The Stories of Varkel

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Varangian and Kellis


Varangian and Kellis have separately addressed modes of human interpenetration in many stories.  Now one may consider their combination.  Is the sum greater than the whole of its parts — or merely lower?



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New Story: Horny Ghosts


The Awesome Summer

Coast Guard brats, out of school for the summer on an island off the coast of Maine, were expecting boredom plus at least a little freedom.  But what they received, from both the ocean and the adults around them, was the most awesome summer of their adolescent lives.  Novelette, 48,400 words

Cannes d’Eau

Thirty-six years after the original burned during the occupation of New Orleans, Madam Ruth re-established the Cannes d’Eau closer to St. Louis.  She created a fancy bawdyhouse with a well-stocked wine cellar, an accomplished chef and notably beautiful girls, and staged a “variety show” on Saturday nights.  At the height of its glory in 1906, it was well known up and down the river and deep into the hinterland.  Here is an ongoing series of episodes about the people who lived and played there.

Demeter’s Pet

When Sam met “Demi,” the most beautiful and willing 12-year old of his life, he could not help succumbing to Her charms.  She transported him to a heaven literally that seemed closer to perfection for a man of his tastes than he had ever imagined.  But She deliberately failed to acquaint him with the kings rules.  Novel, 106,600 words

Horny Ghosts

One always hopes to meet loving new friends although not head-on on a collapsing bridge.  These are well met nevertheless, and they discover a way to communicate across the great divide.  Novelette, 35,000 words

The Innocent Fugitives

When Paul and Jenny's spouses are murdered and heroin found in her shed, they flee together from an implacable policeman.  In their desperation they accept any succor, however sordid, from a prepubescent nymphomaniac to a boss of Chicago's rackets, who together deliver them into horror comparable to the Spanish Inquisition.  Novel, 184,800 words

Jake and the Castaway Daughters

Robinson Crusoe, shipwrecked mariner, had his man, Friday.

Jake Higgins, first mate humbled to brig rat, has a missionary's three pubescent daughters, all four shipwrecked on a desert island in 1848.  Rescued piecemeal by cannibals and European overlords, they are determined to survive while daring to have fun.  Novelette, 50,200 words

The Last Fling

Two wealthy old men and two teenage girls from a trailer park have nothing in common except a compelling need for each other.  This is the saga of their relationship, often stormy but sometimes delightful.  Series total 71,800 words


Timothy Kimball, physicist and Nobel laureate, dying painfully at age 67, submits himself to his own untested invention and transports his personality to an alternate universe, where the adult mind merges with his own immature mind and body at age twelve.

He encounters amazing sexual opportunities, as an astonished FBI man notes: "God! You must find it easy to have your way with kids, hiding in that boyish disguise.  You know right off which girls are curious and can be sweet-talked and which ones are lost causes.  You can also spot the older girls and women who want to play with you as a live doll."

But that is merely recreation.  Using his own knowledge plus that of the two women who follow him, Tim brings techniques of the 24th Century to fruition in the 20th with a plan to save the world from the Calamity of the 22nd.  He also beats NASA to the Moon.  Novel, 207,700 words

Wicked People?

Sammy, a twelve year-old homeschooled hothouse plant, experiences puberty in one six-week fell swoop, assisted by several adults and even some teenagers, all the while doing his best to avoid “wicked people.”  Novelette, 43,100 words

All the Luck

Do the pros have all the luck?  Not quite.  Jack, the amateur from Cleveland, scores twice in the same afternoon.  6000 words


Early or late bloomers can attract the same bee — or not.  9,300 words

The Great Blowjob

What do two swapping couples, an orphanage inmate and four students from a Christian college have in common?  Would you believe a world-class blowjob?  31,100 words

An Inspiring Guest

To the Campbell clan's yearly beach reunion the youngest sister fetches an unexpected boyfriend who proves an inspiration to them all -- even when additional strangers show up, uninvited and unwelcome.  22,400 words

The Old Man, the Boy and Louise Zagorski

A pretty woman fleeing a bank shoot-out and a teenage boy hitchhiking, strange riders for an old man who lost two wives to boredom — but when opportunity knocks it may pay to grab the brass ring.  19000 words

Swinging Tim

With a nearly perpetual erection, 14-year-old Tim is imminently seducible and unaware of its bonding effect among his relievers.  10800 words

Trying the Teacher

When the pretty teacher goes on trial for seducing her handsome student, the verdict is more about impatience than sex.  13400 words