Teaching Them How

by Kellis



“Did you ever suck a dick, Harvey?”

Flopped in rockers on the porch, they had the end to themselves while the other inmates were clustered around the new nurse.  With hearing aids turned up their voices could stay low.

Harvey chuckled.  “What a question!  You think I’m too old to punch you in the nose?”

“Don’t you keep up with the times?  Everybody sucks dicks nowadays.”

“Yeah.  And talks about it too.”

“So did you ever?”

“Well, I might’ve when I was young.  For experimental reasons.  But I know you, Blake.  You’re angling to tell a story, right?”

“Why not — while the memory still works?”

“I can’t think why not.  All stories on that subject are welcome.”


My alcoholic father got fired and abandoned us when I was twelve.  After  a month or so Mom called me in and said, “We can’t stay in this apartment.  I’m sending you and Tim to live with your Uncle Rush for awhile, at least till I can get us a cheaper place.”

Tim was my younger brother, ten at the time.  Uncle Rush, Mom’s brother, had been friendly to his nephews, even remembering our birthdays with fun presents — although that was probably Aunt Tilly, his wife, now that I think about it.  So the move was agreeable to Tim and me.

Uncle had a nice place, even if he had no children.  At twelve I understood he must make a lot more money than we did.  Mom dropped us off, said a tearful good-bye and left.  At supper a strange woman served us in his dining room.

“Where’s Aunt Tilly?” I wondered.

“In Ohio on a parenthood pursuit,” said Uncle.  “She’ll only be gone a week.”

I thought that was an odd reason to leave home — adoption? — but had another issue in mind.  “Then who’s that?” I whispered when the stranger turned her back.

“She’s the temporary cook I hired while Tilly’s gone.”  He proceeded to introduce us.  “She’ll also be here to take care of you in the afternoon after school.”

So we were all set, more so than I realized.

That night he, unlike Mom, let us listen to The Creaking Door after the cook went home.   When it ended, he said, “It’s bedtime, guys.  I know you’re big boys, but to make you feel more at home why don’t you sleep with me in the big bed?”

Timmy’s eyes lit.  “Oh, can we, Uncle Rush?”

I said, “That show didn’t scare me.”

“I’m sure,” he said soothingly.  “The idea is to make you comfortable.”  He smiled.  “And I’d like the company.  Maybe I don’t like to sleep alone.”

Well, okay, put that way.

We went to our assigned bedroom, hung our clothes on the chair and went down the hall naked to the big bedroom.  In those days kids slept naked, at least in our family.  I figured if Uncle didn’t like us naked he’d furnish us night shirts.

I needn’t have worried.  Uncle had turned down the bed and was just hanging his pants on the closet door.  He said over his shoulder, “Go ahead and jump in.  I’ll take the middle.”

We obeyed, kicking the covers down to leave a space for him.  He shrugged out of his T-shirt, stepped out of his shorts, threw both garments into a hamper and turned around, naked himself except for a wristwatch.  His chest and pubes were very hairy and his lolling dick was impressive.  In comparison Tim’s and mine were like little bent fingers.  We had seen Dad naked several times.  Uncle Rush was hairier and better hung.

He stood over the bed and looked down at us.  It seemed to me his gaze was directed at our crotches.  Something made me cover mine up.

Timmy patted the large space between us and smiled.  “This is for you, Uncle.”

“Thank you, son.”  He returned the smile.  “We’ll be a family.  Let me adjust the lights.”

He turned on a nightlight that plugged into a wall outlet and turned off the table lamp.  His leg hair brushed my knees as he climbed over me into the middle of the bed, where his weight made a hollow that rolled us against him.  He reached down to pull the sheet up over us.  His arm went around me immediately, pulling my head onto this muscular shoulder.  I was conscious of my dick pressing his hip.

“I want you both to feel free to touch me,” he said, “if you need any kind of comfort.”

Tim’s expression was pleased.  His small hand came up and twined in the thick chest hair.

“That’s the way,” said Uncle.  “Now give me kisses.”

I turned my face up, meaning to kiss his cheek, but my lips encountered his firm ones.  He tasted minty.  A moment later he was kissing Timmy.

Mom had told us to write her.  I planned to do that tomorrow and tell her how wonderfully kind Uncle Rush was: a real, loving uncle!

Sometime during the night I woke up.  The light was so dim that objects were hazy.  I was lying on my back, no longer on Uncle’s shoulder.  My hand lay in what felt like a tangle of thin wire.  I felt further and encountered something warm but softer than the man’s chest.  It seemed to have a tubular shape.  Suddenly I understood.  My fingers were curved around the base of his big, soft dick.  I withdrew very slowly.  Uncle’s deep breathing never faltered.

When I awoke again, the room was brighter from light filtering through the window blinds.  It seemed that something had me by the balls!

My eyes flew open.  I was lying on my side, backed up against the man.  His arm lay over my waist and disappeared under the sheet.  It was his hand that held me, thumb and fingers pressed into my crotch, cupping my balls loosely.  My dick, morning hard, had risen under his wrist.  Was he feeling me up?  I held very still.  So did he.  His breathing was deep and regular, as it had been when I had felt of him.  As much an accident, I concluded, as was my own venture.

My dick tingled a bit.  It seemed to like touching warm flesh.  As my awareness widened I felt something poking me in the ass crack.  Slowly moving my hand, I discovered that Uncle also had a morning stiffy!  Feeling of it very, very gently, I was amazed at how huge it had grown.  I wanted to jack the skin but didn’t dare.

