The Ultimate Teenage Beach Adventure

a Short Story by Kellis

Summer, 2013



“It’s just as fat but I believe your dick is only two-thirds as long as Chip’s,” said Chelsea, forefinger tapping the moist eye at the top of the subject item.  As she withdrew the fingertip, a thin thread of clear liquid followed it.

Dolf, to whom the subject item was attached, said, “That means his is about eight inches.  I don’t believe it.  I’ve seen his dick.”

She cocked an eyebrow.  “When it was hard?”  Before he could respond she snorted.  “Hard!  Why do you guys call it that?  They don’t really get hard, not like a piece of wood.”

“It feels hard to me, like right now.  Don’t change the subject.  When did you see Chip’s hard?”

She sniffed.  Her hand re-enclosed the subject item and she nodded as if in confirmation.  “Eight is about right.”

“The right size?  Are you bitching?”

“No, I mean, that’s the length of Chip’s.  I saw him measure it.  But no, I’m not complaining.”  She smiled brightly.  “Just the opposite.  I prefer the size of this one … because I can do this.”

Dolf was lying on his back, legs spread, head propped on a pillow.  Chelsea lay on her belly between his legs, knees bent and bare feet waving in the air behind her.  Having yet to remove the T-shirts they had worn on the beach, they were otherwise nude.  When standing, she, a plump brunette, was tall as he, a skinny carrot top.  Both were 18, having recently graduated from the same high school.

Her head went down and her lips surrounded the short but turgid member.  Her head continued until the shaft was fully enclosed and her nose was buried in his pubic hair, a darker orange than on his head because sunlight rarely penetrated here.  He gasped and shivered.

Her eyes twinkled up at him under a wrinkled forehead.  Although her mouth was buried in the impromptu beard, she was obviously grinning.  He felt strange flesh somewhere in her throat as her lips clamp the base of his shaft ― and a thrill of pleasure in the buried head.

“God, Chelsea!” he exclaimed.  “Don’t swallow it!”

She choked, raised her head and laughed heartily.  “Is that what it looked like to you?”

“Exactly!  Like you turned me into a girl.”

“Scared you, did I?”

“Well, no.  Not scared.”

She cocked her head.  “What did it feel like?”

“Really good!”

“Can’t you be more descriptive?”

He thought a moment.  “Kind of like your pussy.  A bit like hitting that thing in the back … the, uh, cervix?”

She nodded slowly.  “I guess that makes sense.  I need to do more with my tongue.”

“Except I could feel your mouth closing, which you can’t in a pussy.”

“Really?  When I tighten up down there, doesn’t it feel like a mouth closing?”

“Well, sort of, but that’s at the middle of the dick.  Your mouth was tight at the bottom.  That feels better.”

“Much better?

“Yeah.”  He grinned.  “Because it’s your mouth.  It’s special to stick your dick in a pretty girl’s face.”

“Oh, now you think I’m pretty?”

“Huh!  I’ve always thought so.”

“You never said anything.”

“Because you were a big cheerleader and …”

“And what?”

“You only dated jocks.”

“Why aren’t you a jock, Dolf?”

“Because I’m just a nerd stuck on my e-reader and video games.”

She nodded.  “That’s why you were gasping for breath a while ago.  You need more real exercise.”

“I guess so.”  He grinned.  “Especially with a real hottie like you.”

“‘A real hottie.’“  Her eyebrow cocked.  Having never relinquished her hold on his manhood, she gave it a flip.  “How many pretty girls’ faces has this thing been in?”

He hesitated, tempted to lie, but sighed and said, “Just yours.”

She smirked.  “I’ve got an exclusive.  How nice!”

“All the way.  You’re my first girl, Chelsea.  I can’t believe my luck.”

“Are you supposed to admit that?  Eighteen and a virgin?”

“Until you.  I guess it’s different for girls.”

Chelsea laughed heartily.  “Oh, you know it!”  She studied him.  “But you’ve been jerking off.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“To porn vids on your laptop.”


“Which is why you knew how to lick a cooze.”

“I did it right?”

“You sure did.  And you’re not squeamish.”


“A lot of boys won’t lick.  I know: let’s do a 69.  Your dick doesn’t need to keep standing for that.”

