my online self-expression





  • John Huebner - a fellow computer geek from my CMU days
  • Vitas Povilaitis - another friendly computer geek, who once ran my favorite BBS
  • Cybne ru Taren - a man with a mission: Muq , a very cool new mu* avatar server
  • Phil Nadeau, who goes by the name Komodo on AnimeMuck.
  • Cliff - a Rochester-area anime-mucker and gamer
  • Totoro - an anime-mucker and a fuzzy spirit of nature, err, friendly dude
  • Kunoichi - a friend from AnimeMuck and Oz who writes Ranma 1/2 fanfiction and Egyptology articles
  • Phrank - an anime-mucker who has drawn some manga of his own with Christian influences
  • Takrinaxis - a friend I know on DragonMuck
  • Rarz - an anime-mucker who has managed a generous art archive of anime girls
  • Yotsuya - an anime-mucker from Montreal
  • Koichi - another anime-mucker

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