He had said, “Touch me if you need comfort,” but it wasn’t comfort I sought.  It occurred to me how strange this was: uncle and nephew with each other’s dick in hand!  What would he think if he should wake up just now?

Raising my hand to his hip, I turned on my back, which also dislodged his hand from my crotch.  It flopped atop my thigh, wrist still compressing my dick.  I lay still, waiting to see what would happen.

After half a minute or so he turned over, presenting his back to me.  My dick sprang up against the relatively rough sheet, which produced another tingle.  So I turned onto my other side and snuggled against him.  Now my dick lay in his ass crack!  Would he notice?  If so he gave no sign.

When I awoke again, Timmy was giggling.  I sat up but couldn’t see him.  A mound of covers quivered on the other side of Uncle.

“What’s funny?” I demanded.

“Nothing,” said Timmy, sounding muffled.  His face, a bright red, popped out from under the sheet.

Uncle said, “I was tickling him.  All right, my sweeties, it’s time to get up.”

He threw down the sheet.  All three of us had morning hard-ons!  I didn’t know Timmy’s could do that.

Pointing at the man’s rod, the boy said, “Look at that, Blake!”  He sounded oddly proud.

“Wow!” I said as Timmy expected.  It looked even bigger than it had felt.  I wondered how I could get a better feel.

Uncle sent us to the shower without comment and made us put on clean clothes.  He fed us cereal, drove us to school and went in with us to explain our transfer.  I soon confirmed that schools are all alike.  I had no close friends at home and saw no one who attracted me here.

Being two grades behind me, Timmy got home first.  Without homework we played cards while the cook banged pans in the kitchen.  No, I didn’t write to Mom; my memory of planning that was superseded by the one of a big dick in my hand.

After awhile Timmy laid his cards down with an inquiring look.

“Blake, can I ask you a little brother question?”


“Does tickling make your dick get stiff?”

“Not unless you tickle right on the dick.”

“Oh.”  He thought a moment.  “But Uncle Rush’s was already stiff.”

“What do you mean?”

“This morning.  He tickled me under the arms then on my butt hole then around my dick.  That’s when it got stiff.”

I felt a pang of jealousy.  He could’ve tickled me!  I said, “Was that the first time?”

“For what?”

“Your stiff dick.”

“Uh, no.  Sometimes when I wake up it’s stiff.  But when I tickled his dick, it was already stiff.  I could barely make a ring around it!”

“Did he … push your hand away?”

“Hunh-uh.  When I made a ring, he grabbed my wrist and made me slip the ring forward and back.”

My pang grew stronger but I knew better than to show it.  “That’s called ‘jerking off.’  Did he do it for you?”

“For me?  He might’ve but that’s when you heard me giggling.  Huh!”  He giggled in the present.  “His hand’s too big to make a ring on mine.”

“No, like this.”  I showed him two extended fingers and a thumb and moved them up and down.

He blinked up at me.  “What for?”

The cook was in the kitchen down the hall.  I reach between his legs, found a soft lump in his britches and pumped it with the hold I had shown him.

His eyes widened and his shoulders went rigid.  “Wow, Blake!”

“Feels good?”


I chuckled.  “Now you see.”

“Hey, don’t stop!”

“You do it.”

While shuffling the cards, I watched him out of the corner of my eye.  His hand slipped under his belt and the front of his britches began to flutter.  I had just taught him to jerk off.  In a couple months he would be eleven.  Lucky kid, he learned earlier than I did!

The fluttering lasted less than a minute.  He gulped, panted and stared at me accusingly.  “It hurts … almost.  I must’ve busted it.”

“No, that’s how it works.  Wait a few minutes and you can do it again.”

Without another word he got up and left the room.  I didn’t see him again until supper time.

That night when Uncle announced bedtime, we ended up again in his bed, although nothing more was said about doing so.  As soon as he pulled up the sheet, Timmy crawled on his shoulder.  I leaned back on an elbow, curious about what might happen.

A shadow moved under the sheet: Timmy’s hand slipping down to the dark patch at Uncle’s crotch.  “Tickle, tickle!” he said with a giggle.

Uncle clasped his hands behind his head and watched me with a sort of a smile.  I felt my own dick beginning to stiffen and wondered if I ought to help Timmy tickle.

Timmy soon said, “You’re right, Blake.  It’s growing!”

 Uncle chuckled and shook his head.  “This is fun, but I need to sleep and you boys should too.  We can tickle in the morning.  Blake, get up and turn off that nightlight.  By now you know how to get to the bathroom.”

I obeyed, returned to the bed and lay on my back, holding my half-hard dick.  I thought about jerking off but presumably Timmy had got the message and the bed was too still.  I went to sleep right away.  Uncle was right about us needing it too.

Sometime later I woke in the darkness.  My hand was in Uncle’s crotch hair, the same as last night.  The base of his dick emerged between my thumb and forefinger.  He was breathing regularly but this time I meant to make the most of it, even if it was an accident.  I closed my fingers around the shaft, not too tight, and slid them along.  It felt half hard the way mine had when I fell asleep.  A few strokes firmed it right up but the man’s breathing never changed.

I knew about circumcision, having seen its effect in the school showers, but Dad had deliberately spared Tim and me.  Uncle Rush’s foreskin was intact too.  His dick head erected out from under it the way mine did.  I wanted to ask him why we were different but couldn’t talk.  He might actually be asleep!

