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Howdy! This Web page was created to help you find the I.N.C. Web page. International Network of Chaos was a group on the Commodore 64 (C64, C-64) circa 1987-91 known for outstanding quality releases. The INC Web page only revisits past memories from the old scene and nothing more.

The Shark / INC

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Eagle Soft Inc. Eaglesoft ESI E.S.I. Mitch Exodus XDS UCF U.C.F. FairLight FLT F.L.T. Strider Hotline HTL Fusion Ian Ikari Talent Abyss Public Enemy P.E. PE Codebreaker Perplexor Mandrake Fucked Beyond Repair FBR F.B.R. Mayhem Elite Circle Intense Mind Slayer Shark Master Kracker Rowdy American Distributors RAD R.A.D. Triad Touch Class ATC A.T.C. Scouse SCG S.C.G. Weetibix Papillions FAC F.A.C. North East Crackers Commodore C64 C-64 64 SOHO Prowl Mitch Mr. Z Janitor Shark INC NEC N.E.C. Zsolt Mark LeMay Excalibur X-Factor XPB WGO Rocket Ranger No Frills International NFI N.F.I. Survivors TS T.S. Phoenix Epic Duplicator Candyman J.J. JJ Breaker Bod Stormbringer Warewolf Stanley Stan Quay Joe Sweeny Oahawhool Bob Niel Butcher Solomon Orion 1001 Crew Jewels Nato Dominators Eaglesoft ESI Panninaro Genesis Project GP G.P. FairLight FLT Triad Zsolt Horizon INC International Network Chaos F4CG Zenith Steve Mirage Gollum Warez Galore Player =1= Phantom JJ Breaker INC Jimmy'z Jimmyz Fusion Ronski Rab Doe More Stupid Initials MSI M.S.I. Last Dragon Head Librarian Commodore 64 C64 C-64 Mitch INC NEI N.E.I. Nepa Wild Boys Pira-Ted Green Griffon Intense Fantasy TSM Executioner Syndicate Skreemer Rampar Kid Quick Sorceress Acyee Blackhawk Side Sector Mr. Mister Ninja Death Demon Changeling David Luckan XPB Wanderer Crazy Lotus Thor Bit Bandit Pudwerx Thee Supreme Council TSC DCS T.S.C. Eaglesoft ESI Beastie Boys Alpha Flight Shark INC Contex Soho Twgi Censor SID Ben Daglish Ben Daglish Ben Daglish Jonathan Dunn Rob Hubbard Rob Hubbard Rob Hubbard David Whittaker Chris Huelsbeck Matt Gray Fred Gray Maniacs Noise MON M.O.N. Martin Galway Martin Galway Marin Galway Jeroen Tel Jeroen Tel Jeroen Tel Jeroen Kimmel Judges Charles Deenen F.A.M.E. FAME


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