She regarded me thoughtfully.  “You think only young men feel that way?”

I certainly don’t feel that way!”

“Don’t you?”

“No, I don’t.”

She shrugged.  “Well, you were quick today.  Maybe that makes a difference.”

“Too quick.  I’ve got 20 minutes left in my half-hour.”

Her eyes sparkled.  “So you have.  Want to try it again?”

“Huh!  I don’t think even you could get another shot out of me in 20 minutes.”

“‘Even me!’  Was that a compliment?”

“You know you’re the best.  But don’t you do anything besides blowjobs?”

Her lip curled.  “I have a restricted practice.”

“Does that mean you don’t?”

She chuckled.  “Did you have something in mind?”

I nodded.  “Women don’t have the limitation of men.  I’d love to get on my knees in front of you.”

“Well!” she exclaimed, eyes wide as if astonished.

Her expression was so taken-aback that I had to laugh.  “Come on!  The idea is not so preposterous as all that.”

“Isn’t it?  I can’t believe you mean it.”

“Why not?”

She sneered.  “Even a rubber on your tongue wouldn’t protect you, you know.”

“It wouldn’t?  Do you have a disease, Taisy?”

“You’re offering to lick a whore’s quim!  Nobody does that, Willy.  What’s the matter with you?”

“I guess the fact is, I’d like to get to know you better.  I admire people who care enough to do competent work every time, with no excuses and no slacking, and you give the best head, week after week, that I ever had.  I’ve come to think a lot of you.  You’re obviously healthy.  I don’t believe you would let yourself catch a disease — at least, not to keep.  Why shouldn’t you share in the fun?”

Her eyebrows rose.  “It’s for my benefit, is it?”

“No.”  I studied her in return.  “I think you enjoy sucking dicks.  I enjoy licking cunts for the same reasons.”

She sniffed.  “Just why do I enjoy cocksucking?”

I had to backtrack.  “Well, of course, I don’t truly know a woman’s reasons.  But I love to lick a cunt because of the effect on the woman.  I love to feel that involuntary hip rocking, as if she’s getting fucked, and the shuddering and the joint popping as they tighten up, and the moaning and groaning and the screams at the last.  Being the cause of all that is almost as much fun as being the receiver of it.”

Her eyes were interested.  “What about the taste?”

“I forgot to mention that.  It’s similar but different in every woman.  At first I have to ignore it but in just a little while it becomes …  In fact it becomes tasteless though very wet.  But you don’t lick a cunt for the taste.  The sensual part for me is her cool thighs covering my ears and her soft flesh under my hands and in my mouth.”

She grinned and repeated, “‘You don’t lick a cunt for the taste.’  There’s a difference, Willy.  You can suck a cock for it.”

“Can you?  I always thought come was tasteless.”

“Not entirely, even in the common case.  It varies in muskiness, which is a sort of a back-of-the-throat taste, and soupiness, even sweetness.  Sometimes it can be strongly flavorful, indicative even of the expresser’s state of health, though I’ll admit those flavors are not particularly attractive.  But you’re right: you don’t suck a cock just for taste.”

I had to ask, “How’s my health?”

She chuckled.  “About right for a fortyish fellow.”

I thought about that and grinned in disbelief.  “Do you claim you can tell a man’s age from the flavor of his jism?”

She nodded.  “You’d be surprised.  Oh, not in one shot, except in the broadest sense.  For example, very young men produce the creamiest semen, while an old man’s tends to be watery.  But after you’ve sampled a man several times, especially if he has few other outlets, you get a feel for him.”

“Yeah!” I leered.  “And what a feel!”

She smiled complacently.  “I like men, Willy, for the most part.  That is, I like their cocks.  That’s the ‘most part.’  A cock is such a tender, flimsy thing, really, so vulnerable, so at hazard between a woman’s teeth.  I love the irony of sucking cock.  While I am giving you such ecstatic pleasure, with your cock in my throat and your balls in my hand, I could easily turn it into the most awful agony and leave you unconscious and bleeding to death on the floor.”

“My god, Taisy!  Uh, why ‘unconscious?’”