My hand slipped around and cupped his balls.  I’d already seen that one hung lower.  They were firm, heavy and distinctly separate from each other and from his belly, unlike mine.  The puckered surface was hairy.

Pleased with my exploration, I removed my hand.  Now I knew all about a grown man’s huge equipment.  My hand enclosed my own hard dick, not even half as thick, and pumped it a few times but stopped, afraid the unusual vibration would wake Uncle.  Satisfied by learning something new, I soon return to sleep.

At my old school I had heard that you could fuck apples if you took a big one, squeezed it until it was warm and mushy, then cut out the core with a knife.  I tested the idea several times: lots better than a fist!  That night in Uncle’s bed I dreamed I was fucking one and woke up just as the thrill was peaking — but it felt like the apple was still there!

First light was coming through the window blinds.  I raise my head to investigate and found myself looking directly into Uncle’s blue eyes.  I could see just the beginning of my dick; the rest of it was in his mouth and I was still squirting into his throat.

The thrills were very strong but apprehension rose as they died.  My muscles tightened but I didn’t dare to move.  He didn’t move either except to wink at me, which let me relax.  I could see more of him above his head; he was crouched between my legs.  Timmy had his back to us.

At my previous school I had heard talk about this.  I whispered so as not to wake Timmy, “Uncle, you’re sucking my dick.”

He laughed a little through his nose and his tongue moved, giving me a shiver.  He raised his head, releasing me, licked his lips and said in a low tone, “Exactly right, and I know you enjoyed it.”

“Oh, wow, Uncle!”

He nodded, chuckling.  “You gave me a mouthful of proof.  How long have you been squirting?”

“A few weeks.”

“I’ll bet the first time surprised you as much as you just did me.”

“It surprised you?”

“The quantity.  That was your first shoot-off since you got here, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah.  But I … I can’t believe it.”

He grinned.  “Can’t believe I’d let you feel of my cock?”

“You … you were awake!”

“Or can’t believe I like to suck cute little dicks?”

Mine looked very ordinary to me.  It was starting to droop.  “It’s cute?”

“Oh, yes, like the rest of you.  Boys your age are just lovely: so hairless and sleek.”  His finger touched the pad just above my dick.  “You’re barely sprouting pubic hair and your voice is still high-pitched.”  His finger and thumb caught my dickhead and pulled the skin back.  “This is the clincher.  Intact foreskins are irresistible.”

“Like yours.”

“And your brother’s.  Do you happen to know why you boys were not circumcised?”

“Dad said the doctor wanted Mom to let him but he said no.”

“Smart father.  Cutting it makes the head less sensitive.”

I wondered how he knew.  Seeing my expression he grinned knowingly.  “My friend had it done when he was a man.”

I could guess what kind of friend!  Except … Uncle Rush was married to Aunt Tilly.  But they didn’t have any children.  Did that mean —

At that moment Timmy turned to face us.  As he had claimed, I saw he had a piss hard-on.  His face lit up at sight of Uncle crouched at my crotch and he lunged forward, over me and under the man’s belly, arm extended, calling, “Tickle, tickle!”

Uncle’s legs came up and he leaned back on his elbows, still barely on the bed, to watch Timmy with a slight grin, which was encouragement enough.  The little hands were all over the big hard dick then the droopy balls.  Timmy seemed especially to enjoy working Uncle’s foreskin.  Why not, I thought, having just learned to work his own.  Something — watching him, I guess — made my dick hard again.

I wouldn’t call Uncle’s dick cute, but it was impressive, almost as long and thick as Timmy’s forearm with a slight upward curve and ropy veins in the base.  Timmy pulled the foreskin all the way back.  The shiny red head reminded me of a candy heart I got one year for Valentines.  It made my mouth water, although I was sure this one wouldn’t taste of cherries.

Uncle said, “Blake, slide higher in the bed and give me more room.”

I hitched backward and he followed me, his long legs opening on either side of me.  When he was able to lay back, his hands caught Timmy in their armpits and pulled the boy up onto his chest.  “Heist your willie up to my chin and I’ll show you something great.”

The boy slid forward and yelled, “Hey!”

I could see the little back tighten.  His hands, which had been behind him on the man’s belly for support, disappeared in front of him.  “Uncle, it’s in your mouth!”

I had guessed what was happening and said, “He just sucked mine too.”

“Oh, Uncle!  Oh, Uncle!” Timmy cried shrilly.

I was envious.  My own suckoff had seemed like a dream but here Timmy was awake and feeling everything.  I said, “What’s it like?”

“Better than Christmas!  Oh, Uncle, I’m gonna die!”

I heard the man laugh through his nose.  Timmy’s arms straightened and he seemed to be straining.  “Oh, oh!”

The big dick was like an invitation, right in front of me.  I pulled my legs under me, rolled forward and took hold of it.  It twitched in my hand.  Uncle was sucking on Timmy’s.  Having been asleep, I didn’t know how getting sucked felt, but I might learn how it felt to suck.  So I pulled it up straight, leaned down and sucked the whole head between my puckered lips.  It was a mouthful that smelled like peanuts and tasted a little bitter … at first.  Hearing Uncle go, “Uh-huh!” I sucked more of it in.

Timmy made two or three loud grunts, shuddered and scooted his ass backwards.  “Ooo, ooo, ooo!” he moaned.