Quickly she rearranged her body to squat over his face and leaned forward to mouth him, cup his testicles and gently work the stones.  He licked close around her clit in the manner twice successful so far.  Cooler now ― he had ejaculated twice already today ― he put his thumb into her vagina and after a moment dared to work one, then another, finger into her anus.

She rose off him long enough to declare, “You’re a good porn student, aren’t you, Dolf?  I’ll give you an A.”

Her praise was warm in his belly, enough to firm him up.  Her odor was stronger, adding to the warmth.  He thought he tasted semen.

Before today he had always stared covetously from afar at her sleek curves.  This had been one of the most popular girls in his high school, now bound for an expensive out-of-state college with a cheerleading scholarship.  He’d  been told the girls who won them had to fuck coaches as well as all the jocks.  This girl certainly had the aptitude!

They had met this morning by accident while he strolled on the strand, each visiting the beach with parents, both sets of whom had gone deep-sea fishing, an activity that had appealed neither to Chelsea nor Dolf.  This early the other beachcombers were older people, well clothed against the sun.

Both teenagers were relieved to spy the other.  They had sat on the boardwalk and learned that each had arrived here attached to parents on a beach vacation, he voluntarily, she as commanded.  That they had nothing in common was soon established ― beyond the last school and their current abandonment.

“Where are you staying?” she had asked.

He pointed.  “About ten houses that way.”

“My place is right here.”

As if by common impulse, they had entered her condo, thrown off their shorts and fallen into her bed ― where they remained, having risen only to urinate and have snacks.

Now in the throes of mutual oralism she groaned nasally again and again, each time forgetting to suck.  Could she be coming?  Was this confirmation that girls could do it far more often than boys?  Certainly the females in his porn videos gave no such evidence.  He put both thumbs into her vagina and another finger into her anus and worked them alternately in and out.

Her hips began to plunge.  Her moans became louder and more frequent.  Her whole body tensed.  She shuddered powerfully and seemed to collapse.  Although she no longer sucked, his penis was fully in her mouth.   Her chin gouged his pubic pad.

Suddenly he was climaxing for the third time today.  Inadvertently he pumped his hips.  At last her lips closed on him.  They lay in the same position for long seconds.  His scrotum felt her breath panting through flaring nostrils.  He enjoyed the slight pulsations around his enclosed manhood, pleased to note that repetition had muted that instrument’s post-ejaculatory sensitivity.

At last she rolled off and turned to look at him, eyes wider than usual.  “Wow!” she exclaimed, licking a white bubble off her lips. 

“Yeah: wow!”

She giggled.  “You get an A-plus.”

She rose up enough to throw off her T-shirt, revealing outthrust conical breasts.  His hand, close by, rose automatically to squeeze the nearer.

Suddenly he had to know.  “How does it taste?”

“You mean, jizz?  Huh.  I’m sure you’ve tasted it.  Clint makes me jack him into a cup so he can drink it all.”  She giggled again.  “Or hold it in my mouth and stand over him so he can lick it out.  He wishes his thing was long enough for him to suck it.”

“God!  Clint who?”

“One of the varsity linebackers.”

Dolf shook his head.  “But do you really like the taste?”

She shrugged, causing one prominent nipple to wiggle provocatively.  “Well, it’s not ice scream.  But, yeah, I don’t mind it, not that I love it exactly.”  She chuckled.  “Dolly loves it, says it tastes like Sunday morning.”

“Like what?”

“Like when everything is done and you can relax.  That’s because most guys are finished when they shoot off.  They just want to go to sleep.”

“‘Sunday morning?’  I guess your life is pretty busy.”

“It was till graduation.  I’ve been enjoying the time off.”  She smiled fondly.  “But I was starting to miss this.  Thank you.”

“Thank you!  But we were talking about tasting jizz.  Did you always ‘not mind it?’”

She regarded him thoughtfully.  “It doesn’t matter, does it, Dolf, what we tell each other?”

“Why not?”

She shrugged.  “Our parents aren’t acquainted.  We only met here by accident.  We’re not even going to the same school next year.”

He nodded slowly.  “I guess that’s right.”

She sat a bit straighter and seemed to change the subject.  “How much porn do you watch?”

“Um.  A lot, I guess.  I’ve kept my grades up so my parents don’t come into my room much.  I’ve got broadband and porn is free on Usenet.  So, yeah, a lot: just about every night.”

