A monk asked Nansen: "Is there a teaching no master ever taught before?"
Nansen said: "Yes, there is."
"What is it?" asked the monk.
Nansen replied: "It is not mind, it is not Buddha, it is not things."

Nansen was too kind and lost his treasure.
Truly, words have no power.
Even though the mountain becomes the sea,
Words cannot open another's mind.

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Happy Birthday to Me
Sunday, June 30, 2002

Today I've become 30 years old. Good grief! Words fail me for describing how reaching this milestone affects me. I recollect generous portions of both wonder and horror when I look back over my last decade alive. Visitors who don't know already know me will have to wait for me to flesh out my biography.

In other news, my first eBay auction ended last Friday. I felt very excited watching the bids come in, and quite satisfied with the final price. Now I wait to hear from my buyer about his shipping preferences.

Very soon, I'll post links to my second batch of auctions, a dozen GURPS source books.

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