Now Uncle laughed.  “Couldn’t stand any more, could you?  Slip off and let me watch what your brother’s doing.”

Timmy turned around and slid sideways.  His eyes got big.  “Blake, you’re sucking too!”

“He’s learning,” said Uncle.  “Bob your head up and down.”

Oh.  I guessed that would be better and obeyed.

Timmy stared and licked his lips.  “I want to do it, I want to do it!”

Uncle raised up just a little to look past my head.  “Turn your hips, Blake, so Timmy can reach you.”

I did and in a flash my brother’s mouth was around my hard dick.  He sucked it like a lollipop.

Uncle smiled like he was very happy.  “Now there’s a sight to behold!”

I sucked harder but he put his hand on my forehead and pushed me back.  “Better stop, Blake.”

I couldn’t believe it.  “Stop?  What for?”  I knew he hadn’t come yet.  Didn’t he like getting sucked?

“For your cock-sucking fount of information, jizz is repulsive when the bladder’s full.”

“It is?”  I thought about it.  I’d never tasted it either way.  “Why is it?”

“Probably because some piss leaks out with it.  Of course, when you get older you may like that flavor.  Many women do.”

“Do they?  Wow!”

He chuckled.

Timmy had quit sucking and raised up to listen.  “Pee?  Yuck!”

“Let’s eat breakfast first.  Come on: we’ll all take a piss.”

We stood around the toilet and pissed together.  Of course Uncle’s stream was thicker than ours and lasted longer.  The smell rose in the air.  I wondered how it would taste but not enough to wet my finger.

From the bathroom Uncle led us straight into the kitchen, still naked as jaybirds.  Today was Saturday: no school and no work.  Over our bowls of cereal I said, “We’ve all sucked a dick, a little at least.  Does that make us queers?”

“Make us what?” asked Timmy.

“You heard that at school,” said Uncle.

“What’s a queer?” said Timmy.

“It means boys who love boys and girls who love girls,” said Uncle.  He sighed and swallowed.  “I guess I should’ve already had this conversation with you.  I know you kids don’t go to church.  Your father agreed with me on that.  But I have to tell you, all of the churches around here are totally down on queer love.  Their holy book condemns it, and they’ve got it written into the law, despite the so-called constitutional separation.”

Timmy’s eyes were big again.  “You mean … it’s against the law?”

“It sure is.  It’s called a ‘crime against nature.’  But what it really is, is a crime against their religion.  They think it hurts you.  But tell me: do you think I hurt you this morning when I loved your sweet little dick?”

Timmy’s whole face lit up.  “It was the best feeling I ever had!”

Uncle chuckled.  “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

His amusement vanished.  “But listen close to this: they made it against the law, which means you have to learn a powerful lesson.  You must never talk about it outside this house, not to anybody.”

His gaze swung to me and back to Timmy.  “I want you both to promise.”

Both of us boys were very willing.  We said in unison, “I won’t tell anybody else.”

“Thank you.”

“What about Aunt Tillie?” said my curious brother, always one to think it through.

“You can talk about it with her.”

“Does she suck …”  His voice faltered.  Even at ten Timmy had a glimmering of what was private business.

Uncle grinned.  “Ask her that.”  He pushed back his chair.  “Blake, you started something.”  His dick was standing tall and thick.

Timmy had obviously felt left out.  In a shot he was off his chair and between Uncle’s spread legs.  “I want to do it!”

He could barely get the big dickhead past his teeth.  Uncle said, “Okay.  Now bob your head up and down.  And keep sucking.”

I scooted around where I could see his face.  He was looking up, eyes locked on Uncle’s despite his head bouncing up and down.  His mouth made slurping sounds.

Uncle rose to his feet, dick popping free.  He caught Timmy in the armpits and raised him up above the table, rotated him and laid him on his back atop the table with his head hanging off the edge.  The big dick slipped back into Timmy’s mouth, now upside down.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth,” said Uncle, “but not too deep.  Don’t worry.”  His hips began to move forward and back, making the head disappear and reappear behind Timmy’s lips.

Uncle looked at me.  “Lean over the table and suck your brother.”

I wanted to watch what happened in Timmy’s mouth, but I never thought of defying Uncle.  So the second dick I ever sucked was my little brother’s.

Uncle’s jizz choked him but Timmy got to taste it before I did.


“So you had a queer uncle!  Is that the truth?”

“That’s what I remember.”  Blake chuckled.  “And believe me, the memories from then are much clearer than recent ones.”

Harvey laughed a little.  “I can just imagine Timmy choking on that big mouthful.”

“Yeah.  It surprised him.  He hadn’t started squirting and hadn’t seen mine.  It shot right down his throat.”

“Poor kid!”

“Part of the problem was he came just before Uncle.”

“In your mouth?  But he didn’t squirt.”

“No, but I could tell it.  He moaned and his dick twitched.  When he choked, Uncle sat him up, slapped his back and a wad fell out.  Then he was all right and wanted to do it again.”

“I’m surprised he liked the taste.  I didn’t.”

“Tell me about that.”


Didn’t have your luck: no queer uncle to ease me into it.  I mowed the neighbors’ yards in the summer.  One hot Saturday I went up to Mason’s porch to ask for a glass of water.  Sitting in the swing, Mason had been watching me work.

He stood up.  “Come on in the house.”

“I’m all grassy and sweaty.”  I was shirtless, wearing jeans and tennis shoes.