“But you don’t always jack off to it?”

“Huh?”  He shook his head with a deprecating chuckle.  “I don’t know why you think that.”

“Because I hardly had your thing in my mouth before it popped.  And you were really juicy!”

“Really?  As much as the jocks?”

Her eyes narrowed.  “You might like to know, Dolf: I never fucked one of them all day long.”  She glanced at her wristwatch.  “It’s been five hours and your thing has been at least half hard all the time.”

He grinned.  “Thanks, I think, but it’s your fault.  I don’t pop so quick when I’m jacking.”

She smiled.  “Okay, I’ll take that as a compliment.  I asked you about your porn because I’m curious how you learned what’s good for girls.  Porn was your teacher, wasn’t it.  Mine was a man.”

“A man?”  Dolf looked away briefly.  “Were you very young?”

“Thirteen.  And already lost my cherry to a banana.”

“A banana!  Did porn give you the idea?”

“No.  My best friend next door and I figured it out together.”

“Another girl?”

“Yeah.  But it was her daddy who taught me the rest.”  Chelsea laughed self-consciously.  “My god, Dolf, I can’t believe myself!”

“Telling me about it?”

“Yeah.  This is the first time I’ve ever told anybody.”

“Well, you haven’t really.  Not yet.”

She smiled.  “You want all the details, do you?”

“Sure.  Did he fuck you?  His daughter too?”

“No.  I think Jeanie guessed it about him and me but pretended she didn’t know.  Then they moved away.”

“What did he do to you?”

“I was a latchkey kid in the afternoons.  He would leave work.  I left the backdoor open for him.  He had a medium dick.  I thought it was huge.  I’d blow him to start, then he’d lick me and fuck me when I started coming.  It felt so good I’d do anything he said.  And I mean anything.  I guess he was obsessed with me.  He took so much time off they fired him, which was why he had to move away.”

“What kind of anything?”

“You mean, what was different?”  She grinned.  “Up the ass, for example.  Or swapping a dildo between ass and cooze.”

“His was the first you tasted.”

“Right.  I wouldn’t have because I guessed that’s where a man pisses, but it surprised me.  Afterwards I couldn’t believe it didn’t make me sick, but he was fingering my cooze and I was on the way to a big one.  It made me come even quicker.”

“God, Chelsea!  How?”

“I think because it was all so sexy.”

He thought a moment.  “Didn’t your parents notice?”

“They probably would have if we’d kept on.  It’s a wonder I didn’t get pregnant.  Probably the only reason I didn’t is because he made me swallow most of the time.”

“That’s how you learned to ‘not mind it.’”

“That and finding out how much the boys love blow jobs.  He told me so and he was right.”

“How long did you fuck that guy?”

“About four months.”

“How did you feel, fucking a grown man ― your best friend’s father?”

She sniffed.  “I thought I should feel ashamed, but the fact was I loved it.  I couldn’t wait for him to slip in my back door.”

He leered at her.  “Your ‘back door?’“

“On the house.”

“What did you do when he moved away?”

“Cried all night.”

He stared at her.  “You mean you fell in love with him?”

She nodded slowly.  “I think so.  When a man fucks that good, any girl would love him.  It’s not so common, you know.  Most boys are ignorant and selfish.  They pop and they’re gone.  I was kind of surprised you stuck around.”

“Why?  You showed me your mouthful of jizz, let me watch you swallow it and grinned like you’d done something great.  Beat the hell out of porn!  My dick just stayed up.”

“Yes, it did.”  Smiling fondly, she clasped the subject item.  “It’s still going kind of strong.  You’ve got a great dick, Dolf.”

“But not like Chip’s eight inches.  You do mean Chip Wavell?”

“No.  Chip Johnson, the coach.”

“Another grown man?”

“Why not?  A lot of the girls go for his big dick ― or say they do.  But that’s all he’s got.  He can fuck a long time but when he pops, he loses it.  I like yours, Dolf.  Did you forget why?”

She bent down and briefly slurped up his entirety.  He twitched and she rose with a smile, licking her lips.  “I can’t do that to Chip’s.”

“Did you try?  I’ve got videos of women swallowing longer ones than their heads are tall.”

“Really?  That would gag me, I think.  Hickam’s was the longest I could manage all the way down.”


“Jeanie’s dad.  We measured his at seven inches.”

