And now the old favorites...

Bruce Sterling is the author of "Hacker Crackdown" as well as many other books of science fiction, cyberpunk and otherwise. This link starts you off at the preface to the "Hacker Crackdown" book and allows you to continue through until the end. You can even copy the whole thing to read later. Another book related to Sterling that I recomend is "Mirrorshades," a cyberpunk anthology of short stories.

If you are interested in every known fact about Star Wars as well as plenty of rumors this is the site for you.

Art Tower Mito is an art exhibition space in Tokyo, Japan.

A map of other web sites in and around Japan

For the big picture about Thailand this site has info about travel, business and local news.

If world destinations are your interest, but Japan and Thailand are not your cup of tea try The Virtual Tourist site in Buffalo.

If all of this World Wide Web stuff is getting you down and you need to focus try the UNC zen page. From there you can return to the UNC sunsite page and get into all sorts of trouble, if trouble is what you are looking for that is.

Elvis is alive and well at UNC right along with Amida. If you like to avoid bright light, you can skip nirvana and go straight to Graceland.

The Electronic Gallery is a site to view or purchase electronic oriented artwork.