“So don’t sit on the couch.  Nobody else is home to see you.”

I followed him through to the kitchen.  This was before air-conditioning but he turned on a fan that felt good and drew me a glass from the sink.  It was cool and I was thirsty.  He sat down in a straight chair and watched me drink.  He was about forty then, pale and chubby; some kind of bank teller.

He said, “I guess you make plenty of money, doing yards.”

“Never enough,” I said with a grin.

“What else can you do?”

I perked up.  “Last week I cleaned out the Beamon’s attic.”  I added, “For a fiver.”

“Hard work, was it?”

“Hot as the dickens up there.”

“But worth five bucks?”

“Oh, yeah.  Took my girl to dinner and a movie.”

“How old are you, Harv?”

“Fourteen last month.”

“Old enough.”  He took a breath like coming to a decision.  “I’ll pay you five bucks for something a lot easier than cleaning an attic.”

“You will?”  I smiled at him.  “Doing what?”

“Sucking my cock.”

I’m sure my face went blank.  “Doing what?”

I’d heard of that.  According to the bull at school, unmanly and despicable men did such things, men called queers.

“And I’ll suck yours,” said Mason, looking at me narrowly.

At that time I didn’t know about statutory rape, but a lot went through my mind in a hurry.  I thought if he sucked me back, he couldn’t use my sucking him to blackmail me.  And five bucks!  But I didn’t want the name of a queer.

“Who would you tell?” I demanded.

“Tell?”  He spread his hands.  “Who would I tell?”

“Your wife?”  He was married with two daughters a little younger than me.

“She’d be the last.”

Obviously he was queer and probably had queer friends.  Somehow the thought of him telling them didn’t faze me.  And I realized my dick was getting hard.

“You promise you’ll suck me afterwards?”

“Oh, yes.”  He reached around, pulled out his wallet, extracted a five-dollar bill and extended it up to me, right under my nose.  I’ll always remember that, my only whore money.  It smelled like leather.

I took it and shoved it in my pocket.  He raised up off the chair enough to push britches and underpants down.  His circumcised cock hung there between his spread knees, still mostly soft.  It looked a lot like my own.

He said, “Take off the rest of your clothes.”

Down went my pants, outer and inner.  I stepped out of them but didn’t bother unlacing the tennis shoes.  He freed one foot from his, leaving the clothing entangled around his other, and sat back down, now with his legs open wide.  I knew what that meant.

So I dropped on my knees and took hold of his dick.  It twitched; I could feel it getting hard.  Taking a deep breath, I bent down and opened up.  It tasted bitter, like you said, and salty.

“Suck on it,” he suggested quietly.  His hands rubbed my wet shoulders and his dick swelled in my mouth.  “Harvey, you’re getting a nice build,” he added.  I sucked as directed, my head bumping his soft belly.

Mason was a talker.  “This is perfect: getting my cock sucked by a sweet lad in my own kitchen on a bright summer day where you can really see what’s going on.  God, that looks wicked, half my cock in your mouth!  And your eyes looking up at me under your eyebrows, looking interested and maybe a little surprised.  A dick fits a mouth pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

“Too bad my wife won’t do this.  She might enjoy it too … though never in the kitchen.  Lick it while you suck, right under the eye.”

So I added licking to the suction.

I’ve often wondered since why most women wouldn’t do it then, especially considering it was before the pill.  I can’t imagine a better contraceptive, better even than up the ass.


Harvey sighed and sat back with a reminiscent smile but Blake was having none of that.  “Hell, you can’t stop there.  Tell the rest!”


What rest?  Mason made a few grunting sounds that failed to get my innocent attention — and my mouth filled up with come.  I swallowed without thinking, knowing that otherwise I would choke.  It never even occurred to me to back off.  I knelt there with my mouth hanging open, drooling his juice, while he kept painting the back of my throat.  And I kept swallowing.

His eyes were alight.  He began laughing.  “Oh, god, Harv, you should see your face!”

I finally backed up and licked my lips.

“Tastes as good as yours?” he asked, still chuckling.

I had never tasted mine, though I made sure to do it later that night.  It was almost tasteless, I thought, with a hint of meatiness.  Mason’s humor was infectious.  I started laughing too.

“You did like it!” he declared through his chuckles.

I shrugged.  Actually it had been very interesting but I didn’t want to say anything.  He was right: not nearly as hard as cleaning out an attic.  The only thing hard about it was his dick.  And mine.

“Did you swallow it?”

“Most of it.”

He looked down.  “I see it sure didn’t turn you off.”  His eyes narrowed.  “I think you liked it too much.  Who else have you sucked?”

I was quick to answer, “Nobody!”

He laughed a little more.  “I can see from your face that’s the truth.”  He patted the table beside him.  “Sit up here.”

He scooted his chair around in front of me.  Sitting atop the table in Mason’s kitchen, leaning back on my hands, I got my first blow job.  Now I knew what sucking and licking could do.  He added a fillup: massaging my balls.  Not that he had long to work.  God, it felt good!  In less than a minute I started squirting.

He accepted the first one but took hold of my cock and held the head on his curled tongue.  I saw two or three squirts vanish in the darkness of his throat before the last oozed out on his tongue.  He swallowed that, jacked me a few times in a lingering thrill and licked off the last drop before sitting up.

He grinned, licking his own lips.  “How’d you like that, Harvey, my lad?”