Her eyes sparkled.  “It always amazes me how few people, especially men, know that if you squeeze a scrotum hard enough, you’ll knock its owner out.”

“You can squeeze it that hard?”

“Even a woman’s fist.  In fact it doesn’t take as much pressure as opening some jar lids, though a woman being raped should give it all she’s got just in case.”

I laughed weakly.  “You’ve knocked a man out this way?”

“Oh, yes.”  She grinned.  “But I didn’t bite their cocks off.”

I stared at her.  “Were they raping you?”

She chuckled.  “How can you rape a whore, right?  But, yes, Willy, they were raping me.”  She cocked an eyebrow at my limp dick.  “Still interested in licking me?”

I grunted.  “I’ll admit you’ve cooled me down.”

“Too bad.  You almost talked me into it.”

Again I glanced at my wristwatch.  “My half-hour is nearly up anyway.”

She stretched, leaning back in her well-padded chair.  “What half-hour?  Willy, not many guys can get away reliably in the daytime, you know.  I won’t have another visitor until tonight.”

“Dave McIntyre,” I commented, staring at her.  The robe was wide open, exposing a lush pubic bush and full belly striated with mother’s marks.  I had never noticed them before.  For the first time I wondered seriously how old she might be.  Thirty-ish?

“Who?” she asked, reminding me of my comment.

“He’s the guy who recommended you to me.  I know he sees you after I do.”

She shook her head.  “I don’t know your real names.  I told you: I don’t want to know.”

Indeed she had, on the occasion of my first visit, when she had described how we would behave on the subsequent ones, from my shower using the green towel, to her mouth full of come in the den, to my pecuniary deposit on the kitchen counter while departing.  By relay through Dave she had assigned me my name, “Willy,” not a very inspirational appellation, in my opinion, but only she knew it, so what the hell.  I already knew that her name was not Taisy: well, probably not.  The owner of record of her tidy little cottage on Merlin Street was a Mrs. Cleveland Camprose.  “Taisy” could in fact be Mrs. Camprose’s first name.  A reverse on her telephone number, which anyone with a computer can get, also returned Mrs. C. Camprose:  probably not a renter.

I paused, thinking of the new guy at work who’d been following me around like a puppy.  “How does that work, Taisy?  Suppose I wanted to recommend you to someone?”

She shook her head.  “I’m pretty busy.”

“Even in the daytime?”

“I like to sleep in the daytime.”

“I see.”

She chuckled.  “No, you don’t.  But I’m glad you asked instead of just giving him my number.  If somebody calls me with an unknown love name, Taisy doesn’t live here.”

“Okay.  But I think I’ve got a nice guy for you when you’re ready.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

Her tone held finality.  But I was standing naked not a yard from her naked knees, already spread invitingly.  I leaned forward, put a hand on each, and sank between them.  I heard her gasp, presumably with surprise, but she offered only cooperation when I pushed her thighs farther apart to admit my chin.  She smelled of woman, nothing unusual, less aromatic in fact than I expected considering I was the one with the recent shower.  My tongue parted her labia, riding up to circle her clit.  Soon I was lapping it gently.  My fingers found her already well wetted and entered her easily.  Her hips shuddered.  Soon her thighs closed on my ears and her hips began to rock in earnest.  Interestingly she lasted no longer than I had.  With creaking bones her legs parted and hands forced my head with its terrible tongue away from her.  She was screaming softly.

I raised up, studying how I might lay her back for a good fucking.  But she came forward in the chair, grabbed me around the waist and pulled my belly against her face.  My hard dick rubbed her neck and ear.

“Why did you do that?” she demanded, her voice muffled in my pubic hair.

I thought of several responses but finally said only, “Because I wanted to.”

She released me, backing away, and looked up.  To my surprise her eyes were teary.  Her voice was low.  “You’d better go, Willy.”

“Huh?  Don’t you want … a little something more?”

She got to her feet and drew the robe closed around her.  Her eyes flashed at me.  “For your information, you are only the fifth man to ever do that to me.”

“I’d do it again in a second,” I declared.

“And I have no disease.”

“I knew you didn’t.”

Her lip curled disdainfully.  “You’re a fool, Willy.”

I nodded.  “Foolish about you.”

