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 ...h'lo?  Feel the hush?  I hope you don't like loud things. My page is like my forest, a green and quiet place. 
Mrf.. uhm, you can call me Norbson.

I met my friend, Mlle. Sarabande, in the woods where I live. She used to visit there for flowers, and to read and be quiet, I think... I don't know. I don't like to talk much. She'd sit on this fallen log and after a while I couldn't resist peeping up from behind it to see her. She said I took a lot of coaxing, but after another while I liked to sit on the tree with Mademoiselle. So now, sometimes, we visit the busier parts of Neopia together. But... I love trees. Where everything is green, and grows. And so does she.

(well, she's not green {but her hair has been!], and I think she has stopped growing, but she, I mean, she loves the greenwood too.)

A-anyway I'm a Blumaroo. 
And I really don't talk almost ever, so saying stuff for this page was hard.



Here's a picture of the Mademoiselle, too.  It reallyreally looks like her.  I'm going to surprise her later and put LOTS of pictures of her up, because I can't have them in the woods; they get wet or birds take them for nests or they sprout moss and stuff.  She says she'll help me make this page much bigger and better, and show more of my mori - my forest home.

You need to click on the picture.  It's just like her!  It makes me so happy.


Mademoiselle Sarabande a.k.a Rook!


I I uhmmm... IjustremindedtheMad - oh, she says slooow dowwwnnn... well, I reminded her that we can't go to sleep till she puts a link to the world she was visiting when she met me - the really nifty (but kind of loud and bright and scary!) world of Neopia.  They call folks like me 'Neopets' there.  It's fun.  It's lots of fun.  I would never mave met Mlle. Sarabande if she hadn't happened into a guild there!  Go on, it's really neat.  I'm just a 'fraidy-'roo.  You can search for me by name!  And the Mademoiselle too - she spells it 'mlle_sarabande' there.


Maybe we'll see you there.

I'd like that.




(whew, thank dryads.. I can stop talking!)



Nota bene - to reach Mlle. Sarabande by e-mail, try sarabande@chickmail.com.