“Oh, god!” was the best I could do.  It was still tingling.  But my mood was falling faster than my dick.  “I don’t like what it means.  I’m a queer.”

“No, you’re not.  You just like sucking and getting sucked.  As somebody said, ‘The friction of mucous membranes.’  You’re not a queer unless you won’t fuck a woman.  Have you ever done that, Harv?”

My eyes dropped.  “No.”

“Tell you what, after awhile I’ll take you downtown and get you one.  How’s that for an idea?”

I perked up again.  “Oh, yeah!”

He laughed.  “I don’t mean today.  We have to work out a story.  Maybe the bank could hire you to fire the furnace this winter.  At least we can say that’s why you came down for an interview.

“As for me, you know I’m married.  And I get the credit for two girls.”

“Do you …”

“Fuck my wife?  About once a week.”  He laughed.  “Whether I want to or not.”

“Don’t you want to?”

“Yeah.  It’s hard to beat a pussy, even when their owners are cranky, which they usually are.”  He cocked his head at me.  “Although an asshole can come close.  It even has an advantage.”

“It does?”

He chuckled.  “I suspect you’ve heard that queers fuck each other that way.  Which is true.  They do.  But a woman’s asshole is just as good.  I’ll tell you the asshole advantage.  You’ll probably want to feel it yourself, but first you ought to try a pussy.”

“What is it?”

“When you’re jerking off, you know that it hurts if you keep going after you come, right?  Well, a woman, if she comes when you do, will naturally clamp her pussy muscles.  My friends say it’s to get your dick out so a fresh one can pop in.  Whether that’s so or not, there’s no muscle deep in her guts.  Or his guts, as the case might be.  You can keep on enjoying the fuck as long as the feeling lasts.”

That was fascinating.  And proved to be true.  Mason was a great teacher.


“How long did you keep seeing him?”

Harvey laughed.  “Would you believe I knocked on his door the next night?  Blow jobs beat the hell out of fists!  His daughter answered and I had to pretend I’d lost something.”

“I bet you prayed for his grass to grow.”

“Didn’t have to.  Mason didn’t need rain.  He called me the next day and told me to wait in his shed after supper.  He had some lawn furniture in there that we could lie on.  That’s where I got my first 69.”

“Did he deliver on his offer of getting you a woman?”


The bank already had a furnace fireman, but my excuse for coming home late after school was dropping by the bank for an interview.  In fact Mason met me in his car on an agreed corner and took me to a whorehouse.

We parked in an alley.  He knocked on a door with garbage cans beside it.  An old black woman opened it.  Mason said,

“I’m Mason and a friend.  Molly’s expecting us.”

We entered through a big kitchen with a couple cooks.  The woman led us down a hall and left us alone in a well-curtained room with a big bed and an empty closet without a door.

Mason took the only chair and pointed to the bed.  “Sit there.”

Another woman came in, about as old as my mother, wearing a dressing gown.  She smiled at me and said to Mason, “I’m Gertie.”

He tilted his head to me.  “This is Harv.  He’s ready to learn about girls.”

She came and stood in front of me.  “Do you think you’re ready, Harv?”

I was full of butterflies and a growing thrill.  “Yes, ma’am.”

She laughed.  “Don’t call me ma’am.  You can’t fuck a ‘ma’am.’  But you can this.”  And she threw off her gown.  She was naked and smelled like vanilla.

So my first real missionary fuck was into a full grown woman while Mason watched.  I lasted about a minute.  But she was a sweetheart and chuckled at me fondly.  I got the impression she liked them young.  She said to Mason, “Wonderfully quick and light!  Bring me another lovely boy like this one, will you?”  Then she fucked me again while sucking on him.

You asked how long I went to see him.  Just a few months.  When the hair grew thick around my cock, he told me frankly that it turned him off.  But I followed his advice about picking up girls, so I didn’t miss him.


“I assume you seduced a few other male friends too.”

“Because you did?  No, as a matter of fact, Mason’s dick was the only one I ever took in.  I did give a grandson a bath and fondled him, but that’s as far as it went.”

“You didn’t suck your grandson?  Why not?  You must’ve had him to yourself.”

“Yes.  His mother, my daughter, was in the hospital.  And his little dick got hard in my fingers.”

“So I ask, why not?”

Harvey chuckled.  “He was six years old but he stood up in the tub and thrust it towards my mouth, obviously expecting tongue.  I said, ‘Who’s been sucking on you?’

“He says, ‘Momma.’”

Blake laughed.  “Put you off, did it?”

“You know it.  But tell me what happened with your uncle.  You and your brother were living with him, right?”


Uncle Rush soon had Timmy and me doing a 69, followed by three-ways, all in his big bed.  We had unbelievable fun there in the evenings.  He had a big bathroom where we took slippery showers together.

You have a point about advice.  Every boy — girl too, I suspect — should have a knowledgeable adult guide them through a hands-on course of fucking and getting fucked.  Guess I should say “cock-on course.”


“I can just hear this getting proposed to school boards!”

They both laughed.  Harvey said, “I suppose it all came to an end when your aunt got home.”

“You’d think so, wouldn’t you?  But there’s the dinner bell.  Bullshitting with you has given me an appetite.”


* * *


Several days passed before Blake and Harvey were again alone together.  It was a cool afternoon, resulting in a sparse porch population.

Harvey said, “At last I get to hear about your aunt.”

“Which one?”

“Ah … Rush’s wife.  I believe that was his name.”