“Oh, go home to your wife.”  She turned away toward the living room and the bedroom presumably beyond it that I had never seen.

I called after her, “Until next week, then?”

She paused at the living room door to look back.  “Damn it, I told you:  I only give blowjobs!  Why can’t you stick to the script?

I spread my hands appealingly.  “What have I done that was so terrible?”

“I don’t need any of you,” she declared, eyes flashing.  She took a breath.  “Go on, get out of here, and call me before you come back.”

I shrugged.  “Whatever you say.”

She whirled out of the room.  Just before leaving I added half-again to her “present.”  I know, the logic is screwy, but clearly I needed her more than she needed me.



* * *



“Taisy, this is Willy.”

“Yes?” she responded guardedly.

“I’m calling as directed.”

I heard papers flipping, suggesting a notebook.  “Willy, did you say?  Your shot is tomorrow at three.  Oh, did you want to come early?  It so happens I have an opening tonight at ten.”

Tonight at ten?  What in hell would I tell my wife?  Just that quick I thought of a dodge.  Dave would call me at 9:30, ostensibly to ask for help with a computer glitch.

“I’ll be there, Taisy.  Could I bring you something?”

Her voice softened.  “A little eagerness would be nice.”

“I always have that.”

She laughed and hung up.  I sat stupidly holding the telephone.  What the hell?  Had she forgotten?

Interesting choice of words: “An opening tonight at ten.”  I wondered how many women open for dicks at ten — and concluded nearly as many as those to whom dicks are presented at ten.  Even my wife, infection at bay, would probably be agreeable at that hour.  But she wouldn’t open her mouth for one.

I’d never been to Taisy’s place at night, but the only difference was the darkness outside.  She had already turned on the kitchen and bathroom overheads for me.  It was dimmer in the den without the light from translucent window shades, but not much different because the same floor lamp was lit beside the couch.  She sat in the same robe and slippers to watch me pad naked across the carpet.

We said nothing.  As usual I marched forward to stand between her knees.  As usual she leaned forward and took everything I had — in soft but out hard.  It was a fully predictable session, exactly like all the others, and she had no real difficulty in extracting my juice, even though I had fucked my wife twice since I left Taisy nearly a week ago.  That gracefully oval face, one that I had come to understand was the most beautiful I had ever seen personally, with its lips wrapped around my cock and its cheeks collapsed in suction, would always extract my juice predictably.

Yet the mouth, however expertly the tongue may be applied, is along with everything else inferior to cunt as a cock receptacle.  Is it the desecration of beauty that makes her cocksucking so thrilling?  If so it’s a childish and unworthy reason.  Or is it the symbol of ultimate submission: letting an ugly piss-pipe spew into her tender mouth?  I didn’t understand my own motives.  One was enough, though.  I had to have her.

When she had wiped her chin and my dick clean and finished gargling, I asked her, “Taisy, is there any way I could see you twice a week?”

She leaned back in her chair, looking up at me with a challengingly cocked eyebrow.  “Think you’re man enough for that?”

“I know it,” I said confidently.

She studied me doubtfully.  “You’re not exactly a teenager, you know.”

“I know I can do it,” I repeated, “especially if you let me do you first.”

Her face blanked.  “Did you forget?  I only do cocksucking.”

I spread my hands.  “By now you ought to know I’m no risk.”

“Should I?”  Her eyes glittered.  “If you’ll stick it in one promiscuous whore, you’ll stick it in another.”

I had to laugh a little.  “You do believe in speaking frankly, don’t you!”

“I believe in precise communication.”

“But your argument is weak.  What makes you think a mouth is safer than a vagina?”

“The mouth is tougher,” she responded promptly.  Obviously she had answered that question before.  “Dicks won’t make the tiny rips in it that they can make in a cunt.  I keep my mouth absolutely healthy and use a strong mouthwash.”

I studied her face.  She stared back.  Finally I shot my last round.  “I know enough about women to know that you loved it last week.”

Her eyes widened.  She opened her mouth to say something but at that precise moment a telephone rang in the next room, the living room that I had never entered.  She closed her mouth and sat there, staring at me.  On the third ring she snarled, jumped to her feet and went to the doorway, her housecoat swinging behind her.  Apparently the telephone was just beyond it.  She snatched it up and pressed it to her ear, keeping her back to me, but she was hardly ten feet away.