“You were thirteen then.  Maybe your throat is deeper now.”

“Maybe so.”  Her eyes twinkled.  “You know of a longer one for me to try?”

“What if I said yes?”

“If he’s a safe guy, bring him on.  Is he here on the beach?”

“You’d like that, would you ― two guys at once?”

“Two loving guys at once?  What’s not to like?”

He looked away.  “I’ve wondered about that.  The pornstars getting double-penetrated don’t seem to mind.  Of course they’re paid for it.”

She sighed deeply.  “It could be heaven, I guess, if the guys would hold out.”

“Or if you have enough of them.  You ever try it?”

“Yes, at an after-game party.  Anything’s likely to happen there.”


“Anything.  Especially while you’re high.”

“Is that how you got this?”  He pointed to a tattoo on the inside of the arm whose hand still clasped his manhood.  It appeared to be two Chinese characters.

She studied it morosely.  “I was lucky, I guess: floated off before he could do something more elaborate.”

“What does it mean?”

“He said something like, ‘Peace and harmony for the world,’ but my Chinese classmate said it means, ‘I pee on trees.’”  She giggled.

He stared at her and said indignantly, “That you’re a dog?  That’s totally wrong.”

“Lighten up, Dolf.  It’s funny.”  Her giggle became a laugh.

“I get it.”  He managed a smile.  “You’re putting me on.”

“Not really.  Lu Wong was just jealous.”

“‘Floated off.’  On pot?”

“Sure.  Some girls like coke but not me; it smothers the good feeling.  I think the girls who snort it don’t really like to fuck.”

“But they do anyway?”

“To be in the crowd, you know.”  Her eyes narrowed.  “Maybe you don’t.  What do you belong to, Dolf?”

“Um.  Nothing much.  World Saviors.”

“What’s that?”

“An Internet game club.”

She stared at him.  “No wonder you were cherry at eighteen!  I’d believe you were gay if I didn’t have the evidence in hand.”

She stroked the half-erect exhibit, bent to lick the tip and said musingly, “You know, Dolf, I don’t believe I’ve done anything like this since Hickam left.”

“Like what?”

“Lie in bed with a guy all day, fuck and play with his dick.  Even Hickam’s wouldn’t stay up like this one.  His got sore, he said, when we fucked too much.  Is yours?”

“No.  Maybe we haven’t fucked too much.”

“That’s right,” she agreed with a giggle.  Again she engulfed the entire organ, fondling his scrotum while tongue rasped on the shaft.  Shortly she sat up with a triumphant grin.  “Now you’re ready again.”

Rising over him, she impaled herself, leaned to brace her hands on his shoulders and began to slide forward and back.  He worked his hips into her rhythm.  She locked eyes with him, bit her lip and breathed heavily, nostrils flaring.  A flush appeared on her face and spread down to her shoulders.  She froze, body erect, and made tight screeching noises deep in her throat.  Soon she leaned forward again and resumed her fore-and-aft slide.  The flush grew deeper and brighter.

This continued through several cycles until her upper body was crimson.  Panting heavily, she collapsed upon him, face in the hollow of his neck, and extended her legs.  She seemed fiery hot, as if fevered.

He stroked her buttocks and back.  “God, Chelsea, you came half a dozen times!”

When her breathing grew calmer, she giggled.  “‘Half a dozen times?’  How do you know I didn’t fake it?”

“Did you?  No, I don’t believe it.  Not that many times!”

“You’re right,” she said smugly.  “No faking needed when you get it like that.”

“On top is a good way?”

“Oh, yeah!  It’s the best way for a woman.  Even a short dick works back and forth and hits all the good spots.”

“And she’s in control.  I think you like that too.”

“You know it.”

“But you don’t often see it in porn.”

“Of course not!  Porn is made for men.  Women don’t really need it.”

“Porn?  Why don’t they?”

“Not as much as men.  Men are so eager.”

After a moment she said, “You didn’t come.”

“I know it.”  He chuckled.  “I was too interested in what you were doing.”

“But … but … didn’t you enjoy it?”

“I loved it.  But I’ve already come three times.  I wouldn’t have believed I could still do that so soon.”

“‘Still do that?’  What do you mean?  I thought you were cherry.”

“Not with Rosy Palm and her four daughters.”