“Oh.  You mean when she got home from her donors.”

“Her what?  She was off getting money?  Ah.  To help somebody’s orphans?”

“Not money and definitely not orphans.  Aunt Tilly was a real one-of-a-kind and she was determined to have kids of her own.”

“Wouldn’t your uncle put them in her?”

“He couldn’t.  He’d caught the mumps as a teenager.  I suppose you know what that meant in those days.”

“Effective sterilization.”


“So your aunt … you don’t mean …”

Blake laughed.  “No sperm banks in those days.”


We met her at the train depot and went to dinner, which was the first time Timmy and I had ever taken a meal in a restaurant.  She knew all about us; Uncle had written her.  She was a full-figured woman who liked to hug and kiss, even more than our Mom, and kissed us boys full on the lips.

When we were seated and the waiter had departed with our order, Uncle said, “How did it go?”

She grinned a big one.  “Great!  Everything we expected.  Jeffrey had lined up several donors, in one case three at the time.”

“How many deposits did you get?”

She cocked her head at him.  “You sure you want to hear the details, Rush?”

“Else I wouldn’t ask.”

“Okay.  I got 14 in the right place.”

“That ought to be enough.  What do you imply by ‘in the right place?’”

“I’m sure you can guess.”  She tilted her head to either side at us boys.  “We don’t want to spoil their dinners.”

He chuckled.  “Don’t worry about their dinners.  They’ve learned a lot this week.”

“Oh?  What have you told them?”

“‘Told them?’  Not much.  A few general facts of life.”

“‘Facts of life?’  Blake, you didn’t treat them like your cousins did you!”

“More like their father did after he caught us.”

She looked from Timmy to me.  “Boys, has Rush been mean to you?”

“No, ma’am,” I said.

When her gaze swung to Timmy, he crowed, “Uncle Rush is great!”

“Uh, oh!” said Auntie but she smiled.  “No need to ask if you’ve been having fun.  I’m just surprised that boys so young could …  Not everything your uncle taught you!”

Uncle Rush smirked.  “Yes, everything.”

“Really?  How well did you fit into Timmy?”

“He’s ten years old, you know.  That’s big enough.”

“Well, maybe, remembering what I could do at that age.  Hmm.  Did you tell them why I went to Cleveland?”

“I may have mentioned it.”

I spoke up.  “For parenthood, he said.”

“And what did you think that meant?”

“Maybe to adopt a kid?”

She shook her head.  “No, Blake.  Other people’s kids are okay, like you and Timmy, but I’m a woman who wants her own babies.”

“But …”  I looked from her to Uncle Rush.  So he was really queer!

He gave her a leer.  “Blake, here, can also help you with that.”

She looked at me.  “Don’t embarrass him.”  But she smiled again.

He said, “Boys, I’ll explain it later.  What I’m interested in, Tilly, is whether you enjoyed yourself.”

She turned pink and dropped her eyes.  “You remember how I used to be.”

“And still are.  How about that threesome?”

She sighed and didn’t answer.  Or maybe she did: her face got almost red.

Uncle chuckled.  “Besides the cocks in your hotel room, my dear, what else did you see in Cleveland?”

It was dark when we got home.  Uncle said, “The boys have been sleeping with me.”

“I can imagine,” she said.

“But boys, tonight you sleep in another bedroom.”

I wondered why, if he was queer.  But Timmy asked, “Can I sleep with Blake?”

He and I indulged a 69 before we went to sleep.  I was dimly aware of Aunt Tilly looking in on us later and woke up enough to wonder if she minded naked boys lying with dicks and mouths aligned, but was asleep again before I could ask.


“So you and Timmy continued to practice what your uncle taught, did you?”

“Yes, for several years.  We both soon had success with the girls.  Noticing how poorly the other boys claimed to do made me think about that.  I concluded the knowing what girls want and how to approach them makes all the difference.”

“Which is why you advocate intimate adult instruction, I gather.”

“One of the better reasons.”

“That’s interesting, but what happened with your aunt?  Don’t tell me your uncle’s behavior returned to normal after she returned!”


The next was Monday, a school day.  Auntie served us bacon and eggs and sent us off with kisses on the lips.  She didn’t care for pecks on the cheek.

Seated beside me on the bus — we had yet to make new friends — Timmy said, “Do you like Aunt Tillie?”

“I like the way she kissed.”

“So do I.  Is she gonna suck our dicks?”

“Hush!” I said, looking around.  A girl across the aisle was looking at us strangely.  He hadn’t learned to keep his voice down.

When we got home, Auntie was wearing a dressing gown.  And not much else.  This was before women shaved their pubes.  I could see the dark triangle when she stood in the light.  Timmy saw it too and knew what it was; he’d seen naked men and knew about hair in groins.  Maybe that’s what loosened his tongue.

Inside the house he dropped his books, went to tiptoe, threw his arms around Auntie’s neck and kissed her on the lips, making it pop.

She giggled.  “That’s the kind of kiss I like, Timmy.”

“Aunt Tilly, do you like sucking dicks?  Will you suck mine?”

“Why,” she said, looking mildly interested, “is it hard already?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  And he shoved his pants down.  Out popped his little cock, stiff as a finger and about that size.

She regarded it.  “Your uncle sucked you, didn’t he?”  She looked at me.  “And you too, Blake?”

I shrugged mentally.  Timmy would tell on me if I didn’t admit it.  “Yes, ma’am.”