“Hello,” she said cautiously.

I took a breath.  According to all the rules, I should now depart, but the sudden harshness in her soft voice pinned me.

“No,” she declared, “I did not save your time.  Unlike the dentist, I can’t charge you for a missed appointment, can I?”

She continued almost immediately, “No, not tonight.  I have company.”

I could hear the receiver rattle.  “Then use your fist,” she said coldly.

It rattled louder.  She said quietly, “Don’t threaten me.  Shall I expect you next week at the same time?”

Now it rattled loudest.  Gently she restored it, still crackling, to its cradle.  She turned around slowly to look straight at me, standing before her chair with my half-hard dick dangling.

“I see you’re still here.”

I held up my hands.  “I’m leaving!”

“Just a moment!” she commanded.  “What was that you said about last week?”

“You loved what I did last week.”

“What makes you think so?”

“Huh!  You came!”

“You think that’s enough for me to like it?”

The implication that it might not be enough startled me.  “You mean it wasn’t?”

She went to the couch, shrugged out of her housecoat and laid it lengthwise in the seat.  She turned to look at me.  I had never before seen her body completely naked except for slippers on her feet and a woman’s tiny watch on her wrist, though her display of the week before prepared me.  She was no teenager.  Her breasts, underlain with faint blue networks that emphasized their roundness, sagged large with huge nipples, pink as is customary with auburn hair.  Her full belly was inscribed with its tracery of mother’s marks above coarse pubes the same color as her head.  Her thighs showed the beginnings of cellulite globbing and here and there the stars of vein networks.  Her hips were wide and her waist was slim.  The sight of her pumped new life into my dick.

She noticed it and grinned crookedly.  “Maybe you are man enough!  Want to try something more, Willy?”

I took a breath.  “You bet!”

“Then come here and lie down lengthwise on the couch.”

I wondered what she had in mind.  Presumably I was about to find out.  I obeyed her with alacrity.

She laughed a little.  “Such eagerness!  Keep your legs together, straight, and put your arms over the armrest.”

Okay.  I could do that, too.  I guess if she had fetched up handcuffs at that moment, I would’ve submitted just as readily.

What she fetched up was her cunt.  She raised one leg over me, resting its foot on the armrest while the other foot remained on the floor, and lowered her moist crack carefully over my mouth.  I didn’t wait for her.  My head popped up as soon as she was in range, tongue thrusting.

She let me take a few licks before admonishing, “No, Willy.  Let your head lie back.  You just lick.  I’ll put it where I want the contact.”

Which made sense.  I quickly learned only to wave the tongue tip up and down while she moved her hips back and forth, mostly around in a circle.  I wondered why more women didn’t propose this approach, then decided they preferred to lie back and let someone else do the work.  But for precision of touch and superior titillation, this ought to be tops.  Except that after several minutes Taisy didn’t seem to be enjoying it overmuch.  Already this had lasted many times longer than the licking I gave her last week.  I redoubled my tongue speed.

She grunted.  I looked up through the edge of her bush to her eyes, peering down at me.  But they weren’t smiling eyes, they were calculating.  Where next to put the clit?  No.  By now it was directly above my tongue.  Did she regret inviting me to lick her?

At that moment she backed away, sliding her foot beside my body, ankle projection tickling my underarm hair as it passed.  “I’m ready,” she said, her mouth close to mine.  A hand caught my dick and slipped it into her.

She started to fuck me, slowly, big tits mashed into my chest, forearms resting on my collar bones as her hands cupped my cheeks and ears.  Oddly she began to lick around my mouth and chin, slurping up the mixture of pussy juice and spit that I had licked out of her earlier.  Her tongue tickled the point of my chin and occasionally swabbed out my mouth, amusing me because it behaved exactly as my tongue had done moments before on her other mouth, into which my dick was now straining at full penetration.