Her eyebrows rose.  “Who?  What?”

He held up his hand.  “This palm.”

“Oh.”  She giggled.  “That’s funny.  Did you make it up?”

“No.  I heard it on a video.”

She studied him.  “But that’s interesting.  You used to be able to jack off three times in a few hours?”

“Yeah, when I first started.  Before I started jizzing.”  He grinned sheepishly.  “One day I jacked off in every room of the house, even the attic.”

“How old were you?”

“Eleven, almost twelve.  A guy at school showed me how and I couldn’t leave it alone.  What a great toy!”

She laughed and nodded.  “Yeah, that’s what Jeanie said.”

“Your friend next door?”

Still smiling, she said, “‘Every room in the house,’ eh?  Girls like to keep score too.”

“Where you frig?”

“Who we fuck.  Mainly who we suck.”

“What’s your score, Chelsea?”

She grinned but answered readily enough.  “I started cheerleading on Hickam’s advice.  He said, ‘That’s where you’ll find the cocks.’  He was right.  I think I scored with just about every jock from the seventh grade on.”

“My god!”  His eyes rounded.  “You know the porcupine joke?”


“‘If she had as many dicks sticking out as she’s had stuck in, she’d look like a porcupine.”

Chelsea emitted a giggle, quickly suppressed.  She frowned.  “Is that a put-down?”

He said fervently.  “If I was a girl, I’d love it.”

She regarded him thoughtfully.  Slowly her smile recovered.  “Wonder how many sizes I’d have to go up?”


“So my clothes would fit over so many dicks.”

He giggled.  “And think of all the jizz you’ve swallowed.”

“Yeah,” she breathed but added conscientiously, “I don’t usually swallow.  Boys think that means you’re in love.”

“Well, it gets in your mouth, doesn’t it?”

“Mostly.  Some guys like to jerk it on your face.  But I hate that.  It makes a mess, can burn your eyes and is hard to get out of your hair.”

“Don’t you ever spit?”

“And miss out?”  She smiled.  “Karen says you only need to spit first thing in the morning when it tastes like piss.  I don’t know.  I never spent the night with a guy.  And besides, piss isn’t so bad.”

“It isn’t?”

“Like flat champagne.”  She giggled.  “Or maybe it’s vice-versa.  Karen’s finicky anyway.”

“Do all the cheerleaders fuck?”

“Like bunnies.  Because they want to be popular.  If they didn’t, why go out for cheerleading?”

He groused, “But they only fuck jocks.”

“It’s the only guys they know.”  She regarded him thoughtfully.  “Which might be a mistake.  Hickam was right.  He said most jocks are lousy lovers, but no worse than the other guys.”

“We’re all lousy, eh?”

“Not all.”  She took hold of his cock and remarked, “This is a good one.”  She pumped it a few times.  “I owe you one.  What would you like, Dolf?”

“I want to jizz in your mouth once more, this time as deep in your throat as it will go.”

“Oh yeah?”  Her eyebrows rose.  “Do you really like it deep?”  She lightly pinched the crimson head.  “Don’t boys feel everything just here?”

“Not everything.  The pole can feel too.  Especially the bottom of it.”

Her hand cupped his scrotum.  “How about here?”

“Everywhere you touch.”

She smiled.  “I guess guys and gals have a lot in common, really.”

His hand went to her breast.  “Not as much as their differences.”

“Well, let’s put them together.”

Her mouth descended on him and began a long, slow stroke from tip to base.  Her nose burrowed into his pubes.  She continued without pausing, breathing nasally.

After a while he said, “Chelsea, you’re really good, you know.  In porn flicks the cocksuckers always stop to lick and jack awhile.  I love how you just keep it in your mouth.”

She sniffed acknowledgment but continued her stroke.  He stuffed a pillow behind his head to hold it up for their eyes to lock.  He realized hers were twinkling.

“What is it?  You like to do this, don’t you?”

She nodded at the top of her stroke, lips evidently smiling despite their distention.  He felt the first rising thrill.

“My fantasy is a girl sucking my cock slow like this.  Chelsea, you are the greatest.”

Now, with no distraction ― no spicy female skin under his nose or soft breasts in his hands ― her strokes pumped his pleasure steadily higher.  He warned her, “I’m about to come.”