“What else did he do to you?  Did you suck him?”

“Oh, yeah!” said Timmy with a big smile.

“Did he come in your mouth?”

“He sure did!”

“And you didn’t mind that, I see.  He implied that he did even more.”

Which reminded me.  “What did his uncle do to him?”

“Everything.  Timmy, how did you like it in your … butthole?”

“That felt good too.  Blake sucked me at the same time.”

“I see.”  She laughed a little.  “Not many people would believe how easily kids are perverted.”  She bent down, peeled Timmy’s dick, kissed the head wetly and straightened up.  “All right, boys.  Come on upstairs.”

She led us into Uncle’s bedroom — hers too, of course — turned around and threw off her gown.  God, she was a sight for fucking!

“Take off your clothes, boys, but remember this.  We only go naked upstairs.  Downstairs you must wear britches at least.”

Timmy piped up.  “Uncle let us eat breakfast naked.”

“And let you suck his cock too, I imagine.  But he was taking an unnecessary risk.  From now on, we’ll be naked only upstairs.  So take ’em off.”

Sitting on the bedside, she sucked Timmy until he couldn’t stand it, about one minute, then turned to me.

“Do you ejaculate?”

I guessed what the word meant.  “Yes, ma’am.”

“Then you’ll have to come up on the bed.”

When I was kneeling between her legs, she did something I would have never imagined.  She raised her ass and legs up high, higher still until her feet were behind her head, and popped her elbows out above her drawn-back thighs.  You may have heard of that exhibit; it’s called a “Viennese Oyster.”

She said, “Now you can put it in all the way to my cervix?”

“What’s that?”

“The mouth of my womb.  That’s where I want you to come.”

Like you, my first real fuck was with a full-grown, fully fleshed woman, but it wasn’t what you’d call ‘missionary.’  When I was going strong, she relaxed her arms and legs and put her calves on my shoulders.  Her feet were higher than my head.  Timmy crawled up beside me and bent his head close.

“Oh, yes, Blake,” she said with a moan.  “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Which thrilled me so much that I immediately shot her cunt full and backed away.

Her disappointment was evident.  “Do you have to quit right now?  Nevermind.  Timmy, hold out your hand.”

She bent his fingers into a fist.  “Remember this fist.  Make one like that when you’re in.”

“In what?” he wondered.

With a grin she straightened his fingers out parallel and bent his thumb into his palm.  “But put them in like this.”

“In what?” he repeated.

“In place of your brother’s cock.  I think I deserve a little fun too, don’t you?”

“Oh!”  His eyes enlarged but he pushed his straightened fingers toward her.  She caught his wrist and worked them inside her pussy.  I couldn’t believe it: all the way, past his knucles!  My juices squished out past his arm.

“Now make a fist,” she said.  She pushed him in further, up to the wrist.  “Now pump.”

Which he did.  A smile spread on her lips slowly.  “Oh, yes, Timmy.  That feels so good!  Remind me to teach you to lick.”

Lick what?  I thought she meant her tit.  Still on the bed, I slid over her and took the nipple into my mouth.  It was a surprisingly firm lump.  Knowing what it was made my dick hard as ever.

She moaned several times.  “Oh, god, you boys are just great!  Blake, come around and sit on my chest.”

She wanted me to mash both tits?  Or maybe she wanted to suck my dick.  Hoping for the latter, I settle my ass on her chest with my dick touching her chin.

She kissed it.  “Oh, yes,” she said breathlessly.  Timmy was still pistoning his hand into her.  “I haven’t tasted a sweet little cock like this since I was a girl.  Timmy, you keep pumping until I tell you to quit.”  And she sucked it in with a slurp.  Her second time catching my juice was in the mouth, which led me to understand what she had implied as the wrong places during her report to Uncle.  She didn’t make that mistake often; most of my seed was spilled on the mouth of her womb.


“God, Blake, what a tale!  What a lucky little fart you were!”

“Yes, we were, Timmy and I.  Uncle and aunt were very loving people, in every respect.”

“You fucked them both?”

“Several times a week.  We stayed with them five years.”

“Did your aunt get her wish?”

“Who would deny her anything?  She had four kids, if that’s what you mean.”  Blake laughed.  “One of them by me, if you go by coloring and features.”


“Legally, I guess.  But not by blood.  She missed her next period after returning from Cleveland.


One Sunday afternoon — they really loved to fuck on Sunday — after a good round of it, I said, “Uncle, do you want children?”

He was lying under her with his cock still up her ass.  I had just crawled off.  He said, “I can take ’em or leave ’em.”

Auntie spat out Timmy’s dick and said with a giggle, “You have to think the way he does: more suckers and fuckers for your dear Uncle Rush.”


Harvey said, “Now that would be incest!”

“Not unless one them was my kid.  Think about it.  Uncle didn’t know exactly who was putting them in her.”

“If only one of them could’ve been yours,” said Harvey after a moment, “then she only got one in Cleveland.  Or did she have twins?”

“No twins.”

“Then she must’ve had other donors.”

“She went on several excursions without Uncle, once even a cruise ship.  It’s a wonder she only had four kids.  You want to know the truth?  Aunt Tilly was a slut.  She said so herself.  One that never used any kind of contraception.”

“Yeah.”  Harvey sighed.  “Too bad more aunts aren’t like that.”

“We can agree there.  If they all were, the world would be a much happier place!”


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