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When I'm not looking at my Garbage Pail Kids, I'm out riding my good old BMX. It all started when I first learned to ride a bike, my friends and I would go into the woods spending hours building and testing our dirt jumps. About 2 years ago I started craving that dirteating, break your leg, highflying bmx dirt jumping action. It just so happens that I live near the perfect place for my needs, its called PUSH (poor useless stupid humans), a popular spot for all the local BMXers, and when the NBL nationals come around. I've seen famous riders like T.J. Lavin, Fuzzy Hall, Chris Bennett, and others hanging around. Anyway, all the dirt pictures are from PUSH and the rest are just misc street riding pics.

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bmx1.jpg bmx2.jpg

Time for some repairs

Valujet immitation

Miscellanous pictures of me goofing around
bmx3.jpg backward freestyl

Trying to leap over my handlebars..

Didn't exactly make it..

Pictures from 1998

Picture of the purple nurple

Picture of the GRAPE APE

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