Her twinkle reappeared but she maintained her slow pace.  At the first spurt she plunged to the bottom of the shaft and squeezed his testicles.  She held that position while he groaned and finished the climax, even while he relaxed afterward.  Mouth releasing him at last, she slid up his body and applied her lips to his.  He definitely tasted himself.

She grinned at him and collapsed, her head on his shoulder.  In a minute they were both asleep.


* * *


The thud of breaking surf is inescapable so close to the strand.  Though muffled by the well-built walls and pilings of a condo designed to withstand high-category hurricanes, it was still a regular background to the ears and subliminally to the torso.  Its thudding never ceased.

But when it did, both teenager’s subconscious minds gradually noted the absence and awoke them.

Late afternoon light filtered dimly through the closed blinds.  Chelsea had turned over and Dolf found himself spooned behind her.  He raised on an elbow and looked around.

She regarded him over her shoulder.  “Something’s happened.”

“Wasn’t that lamp on?” he asked, pointing to one on the nightstand.

“I don’t know.  But you’re right: it feels like something is missing.”

He thought about it.  “The surf?”

They stared at each other.  She said, “How could that stop?”

“Maybe … the wind quit blowing.”  But he shook his head.  “No, I don’t believe it.  Ocean waves come from thousands of miles out to sea.”

She giggled and sat up.  “Well, you have to believe it now.   I need to pee.”

“Go ahead.  You first.”

“You can use Mom’s bathroom.”  She giggled again.  “Or you can come and watch.  I’ll bet you never saw a girl pee.”

“I never saw a girl do anything … close up.”

“Well, here’s your chance, close enough to taste if you want.”

He followed her into the adjacent bathroom.  Grinning at him, she turned around and straddled the toilet.  She pulled herself open and released her stream.

She giggled.  “What do you think?”

He bent to study the spectacle.  “Looks untidy.”  He took a breath.  “But fascinating.”

She eyed his dangling cock.  “Go ahead.  I left you room.”

He stepped forward, taking hold of himself, but said, “Ought to raise the seat.”

“What for?  I’ve already wet it.”

Indeed a fine spray had spread around her stream.  Shrugging, he let his rattle with hers into the bowl.

She chuckled, bending forward to look between her breasts.  “I always wanted to do this.  It’s almost as intimate as fucking.”

He shook his head.  “Chelsea, you are …”

“What?  A real slut?”

She was grinning.  He took a breath.  “I was trying to say, you’re the most interesting girl I ever really knew.”

Her eyes twinkled.  “I’m the first girl you ever really knew.”

Overcome by deep feelings, he also straddled the bowl.  The still dribbling penis dangled between her legs.  His arms rose to enclosed her and he kissed her firmly.  Her arms encircled his neck and she returned the kiss while the last of her urine wet both sets of legs.

Then everything changed.

Around them a hissing roar grew swiftly louder, culminating in a world-shaking crash.  The house lurched upward and sideways.  The makeup lights over the big mirror went out as the mirror shattered.  The motion of the building threw the standing teenagers out the bathroom doorway onto the adjacent bed.  Their eyes and arms were locked on each other.

Ceiling and walls vanished.  Dolf, looking up past the girl’s head, saw blue sky and clouds tinged yellow with the evening light.  Their bodies lurched higher as if lying on a fast elevator.  Seething white water washed over them, enough to taste the salt but not enough to lift them off the plastic rental mattress, which spun crazily.

The hissing roar was deafening, accompanied by the groans of wrenching timbers.  Dolf rolled enough to rise on an elbow.  Everywhere was water, broken walls and loose boards.  He felt wind in his ears and realized that he and all around him were moving swiftly toward the ball of the sun, perched upon the horizon.  On the Atlantic coast, he realized, that meant motion inland.

Chelsea’s mouth was against his ear.  She screamed, “Am I going crazy?”

Recalling the videos from northern Japan, suddenly he knew.  Mouth in her ear he shouted, “Tsunami!”

She blinked at him with no sign of comprehension.

“It’s a tidal wave!”

That seemed to penetrate.  Arm still tight on his neck, she raised her head.  The mattress pitched and rolled on the dancing water, never quite enough to throw them off.  The water foamed around incredible destruction.  On all sides were ragged debris, walls, shingled roofs, tumbling furniture, nose-down automobiles, a large fishing boat floating perkily in the near distance.  Nowhere beyond their mattress did she see a human body.