God, what a great fuck, I thought, maybe the best I ever had!  The preliminary thrill was just making its appearance when I felt her readjust her leg positions — except that her knees were still clamped on my hips.  How in the world could —

Her whole body stiffened.  She tilted her hips more toward the front as her face rose above mine.  “Arggh!” she screamed, mouth open wide and huge eyes staring past me, as suddenly the weight on my hips increased.

What the hell!  I would have brought my arms down to shift her aside and find out what was happening, except she caught my wrists in her own hands.  But then I knew.  In time with her scream I had distinctly felt something slide into her flesh above my own straining dick, something large enough to compress my organ.  It withdrew slightly then smashed into her again, a hard, very fast thrust.  Again she screamed.

I strained my head to the side enough to peer over her shoulder.  A strange man was behind her, above us both.  His eyes were clenched shut and lips drawn back over his teeth in a grimace.  I had only a glimpse before his third thrust drove her shoulder higher, blocking my view.

He was fucking her up the ass!  At first I lay still in frozen incredulity.  I had seen the porn flicks, where women seemed to go wild on this act, especially between two men, though who at my age can believe porn flicks?  My wife and I over the years had even reached a tacit agreement, without one word being exchanged on the subject, that when she’d had a few drinks, she liked two fingers up her ass along with the dick in her cunt.  I had been thinking of buying a slim dildo for her next party.  But now — this guy’s dick must be big as mine if not bigger.  And he was really beginning to pound it in.

Did Taisy want this?  She was still holding her head up, fortunately, else the banging in the rear would have driven her facial bones painfully into mine.  Her eyes were closed and she whimpered with each bang.  Her mouth was open and a line of spittle ran from her bottom lip.  As I noticed that, I also realized that her hips had begun to roll, reminding me that it was my stiff stander that might compress her clit.  A whimper is not a protest, exactly.  I added my hip motion to theirs, timing it so that I withdrew as he thrust and vice-versa.

But I didn’t close my eyes.  My thrust-ins coincided with his withdrawals so that I got a good view of him above her shoulder.  He had a slim mustache and plenty of curly black hair above it.  Raising my head I saw an enviably thick matt of hair on his chest.  He was tan and looked younger than I, probably younger than Taisy, too.  His muscles looked good.  Too good.  He could probably whip my ass if I protested, not that I had formulated any plan to do so.  I wanted to believe that I would have sprung to her defense if Taisy had complained, but obviously that had never crossed her mind.  The more I thought about it, the more certain I became that she had engineered this scene after the telephone call, knowing that he would come despite her rejection, covering my ears with her fingers, noisily stroking my earlobes so that I wouldn’t hear her ass-fucker’s arrival.

So what might I do about it?  I knew I was strong enough to throw both of them off me.  But what then?  A fight over a whore?  She was beautiful and maybe the world’s champion cocksucker, but she would suck any cock that had her price.

I realized something else:  in fact I had no grounds for complaint.  I had already overstayed my time if not my welcome.  I was the rule-breaker here.  If I fought him it would be for no better reason than his unannounced arrival.  It was likely that such a battle would bring about a trip to the emergency room, maybe to the police station.  What in hell would I tell my wife?

I could imagine her face!  That led to imagining how we three hearty fuckers would look to her if she were standing at the doorway to Taisy’s kitchen.  I almost chuckled at her look of horror.  Suddenly the pure lasciviousness of it grabbed my balls.  Here I was, living a porno dream, along with another man — who cared who? — fucking a woman together, cunt and asshole!  The only addition we might want would be another dick in her mouth.

I began to thrust in earnest.  Taisy had released my wrists.  I ran my hands down her arms and slid them under her tits to pinch the nipples.  Immediately her hip motions strengthened in response.

Apparently she had been waiting for this.  “Oh, god, oh, god, don’t stop, don’t stop!” she cried through clenched lips, her face twisted in ecstasy or agony, though I expect for the latter she would’ve begged a little different.  She needn’t have worried.  I wasn’t about to stop.  The distant thrill was just starting.

But the man on top froze with a groan, his full weight descending upon us.  Taisy screamed, a long drawn-out wail, her body shuddering and twitching.  I pounded her clit as fast as my hips would move — until she simply collapsed atop me, her face falling over my shoulder.  She was panting and whimpering again but otherwise limp.

