A monk asked Nansen: "Is there a teaching no master ever taught before?"
Nansen said: "Yes, there is."
"What is it?" asked the monk.
Nansen replied: "It is not mind, it is not Buddha, it is not things."

Nansen was too kind and lost his treasure.
Truly, words have no power.
Even though the mountain becomes the sea,
Words cannot open another's mind.

the Dirty Pair in the Mandelbrot Set. (use PNG for patent-free images)
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Sci-Fi Gaming For Sale
Tuesday, July 2, 2002

I've put up my second batch of auctions today, a dozen swell & nifty roleplaying sourcebooks. Most of them cover GURPS Traveller, a far-future setting where humans have lived for thousands of years and the Third Imperium rules benevolently (is this for real?). Take a look at them and bid on what you like! (please!)

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