The noise was gradually decreasing.  She cried earnestly, “Dolf, I’m scared to death.”

He no longer felt such fear.  Their odds looked good, he thought.  “Don’t be.  I think we’ll be all right.”

She stared at him.  “All right?”

“I think so.  We just have to jump off the mattress when the water reverses.”

“Jump off?  Why?”

“So we won’t be washed out to sea.”

“But … but we’re naked!”

“We’re alive, Chelsea, which I’m afraid is more than a lot of people on the beach can say.  I hope our parents are okay.”

“Oh.  Oh.”  Her arm tightened.  “You think a lot of them didn’t make it?”

He nodded.  After awhile he smiled.  “Now you can forget buying lottery tickets.”


“Because we just used up a lifetime’s worth of lottery luck.”

The floating debris was thinning out.  Treetops were appearing more and more often, thrusting up through the water.  Dolf realized a collision was inevitable.  One loomed before them and the mattress lurched to a halt, wedged behind a large branch.  He fiddled with the pliable material to no avail.  It was thoroughly jammed … and the water level was falling fast.

“Well,” he said at last, “we don’t need to worry about getting washed out to sea.”

They watched the waters recede.  Obviously it was now flowing in the other direction.  In a few minutes a paved highway was exposed, its surface raised above the surrounding land, which remained submerged.

“We’re in the swamp,” said Dolf.

“How’ll we get down from here?”  She studied the arrangement of limbs.  “I think I see a way to climb.  But that water looks dingy.”

“Don’t climb down yet.  Here comes another wave.”

Foaming, dirty water washed in, splashing on their tree trunk and covering the roadway but rising only half-way to their perch.  Watching it rise, Chelsea was apprehensive, but relieved when it began to fall.

“What causes tidal waves?” she asked, finally curious.

“Earthquakes out to sea usually.  But I didn’t feel one.”

“We were asleep.  Maybe we just didn’t notice.”

“One this big I think we’d’ve noticed.  Another possibility is a big meteorite.”

“From space?”

“Yeah.  Splashing into the ocean.  If that’s what it was, this could be a real disaster.”

“Dolf, it tore down all those condos.  That was a real disaster.”

“It could be a lot worse than that.”

Another wave appeared, even smaller, barely enough water to cover the road.  The sky was getting darker.

When the wave receded, Dolf said, “We’d better get down from here before it gets full dark.  Go ahead and try it.”

She worked her way lower from branch to branch.  The bark was rough on her skin but allowed no slippage.  He followed and at last they perched on the lowest arm of the tree, five or six feet above the water.

He said, “I’ll jump first and catch you.”

“Into that water?  Yuck!”

“We’ve got to do it, Chelsea.  Else we spend the night in this tree.  With nothing to drink.  And cold.”

She sighed.

Taking that as acceptance, he slipped off the limb, splashed feet-first and stood up in the mushy bottom.  The water was chest deep.  He held up his arms.

“God, Dolf!”

“Come on, Chelsea.  You’ll be okay.”

“What’s the bottom like?”

He grinned.  “Kind of interesting.  Feels like a bunch of feathers, about calf deep.”


“We’ll be up on the road in no time.”

She moaned but let herself slide off the branch into the water beside him.  He steadied her, pulling her conical breasts into his chest.

“Ooo!” she said in disgust, lifting her knees.  “That feels horrible!”

“That’s right: wrap your legs around my waist.”

He marched toward the roadway, about fifty yards away.  The bottom was consistent and the water took half her weight.  Having reached the road shoulder and lifted clear of the water, he stood her free of him, but she refused to remove her arms from his neck.

“Oh god, Dolf, I love you.”

He kissed her and said, “That’s what I was thinking when we were pissing together.”

“Will you make me quit doing things like that?”

“Make you quit?”

“I don’t ever want to leave you, honey.”

He stared into her eyes.  “Do you mean that, Chelsea?”

“If you can stand an ex-slut.”

“An ex- …”  His mouth fell open.  She immediately thrust her tongue into it.

It was a long-lasting kiss.  They were still clinging together, ignoring the world around them, when a highway patrol cruiser pulled up beside them.

The lone officer lowered his window and nodded.  “That’s what I’d be doing too if I’d managed to live through this mess.”



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