The weight lessened.  I saw a huge dick, wet and dripping, indeed larger than mine, pass over us along with a hairy set of loose-hung balls.  Her arm sagged, covering my eyes, whether intentional or accidental, and I was unable to see his face again until he had turned away.  But I had already seen it.  And despire the mustache recognized its striking resemblance to another one.

I raised up on my elbow in time to see him vanish into the living room.  So he enjoyed a different entrance, did he?  I thought of getting up and at least putting a few questions to him, but a throb in my lower regions reminded me that I had a newly made set of spermatozoa hankering to get into the cunt I still occupied.  I began to move my hips again.

She raised her head.  A drop of sweat fell from her nose.  “Did you come?” she demanded.

“No, but give me a minute.”

Her crooked grin reappeared.  “Do you care for sloppy seconds?”

Did she mean —  Yeah, she meant it.  “Shitty seconds?” I asked with a sneer.

She sneered back.  “Don’t be silly.  I took two enemas an hour ago.”

I stared at her.  She snickered.  Her hand went between us.  With a twist of her hips I was uncunted and instantly resheathed elsewhere.  To the hilt.  It was slightly tighter only at depth, which surprised me.  Then I remembered the porn flicks.  Unlike a cunt, an asshole remains distended for an appreciable time after the stretcher is removed.  Her sphincter had not yet returned to normal from the big dick.

She moved her hips.  “Go ahead and come.”

I almost did at that moment.  My god, my dick was buried for the first time, after countless dreams of it, in a woman’s entrails!  For lasciviousness this act compares only with cocksucking, even though or perhaps because all the related details are opposite.  But the mouth has a tongue, which I remembered in time.

I pulled out of her.  “Two enemas, eh?  Prove it.”

Her face showed surprise, then a touch of spite.  “Good!” she declared.  “Now I’ll get to taste his, too.”

She backed away without hesitation and bent to my dick.  “Don’t stop sucking,” I told her.  And she didn’t.  I knew it would be unbearable and it was.  I had to pull out almost immediately, unintentionally painting one watery streak between her eyes.

She backed further away, pulled the housecoat up from between my legs and wiped her face.  “Why did you tell me that?” she asked.

“I wanted to feel the pressure,” I told her.  “Why did you take two enemas?”

“Why?  Because it was Grundy’s turn.”

“That was his name?”

“His love name.”

“I thought you only did blowjobs.”

She stared at me without responding.  Suddenly she giggled.  “What did you think of that, Willy who likes to suck cunts?”

I shook my head.  “How did you know I wouldn’t jump up and slug him?”

Her giggle subsided to a grin.  “I saw him at the living room door, so I held up a finger.  He waited.  When I knew it was feeling good for you, I crooked my finger.”

“How did you know it was feeling good?”

“Huh!  You think I don’t know how to read a dick?”

“You knew he was coming, didn’t you?”

“You mean, while you were eating me?  I suspected it.  It’s hard to arrange three-ways.”

“What does it feel like?”

She laughed a little.  “You have to have a cunt, Willy.  The other half you can try with a cucumber.”

I looked at my wristwatch: after eleven.  I unwound my legs from around her and got to my feet.  “I ought to be pissed at you, Taisy.”

“What for?  This was all special.  Your regular slot is still on for tomorrow, if you want it.”

She laughed when I didn’t respond.  “I know.  This is hardly the time to ask about that, right?”

I stood looking at her.  As she had pointed out, with my balls drained her appeal to me was strictly platonic.  But I was curious.  “Does he only get your asshole, Taisy?”

She blinked.  “What if he does?”

“But never your cunt or your mouth, right?”

She cocked her head.  “What are you getting at, Willy?”

“But your cunt’s not really hazardous, is it?  I don’t think you would’ve cared if I juiced it up tonight.”

She regarded me speculatively as I turned to go.  “What do you think you’ve figured out?” she demanded after me.

I started to say, He’s either your younger brother or your son.  But what the hell!  At that moment I knew I had to have her again.  I would always have to have her.  That’s how I answered her.  “I figured out I’m your sucker, Taisy, whatever you do.”

She laughed.  “Here’s to sucking!”

But this time I only left the standard payment.